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Fandom: Teen Wolf

Requested: Yes, by @coldanddead who wanted 7 with Stiles but he’s talking about the reader being in love with Derek? X

Prompt: “Oh my God. You’re in love with her/him.“

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Derek Hale, Reader

Warnings: Language

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You tapped your pencil against your binder that was on the desk in front of you. The sounds helped to control your inner beast from rising and taking out the girls that were close by talking about clothes.

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Me, Myself and Hyde

Pairing: Theo x Reader

♫♪ Me, Myself & Hyde - Ice Nine Kills ♫♪

☼ I’ve been falling apart in the pouring rain, I’m waging war on myself, A captive casualty, Traded a merciful heart for a murderer’s brain, But now I curse what’s in my head, Because I can’t stop seeing red ☼

Author’s Note: So this is legit one of my favorite songs and another one by this band, and this might be a two-part series and this might suck because I have’t wrote in a while I’m sorry. I might work on a series based off Melanie Martinez’s album Crybaby, basically the reader is crybaby and I’m gonna listen to her songs and think of plots but I don’t know which fandom this should take place in! (Teen Wolf, Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries or The Flash) So can you guys tell me which fandom I should use for this album/mini series

[Part 2] - Masterlist

You really didn’t know where you were or how you got there, you just knew you were sitting on bridge in a forest. You were a werewolf, obviously, your alpha was basically a maniac and turned you into his little killing machine. Before you were turned, you were a nice and good person. You would do anything for your friends and would always be named nicest girl in school. But now, all you thought about was just killing, and all you wanted to see is red.

You regretted your choice, even if it was a while ago and felt as if you just go die or disappear. Ever since you got bit, you became a dick, everyone noticed your new attitude and always questioned why it happened, but never actually asked you. No one helped you, but your alpha took advantage of this and made you go into a killing spree. So you left and just kept running, you didn’t care anymore. And that’s how you ended up on this bridge, with lights hanging on a tall wood, looking arch.

And just your luck, it started raining, but you didn’t move, you just stayed still. Tears started to form in your eyes but you just let them fall. The thing was that you felt you had a two split personalities. When you shifted you could feel as if someone else was controlling you and all you could do was sit back and watch. You felt as if you had to fight to take over again, it felt like there was a war inside you. And when you shifted back, you felt weak and just wanting to stay still and mourn over the people you had probably killed. There was like a tiny voice in your head saying that you were better with off with me, the little devil on your shoulder, the better half of you.

So you continued to cry for what seemed like an hour or two till you heard someone clear their throat from behind you. You turned around and saw a very attractive boy standing at one end of the bridge. “And what are you doing here?” He asks, his voice deep and kind of loud. You stayed quiet, feeling too weak to even move or speak. “If you’re not gonna talk, might as well let me help you.” He says, walking towards you to pick you up, but you flinch at his touch.

The boy noticed you actions and bent down to face you, “hey, I’m not gonna hurt you. I’m gonna help you.” He says, helping you stand up, then walked to his car. The ride to his house was the boy trying to get you to talk but you stayed quiet. You arrived at his house and he helped you out of his car and into his house. The house was kind of empty, just some furniture, and it seemed no one else was home. The boy helped you go into his room and you sat on his bed, looking around the neat room.

“I’m Theo by the way. Why were you out in the rain?” He asked, grabbing a pair of boxers and a random t-shirt and handing it to you. Theo pointed to a door across from his bed and told you could change in there and shower if you wanted to. You walked into the bathroom and looked at your self in the mirror. You felt like a mess. There were bags under your eyes, your face was awfully pale and little splotches of blood were on your clothes. You took off your clothing and dropped it into the floor, before turning on the shower.

You took a hot shower, using Theo’s soap and shampoo. You dried yourself off then put on the clothing Theo gave you. “Do you know where can I keep this?” You whisper, your voice sounding barely audible. Theo looked at you with wide eyes, as he realized you had just spoken, your voice soft and gentle. “Yeah, I’ll wash them for you.” He suggested, grabbing your clothes and walking off. You looked around Theo’s room. It was small, the walls plain but everything neat.

Theo came back and sat on his bed, motioning for you to sit next to him. You sit against the wall, your legs stretched out. “Now, why were you in the rain crying?” Theo asks, taking your hand in his. You sigh, shrugging, “I ran away from home, I was used, and I was done. I just feel like Jekyll and Hyde.” You try to explain as simply as possible. “And why is that?” He asks, his voice soft. “Because,” you start, thinking of just telling him, “I’m a werewolf, I feel like I have two different personalities fighting inside me and I’m tired and guilty of what I’ve done.” You described you problem. “You think I’m insane?” I ask Theo, him awfully silent.

“No, I don’t.” He says, hugging you. “Why is that?” You whisper, him slightly laughing. “Because I’m one too.” He says before his eyes flash a golden yellow.