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This fucken troll

so this isn’t going to be very coherent because I’m still half asleep but it needs to be said:

As if it wasn’t fucking enough that this troll disrespected me (ON THE DAY OF MY DAUGHTER’S WEDDING NIECE’S BIRTH) by not even bothering to mention urahara and Yoruichi, by not making ishihime canon, now he’s gotta ruin my sleep, too:

I also stubbed my toe, fu kubo, but seriously, this is a three-pronged fuck you to the fandom:

  • if you’re ichiruki, fuck you cause you get a beautiful cover but the contents are shit
  • if you’re IH, fuck you because your ship got canonized in the most bleh way possible, OH and just for good measure, here’s grown-up ichigo (haircut and all) in his SHIHAKUSHO even though he’s allegedly not a Shinigami anymore, along with Rukia on the final cover, lol
  • if you don’t care about either of those pairings, fuck you anyway, because the ending sucked and your favs are probably dead/not mentioned


It occurs to me that the last few volume covers were all nakama covers (whcih is very fitting!) but it’s all: here’s one for Ishida Uryuu, and one for Abarai Renji, and a combo cover for Ichigo and Rukia, you go Ichigo and Rukia–


I honestly don’t know whether to applaud or not.

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Rfa + V + Saeran reacting to a tomboy MC who also happens to love SOME cute things and dgaf about her supposed image/reputation? Like, her definition of cute is pretty broad, but some of it falls under the common perception of 'cute'.

UGH YES BREAK GENDER ROLES!! Honestly, this is sort of like me too! I’m not…really traditionally feminine  but I still like to wear cute makeup and have stuffed animals. GENDER IS A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT

~Admin MP


  • Yoosung liked the fact that MC was into a lot of sports
  • He loved cheering her on and seeing how #savage she was
  • Sometimes it gave him anxiety because he was afraid she would get hurt
  • But most of the time he was super into it and would love supporting her!
  • What he thought was adorable though
  • Was that after a game, MC went to get changed 
  • So he went into MC’s room
  • And as she changed into a pair of basketball shorts and a tanktop
  • He noticed that on her bed was a HUGE collection of plushies
  • Very cute adorable plushies
  • Looking at the girl standing next to the bed in her current attire
  • With scrapes and bruises and some dirt on her face from the game
  • It was hard to put two and two together
  • When he mentioned it, she picked one of the plushies (a whale, he noted with a grin)
  • And she hugged it to her chest with a small pout.
  • “What? I like to collect them. They’re good.”
  • But he thought it was so cute?


  • MC and Seven were up all night watching action movies
  • It was MC’s favorite movie genre
  • Honestly, she despised romantic comedies
  • She always shouted at the main characters for being sappy and idiots
  • Anything too cheesy or romantic made her start to pretend gag
  • Her ragging on the main characters or the storyline was amusing for Seven, though, so sometimes he forced her to watch them
  • When anything intense happened in the movie, MC was always yelling
  • But one thing Seven could not get over were her texts
  • They were so cute?
  • After she left, she texted him almost immediately
  • ‘i had a great time, thanks for inviting me (・ω・)’
  • ‘tbh the effects were super fake looking (╯︵╰,)’
  • ‘next time we should get popcorn with caramel~  ʕ→ᴥ←ʔ’
  • ‘i miss you already (ι´Д`)ノ’
  • The use of emojis and cute words was new, but it was super adorable to see two different sides of MC!


  • Zen does enjoy getting fresh air, it helps him recharge and think a bit
  • So when he suggests going hiking with MC, she’s super in
  • He knew she would be, she loves going outside more than he does
  • She’s always the first one to get covered in mud, explore dangerous areas and poke the gross bugs they see on the trail
  • So the two of them decided to meet at the park since he had rehearsals that morning
  • Once he showed up, sure enough, MC was wearing her scuffed hiking boots, practical pants and a long sleeved henley, hair up in a ponytail
  • But her face…
  • She had on a full face of perfect, pristine makeup
  • Highlight was popping, eyeliner was a beautiful cat eye, contour carving out those cheekbones
  • Zen was kind of confused.
  • “MC why do you have makeup on?”
  • “What do you mean?” MC is also confused
  • “Well, I mean…we’re going to be hiking…”
  • “Setting spray and waterproof makeup,” replied MC like it was the most obvious thing in the world (jeez Zen you’re a MUSICAL ACTOR you should KNOW about HARDCORE MAKEUP)


  • Jumin had never seen MC in a dress or skirt
  • Pants all the way or No Pants At All
  • She also didn’t tend to wear fancy tops
  • In fact (I am ashamed to say this was me in 5th grade) MC’s favorite outfit was an old soccer team t-shirt and athletic shorts
  • Their hair was usually always up in a ponytail
  • Of course, Jumin never thought it was odd and always loved whatever they wore because heck, MC was wearing it
  • One day, Jumin got invited to a super fancy dinner thing and of course, he asked MC if they wanted to go
  • She said yes and seemed super excited!
  • The night of the dinner, Jumin remembered how she tended to dress and began to Sweat
  • What if she showed up in….athletic shorts..???
  • Whatever, it was MC. he loved her and he would defend her
  • But when he picked her up, he was stunned
  • MC was a vision in a gorgeous navy blue 50′s style dress with a tiny red cherries print and white accents
  • Their heels were navy blue but not too high
  • Jumin could not stop staring
  • “What? I like a good 50′s dress,” said MC, grinning and twirling around
  • They were 20 minutes late


  • Jaehee knows Judo
  • MC wants to learn Judo
  • It makes sense
  • Jaehee is impressed with how into Judo MC is
  • And how intense MC gets??
  • Like, she’s not afraid to get the shit beaten out of her while learning a move
  • And the way she trains is A+ too
  • Jaehee just stands there watching MC with a small smile on her face
  • Her student is (attractive) and talented
  • MC then suggests going to the store so that she can buy more exercise clothes to practice in
  • Jaehee goes with
  • And ends up Suffering
  • Because MC wants to shop for a very long time?
  • She didn’t really strike Jaehee as a person who likes to shop a lot
  • But her arms are laden with clothes and other items
  • But then she comes up to Jaehee and is like “I picked out these sweaters for you. I think they would make your eyes pop really well!”
  • And Jaehee can’t help but feel touched and flustered 


  • If anything happened to MC
  • Anything at all
  • She was immediately cursing
  • Loud and proud too (like jesus MC can you tone it dowN I DON’T WANT TO BE BLIND AND DEAF)
  • V was used to it by now
  • If he heard a ‘thump’ he was also bound to hear
  • “JESUS FUC-” and so on 
  • He was actually impressed by how many curse words she could make up by stringing random things together
  • Did she tone it down in public?
  • No
  • She once tripped and screamed “mothERFUCKER” in front of a child, who gasped loudly and dramatically
  • It was just another thing about MC that V loved (although he wished she wouldn’t do it in front of children)
  • V played piano sometimes, but as his sight began to go, he didn’t as often
  • He still could through memory, his fingers moving a tad slow on the keys
  • One day, as he was idly plucking through a song, he heard a clear, light, feminie voice accompany him
  • He knew it was MC– who else could it be?
  • She continued, her beautiful voice giving him inspiration to move his fingers faster on the piano
  • Who knew that such a vulgar mouth could produce such pretty sounds?


  • MC is ready to Throw Down
  • All the god damn time
  • (Her temper is too big for her got damn body)
  • Saeran actually always worries she’s going to fight someone on the street
  • She screams “FIGHT ME” at strangers??
  • Once when they were at carnival she punched someone for looking at Saeran wrong
  • And with her siblings, she tussles constantly
  • Even with Zen (who learned the hard way to never challenge MC to a wrestling competition)
  • Because of her fights, she would also have bruises or scrapes
  • Sometimes her knuckles would be bruised too and Saeran would stroke his thumb over them with a small, worried frown
  • But as he quickly found out, MC also loved to bake
  • It was surreal to see her scraped, bruised knuckles steadily pipe baby pink frosting on a cupcake
  • And for her body, which was usually vibrating with anger, to be perfectly still as she arranged chocolate pieces around the edge of a cake
  • All her creations were super cute and were, of course, delicious
  • Although her tendencies to fight everything that ever existed ever sometimes worried Saeran, he could always count on her making him brownies if he was upset
Laundry Day

Prompt: Toys

Rating: M (NSFW)

She should have known he’d catch her red-handed.

Postponing laundry day was a mistake. 

It was a huge mistake. 

The worst mistake she has made by far. 

There was no reason outside of pure, unfiltered laziness. Well, and busy with the steady influx of job requests that kept the whole guild busy. Still, she had made a terrible mistake.

Her lax attentions have left her with one too-tight shirt, shorts that she had sworn she got rid of because of their scandalousness, and a bra that was classified as seductive lingerie. All of these she handled. It was the panties that posed the biggest problem.

The only pair of panties left for her while she waited for the wash were black and lacy, not really out of the ordinary for her. The problem was in the design of them…and the battery operated pad that was stitched in along her cleft and down between her folds.

Alas, her negligence had left her with a single pair of vibrating panties until the washer and dryer completed cycles.

She was walking on glass, trying to ignore the fact that she was indeed secretly wearing a sex toy around the entire guild.

It wasn’t like she could do her own laundry at her apartment. The landlady had claimed the machines first and with mountains of clothes; Lucy had no time to wait. There was only this day before the team left for a job tomorrow morning. She’d have to wash, dry, fold, and put away all before the train pulled out of the station.

The only other option was to brave the embarrassment and wash an emergency load at the guild. At least she could try and save face by acting normal. The key was to pretend she wasn’t doing something scandalous.

“Hey Elfman! Have the new jobs been posted?” she asked as casually as she could, approaching the muscled man that was towering over the cork board.

The man glanced at her with a grin, flashing a sheet of parchment that he had just ripped from the board. “It has! Are you man enough for another round of work?” he bellowed, letting her scan the request for a team to run off a flock of bats that were terrorizing a town.

She grinned back, “Aye sir!”

He nodded in satisfaction before turning away, pumping his fists as he went. “Alright! Let’s do this Fairy Tail!” he cried out, the guild echoing cheers in unison.

Laughing, Lucy returned the cheer, feeling that she gained some form of normality. That was, until a light buzz of the vibrator to her cleft stole the breath from her lungs, crippling her legs with pleasure. She crumpled down with a heavy gasp, fingers gripping her thighs harshly.

‘Whoa! Are you okay, Lucy?!” Gray yelped, leaping to her side from the table he sat at, hands hovering carefully over her shoulders. Even Jet and Droy pressed forward in concern, them being the second closest to her.

Aside from the suffocating horror that her panties were probably malfunctioning, Lucy desperately grasped for any lie to escape the truth. “I-I’m f-fine!” Her hands struggled to even move from her legs and accept the help the men were offering. “I t-think I tripped!”

She staggered up, smiling at the concerned looks, “Seriously, it was an accident! I’m fine!”

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Title: Never really mine

Pairing: Dean x Reader x Sam

Warnings: Minor season 12 spoilers

Imagine:Sam hallucinating about you when is captive, because he has feelings for you, even if you are with Dean.

“Wow” Sam hoped off the woman and stared up at the ceiling, panting.

“Isn’t this much better?” the delicate voice asked and he could hardly keep the grin off his lips, both from the bliss he felt and, well, everything else he felt for said woman too.

“Much more pleasant too?” the voice asked and he closed his eyes for a moment, knowing he probably was grinning like an idiot but he’d never felt more at peace in his life.

“I got to say-” he licked his lips “I did not see that coming.” he breathed out finally turning his head to look at the woman laying down next to him.

“Hm, I think nobody ever really did.” you rested your chin on your palm and grinned softly down at him.

“Certainly not.” he whispered, bringing a hand up to brush a few stray strands of hair out of your face and you smiled warmly down at him. He didn’t say another word, though, instead he moved the sheets and untangled himself; shifting so that he now laying on top of you again.

And gosh did he love it. He loved everything, from the heat of your bare body to the way your curves perfectly completed his. It only proved to him all the more how you were just made for each other.

You chuckled at his eagerness “I told you, they only wanted to help.” you shrugged softly and he hummed in agreement.

“Sure. They weren’t really convincing in that, though.” he tilted his head to the side and you sighed, bringing your arms around his bare shoulders. He just felt that tingling sensation once again wherever your fingers brushed over his skin. Setting a hot trail after them.

“Yeah, well- that’s how British hunters are. But that’s what they really want. Answers, Sam. If you give them, everything will be fine.” you said softly, bringing one f your hands to cup his cheek and he nuzzled his face in your palm, kissing it softly.

“Yeah, of course.” he rolled his eyes and you let a small sigh.

“Come on Sam.” you whispered “They’re good, I know it. Don’t you trust me?” you frowned and Sam felt impossibly guilty for ever making even the smallest frown appear on your face.

“No, gosh no, (Y/n).” he rested his forehead against yours “I trust you with me life.”

“Then trust me on this too.” you smiled warmly “Just a couple more questions huh Sam?”

“Sure but-” he licked his lips and smiled down at you “After this, though.” he grinned and dived in and crushed his lips to yours.

A small giggle, that he swore sounded like the sweetest melody to his ears, left your lips and Sam didn’t do anything more but let you guide him. Your hold on his shoulders tightened and you arched your back upwards; eliciting a groan from him. You chuckled into the kiss and he smiled too, his arms moved to hold onto your bare legs and to wrap them around his own bare waist. He felt as if all of his senses were on alert because of your skin coming in perfect contact with his but it was just your touch that at the same time soothed him down.

You parted your lips for him and he entered his tongue, damn did he love the taste. And mixed with your shampoo scent that was slightly dusted by the warm scent of sweat and love, Sam found himself go in a haze. His mind couldn’t even comprehend what was happening, much less why or how. All he cared was that you were in his arm, something he’d guiltily dreamt about for years; ever since he met you all that time ago.

Sam panted as his hot tongue came in constant with yours and he traveled his arms down your bare back, loving all the skin contact he was getting. You pressed your bare chest to his and Sam’s breath hitched on his throat. You pressed your hips against his and Sam let out a deep moan when you rubbed yourself on him. Boy, did you know just the right ways to drive him crazy.

“I want you, Sam. I need you.” your words came out in a small whimper, pleading for him and Sam felt shivers run down his spine. Those words, those few words, damn it had he longed to hear them for years. Those and-”

“I love you Sam.” you moved your lips sloppily against his “I loe you so much.”

Sam pulled away, face still a few inches away from yours. Your eyes were half closed and he found himself going weak at the mere sight. He brought a hand and cupped your cheek, running his thumb over your lower, red and kiss-swollen lip.

“I love you too, (Y/n).”


“You know-” you licked your lip, running your fingers over his chest “You’re just exaggerating, right?” you said and he chuckled “American hunters cannot be that bad.”

“Uh yeah, yeah they can.” he smiled down at you “You may be the best and most beautiful hunter there is out there but that doesn’t mean that’s how we all are.” he chuckled and you let a small giggle, burying your face at the crook of his bare shoulder,

“Right.” you scoffed with a laugh “Because you’re not huh? Sam not only you are literally a hero but you also look like some Greek god, or something.”

He shook his head “You are the only one with a divine beauty here, and you know it.” he smiled down at you, his fingers rubbing small circles on your bare arm.

“Stop” you mumbled, looking away because you felt your cheeks heat up.

“And you are insanely cute when you blush.” he added with a grin and you bit your lower lip.

“And insanely hot when you do that.” he whispered, leaning down to press his lips to yours in a soft kiss.

“You know-” you spoke again a little more serious and focused “She said they’re not like that in the UK.”

“Really?” he raised an eyebrow and you nodded your head.

“Yeah” you nodded your head “The work for them, the British Men of Letters I mean. Tools. They kill. They don’t think.” you shrugged softly as he hummed.

“You seem to know a lot about them huh?” he raised an eyebrow and you shrugged once more, snuggling closer to his side your head still resting on his chest and your legs tangled.

“She filled me on a few things, that’s all.”

“Hm.” he nodded his head, resting his head on top of yours after he pecked your forehead.

“And she asked a few things too.”


You got serious again, focused like every time you asked him a question and it almost made him feel it wasn’t entire you, not the you he knew, loved and trusted.

“Who recruited you and your brother? To whom do you report?”

He scoffed slightly, putting on a smile “We uh- We’re not just gonna talk all night, right?” he smirked and you chuckled, rolling your eyes as he shifted to be on top of you once more.

“You’re just unsustainable huh?” you raised an eyebrow, smirking at him as well.

“Only with you baby.” he smiled widely and you let another giggle, wrapping your arms around him again.

“Good. Because so am I.”


“Hey. Hey handsome-” you clicked your glass of wine with his and Sam blinked before looking at you “-where is your mind at huh?” you asked softly and he gave you a small smile.

“Nothing, it’s nothing.” he shook his head with a smile and you hummed, raising an eyebrow.

“Really Sammy?” you grinned “You know you can never hide anything from me, right?” you smirked as you took a sip of your drink.

Sam chuckled as he rested his head against his arm, looking ahead of him for a moment “I just- it feels as if there is something I need to remember and I- I can’t for some reason.”

“You can’t?” you tilted your head to the side and he turned his head to look at you for a brief moment.

“Hm” he nodded his head before looking down at his own drink “Something is- is bugging me. Something that I know but can’t remember. But it’s there, at the back of my mind.”

“Then maybe you don’t want to.” you replied softly and he looked at you with a frown so you explained “Maybe it’s something you can’t remember because you actually don’t want to remember it in the first place. Something… sad, I don’t know. Something that hurts you.”

“Hurts me” he whispered mostly to himself.

“Yeah, who knows.” you shrugged “People tend to put away hurtful memories, things they actually want to forget. Because Sam reality sometimes is just… bad, you know?”

“Yeah, yeah it is.” he breathed out “But not anymore, right?” he whispered and you smiled softly, fixing the blankets over your chest and shifting so that you could be face to face with him.

“Not anymore, baby.” you whispered.


“I started all of this.” he whispered and you tilted your head to the side, your chin resting on is shoulders and your chest pressed to his bare back.

“Sam, don’t blame yourself please.” your rubbed his shoulder softly “It’s just- It’s just surprising that for all our efforts, yours and all the Hunters, monsters remain rampant in this country.”

“Yeah, we just, uh- just keep plugging away, I guess.” he sighed, his eyes focused on the fire burning on the fireplace.

“Do you ever think- and don’t take this the wrong way- that some of your- our I mean, our soldiers may have been compromised? Or bought.” you raised an eyebrow and he turned slightly so that he was laying on his back. You shifted and layed on top of him.

“I mean no- no I-I don’t-” he paused for a moment as something flashed through his eyes.

“Sam? Baby, is everything alright?” your voice was laced with worry but Sam couldn’t see you, his vision had become blurry.

“Is everything alright?” your voice was hollow now, and it echoed in his mind.

“No!” it was… his voice shouting?

“Is everything all right?” your voice echoed inside his head but something else flashed through his eyes.

It was him. Tied down somewhere. Bloody and beaten.

“No!” it was his voice screaming and Sam could almost feel the words come form his own lips.

“Is everything all right?” your voice sounded again but he blinked, his eyes going wide as he took in a deep breath, like he’d come straight out of the water.

“No” he breathed out, looking at you “I shouldn’t- I shouldn’t be talking to you.”

“Sam” you shook your head “Baby, it’s me. (Y/n). Your (Y/n). What are you talking about?”

Sam stilled himself and looked at you in the eyes “No” he breathed out, his voice holding much more pain than ever “No, you’re not.” he whispered “You’re not my (Y/n).”

“You were never mine”


Sam groaned as his head moved, finally coming around. He wanted to move his hands and legs but couldn’t. Because he was tied down.

“You have to admit, it was fun while it lasted.” her accented voice echoed in the silence and Sam finally opened his eyes. He groaned more, blinking and squinting.

“What did you do to me?” he asked roughly, staring at her and trying to come around.

“An hallucination created by potion and powerful spell work.” she said pleased with herself “So was it good for you?” she smirked at him and groaned, looking down.

“Sadly, I can’t do the spell again.” she sighed and Sam tried to bite back a curse “Your brain would liquify, which we don’t want. Yet. So I’ll have to resort to less pleasant methods. Enhanced interrogation was never part of my job description. But as it turns out I’m a quick study.” she got up and started picking on some of her tools.

“But I only wanted to ask one thing first, not about all American hunters this time. Just one in particular.” she smirked, turning to look at him “You really trust her don’t you?” she smiled and Sam rolled his eyes, his jaw clenching.

“Or perhaps, it’s more than that huh?” she grinned “You really love her, don’t you? You see I am asking only because it sounds a little peculiar to me. (Y/n). (Y/n). (Y/n).” she repeated the name over and over again and Sam wanted to snap at her to stop it “I have heard that name before. Where have I heard that name before?” she tapped the blade looking think on her chin.

“Screw you” Sam growled, mostly tired but completely avoiding to look at her side.

“Ah yes!” she grinned, completely ignoring him “You’re brother’s fiance. Isn’t she, Sam?” she smiled at him and he clenched his jaw again and his fists. And he didn’t say a single word.

“To be honest I’d have never expected this from you but then again- you’re a Winchester. You’re all kinds of messed up, anyway. I only wonder-” she smiled “-what would she think if she found out about your feelings for her? And most importantly: what would your dear brother say if he found out that you are in love with his girl?”

Sam glared daggers at her, lips pursed “Screw. You.”

“Of course-” she laughed “But you know, truth is…”

“I can’t wait to find out.”

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Is poth an underage pair? Because u said goth is like 20 or something

Would you call Rose/Greg an underage pair? Would u call inuyasha/kagome as underage pair? Or aang/katara? Or any over hundreds years characters paired with anyone much younger than them?

Goth is an immortal being like his daddy. He will be able to live for over hundred years, he just has known the world for around 20 years x’)

It’s his intelligence that keep improving, but his emotions and psycal body will remain 10 years old guy ;v;

Daryl Dixon imagine - It’s a game

Originally posted by giggleshits03

Requested by Anon

Summary: You show off just how good at shooting a crossbow you are to Daryl

Pairing: Daryl x reader

Word count: 779

Warnings: None really

When Rick’s group joined your Alexandria community, you were a little worried, purely because you knew what the new world had turned some people into. You had been outside the walls of Alexandria for a while before joining the community yourself. 

One man in Rick’s group that pulled your interest was a dirty looking biker kind. He was fairly good looking but quiet, he kept to himself. You noticed when they first arrived that he had a crossbow which made you like him even more. But Alexandria had a no weapon rule therefore he had to give it in. You hung it next to yours and realised just how similar they were. 

For days the man you liked so much wasn’t exactly sociable so you figured a way to get him to talk was take his weapon and use it. 

You hung your crossbow on your back and held Daryl’s in hand. Everyone knew you trained once a day since you hated not doing anything to make sure you could protect yourself. So today you decided to get a partner. 

You detoured from your usual route so you could walk past Daryl whom was sat on the porch of one of the houses Rick’s group had holed up in. 

“Hey Dixon! Follow me!” You held up his crossbow which got his attention, Daryl jumped up and trailed behind you as you left the compound. 

“Who the hell are you and what the hell are you doing with my weapon?” Daryl grumbled as he chased after you. 

“(Y/N). I was just wondering how good you were. Plus you looked a little bored.” You tossed the crossbow towards Daryl, he caught it and eyed you suspiciously. 

“Thanks but no thanks.” Daryl grumbled, sliding his bow over his shoulder and turning to walk back to the gates. 

“You’re kidding? I just got you out of Alexandria with your crossbow and you’re gonna go back already.” You jogged up to him and cocked your eyebrow. Daryl stopped and stared down at you. “Come on, think of it as a game.” You pleaded. 

“I don’t play games.” Daryl continued walking towards the gates. 

“Look, Mr. I’m too good for all of you, you’re gonna show me what you got sooner or later so why not now.” You yelled after him. Daryl kept walking. 

You raised your crossbow and aimed it just past Daryl’s head and shot. 

Daryl stared back at you with a mixture of shock and anger. 

“What the hell you think you’re doing?! That coulda hit me!” Daryl growled. You smirked at his outburst and lowered your crossbow. 

“But it didn’t.” 

“You’re crazy, lady.” Daryl told you. You shook your head and took a step towards him. 

“No, just curious. One hour. Please.” You asked a final time. The trick shot must’ve made Daryl curious about you too because he gave in and followed you to your usual training area. 

You just had a few targets dotted around everywhere and hidden in an old tree stump you had some snacks, cigs and whiskey. 

“You wanna go first or shall I?” You gestured to the targets, Daryl popped a cigarette into his mouth and lit it. “I’ll take that as I’ll go first.”

It took you less then ten seconds to hit all the targets bullseye twice, and then you got an oncoming walker. Daryl watched you intently. He was curious about you.

“I’ve been doing this since I was five. Was world champion for a while then the walkers came along and fucked everything.” You told Daryl, sitting down to munch on a pack of crisps. Daryl put out his cigarette and stood up. 

“You hear that?” Daryl asked, a soft groaning could be heard. Four/five walkers minimum, you assumed. 

You both raised your crossbows and mowed down the oncoming walkers. But what you didn’t see was there was a crawler which tripped you up, causing you to fall onto Daryl. Daryl shot the crawler dead after you both hit the ground with an oomph. 

“Sorry.” You blushed a deep red as you realised you were the one on top. The man beneath you was firm, strong and smelt like Jack Daniels, gasoline and grease. 

“It’s okay, you alright?” Daryl asked as you both returned to your feet. 

“Yeah, fine, thanks.” You knew your cheeks were pinker than Carol’s sweater now. Daryl smirked down at you, amused at your now flustered state. “We should probably head back.” You stuffed your stash back into the tree stump. 

You headed back to the compound with Daryl close behind, smiling a small smile at you. Now he was even more curious about you. 

I need a scene where Vic tells Aaron how happy she is he is with her brother. How she couldn’t be happier about the engagement. How she couldn’t have asked for a better brother in law. How she is glad they never worked out because he makes a far better pairing with her brother. How he makes Robert happier than his ever been. How she’s sorry for accusing him of shooting Rob, because now she can see how impossible it was considering how obvious is the love they have for each other. How from now on she’ll fight anyone who tries to get in their way. How he is part of the family and she loves him.

Forgive Me For I Have Sinned

October 23rd

Day 5 out of 13 Days of Halloween. Pairings: Zimmbits. This will actually become a full, multi-chapter fic in the future. After I finish this month and the Nurseydex fic I have going, this is my next one.

Jack enjoyed his job. After getting his history master’s degree and a bachelors in business management, he started working in children’s museums. It was a surreal experience for him because he was paid to ramble interesting facts do an earnest audience. Eventually he transferred to another museum’s research center, which was fun because now he got to learn again.

Jack was content with his life even though his social life was lacking. His closest friends were his colleges, Knight from human resources and Larissa from exhibit design.

“Jack! Dude you’re not going to believe this,” Knight called from behind Jack as he was working. “We got a massive donation of a private collection! There are literally so many books, bro, you’re going to love it!” Knight pats his back.

Jack eyes him suspiciously, “I don’t usually look through our new items.”

“Johnson actually requested that you look through them. He said something about how there was defiantly something in there for you? And that this plot is kind overdone in other fandoms? I don’t know, man, Johnson’s weird.”

Jack followed Knight to the processing room and Jack realized that Knight is very good at censoring his colorful language at work. Because the amount of books should be described as a metric fuck ton. Many were leather bound with traditional spines. None appeared to be new enough to have the titles on the covers.

Johnson walks over to Jack and hands him a crate of books. “Jack! It’s great to see you outside of hockey. Or the main comic. But this is a pretty cool prompt, you know? Not too overdone in this fandom so at least it will be interesting. Anyway, could you look through these books and record everything you can find out about them? Don’t go crazy, but you should totes try to read them. And of course you’ll be able to read them because the author of this fic is assuming that you’re such a history nerd that you’ll understand most of it. Maybe you studied Shakespeare for fun? Maybe the books aren’t even in an ancient language? The author didn’t do any research about so whatever. Just go with it. There are plot holes in everything. Like I don’t even have a job. I’m just in charge of giving you these books and I’ll probably never be mentioned again. And this doesn’t even quite follow the prompt because there’s no hockey in it. The author is just doing it this way because it’s still using us as characters from the hockey webcomic. So technically it’s still ‘gay hockey hell.’ They’re going to have fun with it though. You have some fun too, Jack, if you know what I mean.”

“I actually don’t know what you mean, but okay,” Jack says as he picks up the crate.

“Oh, and you should go to your fancy apartment to do this. You’ll want to be alone for a part of it. Hours don’t matter, not even plot relevant. You’ll be paid, don’t worry.”

Jacks face - :|


When Jack got home, he immediately started going through the books. Most were interesting, though some were just leger books for stores. Jack had taken to reading them out loud because it helped him focus better and it was fun doing the accents.

One book was particularly interesting. It was a journal of someone who practiced some kind of magic. There was a lot about magical plants and remedies at first, but then it started mentioning charms…and curses. Jack was so into the book that he didn’t even realize he was still reading it out loud. All the entries now where about this guy’s attempts at summoning a demon.

It was too late when Jack realized he just muttered a chant out loud because suddenly the book was vibrating so hard that he dropped it on the floor. Dark shadows spilled from the small circle drawn on the page. The shadows started bubbling and suddenly a blonde figure rose out of darkness. Whatever it is, it has the appearance of a human male with nicely tanned skin. The only obvious sign that it wasn’t human, besides its method of entering the room, was that it was floating about the shadows. Kind of like it was sitting on a stool that wasn’t there.

Jack was standing there in shock when the figure started talking. “Bless your heart, Geoffrey. I told you that…” The figure seemed to notice Jack for the first time. It startled, “You, sir, are not Geoffrey.”

After staring at the figure for longer than what would be considered acceptable in a normal situation (this is defiantly NOT a normal situation, Jack reminds himself), he mumbles, “No, I’m not.”

“Oh, uh. Sorry about that. Oh jeez, I’m sorry. This is so unprofessional of me. Let me start over,” whatever it was floated down in front of the shadow. Once his feet touched the floor it seemed like gravity suddenly applied to it. “Hello human!” it greeted with a wave. Jack backed up, but the thing kept walking forward. “I’m Bitty. My real name’s not important right now, but if we make a lasting contract then I’ll disclose all the knowledge I have, but until then Bitty is fine. What do you need me to do today?”

Jack eventually found his voice, “What….who…what?”

It made an airy laugh, “Oh honey, I’m the demon you summoned to assist you today.”

Jack couldn’t make a sound. He kept opening and closing his mouth but nothing came out.

“Oh sweet child,” it sighed and placed its hand on its chest. “Did you not summon me on purpose?” Jack shook his head quickly. “Oh darlin’ you need to be more careful! I knew I didn’t feel a bad bone in you. Er, well, you can be a real jerk sometimes. But you’re not a sinner at all. Golly, you probably don’t even realize you’re going to hell now.” Jack must have looked panicked because Bitty continued on, “Oh don’t worry your silly little head. I might be able to pull a few strings to get you out of it. Let me just…” Bitty’s eyes rolled to the back of his head. Jack can feel a panic attack coming on, but before he can run away, Bitty starts talking again. “Okay, so the best I can do for you is sign a contract with you. See, what usually happens is that you’re already a sinner and going to hell so summoning a demon to assist you just kind of means that your sentence worsens. I can’t get you out of that because you summoned me that automatically sends you to hell, but if we sign a contract then I can claim you as my soul and make you do my bidding for the rest of eternity. But I can go easy on you since you’re not actually a sinner. Oh and I’d become your permanent assistant for the rest of your natural life.”

Jack is shaking so hard that his knees gives out and he crumbles to the floor.

“Oh, sweet mother of pearl! Are you okay?” The demon touches Jacks knee and like a gentle stream his fears and anxiety flow out of his body. “Oh,” Bitty says. “Is that better?”

Jack nods, “How did you do that?”

“Jack, sweetheart, demons feed off of fear and terror. We absorb it. Anyway, how do you feel like having me around until you die and then joining me in hell for the rest of forever?”


Feather Fans And Garter Belts {Part 8}

Fandom: Marvel/Avengers

Pairing: Pre-Serum Steve Rogers x Burlesque Dancer Reader

Warning: N/A for this chapter

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: You like Steve Rogers because he’s sweet and kind and doesn’t look at you like a piece of meat. Steve likes you because you treat him like anyone else, make him feel confident, and look at him like he’s just as tall as all the other guys.

Part 1 X, Part 2 X, Part 3 X, Part 4 X, Part 5 X, Part 6 X, Part 7 X

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This got too long to fit into an ask lol. I couldn’t decide which one I liked more, UshiKuro or UshiSuga. So I give you UshiKuroSuga. WITH FIGURE SKATING. The three are talking about it, since Kuroo and Suga like to do figure skating for fun and they’ve both been watching Yuri!!! On Ice. Ushijima bluntly says, “It’s not a sport.” He thinks it’s too pretty to be a sport, but of course he forgets to say his reasons because it’s so obvious to him.

Kuroo and Suga are extremely offended. “How dare you?” “It’s as physically demanding as any other sport!” “We’ll prove you wrong.” They drag Ushijima to the skating rink. Kuroo and Suga leave him on the sidelines while they skate to the middle of the rink. Music turns on and they start skating together as a pair. They’re perfectly in sync with each other. Suga’s movements are like water and he relies on Kuroo’s strength. Kuroo doesn’t always skate neatly but he’s beautiful in a rough kind of way, kicking up sprays of ice that glitter in the air, he relies on Suga to lead the rhythm of the choreography.

Ushijima is utterly captivated by his two lovers. He has this soft smile on his face as he watches them. Kuroo and Suga notice this. They’re happy that Ushijima is enjoying himself. When they’re done they skate over to him.

“Did we change your mind?” Suga asks.

“I still don’t think it’s a sport.”

Kuroo and Suga groan in unison.

“It’s art. You’re art. Both of you are.”

Ushijima says it so seriously and with such a straight face Kuroo and Suga don’t know how to react. Kuroo’s hiding behind his hands and his hair. Suga is trying to gracefully accept the compliment and is failing miserably.

Later on Ushijima admits he wants to skate with them too. Kuroo and Suga are so excited and happy about this. The three of them on the ice together. Imagine that. 

At first Ushijima is absolutely terrible. He doesn’t know what to do with his arms and legs. After a lot of patience from Suga and Kuroo’s careful teaching he manages though. Now they have cute figure skating dates whenever they find free time for it. 

Ushijima still refuses to watch Yuri!!! On Ice. But he’ll still listen to them talk about it and try to add to the conversation every once in a while even though he has no clue what’s going on.

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Ok, boarding school AU with servamps, eves, subclass, and C3. Who rooms with who? [[and no cheating by going the traditional pairs of kuro/mahiru or licht/lawless. We’re going random with this shit!]]

Wow, that’s a lot of people.  Alright, I hate to do this, but I’m going to have to cut it down just so I don’t break my brain trying to plan all this out.  I can do the Servamps, Eves, and C3, but the subclass are gonna have to be left hanging. Sorry!:

Kuro and Tsurugi: One very high strung roommate and one very…not.  Tsurugi’s the one who gets into trouble because he can’t behave, and Kuro’s the one who gets into trouble because he wont’ do his homework.  Needless to say, they have a sort of reputation.

Mahiru and Jun: Mom friends of the world unite.  Their room is always clean, and they usually have some sort of snack to hand out if anyone wants to drop by.  Jun’s in his last year of school and Mahiru is just staring out, but the two of them get along well and have excellent grades.

Hugh and World End: Hugh suffers.  World End is loud, messy, and everything that Hugh isn’t.  It’s a miracle that neither of them have been smothered with a pillow yet in their sleep.

Tetsu and Yumi: They knew each other before heading off to school, so it only made sense for them to room together.  Tetsu is calm enough to handle Yumi’s hot-headed nature well, and in return, Yumi looks out for the younger boy.

Jeje and Lily: Y’all know how weak I am for these two brothers.  I don’t even have anything more to say other than I will go down with the headcanon that Jeje favors Lily over all his siblings, and Lily does the same in return.

Mikuni and Shuuhei: Their room is the one that people swear is going to blow up one day.  There’s always some sort of noise or loud explosion coming out of it, and it’s not unusual for the two of them to emerge with singed clothes.  On the whole, Shuuhei can deal with Mikuni’s nonsense, but sometimes Jun has to step in to stop him from killing his roommate.

Wrath and Hyde: Wrath is Hyde’s full time roommate and part time baby sitter.  At the very least, she makes sure that he’s eating properly and passing all of his classes-which, as he reminds her on a daily basis, means he only has to get a C.

Licht and Misono: Probably the most studious pair of roommates.  Licht excels in the fine arts and Misono excels in written work and problems.  The two of the rarely argue, though if it’s the last thing Licht does, he’ll teach Misono how to properly stand up for himself and his ideals. 

Pairing: Gajeel x Levy

«So, I took her to the park, then we walked around the city and we ate ice cream.», Gajeel started telling Juvia. He wanted to know if what he had done was right for the occasion, as he was new at dating. He was clueless as far as it came with relationships and romance, because his entire life consisted of violence and nothing more. He thought that a woman’s advice would be pretty helpful.
«And then? What did Gajeel-kun do?», Juvia asked him, while eating pop corn. His face expressions as he said the story were remarkable, so she needed to enjoy it.
«As we were walking, we were talking about our favorite things to do and why we were so passionate about them. She told me about her love of books, and that she always wanted to escape reality and travel to a fictional world, and books helped her do that. I told her that I train hard, because I want to be strong enough to protect the people I love. If only she knew that I meant her… Anyway, it was difficult for me to say all these things to her. I feel like I’m weighing her down with my past. Sometimes I think it’s best to leave her enjoy life without me, because it won’t be fair for her. But, I lo…like her so much. Am I being selfish?», he asked the water mage, who was hanging from every word. Gajeel’s feelings for Levy were really cute, but also powerful.
«Is Gajeel-kun joking? Juvia won’t let him lose this chance. If Gray-sama had the same thoughts, would Gajeel-kun let him leave Juvia?», she said, a bit more loud than she expected. Thankfully, no one had heard her. Except…
«Yeah, I guess you’re right. It’s not a sin to fall in love, she taught me that. Well, after the ice cream, we went to my house. I don’t really need to explain what happened there. I can only say that it was amazing. Our bodies somehow connected, do you understand? I don’t know how to explain it. She is perfect… After that, we made dinner. She was wearing one of my shirts. Damn, she was stunning in it. I mean, her thighs were barely covered by it, and, do you see my point? But, I don’t know if I’m good enough for her. She’s amazing and I’m… me.», he said and, before he managed to continue, he noticed the blue-haired mage standing right behind him.
«Stupid Gajeel, do you really think about all these things? It’s okay that you have a past, even if it’s not the best one. The point is that you’ve overcome it, and it’s only a memory. I love you, you idiot.», her words were like music for his ears. He was initially shocked that she had heard everything, but it was worth it. Just for the sake of that wonderful day, he kissed her in front of everyone. He would be teased for that later, but he didn’t care. ‘It’s fine, after all. I am free to love her…’
—  littlekilljoygajevy
Come Home (Jason Todd)

Pairing: JasonToddxReader

Warning: Slight violence, I guess

Tags: @letsrunwithdream

 Part 1 Part 2

Bruce arrived at the warehouse, tracking (Y/N)´s signal until here before it died. He was dying of worry. He couldn´t bear to lose her, another Robin… another child.

He knew this place. Here Joker became what he is, falling into a tank o chemicals because of him. Bruce was always staying sharp. It was probably the most important thing, but right in this moment his mind wandered to Jason. How he was taken away from him by Joker.

Bruce jumped onto the small bridge that lead over the tanks of chemicals, seeing a figure ahead of him. He walked faster, swallowing as he saw him.

“Batsy, Bats, we haven’t met in a while,” Joker snickered. “Before you yell and freak out I didn’t plan this I am a victim, too. You know I love little (Y/N).”

"Where is she,” Bruce’s voice was low. His whole body was tensed. 

Joker just laughed manic.

(Y/N) is pulling and kicking on the pipe. She needed to free herself to help Bruce, and Jason too.Whatever this boy planned it was a plan made of rage and those were never good.

Bruce growled, taking determined steps towards the clown, but stopped as someone in armor jumped from the ceiling between Bats and Joker, pointing a gun at him.

“Who are you!?” He demanded.

“You really have no idea, do you,” Jason’s voice was changed by a voice changer of his mask, but as soon as he took the mask off it was clear. “Bruce?”

“Jason…,” Bruce body got limb. This was impossible. “But you are dead. I buried you!”

“Shocking, right!?” Joker giggled.

"What’s the matter?” Jason spoke up again. His voice was empty, matching his dull eyes perfectly. “Lost for words?”

"I held your dead body in my hands. I did not know you were alive,” he was calm, trying to be, trying to explain, but there was nothing he could say to Jason that would make it better.

“Don’t you dare lie to me!” He yelled now. “How long did you wait before replacing me, huh?! A month?! A WEEK?! I TRUSTED YOU AND YOU JUST LEFT ME TO DIE!”

“That’s not what happened!” Bruce raised his voice. “I tried to save you, Jason!” He lost Jason. He didn’t just gave up on him, leaving him to die.

Jason took a deep breath, “I forgive you for not saving me, but why, WHY ON GODS EARTH IS HE STILL ALIVE! Ignoring what he has done in the past. Blindly, stupidly disregarding the entire grave yards he has filled. Thousands who have suffered. The friends he has crippled. I thought I would be the last person you´d ever let him hurt. HE TOOK ME AWAY FROM YOU!

If he would have taken you from this word I would have done nothing but search the planet for this pathetic pile of evil death worshiping garbage and sent him off to hell!

And you!? You just replaced me!”

“This is not about her, Jason. Where is she?” Bruce took a step closer.

“You have two options,” he threw a gun over. “You kill him… or I kill you… and him and (Y/N) is going to die as well.”

“Jason!” Bruce yelled in frustration and disbelief. “STOP! I understand you are angry b—“

Jason pushed Joker in front of him, “do it.”

Bruce looked at the gun for a second before dropping it, “I can´t.” He couldn´t cross that line. Not even for him. 

“I WANT YOU DEAD!” Jason growled and attacked Bruce, shooting at him. Bruce jumped back, throwing tiny and weak bombs at Jason´s guns, forcing him to drop them. He punched the former Robin in the face, bringing him to the ground.

“I don´t want to fight you, Jason!” Bruce was on top of him, holding his wrists, but Jason got free, kicking him off, getting back on his feet. Jason got a knife out stabbing Bruce in the shoulder, but before he could drag it all the way down, someone jumped on his shoulder, bringing him to fall.

It was (Y/N). Her hands still cuffed. Blood spilling down her hands.

Jason got to his feet once again.

“Please, Jason, stop this and come home. You are Robin. I nev–”

“DON’T CALL ME THAT!” He yelled. He couldn´t look at her. She was his replacement. She was probably better than him and Bruce was glad he had her now.

“Finish the job, Jason. You wanted to do this for so long, didn´t you,” Joker whispered.

“The rage is consuming you. I know how this feels, Jason and I know it gets better! This isn’t you!”

“Jason, I tried to save you. It was my fault. I take full responsibility for what happened to you! But nothing could ever replace you. Nothing,” Bruce spoke calmly. He meant every word. He never saw (Y/N) as a replacement for Jason. He lost Jason and missed him every day. “Alfred misses you–”

“Alfred?” Jason’s muscles relaxed. The figures of his face softened. Alfred was more of a dad to Jason than Bruce ever was.

(Y/N) walked past him. She wasn’t afraid. Not anymore. She held both of her hands out for Jason to grab. He looked at Bruce who was holding his shoulder. The look on his face was soft; actually did he never look at him like this before.

The former Robin closed his eyes. What came over him. He could go home. To Alfred. To Bruce. Dick and Barbara. To (Y/N). 

But could he really after what he just did?

(Y/N)’s eyes widened as she saw Joker was hurriedly walking off the slim bridge. She looked down. A grenade with a painted on smiley was rolling between her and Jason feet. All too caught up in the moment to notice.

She pushed Jason backwards, turning around, but it was already too late.

(Y/N) fell, unconsciousness, towards the open tank with the chemical.

“NO!” Jason fired his grappling hook, swinging towards her falling body, but he did not reach her. An inch too slow. A moment too late.

Castiel x Reader (Beautiful)

Author: J

Warning(s): Reader has low esteem, so if that kind of thing is a sensitive subject or bothers, don’t read.

Pairing(s): Castiel x Reader

Summary: The reader has low self esteem, and while thinking of it one day, Castiel just happens to hear their thoughts. He tries to reassure them they’re perfect just the one they are. A lot of fluff.

Author’s Note: I tried to make this one a non-specified gender one - a lot of the fics I write are obviously for females, even though I try not to do it. I guess writing for a female reader would be easier for me because I’m a girl? Anyways, it’s just a day where I’m going to try not to specify gender.

Originally posted by acklesjensen

You’d always had problems with self-esteem, at least, for as you could remember. You always thought of yourself as too skinny or too fat or too boring or too needy or too ugly or too stupid, sometimes calling yourself “resistable.” No one had ever really noticed it though - we all have our own issues and downs. You never said anything about it or tried to explain it to anyone, because when you told yourself you would, you thought, ‘they wouldn’t care, they have their own problems.’

     When you got up in the mornings, while sitting on the edge of your bed, it wasn’t uncommon for you to stare at your thighs or stomach and hate what you saw before standing up. Not even Castiel knew about it - he thought you realized just how perfect you really were. He himself didn’t realize that you didn’t think of yourself as anything but imperfect.

     You’d had a nightmare the night before - as was pretty common for you - and Cas had come to save the night - which was pretty common for him. He came and cuddled with you every time you had a bad dream. You always appreciated it, but every time you’d try to thank the angel, he said, “It’s nothing but protecting you, (y/n),” and kissed the top of your head, telling you to try to get some sleep.

     It was morning, and as you got up, you noticed once more how bad your thighs looked and how much your stomach stuck out. You sighed, not realizing Castiel was tuning into (y/n) Station on the thought radio.

    “(y/n)?” His voice was soft and  concerned when he spoke.

    “Oh,” You said jumping a little. “Yeah, Cas?”

    “Why are thinking like that?” His sudden question surprised you.

    “What do you mean?”

    “You’re downing yourself,” he said. “But your perfect.”

    “I-I’m not perfect, Cas.” ‘I’m anything but’

    “There you go again,” he frowned slightly. “You’re beautiful, (y/n). Why do you think so different?” He didn’t give time to answer and kept talking, “Your eyes are gorgeous, your body is perfect, and I love you. Your appearance doesn’t matter either way. I’d love you anyways.”

    You had to smile just a little at his words. He could be so sweet sometimes.

    “I love you, too, Cas,” you told him.

    He sat up and pulled into his chest, hugging your waist and setting chin on topp of your head. “Absolutely beautiful…”


“Well done, sir.”

“Now your turn, Smithers.”

“I’d never thought you’d ask.”

Alright can we talk a bit about this scene here because we were getting pretty thirsty for something new this season in ribald rapport between these two.

First things, since this is a gif set, you cannot capture the tone or timbre that Harry uses, but there is one word I can use to describe both of them - seductive.

We obviously know about Harry’s thoughts on the Burnsmithers pairing ( he treats them as an item,) so going into this episode we had the same high hopes as everyone else he’d preserve this grand tradition and give it a kick in the rear to boost (pun not intended.) So with him reading his own script he is consciously communicating the nature of how he written the scene out above, and well, it seems we are back to the post-Burns Cage rapport we have all came to love (elated Burns, constant exchange of eye contact, expulsion of emotions.)

In fact it reminds me of how they behaved in Simprovised last season where they fed off of one another’s emotions and took close note to each other’s actions moreso than pre-Burns Cage where Monty would shrug off Smithers’ demands about 80% of the time despite the eye contact.

(So you like that joke, eh Smithers? Notice how he is always looking towards him for his approval now. It seems routine. Smithers comes off as bashful here too.)

So getting onto the meat of the scene above, we notice that yes, he gives Smithers a kick in the rear, but it is how the situation is handled that has a different atmosphere. This isn’t Burns using Smithers as a tool at all, much like what we are accustomed towards in the earliest seasons (see A Star is Burns and Burns’ Heir for examples of Monty using Waylon as a tension patsy) however there is an inclination that we are playing off of our knowledge that Burns knows what Smithers likes from our observation during The Burns Cage.

It seems like it always goes back to this episode, I swear.

In The Burns Cage, we get our first outward glimpse towards the ending where Burns instinctively and desperately uses everything in a stocked portfolio of apologies and material bribes that he picked up over the years for things Smithers seems to enjoy. While other episodes beforehand such as Who Shot Mr. Burns pt. 1 emphasizes that the dastardly boss does have room in his ego to care about what his ward likes (remember the oil drilling scene? Remember what Burns sexually suggested to sway a bitter and distraught Waylon out of his funk,) he’s never diverted from his own way to do something that’ll sate anyone else but himself.

Think about that for a second when you re-watch the above scenes.

When he turns to his ward, it is a command, but nothing like the harsh or eerie demand he usually makes with anyone when he punishes them. Instead Harry rightfully slipped Burns into his deep, seductive lull, much like the description for Wainwright’s lines in the The Color Yellow when he tried to dig a bargain out of Hiram. It is a dip in contrast towards the short quipping towards Homer a moment before.

(Yes, sir may I have another?)

And when he even commands Smithers, he motions towards the pad in a welcoming gesture. He knows that Smithers doesn’t have to do it, he won’t force him, but he knows that this is something Waylon has enjoyed in the past before from him. It’s consensual. Nothing Burns does is active in the remainder of this scene - his behavior is passive compared to Homer’s mistreatment.

And we know this isn’t penance as how both keep smiling and steadying their eye contact on each other throughout the “punishment.” Instead of doing something that both know one would parasitically enjoy, instead Burns decides to take the route to do something they’ll both get pleasure from.

Smithers even goes with it willingly, as seen by the bowing of his head his palming, almost like a genie giving his master a wish. Even the deep, sultry dulcimer tone that creeps out in the answer “I’d thought you’d never ask” is exactly the same one we hear when Smithers gets…well…turned on in the series (Best example? Probably that groan in Rosebud when they collide on the zipline and the scene where he tells Burns to “tug on his fur.”) With Smithers being Smithers and, well from this season we have seen less of the sycophant (he slightly told Burns off at the end of Fleeing Circus,) there is still some of that obedience in his blood, and both men however know that Waylon willingly could back out with this new backbone of his, but no this is a rife opportunity for him, that masochist. Burnsmithers fans have joked about it for years that their affinity plays out like one long burlesque act, but now our whole relationship reeks of low-key BDSM, I swear.

(Given the series history playing with that idea, I am not exaggerating at all.)

You know Smithers is absolutely happy, no wait, thrilled over the idea he gets to wear that bootprint around the office like a trophy; in fact it is akin to Burns making his mark on him in a declaration of possession.  Burns probably knows this, and Smithers knows this and they just keep smiling at each other until the end of the scene and god, I can kiss Harry just for this acknowledgement of their relationship.

If anything we are striding more in a new direction with these two known as the path of consent, not control. Burns is not a domineering leader anymore towards his beloved Waylon, but instead is staying in stride with Smithers (and sadistically in our captured moment giving a taste of what the man desires. This may be a fragment of what Smithers insinuated towards in the end of The Burns Cage. Remember, he left Monty because he was ignoring his needs.)

That’s a big step.

EDIT: Because I nearly skipped this detail until I reblogged it for other viewers

One thing I forgot to add is how Burns uses the stamp pad between Homer and Smithers. It also appears he kicks Homer with far more momentum and force than with his ward - Homer even though he is fat, that kick makes him step forward four spots and off kilter:

Smithers remains stable and jumps ahead a spot.

With Homer, he lightly taps his foot to get just enough ink to make a print. From this we can assume he is being miserly in how much ink he wastes on his employees - they are nary a thought except for his punishment.

With Smithers, he aggressively smears and drags his foot around in the ink to make sure it is good and covered. He wants to make sure EVERYONE sees that shoe on his ass. He might actually be doing this more for Smithers’ own bragging vanity and his own sadistic…dare we suggest…arousal.

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What are you favorite Jin pairings, and what is your favorite dynamic to see them in??

HI anon, thanks for this ask, and sorry it took so long for me to answer!  It was hard for me to narrow these down (I I like pretty much every Jin pairing honestly, because I love pretty much everything about BTS and Jin, so yeah), but I’m gonna concentrate on the Hyung Line today because Hyung Line are my favorites in general….

1.  YoonJin.  My favorite pairing, with my favorite dynamic and that’s one of LAID BACK DOMESTIC GOODNESS.  They exist together, they share a space, they live with each other in ways that are S U P E R difficult to do - platonic or otherwise. When I think of Yoonjin I think of Yoongi buying Jin a really nice blender for an anniversary, and maybe he tells a few people about it a few friends, and they’re all ‘holy fuck you got him a fucking KITCHEN appliance, holy shit you’re dead, you got JIN..a BLENDER??’ But they’re not there when Jin opens it and squeals and runs around and gives Yoongi a giant kiss and tells him it’s PERFECT and then proceeds to make delicious soup (using the blender) for lunch.  I love THAT dynamic with them.  

2.  2SEOK.  My 2nd favorite pairing.  For me I love the ENERGY with this dynamic, it just shoots off everywhere like sparks.  Jin and J-hope have such a fucking good time together all day every day, be it learning new dance moves, or going to the grocery store, or just hanging around.  I feel like they get energy from each other to keep the group going too - when Jin gets a little low Hope is there with a shoulder rub and some little jokes, and when Hope gets a little low Jin is there to get him to take a nap and maybe does a little hope snuggling and YEP.  I think they depend on each other a ton, and I think BTS depends on them a ton too and I love that < 3

3.  NAMJIN.  OK, Namjin and I have had this …rocky road in the past several years.  But I’ve come to a good place with Namjin recently (and I fucking love BTS’ hyung line so fucking much) so yeah.  I guess the dynamic I like so much about Namjin is just the soft quiet SUPPORT they both have for each other (even though they both show it in very different ways).  I just think it’s so cute that Namjoon is pretty much Jin’s biggest fanboy in all ways, he’s always looking at Jin like JIn hung the moon and always talking about all the ways Jin is amazing - it’s so cute because he sometimes seems almost unable to deal with Jin and man, I feel that so hard you know?  Meanwhile Jin supports Namjoon by treating him SO NORMALLY - like, when you have tons of people always thinking you are a genius always this or that, sometimes it nice to have somebody to just tell you to help with dinner and boss you around you know? I think there is an excellent dynamic there. 

Ahhhhhhh my beloved hyung line < 3 I hope you enjoy anon!

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For the prompt thingy maybe a Coldflash thing where everyones giving Len the shovel talk and Len's fine with it bc it shows how people love Barry but Barry hates everyone distrusting Len bc he loves him so much

I think this may be one of my oldest prompts, but I try to get to everything in time…a long, long time…

Fic: Shovel Talk (Ao3 link)
Fandom: The Flash
Pairing: Leonard Snart/Barry Allen (Coldflash)

Summary: Barry warned him that people might try to give Len the shovel talk, now that Barry had decided to bring his and Len’s year-old relationship into the light. Len never said he was going to be nice about letting them.


Len’s expecting it when Joe West shows up at the apartment he and Barry now share, service revolver ostentatiously hanging on his hip because he “forgot” to swing by home to drop it off first. West swaggers in, eyes narrow and suspicious like they have been ever since Barry decided to bring his and Len’s year-old relationship into the light.

Len’d told Barry that announcing the relationship and their new cohabitation at the same time wasn’t the best way to do this, but Barry had an off-and-on relationship with the truth at the best of times - something Len entirely understood - and hey, they’re his friends. He can decide how to tell them; Len’s old enough that the thought of being someone’s dirty little secret amuses rather than irritates him.

“Can I make you coffee?” he asks West, interrupting West’s intimidation speech before it starts. He then blissfully ignores the majority of it - the usual “if you hurt him/if you’re using him/once I find out what you’re up to” sort of stuff - in favor of making himself a cup.

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I will admit, I did not see Reylo when I first saw Star Wars VII (or the second time; watched it probably 4 times in theaters). It wasn’t until I started wanting to look at SW VII fanart on DeviantArt (wasn’t on tumblr at the time) in January I think that I happen to see Reylo fanart. At first I was hesitant because of so many people bashing the ship because of the possibility of them being related. But the more and more art I looked at of the two, the more I fell in love with the ship. Art tends to do that to me (why I am a multishipper most of the time). I shouldn’t be all that surprised though that I like the pairing, Rey and Kylo Ren are my favorite characters from the movie other than BB-8 (he is adorable and I love him so much). I have had a thing for villains since I was a child so its no surprise that I would like Kylo Ren especially being a complex villain that he is. Rey is just plain awesome.  I mean come on she is adorable and badass at the same time. Not to mention the costume designs for both of them are awesome: Rey’s isn’t overtly feminine but practical and its actually a really cool design. Kylo Ren on the other hand…well his outfit is amazing and I want to steal it because I have a thing for black and flowy things. A major thing of why I like the pair is the intense symbolism they have (Light and Dark) and what a relationship between them would mean (Grey or neutrality/balance). I have always been about neutrality and in Star Wars I’ve always been eh about both extremes of each side of the force so it would be awesome to see a balanced side of the force I guess come about from this in a way.

ANYWAYS so I started to kind of went into the fandom all quiet like, being still rather afraid of hate especially after joining Tumblr. I would look at art, read fanfics, and that was about it. I would like stuff but never reblog. I didn’t want to be called out and harassed because frankly I have been harassed before for other things over my lifetime and I didn’t want another reason for people to give me hate. But after awhile I started to get more comfortable and decided I couldn’t let the potentiality affect me especially since most of the Reylo community is so kind. Am I still quiet about it? Yeah but I’m getting better slowly. It still unnerves me and I’ve seen how nasty people can be over stupid things before which is a shame. I can only hope that I do not receive any and if I do that I won’t be fazed by it too much.

One of the biggest things that I did to reflect my love of the ship was cosplay. I decided initially to cosplay as Rey in general because I loved her character and it was practical to wear the entire con. Plus I didn’t have to wear a wig which was a big bonus. It wasn’t until a little later when I told my boyfriend about liking Reylo that he offered to be Kylo Ren with me. While at first it was for me, he began to like the ship too (though not nearly as obsessive as I’ve gotten). It was AMAZING cosplaying together and I really enjoyed the experience. When I posted some pics on tumblr of us on a Reylo blog, I was blown away by the positive feedback they received. It makes me glad that people enjoyed them as much as I do. I definitely would love to cosplay again as Rey with my Kylo by my side. I think doing the cosplay together allowed us to express our love of Star Wars and paved the way for a blossoming interest we both share (especially considering my interest in Star Wars was rekindled with the newest movie).

Now I’ve probably read over 50 Reylo fanfics (I’ve lost count), have seen countless amazing fanart, and hope to even add my own fanart at some point. Now I look forward to next piece of Reylo fanart or fanfic to read as well as patiently await Episode VIII and IV.

(The picture above is of me cosplaying as Rey. Photo courtesy of @xstephxstumpx)

Like, I’m not done with you and I’ll be back this is just the beginning.

And everyone sees it as funny, as quirky, and thinks he’s interested in her, intrigued, ATTRACTED, when how can he be anything but terrified?

This goddamn show. This is a blatant CALLING OUT OF the whole viewing public and our willingness to see romantic interest in pairings that not only show no romantic inclinations toward each other but are often grossly unhealthy or even abusive, because they’re het and therefore “obvious” and NOT to see it in the most glaringly romantic connection ever because it’s slash and therefore a) invisible and b) too risqué for TV.

She beat him to the floor shouting, “Give it to me!” and he said no but she didn’t listen and she took it anyway and you can say it was hers to begin with but she was using it to threaten a young girl who was her sub and who trusted Irene with her safety and she’s using the pictures to string that sweet little posh “thing” along and let her know that she will never be free…

…and this is the woman saying, to Sherlock, “Till next time…”

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Roadhog please!

My Hoggy Woggy! <3

My otp: A polyamorous relationship between Myself/Roadhog/ @pigdemonart​, wait what? Just kidding not, my current pairing for him is Meiham and I’ve talked about it a lot before. However I feel Roadhog is still hung up on his SO from his past before the omnic crisis. Don’t get me wrong he still cares for Junkrat and Mei, but they still can’t fill that hole.

My most hated pairing: Roadhog/sadness. Roadhog/empty bank account. Truly the most heinous of parings 

My unusual otp: Roadhog/And a chill day? I’m becoming a fan of one-sided Zaryahog. I headcanon that Zarya becomes attracted to men that aren’t intimated by her strength and instead challenge it. While Roadhog is flattered he’s like “Nah girl, I’m a little too old for you. But you’re going down when we arm wrestle though.” Also Mercyhog is flipping adorable, and it must be true because Roadhogs keep hooking me as Mercy in-game. Fix that gat damn hook Bizzard

My crossover otp: It’s kinda stupid, but Roadhog in the Sons of Anarchy universe. He can finally live out his ultimate biker dream…until he realizes he’s got double the Junkrat with Half Sack and Tig.

My brotp/friendship otp: Let’s be real, Ana has come across the Junkers during her travels as a bounty hunter while she was still “dead” (which explains the apocalypses skins) and the only reason she left them alive was because Roadhog bribed her with tea. I’m sure they pen pal from time to time.  

Character headcanon: This head cannon ties into a memory of mine actually. I had a good friend who was Maori when I was in 7th grade and he invited me to his Rite of Passage/birthday (his name is Curtis). To show that he moved into adulthood he had to perform the Maori warrior dance (Haka I believe?) with his father in front of the guests. Here’s a link of what the dance looks like. It was mesmerizing and beautiful. Also the chants sound very similar to Roadhog uproarious laughter after he does a kill, dont’cha think? (I wonder if Blizzard did this purposefully?) Curtis explained to me the dance was meant to intimate new comers and rev the Maori up for battle. He did say however any boy can put war in his blood, but it takes a man to quiet it again and save it for later. I think when the omnic crisis happened and his home and loved ones got turned into radioactive waste something snapped. Mako can’t quell that war blood and he’s forever stuck doing the Haka emotionally and then also physically when he fights. I think that’s why he’s so quiet all the time, because once you get him revved up it takes him a while to come down.   

A Gif that shows how I feel about the character:

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but also

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