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11 Reasons Lance is NOT stupid

If I have to read another INSIPID tumblr post calling him stupid by Sheith or Shallura stans who don’t like Lance because he’s silly or sassy or flirtatious and didn’t have ALL the character development like Keith had in Season 2 (aka Season Keith), I’m going to have to declare war.

1. He was accepted into an elite space exploration program.

2. See #1 and contemplate it a bit further. Consider that he’s from a large family and his personality isn’t bookish. He’s a fairly well rounded character if you consider these two points and the fact that he made it in. This ain’t ROTC. It’s the freaking GARRISON aka NASA.

3. He was accepted into a cargo pilot program. Please review requirements for even the most basic professional pilot training program. Now add SPACE.

4. He was promoted to fighter class as soon as there was an opening. He was on a WAITING list to move upwards into an even more exclusive program.

5. He is in a leadership position with Hunk and Pidge. This also shows his immaturity since he couldn’t hack it but hey he’s not perfect.

6. He is people smart. He knows what to say to get Iverson to ignore Pidge’s comments about Kerberos. He can convince Hunk to go against his excellent senses of self-preservation. He recognizes that Pidge is sensitive about Kerberos and intuited that she’s hiding a secret from the team. He overestimated his piloting skills but his commands to Hunk and Pidge were spot on. In the comics he recognizes a similarity in behavior to save the day.

And no But Nyma! doesn’t mean he’s not good with people. He can still mess up. You can be savvy with people’s behaviors and emotions and still get burned or tricked. No one. Is. Perfect. And, as we see with Lance, he is his own worst enemy and is often the cause of his own problems. He didn’t see through Nyma because he had added her to a storyline in his head. He didn’t see the situation for what it was but what he wanted it to be and Nyma, a manipulative person, used that to her advantage.

And no, not guessing Pidge’s gender isn’t a sign he’s oblivious or stupid. He tends to take people at their word, unless he has a personal issue with them, like with Keith. 

7. He is a fairly rational and logical person when he puts on his game face. Whether he’s questioning weak points of the plan in the shack or suggesting they run from the Galra to regroup and think of a better plan, he’s pragmatic and has good judgment. He defers to Shiro’s leadership regarding the wormhole even over Blue and everyone else, recognizing his experience and seniority. He sees patterns, realizes that Rover without Pidge isn’t safe, and moves to protect Coran basically off the thought that Rover alone and turning red isn’t safe.

8. Despite Keith’s comments, he was able to fly a giant magical space lion, fight off a Galra ship, fly to the edge of the solar system in just a few minutes. Without wrecking it or killing anyone. And fight off the Galra at the same time, and immediately after while covering Hunk as he retrieved the Yellow Lion.

9. He’s got fairly good spatial skills. Keith was actually wrong in the maze. And Lance was able to guide him through without injuring Keith. Sorry that last part was based off of a fanfic I read, lulz. But he was correct with blaming Keith’s directions and was able to Naruto-run and dolphin-jump to catch a coin in his TEETH!! Plus he was able to use his legs to retrieve his helmet while cuffed. Coordinated with Keith to climb up an elevator shaft. He’s fairly good at judging situations/spaces. Remember, he’s his worst enemy, so he only got hit in the head because he turned to gloat at Varkon. And while he failed against Ulaz, everyone else did too because Ulaz is an elite soldier (he didn’t give up though, he tried to pull him out of the sky even after Ulaz dodged every shot). 

10. He’s a good conversationalist. He cares about people (knitting sweaters anyone?) even if he’s only just met them. He takes people at their word (see #6) and likes to be everyone’s best friend (per his website description), joining Pidge in a quest to retrieve a game system that they can’t even play. He communicates his feelings well when he needs to and is able to support others as well as share reasonable doubts or encourage others through jokes, general silliness. He’s open to Coran, the mindlink, supports Hunk’s gassy genius ways, and even himself (S2 Ep6). He recognizes all of the team’s strengths and is open with Shiro about his feelings when he takes Keith on the mission. 

11. He’s a good shot. Period. See #7 and #9 for evidence of his spatial and situational awareness.

I’ll add more once more people have seen season 2. But yeah King Lance is not an idiot. You may not like his mannerisms but he’s no dummy.

Welcome to Sabertooth, the gayest guild in all Fiore
—  Rufus, under his breath, as he watches all his friends get their gay on.
Nygmobblepot Break Up
  • Ed: Oswald, you have to listen to me! We are not seeing each other anymore, can you accept that?!
  • Oswald: ...Fine...then I just want to be friends.
  • Ed: Good
  • Oswald: Plus a little extra
  • Ed: *sighs*
  • Oswald: Also, I love you
  • Ed: *rolls eyes and walks away*
Remember when Niall said something like “If we don’t wanna be seen, we won’t”? Yeah!! Now, Y’all are smart enough to understand ;)

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My sister told me about how she adores her social studies teacher because he is one sassy old man.
Then she continued to tell me about how they were given a list of stuff they should know about in class and Hungary was on there. A girl in her class thought it was pronounced like hungry. So the girl said, “wow, I can’t believe there’s a place named after me.”
The teacher so smoothly replied with, “wow, I didn’t know there was a place named annoying.”

“‘Ladies,’ Elend said to the women, ‘as Lady Vin herself will be quick to tell you, I’m rather ill-mannered. That, in itself, would be a very small sin. Unfortunately, I’m also quite unconcerned about my own disregard for propriety. So, therefore, I’m going to steal my wife away from you all and selfishly monopolize her time. I’d apologize, but that’s not the sort of thing we barbarians do.’”—Pages 290-291

I love Elend when he’s at these parties because he’s so sassy.

“At that moment—as the music began—Elend reached into his pocket and pulled out a book. He raised it with one hand, and the other one her waist, and began to read.”—Page 292

He’s also an adorable little shithead.

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so your thoughts on sugakookie??????

i really really really love yoonkook.

I think they have a really really really underappreciated dynamic. From the way Yoongi once said that Jungkook was his most beloved dongsaeng, to how happy they were when they were roommates in Bon Voyage, to how much Jeongguk grown to be able to express himself to Yoongi.

It’s very obvious that Yoongi thinks that Jeongguk is adorable and is very fond of him. And as for Jeongguk he thinks Yoongi is cool. They seem to get along really well too. Jeongguk’s fucking video with Yoongi should prove that I think, because he was very sassy and playful in it, even though Yoongi is quite a bit older, he didn’t seem to have reservations about teasing him, which I think points to their understanding each other well at this point.

At this point, all of BTS has been together give or take about 7 years so they’ve really gotten to know each other. I think that Yoongi and Jeongguk are a really good example of what time can do for two people. These days they seem to really understand each other very well. I really really really love their dynamic because it’s effortless but playful. One of my favorites tbh.

They’ve gotten really good at expressing themselves to each other and in general. On another level, we’ve got a pisces and a virgo who’s grounding values in a relationship (without influence from a venus sign) are supposed to be trust and deep emotions. Virgo and Pisces sun signs have really good chemistry in general and even though they can face a lot of challenges if they can find a way to make it work it’s supposed to be really fucking great.

Idk man, I love Jeongguk and Yoongi’s personalities a lot, separately, and when you combine them i think you get a really soft and understated dynamic that has a lot of potential.

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I have a folder labled ‘ESO Sass’ for moments like this. 

Between Abnur being a sassy piece of shit and Lyris’ rebuttals, I couldn’t resist taking a screenshot. 

I think most things Abnur says are some of the best lines in the game, but that third one makes me laugh everytime. 

more headcanons/prompt ideas

- they don’t really do the whole PDA thing but sometimes Jughead likes to pull Archie into a dark space to kiss for a while

- sometimes Jughead works on his writing while at Archie’s but it typically doesn’t last long because Archie finds ways to distract him

- every so often Archie has nightmares about the shooting and Jughead always holds him when he wakes up

- the first time they get caught it has to be by Veronica just because her reaction would be sassy & perfect

Headcanon that Gran Torino is actually as fit as someone of his age can be. Forgetfulness? Bad hearing? Getting weaker, slower due to his age? Naaah, not Gran Torino.

That he sometimes seems to forget things, or only hears things when he wants to, is just him messing with people because he’s a sassy man and gets a good laugh out of it.

Honestly, I imagine him working together with the police and whenever he doesn’t like someone (let’s say, Endeavor shows up and wants to know why there’s an old man working on the case) Gran Torino’s face just goes completely blank, he lifts a hand to his ear and yells in a drawling, croaky voice, “Huuuh?! You will have to talk louder, sonny, I can’t hear you!”

The best thing about the whole thing would be that Endeavor knows the old guy is messing with him - he saw him fighting a Noumu, after all, that old man is neither senile nor deaf - but he can’t do anything about it, cause Gran Torino just keeps pretending to not hear him.

Everybody around them gets a good laugh out of it, and it’s only a question of time until Naomasa records the whole thing and sends it to Toshinori.

Scared through hard training or not, Toshinori is grinning in pride as he watches the video of his old teacher being his usual self.   

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The source of all my problems

okay the one who can read everything in the first time will be my senpai forever.

and for the others i will write everything what they say down here!

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BTS working at McDonalds
  • Jin: is the shift leader, always nags and orders his co-workers around and corrects their working behaviour. Is also the prettiest and secretly binge-eats on burgers they have to throw away because they're past the allowed selling time
  • Yoongi: has to work in the kitchen because Jin got pissed at him for slipping his mixtapes into children's happy meals. Also because he kept giving sassy answers to customers or looked too grumpy
  • Hobi: works at the till and makes everyone's day better. He actually is the happy meal. Always polite towards customers and shows his eye smile. Sometimes dances randomly while filling up the cups.
  • Namjoon: is only allowed to work in the kitchen or to collect the trash and clean the tables since he kept spilling drinks, throwing burgers to the floor or actually once ran into Jin with a tray full of hot coffee.
  • Tae: in charge of the McCafé counter, makes great coffee while singing to himself or to whatever song is on the playlist. When he's working at the regular McD till he gives children or people with dogs free happy meal gifts even if they don't buy one.
  • Jimin: works at the till to spread happiness and love with Hobi. Always gives free extra dips and sauces or adds a chicken nugget to your order. Gives you free refills as well. The girls love him and often knock over their drinks on the tray at the till.
  • Jungkook: is in charge of the breakfast and desserts. Mainly hands out kookies and cream ice cream. Is sometimes spacing out at work or making weird memefaces. When he's too loud with Jimin, Tae and Hobi, Jin forces him to clean the restrooms.