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Am I late??what exactly did akiko and kozuko say about yuzu to get fans so riled up 😰😰

Akiko this:

which I find to be a lot of blablabla, but Akiko is entitled to her opinion even if I find it quite lame (aka, after reading it, I feel like I just wasted 5 minutes of my time).

I found some of her statements weird or weirdly worded, but let’s break it down.

I think Yuzuru Hanyu, while hailed as *the* Champion and having lost the last two WCs, probably has a lot of pent-up a frustration over the losses. This is because he’s not the kind of guy who only wants to win, he’s the kind of guy who wants to win by a mile.

Subtle difference, but from all Yuzuru’s interview, from his mindset since he was a kid, it’s evident he wants to win by putting out his best and showing that he is the best. Which incidentally means winning by a mile, but that’s the consequence not the cause.

At 4CC back in February, from what I could tell of the expression on his face before his SP, he seemed to believe that there was still a gap between himself and younger competitors like Nathan Chen and Shoma Uno. He’s been able to afford a mistake here and there and still win so far but after that comp, he must’ve felt that that’s no longer the case.

A lot of people seems to read Yuzu quite easily nowadays. In contrast to Akiko’s take, PJ Kwong said in her podcast that Yuzuru’s face before FP was one who screamed “This town is mine, go and find your own playground”.

So, we have two different take, in one case the emphasis is put on Yuzuru feeling cornered by the youngster. In the other we have the emphasis on Yuzuru wanting to affirm himself. Which is the correct one? Who knows? Not me, but a Yuzuru feeling cornered by Nathan and Shoma seems quite a nice bed-time story to tell kids in Chubu,

Personal interpretation aside, Akiko’s take regarding “been able to afford a mistake here and there and still win” is just a case of weird statement. He won in GPF because he did LESS mistake than others. He didn’t win in Skate Canada. He didn’t win in WC16 nor in WC15 (nor SC15, but SC silvers are traditions, after all). To imply that a Yuzuru doing mistakes has routinely won against foot-perfect opponents is… alternative reality?

He had some gap on BV compared to some of his opponents, but as often happens, when he won he usually did because he skated better than the rest of the field on the day.

4CC was the turning point for Yuzuru.

On this we agree, although I fear not for the same reason. 4CC, in my humblest opinion, was the turning point because it finally gave him the confidence in having that layout under control, to the point in which he was able to YOLO the last third of it.

This will, in turn, heighten the resolve of skaters still in their teens like Shoma and Nathan to include even more technical content. Going by age, it would be tougher for Yuzuru to follow the same route. If Shoma and Nathan’s weapon is to arm themselves with even more firepower, Yuzuru will answer their challenge by sharpening his own even more, and raise his own level to heights unknown. With Yuzuru, it’s a matter of how one enhances what they have and how they use it.

I admit I find this is funny. Especially coming from a lady who landed her first triple-triple combination at 25. (Let’s not speak about age difference between Nathan and Shoma nor that Shoma won’t be a teenager any longer coming end of this year. I hope Shoma and Nathan’s weapon is to arm themselves with better technique on what they already do, but I guess to imply the youngsters have a lot to improve would destroy this article narrative?

What’s scary about Shoma and Nathan is that they are not entirely outdone by Yuzuru in terms of PCS. They aren’t exactly slacking in the skating department either.

I found more scary the way judges score them, but let’s no go there, okay? And no, they are not slacking. Let’s just say that from slacking and outstanding there’s a whole set of middleground terms that can be used to describe them. Ah, no, narratives ;)

Which is why Yuzuru has come to perceive them as real threats.

Give him some credit, Akko-chan! Do you really think he opened his eyes this February?

But Yuzuru’s emotions are a sight to behold and it would have been even greater if we could have seen more of them (that day).

I’ve nothing to say anymore to anyone who thinks that Helsinki performance wasn’t an emotional skate for what it gave out to the audience there.

I already expressed my opinion over it in my previous reblog.

As I wrote, Akko-chan is entitled to her opinion. I don’t agree with a lot she said (at least in the way she put it out) and I find it funny the stressing out of Yuzuru’s weak (or supposedly weak) points against younger opponents who seem to be perfection.

Or maybe I shouldn’t say funny, just expected.

I’m expecting a lot more of articles like that in the future, especially coming from Nagoya and its surrounding.

Yes, yes, I know, very bad fashion to put it out this way, but let’s just say I’ve been following Figure Skating for quite a long time to know how Olympic seasons with multiple contenders coming from same country are. Especially if one of the contenders comes from one of holy city of figure skating in his country.

As for Kozuka, I’ve no idea - thankfully - I know there was an article with his quotes, but I managed to avoid it up to now.

So on the one hand:

-Guy I went out with last night texted me good morning, and said he had fun with me…

On the other:

-I replied and said I had a great time/really enjoyed meeting him etc. and he has yet to reply/ask me out again

“Well, I can’t believe it in the idiomatic sense of ‘Oh, I can’t believe it. It’s such a big deal!’ but at the same time, in a realer sense, I can because he’s an incredible, incredible guy. Twenty years old, having accomplished as much as he has is just so inspiring and so amazing. You know, in the entertainment world he’s sold scripts, he’s producing things, he’s winning Golden Globes… And on sort of a more humanitarian philanthropic front, he’s doing so much as a spokesperson for young people. Just the fact that I get to call him a colleague is just the coolest feeling ever. So I’m definitely shooting him all my love tonight.”

Six years ago.

Just read a comment where some poster referred to Fitz as a 'beta-male' and I want to 🤢

Is not suffering from crippling toxic masculinity suddenly a sign of beta-male (God, I hate this term!) weakness?

The guy attacked Grant Ward twice, shot Hive!Will in the back, told Nu!Shield to go fuck themselves instead of rolling over, threatened Mace for needlessly putting Jemma in danger, stabbed a bad guy in the hand with a pair of scissors, disarmed a bomb under pressure, single-handedly took on some weapons-dealing terrorists, etc etc etc

But sure, despite all of that, the guy is SUCH a beta-male, because he’s secure enough to cry when he’s upset, and he loves his girlfriend fiercely and isn’t threatened by her intelligence/competence.

To me, that’s what makes Fitz a true ‘alpha-male’ instead of the bullshit social construct of what dudebros think an alpha-male is.

Random headcanon:

Finland knows when something is going on with Sweden. Most people can’t notice his changes, but Finland realizes those tiny changes in his facial expressions.

So he loves to cuddle with him, maybe some hot chocolate and listening to soft music, to make him feel better. He doesn’t ask directly why is he sad/mad/upset because he knows that Sweden is not the kind of guy to open up just like that. So he just waits for him to talk about it.

 Sometimes he will do something funny to hear him laugh. Maybe he’ll dance (nothing sexy, lol) or tell a random story that happened when he was at work.

Or he’ll do some collage with the kids to show appreciation for Sweden.

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Ok now that I think about it there could so much more that we don't know maybe even asked sana if she knows this cute guy in her class because he saw him on the first day of school that's a long time and sana wanted to help so she asked Isak to come to the kosegrupa and the rest is historyj what do you think?

hey, anon!! (^:

idk?? it’s definitely possible. i’d love for sana to play lowkey matchmaker between the two of them, but idk!!

Headcanons on Klance Food Truck AU!!!!

Okay ya’ll, so literally this AU is giving me life right now and I just spewed a bunch of ideas at @namesarehardforme because that’s what happens when I get excited! Sooooo….

Hunk works at the food truck, right? But Lance helps out because he’s bored and it was a way for him to hang out with his best friend more. Sadie frequents the new truck a lot because she likes the food, and she likes talking to Lance and Hunk (totally platonic in every way. Her and Lance are instant bffs and they talk about everything together. She enjoys talking to another guy that isn’t Lars or Steven for once)

-Lars notices her hanging out there a lot and starts to sort of secretly stalk her because he is jealous worried about her hanging out with this new guy. 

-Keith ALSO notices Lance hanging out with this new girl all the time so he ALSO starts to stalk the truck because he is jealous. 

~Basically both their pining asses are stalking their crushes to make sure their dreams aren’t crushed~

~~~~~~~~~~~(PS Hunk always knows everything. Like always.)~~~~~~~~~~

ANYWAY so, eventually Sadie and Lance both notice that Lars and Keith are always hanging out around the food truck, “together” (by this point Keith and Lars have both noticed that they are both pining idiots both keeping tabs on their crushes, so they usually chitchat while hiding in the bushes watching, it’s just a thing. They bonded over their mutual sad pining and are good buds now. They also are seen talking outside of their stalking adventures and Keith stops by the Big Donut now and again so). 

Lance and Sadie jump to conclusions and are basically like…Hmm well let’s see if I can do some dialogue to make it make more sense. 

L: Hey, is that Keith?

S: OMG, and that’s Lars!

L: You don’t think they’re…???

S: Oh no, I don’t think so…I didn’t think Lars was into…

L: Guys? Well I know Keith is! 

S: Seriously? 

L: Oh hells yeah! Oh they would be perfect for each other, dontcha think?! They are both so emo, they both have stupid hair and are both all angsty!

S: I don’t know…

L: COME ON! Help me set them up? 

S: Alright, fine. 

So Sadie goes and talks to Keith (and Keith assumes she is talking about Lance) and Lance, who has never even spoken to Lars before btw, goes to Lars (and Lars assumes he is talking about Sadie), and the blind date is set! They get Hunk to “cater” it. Lance wants to be a waiter so he can better spy on them, but Hunk tells him how it would be a horrible idea because Keith would spot him. Instead they recruit Esteban Universidad (aka Steven!!) to help Hunk out. Lance and Sadie hide out somewhere and spy on the date, obviously. Lars and Keith are very confused…

K: *already sitting at table, nervously looking around/waiting*

L: *walks in, looks for Sadie, doesn’t see her, spots Keith* Hey have you seen Sadie around? 

K: No, have you seen Lance? 

L: No. I could have sworn I had a date tonight…

K: Yeah, me too……..Wait, who set you up on your date? 

L: Oh, um Lance. Really weird, we’ve never talked before but I know him and Sadie tal

K: *cuts him off* OH NO!

L: What? 

K: They set us up…

L: Like with each other? 

K: Yeah…oh crap…oh no crap…crap no…they must have seen us talking, you know when we spy on them? And they must of thought that we…

L: Oh sh*t {forgive me, I know it’s a children’s show, so they would never say that but it just works better}

K: Yeah…oh sh*t. 

Sadie and Lance can’t actually hear what they are saying, so they assume things are going well, and are excited. (they ship it even though both of them are probably pining, they put those feelings aside for the happiness of their “friends”). Hilarity ensues. 

FIC WRITERS, YOU GOTTA HELP ME OUT!! WRITE A BIG FIC ABOUT THIS I GAVE YOU A START! (or at the very least, help me out because I have never tried to write fic before so if I were to write one help me out and tell if it good…)

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What if one of the reasons Yousef hasn’t made a move on being romantic towards Sana is because of Elias? (Even though it’s clear, they are quite smitten with each other.) What if Elias in a somewhat unspoken way told his friends that Sana was off limits in that way?

Not in a controlling way, but as a protective big brother who knows how his friends think when it comes to girls and wants the best for his sister because he cares about her. Not that he doesn’t trust his friends to treat her right because he knows they are good guys. Or Sana to have good judgement and know what is right for herself or be able to handle herself.

But I know a lot of times, reason can go out the window when it comes between older and younger siblings. And the older see it as their job to keep the younger safe, even if that isn’t needed or wanted.

now i’m going to be late because that guy who lives downstairs who told my friend he was going to ask me out is smoking by my car and i’m already feeling so depressed so i’m literally. not going outside……..i love being a woman

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Benarmie: Ben and Hux work together in an Office. It's widely known that they can't stand each other. Outside of work they both have successful Tumblr blogs and are friends online. They bonded over their interest in aircraft. Hux having an affiliation for Spitfires and Kylo preferring the 1970s Rockwell B-1 Lancers. They also like to complain about their annoying co-workers. Love blooms but does everything fall apart when they discover who they are in real life?

Ben realizes first who Armitage is, and slowly tries to get him to like him in real life. Meanwhile Armitage is confused because he likes this guy online, but he’s falling for Ben now as well.
He sets up a date to meet his online pal, and when he sees it’s Ben he wants to cry.
“I hoped it was you. I wanted it to be you.”
And then they share their first kiss 💖

@gratefulheart_peacefulmind Results using my #bbg program!! She says - “ It truly is so empowering when you choose to do something entirely for yourself; not for your ex to feel jealous because they just started dating a girl smaller than you, not for the guy you crushed on for so long because he said the other day he was "only into small girls”, not even to show people what you can do or prove to them anything. Do it for YOU. To feel strong, to have healthy everyday habits where you set and achieve goals. It’s what I love about the fitness community and the BBG community as a whole. Supporting each other in our own journeys and not competing with one another! What a great thing! One year of BBG down - not that I’m counting 😉 @kayla_itsines @tobi_pearce “ #bbgprogress

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When I reread year one a month or so ago I noticed the guy with a monocle and top hat in Jonathan’s class. Plus that guy that’s only legs because he’s so gone from the room/frame. 

But I digress, the top hat guy makes me think Jonathan has a very relaxed dress code for his class and one dude was like “when else am I gonna get to wear a suite AND monocle????” and just went with it. 

Unless its Oswald?

@squirreltastic Okay, I’m gonna add my own scans under your picture, because I really want to point out how much this occurs in the comic.  (click for more detail)

Year One was early in Sean Murphy’s career and his style was still changing and developing. In this comic in particular, it’s easy to notice how wonky the figures in the background tend to look. I find it kind of endearing honestly, though I can see why it’d be distracting to some. They’re these simple little angular shapes and they always bring a smile to my face. You can tell he had fun with little details, I especially love how Jonathan looks in several panels.

I doubt that the figure was meant to be Oswald, but Murphy did shove a lot of odd easter eggs into the issue, so I suppose you could pretend! :)

Ok, Tumblr peeps... ya'll are tough and cynical, but hey...

Yeah, I know. Fuckin Boomers fuck the world, the Xers do jack but watch it, and now you gotta clean that shit up while paying fucking debts or working for one third what they made at the same job.

So you know I wrote a book. I am writing more of them. Not the boring ass trans shit book that none of ya want, but a fun book about magical girls and stuff.

Only, it isn’t all that fun all the time.

You see, the Girls are fighting the Agents of Oblivion. Oblivion is the personification of his name, and that means he’s the end of everything.

He even has five Riders, because he thinks Apocalypse is a candy ass and that other guy is distracted.

But before we get to them, we gotta uncover what’s going on.

So, let’s talk about villains for a moment.

Oppression. Be it misogyny or transphobia or racism or the rest, it is always an expression of a formula.

I express that formula directly: Anxiety/Aversion/Animus, singly or in any combination plus social power is how oppression works.

Now, social power stems from those things which act to limit or hinder individual Agency – social power is Structure.

What if all those things were demigods?

Lesser powers, their will bent towards service of their masters?

Anxiety, Aversion, and Animus are The Three. This cycle of effort to bring Oblivion through, they are the major leaders. They played a role previously, but they didn’t succeed because they served other forces.

They are partnered with The Five: Apathy, Avarice, Deceit, Privilege, and Stigma.

The Five are the ringleaders of the larger group known as The Structure.

All of them have lesser demigods working for them.

Anxiety, for example, has Humiliation, Disrespect, Inadequacy, Alienation, and Terror working for him.

Animus has Aggression, Frustration, Insecurity, Envy, and Hate. Those last two have been around a very long while – they were Known in Ancient Greece. You might recall a less flattering version of Strife, who has gone solo, from the Disney Hercules.

He’s still pissed about that. Which might be why there has been so much of him in the Disney back offices and leadership team over the last several years…

There are over 60 of these buggers on the sheet I am referencing that lays out all the ways they work and interconnect.

One of Stigma’s Lieutenants has jumped ship, though. Seems he both wised up to the fact that when Oblivion comes, they all go to, but moreso it seems his power is not as influential as it once was – he is disrepute.

You may get to know him as Alley.

Avarice is the de facto head at present, and one of the most
Powerful. So powerful he may just have assumed a role as a person on Earth. And be influencing events more directly.

Any of this sounding vaguely familiar?

Feel like you are living in a world that is controlled and dominated by demigods who corrupt people with miasmas and humours?

These are the folks that the Contras are fighting. Sometimes they are easy. Lazy or distracted or overconfident. Sometimes they are hard.

But they are Gods, able to twist reality and warp things, and as the gals climb the ladder towards the Tower, they will fight more and more of them.

Sometimes they will be joined by The Party. The Party is the West Coast magical guy team.

Yes, you read that right. Magical guys. And they will be done straight. Gay, trans, one AceAro who has a dark sense of humor.

Sometimes they will be joined by the Rebels, who have been at this a lot longer, as they gained their powers when they were in their early teens. They are on the East Coast. Vermont, specifically.

Oh, I should note that two of this team are a couple, and the black gal is Justice and the other gal is Liberty, and yeah…

Trans gal on that team, too.

I absolutely promise that Nazis get punched (one gets a full missile launcher shot at him in the first book!), and there will be two occasions where the orange one gets what is coming to him. As well as his cronies.

I can also state that apparently, and over my objections, later in the series we will see giant robots and we will see Kaiju. I was trying very hard not to let that happen, but, well, you know how villains are,

Motherfuckers do not know when to give up. Specially these villains, who more often than not understand that monologuing is bad, and killing them is more fun if it hurts a lot.

ContraMagica is a 300 plus page Outline spanning at least 11 books.

It may take the form of a light novel and the conventions of the magical girl and magical idol genres, but it is a full on, hard core, old style fairy tale structured within the Hero’s journey that has given us Epic Fantasy works from Lord of the Rings to Harry Potter to Song of fire and ice and more.

Except, for once, all the lead characters are women, and both women of color and lgbt women are everywhere.

If you have ever read my what is series, you likely know I understand this stuff on the “academic” level. You probably know that I get these things better than pretty much 98% of our haters.

This is what happens when you take those things and put them into a really fun story. One that is inspired by Ghibli films and Ghost in the shell and Madoka and Yuki Yuna and the darker stuff but still brings out the light.

Maybe you hear me talk about girl power and you think, oh fuck no, not more of this live and peace and kindness crap.

Well, this isn’t that kind of girl power.

When you get a moment, go out and do some research. Seriously. Go out and find twenty five characteristics that define what the fuck Girl power really if. Broaden your search into the power of the feminine, too.

It will take effort. Because the vast majority of it is either Terf shit that stops at three things or religious shit that stops at five or a bled of both that says smile bitch and say thank you when he pulls out.

Sorry, that doesn’t do shit for me.

But there is value in womanhood, in the bonds of it and the aspects of it that need not be opposite of or complementary to masculinity.

And toxic masculinity is rampant, as well.

I had to figure that out. I had to dive into it and go beyond the silly shit and let me tell ya, I got 40 elements of Girl Power.

That change things in a subversive way that you know I love.

That is the power of these gals.

But wait!

Even after all of that, and I know ya’ll are like “yawn, yeah, whatevs”, there are a couple more things…

Each of these gals has five romantic aspects to them. Over the course of the novels, they will explore these, from crushes to the two separate romantic leads for each on, to the person who keeps making stuff hard, and to the friend who is there for them.

Yeah, even the Ace lead. She’s Ace, but she’s not Aro. But she has more going on, and what you might think is her basis for being Ace ain’t it.

And then, of course, these women are not whole people. The Contras don’t have the happy background of your usual Magical girl. All of them had lives that sucked, lives that hurt and broke and pushed them.

Remember, again, I am both a sociologist and a psychologist. These gals have issues. And I am just starting to explore them. For instance, there is a moment mentioned in book one where Lark, who is easily the baddest black magical girl I know, with her everyday goth look and her Victorian plus maid powered gear and her snakes and Houdon force and old brujha, is accosted by guys on Campus and is pretty much unable to respond and it falls to the Latina gal to come in and scare them off.

Why would she be that way? Why did Tally spend forty plus years waiting for mr right, and what happened that she might do it again?

These are gals with issues you will recognize.

This is ContraMagica. It isn’t going to be PreCure or Sailor Moon (neither of which I have seen more than two episodes of, btw, lol).

It is everything I have in me – all of it – poured out for you, but cleverly disguised as a kick ass magical girl superhero women’s story hidden in the YA field.

That is all of it. If you still go meh, well, I at least tried, lol.

But tell people about this. Let them know that I have five years or less locked down of my life to tell this massive story, and if I am lucky, maybe make a bit (seriously, a buck a book is what most authors make on trade paperbacks retail, so it takes like everyone to make an HP).

It isn’t great art. Not war and peace.

But i like to think it’s a going to be a great read.

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Mitch + Matt ; someone shrunk me by accident au

Matt thinks it’s fair to say that Mitch is a small guy, but there’s a difference between a little lankiness and literally being the size of Matt’s thumb like that princess story his mom told him and his siblings about as a kid.

He spends the rest of the day carrying Mitch around in his pocket and later his glove, worried that someone will step on or squish or drop the little guy. The problem comes at night though, because he doesn’t want to lose Mitch in his bed, and he doesn’t want to put him somewhere small in case he changes back during the night; he compensates by putting Mitch on the corner of his pillowcase and wakes up suffocating underneath his human-sized weight.

Three sentence fic

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Guy Diamond got himself bit by a vampire because they promised he would sparkle. He didn’t sparkle.

Pissy, thirsty vampire Guy Diamond sending angry emails to Stephanie Meyer for making him believe such things. He got his hopes up goddammit. He didn’t sign up for this. He accidentally killed like 7 people today alone.

To all the Barry stans that hated on Cisco for grieving Dante’s death and said that

  • Cisco’s behavior towards Barry was “unreasonable” and “petty”
  • he wasn’t allowed to hold Barry responsible for it
  • he should’ve just gotten over it
  • Dante would’ve died anyway so it’s not Barry’s fault
  • his angst made him awful because he’s supposed to be funny

you all defended a guy who lost Iris and his response was to “grieve” for eight whole years, refused to work with his team, disbanded them because they “reminded him of his failure” as if they were personally responsible for Iris dying, didn’t console his father-figure because his own pain over Iris was “too much”, didn’t even visit Iris’s grave, probably didn’t visit Wally either, and chose to hole himself up in a decrepit lab and let Central City be run by Rogues.

Meanwhile Cisco lost Dante, but he put aside his resentment and worked with Barry for the good of the team (an act colloquially known as “being professional”), lost Caitlin, lost Iris, lost the use of his hands, and in 2024 he still tried to maintain relationships after Barry gave up on that, visited Wally, visited Joe, doesn’t seem to visibly resent Killer Frost for what she did, and kept present!Barry from bailing on the future crew just because he wasn’t getting the information he wanted, and made sure he acted like a hero.

In case it wasn’t clear,

Your fave would n e v e r