because he's always wearing long pants

hamilton + high school clothing headcanons


  • he stays up too late every night
  • and gets up too late every morning
  • so he just slips on random shirts and joggers like 15 minutes before school starts
  • only owns two pairs of shoes
  • gets too cold really easily
  • so he often wears hoodies over top
  • never wears matching socks
  • prefers scrunchies to thin elastics when tying his hair back
  • always carries around a tin of bobby pins
  • loses his glasses all the time 
  • refuses to use a normal backpack so he uses a messenger bag instead


  • always wearing shorts
  • no, literally, even in the dead of winter hes wearing shorts
  • he just wears tights underneath
  • (he gets hot way too easily)
  • the type of guy to go out in december with no jacket and tell everyone its not cold
  • has one coveted pair of black nikes hes had forever, but wears therapeutic sneakers if he isnt wearing them
  • athletic socks
  • bracelets??? you can bet he has a million always wrapped around his wrist
  • there are pride ones and beaded ones from peggy and best friends ones he and the boys got ironically
  • (but he actually loves them)
  • owns about 20 bowties that he never wears


  • shops at the thrift store or wears his own clothes
  • baggy sweaters/sweatshirts and distressed jeans/oVERALLs 
  • he has a thing for sweaters with elbow patches but one time alex said he looked like an old man (as a joke) so he doesnt speak of it 
  • has a million different beanies in different colours 
  • wears the same necklace hes had since he was a small child 
  • (its just dark wooden beads on a string) 
  • wears moccasins and burkenstocks exclusively 
  • hates socks with a passion 


  • really up to date with latest fashion trends
  • but he really likes courdoroy pants and turtlenecks
  • would rather die than than TOUCH a pair of sneakers
  • only ever wears boots or dress shoes
  • his go-to coat is a peacoat or a trench coat
  • sometimes he even wears a cloak if hes getting up to shenanigans and wants to get #in the mood
  • he might fill in his eyebrows. no body knows for sure
  • has his ears pierced and only ever wears small hoops or small jewels
  • owns ten of the same black beret and wears it ONLY when hes having a bad hair day bc he doesnt want to be #stereotypical


  • two words: 
  • high waisted 
  • she only wears high waisted mom jeans and shorts (that she cut into shorts from mom jeans) 
  • always tucks her shirts into her pants 
  • has a collection of cute leather belts 
  • basically only wears sandals and vans. and nothing else 
  • crop tops? hell yes 
  • tank tops? hell fuckin yes 
  • sweaters and cropped hoodies over top? very much yes 


  • sweet smocked sundresses or skater dresses 
  • wears tights underneath depending on the time of year 
  • also !!! pleated skirts and denim skirts with buttons down the front 
  • sometimes she’ll wear thigh high socks instead of tights though 
  • and she wears cute flats or heels if shes trying to look more sexy (which makes her feel flustered all day) 
  • as for tops, she’ll go for anything but she…. really has a thing for lace and mesh 
  • hair is always tied back. 
  • a l w a y s 
  • carries a purse and a backpack around school 


  • leggings and sweaters. 
  • thats…. it 
  • leggings, black coverse or her superstar adidas, ankle socks and baggy sweaters over top 
  • cant be bothered to do anything else?
  • (wears a baseball cap if shes having a bad hair day) 
  • in the summer, she might wear baggy tshirts instead or maybe she trades her leggings out for sport shorts 
  • always at a perfect temperature no matter what 
  • however, she wears different shades of lipstick everyday
  • like, shes never worn the same colour twice 
  • will BEGRUDINGLY borrow one of elizas dresses if she has to go to a fancy event 


  • short skirts (any kind, really) 
  • with blouses tucked into them 
  • and thigh high boots 
  • and chokers in all different sizes and colours 
  • paints her nails to coordinate with every outfit 
  • she wears exclusively holiday colours when it rolls around 
  • (christmas? you can bet shes wearing red for a month straight)
  • does her hair up in fancy styles every day 
  • but she also really likes floppy hats 


  • dress shirts and dress pants and dress shoes 
  • but funny ties 
  • they can be optical illusions or annoyingly bright patterns 
  • but he is wearing a noticeable tie no matter where he is 
  • however, when hes flustered or embarrassed, he holds it in his hand to make sure no body thinks lesser of him because hes wearing pugs on his tie 
  • has ten pairs of the ever classic heart boxers 


  • he only owns khakis and jeans
  • this boy rarely even touches sweatpants
  • polos are his go-to tops
  • wears belts, but still has his pants low enough that the waistband of his boxers are showing
  • he always keeps his wallet in his front right pocket
  • but… never takes it out in front of anyone and gets nervous/angry when they try and touch it
  • (its a batman wallet, obvs)
  • timberlands? yes
  • nike??? double yes


  • tshirts with logos and striped long sleeves underneath 
  • and jeans that are too short/too long or sweats 
  • has a package of kleenex in his pocket at all times 
  • but wont share because he doesn’t know which ones are used or not used 
  • uses the same pair of beige vans hes had since third grade
  • wears superman and spiderman boxers
  • sometimes he forgets to wear socks or wears ones that are different lengths


  • plain, single colour t shirts 
  • the most weird or abnormal colour he wears is eggplant purple and he loves that shirt to death 
  • it has a pocket and he puts his pens in there 
  • beige or brown khakis, sometimes blue jeans!!! 
  • he even owns a pair of red pants
  • but only wears them when his other pants are in the laundry 
  • tighty whities. hates boxers 
  • has a pair of white vans that everyone made fun of him for
  • bought all black converse next and people made fun of him for that too
  • didn’t want to buy anymore shoes

hi my name is david lindsey strider and i like to make music and walk in long strides (thts how i got my name) i have short platinum blonde hair and bright red eyes that i hide with shades that look like ben stillers and a lot of people say i look like an albino hairless dickmonkey (AN: if u dont know what that is get da hell out of here!) ((im not related to aragorn strider but i wish i was because hes a major fucking hottie)) i have pale white skin. im also a hero of time (im immortal), and i played a game called sburb and died a few times in a place called the medium. im a god (in case you couldnt tell) and i wear mostly red. for example today, like i always do, i am wearing a dark pomegranate red cape with matching pants, black converse over red socks, a long sleeve shirt over a shorter sleeved one with my usual gear symbol on the top. i was also wearing my reflective stiller shades. i was walking outside on lohac it was hot and sweaty which made me a little sweaty. a lot of nakodiles stared at me. i put my middle finger up at them

Lessons to be Learned 3

I’M BACK BITCHES!!!!!! For good this time. In celebration, here’s the chapter I was working on right before I had to shut down the ol’ laptop for what has it been now, two weeks? I’ve missed you all, hope you enjoy this even though it’s fucking long as hell!

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Master List

Summary: A week after the little encounter with Mr. Ambrose and Prinicpal AJ, the reader is frustrated with the secret. It seems that her teachers can forget about the whole thing easier than she could. Or at least she thinks…
Word count:4252 (I told you, long as hell)

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This is SO Dick Grayson: “Not only am I a late bloomer, I’m late for everything.”

Thanks for asking! This got a bit sad, but I hope you enjoy it.

Dick shifted his weight from one foot to another and felt a sudden prick of pain in his ankle. “Careful, Al.” he yelped, resisting the urge to yank his leg away. If he did Alfred would lose all the work he’d done on Dick’s pant leg, and Dick would be stuck standing like a marionette for another half hour.

“You wouldn’t get pricked by needles if you didn’t move, Dick.” Bruce said from the couch where he was reading.

Dick had been with Bruce for a while now, but there were so many things to learn about living with a millionaire. Dick had expected he’d need to go to parties, and have proper attire. He had not expected his clothes to be tailored to him. Bruce seemed used to it, he read the newspaper as he waited his turn to see Alfred with a bored patience Dick didn’t think he’d ever achieve. He was bored and antsy after only a few minutes of the butler tweaking the cuffs on his pants.

“I wouldn’t move if they made pants my size. We looked for hours today, with no luck.”

Everything had either been too short or too long for Dick to wear, and at last Alfred had given into a pair that Dick liked the feel of, deciding that hemming would be better than special ordering for Dick’s first formal party.

Beside him, Alfred chuckled. “They don’t make pants your size because boy’s your age are always growing.”

Dick wanted to bounce on the balls of his feet, but settled for taping his fingers against his thighs. “Not me. I haven’t grown in a couple of years. Mom called me a late bloomer. I liked it that way, it meant I didn’t have to get a new uniform all the time.”  

The memory of his mother brushing back his hair with a smile as she dubbed him a late bloomer made his heart squeeze painfully. Dick hadn’t thought about his parents in a while. He’d been busy. Busy with his new school, his new living situation, and being Robin. Was it bad that he hadn’t thought about his mother in over a month? That question squeezed his heart again.

“It’s alright though.” He said, his words pushing back the tears that had caught in his throat. “Not only am I a late bloomer, I’m late for everything.” He paired a grin with his words, hoping he’d pushed away any worry Bruce or Alfred might feel about him.

He hated burdening them with the memory of his situation. He was thankful to have a place to call home, with people who seemed to genuinely care for him. He didn’t want to risk that by always bringing up his problems. It was better to be the ray of sunshine his father used to call him than a storm cloud of sadness.

From the couch, Dick heard the newspaper crackled for a moment before it settled again. He tried to turn his head to get a better look at his guardian, but his position didn’t let him see more than Bruce’s shoulder. It rose along with Bruce as he got up from the couch and approached them. Alfred hadn’t said anything, but his work on Dick’s pantleg had stopped.

Bruce put a hand on Dick’s shoulder and smiled a small knowing smile. It was all the permission Dick needed to let the pressure in his chest go. His breath caught for a moment as a couple tears slipped down his cheeks. Dick knew his face was red, and he didn’t care. His hand found Bruce’s, the larger hand warm and encompassing his own. Dick leaned a little to the side, into Bruce and felt his pant leg loosen as one of the pins fell out.

“Sorry, Al.” He sniffled, as he ran his free arm across his face to clear the hot tears.

“It’s quite alright,” Alfred’s voice was low. Dick realized he’d already packed up most of the pins and had stood, a solid presence beside them.

“You don’t have to go.” Dick said, then took in a settling breath, “I’m ok now. It still hits me sometimes. That they’re gone. But I’m ok now.”

Alfred nodded, but didn’t move. By his side, Bruce’s hand on his shoulder moved to a hug. “You know.” He said, “My mother used to call me a late bloomer too.”

“Yeah?” Dick asked looking up at him.

Bruce nodded. “She was right. A few years after I lost her I shot up like a beanpole. Alfred was hemming my pants daily.”

“I wouldn’t say daily.” Alfred cut in with a wry smile. “But it was often enough I’d wished you were a girl.”

Dick blinked owlishly at them. “Why?” he asked

“Because, then he could have put me in skirts. He threatened to once.” Bruce grinned and Dick laughed at the thought of his mentor in a skirt and he realized that he’d stopped crying, the pain in his chest had lessened.

“Did you?” Dick asked Alfred. “Put him in the skirt?”

Alfred laughed. “No, it might have taught him a thing or two, but I did not.”

“Too bad.” Dick said with a grin. “I would have liked to see that picture.”

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-Saeran’s favorite stims are definitely some oobleck, squishy toys (especially the ones where with the little dudes and the eyes pop out), and he loves weighted blankets!!

-he’s got a customized weighted blanket (thanks to Saeyoung) that’s got little sweet treat drawings all over it, like candy and ice cream

-his favorite thing for his S/O to do is play and comb through his hair, it’s all v v good for him

-but V isn’t good for him lol ayyyyy

-he actually hates the feeling of leather and jeans, and is always wearing soft sweaters and sweat pants

-little kisses on the cheek or hand, pretty much anywhere little kisses go a long way for this guy. Saeran loooves them, they feel super nice and if he’s ever close to a melt down he cuddles with his S/O and they’ll kiss him and tug on his hair.

-it’s absolute. BLISS for Saeran

-Saeran is very energetic when it comes to dates because he is very excited!!!! So he has a tendency to run ahead and hand flap. You’ll run along with him as much as you can and try to spark the same energy, because it’s really only on dates with you that he gets so energetic

-when he cuddles, you have have have to be the big spoon. He loves the weight of you around him.

-sometimes you’ll just lay right on top of him and he still counts it as a cuddle because it feels GREAT

-I love my autistic boy,,,

personal hygiene headcanon

a/n: ya girl is back and ready to roll! happy easter xooxxoxoxo


  • brushes her teeth in the shower
  • always freaks out the day before the dentist bc she knows that she doesn’t floss enough
  • showers before school and again after she goes to the gym/practice
  • uses her phone on the toilet
  • shaves like, once a month
    • unless… u know… she’s going out with… alex ;;;;))))
  • takes her makeup off with a hand towel
    • leaves mascara stains on it
      • peggy freaks whenever she goes to wash her hands and see the black marks
  • sings extra loud in the shower


  • takes huge ass dumps
  • farts in elevators
  • won’t let anyone know, but he flosses every day
  • can clean up hella nice
    • shave, shower, de-o for the b-o
  • showers in the morning because he is the first one up
  • and sometimes more than once because he’ll shower after the gym
  • hasn’t changed his sheets in a year
    • “wait, you’re supposed to do that?”
  • keeps his nails cut short
  • keeps his beard trimmed but noticeable


  • sniffs his boxers from off the ground
  • puts them on even if they smell
  • doesn’t wash his jeans for a month
  • still looks stupid preppy
  • puts on extra deodorant if he doesn’t want to shower
  • brushes his teeth after he eats breakfast
    • because he doesn’t want the mint to ruin the flavor
      • usually forgets to brush them after breakfast because he’s always running late to school
  • takes super long showers when he does
    • alex is usually banging on the door to tell him to hurry up
    • he doesn’t
      • “you used all the hot water!!”


  • probably the most put together at of all of them
  • showers every night
  • great flosser
  • always feels super proud of herself when she goes to the dentist and they tell her how nice her teeth are
  • daily shaver
    • even though she wears pants most days
  • wears minimal makeup but when she wears mascara, she uses wear makeup eraser sleeves
  • always well rested???
    • she’ll sleep 8 hours and is the first one up
    • she’ll sleep 4 hours and she’ll be just as okay
  • cleans her sheets once a week
  • specific face routine
    • wash, rinse, exfoliate, cool, moisturize


  • showers at night because he barely pulls himself out of bed
  • because he’s up all night writing!?!
  • raps to himself in the shower
  • quick shower because there is no hot water!!
  • always smells good though
    • uses like, really good aftershave or something but damn.. everyone wants to sit next to him
  • still, he usually pulls on the closest clothing to him
  • smells his shirts, but clean boxers
  • makes sure to clean up for when he’s going out.. with eliza


  • such a hygiene freak (so good. the word should all be.)
  • showers every day
  • brushes his teeth in the school bathroom after lunch
  • girls notice tho
    • not the teeth brushing, but how clean and trimmed and good he is
      • love a-a-ron
  • hums in the shower
  • never had a cavity
  • HATES gym because he hates getting sweaty
  • takes baths when he has a really hard day to unwind


  • honestly as long as he’s not noticeably smelly he’s okay with it
  • doesn’t brush his hair and has a billion cowlicks (is that even what they’re called)
  • brushes his teeth at night
    • the coffee he drinks masks his morning breath
  • goes hard in gym to try and one up alex
    • regrets getting sweaty


  • always smells goo
  • picks at her nail polish the second one nail chips
  • carries mints at all times for when she sees john in the hallways
    • ;;))) bc they do the kiss kiss
  • can’t brush her hair bc of the curls
  • lets it run wild
  • actually terrified of the dentist
  • has a panic attack before because she doesn’t want to get a cavity
    • even tho she brushes her teeth twice a day and flosses (sometimes)
  • usually takes a shower but is absolutely obsessed with bath bombs
    • she’ll take a bath and then wash her hair in the shower
Hide and Seek Revamp

Author: MelBelle45

Pairing: Sam X Reader

Warnings: Smut, innocent smut

Word Count: 2,144

Author Notes: Beta’d by the lovely @avasmommy224 . This one was spawned from the look on his face in my aesthetic.


“I feel like I should be telling you that this is a bad idea, that there’s no way I’ll help you and that you shouldn’t do it,” Dean looked at you from across the media room. You were on the couch, legs curled underneath you, wearing grey tights and one of Sam’s Stanford sweatshirts. Dean was in a lone chair, clad in his usual jeans and plaid shirt. “But, I’m not going to say any of that, except that I won’t help you.”

“That’s fine,” you smiled, “Sam’s just been so wrapped up in this case and the research, he needs a break.”

“Well, you do realize how pissed he’s going to be, right?” Dean asked.

“Yes,” you nodded. Sam was going to be pissed. A pissed Sam was a little scary and a hell of a lot sexy. And sex with pissed Sam…. Shivers went down your spine at the thought of it. You took a drink of your coffee to hide your smile.

“Okay, well, you do your thing then,” Dean stood up, patting your shoulder as he walked out of the room.  You smiled and finished your coffee, your plan of action falling into place.

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•y'all if Taeyong was ever a prince I would move to wherever kingdom he’s about to rule
•like no questions ask
•he would be such an amazing prince
•of course he’s next in line to rule his kingdom because
•idk because I said so
•like the moment he was born everyone knew he was gonna be a good King
•I could even bet there was an old sorcerer with a long white beard going
•'he’s the one’
•so like now for visuals
•he has his light brown hair because it just looks so nice and fluffy I just can’t
•he always wears a dress shirt either white or black
•sometimes navy but he didn’t want to kill too many fangirls so no more navy
•and he’s always wearing either black skinny jeans or dress pants
•basically looks really neat and put together
•he might look cold but he’s a very nice and caring prince though
•everyone knows it
•like one smile and boom, we’re saved
•he helps with the cleaning a lot since he doesn’t trust anyone else to do it
•he helps with the cooking a lot because he doesn’t trust chef!Winwin to make good food but loves Winwin too much to say that so he just ‘helps’
•he helps with the gardening a lot too because he wants his baby flowers to grow up tall and strong like his cousin Johnny
•likes to personally go to the town and actually do stuff since all the kids looks up to him
•he absolutely loves playing with the kids and reading to them
•their faces are just so cute and precious that he wants to just stuff them all in his pocket and take them home with him
•he already helps the king make a lot of decisions because he’s so responsible
•like everyone adores and cherish him especially the queen
•the queen babies him a lot and only wants the best for her son but his dad doesn’t baby him at all so I guess it evens out
•probably has like 3 royal puppies so he can relieve stress and fanboy on how cute Winwin looks while playing with them
•probably has like pet fishies because he can sort of relate to them
•probably has pet bunnies because they remind him of his frienemy Doyoung
•definitely has a fat cat that he likes to cuddle with
•you’re probably the person that’s in charge of all his pets and a bunch of other things
•you started working at the castle because you needed money and a place to stay because your parents went bankrupted or something
•not only are you in charge of his pets but you’re also in charge of making sure Winwin doesn’t burn down the kitchen and a bunch of other stuff
•you might have been young but everyone knew that you were basically the master at multitasking and making sure everything goes right
•like do you ever get a break?
•the answer is no
•once you stayed up for 36 hours straight to plan and do stuff for the queen’s birthday party
•you never really talked with any of the royals other than the queen tbh
•one day, you were cleaning the kitchen because Winwin made a mess and suddenly someone was next to you and spraying febreeze
•when you saw the Prince you have him a suspicious glance before going back to work because you have a list a mile long of things to do after this
•Taeyong is like surprised because the staff would have kicked him out by now but he’s grateful that you let him help
•so the two of you work in quiet because talking equals wasting energy
•at the end of the day Taeyong figures out that he likes you a lot because you actually give him space to breath and do what he wants
•not like as in I like you, marry me
•at least not yet anyways
•like as in I like you, you’re cool
•and so that was how you two became friends in a way and when you began your tradition of letting him clean so he doesn’t like die because everything is not perfect
•but he doesn’t get why whenever you talk to him that you call him 'your highness’
•like I thought we were close cleaning buddies
•he starts liking you a lot when he first saw you laughing with Winwin on your 2 minute break of the day
•it was like the heavens gave you a golden glow and someone told him
•'she’s the one. Make her yours before one of the dogs accidentally mauls her’
•and so he set out on a mission to get to know you better
•now when you guys are cleaning, he always asks you questions about yourself and your like
•'um your highness, I’m suppose to be working’
•answers his question anyways
•if you don’t hen he’ll get his info from the castle’s to go to for info person
•you guessed it, it’s Donghyuck aka the prince’s little butler that spends more time getting information to the maid s then actually serving him
•eventually one faithful day….
•he found you out in the garden and you were like sleeping against the tree because you were too tired to do anything
•so he personally carried you back to your room in their servents place and made sure to tuck you in and everything
•before he leaves he confesses to you because he’s sure you’re sleeping
•when he goes in for the cliche kiss on the forehead, you wake up
•'I like you too your highness’
•cue blushy Taeyong
•'but don’t tell your mom, she’s gonna like banish me or something’
•cue pouty Taeyong
•and there’s the start of your relationship

Idk if I should make a dating Prince!Taeyong or something

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In a zombie apocalypse, who does what for the group? and weapons of chose?(You know like the combaters, medic, supplier, etc.)

(Thank you for your patience in awaiting this answer! I really hope you enjoy it!!)

Eren: The guard/scout. Eren loves to fight back against the zombies, and is very skilled at it. He’s best with bludgeoning weapons such as baseball bats, night sticks, or shovels, but can work his way around a gun as well. He’s very good at improvising weapons from the surrounding environment. He’s usually put on guard duty outside home base, and is chosen for the “less risky” missions (not that any of them aren’t risky,) because he has the tendency to get overexcited and might tip off their position without meaning to on high-stakes missions. He’s also usually chosen as the guard for their scout, Sasha, and will accompany her on her ventures outside of base. 

Mikasa: The soldier. Mikasa is the most skilled zombie killer in the group, and is often made the unofficial leader of off-base missions. She can use pretty much any weapon, but her weapon of choice is a short sword, or knives. She’s very quick on her feet, and quiet in the field, and can often make it through undetected and untouched. She’s also general unfazed by zombies, unless she vaguely recognizes them as someone she used to know. Then she’ll be more “gentle” in killing them. 

Armin: The mechanic/communications expert. Armin doesn’t have the combat skill of most of his teammates but he makes up for it in his technological skills. He’s the one that sets up communication systems, and monitors them throughout the day. He also set up a surveillance system for home base, so that they have technology on their side as well as human guards to keep them safe. Armin’s also the one to fix any mechanical problems within the base. He knows his way around electric circuits, and other things like that, and does his best to keep their base as safe as possible. 

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ok so headcanons on how would Satou, Shouji, and Iida react/feel to an s/o who loves their thighs? s/o likes how thick they are, squeezing, and leaving kisses/hickeys there?? not even in a sexy way they just Really like their thighs. gah I hope this is ok to ask


  • Good. He knows he deserves this kinda love and praise. Boy didn’t work on his legs for them to go unnoticed. It’s a point of pride for him.
  • So long as it’s all private ofc.
  • Honestly the poor boys gonna have to start wearing long pants all the time because he has no self control and is willing to let you make a mess of him with love bites.
  • Is he gonna play with your hair? You bet he is. 


  • Tbh he’s a little bit ???? because they’re just thighs, why would you be so enamored with them???
  • Accepts his fate because he thinks it’s adorable that you like him so much.
  • Totally doesn’t stand in weird poses for you to look at. Absolutely not. This guy is no nonsense. 


  • Nobody can ever, ever know but he’s always down for being felt up. It’s also a sure fire way to break him and watch that blush burn.
  • This is probably how he finds out that he’s rather sensitive around that area and he will pretty much be putty in your hands if you kiss up his thighs.
  • Makes some rather illicit noises that he can’t stop making.
  • Can’t make eye contact with you for 8 hours after because he can’t stop thinking about your kisses. 
Yes, Sir

*image is not mine, I found it in google)

Pairings: Dom!John x reader

Warnings: SMUT, SO MUCH SMUT, Dom/Sub dynamic, spanking (with a belt), language, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it guys), hair pulling, slight Daddy!Kink (really slight the words Daddy Winchester is said like 3 times), Praise!Kink, discipline and punishment, John is a Dom as mother fucker (I think that should always be a warning)

Word count: 3,341 (sorry, not sorry. This thing got away from me)

A/N: This all started with me torturing my friend @winchesterswoonathon on Skype and it kind of snowballed. This is my first ever John fic, it is also my first ever Dom/Sub fic, I hope you enjoy it. Special shout out to @mysupernaturalfics and @nichelle-my-belle for reading over it while I was writing it and keeping me from driving myself crazy. Thank you to @winchesterswoonathon for being my beta for this filthy smut.

Tags are at the bottom

John comes up behind you, you smell him before you feel his touch on your skin, his musk mixing so well with the smell of the leather jacket usually draping his broad shoulders. He wraps  his strong arms around your waist, his hands barely sliding under your tank top as he leans down and brushes your hair away from your ear before he whispers, “Have you been a good girl today, Princess?”

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Izaya & Shizuo Headcanons

This turned out much longer than expected…sorry! And Shizuo’s ended up longer than Izaya’s >.> (don’t get jealous, Izaya-kun!)


  • When his hair gets wet/damp it becomes really wavy
  • Secretly likes cats, but claims he won’t get one because it would make him seem less manly
  • His favourite cat is Grumpy Cat
  • He sometimes spends hours looking up funny YouTube videos and memes instead of working
  • He actually has different types of laughs to the point where Namie has categorized them
  • Has a thing for perfume, and likes to try and figure out others’ personalities by their choice of perfume
  • Likes to jump on his bed (he claims it helps train his jumping ability)
  • Is actually insecure about his body, hence the reason why he always wears long sleeves, coats, and pants
  • He jumps on the odd/annoying music trends like “What the Fox Say” and purposely sings the lyrics to others to annoy them and piss them off


  • Actually needs prescription glasses, but doesn’t want to admit it (hence the sunglasses)
  • His sunglasses are also a gift from Kasuka
  • Has his driver’s license, but doesn’t drive because he is a jumpy/nervous driver and he road rages easily (basically he sucks at driving)
  • No one knows how Shizuo managed to pass his road tests, but Tom suspects that the Instructor either felt bad for Shizuo’s nervousness or that Shizuo beat the shit out of them.
  • Has a large cookbook stash on how to make sweets
  • One of said cookbooks is about pudding, another about strawberry desserts
  • Funny enough, he actually sucks at baking sweets no matter how hard he tries, but he is good at cooking meals
  • When he’s not watching martial arts movies, he watches cooking shows…and he really gets into them (he sometimes even takes notes)
  • Likes to hum and sing when he’s alone
  • Is secretly a writer - he writes out all his big questions and feelings on paper and locks them away in a drawer (he somehow, unknowingly, naturally writes in a poetic fashion)
Lucky Mascot

So I’m working 50+ hours a week at the moment, and i’m a single parent and I’m basically a mess of stress and self-pity so I haven’t had a chance to update Mission Medic (not that anyone cares!)

But reading @iwillbeinmynest ‘s latest fic (which it won’t let me link to) put an idea in my head so I wrote this on the bus this morning (and that tells you a lot about the quality to expect! Sorry) x

Team mascot, lucky charm, that’s what they called her.  All because the first mission she went out on was such a success.  The team had no injuries, bar the odd scrape; there were no losses; and everyone was in and out, getting what they needed, in record time.  After the second mission went the same way, Clint started insisting it was definitely due to their new mascot, said that they needed her along just like he needed to always wear his lucky pants on a mission.  The team didn’t hang around together for very long after that admission but the name stuck with her, and when she managed to snag a high-level Hydra operative as a prisoner on her third mission, it was confirmed.  Even Bruce, ever the scientist, would act sceptically but liked to ensure she went along.  When Bucky decided on the third mission that he needed a hug for luck, Steve did tell him he was pushing it, and gave him a look that she didn’t quite understand, but she was happy to play along with that one too. Of course, she protested – it was down to the skill of the team, to luck, hell even to the position of the planets, not to her.  But secretly she loved it, who wouldn’t!

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RFA + V + Saeran's first time seeing MC in shorts because she always wears long pants, and they see how pale her legs are?


  • “well i can see that”
  • upon noticing MC is wearing shorts
  • he probably advises they tan a bit
  • will take them to the beach
  • and take pictures of turtles


  • probably doesn’t even notice
  • if he does he doesn’t bother mentioning it
  • probably suggests they go out for ice cream later
  • is very casual and non pulsed by these things


  • immediately orders new shorts for MC in a variety of colors
  • will ask MC to wear shorts more
  • this results in a chaotic Battle of the Shorts 
  • which Jumin wins somehow 
  • he takes this matter very seriously 


  • instant worrying 
  • “MC do you get out much”
  • “Yoosung look me in the face and ask me that again”
  • “OH right”
  • after that they spend some time taking walks 


  • he cries because MC is wearing shorts 
  • MC will wake up to the joy that is 707 in their shorts 
  • making breakfast 
  • his legs are paler then their’s 
  • “Are those my shorts?”
  • “mmayyybe?”
  • they make the Pale Legs Club 


  • doesn’t even mention it at all 
  • she’s extremely polite 
  • probably tells MC they should wear shorts more 
  • “they’re rather charming on you MC”
  • “Jaehee pls.”


  • he  probably stares for a good 15 minutes 
  • then looks at the shorts 
  • MC’s legs 
  • then goes back to sipping his coffee 
  • but will tell MC to wear shorts more

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Hi! How are you? :) Could you write something about 2D's S/O be shamed of her legs? She's always wearing knee socks and pants because she doesn't want people judging her bruises and Hello Kitty's bandaids that covers her injuries. How would 2D discover that? What would he do? Thanks for your attention (btw, her legs are injured 'cause she's a ballerina? Or clumsy? Feel free to create something ;)

  • it takes him a while to notice
  • not because he doesn’t look at his s/o’s legs
  • but because he never really stopped to think about it?
  • until one day he thinks “haven’t they had that bandaid there for real long?”
  • and he starts thinking about it
  • he’s relieved it’s not big injuries his s/o gets, but still doesn’t like to think they’re hurt
  • he’s pretty clumsy himself too, always banging his long legs against all the furniture possible but his pants always hid any bruises
  • he does think that his s/o looks adorable in knee socks

anonymous asked:

How would the RFA+ Saeran react to MC having a full sleeve tattoo? The design can be anything you like :)


  • You wouldn’t think that a Pokemon tattoo sleeve would be cool
  • But MC rocks one. 
  • Yoosung is so fascinated with it, and he traces the lines with his fingers
  • He likes trying to pick out his favorite of the day
  • He wants one too, but MC suggested a small one first
  • He wants to match MC, but ends up wimping out and settled for temporary tattoos instead


  • MC had a full blown Wolf tattoo sleeve
  • Zen approves
  • He has some tattoos of his own (They’re small ones) 
  • He loves how detailed it is
  • Sometimes when he wakes up next to her, he jumps because the wolf looks so real
  • MC ends up laughing because he fell out of the bed…again


  • At first, she thinks it’s somewhat unprofessional 
  • But when MC shows it to her she loves it
  • It is a simple vine with flowers and butterflies flying around her arm
  • MC admits that she got it mostly to cover a large scar from an accident from long ago
  • Jaehee finds it so fascinating and asks a lot of questions
  • One day, MC comes home to Jaehee with a bandage over her ankle
  • At the end of the week, Jaehee surprises her with a little matching flower on her ankle


  • He’s not too fond of tattoos and sees them as unprofessional
  • However, when MC came home one day with a partial tattoo sleeve, he couldn’t say no
  • Especially when it turned out to be a tattoo of Elizabeth 3rd
  • He loves it (He won’t admit it though)
  • He ends up paying for it to be colored because MC ran out of money
  • It’s the most detailed tattoo ever


  • MC always wore long sleeves and pants, even in the summer
  • Seven couldn’t figure out why until she showed him her arms
  • She had gotten tattoos that made it look like her arms were puppet arms
  • And her legs looked like they were bionic
  • Seven flipped out because he thought it was so cool
  • He had a small tattoo on the back of his neck of a cross
  • But no, he loved how it was 3D
  • He legit thinks MC is the most badass person ever


  • He has one of his own, but he doesn’t like it
  • One day MC started wearing long sleeves like Saeran
  • Then on his birthday, MC wore short sleeves
  • Saeran almost cried
  • She had gotten the exact same tattoo as him
  • Scratch that, he’s crying
Will you still love me?

Dissclaimer: inspired by Lana del Rey Song “Youn and beautiful”

On the Phone

-Any plans for the friday?

-Nothing that can´t be fix. Should I schedule an appointment?

-I think a date would be more appropiate



-Are you asking me out Detective Inspector?

-The hell I am

-In that case I think something can be arranged then- he said with a shy smile on his lips

On Friday

It was mid July and London nights were hotter than ever. Mycroft was wearing his most casual attire possible, he had agreed to meet Greg in a restaurant who he reserved just for speacial ocassions. The manager had reserved the roof section for him and his companion alone. As usual he was the first to arrived to the place and took the chance to contemplate the city, no so far the London eye could be with it’s shinning bright lights..

-Hey there- Greg’s voiced made Mycroft turn around and when he saw Gregory in fron of him, he was breathless, his spiky gray hair contrasted with his tanned skin, he was wearing a plain t-shirt, red wine leather jacket, dark jeans and sneakers -Looking good- he said admiring Mycrofts outfit which consisted of an ivory button up with the first buttons loose and rolled sleeve, accompanied by a pair of light blue pants and camel oxfords.

It had been long since Mycroft had gone on a date with someone, mainly because of his hectic schedule but also because relationship with other humans were something that he found terrifying, but Gregory was always good company.

-I think I still haven´t thank you for helping me choose my suit for John’s wedding.

-Oh, that.. It was nothing.

-I wouldn´t say it that way- he answer him placing his hand in his lower back and walking him to the table in the center of the rooftop, both of them took their seats and started looking at the menu, the restaurant had some french dishes. After ordering their plates Mycroft could feel the intense stare of Gregory on him.

-Is anything the matter?

-You have pretty eyes, the shine bright like diamonds.

-I don´t know how should I reply to that

-A smile will do- Mycroft stare back at him blank expression in his face, he wanted to show Gregory his caring side but…

-It’s been a while, you should know that

-Since your last smile?

-Since my last date

-Well I don´t do casual, this won´t be a one time thing.

In that moment his waiter arrived with their food and served the wine in their glasses, the food was delicious and they both enjoyed it but when it came to Gregory the idea to order some creme brulee Mycrofts insecurities came to the surface and even though words were not said Greg noticed his change in his body lenguage.

All of his life Mycroft had always had a sweet tooth and even if he restrained himself a lot more than before gaining weight was something that he always found himself struggling with.

-I don´t know if I should.

-A small bite won´t make you loose your fantastic figure- this time Mycroft actually blushed. Maybe one bite woudn´t be that bad. To his great surprise Greg cut a little piece and offer to feed him and even though it was a little embarrasing he still accepted it. 

-It’s quite hard for me to understand what made you aks me out

-That’s a very simple question Mycroft Holmes- he said puting the spoon down freeing his hands, he moved his chair sitting closer from the other man- Aren´t you enjoying yourself? I certainly am, I like you, you are sensitive, analitical, intelligent but most of all you are caring even beneath all those layers you have. 

As mundane as it sounded it was an honest reply and Mycroft thanked for it more than any other meaningless fancy words Greg could have used instead. 

-I have nothing to offer but my being but if you give me a chance to be with you, to share precious moments together, to create memories in new places I will dedicate to myself entirely to you until you get bored of me.

-Oh Gregory I don´t think that would ever be possible- he said laying down to kiss Greg softly in the lips.    

anonymous asked:

Send me a ≈ and I’ll tell you a random fact about my muse

Louis’ closet, contrary to popular belief, is not solely made up of old dusty sweaters (though he does still hold on to a fair amount of those). Though his old sweaters are like safety blankets to him, Lestat has been able to slowly ween him off. When he’s at home, he often wears a t-shirt and jeans. He always steals Lestat’s shirts because for some dumb reason he feels as if buying his own is beneath him, plus he just likes annoying Lestat. He also shockingly owns several pairs of sweat pants- perfect for long rainy nights when he does nothing but read or watch old movies. He always wears socks, especially in the house, and even when sleeping. He rarely goes out in public without his hair tied up anymore, but prefers wearing it down at home.