because he's immortal

  • book!malec: literally have never communicated about anything ever, magnus refuses to tell alec anything about his past, alec immature, goes behind magnus back to take away his immortality because he doesn't want him to love anyone else again, unhealthy immature relationship steeped in jealousy and pride
  • show!malec: always there for eachother, whole relationship is built on honesty trust, love, and communication "when things get crazy, don't push me away" "i love you and i'm not leaving until you tell me whats wrong" wanting only the best for the other person, two mature adults who love eachother with all their heart

Hi my name is Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way and I have long ebony black hair (that’s how I got my name) with purple streaks and red tips that reaches my mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Amy Lee (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Gerard Way but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a vampire but my teeth are straight and white. I have pale white skin. I’m also a witch, and I go to a magic school called Hogwarts in England where I’m in the seventh year (I’m seventeen). I’m a goth (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. I love Hot Topic and I buy all my clothes from there.

One last thing.

I’m weird.
I’m a weirdo.
I don’t fit in.
I don’t want to fit in.
Have you ever seen me without this stupid hat on?

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Hi Cassie! First of all, I want to thank you for writing these awesome stories. It helped me through a lot of things. What I LOVED was The Infernal Devices series. I have a question that has been on my mind lately. Did Will ever think about changing himself so he can turn immortal and be with Tessa? Like turning in a vampire? Lots of love from The Netherlands! 💜

Wait, Will who once drank a bucket of holy water to avoid becoming a vampire? That Will? :)

I mean we know Will doesn’t decide to become immortal, because he lives out a natural life. So I guess the question is: did he ever think about it? Did it ever cross his mind? I don’t think Will (much like Alec) would want immortality at the price of giving up his Shadowhunterness. Or that he would want to watch his children grow old and die. Immortality is a burden and a gift, sometimes more burden than gift. If Will ever considered it, I think we’ll hear about that in The Last Hours, but there’s a reason The Eldest Curses begins with a particular quote from Schopenhauer:

“"To desire immortality is to desire the eternal perpetuation of a great mistake.”

master/missy/cyberman theory

The Master made the Cybermen as a present for the Doctor. 

Because he knows how sad the Doctor gets when his little human pets die, so the Master found a way to make them live forever.

…For an insane murdering psychopath, that’s almost sweet.

haha remember when annabeth chase literally threw herself in front of percy and took a poisoned knife to the shoulder so it wouldn’t touch (and kill!) him haha and remember when percy jackson told Zeus, King of the Universe that he refused his gift of immortality because he couldn’t leave annabeth behind like?????? when will ur otp ever


Hi my name is Bartholomew Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way Allen and I have long ebony black hair (that’s how I got myname) with purple streaks and red tips that reaches my mid-back and icy blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Amy Lee (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Gerard Way but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a vampire but my teeth are straight and white. I have pale white skin. I’m also a metahuman, and I go to a high tech lab called STAR Labs where i’ve been hiding in for 8 years. I’m a goth (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly black. I love Hot Topicand I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a black corset with matching lace around it and a black leather miniskirt, pink fishnets and black combat boots. I was wearing black lipstick, white foundation, black eyeliner and red eye shadow. I was moping inside the secret room in the labs. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A past version of myself stared at me. I put up my middle finger at him.

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Maybe Gavriel or Aedion headcanons?

  • Gavriel is the dad of the group. He cooks and mends their clothes and picks up the others when they’re feeling down. He always knows just what to say at every moment. Whether its to quell fear or instill courage or let them know that they are not alone. He just knows. He see too much.
  • Fenrys and Lorcan joke that Gavriel is a wise old man. And Gavriel acts like he hates it, but he knows it’s the truth.
  • Gavriel loves Fenrys like he would a nephew, but he would never tell Fenrys that. 
  • Gavriel never got over having to leave Aedion’s mom. He thinks about her every time he looks up at the night sky. He thinks about her every time he takes a lover, or refuses one. He misses her voice her singing the most. It was lovely and high pitched, and he would give his left arm to hear it one more time.
  • He remembers the moment it hit him that she was dead. That she was gone from the world and he’d never see her again. Never smell her again. She smelt like lilacs and summer sun. He was in a small cabin in the mountains of Wendyl, cleaning out a deep gash in his chest from a fight with a creature that lived in the forest. And it hit him like a thousand arrows to the chest—there was no way she was still alive. There was no way she’d survived the Adarlan king’s invasion of Terrasen. He cries. Because a part of him had always thought there might be a chance. That if he was good and honorable, the gods might allow them to cross paths one more time before she died of old age. And he cries because a part of him wanted to grow old with her. To give up everything to be with her. And that future, the life he’d scarcely allowed himself to fantasize about, was suddenly gone. To him, it felt as if a light had gone out in the world. And suddenly he didn’t care about the gaping wound in his chest because he knew it’d never go away. Not really.
  • From the moment he found out about Aedion, everything Gavriel does is for him. And he’s angry and sad and hopeful. He feels hopeful. It’s a thin shred so delicate and fragile but it’s there and he will do anything to protect it. Anything.
  • When Gavriel first sees his son, he see her. The woman he loved. The one he would’ve gladly given up eternity to be with. And he wants to cry. He wants to rage and sing and be thankful, but he can’t. His son wants nothing to do with him and he understands. Even though it hurts he understands. So he stuffs what he feels down, down, down and waits.
  • Gavriel watches his son care for the shifter on the beach. He watches the faces he makes—the expressions—and he is reminded of the woman he loved. Aedion looks so much like his mother… But when Aedion speaks to Lysandra, when he tells her he wants to marry her, Gavriel is reminded not of Aedion’s mother, but of himself. For the first time, he sees himself in his son and he vows right then and there to protect the shifter at all costs. He and Aedion might never get to be father and son, but he can give Aedion this gift. He can make sure that Aedion gets a shot at the life he dreams of with the woman he loves. And Gavriel thinks that it’s not such a bad way to die—for your son, and for the woman he loves.
  • Gavriel and Dorian are the first ones to approach Abraxos on the prow of the ship. Gavriel has been eyeing the wyvern since he landed but hasn’t gone over to him. Dorian walks onto the deck, his clothing is still wet and there’s blood on him. Abraxos whines and stares at Dorian. Dorian just walks over to him. Gavriel gets between them saying it might not be safe, but both of them read the concern on the wyverns face, and Gavriel reads the sadness and concern on the kings. So he agrees to go with Dorian to Abraxos. Brax is curious about Dorian, and both men think it’s weird, but Gavriel knows the king is in his head thinking about what it could mean for the wyvern to have found this ship on its own. When they get to Brax, they let him smell Dorian. He sniffs the blood and whines and huffs and lays his head down on the deck. Dorian tells Brax that he isn’t sure if Manon will be okay, but that they closed her wounds. Gavriel watches and weights the words, the expressions, the emotion. Finally, he tells them both that he’s seen Rowan heal far worse wounds on battlefields far less equipped than the ship. He believes that Manon will be fine. As if on cue, both Dorian and Abraxos perk up. And Gavriel is reminded that Aedion’s mom was once the only one who saw the man he was and not the feral fae beast everyone else saw. He’s reminded that everyone told her to stay away from him. He thinks about how Dorian was ready to take on Fenrys when he’d threatened to shoot the witch out of the sky, and he remembers all the people who told Aedion’s mother to stay away from him because he was a deadly immortal warrior who could slaughter a village without so much as a second thought. He decides right then that he will help the king. That he will give him the benefit of the doubt because he knows what that feels like.
  • When Erawan’s forces descend on them, and when a group of Bloodhounds go after Lysandra, Gavriel doesn’t think. He just acts. She’s too tired to shift from her human form, but it’s fine, he tells himself it will be fine because he can protect her. He will protect her. Long enough for the others to come help. Long enough to buy her time to run. And he does. The Bloodhounds slash and bite and rend his flesh, but Lysandra gets free. And she’s running and running and running—From behind a Bloodhound Gavriel had not noticed picks him up. They soar into the sky and Gavirel has a choice to make: Die with a collar around his neck, or die in battle. The choice is clear. He rips out the Bloodhounds throat. and then he falls.
  • Down
  • Down
  • Down
  • He doesn’t remember hitting the ground but he must have. He comes to and the first thing he see is Aedion. He’s screaming and running and screaming and Gavriel can’t hear from the blood in his ears but he thinks it looks a lot like Aedion is saying the word “dad” and that makes him smile. Aedion crashed to his knees beside him and Gavriel thinks it’s funny to see tears in his son’s eyes. Thinks it’s funny that his son should cry for him. The last thing Gavriel see’s is his son’s hand around his as Aedion clings to it, as he presses it to his face. And Gavriel thinks he tells his son that he’s sorry for leaving him again. But he’s not sure. He can’t feel anything, can’t hear anything…but no—there in the background he hears a voice. It’s a beautiful voice. It’s the voice that’s been haunting him for just over twenty years. And he mouths her name. And Aedion stills. And Gavriel think he says her name again, calls it out. And she gets louder and louder and then—he sees her. And he doesn’t see Aedion. And he is whole again and fine. And he misses his son, but he knows he will be all right. “I’ve been waiting for you,” she saids. And Gavirel smiles and takes her hand, breathes her in. She smells like lilacs and summer sun. 

(Spoilers for GotG 2)

So according to the wiki and Ego’s words: With Ego’s planet gone, Peter loses his immortality which he had possessed before without even knowing it. While he probably will still be slightly more endurable and stronger than an ordinary human, since he is still half-Celestial and their bodies are surely more endurable than a human’s, that means that Peter is now very, very mortal.

And although nobody knew that he was technically immortal before (if one can trust Ego, anyway), there probably will be a moment when the Guardians realize that Peter only could have pulled stunts like touching the Infinity Stone or surviving in space when helping Gamora for so long because he was immortal.

Now that he isn’t, well – suddenly they realize that their reckless, selfless Terran can now very well die if he should pull stunts like that again.

Which leads to the Guardians pretty much clinging to Peter, not letting him out of their sight again. Groot basically stays glued to Peter’s shoulder, Rocket takes up the other shoulder more often than not – something he had not done before – Drax stays close to Peter like a bulky shadow, and Gamora, as much as Peter loves her, suddenly being a whole lot quicker when it comes to pulling out her weapons to protect him from potential danger is slightly unsettling to Peter.

It comes down to Peter giving up – he is bent over the control panel of the Quadrant to chart their course and everyone is basically lying on him again, either literally or figuratively. That’s when he snaps.

“… Okay, guys, what is going on that I’m getting buried under all of you?”

“I am Groot?”

“No, Groot, dude, I don’t have a problem with you sitting up there,” Peter glances at his other shoulder, where Rocket is all but sprawled out, tinkering at whatever little device he has come up with. Right behind him, there is Drax, all but crowding Peter against the panel. “I have more of a problem with the other guys here.”

“Oh, sure, play favorites on the baby tree,” Rocket murmurs without looking up.

“Ain’t about favorites, Rocket - you are very fucking literally breathing my air here.”

“And now he claims the air for himself. Greedy, man.”

“We merely want to keep you safe, Quill,” Drax, states bluntly as ever before the two others can start a fight.

“Oh,” Peter blinks, looking from Drax to Groot, who nods, and to Rocket, who avoids his gaze, which is telling in its own right. “… Um. Thanks, but… why?”

“Because everyone is worried that you could die,” the way Mantis says it is very much too cheerful for the topic they are talking about. It makes Gamora, who sits next to the young girl, rolls her eyes in that Seriously? way of hers. Even Kraglin, who is helping Mantis putting up her hair in a braid, looks a bit uncomfortable.

Peter still doesn’t get what’s going on, and that something is going is very obvious because his friends are the literal opposite of secretive.

The thought that they are being this silly, following him step for step 24/7 just because they are worried, though… It still makes warmth spread through him nonetheless.

Peter relents with a fond sigh. “…Okay, okay. But give me some room to breathe, please, alright?”

“I am Groot!”

“What do you mean I should get down then, you lil’ traitor – I can stay up here all the same! He can breathe fine!”

“Rocket actually likes it up there.”


“Mantis, remember what we told ye about keepin’ things to yerself?”

“Yes, why do you… ? Ooooh, I see.”

“Yep, now ye got it.”

“I’m still surrounded by idiots.”

“These idiots are your family, much like your murderous sister is.”

“One thing doesn’t contradict the other.”

And the whole room erupts in arguments again.

Peter is very, very close to smacking his forehead against the panel in despair, and faintly wonders if the fact that the warmth hasn’t left him and he’s still grinning from ear to ear makes him a hopeless madman.

Then again – he’s always had some issues. He can deal with a few more.


There’s nothing you can do.

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How would you imagine the chocobros as vampires?

After all the talk about Vampire!Ravus I did before, I feel like now’s the perfect time to finally reply to this after plenty of plotting and scheming, dear Thanatos! c: *cracks knuckles*

Blood Sucking Heathens: FFXV Vampire AU Headcanons

Noctis Lucis Caelum:

  • The ‘prince’ of the Lucian vampire covenant, which is at art and in a conflict with the rival vampire clan of Niflheim.
  • A benefit of being one of the Lucian purebloods from the direct ‘royal’ lineage, Noctis is one of the rare few Daywalker vampires.
  • He can use his blood and give it to others he deems worthy enough to share the Daywalker ability with, thus he chose the chocobros as his trusted allies.

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  • ………..okay so. @brightbluedot and i have been thinking about a fusion of black sails and stardust
  • where it’s like canon except james is a star
  • and stars are known about and hunted and james has managed to evade detection for years and years bc when he fell he landed in the sea
  • james who is such a good sailor partly bc the stars literally talk to him when he’s navigating
  • thomas and miranda noticing that james starts to glow sometimes
  • when thomas gets close, or praises him, or touches him
  • thomas would be so goddamn happy - he knows he’s not imagining it, and he knows what it means, what it has to mean - but he’d also be afraid for him, because dear god, there are people who would carve out that heart of his
  • but james doesn’t know that they have worked it out until he starts glowing when thomas kisses him and james is like ‘oh god no’ and thomas is just. 'i always knew’
  • james hadn’t even noticed he was glowing before this point though
  • and that really did worry thomas a little
  • james and thomas can’t touch around other people bc james will start glowing
  • thomas has so many nightmares about someone - usually his father - carving out james’ heart
  • then after they get together, when he wakes up, james is there, glowing faintly, and thomas can just pull him closer, hand over james’ heart like he’s going to protect it
  • thomas calls james 'light of my life’
  • think about them looking out thomas’s bedroom window, and james showing him where he used to be in the sky, guiding his outstretched finger right….there. and thomas would just. be so awed. he’d have to ask 'do you miss it?’ and james would reach out and hold the hand thomas had pointed at the sky, bring thomas’s knuckles to his lips and tell him that no, he doesn’t. not anymore.
  • thomas asking if james would go back, if he could. james saying that he doesn’t ever want to leave him
  • but: thomas loves james so much. more than his own life. 
  • …….of course thomas found him babylon candle 
  • because he never believed the stories about the hearts of stars making the person they love immortal. because he thought james would one day be left alone. and wanted him to have a way to return home
  • and so he keeps it somewhere secret and safe. and when they come to take him he tells miranda where it is and tells her to give it to james
  • 'James, my truest love, you must not grieve for me. For having loved you, I never spent a moment in darkness, and my life was happier than I ever could have wished for. As a final gift, let me give you a light of my own. Light the candle and think of home, and you’ll be returned to the sky, where you might watch over the world, as I shall watch over you. As I write these words, I love you, and as you read them, I love you still.’ ( @brightbluedot)
  • from when thomas kisses james, to him being taken, he never knows darkness
  • thomas is desperate when alfred’s men come to take him that they don’t get james because if they do - god, if his father finds out….
  • and imagine when peter comes to see him, peter says something like 'it doesn’t matter, he’s useless now’ meaning of course that his heart is broken, and thomas just. wants to kill peter for it
  • 'get out.’ 'I only meant nobody would want to - ’ 'GET OUT.’
  • because more than anger at anybody calling him USELESS - how can he be so goddamn blasé about james’s heart being SHATTERED
  • peter makes sure that in the plantation, thomas is never allowed outside during the night. he is never allowed to see the stars
  • because if the stars see him, they might be able to tell james
  • after thomas is taken james almost destroys the hamilton’s house before miranda calms him down
  • then he doesn’t shine for ten years
  • well. a little bit when he decides to agree to peter’s plan
  • when he does that little smile
  • just the tiniest glimmer
  • and in that moment miranda knows she’s lost him - he’s decided to die for thomas’ dream
  • maybe one or two people realise that james is a star during the ten years but. his heart is irreparably broken so he’s 'useless’
  • but he can still hear the stars whispering to him sometimes
  • they say 'you are not alone’
  • sometimes the stars whisper for james to come home
  • but he just. he can’t.
  • so many times during his career as a pirate he must try to use his powers for destruction
  • but he can’t
  • he can’t even shine
  • also like. stretching the mythology a bit. what if once or twice someone tries to stab or shoot james in the heart
  • only it obviously doesn’t kill him
  • because his heart. it isn’t his anymore. and it’s dead (or at least that’s what he assumes)
  • also going off the fact that in the film the witch was going to use this weird magic dagger to cut out yvaine’s heart and one assumes there was a reason
  • and during the reunion….. thomas would have to squeeze his eyes shut because james would just be blinding
  • he destroys the plantation in that moment 
  • HOWEVER. a part of me wants to have instead of what happens in canon, someone working out james is a star who also knows about thomas. and doing what they do in the film
  • probably peter 
  • 'oh hey this star just rolled up that might be useful’
  • 'and i know how to fix his heart isn’t that convenient’
  • 'and im meant to execute him anyway so why not get something useful out of him’
  • he could rationalize it with his hatred of pirates, etc
  • also i think that the general consensus would have to be that stars are subhuman, otherwise how could people justify cutting out their hearts
  • imagine james all bound up and enraged and terrified, then seeing thomas and shining properly for the first time in a decade
  • for a moment he’s so happy
  • also this would have to be after vane arrives. just so someone can be all ’…’
  • but thomas would scream
  • yeah he’d be fucking terrified
  • and then vane’s men start firing on charlestown so james can escape
  • and he and thomas run to each other
  • james tells him to close his eyes, so thomas tucks his nose against his neck and holds on tight
  • and he’s so bright they can see him from the man of war
  • vane would just be like. um
  • he’s been like 'um’ since the fucking governor of carolina tried to cut out flint’s heart
  • 'i mean, im not a fan of the guy but?? overkill much??’
  • and then james destroys charlestown almost singlehandedly and vane is just. okay i APPROVE
  • that first night after they reunite, thomas wouldn’t be able to sleep until james did - he’d still be shining too brightly until sleep dimmed it somewhat
  • and like. they would still be on the ship at this point. so no one’s sleeping until james does
  • men belowdecks just look up at this brilliant light slanting through the cracks in the ceiling like. fuck.
  • also. hoo boy are we gonna brag about our captain when we get back to nassau
  • People assume it’s been exaggerated somewhat - but EVERY MAN on the crew tells the same story
  • and they can also see it - every time flint smiles - and he smiles now, jesus fuck - he glows
  • when they get back to nassau and people are like 'hey a star…..could get some good money for-’ james sees not only thomas step in front of him (which is gratifying, if unsurprising), but also Charles Fucking Vane
  • honestly it’s probably just jack being jack and not really meaning it, but still
  • jack: ’…I feel compelled to point out that - ’
  • everyone: ‘fuck you, jack’
  • james, who now knows he’s capable of vaporising the entire island again, is more amused than anything
  • people start referring to him as captain flint, star of the sea
  • many years later, sailors - pirates and non-pirates alike - talk about him actually being polaris, the pole star - when james hears these stories he’s like 'but How - polaris is in the sky RIGHT NOW’ and thomas just grins and kisses him and says 'does it really matter? you’re remembered. generations see you as a sign of hope, a sign of home. as i do’
  • (that’s a strong point in favour of this version, if im honest. james gets to be remembered as more than a monster) 
  • and then. years and years later, james and thomas light the babylon candle together

You want to know why I love Magnus and Alec so much? Why Malec forever will be my OTP? Why I will always defend them and chose them? Because no matter what they always chose each other. Magnus is a an immortal who could have chosen an other immortal because he is vulnerable and he has had his heart broken multiple times and will so again they day Alec dies but HE CHOOSE ALEC. Alec could have lied to everyone for the rest of his life to make his family happy, he could have chosen not to deal with his emotions (because lets be honest, he hates emotions) but HE CHOOSE MAGNUS. They will always chose each other no matter what and that is why I always have and always will love them with all of my heart.

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Hidan, Kisame, and Kakuzu Reacting to Their Fem!S/o Telling Them They’re Pregnant

@lilysflowershop here you go darling! I hope you don’t mind but I’m splitting your request up into two parts for the sake of length. But I’m working on Itachi and Konan’s headcanons now!! Thanks for the support and thanks for the request, hope you enjoy!

Trigger Warning: I do mention abortion (referred to as termination in this case)

Other than that, this post is SFW, it’s just long.


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  • We’re gonna start with him because why not?
  • Out of all of them he is certainly NOT the happiest person about this. He did not have kids ANYWHERE on his life agenda.
  • Oh gosh, I feel really bad for his s/o because she knows that kids were not on his life agenda and she’s mortified to tell him. Hell, she probably doesn’t tell him first because she’s that scared. She’ll probably confide in Konan or Kakuzu (I have a feeling that Kakuzu and Hidan’s s/o get a long very well). If she confides in Konan, she comforts Hidan’s s/o. If she confides in Kakuzu, he’s gonna be likes “…Well when are you going to tell him? Why are you telling me?” - although Kakuzu is generally concerned, he’s not going to admit it and still be his frigid self.
  • His s/o would catch him in a good mood before she tells him at all, that’s the key to all of this. The man has a short fuse, his s/o doesn’t need it taken out on her or their unborn child.
    • “H-Hey Hidan. How’re you?” 
    •  “Pretty alright. Sasori and Deidara took the mission Kakuzu and I were supposed to have so we get to stay back and relax. Which means you and I can relax…or do something more fun.
    • “Heh-heh, yeah…about that…”  
    • “Are you feeling alright? You look, well, like shit.” 
    • “Hidan. If I tell you something, do you promise not to get mad…?” “Depends. What is it?” 
    •  “Well…” 
    •  “Spit it out dammit.” 
    • “I’m pregnant.” 
    •  Silence for .5 seconds and then “SON OF A MOTHER F—— @$!&&&!#@$!) 
  • The first thing Hidan does after she tells him is take the box of condoms from the bed side table and set them on fire. Calling them “fucking useless” in the process. He doesn’t even look at his s/o, he can’t bring himself to. He’s spewing cuss words like no tomorrow, his s/o is on the verge of tears, it is a mess. After the condoms are gone he grabs his scythe and mutters something about “going to make a sacrifice” and leaves without even a glance. Although, he definitely knows that his s/o is crying when he leaves. 
  • Hidan is feeling a whole bag of emotions, he can’t even sacrifice right. He builds the alter wrong, he fails to catch a victim, he’s a mess. He can’t wrap his head around the fact that there is someone who’s carrying his offspring. And they were so careful because this is literally the last thing they wanted, the last thing he wanted! 
  • Hidan is extremely mad, but it’s not the dry type of mad he would get when an enemy pisses him off. It was more of the wet type of mad that he experiences with his s/o. This type of mad comes with wet eyes and a closed off throat. He’s just so pissed that he wasn’t more careful. Maybe he should’ve done more than just condoms, maybe he and his s/o should’ve gone with the morning after pill, or have some back-up for their back-up. And now his s/o has to go through all this trouble while he just watches?
  • Hidan is one of the Akatsuki who I think is VERY protective of his s/o. This is due to him being immortal: he’s immortal, they are not, there is the possibility that he can lose them. So when in battle or any dangerous situation, he usually takes all of their hits and keeps them safe. Let’s be real though, once your Hidans you’re his for good. And he’s pissed because he can’t protect them from. He’s not that stupid, he knows how childbirth works and he can only imagine the complications to go with it. He can’t protect them from this, he got them into this, and he’s beating himself up over it. 
  • Oh and he’s practically pissing himself at the thought of raising a child. He doesn’t even know where to begin, how do you change a diaper? What the hell is a bassinet? He doesn’t even know that you’re supposed to warm a bottle before feeding a baby. The only thing he knows about babies is that they’re annoying, they cry, they smell, and suck the life out of you. He’s SO not on board for any of that, it’s just not the life for him.
    • Also, I fully believe that the idea of a child doesn’t appeal to him because he’s immortal. He does not age, his kid does, his s/o does. He hates the idea that one day his kid is going to be older than him and will age past him and die (same deal with his s/o). He doesn’t want to have to watch that, it’s one of his greatest fears. Don’t bring it up unless you want to die. 
  • He’s going to blow off the sacrifice and wipe his eyes, he’d never hear the end of it if he was caught crying. He’s going to go back and try to talk it out with his partner and convince them to…terminate things. But when he gets back to the hideout and hears his s/o sobbing to Konan about how he’s going to leave her and the baby, how she’s going to leave tomorrow morning and never come back, how she’s going to raise the child alone. That breaks him  ~ oh yeah, Hidan is obnoxious, loud, hot-headed, cruel, mean, you name it. But he still has a heart and still loves his s/o.
  • He has a sudden change of heart and leaves once more, only this time to go to a neighboring town. He’ll come back hours later, in the dead of night and while everyone is asleep. He’d enter his and his s/o’s room and find them packing. She just assumed he wouldn’t want her after this, terrible things assumptions are. The two would make eye contact, she having tear stained cheeks, he with his normal look. He would toss a bag at her before ditching the scythe and flopping onto the bed. She would be confused, but open the bag regardless. In it she would find two things: a tiny Akatsuki cloak and another -little-  jashin necklace. His girlfriend would be choked up, ‘Could this mean?’
  • He’d interrupt her train of thought by saying, “So. Are you coming to bed or what?” His girlfriend would drop everything and practically jump on him and cry into his chest. He’d react with something like,”Hey! Quit the cryin’ and get some sleep, for the love of Jashin.” 
  • Hidan realized that the two had a lot to prepare for and even though he knew that his child would age and die, he figured that if he was going ever have a family, it was going to be the woman he was with now and with the child growing in her womb.


  • I should have probably said this with Hidan, BUT NONE OF THE AKATSUKI ARE ACTIVELY TRYING TO GET THEIR GF PREGNANT. They are literally in the most dangerous organization in the world, constantly being targeted, there is no room for babies.
  • So when Kisame’s s/o discovers that she’s pregnant, she is having a god damn heart attack. (All of the s/o’s, besides maybe Itachi’s and Konan’s, is freaking tf out). She’s pregnant…with Kisame Hoshigaki’s baby. One of the infamous members of the seven ninja swordsman, had she not been so consumed with fear she would have felt a sense of pride.
  • She throws the pregnancy test away and just fades out of reality. She’s still physically conscience but mentally…not so much. She ends up leaning against the bed, bringing her knees to her chest and just…fades out.
  • When Kisame comes into the room he’s in a mood. He just came back from a long mission, he didn’t get enough fighting in, and he’s riled up. He begins to go on a rant about the enemy and how he could have finished them off had it not been for Itachi. He keeps talking not even noticing his s/o until after he throws his sword across the room and sees her flinch. He’ll actually freak out a little bit because he has never seen her like this. He’d get down to her level and talk to her, gently, completely forgetting that he was pissed.
    • “Hey, what happened to you?” 
    •  “…” She keeps quiet, and doesn’t make eye contact 
    • “Babe, c’mon. Talk to me.” She’d look into his eyes and be brought back into reality, and then completely lose it. She’d start to ball her eyes out and then he’d freak the fuck out because his strong s/o is crying??? Now he’s more determined to find out who made her cry, 
    • “Tell me what happened!” 
    •  “I-I’m p-pregnant.” And then just like her, he freezes and takes a seat next to her.
  • His s/o leans into his shoulder and cries, he throws an arm around her subconsciously and then just sits there and contemplates life and the news he was just given. 
  • First and fore-most he becomes scared for his s/o’s safety. When Kisame decided to pursue his current s/o, he told her how dangerous it could be and asked if they really wanted to get involved with him. Because it’s never just him, it’s the Akatsuki. And he told them that they would automatically become a target because they’re an S-Rank criminal and because they’re his s/o. People would stop at nothing to use her to get to him. But she didn’t care, she went with him. And of course since then he has always been concerned for her safety, but she proved herself worthy and strong so his worry began to ease up. BUT NOW, the game has changed. Now there is a child in the mix. His child. His girlfriend can’t defend herself anymore and if people find out about this, they will use his child to get to him and he can’t stand that. So now Kisame is feeling that weight on his shoulder. 
  • Number two, Kisame is thinking about the genetics of the child. If we are to assume that he was born and raised as half-human, half-fish, then the odds of his child coming out that way are super high. And he doesn’t want that at all. I think one of the reasons Kisame became so strong is because he was probably picked on by the other kids in his village for the way he looked. This is probably also the reason why he likes to fight so much, he was constantly challenging the bullies in his neighborhood. I mean, he’s gotten over it now because he’s found people who look past his looks and love him for his internal beauty. But he got tormented a lot, he wouldn’t wish that pain and suffering in his worst enemy let alone his own child. 
  • Then, something he’s thinking about that Hidan didn’t even think about, what is the leader going to say about this? Is he going to banish his s/o? Kill her? Kill the unborn child? Kick him AND her out? The Akatsuki really don’t have a policy on babies because they never thought that they would need it. If Pein thinks he can do ANYTHING to Kisame’s s/o, he’s surely mistaken.
  • Finally, while I do think Kisame has a strong paternal instinct, he still doesn’t know much about raising kids. He’s hostile and sadistic, two traits that don’t exactly make for a great parent. He knows this, but he’s not about to change because he’s not like that. 
  • Kisame would ask his girlfriend what she would want to do, considering it is her body (Konan probably gave all the guy members a week of feminism and women’s rights education, so all the guys are really respectful) and it is her child too. If she does not want it, he totally respects that. But if she does want the baby, things are going to change. First, he’s going to hand his s/o over to Itachi as a precaution while he goes off to tell Pein. Assuming all is okay there, Kisame is taking her off duty immediately, he’s not risking anything.
  • He’d have a long talk with her about other things, what to expect from him, what he expects from her, and they would definitely talk about where she would stay. He can’t have her roaming the streets because she’ll be targeted and he cannot have the enemy finding out she’s pregnant. But is the Akatsuki base REALLY that ideal? It would all be things to work out as the months go by. 
  • But after that talk, they would just call it a night and head off to bed. And right before they go to sleep Kisame mumbles something about how he’s going to protect both of them and then proceeds to holding his s/o tighter.


  • Due to his medical expertise, he’s going to know his partner is pregnant before she does. He’s going to see some of the symptoms (nausea, back-pain, he’s gonna notice she missed her period) and then casually go up to her - in private - and ask her to take a pregnancy test.
    • “Well, what does it say?”
    • “Positive.”
    • Cue a deep sigh from Kakuzu, “well shit.”
  • Between Kisame and Hidan, Kakuzu is the type to take it…better than them. He’s not going to burn anything like Hidan, he’s not going to freeze like Kisame. He’s just going to sit down with his s/o and think.
  • The first thought that comes to mind is that he is going to be the oldest father in the world. He’s going to have a newborn at 91! Grant it he is “immortal”, but at he same time it’s just like…”I’m too old for this. I don’t have time for this.” (when he literally has all the time in the world)
  • The second thought that comes to mind is that he is in the Akatsuki, his partner is in the Akatsuki, they both probably have high bounty’s on their head (they all do, but I’m sure there is a pecking order), this is literally the worst thing to happen to them. His partner’s bounty would probably go up if people found out she was carrying his child, and Kakuzu knows how far he would go for a high bounty so he’s imagining how far the enemies would go to get to his partner. That thought doesn’t sit well with him. And if she goes the whole 9 months then she certainly can’t protect herself because, HELLO, B-A-B-Y.
  • Also, babies are expensive, something that also doesn’t sit well with him. It costs $12,000 dollars for the first year alone (according to American statistics). Kakuzu is not about to pay all of that, he has the cash don’t get me wrong, but he barely shares with his s/o so why would he share with his child?
  • Let’s not forget Kakuzu is also looking at this from a medical perspective, he’s going through the list of things that could go wrong, all the medical expenses (I don’t think the akatsuki would have a sonogram on hand, but that’s just me), and the more he thinks about it, the more he is not liking the idea of this whole pregnancy thing.
    • I don’t think Kakuzu would have a problem raising a child, given his age he’s probably had experience in his life. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gotten someone pregnant when he was in his 30’s. But he left them when the child was still fairly young because his greed got the better of him and domestic life was never quite his style
  • And that’s another thing, Kakuzu isn’t the type to settle down. I could see Kisame slowly switching to that lifestyle, Hidan maybe (that’s a weak maybe), but Kakuzu is too greedy to settle down. He wants to keep collecting money until he kicks the bucket.
  • So, after thinking it over, he would talk with his partner about it. He would be blunt with his concerns and definitely use a logical approach to the situation. I think, given his lack to change, his age, and their occupation, he and his partner would turn to termination or giving the child up for adoption.
  • (I’m sorry if that’s upsetting, but I seriously do not see Kakuzu wanting or having children in present-day canon!verse) 
  • Remus Lupin is a history teacher with too many jumpers and probably unhealthy obsession over his cat. He lives in a little bubble of quietness and calmness and, most of the time, he loves it. Besides work and rare meetings with Lily and Alice he barely goes out, spending his evenings with books and Starfall (who is a big and puffy black cat). Remus’s 28th birthday is in a week, but he doesn’t expect much of it. Of course, he’s wrong. 
  • Three days before his birthday Remus sleeps in as usual, goes to work as usual, visits a bookstore as usual and helps a possibly crazy guy hide behind the shelves in that bookstore, which is rather unusual. 
  • He is just browsing through a few poetry books, trying to choose one, when he hears arguing voices downstairs. One of the voices sounds like Marlene’s, an owner of the store. After five minutes of a hushed, angry conversation Remus sees a body quickly climbing up the stairs. He witnessed a lot of weird things in that bookstore, mostly because Marlene herself is weird as hell, so he’s not really surprised. He is kinda surprised when the body throws itself onto him, whispering something. 
  • “Hide me! Oh, come on, hide me real quick!” it turns out to be. And the body turns out to be a man Remus distantly recognises, Marlene must have introduced them to each other. What was his name again? Something with stars. 
  • “What?” he finally manages to answer, watching as the man already tries to fit into the small gap between a row of shelves and a wall. “Okay, what are you doing?” 
  • The man just raises his eyebrows as if Remus is the one being ridiculous right now. 
  • “Hiding,” he says and puts a book over his head. Honestly, he looks like a crazy dwarf, yet Remus can’t help but think he’s cute. I-do-weird-shit-for-a-living-but-it’s-okay-because-I-have-a-nice-smile cute. 
  • “Well, I don’t think you’re doing great. I still can see you.” 
  • “Exactly!” the man smiles with somehow maniacal passion. “So, you’re going to stand right in front of me, like a body shield. Yes, perfect.” 
  • “Okaaay,” Remus hums, resigning himself to the madness. He doesn’t move though and the guy taps his foot against the floor impatiently. This is when Remus hears footsteps on the stairs again. He doesn’t get to choose what to do because the next moment he is literally being dragged in front of the crazy stranger. 
  • Marlene calmly appears upstairs with her arms crossed over her chest and gives the room a terrifying glare. Remus starts understanding why the man wanted to hide. He suddenly wants to hide somewhere himself. 
  • “Where is he?” she asks and Remus immediately moves to the side, revealing the hiding one. In his defence, Marlene looks murderous.
  • “Traitor!” the man whispers angrily. Remus shrugs. 
  • “Sirius,” Marlene rolls her eyes and goes back downstairs. Remus can feel that Sirius should follow her if he wants to live. But Sirius must be immortal because he stays where he is, moving only to put the book from his head on the shelf. 
  • He smiles and tries to playfully lean on the wall. It looks more awkward than attractive because he is indeed trapped between the wall and the bookshelves. Remus laughs softly. 
  • “I kinda remember you. Remus, is it?” Sirius says anyway. 
  • “Yes,” Remus answers, blushing now. He really didn’t think Sirius wouldn’t forget their short meeting. “And you must be Sirius?” 
  • That’s a stupid question and Remus regrets it as soon as the words leave his mouth, but Sirius just grins. 
  • “I am. So, what were you doing here today?” 
  • “It’s a bookstore,” Remus deadpans. 
  • “I see,” Sirius is still grinning and at this point Remus can’t decide if it’s a good sign or not. “What do you usually do in a bookstore?” 
  • “Buy books?” 
  • Remus hates that his words don’t sound half as confidently as they are supposed to. 
  • “Boring. What do you usually do when you’re not in a bookstore?” Sirius asks, tilting his head to the side and bumping into the wall. Remus snorts, both at his face and at the most ridiculous question in his life. 
  • “What do you mean?” 
  • “Never mind, I have a new question. It’s a good one. What do you usually do on Fridays?” 
  • “Work.” 
  • “And after work?” 
  • “Work some more.” 
  • “Yikes. But when you finally stop working?” 
  • “I don’t know, nothing,” Remus shrugs. 
  • “Great. I mean, not great, but great for me. Forget, that doesn’t sound right either. You’re free this Friday then?” he waits until Remus nods and continues. “Do you want to go out this Friday? I mean, with me.“ 
  • Remus stares. Blinks. Then stares some more. He can’t remember the last time someone asked him out (possibly because he can’t remember the last time he talked to someone who could be interested in him either). Finally, when Sirius starts looking nervous, Remus starts nodding frantically. 
  • “Yes! I mean… yeah. Yes.” 
  • Sirius opens his mouth, but before he can say anything there’s shouting again. 
  • “Black! If you don’t come here right now, I swear..” 
  • “I think you better go,” Remus chuckles. 
  • “Maybe,” Sirius grins cheekily and slowly starts making his way to the stairs. 
  • “By the way, what were you fighting about?” Remus answers before he can disappear. 
  • “Balloons,” Sirius says as if it explains everything and his smile is so radiant Remus believes that it does. 
  • Sirius gives him a small wave. “See you then. I think Marlene may have your number. Can I ask her to give it to me?” 
  • “Yes. Yes, you can. See you, Sirius.” 
  • Remus brings zero books home, but he’s still unapologetically excited. He remembers that Friday is his birthday and it might turn out to be the best one he’s had in years. 
  • It is. 
  • “I can’t believe you took me to an amusement park.” 
  • “Shhhh.”

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For immortals the illusion of time is broken for one piece you don't have to put any pairings in

“So,” Roger says leaning back against the grass, “What’s it like? The future?”

Marco hums, “It’s busy. There’s a lot of people trying to get your title now that you aren’t there to hold it. And there isn’t anyone on top yet. One of my friend’s, his little brother, he has your hat.”

Roger plays with the brim of the hat that he’s picked up to replace the strawhat that he had gifted Shanks, “This one or the other?” 

“The straw one. Shanks gave it to him.”

“I’m sure that he’ll be worthy of it. Have you,” Roger pauses. “Portgas, does that name mean anything to you?”

“Portgas? That’s Ace’s last name. Portgas D Ace,” Marco answers. “I’ve never heard of another Portgas before.”

Roger smiles, “That’s good, I think. And his mother?”

“She died when he was born, I think is hat Ace has said. Do you know her? Portgas D Rouge?”

“I think that if your friend wanted you to know if his mother and I knew each other than he would have told you, wouldn’t he?”

Marco hums, “Can you tell me about her? I don’t think Ace knows much and I wouldn’t mind having something to say about her. He says that Garp raised him. Actually it’s his little brother that I was talking about.”

“He sounds like a good kid.”

“He hates you. He hates you and he has never said why.”

Roger smiles sadly, “That sounds about right. I wouldn’t expect anything less.”

“You know something I don’t. Don’t you?”

“I might. Maybe you should ask Ace about it, it would be rude of me to tell his secrets if what I think is correct.”

“I could just go forward. I’m sure that Luffy would tell me.”

Roger hums, “I don’t think you have to wait that long. It wouldn’t fool them for long, not if what you told me about the future is true. It’ll be something you learn at some point.”

“You like being suspicious, don’t you?”

“I was always good at secret keeping games.”