because he was kinda running down the streets calling ada's name

ADA Rafael Barba & His Assistant, Carmen

Per request HERE regarding: more Barba & Carmen headcanons.

- Rafael would never admit it, but he is hopelessly nosy and a sucker for gossip. When he didn’t require privacy, he’d have the blinds open to slits just large enough so he could see anything going on outside the confines of his office. Clearly, this gave him a good visual of Carmen’s desk, which was exactly how he noticed when a familiar face stopped by. Immediately at the sight of the counselor, Rafael began to tidy of the contents of the work he had been busy with- but surprisingly, it appeared the man wasn’t there for him. No, instead, Carmen rose to her feet and gathered her coat before trotting out of the office noticeably close to the attorney. A quick check to confirm his beliefs, and Rafael realized it was lunch time. Well, wasn’t that fascinating…

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