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Ahhhh ok so I apparently looked really sad when I came into my math class to because he was like "hey what's wrong you can tell me" so I actually told him the real reason not censoring it at all and he was so cute he was like "I'm so sorry that that happened you are strong." I WANT TO CRY HE IS SO NICE AND CUTE AND OMG!!!! then he made it his goal to get me to laugh and it worked (shown by the fact that we were doubled over laughing) ugh I really like him... btw this never happens! ~ eye anon💗

Looking sad when coming into maths class. I 100% relate. But honestly this sounds like a freaking fanfic. How perfect can that be. It was his goal to make you laugh? What a cutie. I’m rooting for you two!! ☺️

Minior Story

Before sun and moon came out, I thought the new meteor-star-whatever- Minior- was absolutely adorable. Unfortunately, when Type: Null was released, I forgot about this little candy-colored bouncy ball of pure friendship and joy. At least until I got the game.

Today, I was stalling the game’s progression by walking down Mt. Hokulani (because buses are for wusses) trying to see if I could get down to Malie City on foot. Because, hey, I can appreciate taking the scenic route in games like Pokémon. Along the way, however, I went through some tall grass to get a TM and encountered an army of fearows and a ditto (all of which I ran away from out of habit). I got my TM, then thought “hey, I could use a ditto later for breeding” and so I searched for one for a little bit. That’s when the fateful encounter happened.

The encounter music played, and when the screen regained color, there it was- Minior, the adorable love of my life. The memories came flooding back. I suddenly needed one of each. Unfortunately, this one blew up on me before I could even see its color, so I bought 18 ultra balls and kept searching. You don’t understand how much I needed this little guy in my party. I ran into a couple thousand more Fearows and Skarmorys, a few more Dittos, and approximately two more Miniors, both of whom blew up in my face. That’s when I knew I needed to go damp.

I did a quick hop over to Bulbapedia (where I promptly got pissed upon learning that Minior was a 30% encounter rate, but that isn’t the point) and learned that there are only two Pokémon lines that have the Damp ability, which was the only barrier between my newfound friends and their evading me in explosions, in Alola and not as a hidden ability or whatever- the Psyduck line and the Poliwag line. One of these was to be my damp savior, and I sure as hell wasn’t about to take the time to grind a Poliwag, find an evolutionary stone, and run the risk of advancing the game before assembling my army of Miniors if I didn’t find one. Fortunately, Psyducks as it turns out lived in a park near my new favorite mountain. Unfortunately, it took me a good ten minutes to find and catch one with damp. But I was determined, and the prize was Minior. Eventually, I did capture the elusive damp ducky. I named her Damp Savior and promptly made a temporary spot for her in my team. Then, I leveled her up in the Festival Plaza and flew back to the top of Mount Hokulani (once again, buses are for wusses). My Psyduck, my Damp Savior, was about to become very important.

How long did it take me to catch all of my minior friends, in all colors of the rainbow? 30 minutes? Two hours? Nobody knows. But now, I have them all. All of the friends. One of them has a permanent spot on my team, the spot that was once graced by the Damp Savior herself. Speaking of the Savior, I gave her three rainbow beans when the mission was completed and she now resides in her own box in the PC. The box is called “Thank U Dampy” and it has the river background, because I thought she would appreciate it.

At the end of the day, the Damp Savior really pulled me through what would be an otherwise tough job. I feel like, if nothing else, this is a testament to the raw power of creative problem solving and spontaneous ideas. Now I have eight miniors and a Psyduck messiah. And, as I close this long ass post, I want to remind you to thank the Dampies in your life, whether they be Psyduck, Poliwag, or not a Pokémon at all.

famous artists ask

picasso: would you rather sleep on the moon with a stardust dress or on a tiny flower with a sunflower dress?
van gogh: where is your go-to positive place when you’re feeling down/sad and what do you usually do?
warhol: what is something that you possess that you’ll never give away/sell despite how much the cost?
da vinci: describe your dream wedding.
monet: where will you take your significant other in a date?
kahlo: what is a pro-tip/lesson that you learned from your past?
michelangelo: do you show your teeth when you smile? do you squint your eyes?
matisse: how do you express your love to your friends/family/significant other?
kandinsky: would you rather be a silky angel or a lacy princess… or a princess angel?
degas: in a garden full of all sorts of flowers, which one will you pick?
klee: in a library full of books, which five will you never get sick of rereading?
klimt: how many languages do you speak? what is/are it/they?
seurat: if you can wear only one color with different shades for the rest of your life, which one is it, and why?
vermeer: which of your qualities make you a dream girl?
harring: what is your all-time favorite band, movie, and painting?
munch: what is your medium in art? is that medium your first love?
renoir: is you heart occupied right now? describe him/her/them.
gauguin: what is one thing that reminds you of childhood?
manet: describe your ultimate summer get-away!
botticelli: what is that one moment in your life that makes you feel proud?
cézanne: what is your favorite christmas cookie?

The looping gif that no one asked for and no one wanted, to endlessly fuel all your rage

She’s the betta half of the two

seriously why people always wanna talk about how patriarchy affects men

like how do you hear something like “you throw like a girl!” and not realize that while one boy is being teased, literally the entire female sex is being told they suck at physical activity.

how can you look at that and just want to say “see! patriarchy hurts boys!!” No it doesn’t, not systemically. It tries to train them into actually being stronger than women, meaner to women. It teaches them that weak, and stupid are Girl things, and therefore all things girls do are stupid, inferior to things Boys do. How you want to look at that and say “yes, and look how that can hurt boys’ feelings!!” ???

Like no. i don’t wanna talk about boys. I don’t want to hear how their feelings got hurt when they got called a girl, as if their feelings getting hurt somehow overshadows the fact that being female is a shame, an insult, a curse. And I don’t understand why someone would want to make a boy’s feelings a priority in feminism. It’s a side effect, one that can be easily fixed if men wanted to fix it. They could start standing up for women, the women and girls in their life, they could teach their sons that women are not inferior, that the people who use ‘girl’ as an insult are in the wrong. 

But for some reason it has become feminism’s job, women’s job, to take care of boys’ and men’s feelings and comfort them. Just like always. Color me shocked.