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Stable Pt.1 *Dylan O’Brien AU*

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Pairing: Dylan x OC

Rating: NSFW

Warning: Smut, smut. Smut, smut


*A/N: New fic again because my brain loves popping out new ideas lmao, I hope you guys like it!!! Let me know what you think (:*

If there was one thing I knew about Dylan it was that he only cared for two people. Himself and me, we had been best friends since we could walk. The older we got, the closer we got. And the older I got, my feelings for him grew tremendously. But Dylan wasn’t like that, he didn’t get attached to anyone. He considers me the only stable thing in his life and 18 years later I know nothing about why my best friend was the way he was. Whenever he got bad news, or saw something he didn’t like he would lock himself in his room until he felt like coming out. But when he was feeling okay, he was the most amazing person ever. He’s sweet, he makes fun of the movies I want to watch but he watches them anyway. He never fails to make me feel wanted and well vice versa. But Dylan had needs, needs I knew I couldn’t help with because it would be painfully awkward after. So week after week I watched a new girl walk into his house. Week after week my heart broke more and week after week I acted like I was okay. This week was no exception. I watched from my window as another brunette stumbled up his front steps and into his house. I sighed closing my curtains, I needed to get some sleep before I stress myself out even more.

I laid on my bed and starting counting sheep, because as funny as it sounds it calms my anxiety. I don’t know when or how I fell asleep but I woke up to someone banging on my door. I groaned and rolled over to see that it was fucking 7 in the morning. Who in their right mind wake up at 7 on a Saturday. A crazy person, that’s who. I rolled out of bed and threw on some sweats before making my way downstairs. I flung open the door prepared to scream at whoever was there until I saw a Dylan. A very angry looking Dylan.

“Dyl, what are you doing here its 7am” I yawned and opened the door more so he could step in.

“She’s back…” What? He woke me up to tell me some girl was back. I cherish my sleep more than his one-time women.

“Who is she exactly. I know of many “she’s” in your life” He was pacing back and forth of my doorway, with his hands balled into fists.

“The dumb bitch I call my mother” If he was a cartoon, steam would be coming out of his ears

I was about to say something smart until I realized what he said. I remember his mom, one day she just up and disappeared. With no explanation, what so ever. Or at least that’s what Dylan told me, and seeing how mad he was now I’m guessing there’s more to his story.

“Wait what? How do you know? The day hasn’t even started” I leaded him up to my room because I really didn’t want my mom coming down to find a fuming Dylan. She would ask to many questions and it would piss him off.

I walked into the room and he closed the door, well more like slammed it shut so hard I thought the hinges would fall off but that isn’t the point.

“Okay Kat, I wake up at fucking 6am to someone ringing my doorbell viciously. I really thought it was that dumb chick from last night. Maybe she forgot something.”

My heart sank when he mentioned her but I made sure not to let it show.

“So I walk downstairs and literally fling the door open and there she is!! My fucking mom” He was livid he actually punched my wall. Not enough to break through. But I’ve never seen him like this.

“She was all like “Hey Dyl, how are you” 7 fucking years later and that’s all I get?”

I gulped and watched as he literally trashed my room, I didn’t want to stop him because he needed to let this out. All these feelings of anger and betrayal were finally coming out. He couldn’t hold it in anymore, He snapped.

“She’s getting married. I never told you why she left, did I? Well let me tell you. She was fucking the guy that fixes her car. She was fucking her stupid mechanic. She ruined my dad, she made him into the drunk piece of shit he is, while she’s living it up with a fucking mechanic”

He sat on my bed, running his fingers through his hair and tugging at it out of frustration. His eyes had actual tears in them and I was panicking inside. I don’t know how to handle this, so I did what I do best. I sat next to him and listened as he ranted.

“She was supposed to be there for me, but she wasn’t. And now she wants me to go to her wedding. She’s marrying the guy that ruined us” His voice was hoarse and his eyes were red. But he never once looked at me.

I felt tears forming in my own eyes as he spoke, I wish I knew this, I wish he told me this earlier, because I could have helped him. He was holding all of this in since we were 11 and it took him 7 years to snap. The selfish part of me was glad. Glad that I was the first person he came to. Somehow I managed to make myself speak.

“You don’t have to go to the wedding Dylan. You don’t have to go” His eyes snapped over in my direction.

“I’d be the bad guy; she won’t have the perfect wedding she fucking wants.” He eyes stayed locked on mine and suddenly my brain lost all of the word it knew.

“I don’t want to go, I erased her from my life. What gives her the right to come back? Even before dad caught her. All the two of them did was fight. He loved her though. He loved her a lot. I guess he thought that she’d put up with him forever. Until he caught her sucking off someone 5 years younger than him.”

My heart broke even more if that was possible and the tears that were in my eyes finally spilled over. I went to wipe them away but Dylan beat me to it. His thumbs gently smoothed the tears off of my cheeks.

“Don’t go to her wedding. Not if it’s going to cause you so much pain.” My voice came out in a small whisper and I was suddenly aware of how close we were. I don’t know when we moved our faces closer but I could feel my heart pounding.

“You won’t think lowly of me?” He whispered, his lips ghosting over mine. My breath hitched in my throat and I shook my head.

“I could never think lowly of you” My lips grazed against his and that’s all it took for him to press his lips against mine.

The kiss started off slow and sweet but he quickly picked up the pace. Our lips moved feverishly against each other’s and his hands moved from cupping my face to my hips. He squeezed them and pulled me onto his lap so that I was straddling him. Eventually I had to pull back to breath and he took that as an invitation to attach his lips onto my neck. I tilted my head back to give him more access and moaned at the feeling of his lips on my skin. It was everything I’ve ever dreamed of, and then it hit me. This was Dylan, he doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s sad and angry and he needs an escape. This doesn’t mean anything to him.

“Dylan…” I whispered breathlessly. “Dyl we need to stop.” I wish that had come out as authoritative as I wanted it to but instead it came out as a breathless moan.

His lips moved down my neck, to my shoulder and back up. “Dylan…. I don’t want you to regret this” I moaned and his grip on my waist tightened as pulled me against him more.

“Kat…. I need you” He ground his hips up into mine and I felt the growing erection. If my panties weren’t already ruined. They were now.

“But Dyl- “I moaned as he did it again.

“Please Katalina, I promise it won’t change anything between us. I really need this. Really need you” I sighed and nodded. Giving into him. I hope I don’t live to regret this.

That was the only conformation he needed. Swiftly he pulled my top over my head and kissed from my collar-bone down to the valley of my breast. I mentally thanked myself for not wearing bras to sleep. He palmed one and his mouth latched onto the other one.

His tongue ran over my nipple, biting, sucking and pulling at the hardened nub. Loud moans left my lips and my fingers latched onto his hair. My back arched and he pulled me against him again, trying to close any gaps that were between us.

“Dylan” I moaned out, the feeling in the pit of my stomach growing more and more by the second.

He slowly laid me onto my bed, hovering over me. His eyes were dark with lust, and his lips curved into a soft smile. He placed a sweet kiss onto my lips and made his way down. Kissing every inch of skin, he could, until he reached the waistband of my sweats. His fingers hooked on them and swiftly pulled them off. Leaving me in my Batman underwear. I covered my face in embarrassment. I wasn’t expecting this to happen. He chuckled and snapped the elastic against my skin.

“Cute” He left kisses along my hipbones and down the inside of my thighs. Completely avoiding where I needed him most.

“Dylaaaaan” I whined, gripping his hair and pushing his face where I wanted it. A low groan came from him and he used two fingers to push my panties aside.

“You’re fucking soaked for me. Aren’t you baby” I moaned and nodded in response. He licked straight up my slit and my hips bucked up almost immediately.

“You taste so fucking good, holy shit” I moaned and he wrapped his lips around my clit. Holy fuck I was in heaven oh my lord. I really fucking hoped my mother was gone because if not she was the real MVP for not bursting in here.

“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck Dylan. Holy Shit” His tongue worked like magic and he made is better by slipping two fingers into me. He growled against me, sending vibrations to all the right places and I almost fell apart, He pumped his fingers faster and bit down softly on my clit. I was almost there, so fucking close. And he stops.

“What the fuck Dyl!!” He chuckled and stood up pulling his shirt over his head and throwing it across the room. His pants and boxers soon followed.

“Want you to cum around me, princess. I bet you’d look so hot with my cock filling you up” I nodded and whined.

“You’d like that? Want my cock deep inside you?” I nodded again. “Fuck yes Dylan, Please”

He smirked lining his dick up with my entrance before slamming into me. I threw my hand over my mouth to cover the scream that was threatening to leave. He was fucking huge. My mouth parted and my eyes shut as he thrusted into me. His movements slowed down and I opened my eyes to question why but he was already looking at me. His eyes fixated on my face, then he said something that wouldn’t have surprised me any other time. But it did now.

“You’re the only stable thing in my life Kat. Please don’t leave me” His voice was soft and I Nodded reaching up to stroke his face.

“I won’t Dylan, I promise” His thrusts continued at the slow and steady pace and I can tell he’s struggling to keep it that way. He probably isn’t used to slow.

“You’re so beautiful, I don’t deserve you” I shook my head and moaned as he thrusted deeper. Somehow managing to keep his pace the same.

His hand slid down to my thigh and he hitched it up onto his waist. The new position making him able to reach places he couldn’t before. He picked up his pace again and I moaned loud, feeling myself edging closer and closer to my high.

A few thrusts later and I’m like putty in his hand. Moaning his name over and over like a mantra as I rode out my high. My nails clawed at his back and I felt his thrusts get sloppier. Not long after he pulls out and comes onto my stomach.

“Oh Fuck yes” He groaned, picking up his shirt and wiping me off. He flopped down next to me and pulled me close.

“That was amazing” He murmured. I nodded, feeling courage wash over me.

“Dylan…. I love you” I mumbled looking up at him. His muscles tensed and he looked down at me. His muscles relaxed again and he chuckled.

“Very Funny Kat” Okay. ouch?

“Dylan I’m serious, I’ve been in love with you for a while now” He obviously didn’t like the sound of that because he shot up from my bed and grabbed his sweats from somewhere on the ground.

“Dylan… It’s not that bad” He scoffed and looked at me.

“Not that bad? It’s more than bad. I don’t love you” He looked so angry, as if me loving him was the worst thing ever. “This wasn’t supposed to happen. You can’t love me!”

I was full on crying, because he said some of the sweetest things to me and now he’s acting like this.

“I should’ve known this was going to happen. That what just happened was a mistake okay. Just forget we ever did it” I hated how weak I looked, I knew he didn’t love me so why the fuck did I say anything. Then again he didn’t have to be such a dick.

“You’re so mean…” I whispered, I swear I saw a flash of hurt cross his face. But it was gone just as fast as it came.

“I can’t believe I’ve never noticed how much of an asshole you are!!! Get the fuck out of my house and stay away from me!!” Once again he looked as if he regretted what he said, but the feeling didn’t last long.

“You don’t fucking have to tell me twice” He walked out of my bedroom, my house, my life? And I was left questioning everything I ever believed about him.

Part 2???

12 Months to Live - February

Summary: A diagnosis of cancer turned around your and Dean’s life. It was too late to fully cure it, so Dean decided to go after all your wishes and make your last year the best one ever.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Words: 1234 (I’m not even kidding)


Warnings: smut, slight angst, shaving off your hair(yes this needs a warning)

A/N: Feedback is appreciated as always.

12 Months To Live - Masterpost

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I'll Show You (Part 2) - Theo Raeken Imagine

A/N: No actual SMUT in this part, just lap dance and stuff. Let me know what you guys think and if you want a part 3! (:

Note: Part 1
Pairing: Theo x Reader
Warning: SMUT, cursing, dirty dancing
Word count: 2459

“Again, why are we doing this?” Lydia asks while doing the dishes. “Because I want to show Theo that he’s wrong, that I’m not boring or whatever.” I reply as I open several packages of chips and put them in different bowls. “Honey, why do you care about what he thinks?”

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Rise And Shine

Pairing: Jensen x Reader
Words:   1318
Requested by Anonymous:  Can I request super fluffy Jensen? With cuddles and kisses and all the fluff?

         “Rise and shine, Sweetheart,” you heard Jensen’s voice as he gently caressed your cheek with the tips of his fingers.

           You groaned slightly, “Do I have to?”

           Jensen kissed the tip of your nose, “I’m sorry, Baby. But we have to get ready and go down for our panel,” he said.

           “Do we have time for breakfast?” you asked.

           “If we get up and get ready now,” he said.

           “And if we skip breakfast?”

           Jensen chuckled, “If we skip breakfast, we have time to cuddle, but you’ll be starving by the time we get to eat.”

           “Worth it,” you said, snuggling closer to him, nestling your head under his chin and wrapping your arms around his torso.

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anonymous asked:

I don't really get why other people are calling JonxDany "the song of ice and fire" when Jon already is that song and now that it's confirmed that he's a Targ makes automatically makes him Fire than Ice. So I think that if GRRM ends it the way he started it, it's going to be JonxSansa as they are the legit Ice &Fire (also Jon is the product of a union that started the war while Sansa is from the one that helped end it).

I think it’s a good point! As a hardcore Jon x Sansa shipper it would be my ultimate dream in life. At the same time though, I don’t want to rule Jon x Dany out because that pairing is also still a great possibility. I believe that Jon is the song of ice and fire because his parents were from the south and north (as both houses being representive of winter and flames), also because Rhaegar was known to be a musician.

Anon Request: Yo! Can I request a scenario with Reaper and his s/o baking together? (Maybe a traditional Hispanic dish if that’s not to much to ask?) thank you!

Here you go, anon! Also, I want to thank @cheyisalmostthere for helping me with the language (you’re the real MVP). If I got anything wrong, tell me. I don’t want to upset people. If you have any questions, message me.

“I do not understand why I have to be here for this,” Reaper said, his eyes on you. He had removed his cloak and mask, wearing only a shirt and a pair of sweatpants. It was such a rare sight to see him so casual, even in the safety of your home.

“Because this is what couples do. Besides, I feel weird because I know nothing about the Mexican culture. Like, nothing at all. I’ve decided that I could try and make something that reminds you of home,” you said, turning to face the stove.

“I was born in Los Angeles.” His voice was monotone, and you wanted to smack him.

“You know what I mean. Now, come help me. I have no idea what some of this is, and you’re going to eat these to see if they taste good.” You leaned forward and examined the recipe, your brow furrowed. You jumped when you felt his hand on your rear, his lips brushing against your ear.

“Maybe I want to eat something else, amorcito. Me vuelves loca/loco,” he whispered.

Frowning, you elbowed him, and he groaned, backing away from you.

“I don’t know what you said, but it sounded sexual. Stop it,” you said, waving a rolling pin in his face, “I need your help with this.”

He muttered something under his breath and nodded, moving to your side.

“This was a terrible idea,” you said as you dropped into the chair, flour dusted across your skin. Reaper glanced at you and smirked, making you toss a wooden spoon at him. He deflected it easy and approached you, wiping the flour off his shirt.

“I told you.”

“Shut up. You didn’t help. You spent most of it trying to get into my pants or grumbling about how stupid this was. I’m trying to do something for you,” you said, frowning.

He rolled his eyes and stepped closer, kneeling down. Even then, he was still quite tall, staring at you.

“You don’t need to do something for me, idiot. Besides, I can’t enjoy it,” he said with a smirk. You glanced up at him and narrowed your eyes, feeling his lips against your cheek. “But thank you.”

That was one of the few times he had expressed gratitude, and it made you smile. You rose from the chair and went to clean up the mess until he curled his arms around your stomach. His lips pressed against your ear, and you giggled.

“I meant that.”

“I know.”

Sunday Mornings

Chapter: 1/1

Fandom: The 100 (TV)

Rating: General Audiences

Pairing: Marcus Kane/Abby Griffin

Additional Tags: Fluff, And because it’s sunday I decided to post this.

Read on [AO3]


The room was dim. The heavy combination of the heavy drapes (that Marcus specifically picked out to prevent a moody Abby in the mornings) and the dark gray clouds outside made it look like night. But the alarm clock on his night stand read 10:27 am. He closed his eyes and let the sounds take over.

He heard the rain falling outside, pounding on the ground in a drum like manner. Harsh and unforgiving, never soft and gentle. There was a storm outside. A thunderstorm actually. Yet it was so peaceful, almost like a lullaby putting him right back to sleep. He loved mornings like this. This morning he could just stay in bed all day if he wanted to, and enjoy the rain, with her. Always with her.

Abigail Griffin. His Abby. The woman he’d chase to the end of the universe. He’d risk anything for her. And he has never had one single regret. As long as at the end of it all she was there with him, fighting right alongside. Even though most days she was fighting him, not the world. But he didn’t mind, he loved every second of it.

She stirred a bit in his arms after the last crack of thunder, pulling the sheet tighter around her. He chuckled softly and tightened his hold on her protectively. He pressed a gentle kiss on the top of her head. Her hair looked like a beehive when she woke up every morning. He didn’t mind it though, to him she was flawless. But he didn’t repeat comments like that. Things like that were only mentioned on special occasions, which simply made them mean so much more.

He reveled a bit of her shoulder from under the soft sheets. She groaned, protesting his actions but stopped when she felt his lips kiss her soft skin. Her body reacted instinctively, straddling him with her thighs.

His smile widened. Even when she was half asleep her body reacted to his. “Go back to sleep, love.” He mumbled against her soft skin.

She nodded slowly against his chest. She really didn’t have enough energy to do much more. She tried to let sleep take over, but something was stopping her. Him, of course. She felt his fingertips ghost down her spine, just barely touching her skin, but enough to provide a delicious tingling sensation to run down her frame. Her back arched under his fingers as she released a heavy breath.

“Sleep baby. I got you.” He whispered trying to sound sincere. But in reality he just wanted to play.

But his voice. Husky and deep. That sleepy voice that drove Abby wild. It was hard to ignore. She said nothing and did her best to ignore her body while trying to anticipate his next move. That was never easy. Marcus was never predicable. He seemed to have stopped his movement leaving his hand on her lower back. After an appropriate amount of waiting time, she let her tense muscles relax thinking he too had gone back to sleep.

But in fact he was just waiting. He knew her body better that she knew it herself. He felt the tension and anticipation in her muscles, especially her tight abdominal muscles pressed again his stomach. He gently breathed into her neck, the actions causing her to innocently wrap herself deep into his warm embrace. The simple action driving him insane. (She didn’t mean to.)

He gave up all his restrain and het his fingers trace her outline body gently. Once more waking her from her half asleep state. “Marcus.” she breathed, no longer trying to ignore his touch. A strike of lightning filled the room for a split second.

He laughed whole heartedly this time, not trying to hide it from her any longer. He grabbed her body tightly and flipped them over so she was now pressed down under his full weight. “What do you want to do today?” He asked her, gently cupping her face. The thunder finally making its presence known, rumbling outside.

“Absolutely nothing.” She said fully awake, opening her eyes and looking at him for the first time that morning.

“God, I love Sunday mornings.” He replied before dipping down to kiss her.


Author’s note:  First prooompt!! MakoHaru with 43. “YOU DID WHAT?!”
Super excited because this is gonna be my first time writing this pairing huehuehue

Summary: One week before classes start Makoto visits Haru to hang out with him, only to find out that his boyfriend did something incredibly stupid. But apparently Haru doesn’t really see the problem when Makoto argues that this isn’t going to work so he has to resort to drastic measures. 

Luckily both Makoto and Haru didn’t have a lot of stuff so their move was fairly easy. Especially Haru since he didn’t have to drag books over to his new place while Makoto was stuck with all these new study books for college. It was pretty doable though and they had promised to help each other out so they would be done within a week.

Said week was now over and even though Makoto wanted to settle in for a bit, he couldn’t rid himself of wanting to see Haru as much as he could before classes started.

They had about one more week so they had to enjoy it to the fullest, right?

At least that was what Makoto thought when he rang the doorbell for the third time.

“Here we go again…” he mumbled with a small, affectionate smile and gripped the doorknob to open the door himself.

Except that when he pushed the door open, it got stuck. Makoto let out a small huff and pushed against it with his shoulder.

“Haru?” he called out but as per usual, Haru was probably underwater and couldn’t hear him. “Haru, your door won’t budge!”

Oh, wait it did. Makoto kept pushing, grunting under his breath as he did so, slowly managing to push the door open. It was as if there was something blocking it and that something was really heavy. For a minute he thought that Haru might have rocks in his living room, but even Haru was not that weird.

… Right?

After some fidgeting, a couple of mumbled curses and a lot of pushing, Makoto managed to create an opening for himself. He slipped into the living room and let out a surprised yelp to find at least thirty-something boxes. A particularly high pile was placed right in front of the door and Makoto half-wondered if Haru had done that on purpose, seeing that he wasn’t very fond of human contact.  

Right at that moment Haru came in, drying his hair with his signature white towel. “Makoto.”

“What is…” Makoto flapped his arms like a bird, not really succeeding in trying to point at the huge amount of boxes. “What is all of this?”

Blinking blankly, Haru looked around and his eyes fell on one random box near Makoto’s ankle. “They’re boxes.”

“Yes, but what’s in the boxes?”

“Mackerel.” Not even the slightest hint of hesitation.


“I bought a hundred kilos of mackerel.”


Makoto’s voice broke due to his screeching while Haru merely raised an eyebrow in response. “What? Going to the store every other day would be a pain in the ass. This way, I can focus on swimming without having to worry about grocery shopping for the next couple of months.”

Oh my god, you— Haru!” Makoto whined and covered his face with his hands, clawing at his hair. “You gotta return everything. All of it! You can’t just live on mackerel for the rest of your life!”

It was pointless to even argue about this. Not even Rei with his well-practiced protein speech, Rin with his you’re-a-dumbass-stop-it-line or Nagisa with his nuzzling could convince Haru that eating nothing else but mackerel was just plain bad. Haru was not every open-minded about this subject and it usually ended with Makoto having to drag Haru over to the store to buy some real food, but this time he was gonna have to take all these boxes, too.  

“I’ll be fine.”

Letting out a low sigh, Makoto decided that he was going to have to do things the hard way. He started taking some boxes from the huge pile that was blocking the door and put them on the floor so he could create a bigger opening.

“What’re you doing?”

“We’re gonna take all of these back. Well, okay, fine, you can keep one box, but…” Makoto smiled wryly and was about to take one of the boxes outside but Haru grabbed his wrist with a firm yet gentle grip, his eyes narrowed and mouth turned into a thin line. “Haru?”


Yeah, okay, Makoto hadn’t exactly expected Haru to start jumping up and down and helping him but this was ridiculous.

They did this awkward dance thing where Makoto casually tried to get out of Haru’s grip by taking some random steps but Haru would just follow him closely. To an outsider it would’ve looked somewhat comical and romantic while in reality it was just a silent battle between two stubborn guys. Haru wouldn’t let him reach the doorframe no matter what, his clear eyes shining with a hint of annoyance and defiance.

That glint of defiance sparked something inside Makoto’s chest. Was this some sort of game? Or was Haru simply mocking him?

Or both.

Haru was never the type to initiate these kinds of games, though, but Makoto just rolled with it.  

Placing the box back on the ground, he held up his hands in defeat and put on his usual gentle smile. “All right.”

He received a small nod in response and took the hand that was still holding his wrist. Haru let him as he grabbed both of his hands and intertwined their fingers, not stopping him when Makoto took a step forward to back him into the wall.

With a small kick, Makoto closed the door to not attract any bystanders and carefully pressed Haru against the cold surface, bringing their faces closer. Haru was more than happy about this, his lips parting ever so slightly as an invitation and looking up at him through his thick eyelashes. Their noses bumped, Makoto’s lips hovering over his, their breaths mingling and hands shaking in anticipation.

Neither of them moved for a second, merely looking into each other’s eyes as if to ask permission. Makoto smiled down at him and rubbed their noses together, squeezing his right hand before he let go so he could slide it down to his hip. It wasn’t uncommon to go under each other’s shirts during kissing so Haru leaned into his touch as the warm hand sneaked under his shirt and cupped his side.

Finally, their lips met in a short kiss, Haru sighing through his nose and tilting his head to one side to get better access and holding Makoto’s jaw with his now free hand—

Only to jerk back with a choked gasp.

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For My Love

Pairing: Reader (Rebecca) x Cas
Words: 962
Requested by @peek-ahh-boo. This is part three to Angel Of Jealousy and Who Do You Love?

“What are you doing?” Cas asked, making you jump. It didn’t matter how many times he just appeared, you always seemed to jump.

           “Folding laundry,” you said, “What are you doing?”

           “I came to tell you something,” he said. You looked at him, realizing how distraught he looked standing in your room.

           “What’s wrong, Cas?” you asked, dropping the shirt you had been holding.

           “I don’t really know how to tell you,” he said, looking down, away from your staring eyes.

           “Tell me what?” you were definitely getting worried now. This was worse than the time Cas was so protective of you because he loved you; worse than him being worried that you didn’t know he actually loved you. This was bad and you could tell.

           “They know about us,” he said.

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This comes from one of @incorrectservamp quotes. I find their quotes hilarious, especially for the Greed Team xD

I can draw but I’m not smart enough to find some hilarious quotes to base my draw on x’DD So I think I’m gonna use their quotes a lot because I found a lot of awesome quotes on their blog and they gave me all good ideas~

Happy Birthday Babe//Grayson Dolan//Personal Requested Imagine

today its my birthday, can i have a grayson personal imagine please?

So I got her information because she didn’t say it. But Happy 17th Birthday babe. Enjoy this lovely imagine. Also this is a day late because I fell asleep last night..oops. Sorry babe! I hope you enjoy it.

Warnings: none

Requested by: iheartgrayson

Pairing: Grayson Dolan X Anthi 

“Happy Birthday babe.” A husky voice says awakening me from my slumber.

I smile rolling over to face a goofy smile plastered on Grayson’s face. I smile snuggling into his bare chest. 

“Anthi babe, get up I made you breakfast.” He says running a hand through my hair and placing a kiss onto my temple.

“I like food.” I mumble happily. 

“I know.” He chuckles. “Ethan helped too. He wanted to help so I let him.” 

“Ohh the twins worked together on something, how exciting.” I answer finally deciding to sit up.

“There’s my beautiful girl.” He announces. 

“I love you.” I smile pressing a soft kiss to his lips.

“I love you too babe. Eat up. We have an eventful day ahead of us. I’ll be back.” 

I start eating my food and after 20 minutes I’m done and very confused on why Grayson isn’t back yet. 

I stand up when the door opens, but I’m surprised to see Ethan and not Gray. 

“Where’s…..” I trail off. 

“He’s busy. But he wants me to tell you that to go take a shower. I’ll clean up.” 

“You sure E. I can help.” I say.

“No, Anthi. I’m okay. It’s your birthday. Go take a shower you’ll need to be ready soon.” He smiles kissing my forehead. 

Ethan and I have always had that sort of brother sister relationship. So kissing me on the forehead is not a weird thing or something Grayson will get jealous at. Grayson a/”lways awes when the brother sister love between us comes out. 

I guess he’s just happy that we get on well. It would probably kill him if we didn’t get along. I really love him so if Ethan and I didn’t get along, I wouldn’t go anywhere, He means too much to me.

I take about 20 minutes in the shower then finally decide to get out. I turn the water off, opening the shower door, I step lifting my eyes to see the most gorgeous dress hanging on the door. Along with a gorgeous pair of Gladiator sandals.


I get dressed finish my makeup and go to leave the room when a see a sticky not on the back of Grayson’s door. 

Go to the place we met.

That’s easy. It’s the Starbucks in town. 

“Hey Ethan! Can you drive me to the Starbucks in town?” I ask running down the stairs. “Ethan?” 

“He’s already in the car waiting for you.” Cameron yells from the kitchen.

“Thanks Cam.” I yell.

“You’re welcome Anthi! Have fun!” 

I climb into the car and Ethan drives me into town and I get out walking.

“Hi. Are Anthi?” One of the Baristas ask. 

“I am.” I smile. 

“Oh good. I was asked to give you this and this drink.” She says handing me a sticky note and my favourite drink. “Also Happy Birthday.” 

I look at the note reading it. 

Second last one. Go to the jewelry store where you saw so many nice things in.

“I’m guessing you already know where to go, so just drive.” I giggle, He chuckles pulling out of the Starbucks parking lot. 

Once we pull into the parking lot and he stops the car, I jump out running into the store. 

“You’re Anthi right?” The jeweler asks. 

“I am.” I smile.

“Here. But read the sticky note throughly.” He says narrowing his eyes in a joking manner. 

“I will. Thank you.”

“Happy Birthday!” 

“Thank you so much.” 

Don’t open. I mean it Anthi!!! I’ll open it when you get to me. Also your last hint. Meet me in the park. 

I’ve been walking around the park trying to find Grayson but I can’t find him anywhere. 

I text Ethan again asking him if he drove me to the right park. He texts me back quickly saying yes, just keep looking. 

“Hi baby,” I hear a quiet voice say. 

I turn to see Grayson looking gorgeous as ever, giving me a gorgeous smile. 

“Wow. I didn’t think you’d look as gorgeous as you do in that dress.” He says slowing walking towards me. 

“Really?” I ask blushing. 

He chuckles pressing his body into mine and kissing me roughly.

“Mmm babe people are watching.” I mumble unattaching my lips from his.

“I don’t care.” He chuckles. I cough embarrassed pushing the far to obvious ring box in his chest. 

“Oh goody, you got it!” He says like a child. “Did you look at it?” 

“No. I swear.” I answer. 

“Good.” He says opening the box. I look down my eyes widening. “Now before you go all crazy, it’s just a promise ring. This is my promise to you. To be the best boyfriend I could be! I love you.” 

“I love you more Gray.” 

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BIGBANG reaction to you wearing only one of their shirts at home? xoxo

BIGBANG reaction to you wearing nothing but their shirt~


I think G-Dragon wouldn’t really care, to be honest. I feel that it would be like you were wearing anything else that’s casual because I think only dressing up would really catch his eye. He may tease you about stealing his clothes, but that would be it. Personally, I think he’d find it cute if you were in a pair of his boxers.

“I see you’ve raided my closet, again, Y/N…”

Originally posted by anko-an


I feel that T.O.P would like to see you in some of his wacky button ups every once in a while. I think he’d find it beautiful if you were barefaced in his clothes and would probably want to touch up on you; in short, I think he’d want to be more physical with you.

“Y/N, you look absolutely brilliant.”

Originally posted by k-delicious


I think that Taeyang would love to see you in his shirts. I believe that he would feel proud to see his woman in his clothes. I guess I just have the feeling he would find it completely glorious to see you in nothing but his concert wear. 

“Damn, Y/N, you have no idea what you’re doing to me.”

Originally posted by bigbangersball


I think that Daesung would feel genuinely happy to see his woman in nothing but his shirt. I feel that he’d find it adorable and he’d probably try putting the moves on her. I think he’d be extra flirtatious and it wouldn’t be on you for long.

“Y/N… You know I love you in that…”

Originally posted by jiyongs-g-thong


I think that Seungri, like Taeyang, would also feel a bit proud to see his woman in his clothes. He’d probably prefer sexy lingerie, but he probably wouldn’t feel opposed to his own clothing, especially if it hugged her body tightly in the chest region.

“Are you trying to turn me on?”

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i was tagged in a meme by amazing person @fraxinus

name/nicknames: [REDACTED]

gender: cis female mantis

height: 5′ 4″ in my human skin suit, 6′ 2″ as my real mantis self

hogwarts house: gryffindor 

favorite color: 🍆🍆🍆 aubergine 🍆🍆🍆


last things i googled: “social work master’s degree requirements” because i’m an irl sjw l o l

fictional character you’d like as a sibling: poe dameron but only when he’s completely untouched by fanon

number of blankets i sleep with: ummm one plus @nisiedrawsstuff

favorite band/artists: depeche mode and panic! at the disco

dream vacation: my mother dies, then i fly my wife and me to norway in the summer.

what i’m wearing: a thrifted snake skin muscle tank and a thrifted pair of ralph lauren sorta-burberry pattern shorts

when did i make this blog: the end of 2012 but all that history’s deleted ha!

how many blogs do i follow: 325 and i feel like i gotta cut back

what do i post about: lesbians, women, cats and kylux (holy shit tits for days in my archive view)

do you get asks on a regular basis: yes i do and they delight me

aesthetics: soft 70s mojave

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Do you think everyone has a soulmate

Are you asking if everyone has a perfect match? Someone who they are destined to be with? That one true soulmate?

No, I do not believe that. If you believe in God, I do not believe that God made a mate only for you, either. If He did, it would eliminate free will. I do not believe in soulmates.

No pairing is perfect. There will always be hard times in relationships. I am no exception to this rule. No relationship is without its troubles. If God, if you believe in Him, did make a “soulmate” for you, why do you have problems in your marriage (because everyone does)? I believe a marriage in which two people work together to get through the struggles will be tighter and stranger than a couple who see no dark days.

I believe that we have free will to choose who we will as a mate. I believe that had I not met my wife through the many crazy circumstances which led us together that I could have found happiness in and with someone else. That may seem off to some. But it’s true. I believe that the person we choose to spend our lives with matters greatly. But I do not believe there is only one answer to this, one of life’s great riddles.

There are many out there who can be a partner in this life. Find one who can be your best friend and your “cohort in crime”. Find someone who can work together to get through the issues which you will undoubtedly face. Look to their mind, their personality, and their soul. Because, afterall, beauty will one day fade.

Breakdown (Jimmy Darling x Reader)

Request: could you write a jimmy x reader where they went to school together but jimmy was really bullied and when the reader admits their feelings jimmy breaks down because of his insecurities? thank you!!!!!

Pairing: Jimmy Darling x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, insecurity

Song: Breakdown by Seether

Notes: N/A

• • •

It was a normal school day that began with you walking to science, your first hour. As you made your way from your locker to your class, a familiar voice yelled from across the hall, “Y/N, WAIT UP!” You laughed to yourself, knowing immediately who it was.

“Jimmy! Quit yelling!” You whisper-shouted once he was closer to you. Breathing heavily from running, he let out a small laugh as you continued to walk down the long hallway.

“Listen to your girlfriend, freak!” You heard someone yell (which was kind of hypocritical). You saw a piece of balled up paper hit Jimmy on the shoulder, and all though it wouldn’t have hurt, you could see the pain in his eyes. Not physical pain, but the type that is emotionally draining and exhausting. You’ve known Jimmy since kindergarten and every single day without fail, some asshole decides to be, well, an asshole.

You pulled Jimmy into a smaller, empty hallway. You smiled sympathetically at him, putting your hand on his shoulder in a comforting way.

“I know it’s horrible, Jimmy. The way they treat you is awful.” You said, looking down at your feet. Jimmy looked up at you, still some tears in his eyes.

“They call me a freak everyday, Y/N. Every single day.” Jimmy said, wiping his eyes as he didn’t want to cry in front of you, or anyone for that matter. You let out a sad sigh, taking both of Jimmy’s hands in your own.

“Look at your hands. What do you see?” You asked, looking into his eyes. Jimmy’s face shrivelled up in disgust at the sight of his hands.

“I see disgusting hands. I see gross hands. I see hands that me or other people around me even consider hands, Y/N. They’re horrible.” He said looking down as tears fell off of his face. You frowned, but continued on.

“I see wonderful hands. Sure, they’re not ‘normal’, but who fucking cares? It makes you unique. Your hands do not and will ever define who you are.” You said, looking at him and hoping to make him feel better.

“Girls are scared of me! Girls shouldn’t be scared of someone because of their hands!” He yelled, taking his hands out of yours and causing you to jump back a bit. You approached him again, this time not touching him.

“I’m not scared of you.” You said, blushing. Jimmy looked up at you, a confused look on his face.

“Why? You should be.” He said, this time looking at you.

You laughed a bit and looked down, a blush still prominent on your face. “Because I’m head over heels in love with you, idiot.”

You suddenly felt a pair of soft lips of yours, sending what felt like little jolts of electricity throughout your body. Jimmy smiled at you, but the smile quickly turned to sadness again.

“Y/N, you’re so beautiful. You could have any guy or girl in this entire school. Ones with normal hands…” He said, sniffling.

“Jimmy, I love every part of you. Including your amazing hands. The way that you or your hands look are completely irrelevant. I love you for you, and some ‘deformity’ won’t ever change that.” You said, kissing him once again. Your eyes automatically closed as you wrapped your arms around his neck and his made their way to your waist.

Your eyes opened quickly as you pulled away. “SHIT, WE’RE LATE! HURRY UP!” You yelled, running down the hallway with Jimmy not too far behind.

“Hey, stop yelling!”

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It amazes me how almost all the haters are pitying Mo and none of them pities Zheng Xi. That kid is pitiful.. he´s sexually harassed by his best friend over and over, his trust betrayed, and he can't just make Jiang Yi stop.. he has over his shoulders such a heavy burden, because JY obv puts emotional pressure on him, making him feel guilty. If I were ZX, I would have run away ages ago, JY is too heavy, too much of a burden for a 15yo to bear. At least with He Tian u know what to expect.

I don’t want to sound like some people in this fandom because I know how to put a line between reality and fiction and I also can understand what are the author intentions with all of this but since everyone is so eager to point out the problems in the side pairing relationship and nothing to say about the mains and making them out to be the most healthy and unproblematic relationship ever I will have to agree with you anon. What you said it’s true and would be uncceptable in real life. Actually looking at both relantionships realistically the mains are by far the worst. There is too much emotional pressure and unhealthy dependency going on. And what JY’s going through which is a lot and I totally understand is still not a excuse for people only to complain about HT’s actions and let JY’s unnoticed. Because what about ZX? I only see people piting JY. Actually when JY kissed ZX without consent for the first time everyone was pitying him instead of ZX. Now with side pairing everyone is pitying GS and making HT the worst person ever. Double standards too much? Also I would like to point out that we don’t know nothing about HT and what’s going on in his head. We know JY is going through an emotinal turmoil but we only know this after the non consent kiss event. We knew nothing before. Why can’t people chill and wait for the development of this pairing too? What will be of them after this kiss? We don’t even know GS’s fully reaction and what’s OX real intentions with all of this. But look I’m pretty sure that OX hadn’t in mind to portray an harassment situation with this kiss nor with any of the other many situations with the main pairing.

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fuckity fuck i just noticed with the "who's the last to get married" question liam actually says louis and niall but louis says "us two" and motions his head toward harry bc if he's the last to get married then harry is too rip

Noooo, he points to Louis and Harry and then changes his answer when he sees Harry trying to kill him with his eyes. I’ve watched that interview more times than I would like to admit. But he says “this pair” and points at Louis and Harry and then changes his answer part to save his life and probably partially because anything but Larry.


It’s just …how he is.

I know that, but… Couldn’t he try harder?

Try harder to do what? He can’t feel things. Not the way we do. Not the way anyone else does.

Maybe you’re fine with that but I’m not.

Kaethe, you can’t expect him to be anything other than what he is. He wants you. He’s taking care of you. Isn’t that enough?

No, he’s taking care of me because of you. I’m in the middle of this, Jacintha. I’m the one who’s trying to put a life together surrounded by strangers with a man who’s holding onto me because of his dead wife. 

He’s all I have. I lost everyone. My family’s homes aren’t standing any longer. He bought my brother’s pianoforte for me. He’s doing the best he can, Kaethe. 

By bringing us back here to his family instead of trying to make things work with mine?

Don’t be blind. It’s dangerous at Echoing Vale. Your aunt… She hates you. I don’t know why, but she does and I think she tried to have you and your parents killed. 

I know Aunt Cara hates me. You think I haven’t known that for years? But Kerrolyn, Uncle Burgess, Carleigh and Jansen don’t hate me and they’ve taken care of me. …could you leave people who’d loved you for years?

I can’t leave the only person who mourned my death and cared enough to help me come back to him. 

…why did you? He didn’t love you. You said it yourself that he can’t love anyone. You know this, but you came back anyway.

It was my family’s last wish, the only one I knew about. They wanted me to marry him. 

So you didn’t stay with him because you loved him. You stayed with him because you loved your family

It’s more complicated than that. 

No, it’s not. You either love him or you don’t!

I do, and you know I do, Kaethe.

And you’re making me feel it, too, but… He doesn’t love me. If he actually can love anyone, it’s you and I’m just the package you came in. 

He wants you more than he wanted me. Can’t you tell?

Is that why you get upset when I eat more than a plate of fruit? Why you want me practicing ballet for eight hours a day? Are you trying to turn me into you?

You said you wanted to be better at dance. I’m just trying to help you with that. 

Don’t lie to me.

…he said he loved me the way I was.

And you’re trying to turn me into you. I’m not you, Jacintha. I can’t be you.

You’re not even trying!

Stop blaming me for this! I had nothing to do with it or with either of you until I was forced into it!

I can’t lose him, don’t you understand? I can’t!

And you can’t make me be you! It’s not my fault he likes me physically better than he did you and it’s not my fault that you’re so afraid of being alone that you’re willing to suffer anything. Maybe you are but I’m not!

The broken glass made musical chimes as bits of it fell to the floor, tinkling like a quick run of piano notes. Kaethe looked at her hand, watched the blood beginning to well around the silver-backed shards of glass and took a step back from the mirror. Her feet automatically moved in that strange placement that was natural to Jacintha, but her stomach was in a knot. 

When the first drop of crimson spattered against the mirror’s spilt face, shimmering on the floor, the Kurzick girl fell back, collapsing against the end of the disheveled bed, and put her head down on her knees with a hoarse sob.

Gifts for My Baby!

So, I have figured it out. Recently, RF has been suit hunting. He has been inspired by Ghost (from Power) and Daniel Craig (because he thinks they look alike). He is too cute. So, I decided on something that would compliment his current obsession - a classic Hermes Tie. Perhaps in a light grey or baby blue. I think this would be perfect for our one year mark!

So while I was shopping, I came across a pair of Gucci loafers that could also be slippers (the leather back can be pushed down without damage). He recently bought a HIDEOUS pair of slippers recommended by GQ, which went straight to the back of the closet. I think this would be a perfect two in one. He can have his pimp slippers and be a classy man. However, I think I will hold this for Christmas - we will see.