because he wants to use cas

tbh i am all for all kinds of ace!cas like h o n e s t l y

  • ace!cas who knows next to nothing about sex other than that he doesn’t really want or need it
  • ace!cas who is sex-repulsed and has no problem breaking it off with anyone who can’t respect that
  • demi!cas who doesn’t understand why after so many years his dick is suddenly interested in a boy with green eyes
  • ace!cas who doesn’t really mind sex, but doesn’t need it so he doesn’t mind screwing around with his partner since it makes them happy
  • ace!cas who uses sex as a way to achieve intimacy
  • ace!cas who’s scared that he’s broken because he’s never heard of asexuality until this very moment
  • ace!cas who is confident in his sexuality and doesn’t give 2 shits if it makes other people uncomfortable
  • ace!cas who’s tried sex and decided it wasn’t for him and never tried again
  • just
  • ace!cas  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Totally Straight, as in Straight Up Gay. ((Destiel🐬 JOCK!DEAN and JOCK!CAS))



“THAT STUPID THROW, Because NEWSFLASH , Novak, I cant catch the damn ball if its 30 feet above my head! IT ALMOST COST US THE GODDAMN GAME.”

“Well EXCUSE YOU, Winchester, you just dont want to admit that you dont have the skill to catch it!

Castiel and Dean went down the stairs, cussing insults at each other about the game they actually won. They just didnt want to admit that the other was good.

“You son of a bitch!!”


“Assbut?” Dean paused and smirked “,You need a better insult than that, Cas.”

He blushed and Dean found that adorable

“Suck my dick, Dean,” Castiel mumbled, face still red.

“Well maybe I will.” Dean said unconsciously, and saw Castiels eyes widen comically.

“I-i mean.” He scratched his neck, it was his turn to turn red ,“Girls , sports , babes , I am tooootally not a gay man…. Haha…”

“Haha… Neither am I,” Castiel laughed nervously. “Hundred percent straight….like not even 12% gay…. Like yeah…..uh full blown no homo, im like a heterostraight man…. I mean i AM straight, straight as spaghetti… I um uh… How about that game yesterday huh?”

Castiel tried propping his elbow on the stair railing, but he slipped and lost his balance.

Dean, with his fast reflexes caught him while he fell, Dean’s back landed hard on the floor as the other man accidentally tackled him onto the floor. A warm breath was felt on his neck.

Castiel looked up and saw green eyes staring back into his. They stayed like that, just staring, bodies pressed againts each other until the bell rang and snapped them out of their daze.

Castiel awkwardly stood up and helped Dean to his feet.
“S-so… See you tomorrow at the game?”

“Uh y-yeah! I’ll be there… For the game… I mean.”


“Anyways,” Dean pointed his thumb to himself, clearing his throat “Totally straight.”

“Same.” Castiel said nodding.

They stared at each other, both not making a move and suddenly they clashed their lips together into a deep yet chaste kiss.

“So….Saturday night, Harry Potter marathon at my house?”

“That sounds lovely, Dean.”

—((Notess))— Some people are straight as spaghetti until theyre wet, hun so dont give up
CAS is mind controlled again this coming season 😑

It is like the writers can’t come up with a decent story line for him. Guess what would be a good idea, him working with Dean and Sam solving cases and trying to get the ‘darkeness’ back where it came from. OR, work with the other angels to try and get things in order in heaven. ALSO, helping people, Cas enjoys healing the sick. Let him do that and stop making him look like a freaking idiot! He is an angel and angels are warriors. Give us back bamf!cas, sassy!cas. Let us see him as the strategist he is.

In addition, can we have cas and Dean moments people? Not the ‘I’m gonna kill you’ and shit. No- I want the deep talks and the smiles. Stop messing their friendship just because 'no homo’. Ugh, I’ll stop now~

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But in reality I don't want Destiel to become canon because when my ships become canon the show always takes a turn for the worst. The best example of this is X-Files. And I actually rage-quit Bones after that episode . . . you all know the one. I heard it got better, but I'm very distrusting. BUT I HEART DESTIEL FANFICS ONE HUNDRED PERCENT!!!

this is something i used to worry about but honestly i want these two idiots to kiss so much that i wouldnt care if the show was shit id watch the crappiest storyline for 40 minutes every Wednesday just to see dean smile at cas like he’s his sun stars and sky

also ive seen the show take ups and downs before so i could live through it

i obvs still care about the storyline, but i am also the worst kind of destiel trash

for now, lets just pray that destiel goes canon and the show remains great

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I want to read about tiny witch!cas raised thinking his magic is bad so he tries to make as many good things from it as he can: he helps dying flowers to flourish again, helps a cat jump from the tree without any injuries, helps neighbor boy to get his ball from the pool pls

*cries because whatever the au Cas always has that spark of goodness in him and he’d be so sweet and so scared of using his powers, but he would when he needed to to help people, and he’d be scared they wouldn’t like him once they saw what he was, but they would.*

sirikenobi167 asked:

What are your favorite things about Castiel? For me, I really relate to him (we're so alike it's kinda scary) a lot, I love his whole character arc/character development, he's both badass and socially awkward, etc.

Hi, dear! Wow… your question just made me realize something: I might still be a Dean!girl at heart.

Let me explain something to you. When I started watching the show, long before Cas/Misha was part of it and the Destiel fever started, I was a complete Dean!girl. Dean Winchester is the character I’ve always been able to relate to because he always wanted to be a perfect little soldier to please his father who hardly ever said nice things to him. Dean cares about others sometimes more than others care about him, hates himself a lot and blames himself for almost everything, feels that everybody is going to leave him sooner or later, uses humor as his self-defense mechanism, projects his deepest fears or insecurities onto other people, pretends to be an insensitive kind of person but is actually a very loving and caring type of guy. There’s just so much I could say about Dean and EVERY SINGLE LITTLE THING I see in his character is what has defined my life for almost 30 years.

Even though I’ve written about Cas before, this is the first time I realize I can’t relate to him. I love Castiel 50% because I can’t imagine Supernatural without my beloved Misha Collins and 50% because of what Cas means to Dean. When Cas showed up, I became a Cas!girl and I’ve been that for such a long time that I had almost forgotten I was devoted to Dean before. Now that I think about it, it’s probably because I love Dean so much that I can’t imagine the show without Cas.

Castiel understood Dean from the start. “You don’t think you deserve to be saved.” I was a goner after that line! Castiel is everything Dean needs. Dean has always needed someone who can see the worst about him but who still finds him worthy… someone who can still see how bright and full of love Dean’s soul is. After everything Dean’s been through, he deserves something good in his life and being loved by an angel is a nice touch. I think I relate to Dean so much because awful things have happened to him, and he’s not the best person, but he’s not evil and he tries to do his best (just like me), how can so many bad things continue to happen to him? I just want someone to love him, accept him, protect him, and do everything for him… maybe because I’d like to have someone like that in my life… I don’t know. I like the idea of someone loving Dean unconditionally maybe because I wish there were someone able to love me unconditionally. At least if Dean got his happy ending I wouldn’t believe that life is totally fucked up. Maybe.

So… to answer your question (sorry I’ve written this much and given no coherent response), my favorite thing about Castiel is what he offers Dean: unconditional love (whether romantic or platonic). He’s awkward and a total bamf, but what I love about him is how much he cares about others, especially about Dean (“too much heart was always Castiel’s problem”). In fact, the way I see his character development (which I totally love) is always related to Dean as I kinda explained in this meta

I didn’t answer your question in the slightest, did I? I’m so sorry. *hands you some chocolate cookies*

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(Offending the muse) "So, how does it feel to know that the only reason you have him is because Dean didn't want him?"

“Dean didn’t deserve him. Dean doesn’t get to be anywhere near him if he’s only going to use Cas for something that’s not even worth my angel’s time. He deserves happiness and he wasn’t going to find it with that bulk of self destruction, manipulation and walking disaster that was Dean Winchester.”

The demon curses the fact that he’s looking at a grey face and not someone he can drag across the room by their nostrils.

“He doesn’t even need a comparison between us, I’m far better for him than Dean could ever be, mainly because I respect the fact that he’s an angel and not a tool to complete whatever whim I come up with next. He might have had feelings for him at some point and I can understand that, but he’s gotten to know that those feelings were becoming dangerous and draining to him and made the right choice to back away when Dean shut him out. In fact, it’s about the only good thing he’s ever done for Cas, shutting him out because it showed him that he was a selfish, self-centered prick.”

“Castiel came to me, and I have no intention of shutting him out in the cold when he tells me he doesn’t want to do something or can’t. He’ll always have a place by my side and Heaven try to help Dean if the Winchester ever thinks otherwise.”

Cas not wanting to get out of bed because he loves being cuddled up to Dean. He kisses his neck and rubs his tummy and incoherently refuses to move.

The tummy rubs used to make Dean nervous. As did the grabbing of hips or touching of his thick thighs. Now he knows Cas loves all of him. It doesn’t matter that he isn’t the same size as when they first met.

Cas enjoys all of Dean especially the softness of his belly and jiggle of his booty. It made cuddles harder to stop. The morning was extremely hard when the floor was cold and windows frosty, but the bed was toasty.

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Top 3 of the saddest moments you had to write?

OOOOh damnit I totally forgot to answer this one I’m sorry !!!

Well, I usually don’t write really sad stuff…but sometimes you can’t write a story without them. And by sometimes I mean always so … 

There were various sad scenes in Happy Ending, the worst being probably Cas leaving the bunker to protect Dean after he used a curse to makes him forget all the bad stuff that happened to him. That one hurt a lot. 

Sam and Madison breaking up in Music Matters is also really sad for me because I wrote most of this fic absolutely convinced these two were endgame, and what Mads says to him about wanting to fool around in her underwear in the kitchen at three in the morning and talk about the world was actually the line I intended to use for them to profess their eternal love… so yeah, this one was hard to write ! 

But above all, the saddest one was Cas breaking down in De temps à Autres. This scene of him crying against his door after he told Dean he wanted nothing to do with him anymore? This scene fucked me up for a solid week ! 

(OMG I actually hurt Cas a lot in my fics … And myself too !)

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Throwback to my supernatural fandom days let’s go

The character I first fell in love with: Sam
The character I never expected to love as much as I do now: Crowley I guess? no one expects to like the king of hell
The character everyone else loves that I don’t: no idea
The character I love that everyone else hates: RUBY IS LIKE MY FAVORITE EVER
The character I used to love but don’t any longer: no idea. Many of them since I’m not that emotionally attached to the show anymore
The character I would totally smooch: A lot of them. The people on that show are very pretty
The character I’d want to be like: Charlie
The character I’d slap: John fucking winchester. Also dean because he needs to get his shit together and realize that he and cas are in love
A pairing that I love: Destiel
A pairing that I don’t: WINCEST (As a person with a sibling incestuous relationships are just nope nope nope nope my brain why)


Remember when I was talking about how Dean put the coat in his IMPALA. not even knowing Cas would come back…. I’m watching the ‘Emmanuel’ ep. And by this episode Dean has switched cars what 5…6 times (because he can’t use the impala cos the Levi’s.) And he still had his coat in the trunk. THAT MEANS WHEN DEAN HAD TO LOCK AWAY BABY HE THOUGHT ABOUT CAS AND THAT HE WANTED TO KEEP HIS COAT WITH HIM SO HE PUT IT IN THE NEW CAR THAT MEANS EVERY FREAKING TIME DEAN SWITCHED CARS HE MADE SURE HE PUT CAS’ COAT IN THE ONE HE WAS IN! THAT MEANS ALL THIS FRAKIN FREAKING TIME HE HAS BEEN NONSTOP THINKING ABOUT CAS THAT MEANS ASDFGHJKL #castiel #deanwinchester #Supernatural #destiel

Let Go

read it on the AO3 at

by Interupptingmoose218

Cas wears diapers because he likes the feel of them, he doesn’t use them. Dean wants him to.

Words: 705, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

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✿ -truthoftwohearts because yay friendship kisses

The first time he did it, he was afraid for her. He saw how pure kisses were for the humans and how the demons had corrupted them by using them as a seal, so Cas wanted to make it a pure promise once more. She was bloody, only half alive and he knew he could heal her, so instead of touching her forehead, he pressed a gentle kiss on her cheek.

The second time, he was hesitate. It was fast and nervous and he zapped out right after. 

The rest of the times blurred together. “Have a good day at practice and be safe,” a small kiss on the cheek. Whenever she was hurt or sad, a kiss on the cheek. At nights, he never gave kisses on the cheeks, just one tiny peck on the forehead as if he could heal her mind while she slept.

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28, 45 and 46? x

Hi, thank you!

28. What do you want to achieve in the next year? 

  • I want to pass all of my classes, successfully completing my second year of college.
45. What was your last dream about?

  • Last night I had some awful dream that my university didn’t let me return and somehow I was moved to go to a private, conservative school near Eureka, CA… And the teachers obviously disliked me there but I made a friend.
46. Have you ever hated someone and why?

  • I hate Donald Trump because he’s a disgusting pig. I used to hate my ex’s new girlfriend, whom he started seeing while he and I still had unfinished business.. My stomach would churn every time I saw or heard about her, and I wanted to dump slushees on her and stain her clothes. Also there’s this guy that lived in my dorm at school that I actually do hate now. In fact, he is the only person that I actually personally hate. If I see him again, I’ll fuck him up. He’s sexually harassed me and my friends and repeatedly made racist and sexist remarks. I’m so close to ruining his life.

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hey so there's this guy I just started a long distance relationship with and he and I have liked each other for a long time now and he's just the sweetest and we're really comfortable with each other I just didn't want to see myself without him but I'm not sure if us together is the best thing rn because I'm not too sure when I'll get to see him :/

online relationship are the hardest tbh, u can’t never see the person u talk to, unless she lives near u.
I think y'all should just stay friends, and focus on a real and not long distanced relationship.
Or if you are sure that he is not a catfish and that he is real, then go see him, only if you ca afford to go see him or him coming to see you

Let Go

read it on the AO3 at

by Interupptingmoose218

Cas wears diapers because he likes the feel of them, he doesn’t use them. Dean wants him to.

Words: 705, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at

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Cas clutched at the shirt he was wearing. "I-I used Winchester because I didn't want you to find me. I thought it would work since you just think that you're my fucktoy" Cas tried to sound angry, but he just sounded even more sad. -K

Dean felt his eyes burn with tears when Cas said he hadn’t wanted Dean to find him. He swallowed a whimper. “I-I’m so sorry Cas…. I didn’t want to…. It wasn’t… I’m sorry,” he said at last when he didn’t know how to explain himself. He couldn’t. He had ruined everything and Cas didn’t want to be with him. “I’m sorry for everything I said.”