because he's balding

Two boys in my class, who both love Harry Potter, decided to challenge me on HP trivia today because they wanted to beat me. It was hysterical, honestly.

“Okay then Miss, name all the Harry Potter books in order!”

Bless them tbh. They don’t understand.

some shit about terashii

- Terashii has a heart of an otome
- Terashii likes the concept of childhood friends
- Terashii loves cute things he often spazz about cute things
- Terashii loves and watch Yuri On Ice
-Terashii loves shoujo manga
- Terashii loves BL
- Terashii was called pervert but refereshing by suzu
-Terashii is a fan of Beit of sideM
- Terashii can make nishiyama koutaro’s heart go kyuun
-Terashii loves weird people
-Terashii is not good with haunted house and amusement park
- Terashii address most people by their last name
-Terashii throat often hurts after doing otoya lives
- Terashii stops bleaching his hair because he’s going bald XD
-Terashii don’t like using lightstick for his live because he likes the sound of solid clapping
- He thinks he’s best as uke
-Terashii’s really bad with height
-Terashii was called “tsundere” by Mamo
-Terashii fave color is green but red as his signature color

I’ve been retaining this for months...

Hello, as many persons know theres an user named “theolivermaniac”, who appears on youtube videos about Oliver (in comments only), owns a tumblr blog and also a pinterest account, he’s seen as someone that loves Oliver a lot like many of us, a normal user like “theoliveraddict”, I was not supposed to reveal his gender because of a promise, and the fact that he’s also 28 (I have no idea if this is his real age, he looks older because hes bald, with overweight and has kinda long black beard, he also wears glasses) and that hes from Texas, but he broke his promise too.

He wanted a photo of my face if he send to Venezuela (my country) a wacom tablet and a camera (for my graphic desing studies), I took it as the offer of a friend or a nice person, he also was supposed to send supplies to help my family with the situation of the country, I was not allowed to send any photo of myself (and I have a kind of phobia to those devices, I hate selfies and makes me fell extremely uncomfortable and he knew that) so he got angry with me and cancelled everything, he said that he can’t help me anymore because “without a photo I’m a stranger”, it’s curious because since I meet him he was trying to convince me to be his couple, I told him that I was okay with just be friends and that I didn’t wanted a relationship with anybody.

But he continued trying to force our interaction, asking things like “what do you think of me now?”, “I’m your type?”, very frequently, he also got jealous of my friends thinking that I had a couple somewhere or one of them were my couple, like if I was “cheating” him and like if I was his couple, he even wanted to punch them, this made me feel very uncomfortable, this and the fact that he used to tell me sexual stuff and things like he wanted me to wait for him a little while chatting because he wanted to go to masturbate.

When the tablet arrived he wanted me to anunce to everybody that he gave it to me and wanted everybody to know this, the anterior things I said and his sick obsession with Oliver (in a very sexual way, this is also with any “shota”, and Fukase, if it’s a little kid, he likes it) made me want to stop talking to him, when I blocked him from everywhere he used the blogs that he knew I own to keep sending me messages, like “you forgot to block me here *image of sans smiling*” and “I can’t believe you take me off the credit, it’s the last time I help a foreing”, I didn’t replied any of his messages.

I’m so sorry if I told you that he’s a nice person, when I said that I was trying to keep my promise, but the truth is all what I said, I also have testiges and two of them were friends who supported me while all this was happening (I’m a very sensitive person about this kind of things, I had a horrible experience with a kid molester when I was small), I had to hide the sex of one of my female friends because he gets even creepier with girls or when he thinks you’re a girl (he’s bisexual but preffers girls) there are some screencaps of one of my friends in case you have any doubt, I deleted all my conversations with him because I didn’t wanted to know anything else from him so I haven’t screencaps of those

Notice he tags Oliver stuff with “shota”

I know he comissions artists for nsfw (and sfw), he asked the same to me (even an animation of Oliver masturbating), I didn’t wanted my Ollie to be material for fapping, I also was told he asked people for voice acting of Oliver, I would not be surprised, he asked me to make Oliver moan and say dirty things for him (and wanted to hear me saying the same things and moaning too)

Ah, my problem is not with his artists, they all are very talented ones, my problem is with maniac, also, be careful if you’re one of his artists, he can talk very bad a bout you if you stop making nsfw for him, he told me awful things about a very good artist named “Enzo” because she didn’t wanted to continue with this, he also said mean things about “theoliveraddict” because “she left Oliver for the Steven Universe fandom” , she didin’t, she follows me on twitter in my olikasecentral account, I think other reason for that was the fact that he was ”in love” with her and she didn’t noticed him or rejected him, and don’t talk “bad” about Oliver in front of him, he gets really pissed for things like “I really love Oliver, but his voice is hard to tune sometimes, he sounds muffled and I can’t understand him sometimes”

If you will insult me because you support him, I will not reply you, I just wanted to say all this because for months I’ve been feeling bad about this, I don’t like to hide my feelings or thoughts about something that bothers me, have a nice week.


[requested by anonymous]

so i started writing shadowhunters fic and i’m really not sure about my character voices???

“I don’t want to talk about Clary,” Jace snaps, and it’s not so much that there’s a Jace-shaped headache hammering away at Alec’s temples. It’s that he can’t think of a time he didn’t have to deal with a Jace-shaped headache hammering away at his temples.

“Well, that makes sense,” he says, sarcasm practically dripping off every word, and if Magnus leaves him because he ended up bald before turning thirty, he’s only got Jace to blame for it. “After all, why would you want to talk about having inappropriate feelings for your sister with someone who’s had inappropriate feelings for his brother? It makes all the sense in the world.”

To his credit, Jace looks somewhat abashed at Alec’s words.

“That’s not–I don’t–I mean–” he starts to say, words stumbling over one another. “I didn’t mean–Alec, it’s not the same thing–”

“Why?” Alec asks, arms crossing over his chest. Are they really going to get into this now? “Because I’m a guy?”

“No.” Jace pauses, shuffling his weight awkwardly from foot to foot, as if unsure of what else to say, as if unsure he should say anything else at all, and this is how Alec knows that whatever comes after is going to be Bad, because Jace never struggles like this. “Because you got over me–”

“Should I apologize for that?” Alec asks incredulously. “Is your ego really so–”

“–and I’m not sure I want to get over her.”



That’s definitely not good.

Alec exhales very slowly, before sitting down on the couch besides him. Just minutes ago, he’d had Magnus practically purring beneath him as Alec very slowly and very thoroughly kissed his way down his torso. That had been a simpler time. Much nicer, too. Now, he’s expected to give Jace relationship advice–if you can call it that, and Alec is pretty sure you can’t, because Jace and Clary are not in a relationship, and Alec is about the last person anyone should come to for relationship advice. 

“Okay, so we’re writing in to tell all the ladies to stay slim and attractive for us. Agreed?”

“Yes! Hang on though, what if someone disagrees?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll put ‘fact’ at the end. No-one can argue with that.”

“You’re a genius.”

okay but can we talk about the fact that Fiddles‘ hair is growing back in NWHS


Can you do a ReidxReader where Spencer is upset and refusing to let the reader see him because he’s bald from cancer treatment?

I have tried to be sensitive with this one as I didn’t want to upset or offend. Obviously TW please read with caution. I know it’s short but I hope you like it!xx- Ash

“Please Spence” you sat on the floor outside the bathroom resting your hand and forehead against the door “open the door” he had locked himself in the bathroom 5 hours ago and you had sat there waiting since then. He hadn’t spoken to you the whole time and you’d begun to fall asleep. You knew what he was thinking, what he was going through.

They had found the tumour while he was away on a case. It was in his brain, his big beautiful brain. When they called you to tell you it was unbelievable, you swore at Morgan down the phone vowing to never speak to him again, when Hotch tried to speak you broke down, knowing it wasn’t a prank. How could it happen to Spencer? He had gone through so much and his life was finally on track now this, now 4 weeks later and the chemo was taking its share.

“My hair.” His quiet voice echoed around the silent apartment “It started to fall out, so I went to Morgan’s and he shaved it for me. I look horrible, I look sick and I can’t hide it anymore.” The sadness in his voice was enough to shatter your heart “Y/N please just leave, I can’t let you see me like this.

“Spencer, it just means its working, means you’re going to get better and your big brain is going to be back to its beautiful self! No matter what happens I will always be here!” you prayed that he would listen. Wiping at the tears from your face you turned around and leaned your back against the door “I don’t need your hair I just need you, and if being bald means I will have you forever then it’s worth it. Please Spence, I love you so much and I need you to know that.” There was a long pause “please…” your head dropped into your knees and you waited for a response.

“You are the only thing I need to get better.” he opened the door slowly and you jumped up to him wrapping him in a warm embrace and running your hand over his head.

“Spence…” your tears intertwined as you kissed, knowing this was love.

Also in a less serious note, if Quartz Gems and the traits attached to them are considered signs of status, I can imagine reform arc Jasper meeting Greg and quietly nodding to herself, like, well Rose has taste at least, that is clearly the hair of a man not be trifled with even if it’s sort of thin on top.


“You know what they say… feed.”
“Because they really really go to school.”
“Yeah well… tough.”
“Because I said so that’s why.”
“You know why Stone Cold can’t grow hair? Because he’s bald.”
“Oh would you pack it in?”
“What’s her name from Beetlejuice? Wydoda?”
“Then I would run upstairs whenever the Daleks came on telly.”
“I’m gonna feckin hit you in a minute.”
“That crime show? ASCI? No? CS.. CSI!”
“I changed it to mermaids because the picture was fuzzy.”
“If mum wakes up… god help you.”
“I’m hungry and don’t know what I want.”
“Who ate all my nuts?”
“Do you want them in the oven, or oven is grilled?”