because he would be mad enough to have tea

Fanfic Friday: Adventures in Faerie, chapter 1

A multi-chapter fic, guys! It is happening! Thanks to @purple-roses-words-and-love for betaing, as usual ;).

Patrick found Angela in the garden, giggling and running around the small fruit tree that grew in the corner.

“There’s my darling girl!” he said, putting his bag down on the wet grass and sweeping her up in his arms, peppering her wind-reddened face with kisses.

She squealed, trying to push his stubbled face away. “Daddy, you tickle!”

“I am a hedgehog, and I’m going to take you with me to live with me in my house,” he said, kissing her soft cheeks before hugging her tight to him. Something in the pockets of her little red coat crunched and crackled like wrapping paper as he did so.

“I’d rather stay with Mummy and Timothy and Teddy,” Angela decided, blue eyes huge and very serious. She took his face between her hands and kissed the tip of his nose. “Your nose is red,” she noted.

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Hardcore History - The Trenches Of Fire
Hardcore History - The Trenches Of Fire

‘hardcore history’ segment

written using a predictive text interface

source: transcripts of dan carlin’s ‘hardcore history’ podcast

method: chose between 10 computer-supplied options for each word. arranged sentences into paragraphs. added the phrase “end quote” after primary source passages

transcript of segment:

War is the most common story in the world.  War is essentially a sort of tragic situation you get to experience in Russia while they have a time doing troubles on you with their children and parents.

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anonymous asked:

List 10 ways shizuo would be a good parent and 10 ways he'd be a bad parent (or as many as you can. I can't imagine Shizuo being a bad father.)

good parent:

  1. child will have very strong bones because shizuo will give them lots of milk
  2. child will never be lonely because shizuo knows what it’s like so he’ll try so hard to always make them happy and feel loved
  3. shizuo is the overenthusiastic father at school plays and recitals and claps extra loud and doesn’t care if he looks stupid. he will always make sure his kid knows that he thinks they did a good job and that papa is proud
  4. no one is going to mess with them because who would mess with heiwajima shizuo’s kid
  5. shizuo doesn’t care how ridiculous he has to look in public he’ll do anything for his kid and not care if anyone’s staring at him for being a very tall grown up trying to fit in a little chair to have tea time with his kid in preschool
  6. he gives everything he can to his kid. he takes his paycheck and allots enough for rent and bills and then the bare minimum of what he needs for himself. the rest is spent on candy and treats and toys and clothes for his kid
  7. he’ll never get mad at being woken up because they had a nightmare. he’ll go with them to the kitchen and heat up two glasses of milk and if they’re still scared after that, he’ll let them sleep with him for the night
  8. the best hugs ever
  9. papa shizuo and auntie celty for the best play times ever. and also famous uncle kasuka
  10. shizuo walks them to school everyday and is always there early to pick them up unless something major happens. in that case, celty or kasuka will be there in his place

bad parent:

  1. none shizuo’s going to be perfect