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“She should cut her nails” - Bruce Wayne x Reader

Summary : The men of the Justice League tease Batman about the scratches on his back, and the love bites on his chest…Bruce is not amused.

Just a silly fic cause why not. Wrote it in literally fifteen minutes because I was bored, and didn’t proofread (as usual really) so it’s quite meh, hope you’ll still like it though :

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I wrote some sort of part two to this, it’s here if you’re interested : “Bruce…sucks !”


Bruce could feel their gaze on his back. He knew they were smiling like idiots behind him, and he heard them giggle a few times, like goddamned teenagers.

He finally turned around to face his fellow Justice League members, that had been staring at him for the past hour. They were in the men shower room of the headquarter, and the fact that they were all half-dressed made them look even more ridiculous, with their idiotic smile on their faces.

Hell, even J’onn was snickering with them ! Bruce would expect from Clark, Oliver, Barry and maybe Arthur to laugh like nitwits, but J’onn ? He thought he was better than this.

And yet, here he was, grinning at the Batman like a moron.

-What ?

Bruce asked a bit coldly, even though he already knew what was going on.

Clark answered, a sly smile on his stupid handsome face :

-We were just wondering…When did you got those scratches on your back ? Like, which villain inflicted you such terrible wounds ?

Bruce rolled his eyes. By now, Barry and Oliver couldn’t hold their laughter, though the look the Bat gave them stopped them cold in their track. Damn that man could be intimidating, even for them…Bruce, glaring at them, went on :

-Are you guys fifteen ?

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Sins of the Father: Floodgates of Heaven

Pairing: Finn Bálor x Reader

Warnings: Smut, smut, glorious smut. Fingering, oral (woman receiving), rough unprotected sex (wrap it up, kids!), a little choking, and biting (like kissing, only there’s a winner).

Word Count: 1370

A/N: Hello hello! The wait is over. And I certainly hope this is what you’re looking forward to. From here things will get even crazier and far more sacrilegious, so um…consider this one of the last safe havens before the madness. Thanks so much for reading, and I hope you enjoy it!

Quick reminder for new readers just joining in (hi new readers!): normally, I write fics for Supernatural. However, I’m also a huge fan of WWE and love reading the works of that community as well. After reading some brilliant pieces from - and chatting with - the amazing @devitt-club. I got inspired to write a fic featuring one of my current favorites: Finn Bálor. This fic is starting to grow a bit beyond my control and, quite frankly, I couldn’t be happier.

Apologies in advance because, this being my first foray into WWE fanfic (and alternate universe at that), this will probably suck. Still, it’s worth the risk. ^_^

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Because context - even of the sacrilegious kind - is everything, first read Sins of the Father, its Prelude, the Communion, the Baptism Interlude, and Let It Rain before you proceed.

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Summary: Mickey begins to feel jealous over Mandy and Ian’s friendship, so he confronts Ian about it.

Word Count: 803

Ever since Mickey came out at the Alibi, he and Ian had been living in the Milkovich house along with Svetlana, Yevgeny, and Mandy. Mickey and Ian obviously used this time together as an advantage, but Mickey couldn’t help but notice how close Ian and his sister were. He’s never had a best friend before so he didn’t know if it was just that, or if it was more.

Eventually Mickey came to the conclusion that Ian and Mandy being together was completely out of the conclusion, so he decided he would try to just let it go. Technically Ian and Mandy were best friends and ‘dating’ before Ian and Mickey got together, so he figured it would be completely ridiculous to feel any jealousy.

After a few days, Mickey started to forget about the whole ordeal until he walked into the living room to find Mandy sprawled out across Ian’s legs on the couch. She had a beer in her hand, and she looked wasted, but it still sparked that flame of jealousy right back up. He gritted his teeth and went into the kitchen without saying anything and got himself a beer.

Eavesdropping was something Mickey never did because he never understood the point of caring enough to listen to another person’s conversation, but now he found himself listening and watching his sister and Ian. He noticed how engaged and interested Ian seemed to be in whatever Mandy was talking about– nodding his head, laughing at her jokes. Why did it bother him so much to see his sister and his boyfriend be so close? So fucking stupid, right?

When Mandy sat up and drunkenly grabbed Ian’s face to speak to him, Mickey slammed his beer and the counter and stormed his way over there. He rolled Mandy off the couch and dragged Ian into their bedroom. “Mickey, what are you doing?” Ian said in confusion.

Mickey shook his head. “Are you fucking Mandy?”

Ian actually bursted out in laughter at the accusation– he thought it was a joke. When Mickey’s face stayed serious, Ian stopped laughing. “Wait, are you serious?”

“Okay, nevermind that question,” Mickey ran a hand over his face. “That one might’ve been dumb.”

“It was really fucking dumb,” Ian informed his boyfriend. As he studied Mickey’s conflicted face, he furrowed his brows and stepped closer. “What’s going on, Mick?”

“It was kinda hard for me to tell the difference between if you two are really just good best friends or if you’re fucking so I had to ask.” He sarcastically laughs. “For fucks sake, you guys seem to be together more often than we are and we’re actually together,” he mumbled out in a slightly aggravated tone.

Ian shook his head sadly at his boyfriend’s words. He’s never known that his relationship with Mandy made Mickey jealous. “Mick–”

“I just never had a best friend, alright?” He cuts Ian off and speaks quickly.

Suddenly Ian face looks upset and offended. “What do you mean you’ve never had a best friend?” His frown is prominent.

“Like you and Mandy, y’know? I’ve never fucking had that,” he avoided making any eye contact with Ian. “Terry would call me a fag if I ever wanted to hang out with people from school so I just never took the time to make any friends.”

“I know you’ve never had anyone else, but you have me. I’m your friend,” Ian said. “Well I would fucking hope so at least because you’re my best friend.”

Mickey’s eyes shot up in wonderment. “What? Mandy’s your best friend, and I’m your boyfriend so how does that fucking count?”

“Yes, Mandy is my best friend, but so are you. I have two best friends and it doesn’t matter that we’re together– we can still be friends even if we’re dating, it makes it even better.”

“Makes what even better?”

Ian chuckled. “Being best friends with your boyfriend makes everything more fun, Mick! Why do you think we’re never miserable in each other’s presence?”

Mickey is hit with the sudden realization that Ian is right. Over these past few years, Ian’s became more than just his boyfriend, he’s also became his best friend– someone he could count on. “Huh,” Mickey says. “Guess you’re right.”

“I am right,” Ian grabs Mickey’s face. “And you know something else? I love you more than I love Mandy,” he winks.

Neither boy knew the drunken girl was listening through the door until she started pounding on it. “Hey, asshole! You’re supposed to love me more! I was your girlfriend first!”

Both boys laugh and fall into a sweet and chaste kiss. “I love you too,” Mickey says with a smile. He’s very thankful that he talked to Ian about everything because now he realizes he should be happy– and he is.

For @falling-into-vacancies who had this brilliant idea about how the mind link between Tony and Bucky might subconsciously affect Bucky in his opinions on technology and certain people once he recovers from the brainwashing. I couldn’t resist. (All the luck with your assignment by the way!)

He Bucky frowns at the flat smartphone that looks oddly tiny in his metal hand. Fragile too, though it probably isn’t by normal human standards. Of course he isn’t a normal human anymore, is he?

It has taken a while–seven pointed comments, four in-depth conversations and seventy-six jokes–for that to sink in, to understand that Hydra hasn’t just turned him into a monster in the figurative sense. He has been turned into a dragon of all things. Half the time he Bucky is still convinced he is hallucinating.

A dragon. Just like Stevie. Would you look at that, apparently wishes do come true after all. And is the amount of bitterness contained in that thought really normal, like his sometimes-shrink Wilson insists?

“Why a phone?” he asks gruffly. It takes conscious effort to remember that he has to say the words out loud. Seems like such an unnecessary complication too.

Somewhere behind him Wilson snorts. He wonders whether the man knows that the phone is hard enough to kill him, should he decide to twist around and throw it at his head at full strength. Remembers that Bucky doesn’t think like that. Reminds himself that he is Bucky.

Steve is giving him a look that’s a cross between amusement and exasperation. “So the next time I’m ten minutes late from grocery shopping you don’t storm the supermarket in full battle gear,” he says.

Bucky scowls. He knows Steve is still far too happy about the fact that he’d come to his rescue–apparently a sign of the ‘old Buck’–to process that he had stormed a fucking supermarket, fully armed and in battle mentality. Sometimes he wonders who the crazy one between the two of them really is.

He stares down at the phone in his hand again. It’s a cheap one. The touch screen’s responsiveness is less than optimal, the battery doesn’t last half as long as the newest StarkPhone, screen quality is acceptable but not remarkable and the storage room is a nightmare. 

The knowledge filters so quickly and precisely through his mind that it takes a scandalised, “Bucky!” from Rog Steve for him to realise he has crushed the phone in his metal palm.

Bucky stares at the hopelessly twisted and cracked pieces expressionlessly for a long moment, before he slowly looks up to meet Steve’s confused gaze. 

“I don’t like it.”

It’s been two months since he’s first moved in with Steve and Sam and while Bucky is aware that he’s getting better, there is still much he isn’t sure about. The never silent voice in his head for one. The nature of Steve’s and Sam’s relationship for another.

The TV is running, but it hasn’t escaped his attention that Sam is more occupied with laughing at one of Steve’s stupid jokes, a fact that instantly makes him suspicious. Steve’s jokes are terrible. Yet there Sam is, laughing loudly, eyes twinkling.

Bucky is about to very purposefully ruin the mood when a comment from the TV makes him turn back around to watch a stocky, fair-haired man with thick-rimmed glasses and a terribly nasal voice that instantly grants on Bucky’s nerves blathering on and on. The guy’s–Justin Hammer, CEO of Hammer Industries, asshole–aura of self-importance is almost suffocating, even though he must be miles away. 

Bucky is so distracted by his instant dislike for the man, it takes him a moment to catch up with the conversation and realise Hammer is listing reasons for why the Iron Man tech is outdated and poses a needlessly risk to civilians, as proven by the two avoidable deaths in the latest fight against-

He doesn’t hear the rest. It’s kind of hard to, what with the way he has slammed his metal hand–and really, it’s starting to grow on him–straight through the smug bastard’s fucking face with an enraged snarl.

“Bucky?” Steve’s voice filters through his fury after a moment. 

When Bucky manages to turn his head, it is to find both Steve and Sam warily watching him in clear preparation of another Winter Soldier episode. He blinks. Tries to shrug, which isn’t as easy as it sounds, what with Sam’s precious TV dangling on his arm. Awkwardly tries to put the intense wave of dislike, disgust, hatred he can’t explain into proper words.

“I really don’t like him.”

“I’ll say,” Sam will mutter after a couple of seconds. Followed by “You owe me another TV, Rogers.”

Title: The Wonderlands // Author: Stylinsoncity @alienproof // Rating: Mature // Word Count: 150520 // Chapter - AU Famous Louis / Single Dad Harry // Completed: 06/26/2017 

Actual Summary: "Somewhere between chaos and control — these are the wonderlands.“Harry’s daughter, Andy, is signed to Louis’ girl band. Her path to success is marked by competition, chaos, and for Harry, a love affair.

Green’s Summary: Harry is a single dad to Andy, a budding rock star. Louis is the producer of her all girl band. Harry and Louis have a pretty immediate attraction to each other but Andy has made her father promise that he won’t go after Louis. A lot of pining and sexual tension ensues. 

Hi! It’s Green here with another review. I can’t believe I actually finished when I said I was going to. The Taming of The Shrew who needs that when I can read Stylinsoncity’s The Wonderlands. Guys, I’m obsessed with this fic. I’ve literally just finished it (at work!) and I cannot even think straight it was so amazing. Every chapter – every page – was so much better than the last one. THE CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. THE DECLARATIONS OF LOVE. I feel like I’m not even processing anything right now. My brain is just screaming: incredible, beautiful, amazing, talented. Picture me as Lady Gaga in that interview right now. Anyways, I guess I’ll stop screaming and we can get into the grit of this fic yeah? Here is my review for Stylinsoncity’s The Wonderlands.

Rest of the review under the cut <3 .

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do you have any fics where either jimin or yoongi (or maybe both) are so gone for each other? i need some of those right now 😭💖

yes!! these are mainly one-shots:

  • Blanket Kick (Embarrassed): Jimin almost never hated speaking two languages, especially when you want to talk about someone without them knowing. And hey, just because the hot guy on the train looks Korean, doesn’t mean he speaks it.
  • Catch Me (In The Rain With You): Yoongi offers Jimin his umbrella. Jimin falls a little in love.
  • Ease: There’s a new boy living next door in the bedroom across from Yoongi’s.
  • Take My Hand (Take My Whole Life, Too): In which Jimin is looking for an opportunity to hold a certain rapper’s hand.
  • I’m Here To Collect Your Heart: In which Park Jimin is on a quest to find out a certain stranger’s name.
  • I Like My Body When It’s With Your Body: Jimin loves the feeling of Yoongi’s body against his own the most.
  • 2:58 AM: It’s another 16-hour fight and Yoongi can’t sleep.
  • No Way: or…five times Yoongi discovered he liked skinship.
  • One, Two, Kimchi!: The five times Min Yoongi took photos of the things he loves (aka Park Jimin), and the one time Park Jimin does.
  • Yours To Keep: While I’m off chasing my own dreams/ Sailing around the world/ Please, know that I’m yours to keep/ My beautiful girl

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A request, if you're up to it: 5 times Ethan saves Benji (or 3 or 2, whatever you want), and 1 time he was too late


“Ethan, I really don’t wanna talk about this right now, ok?”

“Well, when will be a good time to talk about it, Benji? Because every time I bring it up, you shut me down.” Ethan huffed out a sigh as Benji walked ahead of him on the sidewalk. This was their first real argument as a couple and he really wasn’t liking it, but they needed to discuss this.

“How about never?” Benji turned around and looked at him, a dismissive expression on his face as he moved to his right and went to cross the road.

“Benji!” Ethan rushed forwards, all thoughts of the argument out of his mind as he slammed into his partner, sending both of them flying as the car that had almost hit him skidded to a halt in the street. People were stopping around them, gasping at the near miss, and Benji turned to look over at the car, then to Ethan.


“Don’t do that to me again… Christ…” Ethan dropped his head forwards onto Benji’s shoulder as the driver approached them to see if they were ok.


“Let him go. Now.” Ethan aimed the gun steadily at the man before him, who had his arm around a beaten and bloodied Benji’s throat, gun pressed into his side. Ethan had always hated the way his foe so often used human shields; it was like they knew that he would not risk someone else’s safety, despite knowing his own shooting abilities.

“Not a chance.” The man spat, tightening his grip on Benji, making the tech wince. “Drop your fucking gun, or I swear to god, you’ll be wiping up his guts of the floor.”

Benji saw the look in Ethan’s eyes. Saw the concern, the uncertainty. The readiness to surrender. So he shook his head slightly, locking his gaze with his partner’s as he clenched his jaw.

“Ethan… Do it.” he said, firmly.

“Shut up!” He ignored the man’s demands and kept his eyes on Ethan.

“It’s ok. Take the shot.” He noted the tiny change in the other man’s demeanour, one that the goon behind Benji clearly hadn’t seen and he kept his gaze fixed on Ethan. With one last small nod of his head, Benji breathed in deeply and waited.

That look was enough for Ethan. Seeing how much faith the younger man was willing to put in him, seeing that he trusted him to take the shot at the risk of his life… It was all he needed.

One bullet was fired. The enemy didn’t even have the time to tense his finger on the trigger. One bullet lodged in his head and Benji was safe.


It was just a glimpse at first.

Something felt off. Wrong. Bad. Ethan couldn’t put his finger on it, but there was something about this situation that did not feel right. He stood guard as Benji worked on hacking into the servers of the building, needing to locate and disarm the room where they stored their blueprints.

It was an important job and one that their targets would happily kill them for should they find out.

Which was why Ethan was so on guard.

And as it turned out, rightly so.

He caught glimpse of something. Something reflecting the light nearby. It didn’t take too long for Ethan to realise what it was and where it was pointing, so he moved as quickly as he could.

He felt the pain hit him the second he slammed into Benji, bullet traveling through his arm and coming out the other side. Both men hit the ground but Benji was already moving, using his own weapon to fire at their attacker, taking him out with a single bullet.

“Ethan, are you ok?!” Benji’s voice was panic stricken as he rolled over to check on his partner.

“It’s ok… Just a flesh wound. Promise.” Ethan winced at the pain but he forced a smile through it. “You ok?”

“Of course I am, you idiot! What were you thinking?”

“I was thinking about not letting a bullet anywhere near you.” Ethan smiled again, this time a little more genuine and Benji shook his head, pulling off his overshirt and pressing it onto the wound.

“You’ll be the death of me one of these days, Ethan Hunt.”



Ethan heard the call and rushed through the room, searching every corner. Aside from two dead bodies, there was nothing and he was beginning to panic. There was no sign of him anywhere. It had been bad enough in London, despite knowing that he was going to be there when he showed up, but here he had no clue. He didn’t know where they had put him or what state he would find him in.

He approached a door at the back of the room and flung it open, heart sinking when he saw what was inside.

More like ‘who’.

“Benj…” He dropped to his knees in front of the other man, cupping his chin and lifting his head. Benji was unconscious, bloodied and bruised with tape covering his mouth. “Oh god, Benji… It’s ok. I’m here.” He carefully tore the tape off as Jane rounded the chair he was bound to, cutting the ropes so that he collapsed forward into Ethan’s arms. As he began to wake slowly, Ethan smiled down at him and ran his fingertips down Benji’s cheek.

“I’ve got you, Benj.” He whispered. “I’m here. But you’ve gotta stop scaring me like that.”

“S-sorry.” Benji’s response was weak, but it was there and that was what mattered.

“It’s ok, baby. But you’re giving me far too many grey hairs.” Ethan smiled down at him, tears in his eyes. “Let’s get you home.”

— — — — — — — — — — —


The chopper shook violently as the storm surged around them, the aircraft swaying from side to side. It was the worst possible conditions to be flying in, but they had no other option to get to their location. They needed to reach the island where the weapons were being stored and unless they took a boat, which would take much longer, they had no choice.

As another bolt of lightning hit far too close to the chopper, some of the boxes they had near the open door shifted and moved a little too close to the exit and Luther, from where he was piloting, yelled out.

“Ethan! The gear!”

“I got it!” Benji cried out, rushing over to secure it while Ethan was busy suiting up for his jump.

“I thought you secured those things!” Luther’s voice was almost lost in the sound of thunder outside.

“I did!” Ethan threw the response over his shoulder as he began to hook up his chute.

“It’s ok! They’re not gonna-” Another bolt caused the chopper to shudder and the movement was too much, causing Benji to stumble out of the open door, much to Ethan’s horror.

“Benji!!” Tossing the parachute aside, he rushed over to the edge and found his partner clinging to the outside of the chopper, genuine fear in his eyes as he held on for dear life. “It’s ok, Benj, I got you.” Ethan reached down and locked his hands around one of the other man’s wrists, gripping on as tightly as he could. “I’ve got you, come on!” He used all of his strength to pull, attempting to lift Benji up as high as he could in order to get him back into the safety of the chopper. But as everything shook another time, the rain on Benji’s skin left it too wet and he slipped.

It seemed to happen in slow motion. Benji’s wrist was gone from his grip and he watched with a scream caught in his throat as his partner disappeared into the darkness below them. He stared down beneath them for a few seconds, unable to process what had happened, before spinning around to look for his chute.

“Luther! Turn around! We have to go back!” He began to hoist the chute onto his back and clip it up, but he noticed that the aircraft was not changing course. “Luther, for fucks sake, turn this thing around!”

“I can’t, Ethan, if we change direction now, I could lose control of it and we’ll both be dead. I’m sorry.” Despite the firmness in his voice, Ethan could still hear the raw emotion as Luther spoke and all he could do was drop to his knees, mind spinning as he refused to believe that this was it.

That Benji was gone.

And that it was his fault.

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"We can talk about that when we get there, okay?" Will nodded. "And I'm doing okay. My shoulder still hurts a little, though." Nico blushed, remembering that Reyna was still there. "I really want to snuggle with you right now." Reyna must have heard because she winks at him. "I get the message, di Angelo. Never thought I'd see the day I get kicked out because you chose your boyfriend over me."

“I’m not choosing him over you,” Nico blushed a deep red, the tips of his ears burning. He wasn’t choosing Will over Reyna, he just wanted to comfort Will in a way that would probably be deemed rude to do in front of his sister. “I’m just trying to comfort him,” he spoke defensively, and Reyna held her hands up in surrender. “Okay, okay, I get the message,” she was grinning as she stood up, walking towards the door. She was laughing quietly as she walked out and Nico felt his blush get darker. He motioned to Will when they were alone. “Get up here, Will. I’m lonely.”

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I think Maxwell looks like a boring little man and although we could be great friends, i cannot see him in a sexual way AT ALL. I ship him with Hana because she is also an innocent little flower and together they can make love quietly on friday night date nights like the boring, sickly sweet couple they are. They'll go on to have perfect quiet mousy children who are also perfect at everything. he'll get drunk and cheat on her one night but she'll forgive him and they won't ever talk about it

Originally posted by lilsparrow72

I mean, Maxwell, to me personally, is SHADY AF right now, and if he isn’t the traitor then I find him boring. Almost every Maxwell fic I’ve read has taken the greatest traits from the other LI’s and given them to Maxwell, which is just not fair. And you know, everyone has a right to see a character how they want, I’m not trying to take that away from them, but I don’t think it’s fair to the LI’s and the people who are romancing them. 

On the other hand, Hana is a lesbian to my way of thinking, so I don’t personally think they’d ever end up together. I also think Hana is far from boring. Reserved? Yes, definitely, but boring, no way.

Send me a Controversial Choices Opinion and I’ll say if I agree with it!

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i need jealousy fics!! do you have any? :)

I tried my best ! 

- Loving You’s a Little Different:  “Uh- Jake, I think? Met him at one of Niall’s ‘get together’s. He’s alright. Nice face.” Louis pulls out a paperback book and squints at its small print, “Won’t be calling him, though.“  Harry sighs, but it’s wasted. Why wouldn’t random boys with nice faces approach Louis in an empty library? The circles under his eyes are puffy and his hair is ruffled from a stubborn night’s sleep, but he looks gorgeous. Like he isn’t from this planet. Harry’s in love with his roommate. Misunderstandings abound.

Larry Uni AU (21k)

- strike the match, play it loud  : Louis is jealous. Liam is oblivious. Zayn is a terrible cockblock.

Lilo AU (5k)

- doesn’t have to be a real thing  : In which Harry helps Louis get over his ex and it kind of becomes a regular thing. It’s totally casual – they have an understanding. But what happens to Harry when Nick reappears in Louis’ life?

Larry Friends with benefits AU, (12k)

- silence and sound :  Frustrated and tongue-tied, Zayn does the only thing he can think of in that moment and he surges forward, pressing his lips against Liam’s.  The last thing he expects Liam to do is kiss him back. Or the one where Zayn’s jealous of Louis and Liam’s closeness after Liam splits up with his girlfriend and it takes them a year to figure it all out.

Ziam canon fic (12k)

- Spin Me Like A RecordSometimes, Louis poses as Harry’s boyfriend. It doesn’t mean anything. Really.

Larry Uni AU (8k)

- one more for the stars : It’s different, and Louis knows that, because Harry’s got so much riding on this - a career and a future and his whole life. There’s talk of him going first overall in the draft, of entering the NFL after only two years in college, of going to New York or Seattle or Green Bay, and Louis wants to be there for him, wants to support him and help him make decisions, but he also kind of wants to pin him to the bed and cry and scream, What about me what about me what about me? (au. Harry’s the star quarterback and Louis is about to graduate. It’s a heartbreak waiting to happen.)

LArry Uni AU (16k) (jealousy about the future, not really someone)

- Dreaming of You : The Begrudging Starbucks AU. The world is winter and steamed milk and creamy espresso shots. The world is a never ending queue. The world is a Starbucks logo and a pink-cheeked smile from Niall and a bored scowl from Zayn and the world is Louis watching his best mate, Liam, fall in love with their newest customer, Harry. Who may or may not be in love with Louis. The world is cruel.

Larry/ Lirry AU ! (68k)

- know the water’s sweet but blood is thicker  : OR, the one where louis has a cuddly reunion with his older brother liam who was away for university, his boyfriend harry walks in, and misunderstandings ensue.

Larry AU (3k)

- One Thing You’ve Already Got : If Louis acts like a jealous, petulant child sometimes, it’s probably just because he loves Harry Styles more than the way the sun consistently rises in the morning. For his part, Harry just wants it to be him and Lou forever.(Louis gets jealous over dumb shit and Harry fucks him senseless because there’s no one he loves more than this idiot.)

Larry AU (2,5k)

- Can’t love, Can’t hurt : Harry is living on Gemma’s sofa after he moved out of his and Louis’ flat because he just couldn’t take it anymore. Watching Louis with his girlfriend during the day and then coming home and curling around Harry on the sofa. So he moved out and now Louis might be losing his mind because Harry’s gone. The lads worry after Harry says something in an interview that he just won’t talk to them about. And Gemma is an awesome sister.

Larry Canon fic (40k)

Update (last update on March 25th 2016)

- you drive me wild (you know you do) : Their management informs them that they have an interview right before the ARIAs, and it isn’t until he’s in a suit, seated on a couch between Liam and Zayn, that he gets the idea.The interviewer, Angus, smiles at them, right before the cameras roll on, and a metaphorical light bulb goes off inside Louis’ head. He’s perfect. Well, not as perfect as Harry, but enough. He’s attractive, attractive enough to drive Harry crazy, and he doesn’t even think of the consequences of his actions, just decides right then. It’s all Harry’s fault anyway. Louis should be allowed to have a little fun.(or: Louis flirts with the Australian interviewers and Harry gets possessive.)

Larry canon fic (6k)

- standing here but you don’t see me  : “Louis being with a guy is something Harry has always known was a possibility. Ever since Louis told them he was gay, he knew that this would come up at some point. But it was just that. At some point. It’s always been a hypothetical. Harry never thought it would bother him. But now, watching Louis squirm as he watches that other guy, it’s just not a hypothetical anymore. And Harry is very bothered by it."or: Harry’s discovery that he like boys as well as girls. One boy in particular catches his eye and he’s determined to get him.

Larry canon fic (22k)

It called me Daddy

Summary: Wade breaks into your apartment to eat the chimichanga that is currently in your microwave.

Pairing: Wade Wilson x Reader

Word Count: 1,327

Warnings: It’s Deadpool? I think that explains itself.

A/N: This actually was a lot (like a lot) longer but I ended up not liking it because I felt like this needed to be short and sweet. So it is. Please tell me what you think and if you wanna see more Deadpool in the future.

With an audible click you heard your front door close and jumped up from the little sofa in your living room where you were just about to start your weekly Netflix marathon. For today you’d decided to watch Gossip Girl but instead of watching, you were now holding the remote of your tv in your hand, ready to throw it at the head of whoever had just entered your apartment.

Slowly you made your way out of your living room. Your grip around the remote was so tight  that it made your knuckles turn white. You raised your arm, ready to throw the remote at full tilt at somebody’s head, when you saw who it was.
Wade Wilson. The one and only Deadpool!

“Wade what the hell are you doing here? You do realize I could be naked! Can’t you knock? Like a normal neighbour?” you asked and lowered your arm with the remote. You’d almost thrown it right in his face. His face which you’d never seen actually.

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minific: things you said under the stars and in the grass

a/n: for @kahnah23, thank you so much for all your support! <3

6. things you said under the stars and in the grass (mayvin, gta au)

“Are we there yet?” Gavin asked.

He heard Michael shift in the driver’s seat beside him - heard his exasperated, but fond little exhale of breath.

“Almost, Gav,” he replied, for what was probably the sixth or seventh time… in the last twenty minutes.

“And I can’t take this off yet?” Gavin asked, reaching up and touching the sleep mask over his eyes that was serving as a blindfold.

“No!” Michael shouted, with just a tinge of alarm. “Don’t touch that. And no peeking.”

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(non-American anon with more dumb questions) wow, this suburbia stuff is amazing and horrifying for an urban kid, thx for clearing it up! If you don't mind, could you also talk about digital piracy in the US? Grantaire illegally downloads music; is it because he is a weird kid or did everyone do that then? Is it widespread or dangerous now? WAR is definitely set post-Napster scandal, right? (I learned about that from the Social Network) sorry to bother you xx

hey! oh man no need to apologize! i never mind talking about world ain’t ready; i only worry about annoying those of you who aren’t following me for that 185k les mis high school au fake dating fic i wrote two years ago bc wow this must be a little confusing. 

(”but smile, isn’t les mis about an unsuccessful revolution in 1832 france? aren’t both halves of your otp canonically dead? how could anyone possibly stretch a fake dating au longer than 170k?” respectively: yes, yes, and man in retrospect i can’t explain that one either although that’s where it really helps to write them as teenage boys because they are VERY stupid.)

anyway, as a general rule of thumb i’m more likely to answer w.a.r. questions via my fic blog or if it’s asked off anon so i can direct-reply. but never ever worry about asking me things!

but yeah i think of my american suburban childhood the same way i think of my midwestern accent: so aggressively boring and common as to be effectively featureless. probably healthy to remember from time to time that like, everything is amazing/horrifying to someone.

as for your question, this is probably more of a 2006 thing than a u.s. thing? my recollection is that even after the fall of napster, the rates of illegal music downloads were much higher then than they are now. these days, there are of course a ton of ways to casually listen online to music without paying—pandora, spotify, 8tracks, youtube (which existed but people hadn’t yet uploaded like 95% of all songs onto it)—but back then your options were pretty much to buy it or steal it.

haha this is such a weird “back in my day”, like “you kids today and your law-abiding music consumption”

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Eddy! Holy ahit!! I just woke up and saw my ask!! I didn't even think about Clarke being the Brittana child!! So fucking brilliant, man! This is why you're my Fav blogger. God, Idk how to feel about this. We're playing with the unholy trinity of Lesbian power couples here and it's glorious, beat headcanon ever.

Thank you ! I’ve always mentioned how my head goes back to Glee ships everytime, but this a delicious mix that is far beyond my silly Glee whims. So today, while I was in therapy, I thought about this ‘universe’ and I came up with some headcanons.

If other people are looking for the origin, this is the Faberrittana / Clexa discussion anon and I came up with!

Okay, so, ahead:

Faberritana / Clexa Verse Headcanons

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  • Brittana were on the Ark, they met there and fell in love. Now picture this: Brittana running in the hallways of the Ark when no one is around, hand in hand, singing silly songs. Because you know, Hallways™ is their thing.
  • Their first and older child is Sugar Motta, obvi.
  • When Clarke was born, the man who donated semen was obviously executed and she was sent to juvie being she a second child (like Octavia kinda) until … her final journey to the ground. Until this very day, besides being Clarke Lopez-Pierce, Clarke also likes to remember her ‘dad’, Jake Griffin.
  • Brittana are amongst the people who fight hard to Skaikru to get to Earth and eventually they make it and meet their daughter again.
  • Brittany had a lot of crayons on the Ark. She was an artist, but when Clarke was sent to juvie, she gave them all to her so that she had something to do while being down there. When she comes back to Earth, she is heartbroken to find Clarke too occupied with being a leader and saving everyone’s ass to draw anymore.
  • Bonus: When they come to Earth, Clarke is dating Finn, and Santana dislikes him so much, she constantly makes joke about his hair and his fuck-boy attitude; Brittany is more understanding, but also, partly shading, you know how she is. Santana makes Finn uncomfortable with sex jokes, let’s get real, she wants him to fuck off. Sugar approves, but she also kinda likes Finn, because she likes fuck-boys a bit.

Originally posted by bechloeaf


  • Okay, so Faberry are Grounders (Rakel and Kuinn). Rachel is from the Ice Nation. Her mom, Shelbi, is the Ice Queen and there is a lot of controversy because Rakel joined Trikru so that she could be with Kuinn. Shelbi did not approve because ya know, no coalition back then. (Optional, because I need to plot this better: Kuinn is a nightblood but THERE IS A REASON why she is alive still, but I gotta come up with that, ‘cause I’m tired now)
  • Or (Alternative Route) maybe Kuinn is the Commander and Lexa is just her daughter. For some reason I need to invent, Kuinn can’t be the commander anymore, so they take the chip off her without having her die because the Commander can be removed with an unanimous vote. Kuinn introduced this rule but in reality it was her little daughter that suggested it when she was a kid.
  • Kitty (Her real name is not Kitty, but they call her that because she is agile like a cat) and Marley (I gotta come up with a Grounder name, Kara maybe - lol) are Rakel and Kuinn’s seconds. 
  • Bonus: When she becomes the Commander Lexa joins the coalition to get the clans of her moms together. She even introduces the chance for members of different clans to have their union ceremony.

Originally posted by adcspirit


  • Okay, so generally, the Clexa storyline is the same as canon, only with the moms added and lol no Lexa dying. 
  • What changes is that Santana gets really pissed when the betrayal and she wants to go all Sector 6 on Lexa’s ass because she hurt her daughter, but then she figures her daughter is a badass and can handle it but oh, Clarke leaves and becomes Wanheda and Santana regrets not dragging Lexa. She and Brittany don’t see her for months and Sugar goes looking for her (Bonus: Sugar/Bellamy are endgame).
  • OBVIOUSLY Rakel is the one that sings the Grounder anthem when Clarke bows to Lexa. Like, this is obvious, I shouldn’t even have to write it because 1) imagine Lea’s voice on that 2) Rakel would never let someone sing at her daughter’s wedding. Bonus: Santana gets really emotional in this scene over Clexa, but also because Rakel’s voice, although she’ll never admit it. This is the Pezberry duets-challenge origin. 
  • Lexa has so many candles because Rakel found old albums of the Phantom of the Opera and it kinda went this way. Musical inspiration.
  • Lexa took her whipped from Kuinn.
  • Clarke took her sass and lack of chill from both her moms.
  • Kuinn hates Titus and she yells at him all the time, also she knows he is the one that taught her that love is weakness and she’s like, fuck no, my love for Rakel made me the strongest bitch in this joint.

Okay, this is it for now. @fearwanheda contributed to some of those, we’re talking about this meme right now haha. Definitely gonna come up with more and eventually some fic if I managed. (PS. sorry for eventual typos)

May we meet again.

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what about instead you have the foodie blogger/restaurant critic Seb and chef Chris au

Both of those would work!

The Chris idea amuses me because he’s said before (I can’t find the source for this right now; it was an interview from a while ago, like a couple years ago) that he can’t really cook? like, enough to get by, living on his own, but no, he wouldn’t say he’s a good cook, or something like that, I forget his exact words. (This is why, by the way, in fic, I tend to default to Seb being a fairly decent cook - he’s talked about that before - and Chris being sort of…competent as far as basics but more inclined to just order really good pizza.) But you could still play with that and have a TON of fun - like, Chris hosting a YouTube channel about cooking basics for single guys trying to be actors in LA and Boston (he bought a house in LA, but he’s a Boston kid), nothing fancy but the kind of stuff you’d need to know on an uncertain new young actor’s salary, which gets weirdly popular, like, people like him…

…and food reporter/blogger/writer Sebastian being sent to interview this guy, and being slightly cranky about it, because Seb is the sort of person who orders the richest thing on menus with the most complicated sauce and then talks to the chef for an hour about it and learns how to painstakingly recreate it at home (as per that recent quote), and Chris’s last episode was about Things You Can Do With Ramen On A Budget.

(Seb actually isn’t a snob as such. He just likes flavors and combinations and getting things right. He still gets excited about Starbucks and hot-dog trucks and games of Dirty Pictionary. He still remembers being a young struggling writer; not even that long ago, and he’s genuinely grateful every day for his moderate fame and his readers. But somehow his column turned into this laser-sharp sassy detail-oriented chef persona, and readers ate it up because drama, and now everyone thinks that he’s an bratty hipster food snob who will grill you with questions about the consistency of a sauce, and he’s starting to hate that, because he’s such a dork, really, really, and no one knows, and he’s not allowed to be himself anymore.)

(Chris Evans, who knows who Seb is by name and reputation thought not by sight - and who reads and is entertained by Seb’s column and blog, though sometimes he winces - is HORRIFIED that this person’s coming to LA to interview him and hang out and watch him film a YouTube episode. Oh GOD.)

(The day of, Chris is pretty sure Sebastian’s late, and is getting annoyed by this - the famous writer can’t be on time? - and finally wanders over to the quiet young guy with the fluffy dark hair and intent eyes, the guy in the corner with a notebook who’d asked earlier if Chris needed help setting up and had cheerfully prepped pre-measured dry ingredient cups, the guy who’s absolutely stunning, long legs and a wide grey-blue gaze and sweetness wrapped around a truly terrible pun about eggs…

…and Chris asks, clearing his throat because the guy is hot, okay, “so, you, um, you’re with Mr Stan’s interview team, right? you know when he’s gonna get here? I need to get started, y’know?” and the beautiful person looks up and flushes ever so slightly pink and says, “um, hi, I’m Sebastian.”)

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I read your last fic and it was hot!!! Can you write one to the quote from this fic? I just wanna remember the good old times. Oh god, that’s good.” She gasps, as his tongue circles the edge of her asshole. “When you couldn’t spend a night without coming in my ass.” A fic what I was like back in the old days??? That would be awesome... :)

Because I have no chill and no shame, I’m posting this right now. Anon, I guess you were talking about this fic , and there you go with the prequel.

Many many thanks to @becksndot5 for the input and beta, and @ofhooksandswans for the second beta. Guys, if when Gillian finds this, I’ll bring you with me to Hell!

Tying her white bathrobe around her waist, she exits the tiny bathroom of her trailer, and spots him. He is here, silently standing still in the middle of her cramped living room. He hasn’t said a word yet, but she can see the arousal in his eyes, feels the excitement in his slight grin.

It’s been two months since they started shooting, and the chemistry was there from day one, when they had to film for hours under a pouring freezing rain. She was so green and feverish that he felt the urge to take her under his wing, reassuring her whenever she needed it, calming her nerves, and encouraging her with her lines. Later, her inexperience, but yet natural wildness, followed him to his trailer for a night that none of them would ever forget. Since then, things never stopped to escalate between them, coming to a point of not being able to take their hands off of each other, in private, as well as on location. She isn’t really his type, but he feels madly attracted to her without knowing exactly why. She finds him arrogant and pretentious, and yet, she can melt like snow in the sun with only one look from him.

Speaking of that, she starts to slowly unknot her robe, holding his gaze, as he remains silent. He is still wearing Mulder’s clothes, and when the bathrobe hits the floor, exposing her nakedness to the soft light coming from the bathroom, she can see his arousal growing in his dress pants.

“Turn around. Bend over.” He says coldly, nodding at the kitchen counter.

With a shiver that makes her nipples tense, she walks slowly, without losing the eye contact, and rests her two hands on the counter, holding out her butt to him with a soft move of her hips, and spreading her legs apart.

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Hi!!! I love your Snowbarry fics!! i was thinking if you could make one in which barry doesn't wake up yet and caitlin talks to him in his sleep. She could talk about Ronnie, how she felt, or how it would be meeting he when he's awake. i would really like that!! jus an idea, hope you like it!!

“So I brought us a couple movies to watch. Well, for me to watch really, considering the state you’re in right now… Anyway, I also got kit kats because they’re my favorite,” Caitlin pauses. “I wonder what kind of chocolate you like.”

She glances over at the skinny comatose man laying down on one of the beds. A few tubes are hooked up to his arms and the machine by his bed is beeping soundly. If she was expecting a response, then she’s out of luck.

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