because he's talking to me about this fic right now

Alright. Imma talk about this kid right now.

A lot of people complain to me that I write Hinata Shouyou out of character, saying that I should stop aging his personality and re-creating him as a strong powerful boy with a lot to say and a smooth mouth. “He’s just a dork! He’s an innocent little baby! He’s a dumb ginger bird what are you doing, Mary?”

1. I’m writing, that’s what I’m doing. Because people can choose to depict characters as however you want and explore those different portrayals. Isn’t that the whole point of fan fiction? To take the characters we love and play with them in different situations and with different characterizations? Which is why it kind of upsets me when people say “stop writing Kageyama as smooth and good at romance and stop writing Hinata as smart” No. Shut up, please. We can write whatever the fuck we want- and screw you, because Kageyama could be very romantically smooth and Hinata could be very mentally fast working- you have no idea. They’re characters, you don’t know. So saying “this character is mine and I refuse to let you write him like this” is a childish and selfish thing to do in a fandom and something that disparages writer’s work and discourages them from continuing to write. Please stop saying these things. Anyone can actually write a character however they want.

2. It’s fun. It’s fun to depict Hinata like this- to write him strong and smooth and fast and a little aged-up, it’s interesting and fun. I would never stop writing Hinata the way I do, and if you don’t like it, please stop reading my works then. 

3. And, my main point being why I write Hinata in such a way, is because as seen in the picture above, he is often literally that way. Hinata is a complicated boy, one with a lot of different make-ups and dispositions that he flips through in a single chapter. He can go from extremely enraged to doing that cute thing with his eyes and saying something dumb on the same frickin page. But with this, it just proves my point even more that you cannot define a character. You cannot say a character is one way and only one way because that is not true. Hinata Shouyou is a lot of things. And as much as Furudate emphasizes his dumb lovable Moe side and cute baby birdness, he also stresses his “overwhelming” strength and almost insane mentality when it comes to power and intimidation. Hinata is rough, Hinata is fast, Hinata is strong, Hinata is powerful, Hinata is insane, and Hinata is goddamn scary. And although this side of him not many see or even notice due to his cover up as the main sparkling and clumsy protagonist, it catches my eye particularly. And with this canon trope I fuel the engines of my writing and head off down the “aged-up Hinata” road with it. 

Because it’s what I want to do, it’s fun, it’s canon, and it’s something I enjoy and to me personally the most important trait of Hinata’s entire being. This is an important side of Hinata, one we should be constantly exploring and working with in writing and one we should not dismiss so quickly just because “It’s not like him” or “I hate it when people write him like this”

So everyone please just stop putting even more limits on writers and destroying their hard work just because you do not enjoy a certain side of a character that you thinks overshadows their canon cuteness. We know Hinata is cute, but we also know that Hinata is scary. And right now we just want to write him as scary. Thank you for listening to this long babbling character rant and I look forward to seeing you on ao3.