because he's heartbroken


I don’t know if anyone has pointed this out yet, but I wanna say something about episode 9 that barely has anything to do with Yuri or Victor.

Right here we have the common anime character with a strong sister complex. These characters seem to pop up every so often in animes and a lot of the time, it’s a totally normalised thing and the feelings are mutual and it’s sometimes even seen as more normal than the homosexual (not to mention sometimes really unhealthy) relationships that rarely show up in mainstream animes (that end up being shown only to more mature audiences because of the censorship).

But Yuri!!! On Ice doesn’t normalise it. Sure, you might be able to feel a little bit of empathy for him because he seems heartbroken and everything, but that’s it. They point out the fact that this love that he has for his sister is unhealthy and unacceptable. Sara doesn’t accept his feelings for her. She tells him to move on, that they will be fine on their own. That he needs to let go. And he does. He finally lets go of his sister and frees her because he knows that what he wants isn’t mutual. And that really spoke to me.

This anime is more than willing to normalise the obvious homosexual couple (the two even practically say they never want to leave each other). Rather than focusing on the cheap, “Oh, they’re gay, how scandalous, let’s have five episodes with Yuri focusing on how he isn’t gay,” troupe, they get to have a loving relationship where the feelings are mutual, where it’s healthy and they care about and support each other and they don’t have to focus on how they’ll make it work because they’re just so in love with each other. And the relationship that could have been an incestuous one wasn’t regarded as more “normal” or “acceptable” just because the characters would have been in a heterosexual relationship. The creator of this anime is more than aware of what love should be like and how it should be portrayed rather than giving the audience the same exact thing they’ve seen fifty thousand times before just because some other show got away with it. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Yuri!!! On Ice is one of my most favourite animes, not just in the sports genre anymore, but in general because for once the creator of it actually put a lot of time and care into this show and is going to present it exactly as they envisioned it without fitting into any moulds or pleasing the people who have to air it. If you haven’t seen it yet, you really need to.

also can i cry for ten thousand years about how whenever lucifer is with chloe in this episode, he is gentle and supportive and reassuring and worried to find an answer, physically holds her and comforts her, is there for her when she wakes up, doesn’t do or say anything to hurt her, always puts his own feelings aside, is trying to be positive about their chances for saving her, never once again brings up his own anger or betrayal around her, and finally just quietly leaves, heartbroken, because he still has no belief at all that anything he has done for her matters or that it would make a difference

see, this is why they’ve allowed chloe to come so far. this is why she’s calling him and calling him and going to look for him and wants to start their relationship right where they left off and is ready to be together. lucifer has died multiple times and been tortured for her, and yet he has no belief at all that he is worthy of being loved or wanted. he’s exhausted, he’s done, he’s over, he’s at rock bottom. he’s been there for her for so long in ways she doesn’t know about at all. now she has to return the favor.

this is exactly the theme they’ve set up: proving that it’s real. lucifer has done his part, and right now, he’s thinking there was no point in it. that’s why it’s chloe’s turn to step up. she knows something is seriously wrong, she’s not going to stop until she finds out what, but she also has to come into the place of finally confronting the entire truth about who he is and who she is, and that is going to be MAJOR (and necessary) before they can reconcile.

(also can i point out in the scene with uriel, LUCIFER UNDERSTOOD IT WAS HIS CHOICE TO KILL HIM, he refused to accept that it was “just fate.” he took responsibility for it. now he’s gonna have to be taught how to do the same with chloe, but it was so much easier for him to take the guilt of an evil action rather than accept happiness for a good thing, and just stab me with a rusty spork it would hurt less.)

so yes. he’s fought for her so hard and so long. now it’s her turn.

i’m in so much pain but i need it bad.

It’s Friday night and he’s watching Netflix
like every other Friday night
and you’re guzzling drinks to forget his name.
It’s Saturday and he won’t get out of bed
because he’s heartbroken over the girl he left you for
and you want to invite him out with you,
but you stop yourself before the phone even rings.

It’s not your place anymore,
but you wish it was.
Because you miss him.
Because you gave him an excuse: The boy was sad.
The boy was so sad and insecure and tired,
so tired, he took the first opportunity he could
to double-cross you, took the first girl out
that he found while beating himself up
over not being good enough for you.
Kissed her, even. Kissed her knuckles bruised,
touched her tender, loved her even,
the same way he tried to love you.
Left you for her. Blocked your number, too.

But the boy was sad.
The boy just wanted to be wanted
and you couldn’t stop yelling
and she made him feel a little more whole than you did-
how could you blame him?
He was so insecure, he needed two
to prove to him that he was of worth;
one wasn’t enough-
your love wasn’t enough.

So the boy was insecure
but he made you second-guess every other
relationship you’ve ever been in,
made you insecure too,
made you insecure for a goddamn good reason.
So the boy screwed you over because
he was afraid he wasn’t good enough for you.
It’s because he isn’t.


Your sadness doesn’t mean shit

After Fortesa Latifi


Regarding the Malec date, I think my favorite Magnus moments are…

  1. When he realizes that his reaction to Alec’s inexperience is making Alec feel like there’s something wrong with him, which is what Alec feared.
  2. When Alec asks the “Do you think that we’re just too–” question and you can literally see Magnus beg silently, “Please, don’t say it, please!”
  3. When Alec decides to leave and Magnus is so crushed and heartbroken because he knows that this date was his only chance with Alec.

When Rick and Michonne finally go get Carl back (’cuz you know they will hunt down and find that boy), I want Michonne to totally freak out and scream at him and cry because she almost lost her son again. And I want Carl to be so heartbroken because he broke his mom’s heart. And maybe her reaction to Carl going missing is what brings on the Andre talk between her and Rick.

The Lying Detective Speculation

I think this goes beyond just Sherlock lying about dying when he is actually fine, or vice versa because the episodes are never really about the cases, but about Sherlock and John’s relationship.

So I’m speculating that this episode will be about exposing all the lies Sherlock has told in the past and will finally lead us to the truth, that Sherlock is in love with John.

After all the second episode of each series always progresses Sherlock and John’s relationship, in TBB it was “colleagues”, in THOTB it was “friend”, in TSO3 it was “best friend”, and so that just leaves a love confession for the second episode of series 4.

And a love confession can not occur without Sherlock explaining to John that he lied about being a high functioning sociopath, that he does have emotions and desires. That the reason he moved John’s chair and went back to drugs after John’s wedding is because he was heartbroken about losing John and was trying to numb his pain. That he came back to life at the realisation that John was in danger. That he excused Mary shooting him as “surgery” and protected Mary by killing Magnussen, all because he wanted to John safe and happy.

All this needs to be explained to John and the audience before Sherlock utters those three words.

Which is why it’s called The Lying Detective because, Sherlock Holmes the emotionless deer-stalker wearing detective, the version of himself that he presents to the public, is a lie. This episode will finally see the destruction of that persona once and fall all. Finally revealing to the audience and to John, who the real Sherlock Holmes is. A man who is oh so very human and oh so in love. 


Scorpius : ** is jelous because Albus is getting close with Delphi **

Scorpius : ** thinks of Albus while he was facing dementors**

Scorpius : ** doesn’t want to live in the AU because Albus is not there **

Scorpius : ** is heartbroken because he can’t be friends with Albus**

Scorpius : I have a crush on Rose .

Last Night’s Episode!

Anyone else in tears after hearing Sheriff Noah Stilinski talk about his son on last night’s episode, or was that just me?

It also didn’t help that I was primed and ready for the tear attack after watching Scott call his mom again and again because he was too heartbroken about her having been taken!

ALSO WE LEARNED STILES’ NAME! And, the fact that his mom (who apparently isn’t an evil bitch like I’d been thinking lately) used to call him Mischief just had me crying even harder!

Oh, and Peter saved Malia and sacrificed himself to the Wild Hunt (again) so she (and Scott) could get away! No, it’s okay! I’ll just keep crying!!!!

oh my god

i just thought about the fact that sherlock is absolutely going to break down when it’s revealed that not only has been mycroft been shielding him from recalling his repressed memories, but that he’s been working for moriarty this whole time

and that he’s more or less the reason john has been hurt so much, why TRF had to happen, why mary married john in the first place, why he was shot and had to kill magnussen

but also that he’s the reason sherlock struggles so much to emotionally connect to anyone. because mycroft has been encouraging this philosophy that ‘sentiment’ is a liability, because he knows what happens when sherlock’s heartbroken because he’s seen it all before.

sherlock pretends he doesn’t care about mycroft but ….. it’s not true. this reveal is going to absolutely devastating.

honestly, the only way i can see mycroft as being able to redeem himself is through sacrificing himself — a literal ‘death of the author’ as was foreshadowed in TAB

i don’t think my heart is ready for any of this :(

My favorite part of this episode, is when you see Tom realize he lost his chance to win Star’s heart.  

When he makes the decision that he doesn’t want to be calm. 

He wants to be angry. 

It Hurts

Request: Seth Rollins #29

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Prompt 29: It hurts so much to hear you cry.


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Seth had been trying to get a hold of you all day. You sent him a text, breaking up with him. You’re family had finally gotten to you.

They all told you that you needed to end it with Seth before you got to close. That you’d only end up heartbroken because he’d cheat because he’s always on the road.

At first you didn’t believe them, brushing them off. But the more they talk about it, the more you believe it. You would only think about it when you were around them, then when you cleaning the house, then before bed.

You thought about him cheating on you, about how you’d fined out via social media. You couldn’t stand the thought of that. So you hurt him, before he could hurt you.

You laid in your bed, head under the blanket. Hot tears rolling down your face. You didn’t want to break up with him. You just had to.

You heard the door downstairs slam shut and then heavy foots steps make their way upstairs and towards the door.

The door flung open and in walked Seth. You looked up at him, his eyes were bloodshot and puffy.

“Why…..Why did you break up with me? What did I do? Is it cause I’m not home? I can try and be home more! I-I just didn’t think you’d want one lousy night of me being home. ” Your cries cut him off.

It hurts so much to hear you cry.” Seth whispered, climbing in next to you. You buried your face into his chest. “I-I don’t want to end things with you! I-I was l-listing to my family and I s-should h-have.”

Seth’s arms tightened around. You cries didn’t die down. “I promise you. I’ll be home as much as I can. I’ll call you more. Just…Please don’t ever break up with me again.”

Dinah Confronting Bruce about his reaction to Chickadee!Jason’s Death

Imagine when Bruce used Chickadee’s death as a lecture topic for Tim the first time. 

Imagine Bruce lecturing Tim about breaking the rules, telling him to remember what happened to Chickadee when he wasn’t careful

Imagine Tim being heartbroken because he met Chickadee and Jason was his hero

Imagine Superman listening to Bruce and trying to stop him from using Jason like that, saying it isn’t right at all and Bruce should know this

Imagine Bruce rounding on Clark and snarling that Jason was his son, his sidekick, and he’ll do whatever he has to to make sure nothing like that happens to Tim

Imagine Diana getting so angry that she’s speechless, how dare Bruce use Jason like that, Jason was someone important to her too and Bruce is degrading him, turning him into a lesson 

Imagine Flash flinching and quietly slipping away because he knows that Bruce is upset and that’s what it is but Barry knows this will end up going south very quickly

Imagine Green Lantern and Green Arrow blanching because abort Bats abort

Imagine J’onn giving Bruce a sad look, he feels sorry for the sorrow Bruce is feeling but he’s also disappointed that Bruce would do this

Imagine Aquaman just keeping quiet because he knows this isn’t his fight despite how much he might want to tell Bruce that he’s walking a fine line at the moment

Imagine Hawkgirl getting angry, so very angry that she just has to fly out and smash something with her mace because Jason was her friend and for Bruce to use him like that is an insult to his name 

But then you get Dinah

Dinah just freezes because she knows Bruce didn’t just use Jason as a warning. She knows Bruce didn’t just use her son as an example for another sidekick to justify his own insecurities. She knows that Bruce isn’t blaming Jason’s death on Jason because he went to rescue BRUCE who had gotten captured himself. She knows that Bruce wouldn’t dare manipulate facts like that to make sure the point got across. 

Imagine Dinah turning and walking very slowly to Bruce before she just punches him in the gut and keeps punching

Imagine Dinah snapping

Imagine Dinah yelling at Bruce that it isn’t Jason’s fault that Jason isn’t here, that it’s Bruce’s fault

Imagine Dinah telling Bruce that if he would have just done something about the Joker years ago Jason would still be here, but that Bruce had let the Joker go to massage his own ego, after all no one can stop the Joker but Batman so if there’s no Joker for Bruce’s Batman what good is he really

Imagine Clark and Diana holding Dinah back but she continues to yell that Bruce should be ashamed of himself because he might as well have killed Jason himself

Imagine the tears streaming down Dinah’s face as she continues to scream that Bruce is responsible for her son’s death and that she will never forgive him

Imagine Dinah finally deflating, like all the fight has just suddenly evaporated from her body

Imagine Clark and Diana slowly lowering her to the ground

Imagine Dinah just giving Bruce the harshest glare anyone has ever seen and whispering one final sentence to him before getting up off the floor and telling him to never mention Jason again

“I will never forgive you, murderer.” 

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greg's reaction to mrs. holmes refusing to call Mycroft by name or even his nickname since TFP he's just idiot boy to her and she still very angry with him to the point she doesn't address him at all unless it's necessary

Greg would obviously be heartbroken because he sees how upset it’s makes Mycroft. Greg would be there to reassure, comfort and encourage him that he did and is doing the right thing and he’s not an idiot.

And lots of cuddles.




I repeated my mother’s last words as she’d walked out this same door so many years ago. I said them as angrily as I could manage, and I threw the door open. My cruel words did their job Charlie stayed frozen on the doorstep, stunned, while I ran into the night.

Ok, so we know Natsu is crying because Gray tried to sacrifice himself but what about the fact that he also tried to kill Gray. Maybe Natsu is thinking that his best friend doesn’t like him any more. Maybe he’s heartbroken because he doesn’t want to lose one of his best friends while allowing Gray to think that they are not friends. Also, Gray is obviously surprised by the question. They are both thinking the exact thing, that they are not worthy to be friends but Natsu still believes that they can be.
One other thing, this is maybe the first time Natsu openly cries in front of Gray because he knows that this is one of his only chances to mend Gray’s heart and it breaks my heart.