because he was for 7 years lol

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Yeah ASC was super fun and hilarious! The boys always have so much fun on there :') I cracked up so much when they just took all of those gifts lol. THEN JB AND YUGYEOM SINGING ALL SEXY LIKE I WAS LIKE #NOPE #DEAD. They always make my day so much better. Also the boys got their 1st win and I cried. I am so proud but like it's not the same without Jackson :(( I pray he is resting up and getting well. Omg yeah I'm in my last year of college. I have one month left before I graduate!- shy anon

XD they are so silly~ I love ASC because they can be their crazy selves (though I always feel bad for Jimin LOL)

:( I know what you mean~ It’s such a happy moment, but it’s never quite complete without all 7 boys ;; I hope he’s being taken care of and is getting the rest he deserves :( But I do hope he comes back really soon ;; I really miss him ❤️️ But of course, only after getting completely better ;;

:D omg!!! You’re so close!!! ^^ I hope you finish the month strong!!! ❤️️ Being done with exams is the best feeling!! ^^

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so the self scan machines in our store exclaim "approval needed!" whenever anybody is buying a restricted item i.e. alcohol, (obviously, because then a 7 year old could purchase vodka lol). this man today got really offended that the machine said that, and proceeded to bellow at me "is all this really necessary????!". I looked him dead in the eye and said, "IS THERE A PROBLEM HERE SIR" and he got embarrassed and put his head back down. I approved his wine and said "enjoy responsibly :)".

So today Devin came home from work, saying he had a surprise. He comes into the bedroom and pulls two 10-foot long phone cords out from behind his back AND I LOST MY SHIT because we have an Apple cord which is about an inch long and another one that’s like maybe 2 inches and there are only 7 outlets in our entire house, one of which is on the ceiling and doesn’t work (?????), none of which are anywhere near any of our pieces of furniture so if you want to charge your phone and be comfortable, good fuckin luck with that.

So we spent pretty much all of today just moving to different parts of the apartment, plugging our phones into outlets that were seemingly impossible distances away from where we were sitting, and then giggling to ourselves at the level of convenience and functionality of it all. And that, folks, is what married life is all about 😂


au headcanon where they met at a bookstore. 

inhao is a military officer, recently retired due to serious injury resulting from a mission. he’s 7 years older than slaine and actually a few centimeters taller too (lol. slaine is a high school student currently having trouble getting along with his adoptive father. they both spent a lot of time in the same bookstore but never once did they talk to one another. one day, something happened and they started talking…things changed for both of them.

 (all right. i just felt like to make inhao older and taller for once because i can.)

So Gimple is asked if we might see Aaron and Jesus become a thing and Gimple goes on to talk freely about how it’s heading that way in the comics and that they’ll probably do the same on the show (Eric is still alive, btw, Ms Interviewer).

But he’s mute af about Caryl. Understandably, since Caryl doesn’t exist in the comics and Caryl is the ship of the show and has existed for 7 years. But, lol has even been asked about the possibility of romantic Caryl openly? I don’t remember ever seeing that.

He didn’t even bother to shut down Maggie/Daryl properly (just said “The family grows even tighter” indirectly shutting it down) and tbh, that amuses me, because it’s a ridiculous fucking question. If I were Gimple, I’d laugh in the interviewer’s face.

But seriously, why has Gimple never been asked about Caryl? (Unless he has). I guess that’s on purpose? That he asks the interviewer not to be asked about certain things? Idk how some of this stuff works. 

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ok binch are u ready 4 smth you'll have to spend 7 years to type out: my relationship (platonic or not lol uty) with each member of the dream team lol ilu pls dont stab me thanks -jaeminnana 💌

ready to type *cracks fingers* i’ll write it as if y'all are a couple okay

jaemin: that one couple that everyone adores but lowkey is disgusted at too because lots of lovey dovey moments am i right . would probably send each other really lame and bad pick up lines randomly . always soft for him and he’s always trying to make you smile it’s cute :“) just date already please

jisung: awkward in public but when y'all are alone it’s endless talking , lots of laughter and lowkey trying to roast each other but fails because y'all are soft for each other too ,, CUTE

donghyuck: honestly , no chill at all . 24/7 endless roasting and dissing , making fun of each other like it’s a daily routine . probably play pranks on each other & others ( aka mark ) once every two weeks

chenle: happy & positive couple !! lots of laughter and jokes and always happy 24/7 like ?? how is this possible . would probably argue over the smallest things like picking what food to eat but laugh over it after like 10 minutes ,, so precious ;-;

mark: leave him alone he’s mine bye HAHA kidding i feel like he’d usually be the one just laughing and smiling at you while you’re there sharing with him about your day and stories . tries to take care and look after you but fails because he’s too clueless so it ended up in you helping him with everything even though you’re like 3 years younger

renjun: surprisingly really calm ?? like he just knows how to make you chill and make your energy level go from 100 to 0 real quick and at the same time you’re soft for him too because honestly his visuals ?? takes care and looks after you but you’re so tall it’s for him sometimes :”)


send me anything and i’ll state my opinion(s) on it

The last ball jointed doll face up I’ve done was 7 years ago back when I was 17 and honestly I don’t think my skills have really improved since then lol. I find BJD face ups to be an entirely different animal of painting compared to 1/6th dolls and especially since how the BJD community seems to have shifted from pastels and acrylics to pastels and watercolours.

However I really wanted to give my Elfdoll Wu a better face up than the crappy one he got 7 years ago because the head was a gift from a doll friend of mine who passed away recently.

Essie was someone who really encouraged and nurtured my doll customizing skills in my younger years, and who was incredibly gifted and generous. If it wasn’t for her I definitely would have given up painting a long time ago.

So, I was stubborn and decided to try giving this face up entirely with pastels and acrylic paint because it’s what I’m comfortable with.

I gave him tons of freckles because I’m a huge sucker for them and that I’m not happy with his eyebrows but it’s better than the grainy, brown turds I drew on him when I was 17 lol.

He’s still not perfect by any means but I’m much happier with him now because he has a lot of sentiment attached to him…

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Nicknames: Dezzy is a nickname :3

Star Sign: Virgo

Height: 5′5″

Time right now: 3:28 AM (i have issues falling asleep at a reasonable time)

Last thing I Googled: ‘Best lactose free protein powders’. I am lactose-intolerant and all the dairy free protein powders I’ve tasted so far taste gross.

Last movie I watched: Hmm..either a rewatch of Tangled for he like 50th time, or my 2nd time going to watch Moana.

Last TV show I watched: ‘Are you the one?’ Lol, it’s a reality tv dating show I watch with my sister because even though I hate reality tv, sometimes they are just really fun to watch.

When I created this blog?: Mid 2010? (holy hell I’ve been on this site 7 years)

Why did I choose my URL?: It’s the english translation of one of my favorite UVERworld lyrics and a tattoo I have on my wrist. 

Gender: Female

Hogwarts house: Hufflepuff

Pokemon GO team: Instinct

Favorite color: Purple, Blue

Lucky number: 3 (I don’t know if it’s lucky but I like it)

Favorite character: Kageyama <3 (But like Tsukki is like .5 points away)

Number of blankets I sleep with: One thin blanket under my comforter…just putting on the comforter alone feels weird to me. 

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Confirmed, your dad is Samurai Jack lol :Y

I mean… he did give me a katana that once belonged to his father… so…?

Real talk I went to his room to hang out and read comics while he drew, and I saw the sword (it’s only for decoration, not sharp). And the only reason I knew what it was was because of Samurai Jack. So he got it down for me to look at, and said, “Yeah this was Pop-Pop’s. He brought it back from Japan. One day it’ll be yours!” You can imagine how excited my lil 7-year-old ass was that one day I’d have a sword just like Jack’s.

Fast forward a little over a decade. That sword is in my room now, leaned against my nightstand. 

So I haven’t been on in a bit mainly because I’m making lasagna for dinner tonight. That’s right, people…a man who cooks lol I love cooking. But either way, I WILL be here during Fastlane and God help me if Goldberg puts on a show (Which I know he will because KO’s matches are amazing anyways so that makes it even better.) tonight and wins the title. That 7 year old James will be out in full force cheering on his hero and be oh so proud of him.

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Geez even when Taylor hasn't been seen in months things are still crazy with the media asking about her or bring her up 24/7. I don't mind Ed tho because with him he's known her for years and people will always ask how she is what she's up to since people are curious what she's been up to. I will live my Taylor life through Ed's interviews for now lol

Yeah he is her voice rn, so to speak 


Junjou Romantica 3 ep.4

He’s definitely ready to murder that pumpkin.

PS: Shinobu’s voice changed. I couldn’t help but notice it. Before, I kept on laughing whenever I hear Shinobu’s voice because it sounds so husky it’s like he always has a sore throat. LOL. But now, it’s not, I guess Daisaku-san’s sore throat got healed after 7 years. HAHAHAHA!!


Hello taylorswift​, I hope by some magical way through the internet waves you get this. I want to say thank you for being you and making a difference in the lives of so many people.You are truly amazing!! For me particularly, you bring my spirits up when I’m down or feeling emotionally/mentally exhausted, which unfortunately is quite often. I have been really hurt for over 18 years by people who in normal circumstances would do anything to protect you. I am overly giving and caring towards people who don’t deserve it and always go back to the same things that hurts me. Apparently I care too much, but that is just how I am. I did have a really amazing turn in my life about 7 years ago this September when I met my husband, Jeff (he calls himself man swiftie lol) - who has been my crutch during the most shitty times as well. Because of what I went through and am still going through I always feel like I am in someway inadequate compared to everyone else, like im TAINTED or messed up, or why can’t I just be normal and not have any issues?

I have always been a TAYTAY fan :P and your music has helped me cry and/or dance it out. But something in particular during the 1989 shows will have me flat on the floor in Edmonton. Your CLEAN speech resonates with me so much that every-time I hear it, I feel a little bit better :). It really is very beautiful and I can only imagine how many people you have helped with those words. Thank you so very much for EVERYTHING!!!! See you in Edmonton for both nights of crying, screaming and whatever else. - ME (and man-swiftie)


I have 7 brothers and sisters, I myself being the second to youngest child so I can’t even begin to explain the amount of nieces and nephews I have. Samuel has 4 siblings he being the third or middle child, has nephews and nieces as well. So I am just curious as to how this year’s Thanksgiving is going to go because it’s our year…and it’s more people with our two families combined then there is in the whole state of Florida, lol. Mind you Samuel and I always throw holiday parties during the Holidays. Our family makes up the whole party itself. I’m pretty sure I am getting it catered because…yeah. I’d be feeding a nation if I cooked. What is everyone else’s plans?

He’ll DIE! This is your GRANDKID! You want your grandkid to DIE? What kind of grandma ARE you?!
—  Me (circa 7 years old), convincing my mom to babysit my Tamagotchi whilst I was in school (because we weren’t allowed to take them).