because he was still odin's son and still wanted to be

A cage of golden glass

Synopsis: There was you. An ordinary human girl, wrong place, wrong time. Then there was Loki. God of Mischief, war criminal. When Thor brings you to Asgard to ensure your safety, there is nobody else you come to hate more passionately than his evil foster brother. Then Odin finally decides on a new and much more effective kind of punishment for Loki, causing your whole world to fall apart. He would simply marry him off to a mortal, someone who is, by all means, “beneath” him. You.

Pairing: Loki x Reader
Rating: M
Chapter: 1/1 (Oneshot)
Words: 7217
Warnings: smut, forced marriage

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“Not only are there no happy endings…There aren’t even any endings.”

Every time I read American Gods by Neil Gaiman, I find more things to adore about this novel. I read it this time while traveling across the United States, and I have to say, something about reading this book in transit just makes sense. It makes even more sense reading it while soaring over America itself, gazing down on fields and hills, a New Jersey import who lives in Chicago, went to LA a week or so ago, and just left Florida. There is something so intensely American about this novel, and it wows me every time. From the smaller mythic chapters telling folk tales and stories of the people who brought their gods to America, to the gods themselves and their characters, this novel always gets me. This was my third time reading this novel, and I’m going to dig deep to highlight new things that I had forgotten, so solid warning: Spoilers ahead.

I will never get over the way that Neil Gaiman melds together the idea of the gods and the land, and gives them both their own power and will. Something that wows me that I often forget about the standalone is now astoundingly diverse it is without being appropriative, and how Gaiman incorporates so many cultures, a diverse range of characters, as well as a huge amount of humor without it becoming problematic. I think this novel could be a guidebook for authors who want to know how to write diverse stories and mythos respectfully. I forgot about so many fantastic characters that Gaiman pours himself into, from Samantha Black Crow to side characters that brim with energy and character themselves, like Whiskey Jack’s son or Bilquis. I also never noticed before the two mentions of Mr. Nancy’s son that point to Anansi Boys. Not to mention the wealth of research and knowledge that goes into the bottomless well of background characters and visions leading up to the battle. 

One thing I gained a new appreciation for in this novel was the character of Shadow. He is big, and not dumb, and I remembered all that, but what I forgot is how nice he is. Shadow’s such a cinnamon roll of a character, and I forget that. He stands up for a waitress and believes in the good of people. At the Lakeside library book sale, he tries to find the book that’s least likely to be purchased, so that he can help the library out by buying it. He performs coin tricks for children. He is obligated to hold Odin’s vigil, but he never questions whether he should also hold Mad Sweeney’s. As Laura speaks with the cutting, too-open words of the already-dead, Shadow still refuses to tell her about her appearance or to not hold her hand, because he doesn’t want to hurt her still. When Shadow picks up bodies with the coroners, he carries them always in his arms. 

The scene between Shadow and Odin before his death is one of my absolute favorites (other favorite scenes include Samantha Black Crow’s protest kiss, the scene in which Shadow thinks snow into being, and Shadow’s long death scene). Odin recites to Shadow what he knows—the charms, in a long list. And it ends with that long scene where Shadow wonders what would have happened if he touched Odin’s hand, and wishes he had. And Odin’s twisting grift of the fiddle is so complicated and well done that even on the third re-read, I find myself forgetting about it until the moment Odin dies, and doubting myself on it until the moment Shadow says it out loud.

@neil-gaiman’s American Gods just gets better every time I read it, and I am cautiously thrilled and excited for the show coming out later this spring. 

“It doesn’t matter that you didn’t believe in us. We believed in you.”


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Thor x Young!Reader

“Guys incoming!” Tony yelled as something hurtled towards the group.

“I’ve got it!” Thor called out, reaching his hand out for Mjölnir. “What?” He gasped when it whizzed past him.

“We could use some help!” Steve yelled, raising the shield when something came flying towards him, steadying his feet as he was forced back a little.

“It would appear Mjölnir is not cooperating.” Thor sighed, looking around for where the hammer could hurtle from.

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It always happens in the garden

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Request: Jealous!Loki x reader

Author’s Note: Finally after a very long time and overcoming a writers block tonight, I am able to post this :)  So this was requested, there weren’t any specifics, so I hope whoever requested this, likes it 😊 And again, leave comments or feedback or whatever you like 😊 And I would like to get a feedback from the ano that requested it. Thank and Enjoy!

Love, Lis 😊

Growing up with Loki meant having a different adventure every day. Playing pranks on each other, but him playing unfair with his magic. After all he is the trickster. When you grew older the image of your “brother” and best friend, turned into your crush and then into a love. He was of course oblivious to it. He always showed off being the smart god, but when it got down to feelings he didn’t know a thing.

As you got older, you were getting closer with Thor, too. You were always his brothers best friend and the two of you played pranks on him, too. But now you were interested in fights, were the best at hand-to-hand combat and he got more and more interested in you, which didn’t go unnoticed by his father Odin.

And here you are, practicing hand-to-hand combat with Loki as his brother rushes to the two of you, calling out your name.

“Quite busy now Thor. What do you want?” you ask, dodging a punch from Loki, throwing one back at him, which he in return dodged.

“My father wants to see you.” He said, out of breath. That catches yours and Loki’s attention.

“The All-father wants to see me?!” you ask, getting nervous and glancing over at Loki, who looks at you confused.

“Did he tell you why he wants to see her?” Loki asks his brother, concern written all over his face.

“No, but he wants to see you right now, so you better hurry up.”

You give both of them another nervous glance and then hurry out of the room towards the great hall. The guards nod at you and open the door. You hurry inside and quickly kneel in front of the throne where Odin is seated.

“You send for me, all-father?” you ask, looking at the ground.

“I did, child. Let’s take a walk.” He says, standing up and making his way over to you. You look up and just nod at him.

“Of course.” You answer and he leads you out of the room towards the balcony and down to the garden. You stay quiet the whole time, waiting for him to talk and not even glancing at him, getting even more nervous, as he usually doesn’t take anyone on a stroll through the garden.

“You might ask yourself, why ordered you here.” He says.

“Yes, I do.” You say, still not looking at him.

“Well, it came to my attention that you spent a lot of time with my sons.” He says and you swallow  hard.

“I do, all-father.”

“And it came to my attention that my son, Thor, is rather fond of you.” He says and you shoot your head up looking at him surprised.

“I didn’t know, sire.”

“Well I do and I came to a decision, that you would be perfect at his side.” He says, stopping and looking at you. Your eyes widen and you don’t know what to say.

“A King needs a strong Queen, love. And you would be perfect for Thor.” He says with a slight smile.

“I-… I’m honored but …” you start but get interrupted by him.

“You don’t have to make a decision yet, because it has also come to my attention that you have a rather strong bond with Loki. But I do want you to accompany Thor to the ball tomorrow. Be by his side at all times and see where the evening leads you.” He says.

“Yes, I will.” You say and give him a slight nod. He bids you farewell and leaves you there dumbfounded, not knowing what to do or to say. You move over to a bench nearby and drop down to it.

You don’t know how long you have been sitting there, thinking about what Odin told you over and over, until you hear two sets of footsteps running in you direction. As Thor and Loki see you they both call out your name and rush to your side. You must have looked really pale, because Loki immediately kneels down in front of you and holds your face in his hands.

“Are you alright? What happened ? Where is our father?” he asks, looking for reassurance that you are okay in your eyes. You nod at him and put your hands over his, to assure him, that you are indeed alright.

“I’m fine, your father went back inside a long while ago.” You say.

“What did he want from you?” now it was Thor’s turn to talk.

“He wants me to accompany you to the ball tomorrow night.” You say, recognizing happiness in Thor’s eyes, but something else in Loki’s. Loki let’s go of your face and stands back up.

“Why?” Loki bluntly asks.

“I don’t know. He just said, that I would be great next to Thor.” And it hit Loki immediately.

“He wants you to get married to him.” He says, but it’s just above a whisper and he looks down to the ground.

“Yes.” You say, not being able to look at any of them.

Thor is a little taken aback, too but quickly recovers and smiles at both you and Loki, oblivious to the fact that he stands in front of two heartbroken souls.

The ball came even faster than you wanted it to be and now you are standing in the great hall, right next to Thor who had his arm around your waist, smiling politely at the people that he was talking to. You didn’t pay attention when they were introduced to you.

But since you arrived you had two sets of eyes on you the whole time. Odin and Loki have been watching you the whole time, from different parts of the room.

The whole situation made you uncomfortable and nervous and sick to your stomach. You couldn’t marry Thor, not in a thousand years. He was your best friend and more importantly your loves brother.

You feel like this night will never end and Thor keeps on introducing you to people and you don’t even make an effort at remembering their names. You hated balls and dressing up and pretending to like this all.

Loki new that, after all he was the closest to you. He had an eye on you since you walked in the room with Thor by your side and an arm wrapped around your waist. He saw that you never paid attention to what was being said, but still smiled at Thor whenever he looked at you. Now you are standing there wrapped in Thor’s arms as he keeps on talking. He feels this anger boiling up inside him. Why Thor? Because he was the first born? Why not him? Why would his father want you to marry Thor? Did he not deserve a wife like you?

Next time he looked over, his breath is caught in his throat. There you are, still wrapped in Thor’s arms as he gives you a kiss to your cheek. You close your eyes and smile and then start to giggle as Thor’s beard tickles your cheek, making Thor laugh, too.

Jealousy floods him, he throws a death stare into your direction and then to his father and stomps off, leaving the ball.

You stand there and just smile at Thor as he wraps both of his arms around you from behind. He keeps on talking and joking, but you are too caught up in your thoughts to bother. But then he smiles at you and you give him an assuring smile back. He leans down and gives you a kiss on your cheek, making you giggle, because of his beard. He chuckles, too and gives you a little squeeze.

But out of the corner of your eye, you see Loki. He gives you and Thor a death glare, then glances over to his father and leaves the room abruptly.

You free yourself of Thor’s arms and excuse yourself, hurrying behind Loki, knowing exactly that Odin is watching you.

You hurry outside and move down to the garden, knowing exactly where to find Loki. You see him standing with his back to you. You clear your throat and move closer to him.

“Don’t you have to be in my brother’s arms?” he asks.

“Not when my best friend needs me.” You say, stepping yet another step closer to him.

He doesn’t butch but sighs and drops his shoulders.

“I don’t need you and as far as I see, you have another best friend.” He answers.

You quickly walk up to him and wrap your arms around him from behind. He feel him tensing up but he doesn’t push you away. He just closes his eyes and takes a deep breath.

“I don’t want to be with Thor.” You say, pressing your cheek against his back.

“Didn’t look like it back then.”

“Odin wanted me to. He said I will have to accompany Thor and should stay by his side at all times.”

“You still didn’t mind, being wrapped in his arms and him smothering you with kisses.” He remarks and pushes your arms away and turns around, anger visibly seen on his face. And you can see jealousy, too. He moves to walk away and goes around you.

“I imagined it to be you.” You whisper, tears stinging in your eyes. Loki freezes in his steps and slowly turns around.

“Wh-What?” he whispers back.

Your eyes widen, you didn’t expect him to hear you. You turn around and look at him.

“I imagined it to be you. I don’t love Thor, I could never be with him.” You honestly say to him.

He takes two steps to you and cups your face in his hands and gently presses his lips onto yours. You immediately relax into his touch. After a little moment the two of you part and he presses his forehead against yours. You both keep your eyes shut and you move your hands to his face, holding him close.

“I imagined to be in my brother’s place, too.” He admits to you.

You smile at him and press another kiss to his lips.

“We just have to tell your father. Although I feel like he knows already.” You say and you see movement in the corner of your eye. You look to the side, seeing Odin on the balcony and you recognize a small smile on his lips. Loki turns around wide eyed just as Odin turned around and walks back inside.

“Well he definitely is the all-father.” He mumbles, making you chuckle and gives you another kiss, wrapping his arms around you.

Matt Murdock Boyfriend Headcanons: Matt meets the Avengers.

A/N: Pietro is alive, just like in the movies, however instead of being on a very long vacation after all the shit that went down with Ultron he decided to join the team. Also you work at a bakery because reasons. Word Count: 1393

  • The first Avenger he ends up meeting is Clint. 
    • The two are you are in your apartment making out on your couch after coming back from a wonderful date when Matt suddenly pulls away and tells you he can smell blood.
    • 5 minutes later, after you both have double checked all your injuries to make sure that it isn’t coming from either of you Clint barges in; clutching his left side tightly and muttering an apology.
      •  “Sorry about this Y/N but your place was closer then the tower.” 
    • You quickly rush over to Clint’s side to help him make his way to the couch, giving the pair a quick introduction before telling Matt to grab your first aid kit. 
      • “Matt this is Clint Barton aka Hawkeye. Clint this is Matt Murdock my boyfriend.” 
      • “Nice to meet you.” “
      • “You too, wish we’d meet when I wasn’t bleeding out though. Like at a bar or something.”

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His punishment

His punishment

Pairing: Thor x reader

Request : Thor-but I want me to be the dominate one. Like I have special handcuffs that he can’t break, and I tease the crap out of him. I touch myself before I pleasure him, and maybe the whole day I had been teasing him with touches and such. I want him to get really rough and dirty with it. Go all out, nothing is too far for me. And he cums inside me for all, but I want him for the sex to be so steamy and rough. At some point you can have him be released and he just pounds me at a speed like Pietro. I want this to be extremely dirty, and steamy

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Revenge. That was the only thing that was on your mind as you smoothed out the skirt you were wearing. You were planning on teasing the crap out of your boyfriend Thor. The reason behind your action is that five weeks ago he left right in the middle of sex. Sure he had a valid excuse, he had to go on a mission with the rest of the avengers but he left you at the edge of your orgasm. He as apologized profusely but you just weren’t having it and you’ve been ignoring him since.

“Ms. y/n you should hurry up, the meeting is about to start” Friday announced.

“I’m on my way.” you replied before you exited your room and made your way towards the conference room.

Once inside you noticed everyone except for Steve was already gathered around. “Damn y/n you’re looking good this morning” pietro commented and earned a glare from your boyfriend.

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A/N: Request from anon. A lot of depression and angst here but I’d say it’s fluffy too. It worked well with that idea I had in mind, so without further ado… enjoy!

Words: 1662
Warnings: angst, depression

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Who is this Tumblr?

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Y/n has created a chatroom.

Y/n has invited Nat and Wanda.

Y/n: Okay girls, I have something important to show you.

Nat: I’m intrigued?

Wanda: Is it naked Thor?



Wanda: What, girl has her needs.

Wanda: But you’re seriously not going to tell me he’s not hot.

Y/N: He’s old.

Wanda: You mean, he’s hot for an old guy.

Nat: Y/n, Cap and Bucky are almost hundred but that doesn’t stop you from gushing over them.

Y/N: Nah, he’s just pretty much old.

Wanda: Y/n stop, you’re not fooling anyone.

Y/N: About that, I have something to share with you, as I already mentioned but you girls have a concentration of a two year old, so.

Nat: Hey don’t assault, I may have a concertation of a child, but I certainly don’t punch like one.

Wanda: Y/n do you feel like flying?

Y/N: What do you mean?

Y/N: Not funny Wanda, LET ME THE FUCK DOWN.

Wanda: Since you asked so nicely.

Y/N: Damn you, Wanda.

Y/N: By let me down, I didn’t mean throw me into wall and almost break all of my bones.

Nat: Wanda, sometimes I think you’re bigger child than Tony.

Y/N: Let’s face it, you can never be bigger child than Tony.

Nat: Ah, true story.

Y/N: Will you now finally let me say what I have to say?

Wanda: Spill your soul, honey.

Y/N: You know I was telling you about Tumblr and fanfictions, yeah?

Nat: I think I still quiet don’t get it.

Y/N: Anyways, I found this amazing fanfiction about Steve and Bucky.

Y/N: It gave me all kind of different feelings.

Nat has added Bucky and Steve.

Nat: Guys, I think Y/n wants to tell you something.


Y/N: You better start running.

Steve has added Tony, Sam, Thor, Clint and Vision.

Y/N: Oh thanks Steve.

Steve: Anytime.

Steve: Now do you want to explain yourself?

Thor: May I just inquire, who is this Tumblr you’re speaking of?

Clint: Buddy, you don’t even wanna know.

Tony: As I wise man once said, stay away from Tumblr. You don’t wanna get involved.

Sam: It’s not who, it’s a page on the internet.

Steve: Tony, who was that “wise man”?

Y/N: I agree with Clint and Tony, it’s not for innocence people like you, Thor.

Vision: My sources claim that Tumblr is a microblogging and social networking website founded by David Karp in 2007, and owned by Yahoo! since 2013. The service allows users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog. Users can follow other users’ blogs. Bloggers can also make their blogs private. For bloggers, many of the website’s features are accessed from a “dashboard” interface.

Thor: I am not innocence.

Thor: I’ve killed many enemies and I fear nothing. One little foolish page can’t do much.

Sam: Yep, definitely too green for Tumblr.

Tony: Simply, page where people post stuff about their favourite celebrity.

Tony: Me of course.

Wanda: Vision, did you take that from Wikipedia?

Clint: Oh you just console yourself with that, Thor.

Vision: My sources gave me this information.

Steve: Why did I even ask anything?

Y/N: You’re our little innocence puppy.

Bucky: I still want to know about that fanfiction that you found

Thor: I can assure you I am not a puppy.

Bucky: Is it good?

Sam: Bucky, your gay is showing.

Tony: Oh Thor.

Thor: Mr. Barnes, I didn’t know you were homosexual.

Bucky: I am not.

Vision has left the chat.

Y/N: Face it Buck, we all know you got hot’s for our captain America.

Steve: We are very good friends.

Nat: That’s what they all say, “JUST FRIENDS”

Wanda: Wait am I the only one here that’s team Stony?

Clint: No you’re not.

Thor: What’s team Stony?

Sam: No Thor

Sam: You don’t want to know.

Sam: You should just leave and never ever mention Tumblr again.

Sam: Or fanfictions.

Thor: How dare you tell son of Odin, god of Thunder to leave?


Y/N: I love you Sam, but THOR LISTEN TO BUCKY.

Y/N: Just tell me when you’re about to do it cuz I want to film it.

Y/N: Imagine how many notes I would get for that.

Sam: O thanks Y/N, I really appreciate it.

Nat: You know when love you, but that would be spectacular.

Thor: All right guys, be right back.

Thor: Or how you kids write it.

Thor: BRB

Sam has been disconnected

Thor has left the chat.

Nat: I have to see this.

Nat has left the chat.

Wanda: Right behind you.

Y/N: Film it for me.

Wanda has left the chat.

Y/N: Thanks to Wanda I can’t go now.

Tony: Well I will film it for you Y/N.

Tony has left the chat.

Bucky: So the fanfiction, what was it about?

Y/N: Oh you know, basic stuff.

Clint: Wait Y/N, is it that one that you showed me like a week ago?

Y/N: Yep that would be the one.

Steve: I am curios now, what was it about? Beside me and Bucky.

Clint: That is peace of art.

Y/N: Every fanfiction is a piece of art.

Thor has joined the chat.

Bucky: I can agree on that one.

Bucky: Not because I read them.

Bucky: But because people put effort in it, you know.

Steve: Just stop Bucky, you’re embarrassing yourself.

Thor: I’ve got him lady Y/n, just like you said.

Thor: Oh no, that was Mr. Barnes.

Thor: Anyhow, he was lightning like a Christmas tree.

Y/N: Man I wish I could’ve see that.

Clint: I will go check on him.

Clint: And don’t worry, I will take photos.

Clint has left the chat.

Steve: maybe I would pay him a visit too.

Thor: Oh it’s nothing.

Steve has left the chat.

Thor: I didn’t hurt him that badly.

Bucky: I still want to know about that fanfiction.

Y/N: God damn it, it was about you and Steve Fucking, will you shut up now?

Thor: So you are homosexual, Mr. Barnes?

Bucky: No, I am not.

Bucky: But would you mind sending me link tho?

Thor: I want to read it too.

Y/N: No Thor, I will find you some fanfiction about Jane and you.

Y/N: Meanwhile, don’t hit me with no thunder.

Y/N: Bucky come to my room and I will show you.

Thor: I would never hurt you, Lady Y/N.

Thor: Only because you would hurt me ten times more.

Bucky has left the chat.

Y/N: Ah my child.

Thor: You have a child, Lady Y/N?

Y/N: No Thor, I don’t, but I may adopt you.

Thor: I don’t think that will be quiet possible, considering my age.

Y/N: Yeah but your mental age is three so it’s fine.

Y/N has left the chat

Thor: I do not have a mental age of a three year old.

Thor: Oh she left.

Thor: But I do enjoy the chocolate.

Thor: Was that what she meant?

Thor has left the chat.

Return (Pt. 2)

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Summary:  (Loki Imagine: Imagine Thanos targeting Loki’s lover to punish him for his failure to get the Tesseract.) Taken from tumblr. Thor finds you during an intense mission with the Avengers. After disobeying Steve’s orders and saving you, Thor is cornered. Who are you? What were you doing there? How did Thor know you? Knowing he has to answer all of these questions, Thor explains everything.

Words: 3546

Tag: @mashed-fandom-imagines @oxodianaoxo

Read on Ao3:

Thor had watched his brother for what seemed like hours sit there in that room with her. The machine beeped, noting that Loki’s fiancé, (Y/N), was still alive. Thor couldn’t see Loki, but he could see his back jolting up and down from all the sobbing he was doing. The whole thing was confusing and painful for Thor as well. Thor had no romantic feelings, but he loved her. He loved his almost little sister as much as he loved Loki. Thor wanted to put the blame on Loki. It would be so easy to put the blame on him. Thor blamed Loki for almost everything else, but deep down inside Thor blamed himself. The memory flashed back to him.

“My lord!” one of Odin’s best came running to him. Thor turned around confused. He was having an okay day. What could be wrong?

“What is the meaning of this?” Odin demanded.

“Heimdall spotted him! It’s Loki! He’s alive! He’s on Midgard and—

“Stop,” Odin simply said as he held his hand up. “Loki is dead and has been for a while.”

“My lord, I assure you, this is no trick. Heimdall sent me here myself,” the soldier explained. “You must leave. Heimdall is expecting you.” Odin rose from his throne, and looked at Thor. Odin said nothing, but he gave a disgusted and angry face. Thor nodded. They were leaving for the Bifrost immediately.

Thor followed his unhappy father in pursuit. Dozens of questions came up in his head. How did he survive? Why was he on Midgard? Was he hurt? Should Frigga know? Should (Y/N) know? He let himself contemplate on that question. Truly, she should be the first to know, but he couldn’t even bring himself to visit her anymore. Every time he saw (Y/N) he felt like he has to apologize for what happened. Loki’s death wasn’t so easy on him, and (Y/N) brought back those awful feelings. Thor snapped back to what was happening around him. People were rushing around preparing for what might happen.

“He’s going to come back here isn’t he?” Thor heard a servant say. “He’s going to come back and hurt us.”

“Don’t say that,” Thor interjected. “He’s only been spotted. Don’t go there. He’s not coming here. He will not hurt any of us.” Thor felt an anger course through him. It’s been so long, and people still speak so low of his brother. Leaving the panicked servants behind, Thor rushed to Heimdall along with everyone else who mattered.. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw (Y/N). She looked stressed and exhausted. The ends of her hair were dead. Dark circles were underneath her eyes. She held onto Sif, her best friend, for support. He wanted to say something to her. Her parents had been weary of letting her out into the public. She was often ridiculed everywhere she went. ‘Traitor Queen’ and ‘Loki’s Whore’ were among the kinder words that people said to her. As a result, (Y/N) had stopped her visits to the palace and she no longer attended the balls or events. She stayed at home where she could find some peace.

“Yes, my lord, I did see him,” Heimdall said, snapping Thor out of his personal thoughts again. “He’s very much alive. He seems to be preparing for something.”

“Preparing for something? For what?” Odin asked.

“I’m not sure. Loki always knew how to hide from me. However, I don’t think he is working alone. He seemed to be communicating to something.” Heimdall said. This was serious.

“Father, let me bring him home,” Thor volunteered.

“Bring Loki back here?” Odin asked with a chuckle. “Have you lost your mind?”

“Odin!” Frigga called out. “He’s still my son. Bringing Loki back home is what is best for him, for Midgard, and for us.” Things between Frigga and Odin hadn’t been the same after Loki’s “death”. There was tension between them.

“Father, please, let me bring him home before he does something horrible,” Thor pleaded. He glanced back at (Y/N) who was staring at Odin, hoping for an answer. Silence filled the room for a few moments as Odin thought to himself.

“My lord, I do not mean to interrupt you, but I implore you to not wait on this decision. You must act now. Loki acts fast.”

“Fine,” Odin frowned. “You go to Midgard, and bring him back here before something happens. Understand me?” Thor nodded. Thor went to his mother.

“Mother, I—

“You do not need to say anything to me,” Frigga said to her son. “I have faith in you. Tell him how much he is missed, how much he is loved, and how much we need him.”

“Could you give this to him?” (Y/N) asked Thor. Surprised by her voice, Thor took the token from her hand. It was (Y/N)’s engagement ring on a silver chain. She still wore it. She still loved him.

“It will be the first thing I give him, I promise you, (Y/N),” Thor said and he kissed her on her head. “I will make this right.” Then Thor left. A sense of purpose clouded his mind. Thor did not have communication with Asgard from the weakness of the Bifrost, but he did his best to fulfill the tasks he was told to do. After the devastating events of New York, Thor took his brother home to face trial. Odin felt proud of Thor, bringing his brother home to face true justice. Thor felt awful because Loki he knew was gone. Loki was taken away in chains, and Thor walked off to find his mother, or the Warriors Three, or (Y/N). He needed someone to know how it all went down. He came upon his mother’s garden to find his mother comforting Sif. Sif was sobbing with her head in her hands. Thor rushed over.

“Mother? Sif? Sif, what’s wrong?” Thor asked.

“Thor, you’re back. We heard an hour ago that you were here,” his mother tried to keep a smile on her face. “I must apologize that we were not there to greet you and Loki.”

“DAMN LOKI!” Sif screamed out. “This is his fault! This is all his fault!”

“Sif, stop,” Thor grabbed her wrists gently. “Yes, many died in New York, but you must not feel bad for the mortals. Loki will be brought to justice.” Sif looked up at Thor. Her eyes were red and puffy. She had been crying for a while.

“No, Thor,” Sif explained. “It is not New York I cry for.”

“Then what?”

“It’s (Y/N).” Thor felt his stomach drop.

“No, please tell me she didn’t. Mother visited her every week. You saw her every day. You even told me yourself that she was getting better. She wouldn’t.”

“No, you misunderstand me. (Y/N) did not kill herself. She was taken.”


“These men. They claimed that Loki had failed to complete his mission. They were taking her as punishment. Heimdall was right. Loki wasn’t working alone. Loki was working for someone else, and now (Y/N) faces the consequences.” Sif broke down again.

“I don’t understand,” Thor looked to his mother. “I was only gone for a couple of days. When did this happen?”

“Last night,” Frigga said. “It came out of nowhere. No one was there to protect her.” His mother’s words hit him hard. No one was there to protect her. Thor wasn’t here to protect his sister. His heart dropped into his stomach. Thor had no anger inside of him left to be angry about this. He was exhausted from the past couple of days. Resentment against his brother boiled inside of him, but that was then. This was now. Thor watched his brother’s movements in the hospital room. Any resentment Thor had towards his brother was gone. Loki had suffered enough.

“Thor,” Natasha approached him from behind. “I hate to do this, but our doctors need to look her over. Loki needs to leave her for right now.” Thor turned his head towards her.

“You do realize you are asking a big task,” Thor said. “That’s like taking a starved horse away from sweet apples.”

“It would only be for an hour. Maybe less,” Natasha said. Thor got up from his seat, and headed towards the room.

“If things go astray, please don’t hurt him. He’s already hurting,” Thor said.

“I can’t make any promises,” Natasha said as she turned and walked away.
Thor walked into the room quietly. Loki’s hands were on (Y/N), gripping her body. Loki and (Y/N) looked exactly the opposite from the other. (Y/N)’s hair was spread out onto the pillow. Her eyes were closed and she looked absolutely peaceful. The only concerning thing was the IVs attached to her, and how her skin was still slightly cold despite being in a temperature controlled environment. Loki’s hair was a mess. Knots and ends were everywhere from him constantly tugging and pulling at it. His tears leaked onto her blankets. His eyes were half open and red. His skin was too warm from the anxiety that pumped through him. Loki did not even bother putting up an illusion; he was too exhausted.


“Please leave,” Loki said. “I want to be alone.” Thor closed his eyes and took a breath. He knew this was going to be hard.

“Loki, their doctors need to take a look at her,” Thor said calmly. Loki rose his head. Strands of his black hair fell in front of his face.

“No,” Loki said, almost hissing.


“I said no. You clearly heard me,” Loki went on. “These are mortals. Mere, stupid mortals. They cannot do anything for her.” Loki’s grip on her body grew tighter. Blankets scrunching up in his hands.

“Loki, they are human and they are more intelligent than you realize. They can help her.” Thor was trying. Loki stood up and leaned forward across the hospital bed. His body was over hers.

“I almost ruled them all in a matter of days. Humans are a fragile race. I do not trust them especially with her care. She is coming back to Asgard with me where she can be helped.” Loki explained.

“You’re not going anywhere. She is not going anywhere,” Thor put his foot down. Loki narrowed his eyes.

“What makes you think you can tell me what to do? Who do you think you are?” Loki hissed. Thor raised his hands.

“Do you not realize where you are? What you are doing? I am trying to help you. I want to be on your side,” Thor explained to Loki. “For once, will you let me handle this and trust me?”

“She is my…” Loki trailed off. He knew what he was going to say, but he couldn’t finish it. It made him angry, and he let Thor see it.

“I know. If I send her back to Asgard, you will not be able to see her. She will be healed with our people, and she will be sent away, Loki. You are serving a sentence here. If I send her back, her parents can and will take her away from you. They will force her to marry someone else. She will live with him. She will be loved by him. She will mother his children. Do you understand?” The cogs started to work inside Loki’s mind. Loki stood up straight, no longer covering her body.

“How do I know if I leave her now that I will see her again?” Loki asked Thor.

“You will. I promise,” Thor replied. “Trust me.” Loki looked back at her face. He let his finger touch her hair once more.

“What happens now?” Loki asked, not taking his eyes away from her.

“You’re coming with me. Their doctors will look at her and try to determine what to do with my help. You will be going back to your holding cell.” Thor explained. Loki shook his head.

“No. I have a right to know where you found her. I want the details of the mission,” Loki still did not look at Thor.

“I don’t think you—

“I still have my powers, brother. I can hurt your loved ones too, especially your lady. Jane is it? Shipped her off to London so I couldn’t get to her?” Loki slowly looked at his brother. Loki knew which words to say to put a chill down Thor’s back. He did have the complete right to know, but the complicated part is whether anyone else would understand.

Loki left with Thor escorting him back to the cell. None of them wished to say anything. Thor was still emotionally tired and stressed with keeping his word. Loki was feeling relieved. (Y/N) was alive and on Midgard. Two things he never expected. He remembered the dread when he found out her kidnapping.

“Frigga is the only reason you are still alive and you will never see her again,” Odin said coolly in the throne room for everyone to hear. There wasn’t much. Just Loki, two guards holding him in chains, and the Queen and King of Asgard themselves. Odin needed to keep this a private matter. Having a public trial of his “adopted” son was out of the question.

“What of (Y/N)? You told me yourself that you would put her on that throne if she were your daughter,” Loki wanted to hit him hard with words. “You value her intelligence, her temperament, and her kind heart. Are you telling me now that (Y/N) has no value here? Is that why she isn’t here? You don’t trust her?”

“(Y/N) is not here because she is gone,” Odin stated. Loki controlled his anger up until now.

“You banished her? Because of me?” Loki laughed. “You truly are an old oaf. (Y/N) may have been my queen, but she had no idea about any of this. I did this on my own.”

“Did you?” Odin almost laughed. Loki narrowed his eyes and shook his head.

“You banished your only hope for this realm. She would have made a better king than you.”

“I did not banish her, Loki,” Odin immediately shot back. Thor entered the throne room, but no one noticed. The tension between Loki and Odin was the main attraction. Thor feared he may have been too late. He would have been here earlier had it not been for Sif.

“Then where is she? Why is my wife not here? What did you do to her?” Loki’s anger rose with every question he threw at Odin. Then it hit Thor. Loki doesn’t know. Everyone in Asgard heard of her kidnapping last night except for Loki. Out of the corner of his eyes, Thor saw his father smile wickedly. He knew his father could be awful, but this was too much. Loki didn’t deserve this. No one did.

“You were never married to (Y/N). She is not your wife. I did not do anything to her. She’s gone and it is all your fault.” Odin was enjoying this. “Last night, there were men who invaded Asgard.”

“Fools invade Asgard all the time. What does any of this have to do with (Y/N)?” Loki shot back. “You’re avoiding my question.”

“They weren’t from any of the realms we knew. They came here and they took (Y/N) in the middle of the night. When my soldiers heard of this, it was too late. They only saw the lights of the ship leaving. Her parents are with Eir, safe and sound, but (Y/N) is gone.” Odin smiled more. He wanted to twist the knife.

“Someone took her?” Loki said, not believing a word Odin says. “Let me guess, they did not leave a single piece of evidence did they?”

“Oh, but they did,” Odin said. Thor looked back at his father. No one told him there was evidence or even a lead to who she was with. Thor looked back at Loki who still held an apathetic face. Then, Thor looked at his mother. She looked beautiful as always. Her long hair and gown flowing, but her eyes held serious tears.

“He left us a note.”

“He? Who’s he?” Loki asked.

“Your friend, Thanos.” Loki froze in his spot. His apathetic face dropped and it was replaced with a shivering fear. Odin smiled, finally getting the reaction he wanted. “He knows you failed him. So, he took action. I believe his note said, ‘She will suffer due to your incompetence.’” Loki’s face went completely pale. It left his mouth partially open, but he could not breathe. Loki did not twitch or shake. He did not move. For the first time in Thor’s life, he saw his brother terrified. Thor watched as Loki’s body dropped to the floor, and all of the chains followed in pursuit. They clanged on the ground as if they couldn’t hold Loki anymore. Loki couldn’t hold himself up anymore.

“You will spend the rest of your days in the dungeons.” Odin said. The guards tugged onto his chains, almost dragging Loki away. His feet dragged across the smooth marble court floor. What did it matter if he was in the dungeons? Loki would rather take the ax. Many thoughts clouded his thinking. The worst one kept repeating itself over and over again.

This is your fault.

That thought followed him through his short time in the dungeons and then onto Midgard. Loki went into his holding cell at Stark Tower reluctantly. There were too many questions unanswered. He knew he had a right to know all of them. Where was she? What happened on that mission? Where has she been this entire time? Loki grabbed onto his neck and the silver chain with (Y/N)’s ring appeared in his hand. He grabbed it and looked at it closely. (Y/N) was never a diamond lady. She always preferred emeralds even before him. Green was her favorite color, and green was their color. So, it only made sense that her ring was a bright emerald with smaller lighter ones around it. He remembered how she would twist the ring around her finger whenever she was thinking deeply. He cast the illusion in front of him.

“What are you thinking about?” he asked the illusion. (Y/N) was turned away from him. Her hair was loose and she was wearing her favorite green dress. The (Y/N) illusion did not respond to him, so he asked again.

“(Y/N)? What are you thinking about?” Loki smiled to himself. He walked closer to the illusion. The illusion was still very quiet, but it was moving around like a ghost. Slowly and quietly walking around minding its own business. Loki followed the illusion, and allowed it to go deeper. Soon, Loki and the (Y/N) illusion were no longer in the cell, but in Loki’s bedroom. Green and gold were everywhere. From the curtains to the floor, everything was extravagant and regal. Loki was used to the familiarity of it all, but (Y/N) not talking to him was off. (Y/N) loved to talk to him, especially about ideas and opinions. Loki could spend all day listening to what she thought of books he hated. It didn’t matter what the subject was, he just loved her mind and the endless thoughts she had.

“(Y/N)?” he called out. The illusion still did not speak, but walked out onto the balcony. The skies were gray and a storm was rolling in. The illusion walked to the balcony railing, and placed her hands there.

“Why did you do it?” the (Y/N) illusion asked.

“Do what, little dove?” Loki smiled. He was worried for a moment there. The illusion turned around to Loki, revealing her half-frozen face. Ice crystals froze her left side and tinged her skin blue like a frost giant.

“Look what he did to me.” The (Y/N) illusion said. “I’m so cold, Loki.” Horrified, Loki took a step back.

“(Y/N), its going to be okay. We-we’re going to be fine.”

“Why did you attack New York?”

“I was going to rule them, (Y/N). I was going to make you a proper queen.”

“Lies,” the (Y/N) illusion said lowly. “You were only thinking of yourself. You only want power.”

“That’s not true,” Loki said. “I want you. I need you.” The (Y/N) illusion turned away, and started to climb on the rail.

“More lies. You keep lying to me and yourself when you know the only mistress you love is power,” the illusion stood on the railing. Loki’s eyes went wide. His illusions never did this.

“What are you doing? Get down, dove,” Loki said.

“You left me here to cry and rot and freeze!” the (Y/N) illusion cried out.

“No, I didn’t.”

“You did,” the illusion started to cry. Tears came down her right side of her face. Loki walked over to the railing. He tried to grab her, but the illusion disappeared so quickly.

“(Y/N)” Loki screamed out from his cell. As Loki screamed, a vibration went through the pipes all the way back to the temperature controlled room where (Y/N) sat up in the hospital bed as if she had just woken up from a bad dream. (Y/N) rubbed her eyes and saw the IVs in her arm and Thor outside her room speaking to someone she recognized.

“Thor?” (Y/N) said.

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   Pairing: Thor x Reader

   Words: something about 900

   Prompt:  Thor x reader pplssss where its like you’re from midgard and his parents don’t approve of you cause you’re mortal or smthg but then you pick up mjolnir and they’re like woah and then Thor makes you his princess. idk LOL thanks <3 submitted by @milleniumxhan

    Warnings: none

    A/N: I know this is not exactly what you asked for, but I hope you’ll like it anyway! x

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Something to Ask Pt. 2

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Hey sisters! I got a huge response from my hvitserk imagine thing, Something To Ask, all for a second part. So here goes! Glad yall liked it so much, it truly surprised me (this is long oops)


You tilted your head to the side, a timid twitch pulled your lips into something that resembled a smile. Hvitserk looked…unsure. In return it made you unsure. Hvitserk was sure his stare was catching you off guard, and his hands becoming clammy did not make this the most comfortable of circumstances.

“Hvitserk, what is it?” You urged him. Your voice made him blink and stand straighter. He flexed his hands but quickly wrapped his fingers around yours again.

“Y/N, would you do me the honor of becoming my wife?”

Hvitserk watched your eyes widen to the size of dinner plates. The bow in your hand dropped to the forest floor and you jumped to retrieve it. You shook your hand out of Hvitserk’s in order to kneel down and collect it from the ground. You kept your head bowed as you placed the weapon on a nearby tree stump. Hvitserk didn’t quite like the distractedness you were displaying.

“I–Um, I don’t know what–Is this because Queen Aslaug said you and your brothers should be married already?”

Hvitserk opened his mouth in a silent stutter. He honestly had forgotten all parts of that conversation besides the part where his mother said a prince could have as many women as he wanted. Besides, it was a long time ago, he didn’t understand how you remembered.

“No? N-No, Y/N, listen. I’ve felt this way for some time. I just…did not know how to express my feelings”

“You’re never shy, Hvitserk.” You brushed your hands down your dress and finally looked at him again. “I guess I’m confused. Not once have I seen you hide away from flirtation, or an opportunity to bed a woman before. What I’m saying is, you’ve never shown an interest in me before now.”

Hvitserk didn’t have a reply to give to your patient expression. You genuinely were waiting for one, but when did not come, you chuckled.

“It’s alright, Hvitserk. You’re just looking for options to make your mother quit harassing you. You have plenty of time to find a wife.” You nodded your head at him with a reassuring smile. Hvitserk shook his head, mouth slightly agape. You thought he was kidding, thought this was all out of desperation because of something his mother said. He watched you gather your shawl from the ground and wrap it around your shoulders. You nodded to him once more before leaving him alone in the clearing.


Your duties for the day had been completed until after lunch, so you had time to kill. You tucked your shawl tighter around your shoulders and hiked up your dress as forest turned into sand. From a short distance, you saw Floki’s boats swaying in the lazy waves of the fjord. Floki was hammering away at a stubborn plank of wood, and you thought it best to not disturb him. You knew he got frustrated when someone interrupted his business so you elected to seek out Helga inside.

“Hello?” You peered your head inside. You were always welcome where Floki and Helga were concerned.

“Looking for me, Y/N?” Ivar’s voice called from the table. You jumped, not expecting the prince so out of place.

“Oh, hello Ivar.” You grinned once you caught your breath. “Is Helga around?”

“She went to gather tools from the blacksmith in town.” Ivar drank heavily from a horn on the tabletop. “She will be back soon. Care to stay?”

“I-uh, sure.” You slipped fully inside. You didn’t realize you were wringing your hands until Ivar pointed it out.

“Has Hvitserk found you yet?” Ivar asked after a couple minutes of silence. You looked up at him curiously. “Looks like he hasn’t. You don’t have that new wifely glow about you yet.” He took another drink from the horn.

“H-He did actually. What are you talking about?” Ivar studied you, leaning forward with his elbows on the table, a smirk casting itself upon his lips.

“Hvitserk told mother he wanted to marry you during breakfast today. I’ve never seen him leave so fast to find you.”

Your jaw dropped; you were sure you looked pretty stupid with your mouth hanging open for so long. “I didn’t believe him.”

Ivar leaned back from the table now, arms crossed over his chest and that same smirk still on his face. “So do you feel the same? Ubbe seems to think you do.”


“You do.” Ivar cut you off. You couldn’t argue with Ivar even if you wanted to. You pushed yourself from the table, about to dash out the door, before catching yourself and turning to bow to the youngest prince. Ivar sharply exhaled his version of a laugh.

“There’s no need for that. You will be my sister soon enough. We’re equals now.”

You grinned widely at him and didn’t wait to hear a response if there was one. Your dress flew up around your ankles as you sprinted towards Kattegat. Aslaug stood to attention as you flung the doors open to the great hall. Hvitserk stood as well, ready to attack if necessary. They instantly calmed once they saw it was you.

“Y/N?” Hvitserk tried a smile, but was still mildly hurt from your departure that morning. You ran at him as if he was coming back from a raid and he knew exactly what to do. Your arms were thrown around his neck and his arms came to hold you up around your backside. Your face buried in his neck and he held you tightly against him in return.

“I’m sorry I didn’t believe you, Hvitserk.” You said breathlessly. Aslaug watched the scene unfold, showing how pleased she was that her son was finally marrying a woman, without saying a word. Hvitserk spared her a glance, then met your eye. He let you drop back to the ground and he cupped the side of your face with one hand.

“Y/N, I have something to ask of you.”

“Yes, Hvitserk?”

“Will you be my wife?”

You laughed and pulled him into your lips by his collar. Oh yes, you would be his wife.

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Do you have any fanfics where you talk about how Loki felt when he found out he was a frost giant?

There’s been some mistake.

The thought that kept spinning in his head as he watched their death approach in the form of an army of Jotnar, as Odin swept in and whisked them away, as he stood on the Bifrost and watched Odin and Thor roar at each other. A child’s thought, a prayer, weak and pathetic.

You didn’t see - what you thought you saw. It was a trick of the light. Maybe it didn’t really touch you.

Even more pathetic. He knew it had touched him. He’d felt its hand gripping his wrist and braced for the burn, but instead it was like a layer of flesh peeled away, his arm and fingers changing. The jotun had seen it too; he’d seen the surprise in its hideous red eyes and managed to react first even as his thoughts were racing ahead in leaps and bounds.

Some thing of magic, perhaps, some innate defense of his power-

Liar. Deny all you like; the truth was there, written on your skin.

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His Human Mate - Part 4

So Frigga’s alive, and Odin’s a dick. I hope you guys like it! Send me any ideas that you have for continuing the story!


It has been almost a year since you had been abducted by HYDRA and your courting with Loki was coming to an end. As per tradition, on the anniversary of your courting you are supposed to meet Loki’s father, well adopted father, and ask for him to bless your mating. This means that you have to go to Asgard, and of course Tony refuses to let you go alone.

“I don’t need you there, Tony! It’s a meeting between four people, and you aren’t one of them!”

Tony lets out a growl, “I won’t let you go through interdimensional travel with just Loki! Several of the Avengers are going. Thor promised to give us a tour of Asgard when you’re in your meeting”

Huffing you throw your hands into the air, “Fucking wolf, fucking team”

“Fine, you can come, as long as you don’t cause any problems, and you don’t embarrass me in front of my future in-laws.”

Tony grumbles, “Still don’t understand why you had to fall for a blood-sucker. Could have had anyone else, but you gotta choose the one guy with bigger daddy issues than me”

“I love him, Tones. I love him a lot, and I love the fact that you two get along, but he’s had time to get used to your humor. Odin is already an asshole, and he hates the fact that I’m human and my brother’s a wolf. According to Thor, Odin has been pushing women onto Loki every time the two go back to Asgard, and you’ve seen Sif, they have to be gorgeous, and Odin’s pissed that he keeps rejecting them.”

Another growl leaves Tony, “You really don’t need his approval, you can just get mated with Steve’s approval, he’s the pack leader. You don’t need to go begging to Odin”

You rub your face and sigh, “I already have Steve’s approval. Loki’s still a Prince, and the prince needs the kings’ approval to mate according to Asgardian tradition.”

Tony walks over to you and pulls you into a hug, “He’ll love you once he meets you. When he see’s how much Loki and you love each other, he won’t have any choice but to bless your mating, or risk losing his son again”

You sniffle and cling to your bother, “I’m so scared, Tony. What is they hate me? What if Loki realizes that I’m not worth it? What if Odin refused to let us be together?!”

“Now you listen to me, you are a Stark, and Starks are as strong as iron, remember?”

You straighten you back and wipe away your tears, “Starks always fight for what they want”

“That’s right, Y/N. So, are you just gonna let Odin rule your life, or are you gonna fight for Reindeer Games?”

You roll your eyes and give Tony a playful shove, “You’re such an asshole!”

“But I got you to smile!”

Rolling your eyes you throw a pillow at Tony, “Go away so I can finish packing”

“Fine! Fine! But we leave in an hour, so be ready by then”

“I will!!”

When you finally walk out of Heimdall’s dome, because everyone but Thor and Loki ended up almost getting sick, you are speechless. You quickly head to the group of horses and one of the guards standing there helps you up.

“It’s beautiful here!”

Loki chuckles and gets up on his black horse, which is, conveniently, right next to yours, “I suppose Asgard has its beauty, if you like gold, that is”

You glance at him out of the corner of your eye, admiring how regal he looks in his armor and on his mount, “I actually prefer silver, but gold does have its beauty”

Thor’s booming laugh sounds behind you, “She truly is the perfect match for you, brother! Now come my friends, Mother and Father are awaiting our arrival”

“Don’t go too fast, Thor. Some people haven’t ridden horses as much as you have” Steve calls out.

You just smirk and lock eyes with both Loki and Tony, “Race you!”

With a final laugh, you spur your horse on. You can hear Tony and Loki take off after you. It feels like you’re flying, somehow Asgardian horses are faster than the horse you’re used to. You let out an indignant shout when Loki’s horse passes yours and he beats you to the finish line.

Loki laughs when he catches you pouting over your loss, “Come on, dove. You put up a valiant fight, however my steed is the fastest in Asgard, there was no way you were going to beat me” He brings himself closer and pulls you into a gentle kiss.

The others catch up after a few minutes and you three rejoin the group to head to the castle. “Thor said that we’ll drop you and Loki off in the throne room, and he’ll give us a tour until you get out”

“Alright, Stevie. You know that you didn’t have to come, right? I hate to pull you away from everyone else for so long”

Steve chuckles, “I’m your pack leader, I wouldn’t miss this for the world. I won’t let one of my pack members go through this alone.”

“I really appreciate that”

Loki draws up beside you, “We’re here, dove. We’ll leave the horse with the stable hands. Mother and Odin are waiting for our arrival.”

You quickly dismount and hand over the reins. “Are you nervous, babe?”

“I believe that mother will love you. All she has ever wanted is mine and Thor’s happiness. It is Odin who has always wanted to arrange a marriage with one of the other worlds.”

“Well, maybe we can convince Odin that I’m good for you. We can say something about my influence on you, how I make you less crazy”

He chuckles and pulls you close, “I’d go insane without you, dove”

“I know, my prince, I know”

Walking into the great hall and up to Odin’s throne is probably one of the most terrifying thing that you have ever done.

“Don’t be afraid, love” Loki whispers

You smirk, “Don’t lose your temper “

He lets out a low chuckle and takes you hand, “I’ll do my best”

Once the two of you are finally in front of the throne, you curtsy and Loki dips his head in a slight bow. The woman stands up, gracefully descending the stairs, “My son, it is good to see you healthy”

“Hello mother” Loki’s eyes widen when she pulls him into a hug and you try to stifle your laughter, “I’d like to introduce you to my intended, Y/N. She is a warrior of Midgard and …”

“She is a human.” Odin’s voice booms out, echoing.

This time you speak up, “Yes I am “

Loki clears his throat, “I have come, as tradition dictates, to ask for you to bless our mating”

Odin sneers, “You expect me to allow one of the two princes of Asgard to become life-mates with a Midgardian female?”

“Husband …”

“No, Frigga. She is nothing but a blip on his timeline, nothing but a Midgardian whore intent on gaining access to Loki’s riches. Loki, the insane prince, there is no reason for her to want him other than to get his riches. No one would want a failure as their life mate for any other reason”

“You pompous asshole!”

Loki and Odin both snap their heads toward you, “Y/N don’t …”

“No, Loki. I will not be talked about and insulted when I am standing right here. I understand that he is concerned about my intentions toward you, I mean what parent isn’t? But seriously? A Midgardian whore? Listen Odin, Mr. All-Father, Mr. High and mighty, I don’t really care what you think about me, I don’t need your approval. I already have the approval of my pack leader and that’s all I need. I am here to satisfy your traditions. And you really think that you can just insult my mate and not have anyone say anything?” You scoff, “You really are the complete asshole that I thought you would be!”

“Y/N, dove, please …”

“Loki, darling, I don’t need his approval. I’m not from this world. I came here for you, but I won’t let him insult you. As you said, I’m a warrior, and I’ll protect you from any kind of threat, even a verbal one”

You turn defiant eyes back to Odin, whose entire face had gone red. “Throw her in the dungeon, in Loki’s cell”

Loki lets out a shout, but the guards are already dragging you away. “Locking me up won’t make you feel better!” You scream

“Odin!!” Frigga shouts, “Stop this madness, this instant! She is a warrior of Midgard, they will not stand for this! You will start another war!!”

“Put. Her. In. The. Dungeon. I am king, Frigga, and you will not challenge me” Odin snarls

You wriggle and snarl the entire way to the dungeon, getting a variety of bruises and cuts for your effort. “Let go of me! My pack will come for me!”

The guard chuckles and throws you onto a square platform, “Let them come. They will join you in your cell.”

Snarling again you lunge forward, but are stopped when a shimmering shield blocks your path. The guards laugh at your rage, and walk away. Limping to the back corner of the room you curl up in a tight ball, hoping that your friends will be able to get you out. Tony always said that your big mouth would get you locked up, it turns out he was right.


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Part 5 … ?

Beyond the Staircase

Rated K | Stoick’s Reaction to Hiccstrid being together | Post RTTE Season 4

Alright, so I think we all really want to see Stoick’s reaction to Hiccstrid being together in the next season of RTTE, but I just can’t wait any longer! I typed this up for you all, and I really want to do some of the others reactions as well. (Like Dagur’s, Gobber’s, Heathers… you know. The few people who still don’t know :D) I also want to do some pre- RTTE season 4 stuff, where the rest of the gang is still trying to get used to the whole idea of Hiccstrid dating. :D

               Anyways, enjoy!

Stoick nearly skipped as he made his way through the village. He was happy, and when he was happy, he had to admit, he got rather giddy. But, since he was chief, he forced himself to walk steadily and with the confidence that a chief should have. I mean- he had it, but at the moment, the only emotion he wanted to show was how outright happy he was.

               He hummed softly to himself, walking pleasantly towards the Great Hall. Today had been a great day for Berk. The harvest was promising to be a plentiful one, so come winter everyone should have more than enough supplies. Not only that, but Trader Johan had showed up with even more winter supplies, more important stuff like cloth, fabric, boots, hide, and of course gossip.

               Another thing that made Stoick happy was that Hiccup and the others had returned from the Edge. It had been wonderful news to hear that Viggo was gone, having fallen into the Volcano a mere three days ago. It made Stoick feel free to breath with ease again, now knowing that his son and his friends were safe.

               But… there was still something up. The riders returned, yes, but they all acted very… strange.

               Snotlout and Fishlegs would start giggling randomly whenever he passed them, and the twins would suddenly look guilty, sneaky, shy, or bursting at the seams whenever he spoke to them. Tuffnut would often hold his breath, looking as though he were about to explode but trying to contain himself.

               Then there was Hiccup, who acted normal for the most part around everyone else, except for Stoick. He’d stutter and make hasty (and very very very lame) excuses to leave the room, or to escape for a flight. Stoick rarely saw the boy anymore.

               Astrid seemed fairly normal as well. She spoke the same, joked with him, but Stoick hadn’t missed that whenever he mentioned Hiccup’s name she’d spark to attention a bit, or she’d secretly smile when she thought he wasn’t looking. And he had to admit he was rather irritated with her when he’d explained his problem about Hiccup’s stuttering and avoidance of Stoick to her. She’d merely blushed and stammered a reply, something like “I’m sure he has his reason, sir.”

               Something just wasn’t right. What were they hiding from him? Was something wrong with Hiccup? Did he get wounded? Was he sick or ill or… anything?

               Not to mention Dagur’s visit yesterday. It had been very strange. He’d arrived along with Heather, both looking for some supplies and just checking up. It

had been rather awkward at first, but the two chiefs soon gotten acquainted and were talking like old friends. But when Dagur began talking about Heather and Fishlegs, Stoick had piped up about Hiccup and Astrid, voicing his wish that those two would just admit their feelings together already and get married before he got too old to have fun with grandkids. At first Dagur had just blinked, then he burst into laughter and clapped Stoick on the back, all the while chortling. “I’m sure it’ll happen someday Stoick!”

               Something was up. And Stoick was dying to know what it was. If only his son wasn’t so stubborn (Dang it if Gobber wasn’t right. Hiccup did take after his father…) shy, or whatever it was he was about telling Stoick what was going on. If he didn’t spill soon, Stoick might just have to force it out of him.

               But he pushed all that aside for the time being, not wanting troubles like that to destroy his entire night. He looked about, noticing how it was late dusk now, the sky a dark blue with a few colors in the distance. The evening air was cool, but not too cold. Just cold enough for him to wear his furs. Not many people were out in the streets. Perhaps only one or two late stragglers heading towards the Hall for the evening meal. That’s where Stoick was heading, because he was utterly famished and desperately needed food or his good day might very well come to an end.

               He just came to the first flight of stairs that led to the Great Hall, where he paused and turned to look over his village with pride. Now, not a single person was out- except for the patrols of course. But the civilians were all in the bustling Great Hall by this time. He smiled and nodded his head, turning on his heel to head up the flight of stone stairs.

               But he paused when he heard a soft laugh. He froze in position, narrowing his eyes in suspicion. Who was still out at this time of night? Everyone should be in the Hall eating. And as far as he’d seen, everyone was.

               He stepped closer to the stone wall that separated him from the grass below. He was only about six feet above the ground now, but he could still hear what the person was saying fairly well.

               The laugh was definitely female, and he rolled his eyes, supposing it must be Ruffnut, that sneaky little-

               “You should tell him.” The feminine voice said, making Stoick’s thoughts disappear. That wasn’t Ruffnut, that was definitely Astrid’s voice!

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anonymous asked:

Hey there! So I'm not sure if requests are open, but if they are would you mind writing a marvel oneshot where Loki and reader have been best friends for years but recently he is mean to her and makes fun of her because he she is also friends with Thor and they've become closer and he thinks they like each other and is jealous. But one time he goes too far and really upsets the reader and Thor confronts Loki about his behaviour and how much it hurt the reader because she likes him. Fab! Thanks!

Pairing: Loki x Reader / Thor x Reader
Fandom: MCU
Warnings: angst + cliffhanger

A/N: THIS IS GOING TO HAVE A PART 2! (also, thank you so much for your request my love <3)


“Are you ready?” Thor asked, patiently waiting outside of your room.

His breath got stuck in his throat when you opened the door, his mouth forming an ‘O’ and admiring your beauty.

The red dress looked like it was a second skin. It suited you perfectly and made you look like a goddess. Like a goddess that would fit Thor’s side perfectly.

“Is this okay?” you asked self-consciously.

“You look like a queen, (Y/N),” he kissed your hand and then grinned at you.

“Oh stop it, you..,” you laughed and hooked your arm with his, then you both went down to where the party was being held.

A lot of eyes were on the two of you when you entered and even more people started whispering immediately. 

You really did look like you were made for each other.

And one man in particular wasn’t thrilled about that.

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Requested: @greenhands5

Loki x Plus size!reader

Word Count: 911

Warnings: feels

     Summary: Reader has a health scare and Loki is really sweet and accommodating about it. I changed it a bit, hope that’s okay!


Loki was locked up, and because of that, Odin was looking for any way in the world to further punish him, and the only thing in the world Loki cared about was you, so the God of God’s did what he did best, he hurt his son. “Tell him she is ill, Frigga, it is only right that he knows” Odin ordered, sending a very apprehensive women out of the throne room. You were ill, it was true, you were very sick and it was possible that something dire could have happened to you but it was only a scare, and you were expected to make a full recovery.

Odin had you under a guard detail to keep you away from Loki’s cell and had made double sure that you weren’t going anywhere near the man you loved any time soon. So it was pretty believable that you were deathly ill on Loki’s part, seeing as you hadn’t visited or even checked up on him. “Hello Loki” Frigga greeted in her normally kind voice but her eyes hid a lie that she knew would destroy him “I bring dreadful news” She says, taking a seat against the in window pane of his cell, electing a less than thrilled look from the man “What could possibly be so dreadful? Has Y/N made a mention of me yet?” He asks finding a segway to talk about you instead “Actually the news is about Y/N”  his mother figure mutters, still not sure if she wants to do this to him or not, not that she ultimately has much of a choice.

“Well what is it?” He asks, getting immediately less patient “She’s taken ill, they’re worried she wont make it” She lies, watching the usual fire behind the mans eyes vanish in a moments time “But she will recover of course, there is no way she will not” he says, discarding his book to the side now in favor of the news “We do not know if she will recover, the guards fear the worst” She says, each moment killing her a little more “No, I won’t allow it, you must let me see her” He demands but it comes out more of a weak plea.

“You know I would but I cannot, your father-“ she starts but he’s already had enough “Odin is not my father” he speaks with a finality that shocks even Frigga “Leave me be” he says, with a wave of his hand and the women nods,bowing before taking her exit. She only wished she had missed the loud crashing that followed, that was inevitably all of his belongings smashing against the wall.

At first you didn’t know what was happening with Odin and the others, playing their sick game on the once prodigal son of Asgard.  But eventually Thor couldn’t take it anymore, watching his brother lose his mind for no reason so he brought it to your attention. Of course you were furious, you had nearly made a full recovery and to see the man you loved so much in so much unnecessary pain only served to anger you more. “Lady Y/N, I know you must be angry but-“ Thor tries but there’s no sooting you now “Angry? NO my darling Thor, I am not angry, I’m furious” You yell, standing from your place hurriedly.

Thor tried to stop you as you walked down the halls quickly, pushing past any guard that tried to stand in your way until you got the the door of the farthest floor, where they kept the prisoners, the baddest of bad. “Move” You yell, staring daggers at the man “I cant do that” He sighs, clearly inconvenienced “I told you to” You reason and he shrugs as if that held no meaning.

“Regardless of his current position, I am to be the wife of Loki Laufeyson and I expect to be treated as such” You groan, getting up in the mans space as an act of intimidation “Now you will move” The nameless guard seemed to want no part of your fury so he moved to the side with not even a breath.

While Loki had lost most of his social standing in Asgard, you still held all of yours and you were fully prepared to use it, and like in most things, your appearance helped a lot, in Asgard women were meant to be more strong then dainty although your plush but reliable frame was a toxic mix of both. You moved quickly through the dark hall until you were in front of Loki’s cell, and you let out a gasp at his appearance, his hair was in shambles, his room was trashed, his feet were cut and bleeding and he looked more sickly than any corpse you had ever seen.

“Oh Gods, Loki? It’s me, please” You mutter, tears finding your eyes immediately when he met them “Y/N, no it’s impossible, you’re dead” He mumbles, running his hands through his hair “I’m not, I’m here, it’s me” you assure, your hand reaching toward the shield only to be kept back due to the magnetic field “You’re real?” He asks in a weak voice “I’m real Loki, and I’m not going anywhere.”

"Sous Ta Caresse" - LokixReader

Prompt :: Inspired by Complainte De La Butte by Rufus Wainwright.  When the world seems against him, a prince seeks solace by looking down on the lower lives of Asgard.  However, he finds a rare light that burns cracks in his icy core.

Features :: Semi-Peaceful AU, Asgardian reader, female reader, Frigga is the best mom, Loki is a sweetie and no one can tell me otherwise

Warnings :: N/A

Word Count :: 4451

Additional Notes :: Translation: Under Your Caress. This is a fic I’ve been working on for a while, and finally finished!  I’m still working on endings and getting back into regularly writing, but I’m getting there.  Sorry if it’s wonky.

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Avengers Chatroom: Late

Requested by Anon.

Scenario: Tony is late to an important meeting and wants everyone to wait for him.

Tony has created a chatroom.

Tony has invited Steve, Sam, Nat, Y/N, Bruce, Thor, Bucky, Wanda, Vision, Clint.

Tony: Hello my favorite people ever. How are you all today? Well? If you need anything, just let me know.

Bruce: You’re being nicer than usual. What is it?

Steve: What did you do, Tony?

Sam: I’m suspicious.

Tony: Do you guys really think that low of me? I take offense.

Nat: But it’s true though, you are up to something.

Clint: Spill.

Tony: Well, I’m running late. Could you just wait for me? Please.

Steve: No.

Y/N: No.

Nat: No.

Wanda: No.


Nat: We are actually on time. Why should we ruin that because you suck at time management?

Tony: In my defense, Thor dared me to drink his Asgardian alcohol last night.

Thor: He fainted 10 minutes later. It was like witnessing a feather fall. He is so tiny.

Y/N: So you’re hungover? Thor, don’t give him anymore alcohol, please.

Steve: Face the consequences, Tony, don’t drag us into it. You’re so unprofessional.

Tony: How to combat constipation, Steve:

Tony: Because YOU’RE FULL OF SHIT!

Steve: I’m ignoring you.

Bruce: Play nice.

Clint: I’ll wait for you, Tony. I am in no rush to meet the Pirate.

Thor: As am I.

Wanda: Fury is going to be so angry at you.

Tony: Are we not a family? A TEAM? 

Wanda: … Fine. But I am not waiting more than the 3 minutes.

Sam: We can’t get in trouble if we all arrive at the same time.

Nat: I always thought Tony would die in a stupid way, this confirms it.

Tony: I’m not asking for the world, just to wait for me!

Bucky: I’m also running late so I’ll wait as well.

Tony: Thank you, Barnes! I always knew you were the kindest super soldier around.

Tony: Y/N, please?

Y/N: No.

Tony: You’re my confidant, my buddy, family.

Y/N: Uggghhhhhhh. FINE.

Tony: Thank YOU I LOVE U. And Brucie, my best friend, you will wait for me, yes?

Bruce: … I suppose.

Tony: Vision, my kinda son, i dont really know.

Vision: You have my support.

Y/N: This just leaves Nat and Steve.

Steve: This is insubordination.

Nat: I don’t know… Defying Fury would be kind of fun. I’m still pissed at him for when he “Died” and didn’t tell me.


Nat: If I wait, will you stop sending Gifs?

Tony: No promises.

Y/N: It’s just you now, Steve.

Steve: After what Tony sent me, I don’t feel like helping him.

Tony: Steve. We fought alongside in many battles. Have I ever let you down? I’ve had your back each time. We’re all in this together. Are you really willing to give that up now?

Tony: Also, it’s not like your best friend murdered my parents or anything.

Y/N: Oooooh

Bucky: I was brainwashed!

Thor: Do not take it to heart, Sir Barnes.

Sam: Low blow, Tony.

Steve: You know what? Fine. Just hurry up.



Y/N: Why do you have so many gifs of Shia LaBeouf?

Tony: I have my reasons.

Clint: ooookay.

Bruce: Everyday I have to deal with this. This is only a small fraction that you are witnessing.

Tony: I thought you found them funny…

Y/N: Trouble in paradise.

Bruce: So about that project we’re working on…



Vision: You’re still banned from the lab for another month, Y/N.



Bucky: Actually that was my fault.

Y/N: Yeah I just caused the hole in the wall.

Tony: What

Bucky: What

Y/N: What

Fury has joined the chat.

Fury: I am sure that you must all have a stupid excuse, but I have a conference room reserved for The Avengers WITHOUT THE AVENGERS.

Vision: Oh no. I am malfunctioning. Beep Boop 000111117777

Vision has left the chat.

Fury: Get your asses here or you will be sorry!

Y/N: Yes sir!

Y/N has left the chat.

Steve: This is all Tony’s fault!

Steve has left the chat.

Clint: On my way!

Clint has left the chat.

Tony: On a scale of one to ten, how mad are you?

Fury: I won’t be the only one with an eye patch if you don’t get here.

Tony has left the chat.

Wanda has left the chat.

Thor: Odin help us.

Thor has left the chat.

Sam has left the chat.

Bucky has left the chat.

Nat has left the chat.

Bruce has left the chat.

Fury: Director? More like babysitter to a bunch of idiots.

Fury has left the chat.

Across the Divide

TITLE: Across The Divide


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki sneaking out of the palace as a youth to see the city and countryside, while out one day, he accidentally gets in trouble for something, but a young girl deals with the situation, allowing him to be left alone and his true identity be kept secret. She is a poor girl who is only in the city to sell goods with her father, so she does not realise it is Loki, even though she sees his face. They form a friendship as she shows him around the city, and tells him the date she comes to the city every month for a particular market.

RATING: Teen and Up

For the month, Loki thought about what Ariella had told him. He spent more time paying attention to when peasant matters arose when he was in his father’s council, learning about the realm, and he realised that nearly nothing was said of the issues of the lower classes. Everything was about their productivity, nothing of their wellbeing. He watched as the man in charge of such matters, Lord Ivan rambled on, dressed in his finest silks and gold gleaming in the light as he spoke about how there had to be more done about getting them to be more productive. Loki watched as his father merely nodded and Thor seemed to be daydreaming, neither paying any heed to what was being said.

He went to the city a couple more times in the month, not on days of any particular importance and though she said she would not return until the following country market, he kept an eye out for Ariella, but she was not there. When the day finally came again for the market, Loki prepared for it well in advance, he feigned a small headache the night before and stated he was going to use the day of rest to read and recover in his rooms. Being as reclusive as he was, his parents and brother paid no heed to him. Usually Loki could be found indoors anyway, be it in some dark corner of an unused room practising magic he was not supposed to know yet, or in his rooms, or even in the indoor training arena, he was renowned for his love of the outdoors, unlike Thor, his mother, and others, though that the reason for their highly contrasting skin tones.

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When We Were Young ~ Loki X Reader

(A/N: Hey fellow Tumblr-Users and Others! This smol fanfic comes with a WARNING!!!! It’s a bit sad. That’s all. Otherwise have fun and prosper!)

Originally posted by lulurandomness


Everybody loves the things you do
From the way you talk
To the way you move…
Everybody here is watching you
‘Cause you feel like home
You’re like a dream come true
But if by chance you’re here alone
Can I have a moment
Before I go?
'Cause I’ve been by myself all night long
Hoping you’re someone I used to know

You look like a movie
You sound like a song
My God, this reminds me
Of when we were young


As you walked towards the prisons cells, with your long black and (f/c) dress swishing with each step, you thought what on Asgard happened to the Man you once knew.
You had know both Loki and Thor since you all were children, your first meeting being when your mother had left you in the care of the Frigga All-Mother. You still remember that day.

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