because he will always be beneath her in the eyes of their society

nothing to lose, pt 2

[PART ONE HERE; collab with @pipedream]

summary: andrew minyard and nathaniel wesninski meet on the titanic in 1912. neil’s a rich runaway who’s finally being made to atone for his crimes against the family, and he feels like there’s nothing left to live for- until andrew promises to show him that there’s more to life than just survival.

word count: 5444 / 11836

trigger warnings: major character death, homophobia, suicide, guns, knives, violence, murder, death

  • there are voices approaching the cabin, so with a quiet question, neil takes andrew’s hand and leads him to the elevators, running to evade the valet
  • he chases them, no doubt on orders by riko, through the halls and down elevators
  • neil feels lighter in a way he’s recognizing only proximity to andrew makes him feel
  • he tightens his grip on andrew’s hand as they make their way through the ship’s incinerators and when andrew glances back he looks years younger than usual
  • somehow, they make their way to the cargo, and neil is done with running. all of his life, he’s been running, and even though it’s different with andrew by his side, it’s time to stop, just for a while
  • he sees andrew’s eyes catch on a car, one more expensive than andrew would probably ever be able to afford, so neil slides into the back of it with as much pomp and circumstance as he can muster. it’s the closest thing he can do to granting andrew permission to get into the car
  • andrew looks around, as if checking they haven’t been followed, then seems to concede that the back of a car isn’t a bad place to hide for a short while, and he climbs in next to neil
  • the silence isn’t tense, but it’s heavy, and neil doesn’t want to waste a second with andrew if they’re numbered
  • “tell me about your family,” he says, because they’re the only thing he really knows about andrew, and he doesn’t know enough
  • andrew doesn’t seem offended by the question, but he gives neil a considering look nonetheless. “what will you give me for it?”
  • “are we doing a truth for a truth again?” neil says, the hint of a smile on his lips. “anything you ask.”

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anonymous asked:

Most original Dramione stories you've ever read. I'm talking the ones with a unique premise or twist you didn't see coming. Something that isn't usual in this fandom. Can be dark, fluffy, romantic. Whatever. I just want to read something that is like, WOW THAT'S DIFFERENT!

Well, here are some I can think of off the top of my head. I’m only posting the stories that are completed, not the WIPs (there are SO MANY good WIPs out there!):

A Killing Grace by Savage Midnight - Rated: M - 5 Chapters (COMPLETE) - In the midst of war, two enemies fight on common ground to bring the blood bath to an end. Hate and prejudice are flung aside, boundaries are broken, and the inevitable sacrifices are made.

A Kind and Generous Man by AnneM.Oliver - Rated: M - 30 Chapters (COMPLETE) - Regency era Dramione. Though he appeared as a highwayman, she thought he was a kind & generous man. Once the mask was removed, could she love him as he really was, or was he to hide behind his ‘mask’ forever. A story of manners, deception & love. 

Black Rose by Dawn-Of-Indescribable-Colors - Rated: M - 1 Chapter (COMPLETE) - Draco is falling in love with Hermione, his Ministry co-worker, who hates his guts. However, he is also engaged in a passionate sexual relationship with Black Rose, a beautiful dancer in a sinful wizarding nightclub, but the gorgeous witch always keeps her carnival mask on when they are together…

Cake and Other Curses by AkashaTheKitty - Rated: MA - 10 Chapters (COMPLETE) -  Hermione is far too fond of cake and all but attached to Harry at the hip. Generally, it’s working out for her, but lately Draco has been annoying her to death by mocking her weight and her relationship with Harry. One day she spots some logic in his claims that she and Harry ought to be more than friends. Uncertain how to proceed, she agrees when Draco volunteers to help. This turns out to get very confusing very fast, as Hermione finds herself becoming attracted to the wrong person…

Decomposition Of The Soul by hiddenhibernian - Rated: T - 3 Chapters (COMPLETE) - Not all prisoners serve out their sentence in Azkaban. Some are sent to the Department of Mysteries, and their fate is one of the most closely guarded secrets of the wizarding world. Unfortunately, Draco is about to find out just how far Hermione Granger is willing to go for the greater good.

Doll by Captainraychill - Rated: MA (NC-17) - 2 Chapters (COMPLETE) -  “I’d adored my doll at first sight because, though she appeared to be pure, she was really a creature of sex. Her lips were plump and painted to appear wet. Her eyes were corrupt beneath her lush lashes. Her steady, sober gaze told me that she knew her only purpose was to be used by me and that she had accepted this.”

Eyes Open by Day Met the Night - Rated: T - 1 Chapter (COMPLETE) - “He’s let the envelope fall into his palm. If she’s surprised, she doesn’t show it. ‘You know the rules, don’t you’ 'Only for when I’m at my lowest point,’ he says. 'And after I open it, I go straight to you.’” Ten years later, and he’s falling in love with her.

Forever Kind of Valentine by Avari20 - Rated: T - 1 Chapter (COMPLETE) - Draco’s plans for ignoring the most hated holiday of the year are put on hold by the God of Love himself. It’s either win or kiss dating goodbye. What’s a cynic to do?

Fortuna Major by olivieblake - Rated: M - 6 Chapters (COMPLETE) - She’s with Ron, he’s with Astoria, and nothing a cheap psychic on the Venice Boardwalk says is going to change that. Or will it?

His Beautiful, Haunting Eyes by thecellarfloor - Rated: M - 14 Chapters (COMPLETE) - Draco pushed her to the wall, kissed her roughly on the lips, then punched the glass window beside her head. It smashed into pieces and the crowd who had parted for him seconds ago gasped. Hermione couldn’t. She couldn’t even breathe. What have you done?

In Their Garden by Lady Cailan - Rated: K+ - 1 Chapter (COMPLETE) - A flowerpot sits on her windowsill and each night a new flower grows. Hermione uses her memories to cope with life after Draco is affected by a curse gone bad.

Lady of the Lake by Colubrina - Rated: M - 50 Chapters (COMPLETE) - Hermione and Draco team up after the war to overthrow the Order and take over wizarding Britain. “I don’t even especially mind belonging to you most of the time,” he closes his eyes and just breathes for a bit, savoring not being in pain. Finally he adds, “Just… try to take better care of your toys.”

Life After Grief by Mel88 - Rated: M - 5 Chapters (COMPLETE) - The Collier’s Virus is highly contagious, magically virulent, and always fatal. Junior Healers Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger are called in to help find a cure before the virus claims another life. If they can.

Only a Pretense by WickedlyAwesomeMe - Rated: T - 42 Chapters (COMPLETE) - In order to save her parents, Hermione Granger had to give up everything, even her identity… and femininity.

Presque Toujours Pur by ShayaLonnie - Rated: M - 38 Chapters (COMPLETE) - Bellatrix’s torture of Hermione uncovers a long-kept secret. The young witch learns her true origins in a story that shows the beginning and end of the Wizarding wars as Hermione learns about her biological father and the blood magic he dabbled in that will control her future.

Questions of Science by: Countess of Abe - Rated: M - 18 Chapters (COMPLETE) - Hermione is living a content life working at St. Mungo’s when an unexpected assignment from the chief of medicine sends her to the home of Draco Malfoy. What will happen to the pragmatic brunette as she explores what science cannot answer?

Randy Man’s Playbook by BittyBlueEyes - Rated: M - 25 Chapters (COMPLETE) - A very unique book finds its way to the hands of Draco Malfoy - A book that, if utilized well, could help him fulfill his fantasies. 

Redemption by anondracomalfoy - Rated: M - 23 Chapters (COMPLETE) - Hermione works at St. Mungos, and the fourth floor has recently made a discovery and inadvertently retrieved her biggest regret-her lost and seemingly Obliviated husband, Draco Malfoy. Draco is forced to return to her, and strange things begin to occur.

Static by galfoy - Rated: M - 21 Chapters (COMPLETE) - The Order rescued Draco and Lucius Malfoy after Lord Voldemort turned on them. All the safe houses are full, and Hermione Granger is the only one who can take them in. Will she agree after having suffered a drastic nervous breakdown?

The Nietzsche Classes by Beringae - Rated: M - 15 Chapters (COMPLETE) - The Ministry takes action against the remaining prejudice in the wizarding society and asks Hermione for help. “What do you want? Money? Power? Name your price, Granger. I’m not about to let pride get in my way when an Azkaban sentence is on the line.” 

The Queen’s Knight by cleotheo - Rated: M - 29 Chapters (COMPLETE) - There’s a new craze in the wizarding world: Immersion Books. When Harry and Ron buy one for Hermione’s birthday she finds herself immersed in a medieval world where a certain blond Slytherin has been cast as her lover.

Troy by Twilight to Midnight - Rated: M - 3 Chapters (COMPLETE) - Draco loved this woman. Draco worshipped this woman. Draco would do nothing short of destroying the legendary city of Troy to have her, to hold her, to possess her as his own, forever and a day. AU. Warning: Dark Draco and questionable consent.

Unspoken Rules Should Be Broken by CelticSass - Rated: M - 3 Chapters (COMPLETE) - Blaise, Hermione, and Draco shared a relationship, now Blaise is dead, and Hermione and Draco are confused as to where they stand with one another.

Utterly Despicable by camnz - Rated: M - 24 Chapters (COMPLETE) - The death of both Voldemort and Harry Potter let the pureblood elite build the world they wanted. One that leaves Hermione in a vulnerable state, which Draco Malfoy is prepared to take full advantage of.

When He Was Wicked by LadyStiff - Rated: M - 14 Chapters (COMPLETE) - When Hermione mistakenly makes a wish for Draco Malfoy to love her, she never in a million years believed it would actually come true. But when the wish doesn’t turn out as expected, will she lose Draco forever?

When The Butterflies Fly Home by AuroraAustralice - Rated: M - 45 Chapters (COMPLETE) - Commander Draconis Malfoy of Caesars Roman Army has set out to conquer the northern part of Briton. Hermione Granger has been brought up with respect and always been given an equal status as the men in her village. Unknown to her, her father stirs up the rebellion against the Roman e had never experienced harshness and cruelty before but now as a slave that is all she sees.

I’ve got so many more, but have to start getting ready for my day, so must go. Maybe others can add to the list?



Edit: If I may, I thought this was very unique, IT MAY SCAR YOU FOR LIFE but it is good:

Fragments by Jane - M, 50 Chapters - “Last night, she told me about you. I know how you met, how you hated, how you loved.”

- Lisa

Robron Week Day 4: Different Worlds - Victorian Robron (hope this captures at least a little of what you were thinking Millie @sugdensquad )

I also wrote another random thing. I know nothing really about the victorian era so this is mostly crap…but it’s a thing

It was early morning yet. They still had an hour or two before Chrissie would wake and be downstairs and ready to start the day. She had grown used to her husband to be’s need for a morning ride though and his persistent habit of being late for breakfast. It was partially her doing, Robert told himself as they rode, side by side and sharing knowing glances over their shoulders. He had felt a bit out of sorts when he had come to stay at the estate in lieu of his pending nuptials to Lady Christine and her father, Lord White, was desperate to get him to stay. He was of just high enough standing to be appropriate for Lord White’s daughter’s second marriage and Robert knew she didn’t have many other prospects. He didn’t either if he were honest with himself. His brother was already wed to Lady Katherine and he felt the pressure to do his family and his late father proud. He wanted, no needed, to make this work, but he was struggling. It was Chrissie’s idea to buy him a new horse and her father had only encouraged it.

They left the horses grazing in the field and continued on foot. The sun was just coming up over the horizon, bathing everything in a hazy golden glow, the edges of the world soft around them. His arm brushed lightly against Aaron’s, their hands touching briefly, fingers reaching toward one another. He wanted to reach out and take his hand and hold on for dear life, but something made him pause, settling, for the moment, for another gaze into his piercing blue eyes.

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Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow, parallels.
  • Both are orphans. Both lost their fathers before their birth, during Robert’s Rebellion, and both mothers died bringing them into the world.
  • They were smuggled away from their place of birth - Daenerys went in exile to Essos, Jon was carried to Winterfell. They both suffered abuse: Jon by Catelyn, and Daenerys by Viserys (Daenerys case is much worse of course). Dany was in the shadow of Viserys; Jon was in the shadow of Robb.
  • As Daenerys is sold to Drogo and starts her life with the strange culture of the Dothraki, Jon joins the Night’s Watch and struggles to adapt to the law standards of the life at the Wall. Later Jon has to join the Wildlings, the “savages of Westeros”, just as the Dothraki are the “savages of Essos”.
  • misslalwen also pointed that both Jon’s and Daenerys’ journeys in ASOIAF start with a feast: Jon’s very first chapter is the feast at Winterfell, when he takes the crucial life-changing decision of joining the Night’s Watch. Daenerys’s very first chapter is the preparation for her wedding feast with Khal Drogo; her second chapter is the feast itself. It happens at the same time as Jon’s story.
  • Their first love relation: Daenerys was sold and raped by Khal Drogo; just as Jon was forced into his relation with Ygritte - he had to sleep with her under threat on his life. Mance made it clear that if Jon doesn’t sleep with Ygritte, he would kill him (as it would mean that Jon remains true to his Night’s Watch vows and therefore is a Crow).

Yet every night, some time before the dawn, Drogo would come to her tent and wake her in the dark, to ride her as relentlessly as he rode his stallion. He always took her from behind, Dothraki fashion, for which Dany was grateful; that way her lord husband could not see the tears that wet her face, and she could use her pillow to muffle her cries of pain. When he was done, he would close his eyes and begin to snore softly and Dany would lie beside him, her body bruised and sore, hurting too much for sleep.

“I never asked you to lie for me.”

“I never did,” she said. “I left out part, is all.”

“You said - ”

“ - that we fuck beneath your cloak many a night. I never said when we started, though.” The smile she gave him was almost shy. “Find another place for Ghost to sleep tonight, Jon Snow. It’s like Mance said. Deeds is truer than words.”

  •  Both Jon and Daenerys develop affection to their companions.
  • When Drogo and Ygritte die, it’s in the hands of Daenerys and Jon. 
  • Both Jon and Daenerys feel guilty about their lost first loves, and mourn them.
  • Both Daenerys and Jon rose to power quickly, and at a very young age. Daenerys is Queen of Meereen at 15, Jon is made Lord Commander at 16. Note that it happens at the same time: Daenerys takes up residence in Meereen and becomes Queen, while Jon becomes Lord Commander, both at the end of Storm of Swords.
  • They are the two best examples of young leaders in the novels. How they rule, the difficulties they are facing, the trials they undergo. Their stories illustrate the battle against their inexperiences and will to move forward “kill the boy and let the man be born” “if I look back, I’m lost”.
  •  Daenerys was offered the chance to return to Westeros, but she decied to stay in Meereen to rule and help her people. Jon was offered to be made a Stark of Winterfell, but he refused because he knows he has a duty to the Night’s Watch, and because he feels that as a bastard, he doesn’t have morally the right to be Lord of Winterfell.
  • Both want the best for all the sides, and both struggle to be accepted by those they rule. They both turn their attention to the outcasts of the society,to those other people refused: Jon cares for the Wildling, and is the first Lord Commander in history to make peace with them and allow them to cross the Wall; while Daenerys releases thousands of enslaved people and does everything she can to keep them alive.
  • Both faced assassination attempts, by those who disagreed with their ways of ruling. While Daenerys escaped her poisoned locusts by luck, Jon is stabbed by his Brothers. And again, these events happens at the same time, at the end of A Dance with Dragons.
  • Both are connected to magical legendary beasts: a direwolf for Jon, and 3 dragons for Daenerys.
  • Both think of their family they never knew: Jon quite a lot of his mother, and Daenerys of Rhaegar and Aerys, and her ancestors.
  • Daenerys feels the need to carry her Targaryen lineage and fulfill the duty to her House, Jon also want to impress his adoptive father Eddard. 

He was no true Stark, had never been one … but he could die like one. Let them say that Eddard Stark had fathered four sons, not three.

“Remember who you are, Daenerys,” the stars whispered in a woman’s voice. “The dragons know. Do you?”

  • Daenerys tries to think of Rhaegar as her idol, while Jon’s idol was Daeron Targaryen the Young Dragon.

That night she dreamt that she was Rhaegar, riding to the Trident. But she was mounted on a dragon, not a horse.

When Jon had been a boy at Winterfell, his hero had been the Young Dragon, the boy king who had conquered Dorne at the age of fourteen. Despite his bastard birth, or perhaps because of it, Jon Snow had dreamed of leading men to glory just as King Daeron had, of growing up to be a conqueror

  • Both are gentle and kind people. And both are very melancholic
  • Finally, Daenerys’ prophecy from the House of the Undying:

A blue flower grew from a chink in a wall of ice, and filled the air with sweetness. … mother of dragons, bride of fire …

 The obvious reference to Jon (blue flower in a Wall of ice) is part of the prophecy concerning Daenerys’ love interests, symbolised by the word “bride”. 

  •  And there are subtle foreshadowings when Jon and Daenerys think of the magical beast of the other (unbeknown to them of course)

He might as well wish for another thousand men, and maybe a dragon or three. - Jon, A Storm of Swords

Off in the distance, a wolf howled. The sound made her feel sad and lonely, but no less hungry. - Daenerys, A Dance with Dragons

And I am sure there are more parallels, perhaps less obvious. Parallel lines are meant to never meet, but in the case of Jon and Daenerys, I feel these lines are sliding straight toward each other.

Fic Rec List

So I see a ton of fic recs and had always hoped that my fics would be good enough to rec, but I have noticed that any story written within the past 3 years, gets next to no attention whatsoever, unless there are a shit ton of reviews and favs. And even then, I see fic rec lists on Tumblr or Yahoo or Reddit, and rarely do I see my fics, or fics from people I know, on those lists. Even though we’ve reached the usual review/fav amount required.

It’s always the same ones. The ones we have all read before, from the writers we all know very well. And nothing ever changes. It’s like the fandom is too scared to branch into the newer works, so they just stick to the old ones because it’s what they know.

So here is a list of more recent/unknown stories, that deserve as much attention, for Tomarry/Harrymort, Johnlock, and Hannigram.


Riddle and The Ancient Contract by HERMIT532- What if it wasn’t anything the current Potters had done that saved little Harriett Potter as an infant? What if the child prodigy Thomas Riddle had tweaked the horcrux spell before creating them? And what happens when they discover that nothing is exactly what it seems? FemHarry, DumbledoreBashing EXPLICIT SEX/ MENTION OF RAPE. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.

Heirs to the Dark by Dark Disaster- How did Voldemort and Harry Potter end up in a romantic relationship? A potions accident might hold the answers.

A Beast’s Virtue by Arliene- Schooled at Durmstrang, forced into political upheaval, pursued by dark and light wizards alike, Harry Potter becomes a leader and icon for his entire generation, thus turning the Dark Lord’s attention to him. HP/LV. Politician Harry

Boredom and Secrets by XxXxDarkVampirexXxX- A very bored Harry Potter starts writing to the Dark Lord over the summer after his fifth year at Hogwarts. An equally bored Voldemort decides to write back. And thus, a summer of secrets is born, and the enemy named boredom is fended off.

Marvolo’s Ring by ImperialPepper- Vernon Dursley changes the course of wizarding history, when he gives his wife Petunia a ring for her birthday.

Embracing His True Self by DebsTheSlytherinSnapeFan- Tom Riddle/Harry Potter Slash. What if Harry didn’t want to fight Voldemort? What if he was fed up with the light side judging him constantly and wants to be his true self? The Slytherin side that he had squashed in a bid to fit in and be accepted? Realizing he never would…what of the prophecy? Could they overcome it? Will Voldemort even give him a chance?

Your Name on My Heart by whitedandelions- Bearing the Dark Lord’s soul mark on his chest certainly isn’t easy when his family is firmly on the Light Side. HPLV SLASH. Set in the Past.

The Wand Chooses by Dreamereye- Voldemort, obsessed with defeating Dumbledore, conscripts Gregorovitch into making the most powerful wand. Little does he know that the famous wandmaker is retired. Or that the man’s son, the brains behind the operation, is really Harry Potter in hiding. Will either be able to fight rising feelings for the enemy? A/N: Slash.

Σίγμα Τρία by Watermelonsmellinfellon- Humanity has evolved and the Secondary Genders change the world! Harry Potter was not expecting these sudden changes that came with being an Omega. The Wizarding World was not expecting it either, but certainly took the revelation much better than the Muggle World did. This opened up new avenues for them to approach.

A/N: Omega-verse. Sigma-Harry/Alpha-Voldy. Goblet of Fire/AU. SLASH.

third time’s a charm by lejf- Soulmate AU: soulmates’ thoughts are written on their match’s hands. HP/TR (HP/LV) A story that follows Harry through canon events as he searches for his mysterious writer who always seems to be in pain.

Irresistible by fadingstarlight (Genveon)- Beta Tom Riddle has achieved his goal of becoming a teacher for DADA in Hogwarts. He is also the alpha Lord Voldemort, who’s struggling to gain support from the purebloods in wizarding society. Enter omega Harry Potter who may be the answer to his problems or the start of another. More tags will be added as this story progresses

Consuming Shadows by Child_OTKW- ‘His attention skipped passed the students and moved to the politicians’ pavilion. His gaze locked with crimson, and he nearly faltered under the sheer hunger in those eyes.

It unnerved him how fixated the man was on his dirtied, bloody, exhausted figure.

But what troubled him more was the slight smirk he could make out on the man’s lips. It was almost pleased.’

On the night of the attack, Lily managed to escape with her infant son, but at the cost of her husband’s life. Distraught and distrusting of her friends, she fled to France with Harry, to raise him away from the corruption in Britain and the rising influence of the Dark Lord. She trains him to the best of her abilities, shaping him into a dangerous, intelligent and powerful wizard.

But when Britain re-establishes the Triwizard Tournament, and Harry is forced to return to his once-home, he finds himself questioning whether he really wants to kill the Dark Lord. Voldemort finds an unexpected challenge in the child, and as his intrigue and amusement grows, so too does the desire to possess the spark in those defiant green eyes.

Kitty Series by phoenixmaiden13 (LadyPhoenix)- Harry has an accident and gets turned into a cat! If that wasn’t bad, he finds himself in the hands of his enemy. Follow Harry as he tries to find a way to freedom, or will he want to?

4 part Series, Parts 1-3 are finished.

The Consort Tournament by Watermelonsmellinfellon- The Dark Lord wanted a consort and had decided to host a competition that involved nearly everyone in Britain. If they thought they were good enough, they could enter to compete in a certain amount of tasks set by the Lord of the lands himself. Only the victor would have the skills necessary to become Voldemort’s consort.

Harry unfortunately nabs the Dark Lord’s attention. Voldemort does as he pleases.

A/N: SLASH/Harrymort/AU.

Burning Desire by Little.Miss.Xanda- It burned, leaving nothing but desire. It took everything he was and even so he couldn’t bring himself to regret it. A/N: Poem.

Death is But the Next Great Adventure by TheObsidianQuill- What if that night in Godric’s Hollow went differently? What if Harry did die? What if Death stepped in and made a deal with the Savior of the Wizarding World? How different would Harry’s life be after that deal?

(Or, Harry makes a deal with Death and in exchange gains something Voldemort has fought his entire life for. Immortality. And a strange friendship with Death)


Lessons on Being a Seer by ZeGhostCow- Being a female in Medieval times would have sucked. Being called and treated like one even though you are male in this time, must suck even more. Do you know what sucks more? Living in the future whilst this is happening.

Welcome to Harry’s world.

Embracing Life’s Riddles Without Asking Questions by Nemesis13- When Harry and Voldemort died at each other’s hands, Harry awoke in an alley as a ten year old girl. Perplexed at this turn of events but not overly surprised, she is taken to Wool’s Orphanage. Now known as Iris Black, she is roomed with Tom Riddle, who she decides to befriend because honestly, why not see how things unfold from the other side? It might be fun.

Riddled by Killing Curse Eyes- On a class trip to London Harriet Lily Potter found a little black book lying on the ground, and suddenly, destiny shifted. Fem!Harry Diary!Tom Eventual TMR/HP Currently in year 5.

I Will Always Come Back to You by Watermelonsmellinfellon- Tom had a friend when he was little. His friend taught him that he was special because of what he could do and that people who hated him, were beneath him. When an accident occurs, Tom’s friend promises that he’ll never truly be gone. Hadrian always comes back to Tom, in the forms of Haraldr, Harish, and finally, Harry. Magic grants wishes. A/N:Reincarnation. SLASH. TMR/Harry/LV.

The Lady of Slytherin-Dark Beginnings by Nemesis13- Lillith Potter, The-Girl-Who-Lived, appears before Severus Snape bleeding and broken at the age of six. Determined to protect his dead friend’s daughter from sharing her mother’s fate he raises her to be brutally pragmatic, viciously opportunistic, and violently protective of those she loves with the help of the Black Sisters. Dad!Snape, Mentor!Bellatrix, DarkFem!Harry, Third Year+ with slight Harmione for several chapters.

Bearstody (Bear Custody) by Clarisse (transnymphtaire)- A 3/shot of Harry working at Build A Bear and meeting Tom Riddle. Tom buys a bear which becomes his and Harry’s ‘son’, and they negotiate custody of their ‘child’.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel… Where is Your Hair? By phoenixmaiden13 (LadyPhoenix)- Tom a wandering thief looking for adventure finds Harry locked up in a tower. What better adventure could you come across?

Don’t Fuck With Florists(They’ll Fuck You Up) by MayMarlow- Unsatisfied with his post-war life, Harry decides to get to the root of all of his problems when that root was still working at Borgin and Burkes shop in the late 40s. He’s the Master of Death, damn it, he can do what he wants for once in his life.

Tom Riddle isn’t particularly happy about working at a small, dingy shop for magical artifacts, no matter how interesting those artifacts are. He’s even less happy when an insufferable stranger sets up the most obnoxious flower shop right across the street.

What follows would be a romantic comedy, if it weren’t for politics.

(Romance isn’t the centerpiece.) HP:

Long Live the Queen by Offsides-(Pretty famous story but recently posted in September of 2015.)

With Harry Potter’s hearing for Underage Use of Magic looming, and Sirius Black hunted for a crime he didn’t commit and was never tried for, Harry reaches out to Her Majesty the Queen for help, with unexpected results. No ships. AU starting Ch 6-9 OotP, No HBP, No DH, No Horcruxes.

Session Transcripts by lazycrazyhorn-(Also pretty famous, but I think more people should read it.)

What happens when a brain damaged Harry and a transgender Hermione both get sorted into Slytherin? Snape’s not sure, but he thinks it’s likely to be an interesting term. This story follows various first years through the trials of their first year.

Doing Things Differently by Blufuzzybubbles- Harry has lost one too many a person to Voldemort and he wasn’t going to lose another. With the help of a mysterious benefactor, he is entering his fifth year with the hopes that “more than one innocent life can be spared”. No more irritatingly naïve Harry. No pairings for Harry, but everyone else is fair game. And bashing of course, because what’s a story without it?

An Unfound Door by joe6991- War is coming to Hogwarts, and Harry Potter, fifth-year Ravenclaw, is beset on all sides by enemies unknown, unseen, and unfound…


HP/Sherlock Crossover:

Lineage Ligno: A Family of His Own by Godiva9- It started out as a simple summer assignment; it ended up changing his life forever. After using a lineage potion for a project, fifteen year old Harry Potter finds out he is not a Potter after all, and that his father is a self-proclaimed Sociopath who committed suicide nearly three years ago. Harry wants answers so he goes to the one man who knew his Dad best, Dr. John Watson

Plain Johnlock:

the thunder underneath his ribs by darcylindbergh- Six or seven, maybe eight months later, there’s a thunderstorm in London.

Sometimes things have to fall apart before they fall together.

Useless Experimentation and Distraction by Nightshift_Works- Sherlock had been acting odd recently and conducting useless experiments. He’d refused to take cases and lays around the flat listlessly. John began to wonder just what was wrong when he came home to the oddest of circumstances: Sherlock was curled up beside his bed, clutching a pillow to his chest, sleeping. Just what was happening to Sherlock Holmes? And just what was happening to him?

The Second Room Upstairs by Laur- 5 times Sherlock needed an excuse to invade John’s room and 1 time he was invited.

So Brave, So Quiet by SomeCoolName- John Watson has always been perfectly in charge of his life, thank you very much. But an intriguing murder, seven suspects, an alcoholic sister and Sherlock’s new interest in him - will it be enough to make him realise what ‘being in charge’ really means.


The Stygian Court by campitor- The Lecter family spurned a witch long ago and so she gave them two skins to wear: one human, one beastly.

A supernatural Hannibal AU where Hannibal is a shape-shifter from a cursed family and Will begins to wonder if that antlered man is truly a figment of his fevered imagination.

How Potent is Thy Sting by extremelyperturbed- I requested it at the kinkmeme but nobody did it so I wrote a story where Hannibal behaves very much like a parasitic wasp, an insect that lays its eggs inside a host and the larva basically forces its host to eat like crazy to feed it and protect it. The chosen host is Will. Hannibal does not look like an insect, however nor will actual insects be a part of the story. A/N: Rape/Non-Con, but with a happy ending.

Instead of Bleeding, They Sing by Square_Pancake- William Graham is the new star of the Baltimore Opera Company. After fending off a serial killer interested in his empathic abilities, Will draws the attention of FBI consultant Hannibal Lecter. Hannibal appreciates the artistry of his music; eventually he wonders if the singer will appreciate the artistry of his kills.

Strangers ‘Til Now by mokuyobi- Post Mizumono, season 3 AU – Instead of being pushing him off the train, Chiyoh takes Will to Paris. There, in Hannibal’s old haunting ground, they attend a Masquerade where Will sees someone who reminds him very much of the man himself.

Consider the Hands That Write This Letter by Watermelonsmellinfellon- Hannibal had written a letter to Will and Alana decided not to have it sent. In a misguided notion of mercy, she decides that Will doesn’t need to know that Hannibal is trying to contact him and lies to Hannibal, telling him that Will has threatened to leave should Hannibal persist. She decides to just have the letters shredded.

Hannibal realizes the opportunity for what it is and chooses to continue writing to Will, pouring his heart into those words and using his Memory Palace Will to pretend that everything is right with the world. He can confess his adoration and Will would never know. Hannibal would never have to face rejection and Will wouldn’t know his feelings.

But there is a small issue. One of the orderlies doesn’t like Alana’s decision and secrets away the letters, sending them to Will Graham anyway.

Hannibal bares his soul, Will falls in love and sheds his fears, and Alana is unaware of it all.

Oh, the drama that shall unfold.

Rafraîchir by ElloPoppet- Hannibal and Will attempt to navigate life, and their relationship, after surviving the fall. Hannibal continues to groom Will into his ideal Murder Husband, only now, Will is an aware and willing participant. How will everything change once Will has embraced not only his attraction to Hannibal, but also his own violent desires?

In which Will unleashes his monster and accepts his destiny by Hannibal’s side, the boys run away to build a life together, and Jack Crawford becomes their hunter.

Let the Night Be Dark by beforethedawn and Destinyawakened- Will and Hannibal are rescued by Chiyoh, only to find out she’s been hired by Hannibal’s uncle to retrieve them. Robertas’ intentions aren’t at all well intended, as they soon come to find out. Will they overcome to find their happy ending?

Not As I Planned by TigerPrawn- Will and Hannibal are not a couple. Will’s first heat after falling from the bluff. All bases covered – Blood, check. Smashing objects, check. Will going into heat during a hunt, check.

The Door to The Abyss by War_Queen- “Will Graham, a bored demon, finds an eight year old boy with a promising future, and makes a deal with him. Years later, he becomes the ruler of hell, and remembers his contract.”


Pairing Undecided:

The Forgotten Potter by njeha- Wrong BWL. FEM Potter. James and Lily Potter has given birth to twins. On that Halloween night, they mistake the real prophecy child, leading to years of abandonment; which ends up being the biggest mistake the light side have ever made. There will be crossovers with many different worlds. Dark FEM Potter. Powerful & Genius FEM Potter. MOD Potter. Warning: Very Extreme M rated.(NSFW in any capacity!)

To Be Continued…

(If you know of a fic from the above 4 OTPs that is good but gets next to no recognition, reblog with the name of it so I can check it out.)


I F   I T   W O U L D   P L E A S E ♡

15 Days of Valentines ♡ | a Jon/Sansa meme
↳ 4/15: Blind date/Setup | Arranged Marriage

With a reputation tarnished by falsehoods, twenty-one year old Sansa Stark in unable to find herself a husband in a time where a woman’s utmost requirement is to be married off. At wit’s end, and fed up with her turning down every husband he can find for her, Ned Stark arranges one final match for his eldest daughter; only this time, her charming suitor is a former acquaintance.

I took some liberties with the theme; there’s no denying that. But it’s also the only thing I could conjur up today so let’s just… go with it? I’m leaving it with one chapter for now, but if it’s enjoyed then I may write more to it one day. Anyways, enjoy! :)

Below or AO3

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Daddy Devil  { Teaser }

Words: 1,290

A/N: I was chatting with @bxngtxnfluffandotherstuff the other day about demon/devil!AU’s, and ended up calling Namjoon Daddy Devil. Now here we are.

Here is the teaser–aka my little build up to the main course–my dears. Hopefully the next part–the actual fic–will be up soon~ But first I have to write it ;*


Quite the interesting place. Maybe not for forsaken humans, but for demons, and beasts, and all hellish creatures alike—it’s home.

Like the layers of corrupt human society, there are levels. 7, to be exact. Each level has a…guardian. A demon chosen by the Devil to make sure there’s no excessive mischief—that everyone follows their orders and stays in line.

The seventh level is the worst. For the scum, the insane—home to the monsters that even the Devil himself can’t match. Such monsters remain trapped in the 7th level, the appointed guardian—Yoongi—only present to make sure the door that traps them remains locked tight. He’s the strongest of the Devil’s guardians, but also the laziest, and therefore the job fits him perfectly.

The remaining 6 levels are free to interact—but you live where you live. Prolonged stay in one level will get you kicked back into your assigned one, because you can’t betray your human sins, and the Devil picks a new spawn’s home with astute scrutiny. And he is not wrong—for he is the Devil.

The sixth level is guarded by Taehyung—mischievous in his own right, but undeniably dangerous. People have learned not to trust his handsome face, because despite his boyish wonder, he is a snake.

The fifth level is kept tidy by Jin—a man with the features of an angel, but the strength of an inferno. And the fourth level is carefully watched by Hoseok—and friend to the Devil and a friend to many, but his blinding smile is all a ploy. It’s said he decapitated a man whilst gigging, but that anyone around to witness the scene had met the Grim Reaper a second time.

The third level is overlooked by the youngest of the guardians—Jungkook. The innocent looking boy had met criticism from the long-term residents of the level—his image not living up to their dark-hearted tastes—but after a few years to mature and establish his power, those who opposed him soon learned that beneath his cute smile laid miles of muscle and strength—enough to send a man flying and to break a bone with little effort.

The second level is guarded by Jimin—pleasant, yet deceptive. He is loved by all and praised as a rightful guardian, but when push comes to shove Jimin always manages to reestablish order—whether he does so through violent methods or otherwise. Luckily, the second level is a peaceful realm, as is the third, and neither Jungkook nor Jimin are forced to show their true strength too often.

The final level—the first—is under watch by the Devil himself. There is no violence—no disobeying of orders. The fear of punishment is too high. Most residents are trusted generals, innocent pawns that missed their chance to run for the golden gates, or…servants. The Devil needs a thrown and a palace, after all—and it’s not like he’s going to take care of it himself.

And so, that’s how the hierarchy remains—at least, until someone manages to strip the Devil of his thorny crown. But god knows that won’t happen anytime soon.

Jungkook is performing his usual nightly rounds when he hears it—a slightly intoxicated statement from a female demon leaning against the alley wall outside a bar. She’s with her two friends who seem worse off—but none have lost their dinners yet.

“I can’t believe you keep calling Him that,” one says, and you roll your eyes.

“What? Daddy Devil? Oh give me a break, he’s the lord of all demons—of course he’s Daddy material.”

Jungkook clasps a hand over his mouth, stifling his laughter, and hurries to hide behind the chimney spout when the girl currently referring to his Lord and friend as ‘Daddy Devil’ narrows her eyes and begins looking around. Luckily, Jungkook is quick enough to evade her suspicious glare.

“For all you know he’s an old man with red skin and devil horns.”

You roll your eyes. “I know he’s not. I saw him in passing—once. When he came to the third level for a visit. He’s…tall…”

“And being tall makes him daddy material?!” your friend laughs, and you sigh, waving your hand in the air.

“Whatever. He’ll never know I said it anyway, so let’s just drop it. You can keep thinking he’s an old man, and I’ll keep dreaming that he’s tall and handsome.”

At that, all three girls share a laugh and begin to stumble out of the alley—leaning on each other for support. Jungkook watches them go, his lips split into a playful grin, a hint of impishness sparkling in his dark eyes.

He’ll never know I said it anyway.

Jungkook laughs. “We’ll see about that.” After all, this is just too funny of an opportunity to pass up.

On that note, Jungkook hops down from the roof and disappears into the evening shadows.

Jungkook doesn’t bother using the front door to the Devil’s mansion. That would require him to bypass the guards and be questioned on his intention in being here—and that’s all too much of a hassle. So, he hops up to a second story window and MacGyvers his way in—smiling once his feet touch the dark tile floor.

Whistling his way up the hall, Jungkook starts towards his Lord’s private quarters, but then pauses. This late in the evening, maybe he’d better check the Play Room.

Diverging from his path slightly, Jungkook slides down the banister to the main floor and approaches the thickly lined double doors in front of him. From his standpoint, everything is silent—no sound managing to slip from the room—but the minute Jungkook opens the door a sliver wanton moans and screams flood the hall.


“What are you doing here?” A low voice asks, a hand reaching past Jungkook and grabbing the door handle tightly. Jungkook manages to see one woman choking on cock and another in the reverse cowboy position before the door shuts in his face.

“I came to see you, hyung,” Jungkook replies, grinning, and he turns to find the Devil sighing and walking away from him. Laughing, he steps forward and launches himself onto the Devil’s back, wrapping his arms around the male’s neck tightly, his cheek resting against his shoulder.

“Namjoon hyung~ C’mon~!”

“It’s too late for this, Kookie,” Namjoon sighs, Jungkook’s weight not impairing his long strides in the least. “You should go back to your level and sleep.”

“But hyung, I came because I heard something interesting. Concerning you.”

At that, Namjoon’s interest perks a little.

“Good or bad?”

“Knowing you, I think you’ll like it,” Jungkook snickers, slipping from his hyung’s back. Namjoon cards a hand through his hair, watching his youngest guardian as he leisurely floats in the air in front of him.

“I should have never granted you flight.”

“It’s fun, you should try it sometime,” Jungkook grins in response, and then gets back on topic. “I was doing my rounds earlier when I heard a girl mention you outside a bar. Her nickname for you was quite interesting.”

Namjoon raises an eyebrow, and Jungkook can see the curiosity slip into his gaze.

“Do tell.”

Daddy Devil,” Jungkook whispers, snickering when he sees a chill run up Namjoon’s spine, the elder’s body turning to ice almost immediately. The hall sits in silence for a good five seconds before finally Namjoon releases a shaky breath and rolls his shoulder, the bones cracking as he turns on his heel and starts for his quarters.

Jungkook is licking his lips happily before Namjoon even gives him the order.

Bring her to me.”

|  [Dominance] –>

Hannibal Rewatch: 1x01

Season 1, Episode 1 - “Aperitif”

Heeyy all my buddies!

So I thought it would be a swell idea to rewatch Hannibal, because what is emotional stability good for, really? Very little, I’d say.

In my ~dreams~ I imagined writing posts covering the first two seasons that people could read if they were watching Hannibal for the first time, and that would eventually join up with my season 3 recaps to make one continuous chain. But then I realized two things:

1) that maybe I could actually provide something kinda interesting and a little more rare in tv commentary, in that I could relook at a series as a whole, knowing what it is they built over time, and talk about how the boards were laid, as it were

2) that I have no control when it comes to foreshadowing or pain

This latter realization was mostly about myself, and although it wasn’t a surprise it was valuable.

These in turn mean two things for YOU:

1) as a whole these posts will contain spoilers through the Hannibal series finale (it’s over & it’s perfect shhhh wade into the stream). Sometimes the spoilers will be specific, other times it will be more general knowledge of circumstances, which I think counts as a spoiler for Hannibal because so much of the joy/horror of this show is in being very much with the characters in what you are (not) aware of at any given moment. And I don’t want to take that from newbies, so we’re keeping these things on Alert.

2) probably this whole adventure is going to be primarily screen shots followed by me being like

…which was a joke but also, I am beginning to suspect, oddly accurate? Like I just want to make sure everyone is yelling enough and for the right reasons. I am a mere humble thinker of feelings, at your service.

Take, for instance, this, which we see in the very first word-free minutes of the television series Hannibal:

Just the face of a man about to walk forward into the rest of his life. And do you know what he does first? He closes his eyes. Do you know what happens when you close your eyes? That’s when the monsters can move.


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Stray Dog 3/3

As fugitives from Soul Society, they don’t exactly have the chance to get out much. Which might be nice if Shinji was living with a harem of beautiful, busty, voracious women, but instead he’s stuck with seven of the weirdest, most aggravating morons this side of a mental ward.

Just one more thing to blame Aizen for, in the end.

Sometimes, when he cannot physically withstand another sandal to the head or another dirty manga abandoned on the couch or another bout of Rose humming or Kensei and Mashiro squabbling or anything without unleashing his inner Hollow on the lot of them, Shinji will have just enough of an attack of stupid not to give a shit anymore. Aizen or Soul Society or whatever—by that point he’ll freaking welcome them with open arms. So he’ll leave. Just up and walk out, and the first time he did it he freaked out the rest enough that they were on their best behavior for months afterwards, never mind that he’d never made it further than the nearest bar to get plastered.

Unfortunately, that effect seems to have degraded with time. Now he’s lucky if they even give him a few hours of peace when he gets back. But, well, sometimes an hour’s better than nothing.

Shinji always makes sure it’s fairly dramatic, too, his departure. Lots of screaming “good riddance!” and slamming doors with inhuman strength and such. This one’s no different, and he stalks away from their base with his long coat flaring out behind him, the memory of seven startled faces barely enough to begin wearing away at his murderous edges.

He ends up in a lounge a few hours later, like he always does once his temper cools enough that he can start to feel sorry for himself. It’s a tiny little hole in the wall, just enough upscale edge to make it a certain shade of gloomy that appeals to Shinji’s sense of aesthetics, and while it’s not the cheapest place in Karakura it’s definitely what he needs.

This time, when he walks in still mildly seething and halfway wishing for a Menos or something to brutally slaughter—which is an improvement to wanting to slaughter his fellow Vizards—the bar is practically empty, the tables scattered around the floor unfilled. There’s a woman seated at the far end of the bar, giving off such clear fuck-off vibes that Shinji doesn’t even bother giving her more than half a glance, but otherwise there are no customers.

There’s a new bartender, too, and Shinji wonders with faint amusement if that’s got something to do with the deadness.

Or maybe it’s the fact that it’s barely four o’clock on a Monday.

Still, the guy’s cute, though with the tattoos and scars he looks a little out of place in his neat bartender’s uniform—more like he should be in some back-alley joint with bouncers and regular fights and a baseball bat behind the counter, rather than a lounge like this. Spiky dark hair and tanned skin and lots of sleek muscles, and yeah, Shinji is more than appreciative of the eye candy, his bad mood quickly falling away in the face of it. Because chicks are great, and boobs will never get old, but there’s something to be said for pinning another guy down and making him scream.

“Good afternoon,” the guy says, putting down the glass he’s polishing and giving Shinji a faint smile. There are slight lines around his storm-grey eyes, almost wariness, but maybe Shinji’s reading too much into things. “What’s your poison?”

For half a second, Shinji debates ordering a Blow Job or a Screaming Orgasm just to see the man’s reaction, but regretfully decides he’s not in quite that sort of mood and instead offers, “You any good at a Lemon Drop Martini?”

That earns him a flash of teeth as the man grins and turns away. “You wearing socks? ‘Cause I guarantee I can knock ‘em off.”

I bet you can, Shinji thinks admiringly, studying the very, very nice curve of the man’s ass as he turns away. But it’s a bit too early to be scaring the guy away, so he goes with, “I’ll hold you to that. But you look new. Something happen to Hayato?”

The strong shoulders, barely hidden by the white shirt and vest, lift in a quick shrug as the man tilts the tumbler and deftly pours it into a glass, garnishing it with a twist of lemon before he slides it over to Shinji. “He got married and decided to get a real job. I’m Shuuhei.”

Shinji takes a sip, eyes closed to savor it. Sweet, sour, bite. Just the way he likes it. But that opening’s too good not to take, and he gives the man—Shuuhei—a quick grin. “An’ I’m Shinji. So this isn’t your real job, then? Got something on the side?”

A sideways glance from beneath dark lashes almost catches him by surprise, since the guy’s barely looked at him twice, but it’s strangely appealing when coupled with those sharp-stark scars and the blue stripe of that tattoo. “Yeah,” Shuuhei says dryly. “I try and save the world whenever I’m not mixing drinks for stuck-up assholes.”

Shinji barks out his first genuine laugh in what feels like a god-damned age, grinning widely as he takes a generous sip of martini. “Oh? I can see the spandex thing working for you, definitely, but I’ll admit you didn’t strike me as the type.”

Shuuhei grins back, a little wry but mostly amused. “Well,” he says easily, “not every superhero fights out in the open. I like to think I’m more of a back-alley-deals kind of guy. Stop the megalomaniac from the shadows and all that.”

Something twists in Shinji’s chest, bitter and bracing, and he tosses back the rest of his drink to cover his grimace. “Takes all types,” he agrees, and tries not to think how very much his situation fits that simple summary.

“Another?” Shuuhei asks, already snagging his glass.

By now, Shinji’s more than ready to throw caution to the wind. The guy seems open enough not to take a swing at him, at least. Summoning up his best flirtatious grin, he drops his elbows on the smooth wood of the bar and leans forward, like it’s a secret. “And if I asked for a Screaming Orgasm?” he questions, voice just above a purr.

Shuuhei meets his eyes for three long heartbeats, expression unreadable, and then one corner of his mouth curls up in amusement. “I’d say my shift’s over at six,” he answers, and that flare of heat in his eyes is somewhere between challenge and anticipation. An answering heat curls in Shinji’s stomach, and he wants.

Then Shuuhei gives him a full-on smile, bright and a little wicked, and lowers his voice to add, “Beyond that, I really hope you like to top. I think I could use a screaming orgasm of my own after today.”

Shinji’s mouth goes dry, a vision of acres of golden skin spread out beneath him flashing before his eyes, and he has to think of Hiyori’s screeching to keep from embarrassing himself.

“Yeah,” he says, and it’s a fucking miracle that his voice comes out steady. “I think we’ll be able to work something out.”

Shinji wakes up alone in the hotel room with bright sunlight falling over him, warm and well-rested and totally at peace with every damn thing in the universe. It’s been years since he last got laid, and every single bit of tension that’s been coiling through his body is gone, eased away by a really fucking awesome night.

And, yeah, it might be nicer if Shuuhei was still here, ready for a final round of morning sex, but Shinji can’t bring himself to mind the other man’s absence too much. It was a one-night thing, and both of them knew that going in. Shinji’s in no place to be making commitments, not to anything aside from tearing Aizen down and grinding him into the mud. And, regardless of looks that should be able to get him laid without effort, Shinji got the impression that Shuuhei was just as in need of a release of tension as Shinji himself.

He rolls over in the bed, enjoying the stretch and pull of muscles that haven’t been put to good use in far too long, and grins to himself. Yeah. No penny-dreadful romance novel plots here, but it was still one fucking awesome night, excuse the pun, and he’s content with that.

There’s a note on the nightstand beside him, a scrap of hotel stationary scrawled in a ridiculously neat, precise hand.

Sorry, had to go to my other job. I’ll buy you a drink next time you come in to make up for the lack of morning-after sex.


Great minds think alike, apparently. Shinji decides that a drink with a hot guy sounds very nice indeed, already planning a time to sneak out of the base to take Shuuhei up on it as he hauls himself into the shower. A quick scrub, a cup of fancy coffee from the upscale place down the street, and he saunters deeper into Karakura, deciding to let the other Vizards stew for a bit longer. The bastards can take it, after all, and Shinji’s going to milk this not-an-actual-clusterfuck of a day for all it’s worth before he has to go back to the loony bin.

Well, that particular loony bin, he acknowledges, seeing as his feet are headed towards Urahara’s store. But Urahara’s usually up for a spar at the very least, and Shinji could use some downtime. With the others, sparring is training for taking on Aizen, and Shinji doesn’t want to think about that bastard for at least another few hours.

With a peaceful sigh, he rounds the corner and strides into the courtyard in front of the store, waving a lazy greeting to the little girl sweeping. “Yo, Ururu-chan.”

“Hirako-san,” the girl mumbles, blushing. “Boss is inside, if you’re looking for him.”

Shinji nods and heads up the steps without hesitating, though he keeps his easy swagger. No point in rushing, after all. “Kisuke?” he calls, poking his head around shelves and stacks.

“Shinji,” the scientist responds cheerfully from about three and a half inches behind him, making him all but jump out of his skin. That earns him a fan-flutter and a very wide, badly hidden smirk. “Oh my. Jumpy, are we?”

Shinji scowls at him, but can’t force himself to hold it for long. In the end, he settles for rolling his eyes and reaching out, smacking that stupid bucket-hat down a little further over the younger man’s eyes. “Whatever, ya sneaky freak,” he huffs. “Any news?”

Agreeably, Kisuke readjusts his beloved hat and turns, leading the way towards the dining room. “Ah, not much, I’m afraid. Things have been rather quiet of late. There’ll be a new shinigami stationed here soon, but she’s unseated and nothing to worry about.”

About to respond, Shinji pauses. There's…reiatsu in the air, a reiatsu he’s not familiar with, and while he hardly thinks Kisuke is going to betray them after so much time—

“Urahara-san, where do you want these? Back in the storeroom?”

That voice is entirely familiar and just as wholly unexpected, making Shinji falter even as a head of spiky black hair appears around the corner, half-concealed by a precarious stack of boxes. The arms he can see are strong and corded, the skin honey-colored and smooth where it isn’t lightly scarred, and intimately familiar.

Shuuhei-kun?” Shinji blurts in absolute shock, because this is the man he fucked into a mattress last night, only with the addition of enough reiatsu to leave him at the lower end of captain-class and a katana slung diagonally across his back.

The man pauses, then carefully sets the boxes down and stands up, grey eyes meeting Shinji’s with muted surprise.

“…Oh,” Shuuhei says after a moment. “Shinji-san.”

“How interesting,” Kisuke coos, flitting around the two of them with a bright, knowing smile. “You’re acquainted with my new part-timer, Shinji?”

Biblically, Shinji wants to say, but he’s tactful enough to settle on a simple nod. No need to give Kisuke any more ammunition than he can dig up on his own, after all.

“Urahara-san,” Shuuhei says after a long moment of fairly awkward silence. He gives the shopkeeper a quick, meaningful glance and Kisuke’s eyes narrow beneath the shadow of his hat.

“Do you think that’s really such a good idea, Hisagi-kun?” he asks, and there’s very little that annoys Shinji more than being left out of the loop. He fixes both of them with a hard stare, crossing his arms over his chest and raising an expectant eyebrow.

Shuuhei, of course, meets his stare dead-on—even knowing him less than twenty-four hours, Shinji can tell he’s not the type to be easily cowed by anything. But the younger man inclines his head regardless, as though Shinji’s just won some sort of battle, and steps back. “I’m sure,” he tells the shopkeeper. “Sorry, Urahara-san. We’ll be using your training ground, if that’s all right.”

“Certainly, certainly. Take all the time you need, Hisagi-kun.” Sharp grey eyes stay on them as Shuuhei leads the way down the hall, and Shinji spares Kisuke one last glance—narrow, warning, because Shuuhei is obviously a shinigami or something very much like it, is obviously well-acquainted with the shopkeeper beyond just working for him, and Shinji’s going to be having words with Kisuke about keeping important things from him—before following him.

As soon as Shinji’s feet hit dirt, he turns to look at Shuuhei, and is almost startled to see the younger man dip into a deep bow, the kind of gesture that no one’s directed at Shinji since the whole disaster with Aizen. It’s…strange, seeing it again.

“Hisagi Shuuhei, former lieutenant of the Ninth Division, under Tousen Kaname,” Shuuhei says formally, straightening up and meeting Shinji’s eyes again, firm but faintly apologetic. “I’m sorry for misleading you, Captain Hirako.”

“…Ninth,” Shinji says after a beat, his gaze settling on the pair of numbers inked into Shuuhei’s skin. He’s seen them before, every time Kensei has taken his shirt off, but he’d dismissed it as coincidence. A mistake, obviously. “I should have realized.”

The brunet blinks, one hand rising to touch his cheek, and then he smiles a touch wryly. “Oh, right. Not my subtlest decision, I guess, but for the record I wasn’t drunk and I’ve yet to regret it. Captain Muguruma saved my life the same day he…disappeared. But he inspired me to join the Gotei 13 about fifty years ago, where I heard about what had happened. It was just…something I couldn’t let go of, especially since I started having suspicions about Tousen, Ichimaru, and Aizen. So I left, and eventually found Urahara. He filled me in.”

Shinji’s not a fool. He can tell there’s far more to the story than those five sentences let on. It’s been almost a hundred years since their exile, after all, and fifty years are a long time to spend alone and hunting. Shinji knows that better than most. And to leave the Gotei 13 on a hunch? To abandon everything so simply for the sake of a man Shuuhei only met once? That’s…

Shinji can’t tell if it’s absolutely flat-out moronic or the noblest damn thing he’s ever heard. Maybe a bit of both, honestly.

“I take it you’re in on Kisuke’s plans?” he asks with a faint sigh. Yet another life upended that he’s more than happy to blame on Aizen.

Shuuhei nods, grey eyes going sharp and hard, like honed steel. “I am. Shiba Kaien knows my location and what’s going on, and he’s been helping me sneak in and out of Soul Society when necessary. Urahara-san is to going to use that as a backup plan, and I’ve agreed.”

“Knowing Aizen, we’ll need a backup plan for that, too,” Shinji huffs. He eyes the former lieutenant, the easy way he carries himself, and remembers the sword callouses on his hands. For a moment he wavers, but then, with a faint sigh, he gives in to his curiosity. “Feel up to a spar? That’s what I was coming here for, but after a hundred years I’m tired of kickin’ Kisuke’s ass all the time. Want a turn?”

Shuuhei smiles. It’s definitely not a nice expression.

The sword comes out.

“Let’s see if I can’t kick yours first.”

Shinji grins right back, pops a soul pill, and steps out of his body as it falls away. “Now we’re talkin’, kid. How about you put your money where your mouth is?”

Shuuhei flips his zanpakuto around, catches it deftly, and growls, “Hado 58: Tenran.”

Sakanade comes to Shinji’s hand like an old friend, and he laughs even as the hurricane comes right for him. This will be fun.

When he wanders back to base some time in the early evening, it’s deathly silent within. Shinji steps through the barrier, brows rising when he sees all seven Vizards sprawled out in the main room. 

Almost instantly, Hiyori bolts to her feet, screeching, “You stupid baldy, where the hell have you been?!”

“Worried, Hiyori-chan?” Shinji asks blithely, pretending not to see the way seven pairs of eyes are studying him for any sign of injury as he hangs his coat up. “Sorry, got distracted over at Kisuke’s or I woulda been back a couple hours ago. Nothing happened.”

That doesn’t quite get a sigh of relief, but Lisa immediately gets up from the couch and wanders away, and Love isn’t far behind. Rose takes one more look at Shinji and heads for the kitchen, presumably to start dinner, and tows Hiyori—screeching and snarling, of course—along with him.

About to retreat to his room, Shinji pauses. Kensei is still on the couch, magazine propped open on one bent knee, and Shinji is…curious.

“Oi, Kensei,” he says, and the silver-haired man looks up, pierced brow rising. Shinji thinks about Shuuhei with his tattoos and has to smother a grin. They’re more alike than one would think, apparently.

“Yeah?” Kensei asks disinterestedly, attention still mostly on the magazine.

“You remember what happened the day before you disappeared? Back then?”

That gets him Kensei’s full attention instantly. After all, it’s an unspoken rule that they don’t talk about the past, especially not the past that close to their unwilling transformation. But apparently there’s still enough relief hanging around at Shinji not having abandoned their sorry asses to get him an answer, because Kensei snorts.

“Of course,” he scoffs. “Last time anything was even vaguely normal, wasn’t it? We had a patrol, me an’ Mashiro and some of the Ninth’s upper seats, looking into those disappearances. There was…” He pauses, eyes going faintly distant, and one side of his mouth quirks up. “A Hollow, outside of a little shit-hole town. Big and ugly. And a kid, this little brat who couldn’t stop crying. Big eyes, hair like a black porcupine got stuck to his head. I told him to quit crying and be happy he was still alive. Wonder if it worked.” Kensei pauses again, looking away, and then shakes his head. “Kid’s probably not even alive anymore, damn it,” he mutters, and there’s a regretful sort of anger in his voice—something Shinji’s more than familiar with.

Shinji wants to correct Kensei, tell him that he’s wrong and that crying kid is actually schlepping boxes for Kisuke right this minute, as powerful as a captain and able to give Shinji a workout in a spar. But Shuuhei already asked him to keep his presence a secret, so he holds his tongue. “Ah,” he says instead, and heads for his room, lifting a hand in a halfhearted wave. “Thanks, Kensei.”

Kensei says something, asks a question, but Shinji is out of hearing before he even gets halfway through, and closes his door firmly. With a tired sigh, he flops onto his bed, stretching out on his back and pressing his palms over his eyes.

One more thing Aizen ruined, he thinks, feeling that familiar, seething fury rise in his chest. Kensei coulda seen the kid grow up to be something great, if we’d stayed. Shuuhei coulda grown up with his hero pushing him to be even stronger. Hell, kid’s strong anyway. Maybe he woulda been a captain by now. Who knows what woulda happened if Aizen’d never crawled out from under his rock.

Who knows.

Time After Time (Part 4 of 10)

Summary: AU. When the reader’s parents divorce, her mother moves her to a new town, right next door to Bucky Barnes. This is their love story.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 1,436

Warnings: fluff, crying, language, some mild feeling up, ANGST!, HEARTBREAK!,

A/N: Tags moved to the end. Please don’t hate me for what this chapter entails.

Part 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6a - 6b - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10

Age 17

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Cursed Woods

 Only the most determined vagabonds go where you, Jon and Todd were going.

The three of you had been partners since high school, the three of you all from bad homes, finding solace in eachother and the road. You had always felt at your best camping out away from society, seeing new places everyday and living off the land. Once when you were sixteen, you all ran away together for three months without being found! It was good times.

Today, you take on your biggest challenge.

Granata’s Hike.

Noone goes there, as legend tells, because its cursed. An ancient shapeshifting fairy supposedly placed a curse on it after a hunter killed her child, who had been playing in the form of a mink. What the curse entailed noone knew for sure, but most believed it true as everyone who has gone refuses to talk about the experience. The rough, rockiness and steepness of the grand hill made it tough to traverse even if you didnt The perfect test of your little gang’s ability.

“Hey. Hey Eddie! Daydreaming again?” Todd shook you from your reminiscing with an energetic shout and a rough jostling. “ We’re here! The base of the cliff.”

“Well then what’re we waiting for? Lets get up there!” You exclaim, playfully impatient. Jon giggles from the backseat, pulling the hiking bags out of the back of the van as Todd parks. You make some final gear checks, and you start the trek.

The trail is overgrown, rocky and steep, but the flora is flourishing and lush, full of color and healthier than youve ever seen on such a rough patch of land. The trees hang low with fruit and spanish moss, and you often have to move branches out of your face or cut tangled plants that block your path. Slowly but surely though, you make your way up.

“You guys okay back there?” You shout to Jon and Todd, who had begun to lag behind a bit about an hour in. “Yeah, Todd’s just feeling a little queasy is all!” Jon shouts back, helping Todd continue moving upward. He had gone a little pale in the face, but that was typical. He was prone to getting vertigo when you were climbing this high, but Jon’s got his back.

Another hour passed, and you suddenly began to gag. You forced yourself to continue despite intermittently feeling the urge to vomit. But when the next hour came and you reached the top, you could fight it no longer and rushed despite your exhaustion to the edge and vomitted over the side before Jon and Todd got up to the clear peak of the cliff. You sat down, face thankfully clean and the sensation gone. Probably just some bad trail mix or something. “WE MADE IT! You shouted to the boys, the three of you cheering your success. Now comes the fun part. Camping!

It only took half an hour to set up the whole site, the three of you all quite experienced, but you kept feeling a strange twinge inside. “Im feeling kind of off right now, i think ill take a nap if thats ok with you guys.” you say apologetically, to which both agree. “Get your rest!” Jon responds sunnily, “Yeah, so we can do the gathering together later!” Todd tacks on, sticking his tongue out at you playfully when you roll your eyes. You curl up in your sleeping bag, but you cant sleep. The strange throb in your belly too distracting. You sit up and whine, putting pressure on it in hopes of relieving the pain, but the moment your hand touched your stomach the dull twinge blossomed into horrific cramps. You cross your legs and grit your teeth as tears prick the corners of your eyes, your hands on you stomach, your belly beginning to grow beneath your fingers, grotesque creaking, groaning sounds coming from your stretching skin, stretchmarks beginning to stripe the sides of your belly. You scream.


Jon and Todd are at attention and run to your tent. Todd bursts in ready to murder an attacker and Jon runs in behind him with a war cry, but both freeze at sight of your condition. Jon clasps his hands over his mouth in shock and Todd stands starkly upright in fear and disbelief. Youre rocking back and forth on your knees and sobbing as the growth finally slows to a stop, but the cramps only intensify. A sudden gush of fluid from below startles you and brings the red heat of embarrassment to your tear sodden cheeks.

Jon moves slowly shakily towards you, and begins to rub your back. “I-its g-gonna be ok-kay, i p-promise. Youre so str-strong…” He murmurs quietly in encouragement. Tod approaches and ties your hair back out of your face in a little ponytail like his and gently rubs your belly. “I wont let you get hurt, i promise Eddie. You’re gonna be okay.”

You sob into Todd’s shoulder, gripping him for support as you feel something moving down, pressing against your ass… Bulging. You shift into a squat. “s-somethings c-c-coming out!” you whine desperately, nearly tearing your pants off your body in your frantic rush to remove them. Keening, screaming into Todd’s strong shoulder, something begins to crown your exit, and its huge. “Push, Eddie, you can do this.”

Jon yelps, seeing whats coming. “It looks l-like… L-like… y-youre laying an egg..?”

Theres nothing but fear in your eyes, as you look up at him incredulously. “Y-you cant be seri-aaaaaAHHHHHHHH!? NGHHH!” Youre sentence is cut off by the worst cramp yet, and a horrific shifting of weight as the thing coming out of you passes its widest point, and slips free. You fall over into Todd’s arms, exhausted and spent. You threaten to pass out, but you look and see, just as Jon had claimed, an egg, the size of a grapefruit, black with dark grey spotting.

You’re speechless, even when it begins to crack. In moments, the egg splits in half to reveal a tiny humanoid infant. It had small bugs wings and dark grey skin, but it began to cry shortly after hatching, much like a human baby. It had solid blue eyes, no whites or visible pupils, but vibrant and shiny. When it begins to cry, thats when your nipples begin to drip milk, your teats swelling up a bit, but after all of this thats the least of your worries. Jon lifts it, hands quivering, and gives it to you. Maternal feelings wash over you as it latches onto your teat, using its tiny pawed hands to knead your chest.

A loud sound like howling wind swept across the clearing, and a voice could be clearly heard. “Not enough. Not enough! NOT ENOUGH!” it shrieked, and with a sharp lasting pain, like you’d been stabbed with fire, your belly pushed outward again, bigger and bigger into a tight round orb of flesh. Pain hazed your mind.

To make matters worse, you heard your friends scream. Todd’s belly was the size yours had been for your first egg in moments, already squatting and pushing while still trying to comfort you. Jon’s was twice the size of youre first belly, and you could see the strain as he tried to be quiet to keep from worrying you, eggs pushing out both his vagina and his ass.

As your friends finish their births, your savior arrives. A park ranger, armed with an iron crucifix, brings a scissor lift to the open edge of the cliff, loading you three and your newborns and moving you down to safety as the entity screams in rage. She’d heard from a friend of theirs that they were planning on going, so she came to the rescue.

You lay 9 more eggs on the way back to your car, where you insisted to be brought. Todd and Jon curled up with you in the backseat, the four of you crying and speculating on what to do with your collective 13 fairy children, “pooka” as the ranger said they were. The 13 of them shapeshifted when you breastfed them, all three of your breasts engorged with milk for them, into humans that looked like all three of you, and you decided.

Maybe settling down wouldnt be so bad after all?

Our Undying Love

Pairing: Marichat, Adrienette

Theme: God AU

Word Count: 6,464

Also found on

“Ladybug!” Chat Noir watched as the goddess of creation stumbled back. Her hair, the dark locks highlighted as a shade of blue from the sun shining on them, covered her face like a wispy curtain. Her once white dress was now stained a deep red and waved majestically as the several layers of silk clung to the goddess’ body, showing every curve of her body and the excess fabric flowed above her. The armor she had conjured with her magic for the battle against Hawkmoth began to glow a pink before shattering into hundreds of ladybugs. Swarming around her torso, they slowed her descent, gently laying her on the blood soaked field. Next to the pools of blood -her blood- were thousands of wild flowers.

Even in this mangled state, she still managed to look beautiful to the god of destruction.

Chat took a shaky step forward, hesitant to move. He wanted to run to her, hug her and hold her tightly to his chest. But he couldn’t. Because if he did, that would mean he was accepting this reality. The reality that his loved one was gone, taken right before his eyes.

A weak arm moved towards Ladybug as a faint light began to shine through her milky skin and the silk dress she wore ever so beautifully. “No…” A hoarse whisper came from his throat, his legs whining in protest as he began to sprint towards her fading body. “No!”

He barely managed to reach her before she was fully gone, gingerly placing his trembling hand on her smooth skin. “Ladybug, no. Don’t go, please!” He willed for her to open her sparkly blue eyes that were always filled to the brim with happiness and hope.

But it never happened. Ladybug, his Ladybug, was dead now. The once dim light that cascaded from her body grew into a golden shine before flecks of shimmering gold spark rained down around him. Desperately, Chat reached for the light, it slipping through his fingers as she clutched at them. “Ladybug!”

He stared at the glittery sky above him, tears stinging his electric green eyes. It was beautiful, such as she was. But now matter how pretty it was, it still hurt Chat to no end. Misery and anger filled inside of him, threatening to boil over to the point of no return.

Chat snapped his head back at the akuma which had delivered Ladybug’s final blow. He was the last bastard in Hawkmoth’s army.

“You,” His voice shook in hatred, his hands clenched tightly into fists. The muscles in his biceps twitched as he felt his rage build up inside, blinding his vision with red.

The akuma didn’t stand a chance against Chat, not when the god’s specialty was close range combat. His powers of destruction came in handy as well. His left hand was bundled in the clothes the akuma was wearing as his other inched closer and closer to the akuma’s throat. His black magic swirled in and out of his fingers, a certain power overtaking his body.

“I won’t let you get away with this.”

It’s been 300 years since that incident, and the memory was still like a fresh wound to him. The image of her gracefully falling as she took her last breath were as raw and detailed as it was on that fateful day.

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anonymous asked:

How about a meihem drabble with the prompt 11.“Will you just shut up for a minute and let me think?!” or 14. “Please…stay…”? Pretty please? <3

I choose… 14. “Please… stay…”

Hold on to your hats, kids.


She was crying, just lying there sobbing with tears running down her red cheeks and tendrils of her hair clinging to her face. She could barely catch her breath and when she could they were harsh pants that looked painful. Everything, he corrected, everything about her now looked incredibly painful. And that was all she could feel, he knew. She just laid there sobbing, repeating something he couldn’t catch over and over again in Mandarin as she cried while enduring waves of great pain.

And it was all his fault.

Jamie didn’t know what to do, and he felt more useless now than he’d ever had in his entire life. He could fix his own bumps and bruises and gashes and lost limbs but he could do nothing now, nothing to help her or ease the pain or take it himself because God knew he could feel pain and keep pushing on. He should’ve been more careful, he thought, his hands fisting in his own hair as his heart galloped wildly in his chest. He should’ve listened to Roadie for once and watched what he was doing. Instead, he’d been selfish. He hadn’t watched out for her, it hadn’t even crossed his mind because he’d thought there’s no way, there’s no way I can fuck it up with her.

Now Mei was crying. Now she was hurt and in pain and suffering.

And all he could do was stand there like the fuckup he was and listen to her sobs.

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Name: Gentleman

Author: Aya-Fay

Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and where to find them

Pairing: Percival Graves x Reader

Theme: Percival x Reader where she has like Credence role and she is in love with Graves. He knows this and uses it to his advantage. But one day she gets hurt and he realizes he feels the same.

No smut in here as it seemed not fitting for me.


By my adorable @umbrellas-and-tallymarks

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A Cup of Coffee and A Plate of French Toast- Percival Graves x Reader

Fandom: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Characters: Percival Graves

Pairing: Reader X Percival Graves

Notes/Warnings: Nothing really. I’m not really sure how a squib would be treated in the North American Wizarding Society, so I made a squib that wasn’t completely outcasted from the society but still has to work like a non-magical human

Word count: 3,929

Imagine: Percival Graves meets a squib who runs a diner

One headcanon referenced: @thesniffler with Percival falling asleep in reader’s arms-

Originally posted by nalianova

“Now, now Percival…don’t be like that. This will only hurt more if you move.”

The blade was directly next to his eye and sweat trickled down his face as he stared into heterochromic eyes that were glittering with mirth in the dark.

“Now be a good boy, Percival.”

The grip on the back of his head grew tighter and the blade glinted in the light.

A scream echoed through the corridor.


Percival shot up from his bed, the scream echoing in his head, his chest heaving as his eyes frantically searched the room for…for…

No one. He wasn’t in the cell, he was in his home, his own bed.

He wasn’t with Grindelwald.

Sighing, he flopped backwards in his bed, staring at the ceiling,

Another sleepless night it would seem.

Sighing he got out of bed, pushing his hair back, scratching his head.

He hadn’t had a decent night’s sleep in months. The moment he closed his eyes, he was always trapped in nightmares of Grindelwald. The phantom never seemed far from his mind and was always in the shadows.

He cursed loudly as he banged his knee against the living room table, stumbling a bit and caught himself on the wall. With a wave of his hand the light flickered on.

He had remained in the same apartment, unwilling to change every little detail of his life because of Grindelwald. But he wasn’t willing to keep the same layout the man had so comfortably been living in, so the first thing he had done when he had returned was change the entire thing.

He was still getting used to it himself.

He swallowed.

He needed air…he needed to get away.

He needed to go somewhere.

Before he even realized what he was doing, he had pulled on clothes, a pair of shoes, and was walking down the streets of New York, his wand pressed tightly beneath his sleeve. He just kept walking, kept on walking.

Until he spotted a small diner, one he had walked past several times named The Central Fairy. The sign on the door showed it was still open, despite it being so late.

…it wasn’t like he had anything better to do at that moment.

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Facts about Dance with Devils you might actually not know

(Because I had nothing better to do, here’s 64 facts on dwd  =w=) 

- It’s an Original anime 

- It’s one of the first ever otome musical anime

- It’s produced by Rejet, not Diabolik Lovers ( sarcasm implied) 

- It’s an anime first Otoge

- Rem is the youngest out of all the boys in terms of Birthdays 

- Rem’s Seiyuu ( Saito Soma 25) is the youngest out of all the male cast

- Mage is the second youngest among the boys

- Mage’s Seiyuu (Kimura Subaru 26)  is also the second youngest among the male cast

- Mage’s Seiyuu is a stage actor and is half german

- Ritsuka’s Seiyuu (Akaneya Himika 22)  is the youngest among all the cast 

- Ritsuka is potrayed by a guy in the stage musical

- Rem’s stage actor (Keisuke Kaminaga) dyed his hair to match Rem’s hair colour for the play

- Lindo’s Seiyuu (Hatano Wataru) has recorded BLCDs with all of the male cast sans Kimura Subaru 

- Lindo’s Seiyuu is usually the Seme in BLCDS

- Lindo and Rem’s seiyuu are are actually the senpai-kouhai combo of 81Produce

- Glax’s [Rem’s father] Seiyuu (Morikawa Toshiyuki) voices the Japanese dub for Nick Wilde in Zootopia

- Rem’s seiyuu voices Lie Ren in the Japanese dub for RWBY

- Azuna’s Seiyuu (Risae Matsuda) has a twin older sister

- Roen is voiced by Kazutomi Yamamoto in his dog form

- Maksis’s Seiyuu (Jouji Nakata)  also voices Kirei Kotomine from the fate series

- The person who sighed in the second half of Mademoiselle ,the ED song for the anime, was actually Rem, not Urie.

- The Manga titled ‘Dance with Devils -BLIGHT-’ is only 10 chapters long and focuses on Shiki x Ritsuka

- Rem’s seiyuu does not like eating mushrooms

- Lindo’s seiyuu shares the same star sign as him, Pisces

- Mage’s seiyuu was double casted as Holland [Rem’s mentor] in the play

- According to the Anime’s scriptwriter, Tomoko Konparu, the last scene where Ritsuka was running to school and cosmo petals flew past her was actually Rem sending a message to her from the demon world. 

“ Even if we’re apart, separated by two worlds, I still can’t stop thinking about you ” - Rem Kaginuki

- The man that extended his hand to Ritsuka at the very end of ‘Kaze no Yokan’ is actually Rem.

- In episode 2, the voice that whispered to Ritsuka ‘it’s alright’ when Rem was in the burning house was actually Rem’s.

- Ritsuka and Rem share the same Star sign, Scorpio

- A tuft of Lindo’s hair grows longer whenever he transforms into his dhampir form.

- In episode 8, Azuna mentioned that it was the first time Ritsuka attended the school festival. It was revealed in the game that she was absent during her first school festival due to her attending her grandfather’s funeral. 

- The song ‘ Itsuka Yumede Mita Basho he’ in episode 8 hides a much more sadder meaning beneath it’s romantically cheesy appearance

-Ritsuka always looks straight into Rem’s eyes when she’s talking to him and doesn’t whenever she’s expressing hatred towards him . One example could be seen in episode 5 where she tells him not to come closer.

- Rem uses a more ‘feminine’ term when referring to himself, which is ‘watashi’ 

- Rem’s character song in the anime is the only one that doesn’t feature Ritsuka in person

- Shiki’s name when he was still an angel in heaven is ‘Kalvier’.

- Urie inherited his womanizing ways from his father

- Urie actually hates women

- Mage once had brothers in the demon world but they were all killed by Maksis

- Rem’s backstory is the only one that isn’t revealed neither in the game nor in the anime despite him being the supposedly canon boy of the franchise

- If you observed closely, in episode 1, there was a picture frame where Ritsuka was featured with Shoulder length hair 

-Till this day, no one ever knew whether if Azuna’s body was buried or found by the police

- Ritsuka’s mother ,Maria, is only 38 years of age

- In episode 5, people assumed that Mage took Ritsuka to a Chinese restaurant in China, when it’s really just Hong Kong.

- In episode 5, the language that was spoken by the delinquents was Cantonese and not Mandarin.

- All the characters in DwD refer to each other on a first name basis if not related which can also signify that the series wasn’t following regular Japanese standards. 

-At the time the anime was announced, the game was also announced at the exact same time

-The chanting in ‘Kurayami no Hanayome’ belongs to Rem and Lindo. (Except for the Reprise ver) 

- The tarot cards in the ending song are accurate descriptions for each of the boys.

- Despite having a Japanese surname, it can also be implied that Maria and Martha are half Japanese , which makes Lindo and Ritsuka mixed bloods. 

- Japanese families tend to put their family’s surnames on the front gate of their estate in Kanji yet Ritsuka’s family puts it in Romaji which gives it a more western outlook.

- In episode 9, the exorcist society were trying to remove Ritsuka’s heart surgically since it’s the main source of blood in her body. 

- It is still a Mystery as to why Rem has two family names , Kaginuki and Arlond, and has to switch names depending on what world he’s in, whereas Urie, Mage and Shiki, get to keep theirs.

- Rem’s shoes resemble hooves

- Rem is actually pretty seductive in the game

- It is said that Rem has ‘a heart of a maiden’ by the anime’s script writer, Tomoko Konparu. 

- The director of the anime series, Ai Yoshimura, decided to use Cosmo flowers as a story board in most of the more light hearted scenes (Namely, when the scene involves Rem and Ritsuka) because cosmo flowers hold the meaing of ‘love’ or ‘a maiden’s heart’

- The series focuses on ‘Family’ rather than ’Love’ 

- Rem’s a huge Shogi nerd

- Holland was the one who taught Rem how to play Shogi

- Rem’s tendency to see other’s as pawns originated from his father’s upbringing as to him, Rem was also a pawn that should be disposed of when it no longer has a purpose

- Although DwD has a pretty small fandom in and out of Japan, their merch tends to get sold out a lot 

- The news about DwD getting a second season in spring 2017 are false and was told in a round about way similar to that of saying that a second season hasn’t been confirmed. 

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(Just tagging those who I THINK are still in the fandom but just a reminder, it has 64 facts on this list and some of them are based off what I observed in the anime. There are misconceptions mixed in it as well. )

Feel free to add more facts if I missed anything.

Girl Meets Civil Rights

“Today’s lesson is going to talk about causes to fight for,” Mr. Mathews said that week, “we are so lucky that in today’s society people have the right to fight and protest for what they believe is best for the country. Can anyone name me some civil rights movements?”

“Black lives matter!” Zay called out and he and Lucas fist pumped.

“Feminism!” Riley called, Maya and her high fived.

“I, to, shall participate in this highest of fives ritual.” Smackle began, standing up. “I admire the work of Eleanore Roosevelt and-” Maya high fived her in the nose.

“All lives matter!” Everyone looked at Farkle. “What? All lives do.”

“Yes but-” Zay started.

“Maya do you have any to contribute? Because I can think of one more.” Mr. Matthews looked over at her knowingly.

“Feminism, I already said feminism, feminism is my movement, remember STEM and stuff and farkle being a sexist to Riley and-”

“Feminism is Riley’s movement. You participated in it but you aren’t as passionate about it,” Mr. Matthews directed at her, “which is why this week I want you all to write a report and present it, about a movement you’re passionate about.”



“Get out of here ya filthy animals!” He yelled as the bell rang and they all shuffled out.

“Mr. Matthews?” He turned around to see his favorite blonde student.

“I don’t have a movement I’m passionate about,” maya muttered.

“Everyone does, you’ll find it, just do a little research, and I’m sure your best friend here,” he gestured at Riley who was waiting by the door, “will be more than happy to help.”


“Rileyyyyyy! I don’t have a movement I’m passionate about,” Maya whined hanging over her best friend as they sat in the bay window.

“What about poverty?” Riley suggested shrugging, Maya gripped the front of her dress.

“You calling me poor sunshine?” The blonde demanded, Riley smiled big, and then hugged her.

“Yeah!” She called out and Maya groaned from beneath the hug.

“I’m not doing my report on poverty!” She said untangling herself from her… friend.

“Well how about arts education in schools?” Riley asked and Maya watched her get visibly excited.

“Okay, I guess,” the blonde shrugged. “I did do that whole presentation about it.”

“Yay!” Riley yelled pulling her into another hug.

“Hey guys, what are you talking about?” Topanga asked walking in.

“Our reports in history class,” Riley happily responded, scooting over to make room for her mom.

“Ooh! What are they about?” She asked rubbing her hands together.

“Movements we’re passionate about,” Maya told her and Topanga nodded.

“So Riley you’re doing yours on feminism,” her daughter nodded, “and Maya yours is on ga-”

“Arts education in schools,” the blonde cut in and Topanga looked utterly confused.

“Are you passionate about that?” She asked, her head tilting.

“Very, I did an entire presentation about it in front of the school board, remember?” Maya reminded her.

“Yeah like a year ago and-”

“Riley had hers like a year ago, why can’t I have mine a year ago? Why can’t I just be like everyone else?!” They both looked at her. “I’m gonna go work on it,” She bolted out the bay window.

“Am I missing something or…” Riley trailed off.

“Forget about it, she’ll figure it out.” Topanga responded.


“Welcome back ya filthy animals!” Mr. Matthews said to his class. Everyone groaned. “Alright alright, Lucas you’re presenting.”

“My movement is the anti bullying movement.” He said standing up and walking up to the front. “When I lived in Texas I bullied people because I thought I was protecting my friend, but as I look back I realize there’s no excuse for punching someone,” He paused, “And as I’ve gone through middle school and high school I’ve come to realize that more and more. I have friends who’ve been bullied,” he gestured to Riley and Farkle, “and my first inclination was always to get violent. Earlier this year I thought we were being bullied by some seniors, I wanted to hit them. My friends wanted to listen to them. In the end my friends were right.” He nodded at Maya and Riley now. “Every year over 3.2 million students are bullied, and that’s not right. No one should go to school and feel unsafe.” He stood up straighter now. “I’m going to do my part to stop bullying at this school, so the next time I see it I’ll intervene, peacefully, and if that doesn’t work, I’ll tell a teacher,” he nodded at Mr. Matthews, “and I hope we all will do the same.” Everyone clapped, especially Riley who wiped a tear from her eye.

“Oh bravo!” She yelled, “bravo!” Farkle and Smackle grimaced.

“Gross,” the muttered together.

“Okay!” Mr. Matthews called, “tomorrow we have Farkle and Zay, than Smackle and Riley, than last we’ll have Maya,” he looked up, “that okay?” They all nodded and the bell rang.

“Wait?” A kid in the back asked, “what about the rest of us?”

“Class is over get out of here!” He yelled. “Man what type of nerd stays and talks to a teacher?”


“So have you guys picked a movement yet?” Lucas asked the group at Topanga’s and nearly everyone nodded, Maya just looked nervous.

“I’m doing feminism!” Riley said sipping her pumpkin spice latte, she handed it to Maya who took a sip too, than smirked at Lucas.

“I’m doing research on an organization called Autism Speaks,” Smackle responded.

“That’s really cool Smackle.” Lucas smiled.

“OH MY GOD STOP HITTING ON ME! Farkle is right here!” She gestured at her boyfriend, whom she was currently sitting on the lap of.

“I’m doing the all lives matter movement,” Farkle said pushing his hair to the back like Justin Bieber. He didn’t notice everyone glaring.

“I’m doing Black Lives Matter,” Zay said through his teeth.

“Boy tomorrow will be so fun!” Maya smiled. “Well lookie here it’s tomorrow already!” She called from her seat in history class.

“Farkle you’re up.” Mr. Matthews called.

“My movement is all lives matter. This is important to me because all lives do matter. African Americans complain that they’re being shot by police officers, but the truth is what’s killing Americans today are not police officers, but heart disease. Which afflicts everyone, not just people of one color, which is why we need to stop looking at it through a black and white lense. THANK YOU I AM FARKLE!” He sat down and no one clapped.

“Sir?” Zay called.

“Please save us, I can see our ratings dropping already.” Mr. Matthews muttered.

“My movement is black lives matter. Because I believe that all lives matter, but all lives are not being targeted by the police, and systematically being shot for existing. All lives are not put in prison for either doing nothing, or just on small drug charges, all lives are not denied jobs, or in one case, that happened her in New York, denied the right to breathe. No, only one type of life is treated that way. We were brought here against our will, forced to do hard labour, and when we were finally freed we still were treated like dirt. All lives matter, but every time I go outside wearing a hoodie, every time I pass by a cop, I fear for my life. And when I’m in a store, or an airport, they all watch me like hawks, and that’s not because I have great style. It’s because I’m black, and racism is alive in America today, and that is what I fight against! And that is what I am passionate about!” He ended in a yell, everyone clapped loudly before people began cheering.

“I was wrong Zay.” Farkle said at last, “it pains me to say this, but you are smarter than me. I was really wrong.” And Zay smiles and nods.

“Bro hug man.” And they went in for the hug.


“Hey Maya!” Riley called the next day after she presented, “what’d ya think of my report? Feministastic? Girliful? Civilrightsy?”

“None of those were words honey,” Maya said and Riley shrugged. “Cmon it’s time for art,” she grabbed her friends hand and took off in a run.

“You’re nervous for your presentation, aren’t you?” Riley yelled knowingly as the blonde pulled her along.



“Okay Maya you’re up.” Mr. Matthews said.

“My movement is Arts education in schools.” She looked at her paper, “arts education is really important because-”

“Maya?” Mr. Matthews asked, “are you passionate about this?”

“Very,” she responded sharply, “arts education is very important because,” she looked up at her classmates who looked at her expectantly. “Because, um, because-”

“Maya,” Mr. Matthews said, “it’s time.”

“I’m not ready,” she muttered, a tear began to fall down her face.

“Yes you are, I know you are.” He said, Maya swallowed than walked over to Riley’s desk and took her hand.

“My movement is not arts education in schools,” she said directly to her, then looked down, “it’s the lgbt rights movement.” There were audible gasps but Riley just kept studying maya. “I’m gay.” She finally whispered.

AN: this is my new AU I’ll be posting stuff within this AU later but for now, well yeah. If I got anything wrong please tell me so I can fix it. If you object to Autism speaks know that they changed their mission two days ago so they aren’t trying to find a cure anymore. Um please hit me up with any constructive criticism and thanks for reading!

Truth or Lie (Part Sixteen)

Part One

Part Fifteen

A/N: Sorry for the late update! I had to plan five or so chapters into the future before posting this one. Things are about to get crazy, guys. So, enjoy this chapter full of fluff and flirting! 

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, flirting, sexual references/sexual tension, flashbacks, explicit language, angst, slight violence

Word Count: 4068

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Originally posted by shurleys

Soft clouds graced Chicago’s sky, wisps of white detailing its bright blue surface. Despite the fairly sunny conditions, there was still a bit of chill in the air, coaxing you to press into Rob’s side as the two of you sat on a metal bench in one of the parks within Chicago’s depths. The two of you had spent the entire day exploring the city, which had prompted you to take a break before you headed to the haunted corn maze you had been so curious about.

“Want to go inside?” Rob’s soft voice murmured near your ear.

You shook your head, enjoying the calm atmosphere and the emptiness of the surrounding area too much. Since you and Rob were in the city all day, you were always surrounded by people, which meant the two of you had to behave yourselves just in case any fans were around. Out here in the park, there was hardly anyone around, and the people that were there were busy jogging or were on their phone. You were nearly alone, and the temptation to be close to him had been nagging you since you left the hotel room. “Tell you what I do want, though …,” you trailed off, a suggestive tone lacing within your words as you turned to gaze at him.

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anonymous asked:

are you taking prompts? if so jon/sansa - basically the tumblr post 'let me sleep with you so i can warm my feet on you and use you as a pillow and probably steal all the covers' (something like that) :)

In which Sansa obliges Arya’s request for the good ol’ midnight switcheroo at the Stark beachhouse. [It’s not stated in-text but Jon isn’t Lyanna’s son here.]

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