because her own ex is calling her out on her actions

My kid does 13K in damage to studio equip, we handle it like lunatics.

[Part 1]

Some background:

I’m an audio engineer and score arranger full time in my self-owned business. It’s how I provide for myself, my fiancée (also CF), and my mother. I record, mix, and master for bands, voice-overs for local commercials, and write music for people’s weddings, college films, indie games, etc.. It was my passion since I was a child and every day I ask myself why I get paid to do what I do.

You know, until today.

I had a woman schedule to come in because she wanted me to record her monologue for an acting class. I thought it was going to be easy enough. I set up a mic and a music stand in the sound booth and got my workstation prepped for tracking. She was supposed to show up at 3:30, so when 4:00 came around, I called her to ask her if she was still coming. It was my last contract for the day and I was wanting to get home to my fiancée, dogs, and dinner.

“Oh, sorry sweetie, I’m going to be there soon. I just had to get my son from ex-boyfriend.”

Uh oh.

4:12, she showed up with her child.

To preface, I’ve never really wanted kids, and don’t really hate them either. But I’ve been childfree of mind for a decade now in league of several bad child experiences in public.

Anyway, I sat her down at the conference table and tried to talk to her about the contract and billing, etc., and just couldn’t because of the six-years-old pile of ovary droppings next to her.

“Mommy it’s cold in here.” “Mommy, I’m bored.” “Mommy, that guy has girl hair.” “Mommy, I want to play on the phone.”

The incessant whining went on for the entirety of the discussion. She did nothing about it. I had an ache in my stomach that this might be a rough session.

I was right.

I showed her to the sound booth, positioned the mic at face level, told her the basics of mic use, and then she floored me with a question.

“Can my son stay in there with you while I do this?” I insisted that he wait in the conference room (across the hall from the control room) because the control room wasn’t a very kid-friendly place considering the 120K of equipment at arms reach.

“But he’s a little angel.”

I shouldn’t have taken her word for it. I SHOULD NOT have taken her word for it. This kid was ANYTHING but. I let him in, told him to sit in one of the office chairs and don’t touch anything. Needless to say, he touched. I queued the recording arm and signaled her to start. She got three lines into her take before I hear a deafening screech and crash.

That little shit machine had just knocked over a $4,000 Korg into a rack with $9,500 of equipment. Completely shattered the touchscreen on the Korg, busted the dials off of half of the effects, and totaled my distressor that I use for almost all the vocals I track.

All of this, by the way, was the room’s length apart from where I told the crotch goblin to stay.

The kid, because of the loud noise, started full-lung screaming. Not crying. Not yelling. Screaming.

The mother, with no hesitation, ran over to the control room and DEMANDED to know what I did to her child. She cussed at me and accused me of hurting her little snot monster. Threatened to sue and even swung at me. When I told her that her precious angel had just racked up at least twelve grand of damages, she said “good”, spit on me, then stormed out, slamming every door on the way. So I pulled the security camera footage and had filed a police report. Grand total: $13,504.25. I also mailed her the bill for her session for good measure.

Of six years in the studio, this is my only truly terrible experience. Fuck mombies. Fuck having children. Thanks for making my vasectomy decision that much easier on me.

[Part 2]

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The Only Exception (Part 3)

Summary: AU. Reader is given the task of running a popular love advice internet show when her coworker is fired. Her cynical attitude toward love makes her offer some harsh advice, and more than a few hearts are caught in the aftermath. Will hers be one of them?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 3,523

Warnings: language, fluff, wishful thinking, hot firemen, sarcasm, cynicism, bad jokes, drinking, sad story retelling (mentions of death and loss)

A/N: Moving right along…and yes, I used a Keep Reading line. Also, shout out to @redgillan for making my day brighter.

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anonymous asked:

Can we have a fix it fic with both Sanvers and SuperCorp in which they go on a double date that Lena had told Kara they would do and it's just extremely fluffy and cute. (Maybe some smut involved at the end for the both of them) :)

It’s not the double date she expected, but god, is it more than she could have dreamed of.

It’s months after Jack and it’s months after Kara gave her ex boyfriend the final rejection she should have given him from the start.

It’s months after, and the double date isn’t with Lena and her partner and Kara with hers.

The double date is Lena and Kara.

With Maggie and Alex.

Lena shakes a little beforehand, and she doesn’t bother trying to hide it. Kara can hear her heartbeat, but even if she couldn’t, she knows her. Really knows her. In a way no one else ever has.

“Lena, it’s going to be fine. You already know them, and they’re going to love you even more after getting to know you better.”

“Your sister’s DEO, and Maggie’s a cop. She’s arrested me, for crying out loud, Kara. I’m… just a Luthor, to them.”

“You’re not,” Kara says, and her voice is firm, less like Kara and more like Supergirl, and Kara’s power, her strength, sends a heady rush through Lena’s body, calming her. Soothing her. Reminding her.

Kara chose her. Kara will protect her. Always.

She doesn’t know that across town, Maggie is having a similar meltdown.

“I’ve arrested her, Alex. For something she didn’t even do!”

“And you’ve apologized, babe, and she said she understood, and she – ”

“I don’t want to disappoint you.”

“Maggie, how… how would you ever disappoint me?”

Maggie shrugs, her eyes averted. “I don’t want to mess the date up.”

“You won’t. You’re going to make the date perfect. Okay?”

Maggie can’t help but smile at the calm confidence, the steady faith, in Alex’s eyes.

“Yeah. Okay.”

A sudden breeze blows through both of their hair, but they don’t bother jumping.

“You just love the fact that you can carry her around like that, don’t you?” Alex asks without even turning around, and Lena laughs lightly as Kara sets her down from her bridal-style position in her arms.

“You’re telling me you don’t carry your woman around like that, Agent Danvers?” Lena teases, and Maggie smirks as Kara shoves her fingers in her ears and starts humming loudly.

“Oh, Kara, your sister’s allowed to have a sex life,” Lena laughs.

“Yeah, but not in front of me, she’s not!”

“Don’t worry, Little Danvers, we’ll keep things PG for you.”

Kara gives her a fake glare, and Alex pulls her into a laughing hug.

“So – we said bowling?” she asks Lena, and Lena nods gamely.

“Lex taught me – it’s one of the ways I learned physics, largely,” she offers almost shyly, and Alex’s eyes light up.

“I learned physics from surfing! I would study it obsessively before I even…”

Maggie and Kara hung back as Alex and Lena strolled out of the apartment.

“We both just lost our dates to science, didn’t we, Sunshine?”

Kara grins. “Maybe we can team up and beat them at bowling!”

They both smile, relishing the idea, but once they have a chance to think about it, they frown at exactly the same moment.

“Maybe we shouldn’t do that,” they course correct at the same time, and they laugh the entire way there.

Lena and Alex keep rolling perfect strikes.

Of course they do.

Maggie isn’t bad – she’s slightly better at this than she is at pool – and Kara is, by painful necessity, excellent at Earth physics, but for the sake of fun, she’s trained her body to not always be the best at every single sport.

So Lena is really holding their team up.

And Alex is holding up hers and Maggie’s.

They grab pizza and fries and root beers and club sodas in between rounds, and Lena’s eyes sparkle at how enthusiastically her girlfriend eats.

“Get you a girl that looks at you the way Lena Luthor looks at Kara Danvers,” Maggie writes on her snapchat to James, and Alex glances over at it and laughs.

“What about a girl who looks at you the way I do?” Alex wants to know.

“What other girls? I only see you, Danvers.”

Kara and Lena have to toss french fries at them to get them to stop making out and carry on with the game. Maggie just wears a shit-eating grin as she thanks them for the fries, collecting them off of her and Alex’s laps and popping them into her mouth.

Lena rolls her eyes, but it’s out of happiness, out of laughter, out of… friendship.

It’s midnight before any of them are ready to leave, before both couples have won enough games to safely call it a draw.

It’s midnight before Alex takes Maggie home and shoves her up against the door of her apartment the moment they get inside.

“This okay?” she asks, and Maggie giggles.

“What brought this on, Danvers?”

“Have you seen those jeans you’ve been wearing all night?”

Maggie looks down at her own body and shrugs. “You certainly have.”

“I want them off. If you do, I mean.”

“So take them off, Danvers.”

And she does.

Across town, Kara and Lena are having a similar… conversation, though Kara’s is about Lena’s bra, about how she’s conflicted because it’s so lacey, so pretty, but so is what’s underneath it, and Kara just can’t figure out what the best course of action is.

“Why don’t we do an experiment?” Lena proposes in her richest voice, and Kara’s insides melt in the best of ways.

“I’m listening,” she husks, an almost feral grin on her face.

“You can fuck me with my bra on, and then you can give it another go with my bra off. And we can… evaluate the results.”

“I like the way you think, Lena.”

“And I like the way you make love to me, Kara.”

“So I will then.”

“That, my darling? Is the best news I’ve heard all night.”

I'll Be A Better Man Today - Reggie Mantle x Reader

Summary: Reader breaks up with Reggie after he refuses to stop harassing Jughead. Every attempt to get her back fails, so he comes up with a plan to knock her off her feet.
Requested: Yes
Warnings: None, apologies for any grammar/spelling mistakes.
A/N: I am doing this in two parts, as when I started writing it, it become longer than I had planned it. Hope you enjoy!

Jughead didn’t miss the way you determinedly ignored your boyfriend of almost nine months as you passed him in the hallway, at half eight Monday morning.

Greeting your best friend, he also noticed you didn’t make eye contact with him. He watched you fumbling with the combination lock, eyes narrowed. Across the hall, Reggie Mantle, the aforementioned boyfriend, approached slowly. Jughead steeled himself for the usual barrage of insults - but they never came.

‘Hey, (Y/N)?’ He called your name softly, face downcast and eyes sad. You ignored him. Jughead frowned, confusion on his face. Reggie tried again to get your attention.

’(Y/N), can we talk, please?’ His voice weighed with sorrow, even Jughead almost felt sorry for him. Almost.

‘I have to get to class,’ you finally spoke, slamming the locker shut with a loud clang, turning to Jughead and tugging him down the corridor. Leaving behind Reggie, who watched you walk away with a pain in his chest.

'Wanna tell me what that was about?’ Jughead asked, stopping you with a hand on your elbow. You swallowed thickly, emotion welling up in your eyes, your throat tight. 'I broke up with Reggie last night,’ you managed to get the words out with some semblance of strength; Jughead’s eyes widened, surprise like ice-water, shocking him deeply. 'What? Why?’

'He’s a bully, Jug,’ you reminded him, sounding tired. 'And I can’t - I don’t want to be with someone like that,’ you confessed, biting your lip in an effort to hold back the tears that stung in your eyes. Jughead’s face softened; any other circumstances, he would have been glad that his best friend was away from the self-obsessed captain of the football team. However, he could see it in your face, how much you were hurting - and, to be fair to Reggie, even if he could he an ass, he was never anything but a loving, kind boyfriend to you.

’(Y/N)…’ he started, feeling guilty, if you had broken not only Reggie’s heart, but your own, for his sake… you immediately held up a hand to stop him. 'Jughead, no. I didn’t do it because of you, I just …’ a heavy sigh followed before you continued, shaking your head. 'I can’t be the girl who dates the asshole jock, anymore. Just because I lo-’ you cut yourself off with a choked sound, and Jughead’s arm immediately came to wrap around your shoulder, comfortingly. 'Just because I care about him, doesn’t mean I can condone his actions.’

Jughead pulled you in for a proper hug then, squeezing you tightly. The affectionate gesture was all it took for the dam to burst. Suddenly, you were a sobbing wreck, head buried in the taller boys chest. He guided you to a empty classroom, and let you sit through the agonising heartbreak you felt deep inside.


The rest of the day passed fairly uneventfully. Reggie approached you a few more times, begging for a minute to talk. Each time, you turned your back and walked away. It was just too much to handle, seeing his face, eyes glazed and eyelashes clinging together with unshed tears. If you even looked at him, just once, you knew it would be the end of you. Veronica and Betty banded together, forming a human shield against your ex - Archie getting angry by the final bell and almost starting a fist fight. Jughead managed to calm him down; 'It’ll only make (Y/N) feel worse.’
You wanted to protest; surely nothing could equal how this felt, to be so close to Reggie but so far away. You kept your mouth shut. You kept your eyes glued to the floor.

Even at home, you were granted no relief. He showed up at the front door, clutching a bouquet of daisies, your favourites. Your father answered, you lurking at the top of the stairs, just out of sight. You couldn’t hear what they were saying, but after a moment, the door closed again. Sitting on the top step, your dad looked up to you, smiling sadly. He showed you the flowers, tied with a blue string. You fell apart again. A note was attached to the stem, and you took it to your room, the lingering scent of his familiar cologne lingering on the envelope.

You read, and reread, and reread, the letter penned in black ink, unmistakably Reggie’s handwriting. You read it until you knew it off by heart, until you could still see the uneven letters when you closed your eyes. Your phone buzzed relentlessly, with pleading messages and voicemails, and concerned texts from the gang. Eventually, you turned it off, crawling under the covers of your bed and switching off the lights. Sleep came surprisingly easy, you felt drained, almost hollow, from the strain of ignoring Reggie and putting on a smile for the sake of your friends.


Tap, tap, tap.

You moaned; rolling over and finding the cool side of the bed. Smiling in your sleep, you relaxed into the mattress.

Tap, tap, tap.

The knocking dragged you, unwillingly, from your rest. You blinked, a yawn wrestling itself out of your mouth.

Tap, tap, tap.

You shot up, the source of the noise hitting you like a truck. You glanced toward your window, the blinds still open, as you hadn’t had the energy to pull them down earlier. In the dim light of the street lamps, you could just about make out Reggie’s face through the pane of glass. Shuffling across the floor, you lifted it up a few inches, folding your arms against the sudden breeze.

’(Y/N),’ he breathed out, voice rough. It was hard to ignore the shiver the sound of it caused down your spine.

'Reggie, I told you yesterday,’ you whispered, 'I have nothing to say to you.’
'Please, baby, can we just talk?’ He begged, and this time he didn’t hold back his tears, tanned face slick with saltwater.
'There’s nothing to talk about,’ the struggle to keep your emotion in check was one you were starting to lose. Putting your hands against the window again, Reggie pressed his palm to the glass. 'Please, (Y/N), please. I can’t lose you. Just - just give me a second chance!’

Your resolve threatened to crumble, the break in his voice like a sharp edge digging into your gut. With all the strength you could muster, you shook your head. 'You haven’t done anything to prove you deserve one.’

With that, you shut the window, stepping away and pulling the blinds down. You couldn’t see, but Reggie had really fallen apart when you shut yourself away from him. His forehead fell to rest against the cool glass, chest heaving with sobs, his whole body shaking so hard he almost lost his balance on the ledge.

Meanwhile, you had climbed back into your bed, turning over your pillow and burying your face into it. You couldn’t believe what had just happened. You couldn’t believe you had shut him down so harshly. While guilt settled in the pit of your belly, you reaffirmed to yourself that it was the right thing to do. Reggie was, at his core, a kind person. However, he wore armour so thick in public it took a lot to shed it all away to get to that kind person. You’d begged him so many times, to stop harassing Jughead, and Reggie had made promises he obviously couldn’t keep. You fell back asleep, eventually, knowing you’d need all your strength to face the following day.

Rescue (Older!Damian x Reader)

Requested: Yes

Request: could i request an older!damian x reader imagine where the reader lives in a bad part of gotham and loves animals so every now and then she leaves food for stray cats and dogs and plays with/pets them and damian observes her for a while when he goes on patrol because he feels curious about her??? You can decide the ending :)
Summary: You save the life of a poor kitten by risking your own, only to be rescued by Robin.
Word Count: 1172

A/N: OK, so I altered the request quite a bit to write this!! I honestly was having so many issues writing the request as it was (I made Damian seem like a creep and had to scrap that and start over). So I owe credit to @thearkhamnedknight for helping me come up with this concept! I couldn’t have done this without her help!! I hope you’re happy with the changes anonymous requester! I’m pretty happy with the ending myself!

It was the loud boom that brought you out of the book you had almost finished. It was followed by screaming. That drew your undivided attention out the cafe window. Outside, you saw a huge tank-like vehicle running over cars. From its half white half purple paint job, you already knew it was Two-Face. As if to confirm your suspicions, the crazed ex-attorney stood up through some kind of sunroof, gun blazing as he fired off at the crowd. You stared on with wide eyed fear as he laughed maniacally.

You were about to duck under the table when you spotted the little white blur. It was a small kitten, darting through the street to find a place to hide. You watched it run beneath a parked vehicle on the curbside, not knowing it was in the direct path of danger. Your courage surged up and the urge to hide yourself was replaced by the need to save the innocent creature.

You kept your eyes on the scared kitten hunkering beneath the car as you walked through the cafe towards the glass door. You spared a glance towards the psychopath with a gun. He was luckily already occupied with the arrival of Batman and Robin. You dashed out of the building and headed straight to vehicle that was no more than 30 feet from the cafe exit. As soon as you got to it, you crouched down next to the passenger door and felt a new wave of fear as you realized how close all of the action was.

You ducked down and looked at the petrified kitten under the car. It meowed at you as it shook in its fur. You reached out slowly. It backed away a step, just out of your reach.

“Come here, kitty, kitty,” you called quietly, trying to sound soothing, but your voice was shaky. “Come here, little kitty,” you called again. It stared at you with big, green eyes. “I’m not going to hurt you,” you cooed as you left your hand still and open. Just as it started to step closer to sniff your fingers, a blast sounded from the opposite of the car. The cat spooked and took off like lightening towards you. Before it could escape into more danger, you snatched it up. It clawed you madly before it realized you weren’t trying to hurt it.

“There, there,” you cooed. You started to stand to run back into the cafe, to relative safety, until you heard the click of a gun behind you. You turned to see the barrel of an assault rifle only inches from your head. Your heart stopped and your arms tightened around the warm fluff, concealing it. Your gaze followed the barrel up to the face of the goon aiming it at you. Time seemed to move in slow motion.

You took a deep breath and closed your eyes. You tried to prepare yourself for what would be a fatal shot. You could only hope it wouldn’t hurt. But instead of the deafening sound of a gunshot, you heard a thud and a groan. When your eyes opened, you saw Robin standing on top of the gunman. Your eyes widened and you felt relief flood your body.

“What are you doing?” he demanded angrily. You were still in shock at the situation, so you simply moved your left arm to reveal the white kitten you were cradling in your right arm. His features softened for a moment, before gunfire rained down from the main fight only a few feet away now. He ducked behind the vehicle, incredibly close to you. His arm wrap around your back and he pulled you into his chest firmly.

“Hold on,” he warned. You used your free arm to cling to him as suddenly you were lifted off the ground and before you could blink, set on a rooftop. The bullets sprayed the building as the shooters tried to follow, but Robin pushed you down on the flat top, out of view. He crouched next to you, visually confirming that you weren’t injured.

“Stay here,” he ordered before leaping over the ledge and rejoining the fight. You obeyed and looked down at the white fluffy kitten. It was filthy, obviously a stray that was likely born in an alleyway near by. You smiled softly as it looked up at you with its large green eyes and meowed. It nudged its head under your hand and purred. You felt relaxed as you pet it gently.

“Well, it looks like we’re in this together now, huh?” you chuckled as you scratched the scrappy kitten’s little ear. As if it understood you, it answered with a meow and settled comfortably into your lap. It was at that time, you realized that the gunshots had finally stopped. You decided to take a risk and peek over the short wall that guarded you from the edge of the roof. First responders were everywhere. Reporters were beginning to appear to interview any witnesses.

“You could’ve gotten yourself killed, you know?” Robin spoke up from behind you. You turned and smiled at him.

“I wasn’t too worried about it,” you grinned. “I saved a life today, too,” you added as you presented the scruffy kitten. It meowed at him.

“What are we going to do with another pet, beloved?” he sighed as he pulled you to your feet and led you away from the crime scene.

“Alfred needed another cat friend,” you shrugged. “Plus, this little one has nowhere else to go,” you nudged him with your shoulder.

“He is quite cute,” he admitted and took the scrap of fur from your hands. The kitten began purring immediately and Damian smiled softly. “What should we name him?” he asked.

“Well, I haven’t decided yet,” you stopped and pulled your boyfriend into an embrace. He hugged you back with one arm, the kitten smushed in the middle in his other arm.

“I’m sorry I missed our coffee date, (Y/n)” he whispered into your hair. You looked up at him.

“I’m sorry my favorite coffee shop has been shot up for the third time before you’ve gotten to try it,” you offered with your odd sense of humor. He couldn’t help but chuckle.

“I’ll get there before it ends up out of business,” he promised. You leaned against him, taking pleasure in the warmth that emanated from him.

“I’ll see you at home, Robin,” you told him, slipping the baby feline out of his clutches. He kissed your forehead lovingly.

“Don’t wait up, it’s looking like a long night,” he answered. You just smiled.

“I’ll keep the first aid kit ready,” you stated before climbing down the fire escape. Damian waited until your feet hit the asphalt before he grappled off to join his father. You could barely see Bruce standing a few rooftops away waiting. You gave him a quick wave before you decided to head back to the townhouse you and Damian had made home for the last year

A/N: I really hope you like it! What would you name the kitten? 

Me no gusta feminism

I used to be a feminist, back when I got into pro-life stuff and discovered pro-life feminists and their advocacy.

But, shortly after the birth of my first daughter, I decided to drop the label. It was months in the making, as the decision came about after being exposed to many issues I discovered within the movement.

Note that this is not any kind of attack on people who find that their use of the word “feminist” best describes and helps their cause. More power to you. But I am not you, and I have different ideals and standards when it comes to political movements. I am hoping that by sharing this – as terse as this will come off at times – feminists can get a better idea of why the whole world isn’t jumping onto the bandwagon.

Use it to improve your feminist work, to point out toxic behavior in fellow activists, think I am out of my mind and think I am wrong, whatever: I don’t care. I am just grateful that someone can listen patiently.

So what is up with my disapproval of feminism?:

1) Feminism is incoherent and unstable.

Look up the definition of feminism and you get the vague explanation of how it’s about women’s equal rights/welfare. Even in the earliest days, women activists had differing ideals concerning womanhood, equality, justice, and how to achieve it all. How you define fighting for women’s rights is all dependent on what you think is best for the gender. This can range from keeping them inside all day guarded by family to enforcing the independent working woman ideal.

“But that’s not REAL feminism!!!” is often cried out when these differing actions/opinions are pointed out, and it is a pointless accusation. Feminism is what you make of it! Literally anyone can be a feminist.

There is no central leader, only leaders of various, independent feminist groups big or small; there is no central manifesto, only early writings that may or may not be looked upon, and opinionated works of different feminist philosophers; and most importantly, every individual woman will have her own unique outlook to the welfare of her sex and for her own life.

I can’t get behind a mish mash of ideas. Nor can I pretend that I am speaking for ALL women when we are all so different from one another. I need something solid, sturdy, and with a strong, unshakable foundation. Feminism just doesn’t have that.

2) It has a shady past that I can’t get over: and yes, that includes the first/second wave feminists.

First wave: benefited largely upper class white women; anti-Catholic sentiments among some prominent figures; demanded equal rights but not equal responsibility (ex: getting the right to vote but not being required to sign up for the draft); some protesters WERE violent, if I remember correctly; they also played a large role in the medicalization of birth which involved smearing campaigns against midwives, sending many women to hospitals where they were treated terribly; this same smear campaign also lead to lower income women having difficulty affording prenatal care as the more affordable homebirth midwives were made illegal. Some also were apparently hypocritical even then, as is evidenced by the famous GK Chesterton quote: “It [feminism] is mixed up with a muddled idea that women are free when they serve their employers but slaves when they help their husbands.“

Second wave: Bought into the deliberate lies about mass deaths from “back alley abortions”; lied about Jane Roe and TO her in Roe vs Wade to legalize it; the lawyer downright calling Jane Roe white trash and ignorant; were convinced that they needed birth control to be dispensed everywhere, and didn’t seem to care very much that birth control had been tested on poor, POC women and that it would discriminate against women who wanted more than one or two kids/wanted to breastfeed while working; attacked religious faiths for “sexist practices” such as veiling and lied to women of faith about their religion to convince them to protest it; I could go on because I find out more all the time but I can stop.

third wave: I don’t even have to list here. Y’all know what I am talking about. While more religious/conservative feminists have popped up, they still buy into the myth of a patriarchy and many still talk over legitimate men’s issues, or even outright mock it. Or mock people who are more conservative/religiously devout. (Looking at you, New Wave Feminists :))) )

3) The members are dangerously guillable and buy into sexist/bigoted ideals far too easily.

A lot of this ties into the last point. Feminism easily falls for the latest so-called progressive ideals without thinking how it actually affects them and others in the following generations. (Thanks for the shitty state of women’s health care!) They do not thoroughly question anything, leading to blind acceptance of any misleading factoid that shows them how oppressed they are.

The biggest example of this, for me personally, is the outright acceptance of birth control. While some feminists are questioning it these days because of its adverse affects on women’s rights, health, and its sexist/racist undertones, many still try to tout it as some kind of Savior for Womankind. The health risks and social ramifications be damned: gimme my consequence free sex!!! Because men can get sex without pregnancy so this makes us “equal” somehow!!!

And then they try to make it sound like it’s the only way to space babies and allows women to work, but never considered other more natural options that don’t shut down our fertility and do a better job of respecting women’s rights (hint hint, NFP). And the ramifications of the hook up culture? Feminists demanded that women have the right to sleep around “just like men”, and then scrambled around to come up with overly-complicated consent etiquette when they realized women were being used and even raped.

4) No, feminism doesn’t care about men. It never did and it doesn’t have to!

Christina Hoff Summers is the closest I can think of a feminist who points out men’s issues, but I haven’t heard of her trying anything to change it either other than talking about it.

Things like circumcision, male abuse, male assault, workplace deaths, and more are brushed under the rug. Try and bring men’s issues to the table at your next feminist meeting, and see how far it takes you: and all without mentioning “toxic masculinity” or “it doesn’t happen as much with men as with women”.

There is nothing wrong with having a movement focused on only one part of the human race: but it is damning to use that label, focus only on one group of people, and then pretend you speak for ALL humans.

Feminism was never meant to be a human rights movement, only a women’s rights movement. There is no shame in that. Yet they continue to act as if its the end all be all of any advocacy group ever.

This may naturally lead into intersectional feminism, which jumps into other movements such as LGBTQ, childwelfare, etc. But it only shows how feminism MUST take a legit issue and twist it around to make it about women or the patriarchy. It’s ineffective and even back-peddles progress.

5) Feminism acts like it has the monopoly on women’s rights and that I owe it my “allegiance”.

It doesn’t. It never has. I am living proof of it. For the past three years since I have dropped the label, I am still passionate about how NFP can further women’s welfare in health and relationships, and beyond. It has even led me to issues such as birthing rights, issues of working mothers, and more!

But more importantly, it opened the door to issues faced by men, and children of both genders. I even gained a newer perspective on unique issues such as gender dysphoria and racism. When I took a step back and realized that the issues were just a shitty culture from the result of many different actions/people and not necessarily one power group, I gained a much more wholesome view of humanity and its downfalls. We’re in this together as a species!

Yet, I only learned all of this outside of feminism’s rose colored glasses. Leaving feminism freed me to truly understand all this. Maybe it was different for other women, but for me and others like me, it’s very enlightening.

6) There really isn’t a patriarchy. 

idk what to put here. I never felt the overbearingness of man push me down, and I’m not going to ignore my personal experience and that of my own female family members for the sake of an accepted theory of feminism. There are certainly sexist attitudes still hanging around, but hardly because of patriarchy (in fact, I would blame mainstream feminism for parts of that, see points #2 and #3). That, and this deadbeat patriarchy theory de-legitimizes the very real issues and their source problems that men face in society.

7) Much of feminism is inherently anti-Catholic.

Y’all know I am not perfect when it comes to being Catholic, but I would rather walk through the Amazon jungle barefoot than walk with a movement that has never liked nor respected the Church since its earliest developments in the early 20th Century. (This includes lowering the role and importance of Mother Mary because of her Perpetual Virginity being “offensive” to women. :))) )

Even with some Catholics saying they are feminist because of their beliefs, I know too well that being “feminist” is not a core tenet of Catholicism. That’s just an unnecessary add on. Not to mention, the Church has been very woman-friendly since, idk, the time of Jesus? So it’s not like throwing on a political label is really improving that.

(This doesn’t mean there aren’t issues to be discussed within the Church concerning womanhood in the past or present: only that I feel feminism is an intrusion that is unnecessary at best, and blinding to the mission of the Church at worse, and the mission being: spreading the Gospels to lost souls).

Also, there is no use ignoring that a grand majority of feminists today - as well as the loudest ones - simply support practices and ideals that go against Church Teaching. You can try and “take back feminism” if you wish, but it was never “ours” to begin with, nor will Catholicism improve this unbalanced movement by inserting rosaries and “girl power” saints.

Western women face legitimate issues in our society and I am all for tackling them!

We may not be “oppressed” as angry Anti-SJWs claim, but there is still so much improvement to be made. Things like childcare and work, abortion, healthcare, etc are hot topics for a reason. They affect ME and MY DAUGHTERS as much as any woman. I am going to be a part of the solution as much as I can be! I am sure that other active women, feminist or not, understand how I find these things important.

But I can not stand by a philosophy that is jumbled up, toxic, hypocritical, lacking sense, and downplaying or denying the very real issues that the other gender face. The majority are against my ideals/way of making things work and I don’t want any part of it.

Good has come from feminism in various ways but that doesn’t change that it has done plenty of bad that I am not comfortable with. And because it’s had issues from the very beginning, there really isn’t an “original” feminism that we can revert to: it’s always had problems and will continue to have them.

If you’re feminist then have fun with that, but I ask that you consider these points whenever you question people like me for not wanting to join in. Not all of us are hateful anti-feminist narks who think western women live life in a dreamland. We just don’t like many parts and histories of the feminist movement.

Thanks for taking the time to read, it really does mean a lot.

anonymous asked:

Prompt: Trimberly - jealous Kim and maybe a little bit of angst

You got it! 


Tommy Oliver.

New kid. Tall. Brunette. Green eyed (appropriately). Surprisingly Popular (suspicious - no new kid had a right to be popular). Green Ranger (very suspicious). Tomboy. Straight-A Student (so why detention??? Also suspicious).

And the absolute bane of Kimberly Hart’s existence. 

The moment Tommy had arrived in detention, Kim had smelled trouble. Because not only was Tommy gorgeous, not only was Tommy funny, and athletic, and intelligent. 

Not only was Tommy Oliver basically perfect in the cut-throat adolescent world of High School, but Tommy Oliver was charming. Kim hated charming people. She especially hated them right now. Because right now, Tommy fucking Oliver was flirting with Trini. What’s worse? Trini was giggling. And blushing

And Kim couldn’t do a fucking thing about it. 

She’d been flirting (haha see what she did there? Pathetic) with the idea of asking Trini out for months. And really, who wouldn’t? Trini was damn near perfect. She was kind and intelligent and funny and absolutely gorgeous. 

And she was far too good for Kimberly Hart.

She was too good for the ex-cheerleader who was this close to being labeled a sex offender. She was too good for the girl who got so defensive over her own actions, she punched her ex-sort-of-not-really-boyfriend so hard without powers that he’d lost a tooth. She was too good for the girl who was so emotionally stunted she’d kept them all from morphing until Billy had died.

So no, Kim wasn’t good enough for Trini. But she wasn’t positive Tommy Oliver was either.

“You trying out your laser vision again, princess?” 

Zach’s amused drawl broke through her staring contest with the back of Tommy’s head. 

“Huh? We don’t have laser vision, doofus.” 

“Well you’re definitely trying to melt the back of poor Tommy’s head. What did she ever do to you, huh?” 

Kim glanced away just as Tommy shifted to reveal a surprisingly bashful Trini. 


Kim sighed. Sometimes she thought the only one in their group who didn’t know about her pathetic crush on the Yellow Ranger was Trini herself. 

“Yeah.” What else was there to say? She didn’t have a chance with Trini, she knew that. And Tommy really was a good sort. Mostly. And hey if she could make Trini smile like that, who was Kim to get in the way? No one, that’s who. 

She feels Zach’s gaze on her, but she refuses to look up. She doesn’t want to see the pity in his eyes. She doesn’t see the thoughtfulness in his gaze, or the way his eyes flick between Trini’s furtive looks in Kim’s direction, and Kim’s hunched shoulders.


Trini slid next to Zach in their English class with and grunted out some form of greeting as she rested her head on top of her folded arms. She had a massive headache and really just wanted to do some yoga on her rock. She was not looking forward to debating Shakespeare for the umpteenth time this year with a bunch of pimply hormonal teens.

“’Sup, Crazy Girl.”


“Got a headache?” 


“Got anything to do with a certain green friend of ours?”

Head tilt, murderous glare.

Students were settling into their seats as the teacher wrote their assignments on the board, and told them to choose partners to go over the next Act of Hamlet. Zach payed the rest of them no mind.

“Funny thing, I think Kim’s got a headache for the same exact reason.”

“Wait, what?”

“Oh, it speaks!”

“Shut up idiot.”

“Ouch. Words hurt, you know”

“You don’t have enough brain cells to be offended by my awesome snark.”

“Damn, fine. I won’t tell you what Kim said earlier when Tommy was all over you.” 

“What the fuck, Zach.”

Zach buried his nose in Shakespeare and ignored Trini’s glare. Finally, she rolled her eyes. 

“Fine, o amazing Black Ranger. I only insult your awesomeness because I cannot even dream to match it. Alright? Just tell me already!”

Zach smirked. “Someone’s eager. And just how much Shakespeare have you been reading, Trinity?”

She kicked his shin under the table, hard.

“Call me Trinity again and you’ll wish Rita was back.”

“Ok, ok, jesus, leave my bones intact, Crazy Girl! I probably shouldn’t be telling you this, but - and I say this with all possibly love - but damn girl you’re oblivious. Even Jason figured it out, and you know that’s saying something.”

“Figured what out?” Trini was getting more confused by the second, and it wasn’t helping her headache in the slightest. If Zach didn’t get to his point soon, she’d punch him and deal with going to the principal’s office happily.

“Kim’s got a gigantic gay crush on you, Trini.”

Trini blinked. “Huh?”

It was Zach’s turn to roll his eyes. 

“Girl, the only thing that even comes close to your crush on Kim, is her crush on you. We both know Tommy just likes to flirt - especially with you, because you blush so easily when a pretty girl is paying attention to you -”

Trini kicked his shin again with a hissed “Hey!”

“ - Ow! What? It’s the truth! Anyway, I don’t think Kim’s realized that Tommy’s flirting is harmless when it comes to you. I mean hey we all know she’s got the hots for the hottest member of the team. Moi.”

Another kick. “Ow! I’m going to the police. This abuse is just unwarranted.”

“Zach, for fucks sake, please get to the point.”

“I thought I had? What’s that glare for? You need me to spell it out? Kim. Was. Jealous. Kim. Likes. You. Idiot. No accounting for taste, but - HEY!”

“Zach, Trini, is there something you’d like to share with the class?”

“No, Ms. Morris we were just, uh, having a disagreement over the meaning of a passage.”

Watching Zachary Kwan trying to appear innocent was not a pretty sight, but luckily, their teacher just rolled her eyes and moved on.

“What did I say about the kicking?? Jeez. And here I am, trying to help you out. Some friend you are.”

“Aww poor wittle baby. Suck it up, bitch.” 

Trini was quiet for a moment, thinking. 

“You’re not pulling my leg? Kim’s really into me?”

“Dude you’re like, Wynonna Earp level oblivious.”

“I don’t know whether to take that as an insult or a compliment.”

“Definitely an insult.” 


Tommy’s next flirting target two days later, ironically, was Kim. 

Their training session for the day had ended, and they were all relaxing and nursing various bruises and scrapes under the coolness coming from the lake above the pit. Trini, observing Tommy’s flirting process, personally thought that the award for Wynonna Earp obliviousness should go to Kim, who hadn’t realized yet that Tommy had been flirting with her for the past half hour.

Trini had conducted her own experiments over the past two days to see if Zach was just insane or if his claim held any merit. She’d found, to her surprise, that he might, in fact, in some weird twist of fate, be right, and she’d been trying all morning to come up with a way to ask her fellow ranger out. 

And then Tommy had butted in, and Zach had been smirking at her for the past half hour, and winking every time Tommy said something even remotely suggestive. Now, glancing from Kim to Zach one more time, he waggled his eyebrows and tilted his head in a clear dare. Trini Alverado was not one to ever back down from a dare.

Taking a fortifying breath, she left her perch atop one of the rocks in the pit and stalked over to Kim and Tommy. Kim brightened at the sight of her, giving Trini butterflies, and Tommy’s eyes took on a mischievous gleam. 

“Hey, Tommy. Kim, I’m really sorry about this.”

Kim looked confused, and Tommy looked amused. 

“For what?” They voiced the query at the same time. 

Taking another breath, Trini grabbed Kim’s wrist and pulled the taller girl down so she could press her lips to Kim’s.

She could hear Zach’s whoop of laughter, Billy’s clapping, and Jason’s cheering in the background as she felt Kim’s startled exhale of breath against her face. A tentative hand threaded itself through her hair as she felt Kim move closer to her, press more firmly into her lips, and heard Tommy’s quiet chuckle next to them.

She pulled away from Kim, a small smirk on her lips and took a few steps backwards.

“We should do that again some time, if you’re interested.”

With a thrust from her legs, she propelled herself through the lake, hoping Kim wouldn’t be too far behind.


I loved writting this one for some reason, I’m sorry for the wait. Hope you like it xx

“Fuck, we’re late.” Jack said, getting up from the bed as Y/N was adjusting her top back on. “Yes, we are so hurry the fuck up, they’re gonna be suspicious.” Y/N exclaimed, checking herself out in the mirror quickly as she adjusted her makeup, seeing Jack quickly picking up an outfit from the corner of her eyes.

They hadn’t expected for it to happen when it did because now they were late and they were the only ones to blame. But they couldn’t help it, it had been happening way too much lately and they weren’t sure on how to define their relationship yet. They weren’t seeing anyone else but qualified each other as friends but friends didn’t hook up together. Y/N was terrified that she would fall for him but it was hard not to. Jack was an absolute sweetheart to her. And she couldn’t deny the fact that she was attached to him, a lot. And as Y/N had showed up at his flat, dressed in an outfit that was a bit tight and had caught Jack’s eyes, probably too much as an hour later, after they had both tear off each other’s clothes, they were now late for their night out with friends and they had to hurry up.

They were now climbing out of the Uber, hurrying inside of the restaurant to quickly catch up with their friends. Y/N noticed Conor waving at them from a table and she smiled as she waved back, her eyes falling on her friend that she bad been dying to see. As they walked over to them, she didn’t even notice that Jack’s hand was placed on the small of her back and it felt so usual to the both of them that they didn’t pay attention to the looks that the others gave them. “Sorry, we’re late. Traffic was awful.” Jack said, sitting down next to his brother as Y/N sat in front of him, next to her friend, Jordyn and her boyfriend, James. “Traffic? On a Tuesday night?” Conor smirked, eyebrows narrowed as he was surprised by his younger brother’s words. Jack sent him a nervous look, knowing what he was insinuating. 

“Shit, Y/N look.” Jordyn suddenly exclaimed, pointing towards a table opposite them. And when Y/N snapped her head to the side, she felt her heart shrink. In the thousands of restaurants that are situated in London, he had to be in this one. And he wasn’t alone. When she met his glance, she could see the smirk on his his face as he reached for the girls hand. He was doing it on purpose. Y/N was over him and had been for a while but she did not expect to see him with someone else tonight. Y/N looked away from him and back to her friend. Everyone was looking at her, confusion itched across their faces. “Is everything alright?” Jack asked, concern in his voice as he secretly put a hand on her knee under the table. “Yeah, just an ex.” She shrugged, smiling over at him as he gave her a small squeeze. “We can go somewhere else if you want.” Jordyn offered, but Y/N immediately shook her head, grabbing the menu in her hands. “We’re not going anywhere. Anyway, let’s eat.” Y/N said, eyes darting over the different plates. The friends all exchanged a look before repeating her actions and starting a new conversation.

Ever since she had laid her eyes on him, she had been quiet. She was trying to act as if it wasn’t bothering her but in fact, it was because she hated him for breaking her heart and she knew how much of a jerk he was.

The group was now out of the restaurant, hanging around in the dark streets, searching for a club to go to. Jack and Y/N were walking next to each other, their bare arm brushing as she was finally relaxing after they had consumed a few beverages. She suddenly felt someone brush part her harshly and her hands turned into fists as she watched her ex smiling proudly at her, his arm around the girl he had pulled for the night as he leaned in to kiss her cheek, eyes locked with Y/N’s. He was definitely trying to show off in front of her but all that it was doing was getting her mad. And so she stopped walking as Jack gave her a confused look. Jack looked over to the guy and felt his own anger filling and he smiled as an idea come to his head. 

He grabbed Y/N’s arm carefully as she sent him a confused look. “What are you doing?” She scoffed as our friends had stopped walking to wait for us. “Hey!” Jack called out to the guy who turned around, his look hard and threatening but Jack was in fact amused by the situation. “Play along!” He yelled out, smirking as he turned back to Y/N, crashing their lips together. Y/N was surprised, not because they hadn’t kissed before but because he had never kissed like that. It was full of passion, and not lust and she was now melting onto him. They both smiled, hearing their friends cheering as they watched the scene. As they pulled away, Jack looked over to the guy who sighed and walked away. “What was that for?” Y/N asked as Jack was still holding her close to him. “Showing him what he’s missing out on.” He shrugged before they both laughed. “And I also really wanted to.” He added, pecking her lips quickly as he slipped his hand through hers, interlacing their fingers together. 

The lovers smiled as they kept walking down the London streets, followed by their friends who were tempted to ask what was happening between but deep down, they all knew.

i did not mean for this to be 5k words.  i was actually gonna stop after the rooftop scene but i have NO CHILL WHATSOEVER.  anyway ya’ll so this is the last part of homecoming, but there will be an epilogue, which i have already planned.

that being said!!!  i love you all so much for your kind words and nice comments and sweet messages.  i read every reblog for tags and comments and my heart swells when you tell me you enjoy my writing.  your feedback means so much to me and i love ya’ll.

title: homecoming, pt. 6 (or, rooftop confessions)
    ( part one, part two, part three, part four, part five )
fandom: hamilton
pairing: tjeff x reader
rating: M FOR SMUT
word count: 5444
tagged: @notalwaysfair @hamiltrash-life @aeichajoanes @polymath-pain-in-the-ass @blueco16 @yehummno @ask-aph-belarusian-figure-skater @robotic-space @iconic-sentiments @nadialinett14 @maybeterrance@noluckmonday @theresnofandomforthis @inimitabledaveed @kyloslightsaberdick @lawliette1031 @sammyfoundhis-shoe @aceplaysbass @jugjcnes @sandy-anakin @clamilton @unknown1200 @alienxsara @kanadianwithashippingproblem​ @nervous-crossbow

You have a high school reunion that you can’t miss, and you’re in need of a boyfriend to keep both your parents and your classmates off your back.  You don’t have a boyfriend — but you do have one very irritating, accommodating coworker.

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jacie-cruzer77  asked:

Hello! Do you by chance know how to write jerk/rude characters in a way that makes them likeable? In my case, my jerk character is a jerk for selfish reasons most of the time, though usually it is out of habit. Anything is appreciated!


The surest way to make a jerk likeable is to have Hell rain down on him from the very start of the story. Have misfortune befall him time and time again, and always have it come as a surprise – it can be a consequence of one of his actions, but have that consequence be out of proportion to his action, or simply have him be hurt or completely taken off-guard by the consequence.

For example, I recently was writing a story in which my protagonist (Alex) is a womanizer. In his first scene, he’s just broken up with his most recent girlfriend (Melody), and he ducks into a classroom with one of his other exes (Cassie) for a makeout scene. However, a group of girls (friends of Melody’s) walks in on them and catches them on video. Although Alex obviously has horrible morals and treats others badly (he baldly states in his thoughts that he’s using Cassie and doesn’t actually care for her), his shock and bewilderment makes him more likeable (but only because the audience hasn’t had a chance to dislike him yet – if he had displayed more of his personality before these events, the audience would think he was getting what he deserved, so timing is important!).
Then Melody goes overboard to get revenge on him – she tells Cassie’s ex to beat Alex up (and in fact he almost breaks Alex’s ankle), and tells Cassie to steal and vandalize Alex’s car. This is completely out-of-proportion as a consequence to Alex’s action, which earns him sympathy from the audience, and sympathy = endearment (I don’t know about you, but I hardly ever feel sorry for someone I don’t like, so if your audience pities your character, the audience probably likes your character).

Also, you could simply pit your jerk against a bigger jerk. For example, Alex is obviously not a great person, but Melody is worse, because she is deceptive and goes too far while showing absolutely no remorse for her actions. She leads Cassie to steal and vandalize Alex’s car, then calls the police on her as revenge, even though she had told Cassie there were no hard feelings. She also leads Alex directly to where Cassie’s ex is waiting – outside, where there are no witnesses to put a stop to the fight – and wears a smile as she does it. Melody is purposely cruel and manipulative, whereas Alex is merely selfish, often without even realizing it as wrong – that makes Alex the lesser of two evils, and out of the two, the audience will most likely side with him.

Lastly, you could also have your jerk genuinely decide to change, only to have others continue to treat him based off his previous actions, which could cause him to backslide, and which would create a constant, worsening cycle that could possibly lead to self-destruction. For example, Alex figures out that he genuinely is sorry and wants Melody’s forgiveness, and she continues to deny him and bring up his past, which leads him to wild nights drinking/drugging/partying. One night he’s wasted and crashes his car, and that’s that – our jerk is done for.

(I would also advise you to write in your jerk’s POV, at least to start your story – each person sees themself as their own protagonist, so if you write in your jerk’s POV, your story will automatically lean in his favor, which will affect your audience’s opinion.)

I hope this helps! (Sorry I used my story so much – I was finding it hard to explain without using examples.) If anything is unclear or you need more help, please don’t hesitate to ask! - @authors-haven

Yoongi imagine; Super Psycho Love: Part One

Originally posted by jiminiemini

Pairing: Yoongi x reader
Warnings: Stockholm syndrome, yandere?!Yoongi, toxic relationship, smutty~

When one night standing becames something more. When he calls you everyday. When you saw him staring at you everytime you went to the club. You thought he was behaving like a child and he would eventually let go, but it didn’t happen. Why didn’t you stop him when you had the chance? Now you were involved with someone you shouldn’t. For some reason, you didn’t feel like complaining.

Disclaimer: Please, don’t continue if you are a sensitive person to certain topics. I don’t pretend to offend anyone. This is all fictional, and please, don’t let anyone do this to you. If you suspect, you can talk to anyone. Get help. If you want, you can anonymously send me an ask. I repeat, this is all fictional. Keep reading with caution.

Stockholm syndrome is a condition that causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy during captivity.” the teacher made a long pause, but didn’t stop staring at the book. “but sometimes, the hostage can actually develop true feelings, not only as an actual strategy.”

You were, as usual, paying attention to the class. It was a part of your lesson, and you were interested in the topic. Everything about this topics was awesome to you; how the brain worked, why some people developed these kind of feelings. What caused it? You questioned everything. You were so submerged in your thoughts that you didn’t notice Jiwoo staring at you. To be honest, you didn’t even notice when she sat next to you.
“Boo!” she scared you, and you jumped on your seat making her laugh her ass off. 
“Were you thinking about shit again?” 
You knew she was right, but you hit her arm playfully anyways. 
Jiwoo was your best friend since you arrived Korea. Since highschool, she introduced to you her group of friends, who warmly welcomed you. After some years you trusted in her more than anyone, and you told her everything that happened to you. Your dates, the boys you were with, who you wanted to fuck, who wanted to fuck you, everything, and so did her. She was like your sister and she never left you alone. 
“Are you going to the club tonight?” she asked, even though she knew the answer. When you opened your mouth to reply, she interrupted you; “of course you’re going. I’ll be there at 9.” and just like that, she left.

You weren’t sure if you wanted to. You always went to the club, every friday night. There was always someone you were interested in, and ever since your boyfriend broke up with you, you just followed the conversation with any person that seemed interested in you, and didn’t flirt back until they did first. It was something common for you. Making out with someone sometimes, dancing with someone you liked and then forgetting about it. You were a mature person, and it wasn’t a sin, right? After all, you didn’t play with the person’s feelings. Since the beggining you told them that it was only one night. You didn’t want feelings involved, you didn’t want anything serious, and everyone agreed, until last friday.

One week ago, you went to the club, as usual. Jiwoo drove you there, and when you entered, she started looking for her boyfriend; like usual. Everything was usual, it wasn’t strange, neither it was the first time. As usual, again, you sat on the couch of the dance club that was in the back, where people sat down to drink calmly, to smoke, to make out and get touchy or simply because, like you, didn’t feel like dancing. 
As soon as you entered the club, you saw your ex with his girl. He looked happy, and the girl was, of course, very pretty. He had his left arm wrapped on her waist and she was smiling, and your self steem dropped to the floor. 
You broke up with him because he made you feel unwanted. He didn’t compliment you, he was so submerged in his own work that he didn’t even see you. He didn’t have sex with you more than once; in your 6 month old relationship, and in all the years of friendship, he touched you only one time he got home drunk. You tried to understand him, until you discovered the reason behind his behavior wasn’t his work, but his sidechick. 
And there he was, happily hugging her. The asshole and the bitch together.
You stared at the couple with wide eyes, tears aiming to spill out, but you watched at Jiwoo happilly. If she noticed how you were feeling, she would have to stay with you and you didn’t want that. She always put you before her boyfriend first, but it wasn’t a big deal. You broke up with him a long time ago, and she didn’t see her boy very often so you just let go.
Sitting there, staring at everyone, arms crossed and a frown, you were trying not to cry or burn his house down. She was pretty, tall, and you were you. You didn’t feel like being with anyone today, not after what you saw.

Yoongi stared at you from the distance. He fell in love at first sight with you, you were gorgeous in his eyes. You always ended up with someone else, and it made his blood boil. He felt angry and he had to leave immediately before punching the guy in the face and scaring the hell out of you, discarding any chance he had with you.
When he saw you sitting there, with a sad face, he had to approach you. Whatever had happened to you, whoever tried to touch you, he had to take action on the matter. He was nervous, though; he loved you from the first time he saw you and he didn’t want to fuck up, he didn’t want to be so crazy for someone that despises him.
He sat next to you, without making any noise. He stared at you from that distance and he felt his heat rising up. Your face, your eyes, your hands, your hair, you fashion choices. Everything was perfect about you, but what wasn’t, was that you didn’t notice him. You were thinking so deeply that he had to sigh once, twice very loudly for you to see that he was sitting right next to you.
He stared at the crowd, and you stared at him. You didn’t want to be with anyone, didn’t your face tell him so? You were about to tell him that you weren’t on the mood to fuck or kiss him or whatever he wanted to, until he opened his mouth.
“So you hate clubs too, huh?”
He knew you didn’t. He knew you loved coming here, he heard your contagious laugh and saw your smile everytime you stepped into the dance floor, excepting this one time of course. But what could he say? He didn’t want to look like a weirdo, that he knew he kinda was, and he had to disimulate.
You sighed in relief. Apparently, he wasn’t direct nor he wanted to flirt right away. The anger disappeared a little bit. 
Actually, I don’t. I just saw something horrible, and I’m here because I don’t feel like dancing or drinking…” you were honest. Why would you lie? He was a random stranger, yes, but you were used to make friends or talk with people about some kind of things. You were kind of an open person, and the fact that you saw your ex with the bitch he cheated on you with wasn’t a big deal neither.
Yoongi felt his heartbeats rising, he heard your beautiful voice for the first time. But paying attention to your words, he actually got worried. There was something that was bothering you after all, someone did something to you or you felt bad because or something, so he just asked right away, shamelessly.
“Really? What is it?
You stared at him and laughed nervously, and then stared back at the crowd.
“Ah, it’s not a big deal. I saw my ex with the girl he cheated on me with.“ you made a pause. “She is pretty, so I kinda understand why he did it...” you made another long pause. Yoongi wanted to interrupt you, hold your hands and tell you that you didn’t have to think that way, and at the same time he wanted to kick that guy’s balls for not appreciating someone as gorgeus and so full of life like you; but he saw you were about to talk a little bit more, so he restrained.
My self steem kinda died a bit,” you laughed awkwardly, hidding that it hurt you. “so I just came here.” 
Yoongi wanted to talk, but when he opened his mouth, you interrupted him again. 
What about you? Do you really not like clubs? Or are you as miserable as me?” and once again, you laughed sadly. He loved and hated that laugh so much. He loved how it sounded, but hated the fact that it hid so much pain.
Actually, I like clubs.” he lied. “But this time I just didn’t feel like drinking or dancing or anything, and my friends left me all by myself.” he lied again. He went the the club all by himself. His friends were calm and didn’t go out; he went there because, even though he hated clubs, he went once just to try and he saw you. He didn’t drink that much, he didn’t dance, he didn’t flirt or fuck around. He just entered there and observed you like a creep, hoping one day he could talk to you.
“Ah, I see. So you’re not as miserable as me.” You said and smiled at him. You were happy to see that he didn’t seem like another fuckboy. He was really attractive, his voice was lazily beautiful, his hair was mint green and he looked like those boys from novels who are bad on the outside but are actually very soft on the inside; those boys on the books who were cold but loving. He was so surreal, you had to blink a million times to make sure your mind wasn’t playing a trick on you and made up a fake boy because of your low self-steem.
Don’t worry, you’re not miserable.” he added before you could continue hurting him without knowing. “It’s normal, it had happened to me,” he lied. His ex never cheated on him, he hadn’t had a girlfriend in six years. “but you have to forget about it. You seem very nice, so you shouldn’t worry. She is going to cheat on him anyways.” 
You laughed and Yoongi felt like his world was illuminated once again. He was nervous, mostly because he had to look for the right words to not scare you. If he flirted with you, or complimented your appearance, you would take it and flirt back, and then you’d hook up, and then you would forget about him like you did with every guy. He didn’t want that. He wanted to know you, to be with you, he didn’t want you to be with anyone else. He wanted you to himself, and the only way was acting like a friend, not like a fuckboy or a flirty random stranger who wanted to bang.
But when you stared at him once again with flirty eyes, he dropped everything. He stared back at you, right into your eyes; he couldn’t resist. He knew it was wrong. He knew he didn’t have to. He knew the plan was failing, but when it was about you, you drove him insane; and it happened.
After two hours of conversating, of drinking one beer between the two, the atmosphere changed completely. He was a nice guy, interesting. He told you about him; Min Yoongi. a 24 years old who liked to compose and was born in Daegu. He moved to Seoul to follow his dreams six years ago. 
Slowly, you became much more touchy. When you laughed, you placed your hand on his thigh, and he didn’t stop you. Slowly you forgot about your ex and just invited him to the dance floor, and he agreed. He didn’t like dancing, but how could he reject you? Even if you hit him, kicked him, stab him, he would still be crazy for you.
What started like an innocent dance became so much more. Yoongi forgot about the plan completely, his hands now running through your body, cupping your cheeks, slowly leaning down to kiss your lips. His lips were soft, the kiss was gentle. When realization hit him, he couldn’t stop. Not when you were already in his apartment, moaning his name, not when he was enjoying so much being inside you, touching your body, kissing your lips, hearing that the sounds that your mouth were making were because of him, because of what he was doing. Not when you were his already; at least for one night.
He slowly took off your clothes, he was the most gentle person you’ve met. Since your ex broke up with you, you didn’t sleep with anyone. You only kissed one boy per night, sometimes they got touchy, but this guy was so smooth. He didn’t have to compliment you or your appearance until things got heated up, and still, he had you on his feet. 
His dirty talk was the best. You couldn’t resist it. He was the best experience you’ve had and he was so gentle, yet so passionate at the same time. He touched you and made love to you like if he was afraid of hurting you, breaking you. Like if you were precious to him. How his fingers grazed gently your skin, your lips, how good he kissed you.
Everything was magical. You had one, two, three orgasms in one night, and you saw he enjoyed it a lot too. You cuddled, his arms hugged you tightly and he hid his face on your neck. 
But when he woke up, you were gone.
Oh god, he wanted to hit himself. He wanted to turn back time and at least ask for your address, now he had to wait until next friday. What if you didn’t want to see him? What if it really was just one night and now you forgot about him? He tried to resist, but since he had your number, he couldn’t avoid the temptation. It was wrong, you were going to hate him, but he couldn’t be rational anymore.

When he called the first time, you both talked for half an hour. When he called the second time, he asked how you were doing. When he called for the third time, you started to get scared. He didn’t get the message? You enjoyed it, but you didn’t want to develop feelings for someone that probably slept around with everyone. Yoongi wasn’t like that; but you didn’t know. You started suspecting that he didn’t call to fuck again, but simply to talk to you. It hurt you, rejecting him like that, because he was interesting. But you knew about that; you fucked him two hours after you met him, he probably did that with every girl. You didn’t want to remind yourself about the past. You wanted a normal relationship, where your partner doesn’t cheat on you. After all, you saw him every friday. You didn’t pay attention to him, but what was he doing there if he wasn’t fucking around? Of course he was. He was a man. He slept with you, he could sleep with anyone else. He probably was just a flirt.
Oh, but were you wrong.

You started declining every call, not daring to block his number. It drove Yoongi crazy, he missed you so much, and he fucked up. Now he was regretting his life choices. If he didn’t call you more than four times, maybe he still would have a chance: but he didn’t stop. He wanted to hear your voice. He went to the club every night, hoping to see you there, to talk to you, even if he knew you had to attend college. He knew. But he didn’t care. 
He started to get obsessive over it. You were clouding his mind day and night, and all he thought about was you. He didn’t recognize that feeling; he wasn’t like that with anyone, specially girls. Not since it broke his heart leaving his ex girlfriend behind to chase his dream; and ironically, the work he was doing, his “dream” was interrupted by the thought of you. 

That’s why you didn’t know. That’s why you weren’t sure of it, what it you saw him there? After he did love to you, after you enjoyed it so much, after all his calls, you couldn’t just stare at him like if nothing happened. But you couldn’t tell Jiwoo, she was such a mom. Her boyfriend wouldn’t want to switch clubs, after all, he worked there. Your friends were there too, they would have to switch just because you were scared of a fuckfriend you had for once? It was ridiculous. After being scared for a whole afternoon, you decided to get ready and go there anyways. If you saw him, you were to flirt with some random boy for some minutes until he got the message and drop it.
But, once again, you were wrong.

You’re Hot When You’re Pissed

Pairing: Kai Parker x Reader

Word Count: 963

Description: With one foot in hell and the other in Mystic Falls, Kai struggles to find a way to stay stationary. His luck running thin, Damon calls you in hopes to keep Kai in one place, considering your romantic past with him. Pissed off at Kai’s previous actions, you appear to be no help to Damon until you her Kai’s proposal about Elena. Reluctantly, you help your old friend however, you find yourself unable to resist the temptation that is Kai Parker.

Warnings: Heated make out session and Kai being a prick on the phone 

Request: kai parker imagine (kai and her were together before he got killed) where he comes back from hell and trys to win her back but she’s pissed because she was close to elena. she tells him that the only way she would forgive him is to bring elena back and when he promises her to bring her back they have a hot makeout session (i’d love it if you could write it like in 8x13 where damon and kai are in that dinner but she’s with them, thanks a lot ♡)

A/N: I’m not too sure if this is what you had in mind, but I think I kinda got the idea down. Plus I watched 8x13 and omg that episode had me feeling some type of way hot damn Kai Parker

Originally posted by magnuzbane

You were walking down the sunny streets of Mystic Falls when your phone began to ring. Taking it out of your pocket, Damon’s contact appeared on the screen so you answered it, only expecting him to ask about Bonnie and her well being.

“(Y/N), you have got to help me out here, he won’t leave me alone!”

Damon expressed through the phone, however before you could respond there was a struggle on the other side until a different voice spoke.

“Darling, I missed you so much, ugh in hell it’s terrible! Very lonely down there, I’m deprived from your handy work to put it in PG. The way you touched-”

“Ew, give it back!”

Damon took back the phone and huffed at the restless witch next to him.

“Damon, don’t tell me he’s back.”

“Well then I won‘t tell you but you need to meet me at the diner, please come and help me. He won’t stop crying about how much he misses you.”

You rolled your eyes, annoyed at your friend from helping Kai Parker in surviving his borrowed time.

“(Y/N) please, I really need your help here.”

Damon begged, truly needing your assistance in controlling your old lover.

“Give me five minutes.”

You hung up the phone, angered by the thought that you would have to confront your ex, the man who put on of your best friends in a coma. 

When you entered the diner you found the two vampires in a corner booth, secluded from the rest of the patrons.

“(Y/N), you have no idea how much I-”

“Save your speech Kai, I don’t care.”

You bluntly stated, sliding into the seat next to Damon. The waitress came over and asked if you wanted anything, only shaking your head no as a response.

“So, the thing is that I kinda made a deal with your boyfriend over here to give you two some alone time in exchange for some Bonnie help. Sorry.”

Damon sped out of the booth and presumably out of the diner. You scoffed and rolled your eyes, then making eye contact with Kai.

He smirked and waved at you, while you began to get up.

“You don’t want to help out your dear friend Bonnie with her new found power? That’s not being a very good friend.”

Kai sang, knowing that you couldn’t put yourself ahead of Bonnie, especially at after Enzo.

You sat back down and crossed your arms, just staring at Kai and not giving into any invitation for conversation. Kai however was not phased by this and just began to play with a napkin in his hands. He then put the napkin completely in his hand and put it his hand facing down on the table in front of you. 

“I always thought our love was delicate like a flower. Because of my past and who I am I always believed that I could shatter it in an instant.”

Intrigued, you uncrossed your arms and put them in your lap. Kai’s words had you captivated but you wouldn’t let him know that.

“But although it was fragile from my own doing, it was beautiful. In fact, it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever known. What I did killed that flower but who says we can’t plant a new one?”

Kai dropped the napkin on the table, however it wasn’t crumpled up like you had expected it to be. The napkin was now hovering over the table, just high enough for it to cast a small shadow. 

This gesture would normally make you melt, but to prove a point, you just turned your head to the side, avoiding his hopeful gaze.

“What can I do to persuade you to give me another shot? I don’t have much time left, not unless I can find a way to stay, but whatever time I do have I want to spend it with you. Please, tell me what I can do.”

You continued to ignore his pleas and left the table becoming annoyed. Kai followed you out the side exit of the diner and ran around you, stopping you from leaving the alley.

“Just tell me! Damn it (Y/N), please!”

He yelled, becoming frustrated with your actions. All he wanted was you, your lips on his, your skin exposed to his touched. He wanted you, but he couldn’t make that any more clear.

“You know what I want? I want my best friend back! Kai, that’s what I want, can you do that? Can you bring back Elena?”

You screamed back at him, anger exploding out of your voice. 

“Of course I can! Are you stupid, I would do anything!”

Kai yelled back, as he stepped closer to you, tears in his eyes.

“Then would you just shut up and kiss me already?”

He wasted no time raising his hands and cupping your face, smashing his lips against yours. He ran his tongue on the bottom of your lip and you opened your mouth, your tongue meeting his.

Kai moved you to against the wall and his hands fell to your waist, running up you shirt, as you wrapped your arms around his shoulders, never breaking the passionate kiss.

“I leave you two for barely twenty minutes and your tongues are already down each other’s throats. Don’t have sex in an alleyway in unsanitary.”

Damon stated, startling you both, jolting you two apart. He walked away, back to his classic car, while Kai turned back around and started to kiss you neck. You laughed and ran your fingers through his hair.

“Kai he just gave us a warning, if we’re continuing this shin dig we should go back to my place.”

He groaned and continued to kiss you neck.

“You’re just so hot when you’re pissed.”

Keep Your Vermin Dogs Off My Counter

So, working in a copy/print center spawns enough stories of its own, but this one was a recent that took the cake for me.

The “cave” as I call it is separated from the main walkway of the store by a large counter, where the register sits on one side and a computer (for Fed Ex dropoffs) on the other. Nice big space in between to deal with customers and so on.

Well during a shift, I have the usual “can you help me with one of the self serve copy machines?” (Translated: do it for me and I’ll just stand here and watch) even though we have how-to instructions ON THE MACHINES (another rule of retail: doesn’t matter how big the sign is, no one is ever gonna read it). I’m helping Helpless Harry for a bit, and though I snark about it, he was a nice guy, and then I notice there’s a gentleman at the counter, so I scuttle over.

I begin my greeting spiel when the man puts out a hand in warning. “Be careful-” I blink and look down. There’s a large puddle on the counter. Immediately my mind flashes to /well at least it’s just water…/ “-it’s dog urine.”

I admit to pausing for a couple seconds in something akin to shock. Then reality (and my well-hidden anger) snaps me back, and I rush into action, because other people are starting to show up. I call over another co-worker to ring up customers while I quickly grab paper towels and Lysol wipes and begin vehemently wiping up the mess, mentally snarling about wanting bleach and the lack of common sense in customers.

And sure enough, here comes an old Dolly Parton-wannabe (poofed up hair, gaudy makeup, leopard print, etc) with the fattest, stupidest-looking dachshund tucked backwards under her arm (no service collar/vest, not even a leash), and two (yes I noticed that detail), TWO squares of paper towels clutched in her hand. She proceeded to ineffectually dab the towels at the mess for a span of about 3 seconds before waddling away, all the while stating “Oh goodness he NEVER does this sort of thing and I had JUST let him outside…” and trailing off.

So basically I’m left with the mess, trying not to have it come into contact with other customers while I clean up after the stupid vermin, who was shaking the entire time and looking like it was ready to piss again.

Best part? Not 5 minutes later, after everything was cleaned up, I got to ring up Dolly 😑 she babbled about whatever it was she had in mind, and not a “sorry” or a “thank you” for anything that happened.

Tl,dr: lady puts her babied vermin on my clean counter, it pees, and I have to clean it up.

I don’t care WHAT sort of dog a person has - if it’s a nervous wreck around people, much less being in majorly populated areas, DON’T TAKE IT WITH YOU. I have a prejudice against anything daschund or smaller, predominantly those and Chihuahuas because of negative interactions

Hell's Angels (M)

*because I’m extra*

Request: #36 Namjoon Drabble 

Word Count: 8.1k

Originally posted by rapnamu

A pitch black darkness that preceded after a spatter of red clouded in his vision. The world around him felt cold and heavy. His limbs lost its feeling as if he had phantom limb syndrome. The smell of gunpowder dusted itself over his noses and the loud bang of a bomb going off jolted him awake, his eyes opening.

“It took you long enough.”

“W–Where am I?” It looked like an abandoned mall, glass storefronts broken, the escalator stopped working and there were small patches of fire in some places. There was a boy, maybe three years younger than he was, firing from this range and shooting down people.

If he didn’t know any better, he would have thought he was trapped in a video game.

“The dead zone.”

“Dead zone?”

“For a new recruit, you sure do ask a lot of questions but do little action.”

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@tayegi about Equilibrium.

I have a little rant to make and I’m sorry if this is going to be a poem but I’ve been keeping quiet for a while now and after seeing some asks you received I just can’t keep my mouth shut any longer.
I feel like some people are reading Equilibrium for all the wrong reasons and even though I understand some of this readers are very young I still question their ability to put their brain to work in the right direction. I mean, I get that you’re naïve but some comments are just borderline idiotic (ex: calling the MC a bitch and blaming her for a situation she didn’t create all by herself). And if some of this comments come from a more grown audience than I’m really questioning the future of humanity.

I’d like to put into perspective that this is a FANFICTION which means that if your bias is being an ass you can pretty much hate him because HE IS NOT the real person. So all these Jungkook biased readers should see Jeongguk for what he is in this ff and not justify is every action under the idea that that it’s the right thing to do because you stan him ( and tbh if you stan someone and they make a true obvious mistake you should still recognise that and not try to make him look like the victim when he’s clearly not). [ also, I’m talking as a JiKook biased person ]

Equilibrium, ultimately, it’s not a LOVE story. It’s a story based on the flawed characters and their fucked up decisions. What this fiction does is not trying to make you choose between Jimin or Jeongguk or even Jikook, this fiction is intended to speak about how imperfect human beings can be, how despicable they can get to have what they want - whether that be something or someONE - and most of all it proves that you don’t need to have all nice characters to have a great story. In fact, the three characters are all despicable humans in their own little ways.

Jimin seems very innocent but he is not: he is in the relationship just for Jeongguk and he has no romantic interest in the MC as he stated himself when she confessed to him. He’s using her and her feelings, knowing that he’s leading her on, just to get to Jeongguk.

The MC: she’s in just for Jimin and even tho she blames Jeongguk for a good portion of what is going on, this situation is her fault as it is everybody else’s. She’s not the puppeteer some wanted to make her appear. She’s just as flawed as Jimin and even tho her current situation isn’t ideal and she clearly wants out of it and she has all the power to do so, she doesn’t. Why? Because she still wants Jimin and she’s willing to let her self suffocate in another relationship she doesn’t want for him.

Jeongguk: so, Jimin is in for him. Mc is in for Jimin. Why exactly is Jeongguk in this relationship? F U N. He said it himself. A relationship would be boring…but a threesome it’s all the fun, right? That’s why he suggested it in the first place. Not because he had feelings for the MC not because he had for Jimin otherwise he would have acted upon them when Jimin confessed to him. This is all a game to Jeongguk and even tho he may or may not be infatuated with the MC, his way of addressing his feelings is completely fucked up. If you think this is love than you should really reconsider the way you look at life. This ain’t love, this is OWNERSHIP.
Jeongguk is a psychopath possessive guy that acts like a kid with a new toy: doesn’t want to share it, would do anything to keep it to himself because it’s HIS. But the thing is, MC IS NOT AN OBJECT SO HE CANT OWN HER. The whole “you’re mine” thing is wrong on so many levels it’d take me hours to explain it but NEVER think this is cute. It may be harmless in a certain context, if said with affection, but when it comes from pure possessiveness it’s not cute at all, it’s actually really creepy cause NOBODY is allowed to think they can own you beside yourself. You are you’re true owner and everyone who begs to differ has serious issues.
Jeongguk is the most despicable of the group and you know why? He doesn’t care about the others’ feelings, AT ALL. He has been screwing Jimin all this time so we all supposed he had some sort of feelings toward the guy. If not love then some sort of affection, at the very least. Yet he didn’t even bothered to ask the MC how was Jimin when she stated he was very sick. Because he doesn’t care. He had his fun with Jimin and now he got bored and his new play toy is the MC herself whether he actually believes he loves her or not.

They all brought this to themselves and none of them has the courage to admit it and to let it go when they ALL know exactly what is going on. The MC is not even leading Jeongguk on really because he ain’t stupid and he knows exactly why they are still doing this stupid three way relationship. And let me put under light the fact that this is not a poli relationship anymore. This is Jeongguk making love to the both of them but a poli relationship is based on all the parties being active. So basically what we have is Jeongguk asking exclusiveness from MC whilst not providing it himself.

I’m sorry this was so long and I know not many people will read it but I just couldn’t shut up anymore lmao
Anyway keep up the great work Lu, there are plenty of us that appreciate it and that feel grateful of each and every update you do, whether it’s 500 words long or 10K.
Love you ~


Sketch Random + Fanfic Translation.

Translation by: @miguelcool2000

A One-shot follow up story to the comic “Random Sketch”

Title: “If he just…”

“Kill him”

For a second, that idea crossed her mind while her finger trembled over the trigger of her gun.

Her heart would beat painfully inside her chest, suffocating her, the purest and most gruesome hatred was born within her being, rising like hot lava in her esophagus and choking her throat.

The bovine laughed maniacally in front of her , twisting and bending, mocking at what the act one of his henchman had accomplished.

She looked at Nick’s body lying still on the floor, blood starting to form a puddle around his figure.

Judy fought back her own tears.

-          Oh, come on, lieutenant Hopps, don’t tell me you really care for that piece of scum.- Del Toro stated in an annoyingly fancy manner and licking his own lips while stressing each word.

“Kill him!”

-          Shut up! – She rose her voice using all her will not to pull the trigger in that very moment.

“Just kill him at once!”

She heard again her own voice in rage trying to impose its actions. But she couldn’t. She was a police officer, a Lieutenan . She couldn’t let her emotions be shown so easily.

-          Anyway, who’s gonna miss such a scumbag loser like him? It’s a fox, a species that is just a plague to this world…

That was the last straw. How did he dare to say that? What did he know about foxes? What the hell did he know about nick?

“Kill him!”

This time she would follow her instinct.

-          You son of a…

-          Judy, don’t! – shout a voice she thought she was never going to hear again and turned around, her eyes meeting the fox’s looking back at her from the ground, his own shining with an emerald glow, trying to communicate thousands of thoughts, since shouting has left him exhausted – …you are better than that… dumb bunny… - murmured the vulpine with a weak voice and lost consciousness in consequence.

-          Nick!

-          Lieutenant Hopps! – exclaimed a gray hare getting close at full speed while followed by a group of mammals. He went towards his female counterpart whereas the other officers cuffed Del Toro. –Are you ok?

Wilde had interfered at the right time. He have saved her from doing something stupid. She could barely see the metallic cuffs around the ex-politician’s hooves and without even answering to her subordinate she hurried herself next to Nick.

-          Just if you hadn’t save him that day at the court, that idiot would have died long ago and you would live a simple life and I would have everything I ever wanted! – She heard the claiming of the furious criminal, but she ignored him.

-          Nick? … Can you hear me? … Hey Nick, Nick! She said without getting an answer. She remembered the first aid course and pressed her trembling paws against the wound. She had to do something, she had to stop all that blood, but the hemorrhage didn’t seem to stop. – Savage!

-          The ambulance is on its way lieutenant. – He claimed as he checked the fox’s vitals. - You’d better hurry. His heartrate is declining hastily. – He shout over the radio on his shoulder.

A few seconds later the sirens could be heard.

-          Listen to me Lieutenant Hopps – said one of the caribous who checked the one with the emerald eyes – Don’t stop pressing, the wound is in a critical state and your paws are the only thing that keeps him alive at this moment. So, until we can make it to the hospital, don’t let go. Understood?

She nodded and the paramedics performed some maneuvers in order to get them both inside the ambulance.

Everything else was blurry in her mind when she less expected it, she was already sat on one of the enormous chairs in the waiting room of the Memorial Hospital Zootopia.

-          You should take a break – claimed Jack Savage forgetting the formalities, after all despite she being his superior, they were old childhood friends. He offered her some coffee.

-          No. I’m not leaving until I know he’s fine… - answered Judy while accepting the bitter drink.

-          The surgery they are performing will at least take another 10 hours and we still have to prepare the reports of the case – but she didn’t move an inch.

-          I can’t leave him – her eyes filling with guilt.

Jack stared at her intensively and sighed – Well, at least go take a shower, your clothes are a mess.

She was about to refuse again when the one with the blue irises interrupted her.

-          Go to my apartment – he held the keys in front of her – it’s conveniently located just  a few blocks from here, it won’t take more than 30 minutes, I’ll stay here and will call you in case anything happens. OK?

She doubted a little, but ended up accepting and headed to the house of her once neighbor and younger brother’s best friend.

As if she were a zombie, she crossed streets and every mammal she came across stared at her covered in blood, which caused some of the predators to have problems with their collars so she hurried her steps.

She made it to Jack’s place and went straight to the bathroom, she looked at herself in the mirror and became horrified, Nick’s blood was everywhere, her hands, face, clothes, her badge…

In a frenzy, she took off the clothes and quickly went inside the cold water pouring down from the shower since the blood was already dried. Otherwise, it would be harder to wash it from her fur.

Damn it!

How had she let that situation end like it did?

She strongly punched the wall, her knuckles went numb due to the pain.

-          Damn it! - She yelled with rage. She was at her limit, and couldn’t keep enduring her own feelings any longer.

She allowed herself to cry. She cried out of powerlessness, anguish, fury, pain and fear.

She cried for Nick Wilde, a predator, a fox, who she had unrightfully called a murderer and turned out to be the most noble, and kindest of the creatures; someone who was just trying to make his dreams come true and help others with their own.

Someone she labeled as untrustworthy and became my only ally. Someone she came to fear, but now felt a deep regard for to unsuspected levels; because he had earned through all means a very special place in her heart.

Those things she had tried to forget due to the involving circumstances that created a barrier between them. But all those circumstances had vanished the moment she saw him falling hurt, all her prejudice disintegrated in an instant.

Sincerely, what made them different from each other?

Being pray and predator?

A fox and a rabbit?

Male and female?

Though that could be said, that wasn’t what really made them different.

The only thing that could draw that line, where the obedience collars. Those damn collars. She felt embarrassed of the fact that she once thought those artifacts were the best invention in history.

She was wrong. The whole society and she were wrong. It was just a horrible tool to keep the divisions between pray and predator, the generator of an endless cycle of hatred.

Something that wasn’t necessary at all as predators weren’t some insensible beasts. Those things only took away that which thousands of mammals presumed to have granted them, their freedom.

And Nick had been the one to teach her that. He had shown her a whole new world, a cruel image and a beautiful reality of which was actually wrong.

And how did she pay him back?

By letting someone with his own stupid ambitions shoot him right to the heart.

Did she really deserved to carry a badge if she tolerated that the innocent were victims of such atrocities? Not if he died, it would just be a terrible confirmation.

A chill went down her spine.

Nick could really die any second and she was standing there dumbfounded thinking about stuff that didn’t matter in that precise moment.

She shook her head franticly and crouched in the shower.

-          He’s not going to die…- she told herself.

After bathing herself, she turned off the faucet, put on some of Savage’s clothes and hurried back to the hospital.

She made it back faster than she took to leave.

-          Jack. – She called the name of the gray bunny as she made her way to where he was sitting.

-          There aren’t any news yet. – He claimed as he jumped down from the elephant size chair.

-          Good, thanks for the shower, I’ll give these back – she pointed to the black outfit from the ZPD she was wearing – tomorrow. Is that OK?

-          Sure. You know you can give them back anytime.

Five hours passed without any of them saying a word. Hours in which Judy’s heart never stopped beating painfully and aguishly in her chest, just expecting to get some news on the fox’s health.

Her friend’s phone broke the silence that reigned in the waiting room, after all they were in the most desolated wing of the hospital.

The hare with the sapphire colored eyes stepped outside to take the phone call and came back a few minutes later.

-          It was Captain McHorn, he says Superintendent Bogo has given Del Toro’s case top priority, and he wants us to write the reports as soon as…

-          You should go to the precinct first, I’ll call the boss and write the report later.

-          Alright. Do you want me to get your laptop from the office?

-          If you could, please.

-          Ok. Then, I must take my leave. I’ll come back later. Cheer up Jude, that fox is gonna make it – he called her as when they were kids while he smiled at her and pressed her shoulder – excuse me Lieutenant Hopps  - he straightened up before departing and she nodded.

Each minute seemed like an eternity, she looked at the clock on the wall, 4:15 am. The 10 hours Jack had calculated the surgery would last had already passed, but there was no signs of any doctor so far.

As soon as that thought hit her, the red light on the sign “Surgery in process” turned off and an elephant came through the sliding doors.

-          Nicholas Wilde’s family? – He asked as on cue and the lieutenant immediately got close.

-          He has no family, I’m his tutor. - She claimed showing her badge. - How is he doing?

-          He lost a lot of blood, the bullet pierced an important artery and got stuck in a difficult area to operate, he also suffered two heart attacks while on surgery, but we could resuscitate him. The surgery has been a success. We will take him to Intensive Therapy and he will have to stay in observation for the next days, and depending on his evolution we’ll be able to transfer him to a private room.

Her heart burst with joy.

-          May I see him? – She asked after listening attentively to the doctor.

-          Of course, but it must not be more than a few minutes.

-          Thanks doctor.

-          Don’t worry. I’ll tell the nurse in charge the instructions so you can see him, I’m leaving now.

Hopps brought her hands to her chest and squeezed them against herself, shedding another couple of tears, but this time she cried out of relief.

Thank goodness he was still alive.

-          Thanks. Thanks. – She repeated while crouching.

She never thought the day she would be happy to hear the beeping of a vital signs monitor, because it gave her the certainty that, though a bit weak and paused, Nick Wilde’s heart kept beating.

She sat on the booth near the hospital bed, which to her fortune was the right size for the vulpine species.

With some fear, she took his paw between hers, squeezing it gently, trying not to hurt him nor messing with the tubes with saline solutions that were plugged into him.

She admired his red-haired face and noticed how exhaust and haggard he appeared to be, also his fur seemed a bit pale somehow, and she felt a deep sorrow to see him in that state.

She infinitely thanked the fact that by medical procedure the collar that slaved him had to be removed.

-          Thanks for staying alive. Thank you for saving me…

Had he died, she would have gone and killed the son of a bitch who shot him with her own hands. If Nick hadn’t stopped her, she would have become into a murderer. If he had stopped existing, she wouldn’t care about anything anymore.

But he was still here, in the same world as her, and from that moment on she swore that she would do anything within her power and even more to make his dream come true.

To create a world where anyone can be anything they want to be.

However, she knew it wouldn’t be easy, but it didn’t matter. If he just stayed by her side to fight for it, the time they would take to achieve it wouldn’t matter.

After all, she didn’t need anything else but him.

-          …Carrots?…

The End

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I think 13RW was good but I don't think it was great. It brought awareness to towards serious issues. But it also glamorized revenge suicide. And the scene were clay and the counselor are talking about "loving people back to life" was so stupid.

Personally I think that your perspective may be too narrow while watching it and I don’t mean that in a rude or offensive way at all. What I mean is this: 

Sure, you can look at Hannah’s suicide as trying to seek revenge on everyone that had scorned her. But just because she made the tapes doesn’t mean that what she did was just to hurt the people who had hurt her, and I think that automatically assuming that is part of the overarching issue. 

When I went through depression and tried to commit suicide, it was spawned from a very bad breakup that sent me spiraling. If I had actually gone through with my actions instead of stopping myself, I’m sure many people would have thought it was some sort of revengeful act to get my ex feeling bad about what he did to me. But that’s not what it would have been at all. Even though someone else may have brought out that darkness in me, I was still struggling with a million personal issues that came crashing to the forefront of my life because of that breakup- they were all just jumpstarted by it. He did a lot of terrible things to hurt me, but my suicide attempt was never to scorn him, even if it was partially about him in some ways. 

People hurt Hannah, and she wanted them to know that, but at the same time, she wasn’t just doing it because she wanted “revenge”. There is plenty of dialogue from Hannah on the tapes about feeling empty, with a broken heart, soul and spirit. I mean this girl lost all her friends, was being ignored by her parents, witnessed a death, was bullied and made to be the class slut and then worst of all, was raped. Bad things happened to her, and she clearly saw no way out. She tried to find a way out, by letting herself be with Clay, but even then she couldn’t quite commit to happiness, it was too late, out of her grasp. They show that, they explain that. You just have to see what is beyond “the tapes”. You have to listen to every word that Hannah is saying. Remember her communications class? When she writes that Anonymous note about wanting it all to go away and end? I’m not saying she wasn’t flawed and didn’t make her own mistakes, but she admits that, as well. That it wasn’t all on everyone else. It was on herself in many ways. She cops to that. 

Lastly, the idea of it being romanticized is strange to me, because if you watch the suicide scene- it’s the least romantic notion of suicide possible. She’s there, alone, slitting her wrists. And then she proceeds to die, alone. And there’s no music, no poetry, no justice-just her, dead in a bathtub, in silence, with her parent’s discovering their child has taken her own life. It’s chilling, uncomfortable, lonely and terrifying all at once. Her mother holding her lifeless body, telling her “you’re going to be OK sweetheart”, and her father calling 911, for no reason at all. No “moment of coming back to life”, no apex of enlightenment, just a teenage girl, who couldn’t handle her life, who had no one to reach out too, and some .99 cent razorblades. 

And everything else becomes a pile of mass destruction in her wake. Absolutely NOTHING beautiful (besides MAYBE the fact that Clay reaches out to Skye) is romantic about what she did. Nothing. Even in the trial, there’s no conclusion. Bryce doesn’t get acquitted, Jessica never cops to being raped, Alex almost dies too, and Tyler plans a school shooting. We don’t see anything get solved. We just see everything broken. 


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Post 5x15 fic considering the importance of trust when it comes to getting things done.

This began as me trying to rewrite THAT scene to make me feel better but turned into looking at a broader aspect of what is happening right now - that being trust. Who we trust, why trust them and if trusting more will help. 

Thanks to @almondblossomme for the support and feedback and thanks to @feliticysmoak for making the gif above that I thought was so pretty I had to include.  Also on AO3.

Felicity watched the reporter talk excitedly about impending downfall of Mayor Oliver Queen. She knew how much it meant to Oliver to be Mayor of Star City. He really did want to make a difference. She knew no one who cared as much about this city as Oliver did. This must be killing him.

The news report was just ending as Oliver came up on the platform in the lair. Felicity smiled brightly, she wanted to send him good vibes. He looked so downtrodden. And hot - but downtrodden she reminded herself. She never understood how her mind just went there.

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Here’s another one of my own little ideas, this is quite confusing but I hope you will enjoy it xx

Y/N instantly frowned as she shifted slightly onto the bed, her head nearly exploding at the movement. Hungover. She blinked a few times, adjusting to the light. As she looked around to the bedroom, she quickly realized something. This wasn’t her bedroom. This was a house. A house that she hadn’t been in before. She lifted herself up very slowly as she tried to focus on what had happened the previous night but there was no memories left. Not a single trace of what had happened in her mind. But there was still one thing that she remembered and it was the reason why she had been drinking that much.

She suddenly froze as she heard a man’s voice and it wasn’t familiar at all. “Oh, you’re finally awake.” The stranger said, smiling up at her. He was only in his boxers and it was worrying her. She looked down to her body but noticed that she was still fully dressed. She blinked a few times once again, the headache being too much for her to handle. She found the strength to get up and looked through the window, under the hard stare of the man. “I’m sorry. I should probably get going.” Y/N shrugged, sitting down on the edge of the bed as he quickly put her shoes on and caught a glimpse of her purse on a table. She searched through it, grabbing hold of her phone to check the time before placing into the back pocket of her jean.

“You could stay.” The man offered, glaring up and down at her which instantly made her feel uncomfortable. “Nah, I don’t want to bother you anymore longer.” She admitted, smiling up at him as the man weirdly got closer to her. The stranger brought a hand to her neck as he leaned in to kiss it but Y/N quickly brushed him off. “What are you doing?” She exclaimed, surprised by his actions. She didn’t want him to get the wrong idea but then she also wasn’t sure if anything had happened the night before. “Oh come on, don’t be such a brat.” The stranger exclaimed, a slight of annoyance in his voice as he grabbed her by her waist, pushing her against the wall harshly. “You know you want it.” He mumbled as he tried to press their lips together. “No, get away from me!” She called out, trying to get out of his grip and he only held her tighter. Luckily she was clever and without thinking, she brought her knee up hardly where it would kill any man and before she could understand what was going on, she was racing out of the house.

She kept running for a moment, not caring to look behind her. She had no idea if the man had been following her but it didn’t matter, she had to get away from him as much as she could. She spotted a small street at some point and ran until she was hidden between the close walls of the street. She stopped, taking a minute to catch her breath when she came to the realization that she had left her purse there. Luckily, there wasn’t any important papers in it, just her ID. “Fuck.” She cursed, throwing her hands in the air. She then remembered that she still had her phone on her and grabbed hold of it from her back pocket. As she unlocked it, there was only one person that she wanted to call but was it a good idea? 

Without thinking, she clicked on his contact name before bringing the phone to her ear. In the  space of two ring tones, she heard his voice. “Hello?” The young man replied, the surprise evident in his voice. Why would she call him? “Hey, I’m really sorry to bother you right now, Joe. But something happened and I’m not even sure where I am and you’re the first person I wanted to call. I know it’s inappropriate and all but-” Y/N rambled, the panic growing in her chest as she explained everything to him. “Y/N, it’s alright. What happened? Are you okay?” Joe asked, worry suddenly flashing his body. “Can you just come and get me? I think I’m near Castle Road.” She asked, crossing her arms as she let out a sigh. “Okay, I’ll be here soon. Don’t move.” Joe stated before he hung up and was already climbing into his car.

Joe and Y/N had been together for a few months but their timing was wrong and it was too bad because they both hadn’t been in a serious relationship in a while. They decided to end things before it got out of hands and after 1 month since that break up, neither of them was okay. They had loved each other to pieces and despite being apart for a long month, they still needed each other. And Joe was the reason why Y/N was messing up her life.

About fifteen minutes later, Joe was parked next to the street, waving at her to get in which she quickly did. “Tell me what happened.” Joe ordered as soon as she was in the passenger sit, a comforting hand resting on her arm as his eyes darting over her face. Y/N sighed as she looked up to meet his blue eyes. “The last thing I remember was dancing out at a club with this guy. And then I woke up this morning in this stranger’s bed. I don’t even know if something happened with him.” Y/N admitted, looking down to her lap as a voice crack escaped her throat. “Hey, it’s okay. I’m here now. Did he hurt you?” Joe questioned, reaching out for her hand. “I wanted to leave but he pushed me against the wall.” Y/N explained as Joe drove off to his apartment, where he knew she would be safe.

The ex lovers stepped into the flat, a heavy silence between them. “Still as tidy.” Y/N teased as she looked around the living room that she knew all too well. They exchanged a look as Joe smiled at her. She walked further into the apartment, sitting down on one of the tools as he moved around the other side of the counter. Joe opened a drawer and took some tablets out as he poured down a glass of water. He moved back around the counter, facing her as he sat down, handing the hungover cure to her. “Thanks.”Y/N said, giving him a small smile. It went silent again for a long minute. 

“Can I ask you something?” Joe suddenly blurred out as he was looking down to his lap. “Sure.” She frowned, taking a sip of her glass. “Whose name made you forget your own last night?” Joe asked, looking up to her. There was a slight glow of hope in his eyes as he waited for her answer. “Isn’t it obvious?” Y/N replied, fiddling with the hem of her shirt. 

Joe took a minute to admire her. He used to always do this, watch her when she wasn’t looking. That’s when she was the most beautiful to him. And he found himself smiling. 

Joe put a piece of her hair behind her ear, allowing her to meet his eyes again. He brushed his fingers against her cheek as she leaned onto his touch. “I’m glad you’re okay.” Joe admitted, feeling his heartbeat increase as she smiled back.

Within a second, Joe had pressed his lips to hers and when she kissed back, he knew they wouldn’t leave each other again. They were giving their story another chance. This was their new start.

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how the paladins act if they're angry with theit s/o??

Oh my gods it’s been like 5000 years I’m so sorry I kinda disappeared like Shiro everyone  ; A ; But it’s mod Enki and I’m back hopefully ahaha. To be fair I’ve been through a lot while I’ve been away such as:

- Started my first job

- I got dumped on Christmas eve via text bc my ex didn’t like that I have anxiety

- I went through a shit ton of medical testing (2 MRIs, 2 ultrasounds, a neck biopsy which hurts like actual hell like literally I almost passed out afterwards because my blood pressure dropped as soon as I sat up, and a numerous amount of blood tests ahaha.)

- Found out I have some condition called Capillary Telangiectasia (try to pronounce that I dare you).

- Also found out I have like 8 nodules on my thyroid which is the reason I had to get a neck biopsy to make sure they weren’t cancerous (And they’re not, for now, but we have to track them to make sure they don’t grow).

So thank you to everyone for being so patient with me! I’m doing much better now! 



  • The most mature but if he’s really tired then he might not be able to really keep his anger from seeping out. He’s the most likely to actually work through the issue and tell his s/o that he’s upset and peeved with them. 
  • If he can he’ll try to calm himself down by busying himself with other mundane tasks like cleaning, training, and maybe even taking a long shower so he can reflect on the reason he’s mad with his s/o. If it’s over something dumb then he’ll probably end up just letting it go but once he’s set on that he’s the one whose been wronged then he won’t budge until his s/o apologizes.

  • He’ll be a little more critical of his s/o’s actions and nitpick them quite a bit. When he catches himself doing this he’ll try to bite his tongue and act like a civil adult. More than anything he won’t want to be angry with his s/o in front of the others because it’s only between the two of them. He’s the most confrontational about it.


  • Talk about petty?? THE pettiest turd in the entire world. He will openly mock his s/o in front of everyone else (not like super mean or anything it’s more like just annoying stuff like copying them no matter what). But if his s/o asks what’s wrong he won’t tell them out of his own self destructive tendencies. He’ll expect them to know him well enough that they SHOULD know why he’s mad at them.
  • It takes him a long ass time to actually open up to his s/o and tell them exactly why he’s mad. He’ll tell them usually after he’s done brooding about it and gets lonely to the point where he wants things to just hurry up and get back to normal again. 
  • He’s probably the most prone to lose sleep over it due to him over thinking the whole situation. He’ll also try to push away his s/o a lot before he decides he’s ready to confront the issue so it’s better for his s/o to keep their distance for a while. Lance does everything on his terms so patience goes a long way with him. After everything’s okay again his s/o better be prepared for clingy-ness. 


  • Won’t say it openly but will confront his s/o about it faster than anyone else. although it doesn’t exactly work at all because he’s very into hostile language and accusatory language. ex: “You’re so annoying sometimes!” So it’s a progression of him confronting his s/o over and over and over again about it until they both get tired. 
  • Takes out the frustration by training a LOT. Like he’ll probably sleep in the training room if he can manage it just so he can avoid yelling at his s/o. It also helps him clear his head so he has time to think while he’s huffing and puffing away trying to fight the gladiator and other training activities. Like Shiro, he’ll probably take a long shower or two just to try and relax.
  • Getting everything sorted out is hard for him like seriously. He’s not getting an award for any sort of conflict resolution for sure. When he finally stops arguing with his s/o and realizes maybe that he isn’t approaching the situation very well then he begins to try and manage everything a little better. He’ll walk up to his s/o when they’re alone somewhere and apologize for yelling at them before telling them the reason why he’s been mad at them. It’s a lot of back and forth apologizing.


  • The least confrontational about it. He’s a little petty about it but not to the degree of Lance’s pettiness. Hunk will try to avoid his s/o for a while if he can and he’ll be a little more withdrawn than everyone else. It’s no wonder that he takes up cooking to get out any sour feelings that are stewing in his head. However he’s not afraid the let loose an angry little quip or two if his s/o is around.
  • He’ll wander a lot and maybe even train a little bit more than usual just to have something to do. Being mad is pretty draining for him so he’s prone to be crankier, too. And if he’s really feeling it he might get some advice from someone else (granted that they’re not busy). If no one’s around then he’ll go to his lion and talk about it to them. Even if they can’t offer anything to him it’s very comforting just to have someone there to listen. 
  • When he’s feeling ready to try and talk about it he’ll leave his s/o a little note for them to meet him somewhere. He’s very calm about it though and just wants to stop feeling like poop and wasting his energy being mad. Will definately give his s/o a big hug when they apologize and make up.


  • She’s a bit more openly upset than everyone else and doesn’t try to hide it. No one dares to upset her because when she’s mad at her s/o she’s also prone to get mad at everyone else. Will accuse people of “taking sides” if they don’t openly agree with her grievances against her s/o. Everyone tries their best to avoid her wrath. 
  • Practically throws herself into her tech but ends up getting really frustrated when she can’t focus entirely on her work because she’s too busy thinking about the issue. She’ll stay in her little work area until everyone is asleep so she can eat and do other things without having to deal with anyone. Since she makes her beef with her s/o very obvious to them she will not confront them about it. 
  • When her s/o gets the courage to actually try to calm her down and solve the issues they’ll have to do it very carefully. Pidge is prone to misinterpret things so her s/o better be ready with the apology of a lifetime in order to properly make up for whatever they did. She also takes the longest to actually come around to forgive them.