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i have faith in you

36/365 Days of Outlaw Queen

Headcanon that came to me at midnight-

What if Eggsy is an omega in the army, and they have some sort of clinic where doctors help them through their heats, and Harry works at that clinic.
What if Harry generally only helps his patients with toys, and if they want the “full service” then he’ll bring whoever else has his shift to do that.
But then Eggsy comes, and he’s incredibly attracted to the younger man so he doesn’t say no when Eggsy requires his services, and it’s probably the most intense heat either one has ever lived through, and it takes all of his will power to not bite Eggsy.
And then Harry’s afraid, because what if next time he can’t control himself? So he asks Eggsy to not ask for him again, and so Eggsy leaves heartbroken because he felt it. He felt that strange connection.
Then Eggsy going into an early heat and finding Harry at the base, and just begging for his help, and Harry not being able to say no, and then Eggsy asking Harry to bite him, because he wants this - he wants Harry to be his bondmate.

Siuol II

Part I 

Louis saw her getting sad, really sad, almost a week ago. And he hated that his sweet little love was so upset. Because to him. Claire was the little twinkle in his eye. The girl that he taught to walk, caused mischief with and gave her cookies when he wasn’t supposed to. She was Daddy’s Angel. She always cuddled with him, no matter how old she got and when scary monsters turned to scary dreams about the future, he’d still sing her to sleep.

So when she was actually sad and wanted nothing to do with Daddy, he was a it selfish because he was heartbroken his little twinkle was upset.

“Claire-bear?” He asked and knocked softly on her door. “You want to come down for dinner, please?” He asked quietly.

“M’not hungry,” she mumbled.

He pursed his lips. “I feel like I haven’t seen you at all the past few weeks…please come down, love bug?” He asked softly. Louis distinctly heard her sniffle. “Sweet girl, what’s wrong?” He asked.

“Dad, I just want to stay in here,” she sniffled again and her voice cracked, but Louis didn’t know what to do or say. He didn’t want to bother her. She wanted to be alone. So he let her be alone.

But he felt like shit for it. He walked downstairs dejectedly and sat at the table and looked up at you. “She’s sad,” he said to you.

You smiled gently at him and nodded. “She gets sad sometimes,” you shrugged. “She’s sixteen.”

“Yeah, but she’s mine and she’s not allowed to be sad,” he muttered angrily as if the mortals had disobeyed his godlike command.

You chuckled under your breath and looked at him. “I’m yours and I get sad.”

“Yeah, well, you know darling, I keep telling you that you’re not allowed to be sad, but you don’t listen,” he shrugged and came over to you and cupped your face as he leaned over your chair. He bit his lip, his eyebrows pinched together as he looked at you with a question written on ever part of his face. He was beautiful–blue-eyed, pink lipped, high cheekbones. He was as beautiful as he was the day you met him. You smiled up at him. “Are you happy? With me? With this life?”

You stared at him with the biggest grin you could muster. “Lou, I’m infatuated with you. Every day I fall a little more in love with you and I can’t tell you how happy I am,” you smiled and wound your arms around his waist and slid your hands over the curve of his envy-worthy bum into his pants pockets. He smirked at you as you did and gave his plump little cheeks a squeeze. He kissed your forehead. “You are the most wonderful person in the world,” you smiled up at him. “I’m sorry our little cutie pie is upset,” you said and pressed your lips against his. They were thin, but when you kissed them they felt so…perfect. It ached. He kissed you hotly for a long moment. You pressed you lips against his again and pulled back with a smile. “I love you.”

“I love you more,” he said.

“Daddy!” She cried from upstairs. She may as well have screamed that a murderer was attacking her. Louis released you so fast you almost fell out of your chair but you were really happy he loved his daughter and they were so close so you didn’t mind. He ran up the steps knocking a picture off a table along the way. Simply, you rolled your eyes with a smirk as you put the food away. 

“Baby,” he whispered to the closed door. It opened and her big, shiny eyes were streaming with tears and Louis’ heart broke for his little girl. “Oh my sweet little love,” he cooed and wrapped his arms around her tightly. Her toes lifted off the ground and he squeezed her tightly. “What’s wrong, love?” He asked and pulled away to wipe her cheeks. She looked so broken and he felt just terrible.

“I’m sad.”

He bit his lip because he wanted to talk to her. He didn’t want her to be upset because he was sarcastic. “I know, baby,” he mumbled. “How come?”

“You’re gonna be mad,” she sniffled.

His mind spun with a million thoughts. Half of which caused his stomach to lurch. “I won’t get mad,” he said unsurely.

“Yes, you will,” she, on the other hand, sounded pretty sure about that.

“Are you pregnant?” He asked.

“What?! No, Dad, of course not!” She sniffled in outrage.

He cupped her face. “Claire-bear, you can tell me anything,” he said.

She sniffled and walked over to her bed and laid on the mattress with her face in the pillow. “My boyfriend broke up with me,” she whimpered.

“You don’t have a boyfriend,” he muttered as he sat beside her.

“No, not anymore,” she cried and her voice broke.

He sighed sadly and pressed his hand on her lower back. “Who were you dating?” He asked.


“Oh well, I’ll kill him,” Louis said easily. “Niall may be my best friend but I will kill his son for my little angel,” he promised. She rolled over and looked up at him with the same blue eyes that matched his.

“Thank you Daddy.”

“Why on Earth would he break up with you?” He asked and leaned over and kissed your forehead. Rolling onto her side, Louis joined her on the queen-sized bed. My princess is going to be a queen one day, she deserves every luxury Louis had told you. He laid beside her on the fluffy pillows Louis had purchased for her precious head. Cuddling up to his side, she closed her eyes against his chest. He loved these moments with his little angel. He just wished she wasn’t sad.

“I don’t know,” she grumbled. “I thought everything was fine…”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked before he could stop the question. He didn’t mean to make this about him. But it was really bothering him. Louis was Claire’s best friend. She told him everything. He took everything she told him in stride. After living with mostly women his whole life, he was entirely prepared to have a daughter with crazy hormones and be upset sometimes. But he still hated it. He was pretty sure he hated it more because it was Claire. He adored her, every part of her, and he never wanted her to be this upset. But he had to know why.

“I knew you’d get upset,” she shrugged. “And you’d get all weird and tell me I’m growing up and stuff and I didn’t want that,” she mumbled into his shirt. “Besides it was Deaglan, you’ve already met him and stuff,” she muttered.

He sighed. “I know, but he was always a friend…”

“Well apparently he thinks it’s better that we’re friends so I’m glad I didn’t introduce you to him as my boyfriend,” she said, disappointment clung to each word. The sad thing was, he was afraid that disappointment was directed toward herself.

“Do you want me to kill him?” He asked seriously. His tone wasn’t sarcastic, it wasn’t fatherly, he literally would if she asked. He’d do anything if she asked. He fell to his knees for this little angel, his pride and joy. Anything she wanted was hers, if she asked Daddy.

“No,” she sighed. “Still have you,” she mumbled sleepily and clutched a little harder to his shirt. “You’re pretty good,” she smiled against his chest. His heart skipped a beat.

“You always, always have me, love bug,” he swore. His hand ran up and down her spine as he kissed the top of her head. He was glad she hadn’t outgrown cuddles. She was a lot like you, but she still seemed airy and petite like Louis and he was so utterly grateful for that.

“Daddy?” She mumbled.

“Hmm?” He hummed back.

“Can you sing to me?” She whispered.

“Of course, Claire-bear.”


“Louis,” you shook your head as you stumbled into the kitchen. “It’s eleven thirty,” you mumbled.

He smiled back at your sleepy form. You were wearing one of his old tank tops from his touring days. He couldn’t believe you still had it…couldn’t believe you still looked as sexy as you did so many years ago when you wore it. “Thank you for the reminder sweet, you know how bad I am at telling time,” he smiled.

You were tired so you wanted to rip Louis’s cute little lips off his face. “What’s wrong?” You asked. “Are you baking?” You wondered. He nodded and looked at the instructions on the back of the cookie dough package. “Cookies…” you tisked.

He nodded again.

“They’re not for me…” you said.

“Always a detective, love; can’t I cause mischief without you trying to figure out why?” He wondered as he set the cookies in the oven.

“Where’s the fun in that, Louis?” You smiled and wrapped your arms around his waist and rested your cheek on his back. “M’cold. Come cuddle me,” you whined.

“Cookies first,” he said simply.

You sighed. After Claire had fallen asleep to Louis’ lullaby, he came downstairs to tell you everything she said. So now, Louis was baking her cookies so she would hopefully feel better. “She’s going to be okay.”

“Do you remember when we taught her to walk?” he asked.

You smirked. “Of course,” you smiled.

“She was so little and precious and nothing bad could happen to her. We had to watch her, constantly. And I know she’s gotta grow up, baby, but can’t we…postpone it for a while? Can’t we just let her be little for a few more years and keep her safe and watch her constantly?” He asked. Your throat tightened at his words. That sounded so good and you felt it deep in your bones that you wanted that as much as he did. But it just couldn’t happen.

“Yeah,” you croaked. He sighed sadly pulling you to him holding you close to his chest. His fingers combing through your silky strands. You sniffled against him and he squeezed you. “I love you,” you whispered.

“I love you too, baby,” he sighed and tilted you chin up to kiss you. “Do you want some cookie dough?” he asked with a smile.

You nodded with a teary grin.


“Claire-bear?” He knocked softly. She grunted in her sleep. He went in her room and she peeled one sleepy eye back to look at him. “Mornin’ darling,” he whispered.

“Mornin’, Dadda,” she slurred tiredly. He smiled and set the cookies he baked late last night on her nightstand. He leaned over and kissed her forehead. He knew she needed time to grieve…or…whatever. So he was going to let her have time.

“Daddy?” She whispered grabbing the hem of his T-shirt just before he exited.

“Yes, sweet?” He asked.

“Cuddle me?” She asked. He smiled and slunk back to her bed and pulled his gentle little princess closer to his chest. He lived for the moments where she was still little.

And sometimes just needed Daddy.

I went to Mexican in the city with my gf and I had this serious feeling inside me that I would somehow run in to Keagan

we went for a walk after dinner and I see Keagan. he’s fucking stopped to talk to some friends on the way home from a beach run. if We had waited five more minutes at dinner we would have missed him. we talked for a few minutes. he asked if he would see me again. he joked about needing to find a rebound in Thailand because he is heartbroken. he looked gorgeous as usual and was his usual cheeky witty self. I suffered heart palpitations for the rest of the drive home and at least 30 minutes more once at home. I feel really weird. I want to see him again but I don’t know if I can bring myself to go through the bullshit. my pride is huge. I haven’t seen or spoken to him since I broke it off the morning after that night three weeks ago, and I knew I would see him on the street tonight, and I fucking did.

Fuck being on a comedown
Fuck being completely heartbroken because he wants to fuck other people and ‘travel’ after he told you he loved you
Fuck punching walls and sobbing

He’s not coming back
You’re back to doing you
Deal with it
You’ve got your friends and family and a job
It hurts and it fucking sucks but it’s not the first time and it won’t be the last time you open yourself up to a person you never thought would fuck you over and leave

It’s okay to be upset but sooner or later it’s time to look after yourself, lick your wounds and rocknroll baby

You got you

For him:
If you still love her, don’t use another girl don’t try and ease the pain.
Don’t ruin a innocent girls mind because you need a five minute distraction.
You will only tear her down and turn her into broken ashes of love.
I understand you miss the feeling you had, but no one else will fill that hole in your heart.
Move on by yourself, spend time alone and find happiness in being without someone.
Don’t try and make another girl help your heart ache, she knew how broken you were and still wanted to love you don’t let her if you know you will never love her the same.

For her:
Stay away from the broken hearted boy, I know you think because he had his heartbroken he wouldn’t want anyone else to feel that way but that’s not true.
He will only see your body, never your mind.
He won’t ever think of you once your gone, out of sight out of mind.
But the other girl will always linger along with his heart.
So promise me, don’t fall for the boy with the broken heart he will only break you.

—  Advice I wish I could of given him, and advice I wish I would of taken before he broke me.

i enjoy the night shift but oh man, joe chavez/krista is one of the few flaws of the show, it’s not a good ship

anonymous asked:

URGENT 💔💔💔 my boyfriend broke up with me because he said that he still loves me and if he had to end our relationship in a year that he couldn't handle the heartbreak and that he was being selfish but he was trying to protect us because he is still heartbroken sometimes from his first serious relationship and he said he hasn't loved anyone as much as he has loved me and he doesn't know if he could recover if he let us continue to stay together and grow closer. And I don't know what to do help

He broke up with you and even though the decision he made sounds confusing and really hard it’s his decision. You have to respect that. Break ups are so hard- and I think they are even harder when the two of you still feel so much in love with each other. Not having bad feelings on either end does make it hard. But since you two are broken up now you have to do your best to move on.

Also Pipers brothers gf having lied about being with women before so he would “think she was cool” like.. Why was that even a thing. And he’s heartbroken because he loves her made up 3way story?? Why honestly.

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Thanks for reading my rant. If you did. I just needed to tell someone. It's better not to be face to face when telling stories like this. But thanks anyways Tabby. Oh and btw I love you. :) you're awesome.

Hey, baby, I did read it and if you want me to I’ll publish it, but I can say what I think I ought to here and that’s first to tell you that you are not ugly, not at all.  And it’s very unfortunate that your insecurities lead you to believe that.  And fat?  It’s nothing but a word, honey, a description - fat, thin, tall, short.  It’s nothing.  I am also so very sorry you were lead to do this but the thing is… People have to grow and move on and your intentions weren’t to hurt him.  You can’t leave this blaming yourself, because while he might be heartbroken, he is not truly ruined, and he will find a time when he can move on.  And you will find someone else who’ll love you, and maybe hopefully, I do so strongly hope, someday you will love yourself.  Because you are beautiful inside and out and you deserve that, you deserve good things.    And if you do feel like you should get help, please do.  It’s scary and it’s hard and it takes time, but it’s possible and seeing someone to talk to can only be a good thing.

You are more than welcome, my love, and I definitely understand, it is so much harder to speak face to face about things like this.  But I’m honored you could tell me all the same.  Please take good care of yourself, sweetheart.  I love you too :) You’re amazing, I promise.