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Behind The Towel

Pairing: Jared x Reader

Summary: You’re at your mom’s house with your kids when your husband sends you a very NSFW photo while he’s away.

Word Count: 1,116

Warnings: children (because apparently that needs a warning), a stubborn toddler, NSFW photo under the cut, embarrassment, sexting, implied smut

A/N: @wayward-girl sent me this photo and my brain just kicked into overdrive so… here ya go. This is also my (very late - I’m so, so sorry) submission for @frickfracklesackles‘s 1,000 Followers Celebration Challenge. My prompt was “I don’t know whether to worship at your feet or spank the living shit out of you.” and is bolded below.

Jared was in Los Angeles, shooting some promo shoot for something he wouldn’t tell you about. It seemed sketchy, but you shrugged it off for the most part. Packing up the kids, you headed for your mom’s house, knowing she’d listen to your worrying about there being another woman while also helping you with Jake and Lauren. 

Day two without Jared, and you were missing him. You woke up that morning and shot him a text, just saying, “Wish you were here,” with a kissing emoticon. After laying in bed for ten more minutes with no reply, you sighed and planted your feet on the floor. Trudging to the kitchen, you clutched the warm black mug between your hands, savoring every single sip of the holy liquid you were taking in.

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Like a Dream - Jeff Atkins Imagine

Request: Hey lovely, could I please ask for a Jeff Atkins imagine, where he gets jealous of you being best friends with zach because you play kiss the bottle at a house party and zach kissed you, but he hasn’t actually asked you out yet. Thanks lovely!! Don’t worry if not:)

Pairing: Jeff Atkins x Reader

Word Count: 977

“Hurry up, Y/N! We’re going to be late if you don’t get your ass down here soon!” I hear my best friend, Zach, call from downstairs.

“Be patient, dammit!” I call back. “I just need to find my shoes!”

Even though he is downstairs and I am up in my room, I can practically hear Zach roll his eyes. Zach and I have been friends since second grade, when Ms. Benson made us sit next to each other on the first day of school. I’ve always been talkative and friendly, so it was only natural that I would practically force Zach to become my best friend.

“Anyway, it’s a high school party. It’ll last for hours so it’s impossible to miss,” I say, rushing downstairs and past Zach to get to his car. 

“But, see, I’m on the basketball team. I gotta keep up that reputation,” he retorts back.

“What reputation?” I laugh.

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Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Pairing: Derek x Fem!Reader

Requested: Yes by @itsall-inmy-head

Warnings: Sex, fingering, Daddy kink, spanking, NSFW 18+

A/N: Enjoy lovies❤️ I also apologize to @itsall-inmy-head because I got an incy wincy bit carried around.

masterlist / coming soon

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The growing heat along your body was growing with every passing second, your skin was dancing with goosebumps as you heard the voice of your Alpha through the locked door. Derek was in the middle of a pack meeting, and since you were in heat, he had to keep you in his bedroom for safe keeping.

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thanks jay for the support ily
So yeah Patton’s a cheerleader in this one. Wow.
And shit happens.

Tagged: @starlight-sanders, @sanspie122
Warnings: (minor) Mentions of sexual dancing >_<
Pairing(s): Logicality wOO


“He- he’s your boyfriend?” They stuttered, looking over at that creepy nerd in the stands. Patton just nodded.

“Yep, Logan’s my boyfriend,” he confirmed with a smile, turning to wave at Logan, who blushed and waved back. Logan always watched the cheerleaders practice, because his boyfriend was in amongst them, and he loved the other boy’s dancing skills.

“We all thought he was some creepy guy getting off at us cheerleading, to be honest,” one said. Patton’s smile faltered for a second.

“Don’t worry about that. He’s all about me,” he said, forcing his smile a little. Self-centred asses.

Patton worked hard during that training, so that Logan wouldn’t focus on those girls. He teased playfully and blew kisses a couple of times, making Logan flush red. He never pays attention to me during training, what’s going on?

A couple of times Patton may have ‘accidentally’ flashed his underwear at the boy, which didn’t go unnoticed by the other girls, or Logan. Patton made sure to perform his best tricks and show off his flexibility, which he rarely did, because showing off really wasn’t his thing.

During the break, Patton watched skeptically as some of the bitc- ruder girls made their way over to Logan, and spoke to him. He noticed as one twirled her hair, another had her hand on her hip and her knee popped, and another was sat next to Logan with her hand on his knee. Patton made a low growling noise in his throat as that same girl kissed his boyfriend on the cheek. They smiled sweetly at Patton when they walked past him.

And that was when the switch flipped.

When they got back into their training routine, Patton’s dancing was no longer teasing, it was downright dirty. Everyone watched in utter shock as the usually sweet, innocent, kind Patton performed extremely sexual moves, all directed at the boy in the stands. Even Logan was surprised, he’d never seen his boyfriend act like that before, but he liked it. A lot.

He didn’t realise it was his fault, when he’d let the girl kiss his cheek. He didn’t know it was related to relationships, although he was learning, he was still a nerd that had trouble with feelings. And expressions of interest.

But god, he knew why Patton was acting like that.

And he loved it.

The night shift

Pairing: JongIn x Reader

Genre: Smut (submissive, blow job attached)

Word Count: 2,4k

Anon’s req: “ Hello! Can I have a Kai smut in which he’s usually really proud of himself because he’s always dominant and makes his girlfriend feel good but one day she decides to take the lead? Thank you! ‘

     The left side on your bed is empty every single night. It feels cold and strange now that your husband has to work the night shift for almost a month. And it’s not an easy job to be a pilot, to have hundreds of people aboard and to work like it’s day. Of course, the airplane has a radar and specific things that help the work during the night, but it’s much more complicated for you to understand. 

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that is just the way

pairing: tododeku

word count: 6.7k

summary: Shouto has his first sleepover. 

Midoriya wears honey chapstick. He wears honey chapstick and then he worries his bottom lip between his teeth—pink clamped nervously between white—and then he reapplies.

And Shouto watches, because he’s good at watching. Talking and joking don’t come so easily to him as it seemingly does to the rest of the class, but observing—he’s been doing it his whole life.

Shouto wonders where he got the chapstick from. Did his mother buy it for him, or perhaps Uraraka or Iida? Did he go and get it himself? It’s unimportant, he knows, but he still wonders. He wonders a lot about Midoriya.

Shouto is not used to being this curious. He’s not used to noticing little things, like what kind of chapstick someone wears. He’s not used to… whatever this is—whatever feeling tangles like vines growing in his ribcage, tickling at his lungs and at his heart.

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 And just like that, your fate was sealed - because Min Yoongi was absolutely going to destroy you. But hell, if you weren’t going to let him, or bask happily in the flames as he did so.

And sadly, at the time, you didn’t think that your thoughts would become so literal.

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader
Word Count: 12,039 yikes!
Chapter Index
◇ Soulmate!Au, Slowburn, Angst

Over the short magnitude of time that Min Yoongi has been a part of your ever moving life – his decision or not, you have come to discover one thing about his complex character, and that is: when you think you have him figured out, he does something to throw your entire thought base off balance and send it spiraling into the depths of somewhere unknown.

This is what happens the following Monday when he ventures into your shared English Literature class.

Now, when you had told Jungkook to pass along your reply to Yoongi, you weren’t sure he had received it. Because you had yet to acquire a text message from him. That’s right, not a letter, word, sentence, or paragraph had you received. In fact, you were starting to wonder if Yoongi had indeed changed his mind regarding the friendship or not.

To be honest, it wouldn’t surprise you.

Because, after all, trying to guess when it came to Min Yoongi was trying to guess the weather. There was a fifteen percent chance that the New’s was correct and a seventy five percent chance that something irrational could happen and everything would change.

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Fanfiction doodle request!

Art by: @anakito

Fandom: Mystic messenger 

Fanfic: Impossible Year by Ely
Pairing: Yoosung x Saeran


“Can I kiss you now?” Yoosung asked again a little frustratedly.
“Why not?” Yoosung all but whined.
“Because,” Saeran reached up and placed his hand under Yoosung’s chin, tilting his head upwards. Saeran wasn’t sure where this sudden burst of confidence had come from, but he rolled with it. “I want to kiss you.”
Yoosung’s eyes widened as Saeran leaned in and pressed his lips against Yoosung’s.“ - Cap 18

After some really busy times, I’m back with the doodle request :D
This request made me really happy because was one of the first Yooran fanfic that I read… and at that time I was surprised that other people ship Yoosung and Saeran as well! So YES! love it!
A lot of love to you @mysticmessengervibes ! :D

If you are a Fanfiction Author and want a draw of your fanfiction too, send me a request! Maybe will take me some time, but I will try to make a gift based on your work! :)
The fanfic writers deserve some recognition! :D
and’s free xD

Taking Care // Derek H x Reader

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader
Fluff, cuteness, sick!Reader, maybe a swear word or two
Word Count:

Request: Heyo! I saw you wanted requests, so could u do a Derek hale x reader where she’s his mate (human, but knows about everything) and he keeps her secret from the pack because he’s worried about the people out to get him. Suddenly she gets sick tho and he’s gotta take care of her which leads to the pack being curious and worried about where he is every day for a week. Fluff please :3 thanks lovie!

A/N: Wow I haven’t written for Teen Wolf in such a long time! I’m sorry about that, most of my focus has been on my main blog @Lady-Thor-Foster. I’m excited about picking my fics back up again and writing new ones! Chapter Two of Muse is coming out ASAP. I’m still taking requests!

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

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Just Ten Count Omegaverse Things

Because this is my new favourite thing you all have to suffer.

• The first time Shirotani went into heat was in the locker of his Dad’s classroom.

• Nobody knows he’s an Omega. When he got his letter at school he burned it thinking that if his dad knew, he would automatically find out what had happened at the school.

• Avoiding everyone because he doesn’t want to trigger his heat or dirty them.

• Takes way too many represents to the point it is starting to damage his body. He refuses to go into heat because it sickens him.

• Never nesting because of his mysophobia.

•Kurose realises Shirotani is an Omega straight away though his reasoning for wanting to help him remains the same.

• Kurose spends all his time trying to convince Shirotani that they are Fated Pairs.

• Kurose hiding Shirotani’s heat suppressants to stop him from hurting his body further.

• Shirotani builds his first nest in Kurose’s apartment. After which he promises to stop ODing on suppressants and to go to Kurose during his heats.

• At the start of their relationship Kurose took rut suppressants for the first time in his life. It was so he could help Shirotani enjoy his heats without losing control of himself.

•Kurose really wants a baby but he hasn’t told Shirotani yet.

Derek remembers the essay that he wrote to get into Samwell. He remembers how many hours he spent editing, how many teachers he asked to go over it, and how his mom and dad cried when they read it. He’s pretty sure they printed out a copy and hung it somewhere in the house, actually.


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Demon Dean Part 1 of 2

Title: Demon Dean Part 1 of 2

Pairings: Demon Dean x Reader, Sam

Summary:  Dean is a demon and Sam and Reader, Dean’s girlfriend are looking for him, to bring him back. Reader finds him and he’s not at all what she remembers.

Word count: 2 270

Warnings: Smut: Fingering, dirty talk, unprotected sex, a bit of rough sex, injured reader, Angst

You can find my masterlist here

You and Sam had been looking for Dean for over a month without any luck. You knew he was a demon, because you had seen a tape from a store where he killed a demon and then for shorter than a second when he looked up towards the camera his eyes turned black. Sam had been talking to Crowley and he said Dean wasn’t possessed he was a demon because of the first blade and the mark. How could that happen? Everything lately had been going to hell.

As you and Sam sat in the bunkers library in front of your computers’ his phone beeped. You looked up and saw him frowning at the phone.

“I know what town Dean is in.”

“Let’s go.” You closed your computer and got up from the chair.

“I don’t know exactly where in the town he is.” He got up from the chair and followed you out of the library.

“I guess we have to split up to find him.”

“I don’t like that idea.” He looked at you with frown.

“If I find him I’ll call you and you’ll call me if you find him.” He agreed so you packed some stuff and went to the car to drive to Tulsa/Oklahoma.

When you came there you split up, Sam took the car and you rented one. You decided to look up the bars nearby, he would most certainly be in one of those at least you hoped he would be. He loved bars and you were pretty sure that he being a demon wouldn’t change that.

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Is This What You Wanted Part 3

Pairings: Tony Stark x Reader

Warnings: Self hate, extreme alcohol consumption, so much angst

Word Count: 1112

Request: Tony stark x reader? One where they’ve been dating for a while but he gets stand offish putting his walls up so she confronts him.. he tells her he’s afraid to love again because he doesn’t want his heart broken cause of everything he’s been through. She promises she’s not going anywhere and she asks him to marry her.

Summary: Tony all of a sudden starts distancing himself from you and your relationship, leaving you to wonder what it is you did.

A/N: This part hurt :( 


I looked down to check the time on my phone before scanning the cafe again, wondering if maybe I’d gotten the wrong place. Rhodey had asked me to meet him here but he was already running ten minutes late, causing my nerves to reach their peak. It had been almost three months since I’d left Tony and I hadn’t heard from anyone other than Natasha since, trying to block out that side of my life for as long as possible.

It wasn’t because I didn’t miss them, because truthfully I’d never felt so lost in my life without them around, it was because everything that reminded me of Tony still hurt like it had the night I left, the wounds had never closed over. And maybe that was because I knew I still loved him, or the fact I never had the closure over why we broke up; whatever the reason was though it kept the pain fresh.

I checked my phone again just as the cafe door opened, the bell above it jingling noisily. I looked up to see Rhodey walking towards me, a wide smile on his face that I couldn’t help but return. As soon as he reached me he scooped me up into his arms, pressing a kiss to the top of my head.
“It’s really good to see you,” He murmured against my hair.
“You too, really,” I replied, taking my seat again once he’d let me go.
“How have you been?”
I shrugged. “Okay I guess, how is everyone?”

Rhodey’s expression faltered just enough for me to catch it before he sighed, dropping his eyes to the table.  
“Look, everyone is good I promise, it’s just -”
“This is about Tony isn’t it?”
“I wouldn’t be here y/n, wouldn’t be asking for your help unless I was sure there wasn’t another way.”
“What do you mean?” I asked, feeling my heart restrict in my chest. “Is he okay - what’s wrong?”
“This isn’t fair of me to ask and Natasha told me as much before I came but I just - I need you to come back.”
“Rhodey…I -”
“I’m worried about my friend y/n,” He pleaded. “He’s drinking himself into an early grave and I know it’s because of the way you left.”
“I didn’t leave him for no reason.”
“I know and believe me, Tony knows it as well, he just - he misses you.”

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Dating Issac Lahey Would Include

Originally posted by laheys-girl

You being one of the first people he opens up to about his past

Lots of studying together

The study sessions always go longer than planned because he keeps getting distracted by every little thing (Such as kissing you)

Him complaining to you about Stiles

“Come on Isaac, Stiles is a great guy. You two just need to hang out and see just how much you have in common.”

“But he’s an ass”

You constantly “borrowing” his various sweaters and jackets

You “forgetting” to give them back

Always insisting he gets paired up with you for pack missions

Him slowly but surely becoming friends with Stiles, to where Isaac, Scott, and Stiles eventually start hanging out a lot so you have to beg to have your boyfriend back for a night

Always sleeping together (just sleeping, you need to be by one another for both of you to sleep)

Isaac sneaking into your room every night so that your parents don’t know

Him always listening to your heart beat

Going to every lacrosse game and wearing his number on your cheek

Every time you guys see one another he always plants a kiss to your temple (especially because he is way taller than you)

Having arguments about how much you can help the pack

           “Isaac, you aren’t my mom, you can’t tell me what to do”

           “I’m not losing you (Y/n), I need to keep you safe!”

A/N: Ahh, my first serious fanfic that I posted to Tumblr ahaha. This fic is dedicated for @just-servamp-trash, my beta reader and friend who always supports me to keep writing and developing my AUs and ideas which often get dark and angsty with deaths so I discard one of them lol. Nah, this AU is pure and fluffy, I hope. And @petrichor-note, who helped me with grammars and tenses. And I like to tag @reimeijennoir because you’re my close friend. I like to tag a person but I think I’m not ready enough for this, so I’ll tell her later. I’m sorry if there are grammar mistakes, English isn’t my native language and I still need to study about it. Anyway, have a greed pair fanfic!

He stared at his hands. They were white with black lines. He looked at the puddle below his black shoes which dripping black water droplets. It was a weird puddle. Its colors are red, light orange, peach, yellow, and blue with some dark brown and black dots. It was his colors, dripped from his body like dripping paint when raindrops hit his body.

A young man named Hyde, 18 years old. He was almost colorless.

In a town as beautiful as a painting, rain is an everyday stuff, yet is treated like a disaster. It changes you into a white and black person or what people say, a colorless person.

The water which in the rivers, lakes, sea, and the ones which you use in everyday life can’t do the same thing as the ones coming from ​the rain clouds can do. It must be a kind of curse or a strange phenomenon that happened in that town.

The only thing Hyde can do was running through the rain, finding a shelter for him. But it was impossible, colorless people are treated like weird creatures. Even though their color still can recover in days, even though they’re completely harmless, even though they’re the same humans like the colorful ones. But colorful people still see them as weird, white and black human-like creatures.

“Damn! I should bought a new umbrella when I went to that shop! Now I’m almost colorless, nobody wants to give me a space for me…” Thought Hyde as he hopelessly crouched under a tree at a park, protecting his very pale face and hair with his dark brown colored scarf from the raindrops. Closing his eyes, Hyde slowly burrowed his head into the scarf around his neck. He felt helpless. At least until he felt no raindrops fell on his head.

Hyde lifted up his head. He saw a white umbrella above him and a young man around his age. That young man has black hair with a white strip on his left fringe. He’s wearing a black hoodie with white trousers and a pair of black boots. Hyde’s attention went to the young man’s white backpack with a pair of white angel wings attached on it. Why would a young man in his age wears a backpack with such childish design? But he quickly switched his attention to something else, it bugged him.He noticed that black drops fell from the young man’s hair and left sleeve. Those were his colors.

“Hey,” Hyde called the young man, “Your hair and sleeves start to drip, you know. You should use your umbrella to protect your colors.” He averted his eyes from the young man. The young man shook his head, “No. You will catch cold if you stay too long under the rain.” He stayed for minutes, it was long enough to having white parts on his body, which losing their colors that had formed a black puddle on the ground. 

“Do you see me? I’m almost colorless. Most of my colors dripped. The only colors I have now are black on my shoes and dark brown on my scarf, and they’re fading now.” Hyde can’t hide his sadness anymore.

“What’s the matter? After all, colorful or colorless, you’re still a human.” Said the young man, “I’ll bring back your colors. It’s my duty as an angel.” Hyde’s eyes became wider due to his mixed feelings. Was he surprised? Or confused? Or probably some kind of happiness?

“Say what? An angel?” Hyde asked. “Yes. I’m Licht Jekylland Todoroki. An angel who descended from heaven to give blessings to this town.” The young man answered.

“h-huh? That name sounds familiar…” Hyde put his chin on is hand before he shouted in surprise. “Whaaat!? Licht Jekylland Todoroki, that famous pianist?! What are you-” Hyde words were stopped as a towel fell on his head. “There. You can use it.” Said Licht as he crouched beside Hyde with his umbrella protecting their bodies.

“t-thanks…” Hyde started to drying his hair with the towel, it started to revealing his colors. “My name is Hyde, nice to meet you…”

“Nice to meet you too.” Licht replied. 

“Licht… I don’t understand…”

“What? Licht blinked his eyes twice.

“Why did you help me? I was colorless and colorless people are seen as the menace of society. The colorful ones ignore and mock the colorless ones. I don’t understand why you did this…”

“Well, wouldn’t the world be more wonderful if everyone was colorful?” Licht answered by asking back. “If someone is colorless, you better help them.”

“Yeah.. you’re completely right. This world would be more wonderful if everyone is colorful.” Hyde smiled. “I once ignored a colorless man. I like to help him but I was afraid that people will mock me too. I’ll apologize when I meet him again.”

“Good.” Licht smiled too. “The rain has stopped, you better go home.” He stood and closed his umbrella. “Oh, here’s your towel.” Hyde stood too and gave the towel to Licht, “Don’t forget to dry yourself too.” All of his colors had recovered. He has yellow-blonde hair with three dark brown streaks on the fringe. He’s wearing red framed glasses that suit his golden eyes. He’s wearing a white shirt with a blue tie, a pair black shoes and orange and black striped socks. Both of his knee-length pants and tattered over-sized scarf are dark brown. Licht could see all of them.

“See you.” Hyde walked away while waving his hand. “See you too.” Licht replied. And he continued his way to the a cat cafe that he wanted to visit. Seemed like he got a new friend.

stainlesstetsu  asked:

could i ask for some monoma x pony frondship headcanons ?

some headcanons of my favorite friendship in the bnha universe!!

  • Monoma spends some time during the weekend helping Pony to improve her Japanese
  • Pony likes to compliment Monoma on everything because she thinks he’s the smartest and most amazing person in the world
  • it makes Monoma cry sometimes
  • Monoma likes to comb and braid Pony’s hair when he’s nervous or anxious because he finds it relaxing
  • when Pony says a word wrong and he corrects her she becomes really flustered so he panics and has to reassure that it’s okay
  • Pony always wants to team up with Monoma during their hero classes
  • if they ever have to pair up she raises her hand and says “I pick Monoma!!” and he’s so embarrassed and so happy he has a hard time trying to act cool about it
  • Pony texts Monoma all the time asking him what do certain words mean
  • “Pony is 4am why do you feel the need to know what does ‘acetaminophen’ mean”
  • Monoma thinks Pony’s tail is supercute but doesn’t know if that’s an acceptable thought so he never brings it up
  • sometimes Pony is embarrassed of speaking in class and Monoma gets so defensive
  • is not like anyone is going to make fun of her he’s just too empathetic when it comes to her
  • when Monoma gets mad and frustrated about anything and starts walking from one side of the room to the other while blabbering Pony just holds his hands
  • that makes him stop immediately 
  • when Tsuburaba starts talking to Pony in class Monoma throws him stuff then pretends he didn’t
  • “you threw me a rubber” “no I didn’t” “it has your name on it” 
  • Pony likes hugging Monoma a lot because he’s surprisingly warm and always smells good
  • she has to be careful with the horns
  • Monoma always buys apples with his lunch so he can give them to her
  • he’s always worried about if she’s eating well or getting enough sleep
  • when the cold season comes Monoma’s protective instincts activate
  • if Pony sneezes he’s right next to her offering her his jacket, his scarf and also mittens he bought for her just in case
  • “why do girls have to wear short skirts in winter they are all gonna freeze and die”
Weigh in

I know .2 lbs is literally nothing - it’s like an extra poop. But this is the perfect example of how I can’t seem to get it together. I can’t get under 200lbs. And it drives me nuts because I don’t think I look 200lbs??? I’m wearing size 12 jeggings. I have 1 month until Disney. 1 month. I could easily lose 8-15 lbs in 1 month but every week I crash and burn. I’m not restricting. I’m just following my points and then 6pm hits and I’m home and I’m a mess. I HATE dealing with a picky husband. I hate the fact that he won’t grow a pair of balls and try new foods. I hate that he chooses to eat like crap everyday. And I hate that I give up. I say whatever and just eat bad foods myself. I ignore my points. I make bad choices because it’s easier and I don’t have that real support. I need support that is eating what I eat, is cooking with me, is encouraging me to eat fruits and veggies and real foods.

Starting weight: 209.2
Last weigh in 5/17/17: 201.2
Today’s weigh in 5/24/17: 201.4
Goal weight: 180

Gained .2lbs
Lost 7.8lbs overall

I feel like I will never lose this weight being married to Dan and that really makes me want to cry.

so this morning I decided to wear different shoes.

stay with me here. this one’s gonna take a minute.

now, I was cleaning out my closet last night to see if I had any clothes my girlfriend might like because we’re about the same size, and the deeper I dug the more I found a bunch of pairs of shoes I haven’t worn since early 2016 at the most recent. there was a pair of black heels, probably only about a half-inch high, that looked cute and matched my outfit, so I decided to wear those instead of the hand-me-down motorcycle boots I usually pull on every morning.

this was a mistake.

as it turns out, while cute, the shoes I chose are every so slightly too large for me. it was almost impossible to wear them properly, which lead to either the heels being loose and flapping around as I walked or me practically sliding out of them. my feet were killing me, my ankles hurt, I almost tripped twice walking to the training room I’ve been using to prepare for the class I’m teaching starting next week, and so finally in desperation I texted my sister before she left for work and asked her to bring me my motorcycle boots so I had something comfortable to wear and I wouldn’t kill my feet today.

she brought them, which was kind of her, and I got them from our car and immediately switched from the uncomfortable slightly-too-big heels back to my boots. as I walked back toward the building, to get ready to finish up the rest of my day, a thought occurred to me:

while many of you may not know where I am going with this, it is entirely possible a number of people already have their suspicions. as such it is only fair for me to definitively state and fully confirm that yes, as it turns out,

she shoe too big for she gotdamn feet.

Yoonmin fic idea #4: exams

(You can change it but I’m writing Yoongi as a senior and Jimin as a junior)

Ok, so, exams were on their way and the math teacher thought it would be a great idea to pair the kids in her class up into study groups. The deal she made with all of them is that if they had proof that they studied and actually tried them she would give them bonus points on the exam.

Now, there were many different reactions to this news. Some kids groaned because they would be forced to be with one of the slower students, others thanked god that they might actually have a chance of passing the class, But Park Jimin he was begging every God that had ever been thought of that he would be paired up with the smartest kid in the class. Not because Jimin was a bad student, he usually struggled to make A’s in math, but because the smartest kid, otherwise known as Min Yoongi, has been his crush for almost 3 years.

Ever since Jimin saw Yoongi in a local coffee shop for the first time when he was a freshman he had been whipped. That day Yoongi had his headphones on, the ones he wore every day, and he was writing in a notebook. It’s a good thing Yoongi was distracted because anyone paying the slightest bit attention could tell that Jimin was having trouble keeping his eyes off of him.

Taehyung, Jimin’s best friend, could certainly tell. Jimin later asked him if Taehyung knew anything about the boy (Taehyung knew everyone and if for some reason he didn’t know someone, his boyfriend, Jungkook, did). Taehyung told him everything he knew. His name was Yoongi, he was one of the smartest kids in the sophomore class (at that time), and he wants to be a musician. After that Jimin studies his ass off to be able to take the honor classes. He also decided to give music a shot. Turns out Jimin really liked singing and also dance.

So when the teacher called Jimin’s name out he was more nervous than he had ever been in his life.

“Park Jimin, your partner will be, hum, let’s see,” the teacher was going by random draw with how she did this but when she pulled out the name Kim Taehyung she knew she would have to change it. The pairing would be useless. They always talk during class, or Taehyung talks to Jimin while the poor kid tries his best to pay attention. Before announcing who Jimin’s partner is the teacher looked around the class room for students that would help Jimin. The boy had come to her after school many of times to express how much he wanted to improve in math and she wants to actually help him. So, when her eyes landed on the bored student in the back in the classroom, the same one that held the only 100 in her class, she knew exactly who to pick for Jimin, “Park Jimin, your partner will be Min Yoongi. “

Jimin’s jaw practically dropped.

Yoongi glanced towards the boy and nodded his head. Before Jimin could say anything or really even catch the other boys eye Yoongi had his head down and out his headphones in.

Jimin looked over at Taehyung and he had the biggest shit eating grin Jimin had ever seen.

The teacher gave ten minutes for all of the partners to exchange phone numbers and set up a time and place to study.

Yoongi stayed in his seat and Jimin went to him. When he walked up Yoongi didn't’t even glance at him.

The first thought that ran through his head was, ‘oh great, we’ve barely even talked and he already hates me,’ and then Jimin noticed that he still hand his headphones in and tapped his shoulder.

Yoongi looked up and his eyes widened just slightly enough that Jimin wouldn’t notice. He quickly paused his music and took out his headphones. Looking up he asked, “yeah?”

Jimin gulped hard and stuttered out, “T-The uh, the teacher said that we need to talk about where we are going to meet and exchange phone numbers.”

Yoongi nodded and opened a new contract on his phone before handing Jimin the device, “Here, put your number in.”

Jimin nodded and did as he was told. When he handed Yoongi’s phone back to him he asked, “Where do you want to meet up? You know, to study.”

Yoongi thinks for a moment before saying, “Do you know where the (What every you want to make it) cafe is?”

Jimin nods

“Well, go there sometime after four. I work there and that’s the time my shift ends. We can do this there.”

“I didn’t know you work there. I go in like once a week.”

Yoongi nods, “It’s probably just time you get there.“


Before the conversation could continue the teacher called everyone back to their seats and jimin reluctantly left to his desk in the front.

Once four o'clock came Jimin was nervously walking into the cafe. All day Taehyung had been giving him tips and conversation starters. Most of the tips involved how to get into Yoongi’s pants but Jimin politely declined. It would probably be best that they are friends first.

Once he walked into the cafe the nerves doubled and once he saw Yoongi in his little apron and messed up hair (from working with frustrating customers) the nerves tripled.

When Yoongi spotted him he smiled slightly and asked if he wanted anything to drink and that he would make it.

Jimin stuttered out that he would take a peppermint hot chocolate with whipped cream.

He took a seat my the window and watched as Yoongi made two drinks before walking around the counter and to his table. The older boy place a cup with whipped cream on top in front of Jimin before taking the seat across from Jimin.

“You know, I’ve never understood people who order hot chocolate in the seasons that aren’t fall or winter.” He said it with this cute little smile that made Jimin want to scream.

Jimin blushed lightly and looked down at his drink, “I’m just not a big fan of coffee. The aftertaste it a little, I don’t know, just off.”

Yoongi smiled, “yeah, the aftertaste is bitter but I couldn’t live without coffee. I mean, the hot chocolate isn’t that bad but, oh god, the peppermint tastes too sweet for me.”

Jimin nodded and took a drink of his hot chocolate before asking, “Where are your books? Don’t you think those are kinda vital for studying?”

“ Well, my friend, Hoseok, asked if he could borrow my car for something and I said he could but I forgot my bookbag in his car. He’ll be here in a bit so we can just talk or something until then. ”

Jimin nodded bashfully and took another sip of his drink.

Yoongi smile is unwavering as he asks, “Why have we never talked? Like, you are the class president, apart of So many clubs, and you’re the top of your class. Literally all of my friends know of you and a few of them say that they hang out with you sometimes. We have been in multiple classes but you never speak to me.”

Jimin almost chokes. He wasn’t aware that Yoongi paid attention to him that much. He’s honestly quite shocked. “I-I don’t know,” it’s because he has been in love with you for three damn years, “I- uh- I guess I’m just kinda shy maybe?”

“Kinda shy? Jimin you are friends with half of not more of our school. Like seriously, when I asked about you to different people I don’t think I found one that said they didn’t know you. And I asked a lot of people.”

Jimin furrows his eyebrows, “Why did you ask about me?”

It was Yoongi’s turn to blush, “I like to know who the top students are. That’s all, yeah.”

Jimin nods and smiles a bit.

After Hoseok dropped Yoongi’s things off the two boys started studying. They made jokes and Jimin became more confident in many areas of math. Once they finished the cafe was closing and it was late. Yoongi offered to walk Jimin home and Jimin let him. I’m their way to Jimin’s house they decided to meet again the next day and every day leading up to exams.

Each day Jimin spent in the cafe with Yoongi he felt himself falling more for his smile and voice and just everything about the boy.

Exams come and go but they don’t stop hanging out. Yoongi makes up excuses to see Jimin and Jimin goes to the cafe daily. (He swears it’s just because their hot chocolate is the best but everyone knows that’s a lie) they become really good friends but everyone can see that they feel more for each other than just friendship.

A year later, when Jimin is stressing about the last high school exams he will ever take and Yoongi is studying for his college exams they decide to help each other again.

Yoongi suggests that Jimin comes over to his apartment instead of the cafe and Jimin is quick to agree.

The first hour and a half goes by smoothly but then Jimin feels panic rise in his chest as he realizes that he doesn’t understand a problem. that problem is what is going to be the majority of the exam.

Jimin starts to breath heavier and he tells Yoongi he’s probably going to fail and overall it’s a very bad situation. Jimin is basically having a break down.

And Yoongi, who is very unsure what to do, decided he probably needs to distract the younger so, with Hoseok’s voice playing in his head saying that he need to man up and tell Jimin that he likes him, Yoongi kisses him.

It’s a somewhat long kiss and at first Jimin is very shocked but eventually he melts into the kiss.

When Yoongi pulled away he says, "Jimin, I know you can do this. You are so smart and amazing and you can do any fucking thing you set your mind to.”

Jimin looks at Yoongi with wide eyes. The two boys were still just inches away from each other, their breaths mingling.

Jimin was searching Yoongi’s eyes, silently asking if that was some kind of joke and when he feels like it wasn’t Jimin pulls Yoongi back into another kiss.

The rest of the night the boys kiss and take a break from studying Jimin confesses that he had liked Yoongi for almost four years and Yoongi, surprisingly, tells Jimin the same thing.

On the same day Jimin fell for Yoongi, Yoongi also fell for Jimin. He saw the boy staring at him a few times but couldn’t bring himself to go talk to him. Jimin was unbelievably good looking and just the thought of talking to him scared Yoongi to death. Yoongi saw Jimin in the halls multiple times and soon realized he had fallen for the boy.


Hope you liked this. I started it while procrastinating studying for my exams last week and finally finished it!I

P.s. If there are any oddly placed words it’s because my tablet autocorrect the stupidest shit. (Seriously, it autocorrect on to I’m) also I haven’t read through this even though I should.