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“Night” (ft. BTS’ Jungkook)

Pairing: ReaderxJungkook

Summary: You and your ex-boyfriend Jungkook meet in a party one night. He’s the endorser of the brand and you were the representative. (Inspired by Park Sangmin’s After This Night)

Genre: Angst, Fluff; Head!Canon

Warning(s): eh. PG-13 stuff. Did not proofread tho. REQUESTS ARE CLOSED indefinitely. :)

Words: 1,667

If it were up to Jeon Jungkook, he would have preferred never to see you again.

But destiny has its way of playing tricks on him because after 3 years, he’s being forced to see his ex-girlfriend again… as the representative of the brand he’s endorsing. On one side, he’s proud of how far you’ve come. You were just an assistant manager when you met him during a photoshoot and there you were, surrounded by countless people who were congratulating you for the successful event that he was attending and for being the representative of the headquarters. On the other side, he was somewhat sad because you’ve gone so far and didn’t come back.

“Y/N!” he heard Taehyung’s voice come from behind him which broke Jungkook’s reverie.

“Aish… This Kim Taehyung…” Jimin immediately followed Taehyung after a quick glance at Jungkook’s face.

But you had already heard your name and turned, catching Jungkook’s familiar glossy eyes. You tried to smile at him, but Taehyung was already grinning in front of you, looking at you from head to toes. He had this look on his face, one that told you that your flawless make-up and perfectly tailored suit and heels came as a surprise to him.

“Oh, Tae… and Jimin too! Hi, long time no see.” You flashed them your mega-watt smile and while Taehyung was still awed, Jimin returned your greeting.

“It’s good to see you, Y/N! You look great. Now, if you may excuse us…” he gritted through his teeth and elbowed Taehyung who was still gaping at you. “…I believe you need to talk to other guests who are more important than us.”

“Wh-What? This party is for us! We’re the most important people here and I still want to talk to Y/N!” Taehyung called when Jimin began dragging him away.

You giggled and rolled your eyes as you watched them saunter off. You faced in front of you again and smiled at Jungkook. His expression was frozen, but he thought your smile was as endearing as ever. You raised a hand and waved at him, a somewhat childish gesture, but it’s the way you and Jungkook have always greeted each other. He raised his larger hand and reciprocated while slowly stepping closer towards you.

“오랜민이야.” You had to take a deep breath discreetly when he stood so close to you.

“어, 오랜만 이네.” Some part of Jungkook refused to believe that you were standing in front of him, but you were and it took a lot more effort than it should to return your words.

“Walk with me?” you gestured with a nod to the door connecting to the outdoor garden.

Jungkook nodded stiffly and you rolled your eyes for the second time that night before looping your arm with his. You could tell from the way he almost halted in his steps that he was stunned, but he curled his own arm instinctively and led the way.

You guys stood in the open air and you had to admit that you missed the spring nights of Seoul. You grabbed a flute of champagne from a passing waiter’s tray and as usual, Jungkook refused a drink.

You were silent for a few moments, letting a certain feeling of security settle in, the way it used to when you two were still together. It had been difficult for the both of you to break the walls that both of you built when you were still starting out, but after all those time together (and maybe all those time apart too), you both felt like you trusted each other enough to let go of any inhibitions.

“So… how’s Germany?” he was the first to speak up.

“Cold.” You snickered. “…but hey, lots of alcohol.”

He raised an eyebrow, but didn’t ask further. “You? Busy as ever?”

A look of pain crossed his wide eyes, and you knew he remembered how his busy schedule had been the very cause of your break-up, but years has allowed him to mask it almost perfectly. “Some things don’t change.”

“Oh yeah? What else?” You leaned your elbow on the railing of the veranda, so that you were directly facing Jungkook.

His eyes wandered around for another answer because his first instinct was to say, ‘Well, everything else except you.’

Finally, he found the unusually clear night sky and said, “The night sky… It feels like it’s been the same night sky that I’ve been looking at for the past three years.”

You glanced at him, but his eyes only reflected the twinkling stars. “Why? Did you look at the stars a lot during that three years?”

To your surprise, he easily nodded and answered without his usual hesitation when it comes to such prying questions, “Yeah, I looked at them and wondered what you were doing. Were you looking at the same sky?”

And just when you started doubting Jeon Jungkook’s ability to make your heart skip a beat, you felt your it skip a whole measure of a song instead.

“Then, I’d realize that I began missing you again, so I’d go and do something to occupy my mind.” He continued, his pounding heart providing the distraction he needed to keep himself from looking at you.

“Is that why you’ve been writing quite a few of Bangtan’s songs recently?” you teased and you knew, it would make him look at you. “I missed you a lot too, Jungkook.”

His eyes immediately fell to the ground because he knew that his cheeks blushing red would be the only natural reaction to your statement. Realizing that your statement might’ve been too forward and that your thoughts were laced with drunken ideas, you asked what seemed like the most logical question, “Do you want to dance?”


“Come on, no one’s watching and Butterfly is playing.” You put balanced your champagne on the ground and stood up just in time for Jungkook to take you hesitantly in his arms. While he positioned himself from a considerable distance, you wrapped one of your arms around his neck, so that you could hide your face on his shoulder. “I missed you so much that it drove me crazy. I worked so hard, so that I could have this excuse to see you and even if you didn’t talk to me at all, I would’ve been happy to just see you.”

While Jungkook didn’t let go, he didn’t pull you close either. “You broke up with me.”

You nodded, beginning to let go, but his grip on you suddenly became tighter. His strong arms encircled you and held you in place. Your hands froze, but immediately melted over his shoulders. “Don’t say goodbye, I still have a lot to say. It’s been years, but I still feel the same way about you, Y/N. I haven’t changed.”

You held the tears in, knowing that you had to keep your composure when you go back in. “…and the circumstances haven’t changed either. We’re still going to be so busy and my life… my life is not in Korea now.” You said the words and they were comprehensible, but they weren’t your words. If it were up to you, you would have just kissed Jungkook and asked him to take you back.

So instead, Jungkook kissed you. “I know. After this night, we have to break up again.”

When you pulled away, you looked in his eyes and knew, “The night isn’t over yet.”

You kissed him again, let him tear your defenses, your clothes and your heart. You were prepared to get hurt again the moment he walked in the door.

The next evening, you flew back to Germany.

6 Months later…

You opened the door of your apartment at 1 am to find a visitor that you least expected.

“Jungkook? What are you doing here?” you looked around before pulling him inside, but before he could step into your living room, he had already caught your wrist and you could see in the way his tired eyes searched yours that he agonized about his action as much as it hurt to see him in the middle of your apartment.

“Did you regret it?” His fingers and the way they secured around your wrist will surely leave a mark. “Did you regret leaving 3 years ago?”

“I…” The whole situation was making it really difficult for you to breathe. “No, Jungkook. I’m sorry.”

He felt hopeless because he knew you weren’t lying.

His arms fell limp, but he managed to turn and go for the door.

“But I regretted leaving six months ago.” You called and he hesitated by the door. “I should have let you hold onto me then. I was and am more secure of myself, Jungkook. It doesn’t matter if I see you every other minute or twice a year, I just know that I need to be with you.”

He turned the knob slowly and your heart sank to your feet only to be revived when he crossed the short distance between you and met you for a kiss. His hands were cold on your neck, but his tongue was warm when it pushed passed your lips. His other arm wove around your waist as he continued kissing you and you almost cried into his mouth.

“Stay.” You whisper finally when he peels back from you.

“I… I can’t.” he completely lets go of you, but takes both of your hands in his. “…but I’ll return and I hope… Y/N, I hope you can come back home with me then.”

He raises your knuckles to his lips and you smile affirmatively. You see him to the door and he kisses your forehead. You watched as he retreated until he turned back to you and gestured to the sky. “The sky here is amazing too, but the stars are only prettier when I’m with you.”

You rolled your eyes and shot back, “How many times have I told you not to take Jin-oppa’s advice?”

a/n: here’s a short fic. Haha. Idk what to say. I have some leftover kimchi rice, want some? I have a thing… Followers say it’s okay for me to take my time, but unfollow me if I don’t update for like 5 days. So I’m kind of… ah, how do I say this? I’m kind of sad? Lol jk nvm ignore ignore 


Imagine...Getting Dean Wet

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Request: would you be willing to write a dean x reader and how she can squirt and is embarrassed because of past lovers but he loves it?

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: implied smut, language

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There’s a moment where it feels like the words on the outside match the ones on the inside. Where the teasing stops being teasing, and starts to feel true. Where your brain stops after every little criticism and thinks, “Maybe they’re right.”

Sometimes it’s big things that cause it; the loss of a close friend, that you consider your fault. The destruction of a planet that you could have saved. But most of the time, it’s the small things. The things people scoff off as stupid or pathetic. Things like breaking your favorite pair of headphones, or accidentally deleting your favorite photo. They pile on top of each other, day after day, minute after minute, until the most mundane of things causes you to break.

“Do it again.”

And he breaks. Because it’s the seventh time through that he’s done it, and he knows he isn’t performing to what she wants. What they all want. But he can’t, he physically cannot do it, but if he says that, he’s weak. If he says it, he’s useless.


He’s always useless. Always too weak. Always too pathetic, too loud, too happy, too whiny, too boisterous, too flirtatious, too everything.

So he doesn’t do it.

He puts down his bayard, silently, defiantly, but the defiance isn’t real. It’s faked and obvious, from the shaking of his fingers to the tremble of his lip and the stinging of his eyes. Her words become angry, but they’re muffled, because everything is rushing him at once and he can’t think, can’t breathe, can’t be here.

His feet carry him out before he can stop and there’s shouts of confusion, all laced with concern that he knows is fake. It’s all fake. They don’t like him, not really. Even he doesn’t like him, so how could anyone else?

His soles move faster and his breathing is ragged as he runs. He doesn’t know where he’s going, doesn’t know how long he can handle doing this anymore. He’s so tired of being useless, so tired of being him, so tired of just being.

He doesn’t realize that his fingernails have been clamping into his palms until he feels a warm rivulet of blood curling down his middle finger. He releases his grip, gasps, and slams back into a wall, choked out sobs spilling from his lips as he slides to the floor and cradles his head in his hands. He knows he’s covering his head in the coppery crimson, doesn’t care.

He can’t see straight, can’t think straight, can’t even cry right, he’s so pathetic. He doesn’t know where in the castle he is and he doesn’t care. At this point in time, he wants to find the nearest airlock and pitch himself out without his helmet. They’d find a replacement.

It was easy to replace him.

It always had been.

He heard footsteps nearing and panicked, heart rate jumping, and he struggled to his feet, running again, arms clutched tightly around his body and sobs swallowed in favor of whimpers. Somehow, he knew he wasn’t going to be fast enough, and the moment the partially gloved hand hit his shoulder he froze, biting back the sting of words on his lips.

No need to make them hate him anymore than they already did.

Keith was speaking, he knew he was, but he couldn’t make out anything except the pounding rush of blood in his head. He kept his gaze firmly on the ground, hot streaks of tears sliding from his chin and sending a rush of embarrassment through his whole body.

They didn’t need him. They didn’t want him.

Keith had stopped talking, and he realized with horror that he had said the last part out loud, in a biting tongue that felt too cold to be his voice. He waited for him to leave, to tell him he was right, but then he embraced him, firmly, fingers tightening on his back and in his jacket and a voice whispering, soft, apologetic, reassuring.

He didn’t hug back.

The words were meaningless.

There comes a point when even the most pure of phrases, the most loving thoughts, feel like lies.

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Ooh!!! #12 with fuckboy! Taehyung 😏 please and thank you ☺️

✎ things you said when you thought i was asleep ✎
1.6k words ; angst [ pg-15 ]

Originally posted by aestheticvbts

a/n: i tried to make this happy but i wrote this after spring day came out and went emo real fast

For as long as you could remember, you and Taehyung had always been an inseparable pair. Wherever he went, you did too. Whatever you did, he followed. Sometimes voluntarily, other times he’d force you out of your place to tag along as his wingwoman.

To say that it didn’t hurt whenever Taehyung pulled you out of your shell only to shove you back in would be the ultimate lie.

It was common knowledge amongst all the students that Taehyung was never one for commitment. A few have said it was because of his parents’ divorce, others because of a past lover who had shattered his heart. But you knew differently.

Taehyung didn’t have commitment issues, he had trust issues. Not with anyone else, but with himself. He didn’t trust himself to care for such a thing as fragile as love, didn’t trust himself to give his all to a relationship and a lover who would depend on him, lean on him, believe in him. despite the multiple times you’ve told him otherwise, he wouldn’t listen. He trusted you, but never your words, nor your actions that continuously reminded him how deserving of love he was.

And for as long as you could remember, you have always, always been in love with Kim Taehyung.

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❤ - go blind/speed dating and happen to find each other (w/ tattooartist!namjoon)

When your friend (a.k.a the devil himself Jeon Jungkook) said that he had the perfect match for you, honestly (apart from telling him to jump off the cliff) you were rather intrigued. Jungkook painted him to be a person you somehow had intentions of meeting - based on his mutual likings and interest, you were in for it. However, when Jeon set the date up and told you of the venue, your gut feeling didn’t feel too good.

Yet, you went through with it because hey, Jungkook is a nice person. So whoever he tried to play cupid with couldn’t possibly be that bad.

Your conclusion was up for a testimony as you situate yourself in front of the description Jungkook left you in bullet point form. Purple hair, a black cargo jacket hanging on his shoulders with a pair of jeans and whatever shoes because who cares. He smiles at you the moment you sit down and he extends his arm to Jungkook’s detailed text message of: red summer dress, flats, okay that’s all you get, hyung and although he wanted to punch Jungkook at the throat, he’s happy said boy didn’t say much.

Because boy was he blown away with the beauty in front of him. Bright eyes, brighter smile, he feels his heart warming up already even though you haven’t said anything.

“I’m Namjoon,” He introduces himself, deep raspy voice shaking you to your bone and you try your best to stay collected, reaching forward to slip your hand in his, “Y/N,”

He stood corrected. You even sound pretty what the fuck.

“S-So, uh… shall we see what to eat?”

“Sure,” You grin, picking up the menu and with a soft what on earth, you scan through the price and your heart is pounding too hard because Jeon, you’re dead meat. The digits could skyrocket to your purse’s death and based on how light it would be after you eat here, it could fly to the heaven’s. Gulping, you try to look elsewhere, away from the blaring thousand dollars for some gold burger on the menu to land on - Namjoon flinches at the touch along the back of his hand but doesn’t move away.

Instead, he lowers his menu to see you admiring his line of chain tattooed to his skin and he smiles, meeting with your eyes when you tilt your chin up and is it weird he adores how you snap back to your senses with a quick I’m so sorry! and try to muster up a reason you touched him without asking? Yet, he would let you anyway? He tells you it’s fine, and carries it on with: “You like tattoos?”

“W-Well,” You put the menu down, straightening your back, “I think they’re interesting. Like, the stories behind them, the meaning and…” He sees how you’re unable to continue, only following your gaze of your curiosity to the cuffs of his jacket to reveal the ink on his wrist. His mind is completely off from the special deals, on to lifting his sleeve slightly, “Do you want to see them?”

“Could I?” He takes it back, he loves how wide your eyes become and have filled with adoration in them.

“Yeah but,” He leans in, to which you do subconsciously, “I don’t think this place would appreciate me putting on a free show to my tattoos,”

“…we could go somewhere else,”

“Where do you propose?”

You’re smiling.

“I know this burger place down the block,” He’s about to agree but you - “And I may or may not have gotten my first tattoo at the joint behind,”

“…you’re kidding,” His eyes are as wide as the moon, his mouth gaping at - “You have a tattoo?”

With a chuckle, you rise to your feet and extend your hand to him, “C’mon. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,”

Without missing a beat, Namjoon grabs onto your hand.

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HI OMG that hansung scenario was so so so good!!! So if it's ok I would like to ask if you could write a scenario with hansung where the reader steps in front of hansung to block him from his brother and grabs the sword laced with poison( my baby hansung died and I'm still crying over it) thank you so much your blog is amazing by the way❤❤


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Genre: Angst.
Pairing(s): Han Sung/Reader.
Warning(s): Character Death.

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Figuring it out (finally)

Pairing: Deamus (Seamus x Dean)

Notes: I finally did it, Starr. I wrote a goddamn deamus fic @sleepy-loopin

Thanks to @stripygirl for beta me ♥

Seamus had been avoiding Dean for almost five days in a row now.

At the beginning he disappeared only one or two hours from the side of his best friend. Just to feel like he was still an individual person and not that kind of two headed human that people seemed to think they were. Because Seamus was always with Dean, that was a fact not a fact that made him proud, but a fact.

When Dean started to date Ginny, those hours of “free will” weren’t his decision but a reasonable matter. Y'see, Dean wanted to spend time with his girlfriend, exploring her mouth with his avid tongue, probably playing some sort of join-the-dots with her freckles and his calloused hands, and maybe later pin her down on the bed and– Well, yeah, the thing was that Dean wanted to spend time with Ginny and Seamus didn’t want to be the third wheel. It felt wrong in the human decency sense and at the same time it made his stomach feel sick. But mostly it was because of the human decency thing.

That’s when they stopped being Dean-and-Seamus and started being Dean and Seamus. And it felt weird but mostly fine. He sometimes felt that he missed his friend and those were natural feelings or at least that’s what Harry had told him he had kind of the same problem with Ron and Lavender. But that dreadful feeling didn’t last long since once Dean and Ginny had their amicable break up, Dean and Seamus started once again to be Dean-and-Seamus. Or at least for a while.

When Seamus started to feel once again like an entity with two heads, he tried not to panic. Wasn’t easy, but hey he was a strong guy who could face his fears and it all was well. Until he started to notice the weird looks of their classmates everytime he put a bit of a distance - hey, he was a strong guy but sometimes you need to take a break. People were more surprised at him for not taking Dean’s hand or not hugging him senseless than he was. And that was something to say.

So he started noticing it too. 

The way Dean brushed his hair off his face in Potions or the way Dean’s fingers brushed with his everytime he took the lead on the potion making process. The way he always rested his head on Dean’s shoulder when they were on the library, just to aknowledge him in return. How Dean guided him by pushing the lower part of his back. Or how he bit his fingers until they almost bleeded each time Dean was on detention with Snape. And many, many more things but yeah, the point was made. 

He, himself, Seamus Finnigan, noticed how things were working between the two of them. And the strong man fled.

It wasn’t like he wanted to avoid Dean for all eternity - even the thought of that made him wince in pain. But he wanted to sort out why the bloody hell things had developed like this. Y'see, Seamus wasn’t the kind of friend who got really attached to others. Actually when he was a kid he was pretty friendly but he had his boundaries kinda settled and that’s why he tried to remember in which exact moment everything had changed. Probably sharing a room with your best friend changes lot of things but to the let’s-share-clothes-if-everything-is-in-the-laundry-basquet kind not the I’m-gonna-drag-you-across-the-school-holding-hands kind.

But maybe that was because Dean was a very physical friend; he wasn’t sure. So he tried to watch him interact with others. He knew it looked pretty much like stalking but no, he was just watching for research purposes. But Dean never let himself go, never more than a hug. No brushing anyone’s hair behind their ear nor taking anyone’s hand nor bro-snuggles nor anything else. And it was weird, soothing also but mostly weird. Deep inside himself, Seamus knew that otherwise he would have felt jealous. And that’s… that’s not good.

So yeah, he had been avoiding Dean for the last five days, trying to figure something out that he already knew but couldn’t actually accept. But now he’s here in front of Dean’s bed while the former was reading a book and didn’t even look up at him.

“I have to tell you something.”, Seamus breathed out playing with his hands, just to break contact a few seconds later and clean the sweat of his palms on his trousers.

“If you’re gonna tell me that Slughorn told you that you’ll not pass Potions, then save it”, Dean’s eyes still glued to the book. Seamus could feel the way his muscles tensed even more, a small irking feeling growing in his chest.

“What–? No, the bloody hell? Haven’t you noticed that I was avoiding you?”, suddenly he felt stupid at saying that since the whole point of avoiding someone is not letting them know you are actually doing it. The need of swallowing the words just to stop screwing things up mixed with the feeling of the tip of his ears getting hot.

Dean shrugged, still reading that goddamn book on his hands. “You always do that for a couple of days once in a while. This time it was a little bit more but it’s fine”, he said while turning the page nonchalantly. Seamus couldn’t quite figure out if he felt his chest ache or burst in anger.

“Would you bloody look at me!?”, he roared while his eyes started to prickle. Dean quickly snapped his gaze out of the book just to look at Seamus, who held his breath and felt his ears and cheeks start to burn with too much intensity. Maybe it was an awful idea ‘cause now he couldn’t say a word. Dean’s eyes making him feel lost since there was no judgement nor pain in them, just a warm feeling that made Seamus feel somewhat understood.

The noise of the book in Dean’s hands suddenly closing made him jump a bit. He couldn’t talk, he couldn’t move. He was being a bloody idiot standing there with Dean looking at him like nothing was wrong. Like he had expected this. Seamus squinted his eyes as Dean smirked, Seamus eyebrows frowning as an answer. “You bloody knew, didn’t you?”

Dean got up from his bed without losing a beat and stopped right in front of Seamus. That smirk transformed into a fond smile that flipped Seamus’ stomach. If he didn’t know Dean, he would have said that all of this was somewhat planned. Wich he was pretty sure it was somehow or at least Dean had a faint idea of what he was expecting to happen. Suddenly his mind lost all trains of thought; a hand on the back of his neck giving him goosebumps and another one playing carefully with the tips of his fingers. Seamus swallowed again, unable to tear his eyes apart from Dean’s.

“I’m so glad that you finally figured it out”, the smile on Dean’s lips grew wider.

He didn’t have any time to analize how much love that look was giving him. A pair of lips suddenly on his, barely touching like the fire was enough to contain all the feelings that washed over them. Seamus thought about pulling back for a moment just to let go a soft laugh right after. It felt like everytime he tried to brew a new potion or that time he had tried to do rum. It feels like something was going to explode. And that is all the push he needed before cupping both hands at the sides of Dean’s face and pressing their foreheads together. The smile on his lips so wide he could feel his cheeks burning in what he knew was a pretty obvious blush. He didn’t care. He didn’t mind. A low, wishful sigh escaped from his lips. “For Merlin’s ball Dean, I bloody love you”

Just a chuckle, a little one escaping from Dean’s lips. That’s all it took for Seamus to kiss him back again.

Seamus had been avoiding Dean for almost five days in a row. But that wouldn’t be a issue, he wasn’t planning on leaving Dean’s side anymore.

Assist Me (Part 7)

Summary: With little to no experience and no approval, you are secretly trained to be an Avenger

Word Count:1337

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Warnings: angst? 

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 -  Part 5 - Part 6

Originally posted by itsjustmycrazyvibe

Bucky waited for you outside the tower, keeping a safe distance from your car but still close to it. He made sure he got there before you could leave because he knew you would try and avoid him. While he felt guilty, he hoped that when he talked to you, you would see his perspective. What he did was upsetting, and he was aware of it, but he really had good intentions throughout it.

He really wasn’t supposed to be outside just standing there. Anyone could recognize him and that could result in violence or crowding.

It took you longer to exit than he expected. There was no way you left already, because your car was still there. He waited patiently, checking his phone every now and then to respond to notifications.

When you began to walk out, Bucky looked around casually, trying to appear as if he had not been eyeing that exit door for a while.

Your eyes met with his. He looked hopeful as you slowly walked towards him. You immediately shifted from looking at him to looking around you. He stood straight and had his hands placed in his pockets. A few strands of hair fell in front of his face because of the breeze. The harsh winds hitting against you pulled you closer to car with ease.

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Missing Out Pt. 2

A/n: Part 2 of my Jimin drabble that was requested by @wang-banana thanks to @ayyosuga for editing this and helping me out a lot. Tagging @thules @ssconce @sydist

Pairing: Jimin x reader

Summary: He wanted you back and he wanted to make things right

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1959

He knew he was being foolish and he knew how late he was on everything, but he knew that he wouldn’t be able to stop himself. Jimin was already dashing out of the apartment because he was on his way to see you. His heart pumping more blood as he could feel adrenaline flowing through him, becoming more bold because he was intoxicated with fluids that he began to regret drinking. Stumbling a bit as he got closer to his destination, hesitating each step as he got even more close to the door that he was so familiar with yet it felt estranged.

His hand clings on the doorknob as he tries to jiggle it open only to have it be locked. He gave out a pathetic chuckle as his hand swept upon his cotton candy tresses. Of course the door would be locked, it’s only common sense for it to be since it was such an ungodly hour. Still drunk, he was determined to see your face once more. He began to redo his actions, jiggling the doorknob along with a few harsh knocks against the wooden door while your name comes out from the tip of his tongue with despair; this time Jimin was really desperate. Giving up in just a few minutes after his little fit, his back was against the door as he slowly dragged himself down while his legs were spread across the floor. He clenched his hand as tears were ready to fall down onto his tinted cheeks, “Just one more time, please.” He had begged in a whisper only to have his prayers answered.

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A Bit Shy (Part 2)

Author’s Note: because I hit over 50 follows, here is part 2 Woohoo!! but in all seriousness thank you guys so much!! This story is just freaking writing itself 

//Part 1// 


My First and Last - NCT DREAM

When He Sees Me - Sara Bareilles

Pairing: Reader x Jungkook(BTS)

Word Count: 800+

Genre: Fluff and Humor

Originally posted by sugmon

Jimin’s POV:

“Kookie, is that the girl you told me about weeks ago?” My eyes trailed to the other side of the cafeteria to a girl who was looking off into space and stirring her soup.

“Hyung what makes you say that?” Jungkook turns down to me with bits of food hanging out of his mouth.

“Wipe your mouth Jungkook, that’s gross.” Seokjin takes a seat next to mine as he sets his tray of food down.

“Sorry hyung.” jungkook takes a napkin from Seokjin and wipes his face.

“Anyways, I never showed you who that girl was, Jimin hyung.”

“No you didn’t but you said she had floral shoes and that girl over there is wearing some. She was just staring at us too.” I nudge my head over to the girl again.

“A Lot of girls stare at us and have floral shoes, doesn’t make her the girl.” jungkook reports back and takes another large bite of his sandwich.

“Would you take your mind off your sandwich and just look over there.” Jungkook rolled his eyes and looked across the room to the table where the girl was sitting. He didn’t say anything


“I don’t know how you figured that one out hyung but yes that’s the girl.”

“You can just say I have a gift.” I shrugged my shoulder and turned my attention back to the other side of the room. “You told me a lot of things about her but you never said she was cute.”

“Yeah, I guess she is pretty cute.”

“You should go over there and talk to her.”

“No way!”

“Why not? This is a golden opportunity.”

“Because I’m probably the last person she wants to talk to right now. She most likely still embarrassed about what happen.”

“Oh come on that was over a month ago.” man she was really cute. I watched her as she took a sip of her soup and scrunched her nose up. That was cute too. She pushes the bowl away from herself and looks up to stare straight towards me. I can’t let kookie let another perfect girl like her pass him by. He has been single for too long. It time to take matters into my own hands.

“Well if you’re too scared to talk to her, then I going to have to do it for you,” I whispered out into his ear as I pushed back my chair. I brush off Jungkook’s strong hand on my sleeve and ignore his pleas as I walk away from our table. I slowly make my way to her small table. I take a chair from another table and swing it around, planting it right across from her.

“Hi there.”


“So I’ve been wondering lately.”

“About what?” she shifts nervously in her chair

“Well my friend over there has been missing his shirt and I wondering if you ever planned on giving it back. It’s been over a month.” I lean forward in my chair, sending a smirk her way. A flush red burned onto her cheeks and she looks away from my gaze to the floor.

“Oh yeah about that…I have it in my apartment, I could bring it by.”

“Oh perfect! Why don’t you bring it to our practice room tomorrow? Jungkook, Hobi and I were just going to mess around with some choreography. Here the room number.” I scribble down the number on a napkin and hand it to her. “Oh and if you can come in the morning that would be great. But one more thing.”

“Y-yes?” she looks up from the napkin. looking a little dumb stuck

“I never caught your name.”


“Well (Y/N) it was a pleasure meeting you. See you tomorrow.” I sent her a wink as I stood from the chair. I pushed it in and walked back to my own table. My eyes land on a terror-stricken Jungkook. I laugh to myself and take my seat next to him.

“What happen? What did you say? What did you do?” jungkook tugged on my sleeve.

“Calm down I didn’t do anything stupid.” I brushed his hands off me

“But what did you do.”

“I simply ask her to come to the practice room tomorrow to return your shirt.” I shrugged and started to finish my lunch

“She coming by?…..hyung.”


“I still too embarrassed…”

“Oh, you’ll be fine, jungkook. It not like you two are going on a date.” Seokjin finally piped in and gave jungkook a kind of motherly look.

“Yeah, I agree with Jin hyung. she is just bringing back your shirt. completely harmless.”

“I feel like you have something else planned.”

“Well now your just being paranoid.” I take a bite of my sandwich and ignore the rest of Jungkook pestering questions. he was right about one thing, though. Maybe I did have a bit more planned for tomorrow. 

More cliffhangers my favorite :P. But thank you guys again for the support!! As always I hoped you guys enjoyed reading this as much as I love writing it!!<3

Joker Imagine - Make me love you PART 2

Part 1 is here *click me*

Your P.O.V.

My eyes felt very heavy, but I forced them open. Everything I saw was one big blur of colours, but most was dark. What the fuck was going? My head was pounding and my body felt weak, almost like I had been sleeping for a day and I just woke up. I moaned because I was unable to speak due these strange symptoms. To be honest I was a little scared. I felt drugged.

In the middle of the big blur I saw something white and green coming closer. As it came very close, I recognized a pair of eyes, a red smile and metallic teeth. Then I realized that it was Joker. ‘’You’re awake early’’ He told me and the last word echoed in my head. I groaned and shut my eyes for a while. What the fuck was that supposed to mean? How did I get here? Where am I?

‘’Y/N’’ His raspy voice spoke up again, causing me to look at this man. My heart started beating faster for some reason. Well it wasn’t a random reason, let’s face it, the reason was him. ‘’Where..wh-where’’ I tried to speak, but it seemed too hard. The rest was just a messy moan again and I sighed. It was frustrating. ‘’be quiet kitten, just relax’’ He told me sternly, but he wasn’t angry. Me being me I didn’t listen. ‘’’’ I forced the words out of my mouth. Then I focused on his face. He was smiling a little bit. ‘’We’re on the way to the penthouse’’ He let me know.

Penthouse? His house? I breathed out slowly and looked away from him. As I moved my eyes, everything blurred again. I tried to move arm arm, but I was too weak to do that. What on earth had he done to me? ‘’Take it easy, it’ll be okay soon’’ He tried to tell me. I grunted a few times, but it didn’t make me magically stronger. Then everything turned darker and I couldn’t move anymore. Joker’s arms draped around my body and he pulled me closer to him.If I could, I’d push him away from me, but another part of me liked this. The truth was that I liked Joker, but I couldn’t. I just couldn’t, since I was afraid of commitment and love.

‘’Just sleep sleepy head’’ Were the last words I heard before I fell asleep in his arms. Just before that I thought that we were in a car because I heard the engine which echoed in my head until everything was quiet and dark again.


Something tickled a little bit on my cheek. I groaned and tried to turn around, but I couldn’t. Then I opened my eyes, only to see a dark room with dim lights. Joker was in front of me and his hand was on my cheek. ‘’What the-’’ I started, but stopped in my tracks quickly. I remembered things better now. He killed my boyfriend and then made me sleep. ‘’Did you sleep well?’’ He asked me with a crooked smile. I took a deep breath and cleared my throat, because it was kinda dry.

‘’I did, but why am I here?’’ I asked him, trying to sound angry. He stood up straight and put his hands behind his back. Then he looked at the lamp and I could see his face better. ‘’Well I couldn’t leave you with the body. Batman was on the way and he would blame you’’ Joker explained to me. I closed my eyes and I could see Jason on the floor when Joker shot him. It’s like his damn head just exploded or something. I know that most people would be sad but I was actually enjoying the sight. I only panicked because it was so sudden.

‘’How did Batman know?’’ I decided to speak and it was the first thing that came to my mind. Joker turned to look at me again and he walked closer. ‘’Your neighbours snitched or then Batsy just kept an eye on me. You see he seems to like me since he can’t leave me alone’’ He snickered like it was funny. Then he grabbed a chair and dragged it next to me, taking a seat on it.

‘’Well thank you for your concern Mr.J but I would appreciate if you would untie me and let me go’’ I told him as politely as I could. The smile on his face faded and he seemed a little offended. ‘’Now why on earth would I do that Y/N? Hm? After all you said when you were in your little daze?’’ He raised his voice a little. My heart started beating faster in my chest and I felt small. What had I told him? I had no memory of telling him anything special.

‘’Thank you so much J’’ He mimicked me and slowly stood up again. I clenched my jaw and stayed quiet. ‘’Jason was bad, very very bad’’ He continued and it seemed to anger him. The next thing I knew was that Joker threw the chair to the wall and it startled me, making me flinch. ‘’How about this..’’ He growled and placed his hands on the table beside my head. Then he looked down at me and pulled the lamp above my face. Now he scared me.

‘’I like you J but I can’t’’ He growled, still mimicking me. So I had said all that? I bit my bottom lip and held my breath in. My eyes stung and I felt like I had fucked up. He couldn’t know all that! ‘’Care to explain?’’ He raised his non-existent eyebrows at me. Then silence fell over the room. I could only hear his breaths and my wild heartbeat. I didn’t know what to tell him. It hurt because I wanted to explain myself, but I simply couldn’t. Then I felt a warm tear rolling down my face, but I still looked at him. He was gritting his teeth and he just waited for something, anything really.

‘’I’m sorry’’ I whispered quietly. Suddenly he hit the table, startling me again. ‘’Come on Y/N let it out!’’ He yelled at me. I know this was frustrating for him. I had to admit that it was my fault. I had been flirty with him in the beginning and I got him into this pity of feelings. Then I just ignored him. It was because of Jason, a fucking jerk who wanted to control my life. I hoped that I could keep Joker out of it. But I couldn’t.

‘’Have you ever heard of philophobia?’’ I whimpered and tried to keep myself together. Joker squinted his eyes and looked at me closely. ‘’Philophobia?’’ He wanted to be sure. I nodded and let him think. Then something happened in his eyes. Almost like he thought of something. ‘’Why would you have that?’’ he asked me seriously. So he knew what it was. ‘’Because’’ I whispered and then looked away from him. Damn this was hard. This situation was like a knife to my heart. 

The next thing that Joker did was surprising, he started untying me. I just looked at his green hair because he faced down, not showing me his face. A few minutes later my ankles and wrists were free, yet I lied there. Why would I move? It’s not like I would leave or anything. ‘’What did he do to you?’’ Joker broke the silence, but still faced me with his back. It’s like he was close to a mental breakdown or something. Not that I was a doctor, but I knew him well enough.

‘’A little bit of everything’’ I sighed and tried to calm down. I didn’t like being weak in front of people. Especially not Joker. I had feelings for him that I was afraid of. I couldn’t. What if he would grow tired of me and start treating me like Jason did? I was taken back to reality when I felt something on my hand. Joker pulled me up so I was sitting and he kept his hand on mine. How strange, but I didn’t mind it too much.

‘’Tell me’’ He demanded seriously and I didn’t want to piss him off again. Well fuck I knew I would be stuck here until I’d tell him. Here goes nothing. ‘’At first he was sweet, polite and everything you could ask for. Then he just changed, I don’t know what happened. He blamed me’’ I started and avoided eye contact. Joker was quiet so I knew he listened to me. ‘’Then one night he came home and he was stoned. I tried to leave him, but no, he didn’t let me’’ I continued and then the flashbacks came. A shiver ran down my spine and I stared into emptiness. I could still feel his dirty hand on me. I could hear his voice and feel his breath on my skin.

‘’He told me that the kidnappers were doing the right thing to me. Then he started to hurt me. Every fucking day I’d get slapped, punched, kicked, hit with objects and so much more. I couldn’t leave J, he said he’d kill me’’ I teared up and then hid my face in my hands. Letting out was so weird, kinda good but it made me feel vulnerable. Although I had taken down people in fights before, Jason was different. He truly terrified me. It was kinda unbelievable that he was gone.

‘’He can’t hurt you anymore’’ Joker reminded me. He was probably finding it hard to say something. I couldn’t blame him tho. ‘’Damn if I could bring him back alive I’d do that just to kill him again’’ He growled angrily. I took my hands away from my face and then I looked at him again. Our eyes met and then I felt like my lips were locked. I didn’t know what to say anymore. ‘’You know that I’m not like him’’ Joker let me know, but it sounded more like a question. ‘’I don’t hurt the few people I care about’’ He added seriously. I just nodded because I wasn’t in the mood to speak.


We were both quiet for a while. It wasn’t awkward, but there was tension in the air. He didn’t do anything. It was like he was in deep thoughts. I felt like I had to do something even tho it scared me. Maybe just maybe it was the right thing to do. I leaned closer to Joker and grabbed his face in my hands. Before he could ask me what I was doing, I pressed my lips against his and I closed my eyes. He didn’t hesitate to kiss back. A second later his right hand was on my back and his other hand was tangled in my hair, pushing my head closer to him to deepen the kiss.

We were fucking kissing.

My heart was pumping so hard that it nearly jumped out of my chest. But it felt so good. He moved his lips on mine and made me open my mouth a little bit. The next thing I knew was that he pushed his tongue in my mouth. I didn’t mind. The kiss got so heated that I moaned without thinking. But after a while we needed air, so we pulled back from each other. I looked into his icy blue eyes. He seemed just as surprised as I was.

‘’Promise me something’’ I whispered, feeling ready to say this. There was no use in hiding anymore. Joker nodded and waited for me to continue. This deadly man didn’t look so deadly in front of me. ‘’Don’t ever become like Jason’’ I told him dead seriously. If I’d go through that again, I wasn’t sure if I could find a way out. ‘’I promise you that kitten’’ Joker promised me seriously. My lips curved into a small smile. ‘’If you promise to give this a try, trust me, it’ll be worth it’’ He added quickly.

‘’I promise’’ 

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You already knew my ass was gonna be in here - B/D/K/N for Tobi-o, Sh-o, and B-o.

Hinata Shouyou:

B (Body part)- He’s rather fond of his butt. When he first started playing volleyball, he tried on a pair of spandex, and although he would never wear them to an actual practice, he still bought them because of how nice it makes his butt look. For his s/o, he loves their cheeks. He likes to kiss them and squish them together, loving the way his s/o’s face feels in his hands. It’s all innocent, really.

K (Kink)- Hinata likes the feeling of feeling powerful, so it’s no surprize that he’d be into a BDSM of some sort. He likes to tie his s/o’s hands behind their back, or to the headboard or a chair as he pleasures them, rendering them absolutely useless as they struggle. He won’t go as far as hurting his s/o, but he thinks it’s pretty hot when they beg for him. (One time, he looked up ‘BDSM’ on tumblr and saw a woman in a whole latex outfit, with nothing but her lips and boobs uncovered and scared himself for a week)

N (NO!)- He’s a bit afraid to try out any toys. He’s seen some and something with a name like “Huge Veiny Throbbing Ass Destroyer!” is not something he wants anywhere near him or his s/o

D (Dirty secret)- Secretly, he refers to himself as ‘Bubble Butt’, and nobody can ever know that, ever. Although, he almost let it slip to Yamaguchi once.

Kageyama Tobio:

B (Body part)- If you were to ask him, he really couldn’t give you an upfront answer. Everything he likes about himself is talent based, and has never really taken the time to admire his body. Although, if he had to choose, he would say he’s rather fond of his hands, mainly because “without them, I couldn’t set”, so when it comes down to it, it’s still talent based. Call him a sap, but his favorite part of his s/o’s body is their eyes. Looking into their eyes for the first time is what made Kageyama realize he was in love with them, and he will forever fall in love more whenever he looks into them.

K (Kink)- At first he found it absolutely embarrassing, but he thinks mutual masturbation is really hot. Sometimes, he’s horny but not in the mood for sex, and it’s his definite go to. The first time him and his s/o tried it, he freaked out over the way his s/o was looking at him and didn’t even cum. Although, by now, it’s really just second nature.

N (NO!)- He would never, ever try any kink that has to do with any body fluids or excretions besides saliva, vaginal lubrication and cum. Hinata sent him the link to “Two girls one cup” as a prank before, and Kageyama got so sick he almost vomited. He’s sure if his s/o ever brought up anything like that in the bedroom, he’d dump them.

D (Dirty secret)- The first time he tried masturbating he thought he was going to die when he almost came. For three months Kageyama would try it again and again and always deny himself of an orgasm because the kid literally though he was going to die if he kept going. Now when he thinks about it, he wishes he could die.

Bokuto Koutarou:

B (Body part)- He really, really likes his arms. Although his thighs and glutes are a lot more muscular, he takes pride in his biceps. During the summer, he’ll only ever wear muscle tees and wife beaters to show off those glorious arms of his. On the other hand, he really likes his s/o’s tummy. He thinks it’s perfect for absolutely everything; he’ll cuddle up to it, he’ll tail wet kisses down it during foreplay and, he always pulls out just to paint their tummy with his cum.

K (Kink)- He really likes to spank his s/o. He was wary of it at first, because he knows how strong he can be and was constantly worried about their well being. Although, when they showed nothing but signs of pleasure, there was nothing holding him back.

N (NO!)- He won’t try anything with his s/o unless he knows they are completely, 100% alone. His biggest fear is being caught doing the do, and he won’t even jerk himself off if he knows his mom is home, let alone fuck his s/o in public.

D (Dirty secret)- One time, only because he knew there was no way anyone would ever find out, he bought a butt plug off of Amazon. It’s black and white, silicone, and vibrates, and despite the fact that he hates himself for buying it, it’s the best investment he’s ever made. To keep it hidden from people, he hides it in between his mattress and boxspring. Although he left the charging cord out by accident once, and his mother almost caught him if he didn’t rapidly excuse it as a phone charger Kuroo had forgotten.

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the gang meeting some kid who used to move around a lot and their fam has finally settled down in one place but she's super unsure how to make friends because it's been super long since she was able to make a friend. but she is also super rude all the time and its a big reason as to why no one talks to her. love ur blog btw ❤️

Thank you 💛

-She doesn’t really talk.

-When Ponyboy was paired up with her in English she stayed silent while they worked and show looked like she was scowling the whole time.

-She thought he was a nice kid she just couldn’t figure out how to say hi.

-They were working on a big project and everyday Ponyboy would do all of the talking and she would just sit there glaring.

-He’d finally ask her if he did something to offend her.

-But the bell would ring and she’s storm off.

-That afternoon she saw Ponyboy standing with a bunch of guys and they were all staring at her.

-She gave them a look and snapped at them.

-“What the hell do you want?”

-The all awkwardly averted their eyes and muttered nothing.

-The next day Ponyboy invited her to go get a coke with him after school.

-She’d become really confused by that.

-“I’m not gonna have sex with you if that’s what you’re looking for.”

-Ponyboy would get really flustered at her response.

-“I meant as friends.”

-“I’m not your friend.”

-She went with him anyways because he kept asking and she wanted him to stop.

-Ponyboy would finally get her talking and learn about how often she moved around.

-He would invite her over to meet the others.

-They liked how sassy she was.

-And she liked how welcoming they were.

-She started hanging around them a lot more.

-And eventually let’s her guard down and finally calls them her friends.

Home is where the demons are

Title: Home is where the demons are

Anonymous asked: “Could we see a platonic fic around the time when Chuck learns everything he writes in the supernatural books is real? Like sister!winchester is seriously contemplating/planning suicide and Chuck tells the boys because he knows exactly how serious it is?”

Characters: Dean, Sam, John, you

Pairing: none

Warnings: mentions of suicide (no actual suicide! Trying to keep it nice here folks)

Word count: 713

A/N: I took the liberty to write to story a bit later as the request asked because I thought it would fit the story better. Anyway, as always I hope you enjoy it!

_________________________________________________________________________ You were moving again. It hadn’t come as a surprise since you knew it would eventually happen again. Everything you got used to living in one place your father decided to go on a road trip with you and your brothers, going god knows where to do god knows what. It was the 4th time you moved to another house, or at least it was the 4th time you could remember. Dean didn’t seem to mind the moving, he said it would be nice to explore new places and built character. Sam on the other hand felt the same way you did: lost, alone and miserable. In the beginning you and Sam talked about it but once your father found out he told the two of you to stop whining about it and get over it. Sam did seem to feel more at ease after that. Maybe your dad had told him something you didn’t know. It didn’t matter to you, you just wanted to stay here one last day to say your goodbyes to the people you got to know over the month the 4 of you stayed at the motel. You had told your father about your wish but he had replied angry, saying that the 4 of you should get out of here as soon as possible. All of the other times you had to move you had listened to your dad but right now it felt wrong just to leave. You had packed your duffel bag with possessions you knew you couldn’t bring with you to your new house and you were going to give them to your friends. The boys were out to get some supplies for whatever reason they had so no one noticed your leave until they returned. “where’s Y/N?” John asked the boys. “she was here when we left, she must have gone out while we were getting supplies” Sam said. “of course captain obvious, we know what she did we just don’t know where she went” Dean said. “I might know where she is” John said after some contemplating. The boys got in the impala driving towards the spot John thought you were. You were done with giving away your possessions and you couldn’t take it anymore. The secrets your family tried to keep from you had been exposed when you had found your dad’s journal one night. All the fears and monsters you were afraid of had been real and your family didn’t trust you enough to let you in on the family secret. You just couldn’t take it anymore and your dad knew. You had wanted to commit suicide once before but your dad had stopped you as soon as he found out. “drive faster Dean! We haven’t gotten all day” John shouted. “what’s wrong? Where is Y/N? What happening?” Dean asked. “she found out about the family business some time ago and tried to commit suicide. I’m sorry you boys had to find it out like this but I think she’ll be trying it again” John said. Dean floored the impala understanding how important the situation was. The three of them soon reached your destination. Dean spotted you first. You where sitting on a rock at the beach, skipping stones over the quiet lake. “Y/N don’t move” Dean screamed, slamming the car door shut and running towards you. Startled you had turned around but once you heard Dean’s familiar voice you relaxed. He lifted you from the rock and pulled you into a tight hug. “why are you here Dean?” you asked. “dad told us everything, don’t you evee dare do something like that again Y/N. Don’t you dare!” Dean screamed. Sam took you from Dean’s arms, brushing a small tear from your cheek. “Don’t worry Y/N, I’m here. We are a family business and we will protect you because without you we aren’t family anymore” he reassured you. “Thank you” you whispered. “Come home Y/N, we need you” John said. “We will never leave you” Dean and Sam agreed, leading you back towards the impala. The whole situation felt unreal but you knew it was real and your family was there for you and would protect you and for the first time in quite some time you felt alive again.

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What discourse? Amy mentioned a few days ago that the triangle was on his Achilles heel

yeah i meant ‘discourse’ to say something it was mentioned on tumblr, i know he looks at blogs, i know he picks up what we are talking about when it comes to more important matters but i doubt he chose that pair of shoes because of a mention of ‘achille heel’, the triangle tattoo closeup instead…that IS teling. 

@picaresquedreamer replied to your post: picaresquedreamer repied to your post:…

Makes sense lol. He’ll probably go on the hunt for the perfect pair of socks again or refuse to wear socks and go bare feet for ever 😂😂😂. Socks are serious business. One does not mess with socks 😝. I think he should just buy the company.

He should totally invest in the company and make d-kun socks. I would buy them loool. Both because !!!d-kun!!! and because I’m honestly curious about what “the perfect thickness” is according to Dae.

But like, what if instead of that, we start off with the 5000 people in suspended animation and one wakes up 90 years before the rest like in the original premise. And they guy does enjoy the ship for awhile before the whole “I’m going to die alone in a metal box in space” thing comes up. And he’s alone and the robo bartender is can only provide so much company, regardless of how well they make a space mojito.

And he finds himself back in the room where all the people are in suspended animation. But he doesn’t see a beautiful woman. Or rather, he doesn’t just see a beautiful woman, he sees many people. A child holding a favorite toy. A man with a prosthetic leg. A pair of twins. So many people. And he watches the video profiles of all the other 4999 passengers and tries to find out as much information about ALL of them as possible. Because he has 4999 people for his neighbors and right now he just wants to feel like he’s not alone.

He starts talking to them, knowing they’ll never answer him, but it helps a little bit. He knows all of them by name and he cares about all of them very much. Because that’s as close to human contact that he’s ever going to get, because gods forbid him waking any of the 4999 other passengers up and damning them to a live in a metal box in space that’d be fucking cruel.

And then something happens and the ship’s in danger and it can’t be fixed without a human. He tells the robo bartender that if he doesn’t come back, to tell the others that he’s sorry. And he goes to fix it and succeeds and saves everyone, but he ends up being unable to get back inside the ship. But he can still access the intercom and says good bye to everyone he knows before he runs out of air.

And then when everyone wakes up and there’s a headcount, they’re confused as to why they’re one short. And they find out via security recordings and the robo bartender about the man who woke up early. The man who considered everyone of them a friend even though they had never met. The man who sacrificed himself without hesitation to save all of them. And all 4999 passengers are really touched by this and even after the colony is established and it prospers and becomes a fully civilized planet, the man who loved and saved them all is never forgotten.

And I came up with that about 10 seconds after reading the article, checkmate screenwriters.

Alright so thanks to the new interview with Kubo-sensei (amazing translation here), we know:

  • Yuuri has indeed moved to Russia, and Viktor is still his coach, even though he is aware that competing and coaching at the same time will be difficult. 
  • Yuuri and Viktor can’t live without each other and can’t stand being separated.
  • If you still had any doubts, I’d argue that Kubo-sensei more or less confirms that Viktor and Yuuri are in a romantic relationship in this interview.
  • Viktor’s return to skating, the pair skate and Yuuri’s silver medal were all planned from the very beginning. Their story arcs were meant to lead to this conclusion from the very start.
  • Viktor and Yuuri’s stories are built around them mutually inspiring each other 
  • Viktor is incredibly happy about the bond he shares with Yuuri, because Yuuri is someone who sees him in a new, fresh way. 
  • The kiss scene in episode 7 was the most memorable scene for Kubo-sensei and she actively constructed the whole narrative up until that moment so that the kiss would feel natural and real.
  • Yurio is determined to beat Yuuri’s FS score and is therefore not entirely happy with his gold.
  • Kubo-sensei would love to work on the show for as long as possible and wants to do a second season.
Yuuri and Victor pair-skating

Okay, I’m still not over the fact that they actually skated the legit pair program because you know what does it mean? Oh, so many things. It means it wasn’t spontaneous. It means that at one point one of them said “would you like to dance an exhibition with me” (I’m 99% sure it was Yuuri and when Victor realized it’s not a joke he probably died from happiness). And it also means that they choose the music together and talk about how important this program was for both of them and what does every line of the song means and then they had to prepare matching costume for Yuuri and then Victor choreographed them a program and decided that he will be the one to offer support for Yuuri’s jumps and I’m sure Yuuri isn’t light as feather and Victor had to actually exercise a little to be able to hold him and THEN they had to practice the whole thing, like imagine Yuuri being a bit scared and embarrassed to actually lean on Victor and Victor just taking him in his arms and all that innocent holding hands a bit too long and hugging and falling on ice together I can’t is this show even real, I swear we don’t deserve such happiness.

What I love most about the ending pair skate that Victor and Yuuri did is knowing the fact that some time in the months that Yuuri practiced under Victor, they both probably skated to this duet arrangement a few times prior to the public event in the finale.

Imagine Yuuri being stressed out and then Victor puts this soundtrack on and sees Yuuri breaking into a smile because he knows what it means. Imagine Yuuri laughing as Victor takes him by the hand and starts leading him on the ice. Imagine the many times they skated this song and then started a solid choreograph for it. Imagine them returning to this song every time Yuuri needed a break from his practices.

Imagine Yuuri and Victor, skating to this, perfecting it long before they were willing to show this masterpiece to anyone.