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anonymous asked:

Can you do a story where Liz finds out she is pregnant and has to tell Don and together they have to then tell red 😂

I changed the prompt a little bit and it’s longer than expected, but I hope you like it anon :)

He knows something is wrong.

It’s Saturday and he’s making lasagna for dinner when Liz walks into the kitchen and tells him she’s going to give Peggy a bath. Ressler raises an eyebrow, it’s his turn to bath Peggy on Saturdays.

“I don’t mind doing it,” Liz says with a bright smile. “And you’re busy with dinner anyway.”

That’s when he knows something is definitely wrong.

Liz hates bath time even more than Peggy.


Peggy is already asleep (Liz let him have the “story time” moment before taking her to bed, and it wasn’t his turn) and they’re having dinner when Ressler notices another thing.

Liz is not having a glass of wine.

He doesn’t say anything because it’s not such a big deal, maybe she doesn’t feel like having wine today, but then Liz starts playing with her food instead of eating and okay, that’s it.

“What’s wrong?” He asks her.

Liz stops moving her food around the plate and looks at him.

“What? Nothing is wrong.”

Ressler raises an eyebrow, because after all these years she still thinks he’s going to believe that “nothing is bothering me” crap. He knows her.

Liz takes a deep breath before speaking.

“How do you feel about having another kid?”

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