because he works very hard

People may think BTS Jin isn’t a good singer or is underrated and forgettable but to me he is absolutely wonderful !! I love his singing voice and Awake that song is me. I felt a deep sense of relation to his lyrics and the meaning. So I’m very proud of Jin because he works so hard too ! And his smile is gorgeous ! I hope he is happy because he makes me happy.

Tony creates the most beautiful flowers. It takes a lot of work, a lot of effort. He crafts each one with love and care. He readies the trees to bloom and pollinate, to wake up from their long slumber. He’s proud when his plants withstand Natasha’s steady heat and glaring rays, her thunderstorms and torrential downpours.

He sees to the newest generations of animals and insects as well. Some don’t make it to adulthood but he tries very hard anyway. His favorites are the squirrels and the bees. He’s proud of his creations, and they go on to live their best lives.

Steve hates that he has to kill all of them. But it is his duty—the earth cannot sustain endless life, endless birth. The flowers wither and the trees droop to sleep. The bees go into hibernation, or they die in his first cold snap. The squirrels hurry to ready themselves for winter. Some don’t—don’t make it. But it is his duty. So he carries on, until Bucky comes to blanket the land with snow.

Bucky listens to Steve lament about this for centuries, about how he hates to ruin Tony’s hard work, hates to kill the things he puts so much love and affection into. He listens, stoic, because he understands—he lingers just enough to watch Tony begin to create his spring every year, begin to create life.

And then one year Tony catches him lingering, and he comes to him, eyes wide and bright, earthy brown like the soil his flowers and trees spring from, and he whispers, “Does Steve like my gifts?”

And Bucky—blinks, unable to come up with an answer.

Tony doesn’t wait for one, pressing on, “It took me a long time to figure out flowers that can withstand Natasha’s summer. I hope he likes them. And the squirrels! They’re very industrious. I thought he’d like them because he also works very hard. I know—the bees were a mistake, they can’t handle the cold very well, but—but they’re cute, and they pollinate my flowers. I hope he doesn’t mind the bees.”

Bucky manages to flee without causing Tony too much stress, and when he meets Steve at the tail end of his autumn, he says, “Tony says they’re gifts.”

“Gifts?” Steve repeats dumbly.

“He made them for you. The flowers, and the squirrels, and the bees. He made them for you, Steve.” And Steve lingers as Bucky blankets the land with snow, struck dumb, because how—how did he not know that they were gifts?

“Tony,” Bucky says, lingering at the beginning of Tony’s spring. “He told me to tell you he loves them.” Tony beams at him. “He wants you to linger with Natasha. He can’t—leave a gift for you, but maybe you’ll see him make it.”

Tony lingers even though Natasha complains, so he makes lilies for her still waters, her oases from the heat. She complains less. He fights the pull to go to sleep. It doesn’t work, and he falls into slumber on the longest day of summer.

Natasha laments that she did not concede to let Steve have an early autumn. “Next year,” she promises, which is all the apology Steve gets, but he understands.

“He’s not angry,” Bucky tells Tony when he finds him fretting and trying to make extra life. “He’s only sorry he missed you. He’s had more time to practice. You’ll like his gift.”

Tony lingers as long as he can, eyelids drooping, but this time at least Natasha helps him stay awake with cooler days and a honeysuckle breeze. She pinches him when he starts to doze, lets him powernap but ultimately wakes him up again.

It’s from one of these naps that he wakes up to a field of fire, of reds and oranges and yellows and pinks. He gapes, because he didn’t—he didn’t make these flowers. They’re lovely. They’re beautiful. He looks up as Steve approaches, choked up.

“I had to thank you for your gifts somehow,” Steve whispers, presses a kiss to Tony’s forehead. “Thank you, Tony.”

“Steve,” Tony says, throat blocked with tears.

“Go to sleep, darling,” Steve soothes, and lays Tony down on the bed of chrysanthemums, and presses kisses to his drooping eyelids and his cheeks and finally on his lips. “Goodnight, my sweet.”

“Steve,” Tony mumbles against his lips, and then sighs, and it tastes like honey and lavender.

“Tony,” Steve whispers back against his lips.

When Tony wakes up at the beginning of spring, his lips still taste like cinnamon and pine.

anonymous asked:

I love the passion you put when you talk about Benedict C. So I would like to know 5 things you love about him (physically or his personality) take your time. Thanks!

Hello! This kind of ask is always so hard to answer! But also fun, so sit back and relax…it’s going to be a long one!

Personality: I have had a few celeb crushes throughout my years and none have ever stuck, quite like Bc and it’s because of his personality, his charisma. I have never seen a celebrity as real as Bc is. This dude can’t hide his dorkness to save his life and I love that. He’s not pretending to be goofy or nerdy, this man IS a legit dorkus malorkus. And he’s never ashamed of that. Sure he can pull it together to be suave and sophisticated when needed, and who doesn’t love that kind of ‘batch that swoons are made of, BUT he can’t hide his playfulness and his childlike wonderment for the world around him.

He’s photo bombed, he’s been moved to tears, his PDA with Sophie because he’s so proud to have his girl beside him is just so sweet!!, and if he’s outraged, you bet he’s going to have his say. This man manages to move about the world like nobody is watching him, even when all eyes are on him!! and that to me is amazing. He is always himself.

Regardless of what is happening in the world, Benedict always comes across as being grateful for being alive. I’m sure it has to do with his near death experiences that make him really live the life he’s always wanted. You can’t just throw the word privileged out there and say well he grew up privileged and so he had the upper hand in the world. I don’t agree with that. I know people who have had all the privilege and done nothing with it. I know of people who have had nothing and have accomplished so much. It all comes to how you see the world, and Bc knows there is bad in this world, he knows we as global citizens are in trouble, but he doesn’t let that stop him from living and working, and from lending a hand via monetary, personal items, vocal or his time, to support whatever charity causes he can so they can get things accomplished. That is the power of Benedict Cumberbatch. He just cares and he is always trying to be the best human being he can. I don’t practice that a lot in my own life, but watching Bc and supporting him, it gives me so much encouragement to keep living and to keep striving to be the best person I can be and to always stay true to myself.

His Work Ethic: I think if anything is synonymous with the name Benedict Cumberbatch, it’s gotta be his work ethic. The man never seems to take a break! He goes from one job to the next and he still manages to fit in time with this family. But most importantly he builds up rapport with everybody he works with. The Collective have never heard a bad word from anybody that has worked with Bc. His costars seem to grow to love him and I mean how can ya not…just read above and try not be Cumberbatched! To me, Bc doesn’t just see this as a job, as a career that he’s in to make money. He loves  to act, he loves to research and learn all about what and whom he is playing. He doesn’t just put on the Belstaff coat and bam! Hes Sherlock, he doesn’t just put on the Cloak and bam! He’s Doctor Strange, he didn’t just do Smaug’s voice in a recording booth and call it a day. He actually got on the ground and became Smaug, he used his entire body to create that voice.

When Benedict uses his entire body to make the characters come to life it is just amazing. Listening to Cabin Pressure, he is Martin Crieff!! You can’t see him but just hearing him as Martin and imagining that he is the hapless but well meaning young pilot who’s always getting the short end of the stick and being bested by Douglass. It’s more than just the pitch of the voice or the accent, it’s more than just the costume he puts on. You HEAR it, you SEE it through his eyes, his hands, his facial expressions. Using all of the body’s movements and senses, that is the Cumberbatch way! Because he takes becoming these characters very seriously, he works damn hard at creating this world of fiction to come alive. Even more so when he is playing somebody who existed in real life, like Alan Turing and Billy Bulger.

Anybody can act. You just walk in, learn the script and repeat the words, right? Well not if yer Benedict Cumberbatch. That man will walk in, learn the script, ask questions, repeat the words and floor everybody in the room, because he gets right into the heart of what the character is feeling and thinking. He made me fall in love and sympathize with his Richard iii, he made me cry when lil Charles was getting berated by his mother, he made scream in pain at stephen’s first look at his damaged hands and he made me wish I could hug and comfort his Alan, at the thought of him losing his Christopher. So yes anybody can act, and anybody can work at acting, but you have to be Benedict Cumberbatch to be able to pull it off, flawlessly!

His love for Sophie: We all know that Bc is such a romantic. He learned it from watching his own father adore his mother. Bc made it known early on that what he wanted more than a successful career was to have his own family. To be married and be a father. To add children to enhance his already growing and rich life. He finally found that with Sophie Hunter and nothing in this world makes me happier, than to see Benedict with Sophie. You cannot deny that the boy has it BAD for that girl and that is why he put a ring on it and started banging out (pun intended LOL) Cumberbabies with her!!

You cannot tell me that when Bc floated down that red carpet with Sophie during the Oscars 2015, it was only because he was excited he was nominated for Best Actor. NOPE. That man floated because he was carrying sunshine wherever he went and that was because not only was he was being recognized for his work, but mama was carrying precious cargo in her belly. Of course Benedict’s work makes him happy, but the life he created with Sophie, the children they have, is what keeps that sweet man going because it’s all he’s ever wanted and I’m so glad and grateful to Sophie for keeping our boy full of sunshine that it radiates from his entire body and it affects us all in the most beautiful ways. He and Sophie make relationship goals more than just a hashtag. They make it a must for all that believe that true love is real and available to all those who seek it :)

His Face: The eyes. Those lips. That hair. And the cheekbones you could cut yourself on! sighhhh I don’t have fancy words to describe Bc’s face. All I know is that when I look at his face, the words ugly, weird, alien, otter or sloth never come to mind. I see beauty in it’s most perfect form. 

The Bc during Sherlock s1 was so young and fresh and pretty but as the years went by, the young and fresh went to dramatic and breathtaking to older and wiser and to tired with stories to tell. Benedict is an age chameleon. In his middle 30s he could look in his early 20s. Now in his early 40s he can easily look as if he was in his late 20s! He can make Sherlock look like he’s been through hell and back, (not to mention the sexiest fucked up of a mess that shezza can be) and he can make Sherlock look at peace and happy like that little pirate he once was before his innocence was drowned. 

Bc can go from model ready for the cover of vanity fair, to hipster hanging out with friends, or to dad on casual day at the office. He is the man with a thousand looks and faces and all of them are beautiful and real. Bring on the age because I can’t wait to see how much more this man will drive us wild when he’s in his 60s!

His Humanity: All the things that I mentioned above, would not be possible if it wasn’t for Benedict’s humanity. He thinks and applies being altruistic in all that he does. He cares about his fans, he cares about the world, he cares about speaking out for those who don’t have a voice. His humanity is what generates through him to project and promote, togetherness, love and understanding. His humanity is what makes him the most attractive human being on this earth.

To be a member of the CumberCollective is something special. I don’t always follow the right path and I shoot my mouth off way too much,( I can’t help it, it’s who I am lol)  but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about my fellow human beings. It’s hard for somebody like me to care for people when people have been shitty to me my entire life, but Benedict makes me want remain on this planet and to be a member of this group of fans that are better than me, that can show me the way to try to be a better human being. I fail so much at that, but having friends in this fandom that practice that and get it right on a daily basis (like @elennemigo  and @sobeautifullyobsessed ) seeing Benedict interact with his fans at events or even on the street, these things matter to me and it helps me to see that the end of the day, even somebody like me, just might be…human :)

Thanks for stopping by!


A Full House

Because I once did an analysis in which I describe how Hans is similar to Harry Potter villain Voldemort, I got to thinking about which of the Hogwarts Houses would best fit each of the four main human characters of Frozen. So after careful consideration, I have made my decision and here are my thoughts about where I think each character belongs and why:

  • I sort Anna into Gryffindor, which values bravery, daring, nerve, and chivalry. Just about all of these traits fit Anna to a T, because not only is she bold and brave, she is very fearless and doesn’t hesitate to try anything dangerous (even though she also seldom considers the repercussions of such situations). During the film, Anna goes after Elsa even though the winter weather gets worse, tries to climb up the mountain without hesitation, shows excitement to go down a 200-foot cliff, walks through a giant snowstorm as she freezes to death, and throws herself in front of a sword to save Elsa’s life. Now how can you not call that nerve, daring, and bravery? 😉
  • I sort Elsa into Ravenclaw, which values intelligence, knowledge, and wit. In connection with the book A Sister More Like Me, Elsa has a great deal of intelligence and knowledge as a result of being educated and trained for her role as the future queen of Arendelle. She particularly has a love for geometry, and this is strongly presented in the complex construction of her ice palace. Between the two sisters, Elsa is portrayed as often being smarter, more mature, rational, and sensible than Anna. I see this especially when Elsa is shocked by Hans and Anna’s rushed engagement and refuses to allow them to get married.
  • I sort Kristoff into Hufflepuff, which values hard work, dedication, patience, loyalty, and fair play. Now when you think of Kristoff as being grumpy, rude, and somewhat lazy, which he is shown to be initially, you might think Hufflepuff is not the right House for him. I chose it because he is also a very hard-working man who is dedicated to his job as an ice harvester, then he becomes loyal and dedicated to Anna, putting her needs before his own, especially when it comes to her safety and happiness.
  • And last, but certainly not least, I sort Hans into Slytherin, which values ambition, cunning, and resourcefulness. Now you might think I chose Slytherin for Hans only because he is evil, just like many former Hogwarts alumni that were sorted into Slytherin in the Harry Potter universe went on to become. But my reasons for this sorting are a far cry from that. Hans is perfect for Slytherin because he is portrayed as having a great amount of ambition when it comes to his quest to take over Arendelle. He is determined to get what he wants and has no hesitation in committing murder if anyone stands in his way. Hans also proves himself to be extremely resourceful and cunning in how he manages to keep his the dark motives of his plot a complete secret while simultaneously successfully fooling everyone in Arendelle into thinking he is a charming, benevolent prince.

I could not have completed this post without the help of my dear friend @foreverfrozensolid, who so kindly made the images of the four characters surrounded by each respective House colors and symbols. Thanks so much, buddy! 😄

I also owe a thanks to @minervadeannabond, fellow Frozen and Harry Potter fan, forever my friend and soul sister, who came up with the title for this analysis. Love you, girl! 😄 ❤️

Suddenly I felt very bad for Andrew Hussie because he worked so hard all these years and got scammed and his fanbase left him and he tried to quietly dig himself out of a hole he’s not having fun in anymore while HS’ fans were getting impatient and snappy, and and I deeply enjoyed his comics and I want to know more about his ideas and concepts and I want him to be happy but he’s not and I kinda cried anyway

The Phantom - Peter Parker

Your name: submit What is this?

Dad was going to kill me, I was sure of it. I’d end up going home, laughing, trying to explain how I got to Peter Parker’s fire escape, and then he’d murder me, bring me back to life, then kill me again.

To be fair, I had an extremely good reason for how I ended up here…

Okay, so maybe I lied a bit. I don’t have an extremely good reason for how I ended up there. Really, I didn’t really have a reason at all. I was in the Stark hallways one minute and the next I was on his fire escape at midnight.

My powers never really acted up, I kept them under control for the most part. In fact, I was so in control of my powers that my father didn’t even know I had any; nobody did. The only person who knew about my powers was me. I kept them a secret because, well, when you live in a house full of superheroes and you’re practically the Oracle to their Batman, you kind of appreciate whatever normalcy you got in your life and you always wanted more.

Healing and teleportation powers? Not so normal.

“Y/N?” Peter opened his window.

My head snapped to him and I chuckled nervously. “Peter! Hi!” I greeted, trying to form some reasonable excuse as to how I ended up outside his window.

“What are you doing here? At midnight?” He asked. 

I laughed, again, a bit more nervously than I’d like. I then scratched behind my ear and said, “Well, funny you should ask. It’s a really funny story.”

He didn’t say anything, but he only looked at me expectantly. “Well?” He prompted.

“I have a perfectly reasonable and logical explanation, I assure you. It’s that-” I paused, “Well-” I tried again before my eyes met something on the wall of his room. “Is that a Star Wars poster?” I asked.

“Well, yeah, I mean-” He stopped himself. “Wait a second, don’t change the subject! What are you doing here? At this time of night? Mr. Stark-”

“I know. I know he’ll freak out, but-” I quickly thought of something, “My computer broke!” I blurted out before I could think it through. I mentally slapped myself at the lame excuse.


“My computer… it broke. Like, sent of sparks and everything. Horrible, really. I need you to help me fix it,” I kept going, hating myself more and more with each word.

“Why don’t you just ask your dad to help you?” He inquired.

“Because he’d kill me! He worked very hard on that computer.”

“Wait a second… don’t you know how to fix computers? I remember you told me your dad pretty much taught you-”

“Yeah, well, while I was getting my tools, I… I hit my head!” I exclaimed. “Yes, I hit my head. I think I’m a bit concussed,” I put my hand on my forehead.

Peter eyes me suspiciously, and I couldn’t say I could blame him. I was a horrific liar. “Okay, so, say your computer broke and you got a concussion, why didn’t you just use the door like a normal person?” He asked me.

“Because… because I’d have to be buzzed in! And you know me, I can’t wake up your aunt; that would be terrible,” I justified.

Peter’s gaze never left mine since he had opened his window. I recognised the look he had in his eyes; it was the way Sherlock Holmes would look at people. Peter was studying me, trying to figure out how I really got onto his fire escape.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel the least bit guilty for lying. I hated to lie, even more so to Peter. He was pretty much the only friend I had in the towers; someone who I could actually relate to and vice versa. The others, yeah, they were great, but they were more like aunts and uncles. Peter was the only one who didn’t baby me like the others did.

“So, you need my help to fix your computer?” He asked, making me nod feverishly. “Alright,” he sighed. “Just let me-” he turned around, and once he did, I quickly teleported myself out and back into Stark tower.

The teleportation journey back wasn’t quite as simple. My powers seemed to have been getting out of control, and I suspected it was because of my incessant insistence to repress them. That night alone, I had ended up in alleyways, interrupting drug deals, bank robberies, muggings, I had even accidentally ended up breaking up a fight between two inmates in a prison. By the time I had ended up back in my room, it was morning.

I didn’t really have a problem with it being day already as I laid myself in bed until I heard a knock on my door. I fought the strong urge to scream out in frustration and exhaustion as I stood back up and opened the door to see my father standing there.

“Hey honey. Sorry if I woke you up, but I need you to do some research for me,” he explained.

I bit back my groan before saying, “Sure! What can I help you with?”

“There’s a new vigilante going out and about,” he told me, beginning to walk, urging me to follow him. “Media’s calling her the Phantom because she seemingly appears out of nowhere. I tried researching myself, but it seems like there’s a bug in my software that I have to fix,” he explained. I nodded.

“I’ll get to work on it,” I told him as we stopped in front of my computer room.

“Thanks, sweetheart,” he smiled before kissing my forehead. “Pancakes in ten, by the way,” he told me as he left. I sighed, walking into my computer room and sitting down in front of my massive piece of hardware in front of me.

This computer was like my baby. If it ever broke and I couldn’t fix it, I think I’d cry.

I typed The Phantom New York into the searching program that I had created and waited as it began to search. I rested my cheek on my elbow as I began to doze off when I heard my door open, jolting me up exclaiming, “I wasn’t sleeping!”

I turned around on my chair, sighing in relief when I saw a chuckling Peter Parker leaning against the door frame. “Oh! Peter. Just you,” I laughed.

“Yeah. You alright?” He asked, walking in. He pulled a chair beside me and sat down.

I nodded before answering, “Why wouldn’t I be?” 

He shrugged. “I had this crazy dream last night,” he sighed. I rose my eyebrow at him, urging him to continue. “You were on my fire escape going on about how you broke your computer… it was pretty funny. You were a terrible liar, going on about how you had concussed yourself,” he laughed.

I laughed nervously. “Sounds like a crazy dream. If something happened to my baby, I’d more likely be locked in my room for days,” I told him.

“Yeah. Funny thing is you were wearing the exact same thing you’re wearing now,” he pointed out, a surprised look on his face.

My eyes widened slightly before I jokingly replied with, “Maybe your spide-y senses come with Psychic abilities.” He looked like he was about to reply when my computer beeped. I turned toward my monitor, looking at what my baby had come up with for The Phantom.

And what do you know? The Phantom was also wearing my exact outfit.

“What’s that?” Peter furrowed his eyebrows at what he was seeing on the screen.

“Some new vigilante my dad asked me to look into named the Phantom by the media,” I answered, paling and not taking my eyes off the screen as I scrolled through dozens of videos, photos, and news reports.

The Phantom stops an armed robbery!

The Phantom appears at local jail!

And so on.

“Huh,” Peter chuckled.

I rose my eyebrows, glancing at him for a moment before responding. “What?” I asked him.

“Your outfit must be pretty popular,” Peter eyed me. I could feel myself paling more and more the longer he looked at me.

“Yeah,” I squeaked out.

“So tell me-” he began, but then the alarm sounded throughout the tower.

“That’s your cue,” I told Peter. “Some villain running amok,” I commented. Peter only looked at me before he heard my father’s voice calling him. He stood up and left.

I sighed, running my hand through my hair.

I sure couldn’t sleep now.

I kept an eye on the news, watching my family and Peter fighting a villain in Times Square. At the same time, I was looking at what was being said of “The Phantom.”

I rolled my eyes at one of the articles, burying my face in my hands and screaming into them. This was not what I wanted. If I recall, this was exactly what I did not want.

I wasn’t like the others. I wasn’t an extraordinary fighter who could do flips in the air and run on walls and save people. I was just me. I was an average fighter, at best. My powers, like me, were on the defensive side rather than the offensive.

I had changed into a black turtle neck, black jeans and sneakers to prevent any more mishaps about my fashion choices and how they coincide with the fashion choices of “The Phantom.” Among that, I had the news broadcast on on every monitor in the house so I could always keep an eye on my family.

This was why I didn’t want to be like them. I didn’t want them to have to worry about me the way I worry about them. I didn’t want anybody to worry about me the way I worried about my family. It was torture, knowing that they were getting hurt and injured, and that one day, they’d likely get themselves killed.

I know, it’s very pessimistic of me to thing about that, but it was true. This was a high-risk high-reward kind of job. They could get themselves killed at any moment and even now as I watched the news, they could be dying as I ate my delicious banana pancakes.

“… Right now, it does not look good for the Avengers,” the newscaster said, and that was when I shut off all the TVs. It wasn’t good for me to hear it anymore, though it worried me like hell.

And that was the exact moment I had ended up in Times Square. I felt cold underneath the soles of my shoes. It was as if I were standing on liquid nitrogen. I looked down and that’s when I realised that I was standing on the shoulder of an ice giant.

Looking down, I saw most of my family either trapped or unconscious. Wanda, Clint, Natasha, and were unconscious on the ground, everybody else was trapped in solid ice, including the one and only Spiderman.

I paled looking down, but I quickly gained my composure.

“Hey, Olaf!” I yelled into the giant’s ear, making him turn to look at me, making me almost lose my balance. “I’ve got a question for you, and I’m inclined to think you’re gonna say yes in one way or another!” I told him. I saw his hand come toward me to flick me off, but I teleported to the rooftop of a building behind him. He looked around, struggling to find me. Finally, his glowing yellow eyes locked with mine. “Do you wanna build a snowman?” I asked. When he reached his hand out to get me, I teleported again.

This time, I went to a nearby gas station, taking gas and a box of matches, leaving some money on the empty counter. I may have been busy, sure, but I wasn’t going to become a thief-vigilante, thanks.

I put the lighter in my pocket before teleporting in front of the giant.

“Hey! Hey! Gargantua!” I called, making him look at me. “Why are you so mad?! I mean, is it because of Jack? I mean, he has a habit for climbing beanstalks and stealing from giants, but I can promise that-” 

The giant’s hand came swooping down toward me and I just nearly dodged his grasp.

“I was going to apologise, but nooo, somebody wanted to be a meanie,” I commented.

I don’t know why I felt the need to talk so much. I know that if my father could see what was happening, he’d be pissed. He’d tell me to get my head in the game and fight; to stop wasting my time, but I think my commentary was the only thing keeping me from freaking out.

“I take it you don’t want to talk about this in a civil matter?” I asked, causing the giant to huff. He blowed a gust of wind at me, and I struggled to dodge the ice forming on the road because of his frosty air. I teleported behind him. “I think it’s getting a bit chilly out here, don’t you?” I asked, pouring gasoline on his feet and throwing a lit match. His feet melted from under him, causing him to fall to his knees. The giant flailed, hitting Peter, causing the hero to slam against a wall, shattering the ice.

“Peter!” I screamed as the boy fell to the ground like a rag doll.

But as quickly as he fell, his feet regenerated, letting him stand again. I gulped, my eyes widening as he turned to glare at me. I looked up at the giant, who was just as tall, if not taller, than the buildings around him.

“Would it change anything if I apologised?” I asked. The giant, not giving me enough time to react, swooped down and grabbed me with his freezing cold hands. When I tried to teleport, it wouldn’t work. “Uh oh,” I squeaked out. The giant held me in front of his face. I laughed nervously. “I… I don’t suppose we could talk this out, right? I mean, this was all just a misunder-” He threw me up in the air.

I tried to teleport again and again, but my powers just weren’t working. Hugging the gasoline to my chest, I closed my eyes as I felt myself enveloped in ice.

I had a hard landing, causing me to groan as I struggled to stand, my feet slipping. The giant laughed and I looked around.

I was in his belly.

I was eaten by and ice giant.

I looked around and realised I could still see the streets of New York. People screaming and panicking, my family unable to do anything. I looked up, staring at the giant.

I knew what I had to do.

If I couldn’t hurt him from the outside, I’d hurt him from the inside.

I poured the left over gasoline to my floor and took the matchbox into my hands. I knew that once I lit it, I’d be burned along with the giant. I couldn’t get out. Even if my powers started working again, I wouldn’t have enough time.

I looked around again, my eyes locking on Peter’s unconscious body. The body of my friend; a hero. The boy who believed in me, joked around with me. The only person in the tower that I could really talk to and relate to.

It was then, at the moment of my death that I realised… he wasn’t just my friend. He wasn’t just the person I could talk to. He was the person who, even in my weirdest and nerdiest moments, stood by me.

I was irrevocably, deeply, truly, madly in love with him.

I suppose that’s why my powers couldn’t work. I was a daughter of a hero, niece to many more, friend of a hero, but at the end of the day, I was just as much a girl as Peter Parker was a boy. Even heroes freeze and falter. Even heroes go into shock.

That didn’t matter now, though. I looked up at the giant.

“And I thought I had acid reflux,” I remarked, chuckling to myself before closing my eyes and lighting the match, dropping it to the floor.

I was never more thankful to have my powers act up at that moment. As soon as I had dropped the match, I had braced myself for my inevitable death.

I understood now why my family did it, why Peter did it. Yes, they worried me to no end, constantly put me at the edge of my seat, waiting for them to come home if they even would. It was alright now. I understood now. To die for the people you love, for the city you love, around the people you love… it was an honourable way to go, and if you lived, I could only imagine the euphoria one must feel.

And I understood that euphoria when I felt a tug on my shirt and a, “Excuse me, miss?”

I opened one eye and my other eye followed and I looked around.

“I… I…” I was in a restaurant, a little girl in front of me.

“What are you doing?” She asked me. 

“I…” What was I supposed to tell her? “I was wondering if I could close my eyes and make a wish and see if it would come true,” I lied, lamely. “Where’s your mum?” I asked.

The girl pointed me in a direction and I led her to her mother, who nodded at me. I smiled at them as the woman walked away with the girl’s hand in hers.

That’s what I saved.

And then I realised.

“Peter!” I screamed, running to Time Square. I found shattered ice everywhere, my father now free with everybody else as Natasha, Clint, and Wanda began to wake up. I looked around, my eyes searching for Peter.

“Y/N?” My father called. “What are you-” I ignored him, my gaze locking on a red and blue body next to a building, faced down on the pavement. I ran toward him, turning him to face up. I removed his face and found bruises and scratches all over it. I put my ear next to his nose and mouth, trying to hear his breathing, but I couldn’t hear or feel his breath. I pulled away, looking back at the boy.

“You die on me, Peter Benjamin Parker and I swear to God I’ll call your Aunt May and we’ll both bring you back to life and kill you again for all of eternity,” I threatened through gritted teeth as I put my hands over his chest, a green light shooting out of them. I kept my eyes on Peter’s face for any indication of movement.

“Y/N,” Father called gently, walking beside me. Tears freely strolled down my cheeks. Steve walked to Peter checking his pulse before shaking his head at my father. “Y/N, come on. He wouldn’t want you to do this.”

“Screw what he wouldn’t want me to do,” I replied, keeping my focus on healing him.

I hadn’t really tried my healing powers on people. I had only tried it on animals I saw on the street or myself when I get paper cuts. I hadn’t tried it on anybody else. I wasn’t sure if it was going to work.

“Oh god,” I heard Natasha’s voice murmur.

“He’ll live. He’ll wake up. I’ve got this, don’t worry, I’ve got this. He’ll be fine,” I muttered, though, I wasn’t sure if I was telling them or if I was telling myself.

A drop of blood landed on my hand and I felt my dad’s hand on my shoulder.

“Y/N, stop. You’re hurting yourself,” he told me. “Stop this, right now.”


“Let him go,” he whispered.

“No!” I screamed even louder.

The longer I focused on healing Peter, the more sick I felt. I began to feel as if my insides were contorting. I was overcome with a feeling of nausea and light-headedness.

“Y/N,” my dad muttered once more as more droplets of blood fell.

“I said, no!” I repeated, still keeping my focus on the boy who wouldn’t wake up. After a few more minutes, I screamed, “Dammit, Peter, wake up!”  I balled one hand into a fist and punched his chest. Finally, he coughed.

I felt a gasp from the others as Spiderman sat up.

“Wh-what happened?” He asked frantically. I chuckled weakly, leaning back against my dad. “Y/N?” He looked at me, “What are you doing here?” I waved it off.

“You get anywhere near that close to dying again, I swear to god I’ll kill you myself,” I croaked out weakly.

“Y-You’re bleeding. Wh-what happened?”

“Let’s get you home, Y/N,” Tony whispered. I nodded weakly, trying to stand up, but just then, my eyes rolled back and I lose consciousness.

When I came to, I was on my bed. I groaned at the constant beeping that was next to me. I didn’t need to look to know what it was. I put my hand on the heart monitor’s knob and I turned it down, mimicking my father’s actions when I’d hook him up to a monitor after a dangerous mission.

“Hey,” a soft voice greeted from the door. Standing in the door frame was none other than Peter Parker. “The Phantom’s waking up.”

I yarned. “Depends what you mean by up,” I grumbled, sitting up. “How long was I asleep. And don’t call me the Phantom, Spider-boy.”

He chuckled, entering the room and pulling up a chair beside me. “How are you?”

“Been better. I’ve got a killer headache. Nothing an Advil won’t fix,” I muttered, disconnecting myself from the heart monitor. “How about you? No Frostbite? Hypothermia?”

“Surprisingly, no, but the others had hypothermia for a bit. I think I have you to thank for that,” he whispered.

I offered him a smile. “Don’t mention it,” I sighed.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” He asked me. 

“I…” I paused, “I didn’t understand it at first. I knew that if I told someone, someone would worry the way I worry about all of you, and I didn’t want that,” I answered truthfully. It felt good to be telling the truth again. It felt clean.

“Past tense,” he pointed out.

“Past tense,” I agreed. “I understand now. I get it. Why you do it, why my dad does it, why all of you do it. I get it now,” I nodded. Peter smiled at me and I looked into his brown eyes. “Seriously though, just because I get it, doesn’t mean you get to die on me. Ever. Seriously, I’d call May and we’ll both scream at the devil just to bring you back so we could kill you ourselves,” I threatened. He laughed. “I’m serious!”

“How serious?”

“Deadly,” I gave him a look. A silence fell between us for a moment.

“I… Thank you. For saving my life.”

“Seriously?” I asked him, earning a nod. “Peter, you don’t have to thank me for that,” I told him.

“Well, I’m thanking you anyways. Really, you’re the best best friend somebody could ask for,” he grinned at me. My smile faltered for a moment.

“You bet,” I replied as cheerfully as possible. Just then, I heard someone clear their throat at the door.

“Mr. Stark!” Peter stood up. Dad nodded at him before looking back at me and crossing his arms.

I smiled sheepishly. “Hey dad.”

SUMMARY: You have a bad day at work, and Credence takes it upon himself to take care of you. I combined these requests:

  1. Reader being Credence’s s/o. they’re always happy to help and love to mother him. But one day they are completely wrecked by their work and anxious, so he goes into mother mode and is so happy to give it back?
  2. one where he’s really affectionate towards them, neck kisses, hugs from behind, idk where I’m going with this

Warnings: None!!

Word Count: 1,678

Credence supposed that your treatment of him and consideration toward him were what got him through those roughest of days following his destruction of New York. You had been patient and gentle with him when you met him, and you had waited for him to be ready—for anything, even for things as simple as kindness. You had never pressured him or told him he should be further along in healing or learning, and that is how he had come to trust you sooner than others and how he had learned to let you take care of him. He had been hesitant at first, and you had stepped back, letting him take his time and not scolding him for being skittish or distrustful of you. Then he had relaxed slightly over the next few weeks and had let you make him meals or buy him books or even sometimes stay with him until he fell asleep. In many ways, it was the mothering that Credence had never experienced—at least, not that he could remember.

Eventually, he grew to care for you so much that he had agreed to move in with you, once he had worked at the bakery long enough to save the money to afford the rent. You would have paid for his half had he wanted to move in sooner, but you knew his independence meant a lot to him, now that he had it. And you were always willing to be patient for Credence.

That had been slightly over a year after the subway incident.

Since then, Credence had accepted, acknowledged, and given in to his feelings for you, and once a conversation was had, the two of you had decided to give dating a chance. More patience and more care later, things were still going smoothly a year later. Credence just wished sometimes that he had the opportunity to care for you the way you cared for him. It wasn’t that you had put him back together, because he had worked very hard to do that himself, but you had given him the support he needed to do so and had devoted much of your time to caring for his corporeal well-being so that he could devote himself to learning self-love and -confidence. Those were things he was still learning to put into practice, but you were patient with that too, and very understanding; and he was grateful. You had always been so put together though, and he worried sometimes that he didn’t do enough things for you. You always insisted that his company and his love were enough, but he couldn’t help but wish that he could show you how much he cared, beyond those confines.

And then Credence’s chance came in the form of a terrible day at work. He could tell immediately that you had had it because you slammed the door more harshly than you usually did and threw your bags onto the kitchen table with a heavy sigh before storming over and collapsing onto the couch in the living room.

Credence was, of course, upset that you were having a bad day, but he was ready to take care of you and to practice being more assertive in his own actions—he wanted to take charge of this situation. So he walked over to where you had face-planted into the cushion, smiling softly at the way your hair had become disheveled. “Long day?” he asked quietly, placing a shaking hand to your back.

Your answering sigh was deep and long as you melted into the couch, letting every muscle in your body fall slack. “I’m tired of people, Credence. I don’t like them.”

He leaned down, pressing a soft kiss to the base of your skull, and ran his thumb across the knobs of your spine carefully and humming in response. He knew that you hated socializing, so it must have been a day of prolonged interaction. The exhaustion must have really gotten to you today. “I know, Y/N. Did you have to be personable today?”

You smiled at the question, and you wondered briefly how you had gotten so lucky to find someone so understanding of your closed-off nature. You supposed because you had never been closed-off with him. He did tell you once that it made him feel special, as if you were a cat who had settled on their person. You smiled even wider at the memory before curling into Credence’s lap contentedly, humming at the feeling of Credence’s fingers rubbing into your shoulders and gently up the side of your neck. This was a rare initiation of physical affection, one that you really needed today. “Yes, I did.” You began frowning again as you recalled the day. “And people kept asking why I didn’t smile more or why I didn’t talk very much, and then my boss got mad that I wasn’t being more welcoming. And all I wanted to do was come home to you. I’m just…so glad I’m home now.”

You felt his hum more than you heard it, and you closed your eyes to the feeling of his hands against your skin. You appreciated the coolness of them and could have groaned when you felt him stand up gently and pull away from you as he did so. “I’m going to make you some tea, okay?”

You nodded, trying to conceal a pout, and Credence felt a swell of pride and affection—finally, he was the one taking care of you. He hurried into the kitchen, beginning to boil water, and looked over to the living room as he heard you get up. He watched you walk to the window in the living room with a blanket draped over your shoulders that you held tightly to your chest and then press your forehead to the glass, looking to the world outside. He could tell today had been tough on you because your muscles seemed completely lax and because you had none of the confidence in your gait that you usually carried, so when he finished preparing your tea (just the way you liked it), he placed it on the coffee table quietly before padding over to you and hugging you from behind, curling his arms carefully around your middle to pull you close, and pressing a kiss to the shell of your ear. He indulged a small smile when he felt you roll your head back into his shoulder and completely surrender yourself to the embrace. “Thank you, Credence.” Your voice came out in a quiet sigh more than a deliberate statement, and instead of answering, he just pressed another kiss to your skin, this time to the hollow of your throat. Curiously, though, he could feel the stretch of your smile against the side of his face and looked to you questioningly.

You dropped one side of the blanket. “It’ll fit both of us,” you said a little more definitively and with a smile that melted his heart, and he caught on. He took the other corner to wrap around himself and returned said corner to your hand so that you could curl your fingers around the blanket again, securing the blanket burrito you had constructed. Credence liked this better, the feel of your body more concrete than before and the embrace feeling more protective and inclusive. He peppered small kisses along your throat and shoulder, and you couldn’t help the widening of your smile at this uncharacteristic show of physical affection and the confidence behind the gestures. You felt a swell of happiness at how much he had grown and how that growth had included the two of you coming together.

You weren’t sure how long the two of you stood like that, wrapped up in each other and the blanket, before Credence whispered gently, “Your tea is probably getting cold.”

You didn’t want to leave this moment, but that tea really did sound promising. You felt Credence rub his hands along your arms before stepping back, letting the blanket fall from around the two of you so that you could go drink your tea. It really was perfect, and you hummed into the cup, which made Credence smile again as he watched you. “Thank you, Credence. This is exactly what I needed today.” He was what you needed today.

Credence blushed, still affected deeply by any kind of praise, and wondered if he would ever get over that swell of pride that came with compliments or praise of any kind. He supposed it didn’t really matter. “Of course, Y/N. I love…being able to take care of you.”

Something clicked in you then, and you realized that he had been wanting for some time to be able to do things like this, to prove that he could take care of you like you took care of him, to prove that he knew how to care for you, and what that meant to him. “Credence.” You jumped back onto the couch, huddling close to him and burrowing further into the crook of his neck as his arm curled around your shoulders to pull you close. “I love letting you take care of me. You know me so well.”

Credence knew that being nonchalant about that compliment was out of his wheelhouse, so he settled for telling the complete truth. “I’ve had the time to get to know you, and… I just want you to know that I can be there for you for anything… I can take care of you. I know I can.”

The confidence underlying the quiet of his voice could have made you cry. “I know you can too, Credence. I love you. Thank you.”

Credence smiled and pressed another kiss to the top of your head. “Always, Y/N. I love you.” He had learned a lot over these last few years—to accept himself, to own his past, to open up, to form relationships—but he was beginning to think the best thing he had learned was to love and to let himself be loved.


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“I’ll give you a massage.”

Originally posted by mindreiding

You’d had a long day at work at the hospital. Everyone definitely underestimated nurses and their hard work, you’d worked so hard today and now your whole body ached.

At 11 pm when you finally got home, you threw your keys and bag down and flopped onto your stomach on the couch. Your boyfriend Spencer was sitting at his desk that was on the far side of the room, undoubtedly working on a case. He was wearing a sweatshirt and pajama pants, a simple thing that always made you happy. He looked relaxed when he dressed lazily.

You, however, were still wearing scrubs. You kicked your shoes off with your face still buried in the cushion, a deep sigh escaping your muffled lips.

Spencer stood from his chair and walked over to you with a soft smile. “Tough day?” he asked, nudging you so you’d sit up and he could sit next to you. You did and leaned your head on his shoulder, exhausted. 

“Very long day. My back kills and my whole body is aching,” you explained briefly, you didn’t feel like going into detail about your day. The simple truth was that it was overly crowded with patients, and since a lot of the staff was either sick or on vacation because of the cold weather, you were one of the few who came into work.

Spencer kissed your forehead. “I’ll give you a massage.”

As amazing as that sounded, you didn’t want to make him do it. “You don’t have to, Spence. You worked today too.”

“No, I want to. And no cases came in so I was only there for a few hours anyway.” he insisted, taking your hand to bring you upstairs to bed since you’d probably fall asleep during your massage.

You smiled softly and followed him up the staircase. Once you were in your bedroom, you changed into shorts and one of his t-shirts that was too big. 

You laid on your stomach and rested your head on your crossed arms. Spencer pumped some lotion into his hands and began to knead his hands into your back, trying to work out the tension between your shoulder blades. You didn’t realize how long you’d needed this until it now.

Spencer pulled off your shirt to get better access to your back. You mumbled, “Babe it’s not a big deal, you don’t have to go all out.”

“It’s only us, we’ve got time. Might as well.” he replied. He pressed a chaste kiss to the back of your exposed neck. You smiled lazily into your arms, loving this already.

For nearly half of an hour Spencer massaged your back, legs, arms, shoulders, butt, and neck. You’d fallen asleep after 10 minutes but he continued anyway. He loved you and every part of you, every inch of skin. It felt good for him to do something like this for you because you were very independent and you knew how hard he worked so you never asked him to do this type of thing.

You woke up when he’d stopped. You both crawled under the blankets, you neglecting to put your shirt back on as you cuddled into his side.

“I love you so much. You’re so selfless, you know that?” you said sweetly into his neck.

Spencer smiled tiredly. “I love you too. And, you owe me a massage next week.”


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when lance was younger (middle schoolish) he was into those wiggly shape wristbands and wore like,, 20 of them on each wrist. he also wore brightly colored skinny jeans, wore those shitty plastic sunglasses with the stripes, and had white converse sneakers that he drew on with sharpies to make it look like a galaxy. it didnt work very well, but he wore them anyways because he worked hard on them. he was... a classic middle school trash boy.



Okay so this time, because all two of you asked, I’m doing a anime Kai vs. manga Kai comparison. It will probably be also long af and it may or may not have an impact on your overall productivity, because I know y’all responsible members of society. 

Alright so when I first started watching beyblade Kai caught my attention as the ‘cool’ aloof kid who seemed to not give a fuck and ended up being the one giving the most fucks, but you have to really pay attention to him to notice otherwise you get drawn back by the massive amounts of backstabery. 

If he’s a character you like, and you would like to know more about him and his past and the many reasons he grew up into the ultimate tool of betrayal, the anime won’t be of much help, he will do something horrible and you will have zero context as to why in the flipping hell would he ever do something like tat and there are no answers whatsoever. One of the things the anime did was to make Kai’s family life a living hell, made his grandfather a genocidal freak and made him raise a kid who of course will try to destroy every glimpse of happiness in everyone else’s life out of spite and jealousy. But the manga doesn’t show the Hiwatari household as a cold loveless place, on the contrary, Souichiro Hiwatari cares a lot about his grandson, as a matter of fact it’s out of love for him that he behaves the way he does. After Kai’s dad leaves to pursue his own dreams ( an action that was considered massively selfish ) Souichiro felt betrayed by his own son and Kai by his own father.

The reason Souichiro hates beyblade is not because he wants to rule the world but because even in Beyblade universe it’s considered a game, so when his old ass son told him we wanted to design spinning tops for a living he flipped, and began hating the game because even if he tried he couldn’t hate his own son (…maybe a little). 

Deeply hurt by his own son walking out on him, he did manipulate Kai’s emotions to turn his sadness into ‘strength’ that he could later use to make his way through life relatively unharmed, he didn’t really erase the feelings of fear and insecurity that grew bigger in Kai’s heart, as his own father left him for a game. However he didn’t do it so that Kai would become an asshole, he did it so he wouldn’t hurt anymore, Souichiro is a very old fashioned man, very proud and while he loved his grandson and didn’t want to watch him suffer he probably also didn’t quite know how to comfort him. So he told Kai to toughen up, focused his rage and taught him to get what he wanted by force. 

Kai’s father is a nonexistent presence in the anime, but in the manga he supports him and actually the beyblade he uses to fight against Takao is also designed by him, it’s never clear if Kai made peace with his dad, Kai is always shown to live with his grandfather whom Kai is very fond of, to him Beyblade isn’t his future, he knows it’s a game he will have to eventually quit because he has put upon himself the responsibility of taking over his grandfather’s company, and not because hes forced to, he genuinely wants to and works very hard to prepare for it. 

Personally I feel the manga is very Takao-centric, it focuses on his journey and the friends he meets along the way, he becomes close friends with Kai, Rei, Kyojou and Max but they are kept on the secondary character line in many occasions. This makes Kai a lot more interesting because he tends to pop out of nowhere and when he keeps close to them he’s much less of a dick he’s just quiet. Kai has a reputation to be the neighborhood bully in the local beyblade community so his interactions with the group start very awkward and they remain like that for a while, similarly to the anime. 

The japanese version of the anime makes Kai less douchebagy, he’s still indifferent and unconcerned with most troubles but without the proper explanation of his inner emotional turmoil it’s hard to identify the real feelings behind his cold-hearted actions. 

The anime made Kai very unlikable in many occassions, and it’s not that he doesn’t have his bad sides, but his ambitions are usually painted under a very bad light, making it seem like he doesn’t care about anyone but himself and will step over anyone to get his way which isn’t entirely true. Kai in the manga tends to be more concious of the choices he makes, he’s very reserved and he usually doesn’t really know how to interact with others outside of beybattles, but he mostly stays in his own lane and does considerably less harm; aside of course from that suckerpunch from hell that gave Takao an aneurysm. 

The problem with the anime and the manga is that they are both canon but show a vastly different storyline, which makes it hard to mix the two together, in the manga Kai never went to Russia to be enslaved by Borcloff, but in the anime he does, and while both are true they’re really contradictory. Also I’m taking this chance to clarify that Kai is not even 1/16th Russian, in either version. 

The anime added something I’m really grateful for though, the animal loving Kai was an anime thing mostly and only in very recent material has Aoki Takao drawn him with pets in the manga (I’m looking forward to the adventures of Hana the doge). The manga however did something else equally as great, it sent Kai to a boarding school in London, which means two things, he either speaks English perfectly and has a British accent or he Matsuoka Rin’s his way through life in London, take a moment and imagine how that sounds like (not very hard to do since he doesn’t fucking speak.) 

Personality wise, Kai and Rei are similar, as I said in the previous long ass post, they’re both serious, they’re both quiet, and they’re both burdened with things no 12 year old boy should be ever burdened with. Kai’s changes come mostly from his background in both versions, and one making him more of an asshole than the other. I don’t know how can I write for this long and not say anything, but here you go. 

Big Bang’s reaction to their S/O having to return to their home country

telekinetic-m asked:

Hiii ing !!👋👋 I was wondering if I could get a BigBang reaction when their s/o have to come back to their home country (France) ? Thanksss and have a beautiful day 😘😘💕

Here you go! I hope you like it :)

Choi Seunghyun (T.O.P)

Since he recently enlisted in the army, it would not make a big difference to him whether you were in Korea or somewhere far away because he would not be able to see you often anyway. In fact, he might be happy that you will be with your friends and family while he cannot be with you. The thought that you are far away from him and waiting for him to come back would give him strength during hard times. He might even be into the old-fashioned letter writing to connect with you on a more intimate level.

Dong Yongbae (Taeyang)

He is extremely loyal in a relationship and believes that you returning to your home country would be a test of how durable your relationship really is. If you were meant to be together, your relationship would only grow stronger from being apart. As much as he would like to come with you, he knows that he needs to focus on his work first. Religion would be a major source of strength for him and he would pray for your happiness and safety every day.

Kwon Jiyong (G-Dragon)

He would have some difficulty adjusting to the new situation. Being together with you physically is an important part of your relationship, and not having your immediate support and comfort would be very unfamiliar. However, because he is such a hard-working person and is dedicated to his work, he would simply keep himself busy as much as possible and proudly share his newest songs with you and ask for your advice while you are abroad. Jiyong would even be a little jealous that you are returning to Europe, a continent so full of inspiration for fashion and music, as well as some of his favorite foods.

Kang Daesung

He would also have a very hard time dealing with the fact that you will not be around him as often anymore. He is the type of person who becomes very attached to their partner, and you leaving him would hurt him a lot. However, because he is so full of positive energy, he would devote all his time and effort to making the long-distance relationship as easy as possible. Despite his busy schedule, he would try to find time every day to message you and skype with you at least once a week.

Lee Seunghyun (Seungri)

With his good looks and confidence, Seungri would be tempted to look at other girls or boys while you are gone. You would have to make sure to check on him every now and then and remind him why you are the person he needs in his life. Nevertheless, if you keep initiating contact regularly, there should be no problems. When he feels lonely, he would let out his frustration through dancing, designing choreographies and composing new songs. Your relationship would be a great source of inspiration for him.


phantom thieves and their overwatch mains, which nobody asked for but i’m doing anyway
  • akira plays a mix of heroes so he can fill necessary roles in a pinch but he prefers playing dps characters with big game-changing ults because he loves attention. he also enjoys sneaking and is surprisingly good at flanking so reaper is his best character. he often goes silent on mic for a good 20 seconds before he tries to do something cool, which does not always work
  • ryuji likes tracer because she’s fast + her track skin (which he worked very hard to unlock during the first summer games event) but he doesn’t have the focus/attention span to practice her much so he often sticks with reinhardt and junkrat. he thinks mccree is the coolest and has unlocked all of his achievements
  • morgana mainly tries to play sombra but he has a bad habit of sneaking behind the enemy and attacking them with no backup. he’s actually best on zenyatta and is usually the one making calls over team chat. he also used to play winston but everyone made fun of him for picking the animal character so he doesn’t anymore
  • ann likes to play mei so she can stare down her opponents and put fear in their hearts before she finishes them off. symmetra’s inescapable beam gives her a similar feeling after the rework. mccree’s flashbang would work for her too but she thinks he’s ridiculous and can’t play him seriously. she also has an embarrassing crush on all the female characters
  • yusuke plays hanzo for damage because he likes the precision aiming but he also likes playing torbjorn and caring for his turret. his main is orisa though because he’s fascinated by her design. he also has every single spray with efi in it (he actually spends a lot of his credits on sprays). he doesn’t try to play him but he finds himself strangely drawn to mccree
  • makoto has a ton of practice on zarya and mains her but also spends a lot of time on all the healers. she wants to play pharah but she doesn’t like not having a way to protect her teammates. she secretly loves roadhog a lot but never mentions it to anyone because she’s afraid to be labeled as a Rebel
  • futaba loves with all her heart and would probably pay good money to meet her in real life, although genji becomes a favorite when his toku skin comes out. she’s the best at sombra out of the phantom thieves and has turned games around for them using emp, usually accompanied by loud cackling in the mic. sometimes she and yusuke fight over lucio 
  • haru finds symmetra deeply relatable and shares ann’s love of chasing people down with her beam. she also unapologetically loves both the junkers and has many of their voice lines memorized (she can’t do junkrat’s accent but she definitely tries). also holds the team record for best reinhardt charge kill. symbra shipper
  • akechi almost exclusively plays competitive when he’s not playing with the group and he has a hard time adjusting. he keeps up with the meta and tries to get the others to follow competitively viable team comps with little success. he also congratulates akira on every potg he gets but is secretly Burning With Envy every time. genji main, switches between young and blackwatch skins based on mood
  • they keep running into an absolutely horrifying widowmaker player online who can slaughter all of them effortlessly and it takes them weeks to figure out it’s sae

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paladins on April 1st! (april fools day)

I am adding Matt in this because Matt is amazing


  • Hunk will not really try to prank people and many people don’t prank him
  • If he does join in, his pranks are lame (he does not have a evil bone in his body to do “good” pranks)
  • Like he will switch salt with sugar or tell someone their shoes are untied, but the shoes are tied
  • He gives up and try to go help someone with their pranks
  • Lance will probably be the one that ask him for help
  • He also laugh when he is pranked
  • except when your prank involves ruining his cooking. He will get very upset because he worked so hard on it
  • All together April fools day is a good day for him


  • He loves April 1st
  • He will try to prank everyone, but he will mostly try to prank Keith
  • He will do buckets of Water over doors and glue in shampoo bottles
  • He will try to out prank Pidge
  • If Pidge brings her brother in as back-up, Lance will go get Hunk
  • He pranked Keith really good one year. He covered the inside of Keith’s Lion with Blue sticky notes. (Shiro made Lance clean it up and pranks involving the Lions are now band)
  • Sometimes, Lance can take his pranks too far
  • April 2nd is apology day from Lance


  • She has been planing for this day for so long
  • Only Matt has seen his sister wrath *Pidge does evil face*
  • Pidge will prank her brother really quick and then ask him to join her
  • Sometimes she will invent something to help her prank people
  • She will do pranks base on the person.
    • Lance- She will replace his beauty products with space goo.
    •  Keith- she will turn on the invisible walls when he is training.
    •  Hunk- she would secretly put food dye in his food.
    • Matt- She will cover his room with pictures of herself. 
    • Shiro- She would secretly put magnets on his arm
  • she will not prank Allura and Coran because they don’t know what apirl fools day is


  • He would forget it is April fools day
  • He will do last minute pranks
  • His pranks mostly deal with duct tape
  • He would tape items to the roof or secretly put tape on people backs and see who will have the most tape on them
    • “Keith why is my Bayard on the roof” - Shiro
  • He will get angry when someone pranks him
  • All together, April 1st is a very fun day for him


  • He will join his sister because he suck at pranking
  • He would try to prank but end up pranking himself
    • “Oh, god my eyes” - Matt
    • “what happen” -Pidge
    • “I tried to prank Shiro by spraying febreze on him but..”- Matt
    • “How did you febrezed you face”- Pidge
  • He just gets very happy and mess up on his pranks
  • If he does prank someone, he will apologize right after
  • He think April fools day is fun and he loves pranking with his sister


  • All day he would act like if it was a normal day
  • He will brush off the pranks pulled on him
  • He will try to brake up fights (Some how Lance is always involves)
  • To the others, Shiro seems to not celebrate it…
  • But they are wrong
  • He will try to get everyone in the same room and prank them all at once
  • Space goo will fall on everyone and they will just hear Shiro laughing
    • “You are celebrating April Fools day?” - Lance
    • “Yep, and I think I won this year”- Shiro
  • Shiro just surprised everyone
  • He is April fools day biggest fan

Allura will get mad about the mess and make everyone clean up

Concept: At one of Lena and Winn’s Science Bro’s Nights a drunk Lena talks to a drunk Winn about Supergirl’s Supersuit and the dynamics of it. He thinks she’s going to compliment him about it but instead she tells him how mediocre the suit is listing all the reasons why the suit is basically for aesthetics instead of safety. And Winn is just fuming because he worked very hard on that. And Lena is still ticking off the reasons why the suit is basically a training suit and finally he blows up and goes  “Well if you think you can give Kara a better suit then by all means go ahead Lena “I can do it better” Luthor” and just slaps his hand over his mouth after realizing Lena still doesn’t know Kara is Supergirl  And Lena is just sitting on the side like “You’re right Winn I should build Kara a better suit and starts drawing up designs for her because of course Lena “I can draw flawless designs even while being drunk off my ass” Luthor can just do that. And if two weeks later somehow Lena Luthor finds and shows up at the DEO with a new and improved Super suit for Kara that is impervious to Kryptonite, extraterrestrial and human fire power, just this once J’onn, and Alex will let it slide. Winn, however ends up being Alex and Kara’s sparring buddy for the next two months.

Unwanted (10) - Rap Monster Angst


After a bad breakup with his girlfriend, Namjoon refuses to acknowledge the fact that he has a daughter. But, the time comes where he has no choice.

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RFA + V's and Saeran's favorite color

[ i wanted to try and be unique, and I’ve never seen this request before ]

- favorite color: yellow

- he likes yellow things in his room because it makes the room seem bigger and brighter

- favorite color: white

- it’s his favorite because he feels like it brings out the brightness of his eyes

- favorite color: brown

- she feels like it’s a neutral color that goes with everything; all her suits are for work are brown

- favorite color: purple

- he likes this color because he feels like it’s a very regal color and expresses good manners

- favorite color: red

- since it resembles passion, it wears it because he is very hard worker and is proud of his work

- favorite color: black

- he doesn’t feel like he deserves to wear bright clothes; he’s feels like he isn’t good enough

- favorite color: sky blue

- the color blue symbolizes faith and he had always had faith that Rika would love him and never let him go

By society’s standards My Best is not always very good–but I will continue to do My Best and hope that it will make the world a little bit of a better place.

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I´ve been watching (more like re-watching) the weekly idol´s random play dance, and you know what, it caugth my atention that jin have never dance incorrectly the choreographies and i believe that is because he works so hard in learning them that he just knows them very well, and that brings joy to my heart, that men is just amazing, i love him, i just needed to share it with someone that loves jin as much as i do, thank you and sorry for my english, is not my first lenguage

Yes! He may not be the best dancer, but he manages to keep up with the choreography and that is super impressive!

He must put so much work into learning the dances. Remember on American Hustle Life, when he was paired up with Hobi and he stayed up all night practicing their dance? AND THEN WAS ALL APOLOGETIC ABOUT MAKING A MISTAKE? What a hard worker <333 

Alvaro Morata Campo de estrellas

hi and hello. i have been able to catch the documentary about Alvaro yesterday and i wanted to share what i remember with you guys :) i have to say that i speak NO SPANISH AT ALL and my italian is very rusty so i didn’t really understand any of the interviews and i could only catch a few bits and pieces.
hope you guys stil enjoy it :)

The Documentary started with a few pictures of Little Alvaro; his mother and his sister and his grandmother talked about how Alvaro always carried a ball wherever he went and that he has been an adorable child and a real sunshine.

They also sort through some old pictures of him when he has been little (i sadly didn’t understand what has been said)

Then Alvaro talked about his youth Career and how he has always loved playing Football; his mother then said that Alvaro has been very happy to play for Real Madrid - and i think (if i got it right) Alvi has been a little starstruck when he first met the Real Madrid stars.

Alvaro says that he has always liked playing for Real and that he has also a lot of Close friends there.

(that’s how pretty he was during his interviews)

Then the Story goes on to Juventus. He talks a little about Italy and that he liked it there and then there was a really long interview with Gigi Buffon. He basically said that he has always admired Alvaro as a Player and as a Person because he was very hard working but also funny and down to earth.

Then there was a short interview from two Italian man in a bar/Restaurant and they said that they loved Alvaro and that he should never leave.

They also said something really pretty that made me tear up:

“Juventus and Italy loves Alvaro Morata, but Alvaro Morata really loves Real Madrid”

They also showed the Goal he scored against Real Madrid in the UCL semi final.

Then he went back to Real Madrid and he and his whole Family were really happy for him. He teared up while thanking the Club at his presentation and it was really amazing to see how much Passion he has for the Club and the game.

There was also a really long part about him and his girlfriend where they talk about each other and where they tell the story of their engagement. it was really sweet and they look so in love (sadly, again, i could not understand much of what has been said)

In the end he Shows his “Football room” where he keeps all his shoes and Shirts and balls. He showed some boots that meant a lot for him (the ones from the finals, and from important games) and he also Shows that he has some goalie gloves from Iker and from Gigi. (let me tell you that Boy has A LOT OF JERSEYS in his room xD)

Players that were featured in the interviews were: Carvajal, Nacho and Isco

They bascially said that Alvaro is a joy to play with and that he is very sensitive and hard working.

It was a really sweet documentary and I read somewhere that you will still be able to watch it next week on Real Madrid TV? but i am not sure when so please if anyone has any info on that, feel free to reblog and add that to this post :)

( @iscomorata as promised, here is the post with pictures included <3 )