because he's not aware of it

Archie definitely isn’t the brightest or the smartest or the most aware of them all. But he still a good person. Archie’s well-intentioned yet naive. He’s impulsive, yes. but that’s because he can’t stop to think – he needs to move immediately, and its always done to help someone else. He found himself in the Whyte Wyrm to help his dad, and broke his hand to save Cheryl. He’s choses fight instead of flight 99.9% of the time. 

He’s considered a hero of Riverdale but he doesn’t believe that himself. Grundy fucked him over so, so bad. She dug her claws into him, and that’s why his friendship with Jughead dwindled over the summer.  Because of Grundy, he isolated himself, he abandoned his friends, and started to think of himself as a bad person. And we know how terrible a person Grundy is, but Archie probably still blames himself for her being chased out of town. Because that’s how abusive relationships work. The victim’s feelings are still very real and he will continue to blame himself and hold such a low opinion about himself. Archie is so much more than just “music vs football" or a “threat” to b/ghead. 

Stop simplifying Archie as this dumb kid who cannot make up his mind. He’s so much more than that. 

something that occurred to me recently…

does anyone else find it interesting that Riku wanted to call the raft ‘Highwind’?

of all things, why Highwind?  yes, yes, the names ‘Cid’ and ‘Highwind’ are running gags in the Final Fantasy series, but the fact is, Cid Highwind is already a character in Kingdom Hearts.

complete with spats and cummerbund for some reason i’ve never figured out.

so if the raft isn’t meant to be The Cid Gag–because there’s always only one per game/canon/setting, as far as i’m aware (barring XII, which wasn’t a Nomira-ism, and the game dev team confirmed that there’s only one “The” Cid in the game despite two characters having Cid-based names)–or the Highwind Gag, then why go to the effort of putting the name into the story twice?  Cid is a secondary character in KH, yes, but he’s a rather important one: he developed the Gummi ship, which is apparently a technology used on other worlds as well, seeing as how Donald and Goofy, and later King Mickey, are all familiar with the components on at least a rudimentary level.  there’s clearly no shortage of contribution on Cid’s part, so why the secondary nod to his character in the name of the raft?  why would Riku, who had never met Cid or seen a Gummi Ship or anything of the sort at that point even know that name?  ‘Highwind’ isn’t a particularly islandy-sounding name, anyway.

of the characters on Destiny Islands, the only character who even has a surname is Selphie, but she only has said surname in her original game canon form.  ‘Tilmitt’ is never mentioned anywhere.  granted, ‘Highwind’ is never said, either, but the rest of the people from Radiant Garden are almost all Final Fantasy characters who all have surnames in their original stories.  on Destiny Islands, Selphie is the odd one out, having a surname from OGC–Tidus and Wakka don’t have surnames, and neither do Sora, Riku, or Kairi.

now, whether or not anyone in Radiant Garden does have a surname wouldn’t especially matter, except for one eensy little detail: 

now, where in the world did Sora get that name idea from?  ‘Cid’ and ‘Highwind’ are running gags on the Squeenix side of things, but ‘Excalibur’ is purely an earth-based legend… or, as the case may be, a Radiant Garden-based legend. like Cid and the others, Merlin is a denizen of Radiant Garden, and while we don’t know a whole lot about his backstory in KH, the rest of the preexisting characters from other canons all seem to have at least partial throwbacks to their original canons: Yuffie refers to herself as “the great ninja”, Cloud is on a quest to overcome his ‘darkness’ (though this appears to be unrelated to any Nort-based Darkness, for some reason?), Tifa still punches the crap out of things, Leon is still ‘Squall’ and is going through his emo phase, you get the idea.  so in Merlin’s original story, Disney’s Sword in the Stone, he is shown toward the end of the movie as losing his temper and shouting, “BLOW ME TO BERMUDA!!!!”, before proceeding to blast off like Team Rocket and disappear to… well, Bermuda, apparently, because he returns later in an Aloha shirt saying he’s “back from Bermuda, and the 20th century”.  mind, the legend of King Arthur is set in medieval times, so Merlin, despite his absurd nature and apparent borderline senility at times, is capable of fuckin’ time travel, which… if you think about it, might make him one of the only people in this canon who’s actually on par with Xehanort as far as raw capability goes.

put that in your pipe and smoke it for a second.

in any case, what i’m getting at here is that if we presume that Merlin is in Kingdom Hearts as he is in his original canon, at least to some extent, it isn’t unreasonable to presume that he either: a.) is actually originally from medieval England and later came to reside in Radiant Garden for his retirement, or b.) is originally from Radiant Garden and just took an extended vacation to medieval England to, oh, you know, mentor the most legendary king ever known.  either way, Merlin is actually Kind of a Big Deal, and it would serve to reason that whatever his true origins and his relation to Radiant Garden may be, he’s probably regaled everyone with stories of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table (if you recall from FF7, Cloud even has an attack called Knights of the Round, for that matter, so who’s to say that Cloud wasn’t a Merlin Fanboy when he was a kid in Radiant Garden, hm?).

what i’m getting at here is, what is the one component that ties all of this together?  it’s Kairi.  Kairi, who was born in Radiant Garden and lived there until she was about 4 years old, who loved it when her grandmother told her stories and begged to hear them over and over, could very easily have heard the epic tale of King Arthur and his amazing sword Excalibur in her childhood–hell, her grandma is old, too, maybe she and Merlin were buds in their prime, we just don’t know.  

Kairi also could very well have known Cid, or certainly at least heard of him, Cid Highwind, the brilliant mechanic who built ships that could travel to other worlds…  remember, Radiant Garden seems to be one of the only worlds where the denizens were aware that other worlds truly existed at all.

it seems to me that the most logical explanation for Riku and Sora to even be aware of these names is that Kairi told them, whether she recalled their actual meanings, or just vaguely remembered a couple of names that sounded cool even if she couldn’t remember why.  

i keep hoping we’ll get more info about Radiant Garden and its history and some stories about the people who lived there (*cough* Lea and Isa *cough*!), but somehow i doubt such specific worldbuilding is really on the table for KH3.  alas, i will simply have to extrapolate for now.  anybody wanna weigh in?


Requested by anonymous

You were possibly the youngest person that went to Peter’s school. Since you were abnormally intelligent you managed to skip several grades and enter high school with your older brother. This seemed like something to be super proud of but still people were able to make something negative out of it.

Apparently because you were so young this immediately made to a target. You were aware that people stared at you all the time but you didn’t see it as that big of a deal until the bullying started.

You kept all this to yourself, which in looking back on it probably wasn’t the wisest thing but part of you wanted to deal with it yourself, prove that you were mature enough to be in high school. It didn’t take long for Peter to find out though. He caught people giving you a hard time and stood up for you without hesitation.

“Peter you didn’t have to do that” you murmured after the whole situation was put to rest.

“Yes I did, I’m your brother. You should have told me before [Y/N]” you looked down at your feet in shame “we’re going to talk to Aunt May about this tonight, no exceptions”.


BTS Reaction | You being a feminist

Anonymous asked: Guys reacts because you’re a feminist girl!

A/A: Ok boo ❤️

Kim Seokjin

Seokjin would be amazed by the fact that you were a feminist. I don’t think he has met  a lot of those. He’d be interested in your movement and tries to understand and educate himself on feminism. 

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Min Yoongi

Yoongi would love the idea of knowing someone who was socially aware. He’d listen to you talk and try to educate himself on feminist ideologies. 

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Jung Hoseok

I can imagine Hoseok, just sitting there crossed legged with his hand under his chin as he listens to you talk. He’d find it all amazing and would be interested in what you had to say.

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Park Jimin

Jimin like the others would love you for that. He wouldn't judge and maybe…with just enough knowledge he might become a feminist himself. Overall, he’d like you even more knowing that you care about the social issues of women.

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Kim Namjoon

Joon is one of the members who have openly admit that he supports and respects women…so he’d be excited to know that you were a feminist. You guys would probably hang out to talk about it more and he’d try to use as a kind of like a way to get more information and ti be more educated on the subject.  

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Jeon Jungkook

Kookie would think its beyond cool that you’re a feminist…although…I don't think he’d know much….he’d like you because you could help him know more. 

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Kim Taehyung

Tae would also be excited. He’d try to educate himself about feminism and he’d also think you’re amazing for wanting equality for ALL women. He’d like you even more know. 

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metricmummy  asked:

I thought by "straightedge bloodsucker" Clarence didn't lure people in and drink them dry, but after the last update I have to wonder... was all of Clarence's gang straightedge? Did he leave because they weren't? Are his parents aware? Does the X on his wrist signal to other Nosferatu that he's different? Is straightedge-bloodsucking a new tradition in the Melting Pot? Sorry to spill so much!

It’s hard to talk about this in detail, since we’ll get a bit more on this stuff later. I’ll give you some quick and sloppy notes so that you aren’t left empty-handed, though.

There are laws in the city that make a “traditional” blood-sucking lifestyle impossible, or at least illegal. Nosferatu are historically wealthy and powerful devils, so drinking non-devil blood or getting blood from donors can be seen as “beneath them.” Like many devils, nosferatu must make some “lifestyle concessions” to live in a city like this.

Clarence’s tattoo indicates a commitment to a straight edge lifestyle. He and his parents are both into exploring the concept of “modern” nosferatu. There are different levels of commitment within that lifestyle, though…as some straight edge bloodsuckers will not drink from another devil, even if offered blood.

That’s…a tidbit at least.

Listen, as a happily practicing bisexual with some 30-odd years under my belt, I have a thick skin. While I have massive issues with this show, I try to take it in stride. Progress takes time. I’ve learned that and am trying to have patience with it. 

The thing is: Danny Miller has and continues to say very problematic bi-phobic things. Do I not like what he says? Fuck yeah I don’t like it. Do I think he is a bad person for it? No, actually I don’t but that’s because I don’t think it comes from an actual malicious place. I don’t think he is aware of what he is saying and how it comes across. 

Is that an excuse? No, it’s not. However, I realize that he may not be ready to understand that yet. (I remember some of things he said back when Aaron first came out and he has learned so I have hope he will again) I wish someone could sit him down and quietly explain why it is wrong. (And also give him a little class on you know PR because his skills are lacking in that area at times, lol)

Do I hate Danny? Gosh, no. Not at all. I think he is a lad with a good heart. He cares deeply about his family, he loves and is loyal to his mates, and he tries to do good in the world with his charities. I honestly feel like he is this kid who I want to slap upside the head half the time and hug the rest of it. (Danny is basically the real life personification of how I feel about Robert Sugden, lol).

Do I understand why others do? Gosh, yes I do. I really do. I get it. These people are not wrong for feeling the way they do. His words have caused a lot of pain for them. It hurts to be negated, made to feel invisible and unworthy. And when you look up to a person and they let you down like that, it’s even worse.

Those feelings of anger, dislike and hate towards DM are valid. 

Those feelings of love, happiness and joy toward DM are valid. 

Feelings are feelings. Nobody is wrong here. 

It just is, what it is. 

Best thing we can do for each other is allow everyone to express those feelings and let them be. 

heartofafae  asked:

Okay, how about a completely self-indulgent ask? ;) How would the boys react to an S/O who's not the classic beauty standard, plus size or what not, but is very vocal about body positivity and seems totally confident and comfortable in their skin? Bonus points for them constantly encouraging the boys to be proud of their Turtle-selves as well? Thanks! <3

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Michelangelo: Mikey would be happy that his S/O can see themselves as he sees them. He wouldn’t need his S/O to change at all because they would almost make them seem perfect to him. They love him, they’re gorgeous and emotionally aware enough to love themselves and encourage him to love himself as well. It would be amazing to him. Also tbh I think all the turtles love their curvy women, so if there’s more of them to love that’s not an issue. 

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Leonardo: I think Leo would like the fact that his S/O loves themselves and wouldn’t try to change them at all. He would also be forced to face a lot of his own self-esteem issues, which would be uncomfortable but also really good for him. He would also like that they have something that they’re passionate about and that they don’t bend on their beliefs. He thinks it shows good quality of character.

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Raphael: Raphael would be really impressed and honestly bit by bit they would wear down his tough exterior. His S/O could show him how important it really is and how good it feels to love yourself. I think at first Raph would brush it off as like “Yeah loving myself isn’t really on my top priorities.” But I think that with a lot of talking, and slowly embedding themselves in his heart, he would come around.

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Donatello: Last but not least, my beautiful Donnie boy. Of course Donatello is all about his S/O loving themselves. It’s intimidating but in a way that really thrills our little nerd. He would stare at them and get lost daydreaming. Once questions started arising about his own body positivity and self-love he’d get all stuttery and nervous, but his S/O would be able to push him out of his comfort zone and explore loving himself. 


“For this next trick I’ll need an assistant. Would miss (Y/N) (Y/L/N) come for the stage, please?” Jack announced, grinning when the spotlight showed where you sat. Security guy assisted you to the stage, where Jack and others greeted you. Danny had a smug look on his face and you weren’t sure if you liked it or not. You didn’t know what was going on but others seemed to be aware what was happening. Jack took your hand and lead you to center of the stage. 
“Now, (Y/N) if you could close your eyes, please.”
You looked at him with questionable look but he just smiled. You didn’t have a choice but to close your eyes. 
“This next trick is the hardest I’ve ever done", Jack started to talk to audience but he never left your side. You wanted to take a peak because you did’t know what was going to happen next. Everyone stayed quiet when Jack spoke about love, magic and soulmates.
“Open your eyes, (Y/N)”, Jack’s voice was quieter this time. Slowly you opened your eyes and there he was, on his knee holding a black box with the most beautiful ring in it. Whole hall was dark except the light from the audience. They had lights on their phones, twinkling like million stars on the night sky. You met Jack’s hopeful eyes.
“You’re my magic, my north star.  (Y/N), I love you. I will always love you. Will you marry me?” 

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Can I request Dio hc for someone who is part of the SDC? Like, they get separated from the group while in Cairo at night and end up encountering Dio by themselves? Maybe it takes place during the whole fiasco of everyone trying to figure out what Dio's stand power is? Does Dio try to use them for leverage or try to get them to join his side? sorry this is too much, but ty! Love your blog by the way! You're an awesome person!

- Dio makes it his business to know who his enemies are. He doesn’t want to be caught unawares just because he failed to realize that the Joestars had a new stand user with them, and he has spies everywhere to tell him about them - consequently, he’s very much aware of their arrival in Cairo and he’s very much aware of who they are and what their stand can do. 
- His first instinct is, of course, to get them to join his side. He knows that he’s charming and he believes that he’s in the right here - he’ll spin the story the way he’s good at, making the Joestar bloodline out to be the bad guys and him just to be some poor man who wanted to better himself and was cruelly stopped. He’ll show off a little - not enough to let the person know what his stand does, but certainly enough to let them know that going against him is a bad idea. 
- If this doesn’t work, he’ll get angry. He doesn’t want to show that he’s angry, but he is - he’ll find a way to force this person to come with him. That might be through brute force, use of his stand, use of any of his loyal followers - at any rate, this person was alone and vulnerable in Cairo at night and he wouldn’t be Dio if he didn’t try and take advantage of that. 
- This person is now very much his leverage; their kidnapping angers the SDC enough to come after them, and after they’ve all been travelling for so long the Crusaders have grown fond of them and don’t want them to meet whatever fate Dio might have in store. It forces them to confront Dio as soon as they’re possibly able. 
- Dio doesn’t stop trying to convince this person to join his side, though - especially if the SDC think that they’re on their side until the very last moment, having an accomplice who knows them so well would be nothing if not an advantage. 

Closing the Distance (My attempt at a Gruvia Fanfic)

Gray is very bothered. He did not expect to think this way but he is very much irritated. Why? Why was she walking behind him? She is making sure to walk a remarkable distance behind him and this distance had made him uncomfortable. Why is she walking far behind him when she could stand and walk beside him?

When did it start? Gray started to wonder how his feelings have changed. He had always thought of her as a nuisance, an annoying existence, someone he just had to save because he values life. He was not expecting her to thank him in return for saving her life but she had returned it in an incredible amount. Too incredible that he thought he was going to drown. Her feelings were too heavy for him to handle. Besides, he was not interested in that kind of stuff and yet as time passed, he was not able to ignore her anymore. In fact, he became too aware of her that he felt that he always must see her. He would feel very worried when he does not see her, would feel very irritated when someone tries to get close to her (ahem ahem Lyon) and would feel the need to protect her. Right now, it does not matter when it started. All he knew was that he had to do something with the situation at hand.
Gray stopped in his tracks making the blue haired girl behind him to also take a stop. He breathed out in a form of a sigh to hide his resolve. Parting his lips, he uttered, “Juvia.”

“Yes, Gray-sama?”, the girl answered energetically warming her whole body in response to his beloved saying her name. “Is something the matter?”, she added.

“Well, umm I was wondering, why are you behind me?”, Gray asked hoping that it did not sound rude as his back was against Juvia.

“Why you ask, well that’s,” Juvia struggles to give his Gray-sama’s odd query an answer. She did not know what to say and this resulted in a silence enveloping the air around them for a few moments. Within those moments Gray was smacking himself inside his head for asking such a stupid question. He knew he had to put a stop to the awkward mood and so he decided to break the silence but it seemed like Juvia was also thinking the same thing. They spoke in unison with both not hearing what the other had to say. Gray would have said “Nevermind” and Juvia would have answered to the earlier question. Being the gentleman that he is, Gray let Juvia speak up.

“Well, the reason I must say is that because I don’t want to bother you Gray-sama.” Gray’s eyes widened at this and his body instinctively turned to face Juvia. Juvia with her head down continued, “I don’t want to bother you but I also don’t want to be apart from you. I always want to see you and know what it is you are doing and if ever you are in trouble, I would want to help you. But…,” Juvia lifted her head up and looked upon Gray’s eyes. “I am aware that Gray-sama is not very fond of me being always around but I have always loved the way how you let me walk close to you!” Juvia finished with her signature smile. This caused a hard thump in Gray’s chest and now that his question was answered, he had to man up and tell her.

“It’s not a bother.” Gray’s words escaped from his mouth almost like a whisper.


“You’re not bothering me.”


“What I’m trying to say is, I don’t mind you walking close to me! In fact, it wouldn’t hurt if you walk beside me you know.”

“Eh Gray-sama, you don’t mean,” Juvia, obviously startled at Gray’s words turned red oblivious to the fact that the man in front of him was also showing a slight pinkish blush. Gray faced in the original direction of his walk in an attempt to hide from the girl the color that was showing in his face. Fortunately for him, Juvia was still busy trying to decipher his words. He peeked over his shoulder and gave his lips a tiny smirk before saying in a serious tone, “Hurry up.”

Now that he has closed the distance between them, he could finally see Juvia’s face up close, something that he had to imagine every time she was facing his back. There was also this warm feeling around possibly from the girl who emitted sunshine whenever she was around. It’s only a matter of time before he must give her a proper answer but this is the best he could have at the time. Although, having her this close made Gray wanting even more. He thought he had to partake even a little bit of that warmth into his ice magic driven body. Not that he would actually say it out loud but the thought made even his stone face heat up a little.

“Next time, I’ll try to hold her hand.”

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Do you think jared would approve of his daughter being a lesbian? And if so do you think he would be as protective of his daughter the same way he would be if she were with a boy?

He’d absolutely approve and be 100% supportive. LGBT+ rights are something he has spoken about a lot and done a lot of charity work with. I think he would be more protective yes, but in the sense that he is aware of how insensitive and cruel and bigoted people can be. He’d worry more about her because the world is still so unaccepting of the community.I think he’d be at ease a bit more because he knows, as a former teenage boy, the kind of pressures they can put on, etc etc. But he’s said before as he has gotten older the differences between men and women in certain cases aren’t as big as the stereotypes. He knows girls can put on pressure and be abusive in relationships too. So really it’s just about him protecting her heart from getting broken no matter who she dates. But yeah as a guy he knows very well how guys can be and would probably have less anxiety if she doesn’t date them.

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why people are so serious about all that internet polls? I mean what they even mean? gp do not even know about it and uhm that poll does not mean that the one who will win has the biggest fan army... why is it even important. I think Louis has no idea about half of polls in the internet where he won or loose..

Billboard’s Fan Army poll raises the public profiles of the artists, especially the finalists. It’s important to raise public awareness of Louis right now, because he is promoting his first single. If fans are apathetic during the first week of album promo, it says something about our support of him in general.

The poll spreads across various platforms, notably Twitter, which has the largest fan SM engagement. So in a way, it doesn’t matter whether Louis knows about, or acknowledges, the poll. It’s fan-based promotion.

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I gotta ask (OK I don't but I will), with all your talk of neurotic behavior and overthinking, how do you and Progman date each other?

Anonymous said to lokgifsandmusings:

Wait sorry I just realized how rude that sounded. Please don’t answer that.

OMFG I’m laughing so hard, seriously (so is he, from afar). This wasn’t rude at all, probably because we’re both painfully aware of this? Idk, think Gilmore Girls with a lot more indigestion.

I kid, I kid. I don’t really want to be one of those “let me gush about my relationship” types, but in truth it’s been really amazing to be with someone who ~understands~. I don’t…have to explain my anxiety? Or if I get a panic attack? And even though we can easily get in feedback loops and not stop to pull back sometimes (mostly with external factors), we basically never stop communicating, so things don’t sit. It’s bizarre, but there is a balance. Think…two emotionally stable Asami’s? But also not.

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'What am I mean to do with all these facts? Kill myself?' No, you melodramatic assclown, it means you should take care of yourself and be aware of things which can make your condition worse. JFC. Talk about taking things Ren says out of context. You make sure to avoid doing things that exacerbate your condition. Like my dad has diabetes. So he'll avoid shit which makes it worse, like consuming tonnes of sugar.

I wish people would just take what I say in context instead of freaking out any time I say something that’s backed up by evidence just because they don’t like it. 

i think the great comet fandom should realize tho the memes are funny we should be extremely aware of helene/yelene’s abuse to pierre. in the book it’s a lot more intense but it’s visible in the musical. she constantly insults and belittles and embarrasses him and he does nothing. pierre is depressed bc he’s in a loveless marriage and when he tries to show affection to helene she disrespects him, has affairs(one with her own brother) and tries to bring him down(also note; they never consummated the marriage because pierre respects helene’s choice but he gets insulted when he finds out she sleeps with other men).

for example in the song the duel she calls pierre stupid and instead of stopping pierre she sits and watches. and after the duel instead of making sure pierre is okay she insults him, and he hits a low in his deperession(cue dust and ashes). every time he says “i will not speak to you” it’s because it’s all he can’t really do, it’s not because pierre doesn’t have the strength to fight back(he does it’s shown in the book and musical) it’s just he doesn’t want too, because part of him still respects her, no matter the abuse he faces.

it’s a type of abuse we don’t see, where the woman is the abuser, and tolstoy shows in the book that pierre thinks about killing her but decides not to because he just can’t. Helene and Pierre agree to separate but only if she gets all his money. he then says no and she insults him triggering him to grab her and say “I’ll kill you” with a marble slab and she pushes him off. from this she then tries to leave and get her revenge on pierre and still tries to take all his money. she tries to annulled their marriage and convert to roman catholocism by writing to the pope/papacy(before her death)

helene’s abuse is key in pierre’s character development and she foils natasha who ends up helping pierre’s depression and he finds peace in her. note that helene is his war from her abuse and natasha is his peace.

for yoongi to admit that he doesn’t match well with tae and then say that he wondered what he could do to strengthen friendships, saying he’ll do whatever tae suggests and focus on whatever he wants to do because he’s aware that tae might not follow his suggestions just shows how kind-hearted yoongi is and that he’s willing to put people before him bc deep down he cares about tae a lot


When in Doubt: Do the Exact Opposite of What Mikael would Do. A parenting guide by Klaus Mikaelson. 

real talk people want so badly to believe that jopseh just has internalized homophobia and that hes only staying with his wife to hide his sexuality when there are multiple people aware that he’s bisexual (robert, mary, and probably more).

joseph lied to you when he got you to sleep with him on his yacht. he told you that he and mary were through which we know wasnt the case because mary was suspicious of you hanging out with her husband when you walk her home from the bar on josephs route. the entire route, he is manipulating your character into believing that he and his wife have issues for just the reason of them not working well together when in reality she’s developed depression and resorted to alcoholism because he is consistently cheating on her with other people. we don’t even know if its exclusively men.

we just know that he’s been doing this for a long time; pampering people and treating them special so he can get into bed with them once and never talk to them again. he tries to make it seem like robert sleeps around like its no big deal all the time and while you do have the option to sleep with robert on the first night, he makes sure you’re okay with it and if you do he doesnt contact you, again. why? because he doesnt like drunken one-night-stands. he was expecting for you to show some kind of interest in sticking around with him when he told you to leave but we didn’t get any dialogue options for it so he just assumes that you were there just for the one-nighter.

and this probably have something to do with joseph cheating on his wife with robert after pampering him and treating him with way too much kindness. hell, he even let robert wear the blue sweater that joseph always has around his neck, that was the sweater referenced in the old picture with all the dads. joseph was manipulating robert, making it seem like it wasnt his fault that his relationship with his wife was bad. and then? he takes him to his yacht and fucks him under the guise that him and his wife are through.

thats why robert, after you do two dates with him, shows up at the beginning of josephs third date to try and warn you. he doesnt want you to get hurt like he has, but robert definitely has some trouble being verbal and explaining what he means and lets his anger get the best of him. they want you to think the marriage troubles are all mary’s fault until you start getting to know mary through the other routes. shes a good woman who has never once outright cheated on joseph. she flirts and drinks to cope with his infidelity.

the way joseph acts from the getgo is some pretty shady behavior so i personally wasnt really surprised to find out how much of a dick he really is. what surprised me is that the writers wrote a very real kind of person into this ‘lighthearted’ dating simulator. josephs abusive and manipulative behavior is an incredibly real thing that happens every day, this game is trying to show you how to identify it before it gets too far or you do something you regret.

theyre not saying ‘gay/bisexual men are unfaithful!’ or ‘christians are going to hurt and abuse you!’ theyre saying ‘some people actually do this and theyre abusive as hell if youre in this situation or feel someone might be trying to do this to you, get out’

mary doesnt leave him for reasons that were never written into the story. probably because she doesnt want to put her kids through a divorce so early in their lives.

basically joseph being an abusive and manipulative partner has nothing to do with his sexuality or religion. he’s just written to be an absolute cock.

No, but you see, my problem isn’t just the song per se, it’s that I have it on repeat and I just keep seeing Louis? Harry sings and sings and I see flashes of Louis, black&white Louis, younger, older, smiling, running, drinking his tea, kicking a ball, laughing, being soft, playing Fifa, rubbing his tired eyes, talking excitedly about something, but mostly smiling, smiling sweet, soft, pure, smiling in a lot of places, for a lot of reasons, that happy smile of his, you know? And then I hear Harry’s voice again, you bring me home, and Louis is there, smiling with his hand held out, rope on his wrist, and I start crying all over again.