because he wants to know what she thinks

So I was reading this excellent analysis of how Stan may have bonded with Mabel and Ford with Dipper in part because they fit a gap in the twin dynamic that Stan and Ford used to have with each other. (Linking instead of reblogging just because 1) it’s pretty long and 2) I’m pretty sure I reblogged it before.)

It briefly touched on the whole B-plot where Mabel takes Stan up to the water tower to try and cure his fear of heights, and that got me thinking…

To my mind, the funniest part of that whole plot is that Stan clearly knows what is going on from minute one. He knows she’s gonna take him someplace really high up, he doesn’t want to go there, but he goes anyway without any protest and barely any hesitation. That was probably totally his childhood dynamic with Ford.

So what I want to know is, what kind of crazy, dangerous shit did Ford get Stan to do when they were kids/teens? 

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"Remember when you were afraid of Lucas changing." I'll be really pissed if there's still people saying that Riley was only mad at Lucas because he didn't tell her his secret after watching that.

I mean honestly. The show has made it clear SO MANY TIMES that Riley doesn’t want to see or deal with any version of Lucas that does fit “what she thinks.”

And like…part of the reason she was upset about him not telling her is because it means she DOESN’T ACTUALLY KNOW WHO HE IS. She says as much herself, several times. It means he’s not what she thinks and she is NOT OKAY with that. Nor does she accept it—one of the last things she says to him in SoL is “as long as you’re not different than I think,” as opposed to some of that UNCONDITIONAL love she expresses for Farkle on the regular, some thing like “no matter what you did, you’re still the Lucas we know.” Oh but wait that’s basically what Maya told him. 😏

But it just *whooshes* over some people’s heads because Riley and Lucas rode a white horse together one time, I guess. (“Who DOES that?!”)

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1. I can't believe Kanye West wants to take over Hermès in 2017. It is too elegant & good for such an sexist man. He thinks way too highly of himself. 2. I can't believe queen Naomi walked for the same brand as Kylie Jenner did.

I never heard of the hermes thing wtf…he’s like literally lost his mind. and the fact that he wants to take over it is hilarious

and ya I was disappointed to see naomi walked for his show because his show was horrible and I don’t know what naomi was thinking. but then again it goes back to me saying how she’s fake and just goes along with a lot of things in the fashion industry to stay professional and avoid drama

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omg what if phillip comes back for oliver? like if he's in a bad situation bc of the whole catherine thingy, he goes back for oliver to force him to change records or erase smth...

I don’t want to think about this type of situation at all, tbh. I only worry about Coliver because Philip knows where they live and that’s just terrible. I worry about what he could try to come out with, but Annalise is smart. I’m sure she has thought everything out. LIke yesterday, she was so far ahead of everyone on so many levels, it was insane. Never doubt Annalise. She has a plan always.

I know that Philip is going to come back and cause trouble. We just have no idea on what kind of trouble.

  @fracturedprincess continued from [x]

Laxus was still looking away. The blush never leaving as he was so embarrassed right now. He thought this things are meant to those who were in a relationship but he just sees Lucy as a close friend due to some interactions they got but still too far to think she could be something more than that to her. Maybe he could have a little crush but that’s not happening, right? Mirajane made him do this because everyone knows it’s better do what the she devil match maker says or hell is going down.

“The damn she devil…” Laxus muttered. “But I somehow… wanted to but if you don’t want then it’s okay.”

also wtf is everyone talking about a lack of linstead they had multiple scenes of him asking her how she was doing and each time he backed off not because he doesn’t care but because he knows her boundaries like i thought that was the most beautiful thing, he knows that she can do this on her own and remember what happened last time he tried to push her she got pissed and they didn’t talk for ages so i don’t think it was lack of linstead or anything i think it was done for a very deliberate reason (although i would have died for a hug at the end from anyone for that matter, either voight or halstead or benson, hell i wanted to hug her)

After telling “Fox” (I loved how she used his first name here in this intimate, exposed moment) that she believed he would get his answers about the big mystery about that marked his life (i.e. the alien conspiracy), she gave us this, a speech that spoke for many different kinds of parents, but specifically and especially for ones like her, mothers who will never know their children. “My mysteries, I’ll never have answered. I won’t know if he thinks of me, too, or if he’s afraid and wishes I was there. Does he doubt himself because we left him? What questions does he have of me? The same I have of this quarter?” And then, after a pause, Gillian Anderson ended the episode with a line that if given by any other actress, I think would have sounded terrible, but because she is Gillian f—ing Anderson, it did not: “And I want to believe — I need to believe — that we didn’t treat him like trash.” She leaned into Mulder, and he embraced her, and we faded out on the two of them once more taking shelter in each other. Home again.

Sorry I was too lazy to write the script in english TTHTT 

Summary : Adrien and Marinette saw Gabriel Agrest in his Hawk Moth form and think he is akumatized, they don’t know yet he is the one who akumatize people. They are locked in Adrien’s room for now and try to escape, but our cinnamon roll is too depressed to do anything since his argument with Ladybug last time because she knows his true identity and tried to put some distance between them for their safety. He hopes Ladybug will come to rescue them but unfortunately, he doesn’t know Ladybug is locked with him…
So… What will you do Marinette ? Want to use some “lucky charm”~? =u=

First comic I ever drew and it’s about Miraculous Ladybug~ I love this show so much !!! Hope that my english isn’t too bad x’D sorry if their’s some mistakes, I’m french after all OHO ~

EDIT : Sorry for the previous picture quality, I edited~

Shoutout to Lincoln though who was tortured by the sky people and then forgave them afterwards.

Lincoln who tried so hard to fit in and befriend those people who tortured him because he thought it was what Octavia wanted.

Lincoln who saw the strength in Octavia when nobody else (including Bellamy) acknowledged she had it in her all along.

Lincoln who literally gave up his entire life and people for Octavia, but still puts her needs above his own and treats her like a Princess but also knows she is a Warrior.

Lincoln who thinks he’s finally found his place with the sky people after much personal growth and relationship strengthening, but is willing to leave, again, because it’s what Octavia wants.

Just…shoutout to Lincoln who is the least problematic person on this show.

Just think about it...

At the beginning of the demon summoning, they show us really well what is going on between the characters.
Magnus is the first who takes Alec’s hand, meaning that Magnus finds him interesting and he wants to know him better. Alec is hesitating, because he finds Magnus interesting too, but he’s unsure of his feelings.
Than Alec takes Jace’s hand; Alec has strong feelings toward him and Jace takes it because he loves Alec as his brother and parabatai.
Than Jace looks at Clary and grabs her hand because he likes her more and more and Clary feels the same way.
And Isabelle just stands there, because she notices this and says what all of us thinking:


Ok. Byron is not a murderer and obviously he didn’t kill Charlotte. What Byron is hiding is that he’s dating someone, someone that Aria (and us) knows. That’s why he’s so mysterious about it. 

The vocal message he leaves in Ezra’s voicemail: It seems that Ezra saw him with someone who also knows one night.

Then Aria calls Byron to talk with him because she thinks he killed Charlotte, but Byron’s busy. With what? Helping Ashley to get the drive with Radley’s footage. 

At the end, Byron wants to talk with Aria, only Aria. I think he will confess he’s seeing Ashley. Why he would confess a murder to her daughter, putting himself on risk?

My very favorite episode of the series is One Breath. Because Mulder, in it, is not some vengeful badass or one-liner machine or archetypal questing hero, he’s just a man who doesn’t know what the fuck to DO with himself while someone he loves is dying, and all he wants to do is HURT the people who hurt Scully, but then he gives that UP to be with her, just in case, just in case, and he sits with her, and it DOESN’T WORK and he goes home and cries, and then she wakes up anyway and it’s…I’m gonna tear up right now thinking about his little face when he gets that phone call. He’s a mess and he doesn’t know what he’s doing, and he runs away from her when he should be with her, but then he figures it out and finds his way back to her and to what’s important, more important than anger, more important than revenge. 

One thing that was heartbreaking to me about this episode is that it highlighted something in One Breath, which is that sometimes it DOESN’T “work,” that rushing to the person’s side to be with them doesn’t mean that you earn them back; they don’t just come back if you love them hard enough or say the right thing or call the right person. The thing that KILLS me about One Breath is that Mulder goes to be with her, but it’s not this climactic moment when he comes through the door and we know she’s gonna be OK…in fact it’s an anticlimax, because the climax was going to be at 8:17 when the bad guys came through Mulder’s door and he made them pay. He gives that up to go be with her, for a few more minutes, and it might not have helped, but as Melissa says, at least he’ll know. He thinks it didn’t matter; he comes home and cries because nothing happened, it didn’t make a difference. Except it did, maybe, or maybe it had nothing to do with it, but we know she heard him, and she comes back, for whatever mysterious reasons. 

But in this episode it’s Scully’s turn to sit with her mother, hold her hand, talk to her, say earnestly that she knows she can hear her because she’s been right where she is, and she finally gets Charlie on the phone and Charlie speaks to her and…it doesn’t “work,” Scully did all the right things but her mother still dies and sometimes that happens. I know that story-wise they were saying that she wanted to hear from Charlie to know that he was all right before she went. But the moment, for me, was VERY much a callback to One Breath, especially with that BEAUTIFUL little exchange about Mulder saying he “invented it” when Scully was in the hospital. Scully remembers that moment, and it must obviously mean a tremendous amount to her, and she wants to do it the same way, the magic formula, for her mother, but it doesn’t work like that. That hurt, but it was so realistic and so human. That was a heartbreaker, all right. A heartbreaker. But also, she and Mulder are together because of what happened all those years ago, and just as Scully knows what Maggie is feelings, Mulder has been where Scully is, and it’s clear he knows exactly what she’s going through. 

Honestly, I knew this was going to be Maggie dying, I knew there might be a William reference, I knew about the Home reference to the COTB, but I never expected so much of this to be about One Breath. I couldn’t have asked for more, really.

“You know what?” I scream, “I would stand out here all night if I had to, in the pouring rain, just to see you smile or hear you laugh just one more time! Just one!” She shakes her head,

“I would never ask you to do that.”

“I know,” I say. “I am exasperated, because you’d want someone else out here. Not me. Not anymore. So you know what? Call him up, see if he answers! But don’t even think for a second that I’ll be willing to take you back into my arms once you change your mind again!”

—  Excerpt from a book I will never write #571

“Bellamy wanted to prove he could save Clarke, as if she wasn’t capable of it herself” 

lol okay. Stop the white feminism for 2 seconds. Picture this. Bellamy wanted to save his co-leader and best friend so she could come home and NOT BE HELD CAPTIVE OR MURDERED. WOW AMAZING. WHAT AN IDEA.

Why do C/exa stans always act like Bellamy thinks Clarke isn’t capable of taking care of herself and that he thinks she needs saving and all this b.s. I think Bellamy damn well knows Clarke could string him up by his sack if she wanted to. At this point all Bellamy wants if for Clarke to come home TO SAVE HIM. Because he knows he’s gonna start to lose his shit soon without her. Especially after he just heard over the radio that everyone including HIS GIRLFRIEND were DEAD. 

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Unlikely to happen, but what if Yato was the one to die protecting Bishamon?

Okay ya’ll are going to hate me for this, but i think that’d be a super great plot twist and whole new direction for the manga. (And imagine if he does reincarnate and now there’s a fight over who takes care of him) If he can reincarnate, then it brings in more questions of who is he REALLY? And I think heaven would step in and then there’d be more characters and Hiyori and Yukine trying to keep Smol Yato safe and just!!! JUST!!

Like!! Fujisaki will really be pissed. Like I want to see him mad because that douchebag has been smiling for too long.

And Bishamon would be devastated because Yato’s helped her so many times and now he just dies? For her? They barely got to know each other!

Hiyori wouldn’t know what to do. But even if he died, she’d remember him because she promised Yato she would. She’d cry for so long and try to be supportive for Yukine. But Yukine, oh Yukine… His home.. He doesn’t know what to do either because he was Yato’s guidepost. Only Yato’s.

Oh man oh man this is really sad I love it and if that happened everyone will cry and I will cry too.

I’ve been doing Once episode rewatches here and there, and one thing struck me, and I’m just wondering about this now.

Emma wanted to contain the darkness in Zelena and then run her with the sword, and when that plan basically failed, and she came to her senses, she decided that she should be the vessel for the darkness and Regina was tasked to basically take her out, the nagging thought is this.

I just realized that either way, Killian would have died because his life wouldn’t have been tethered to Excalibur anymore. The sword disintegrated when Emma ran Killian with it.

He even told her when he handed over Excalibur that they both know there’s no other way.

My question is what did Emma think the outcome was going to be for Killian? She was trying to save his life all along, and it just seems like everything she did was for nothing, because he was going to die anyway.

I’ve always wanted to know what Darth Vader was thinking when he found out about Leia during RoTJ because he doesn’t even really react to this information? Was he mentally doing cartwheels? Was he internally screaming? Did he somehow already know? Had he just accepted that his life was just so ridiculous that “yeah of course there’s another one. Obviously. I don’t know why I expected my laser sword duel to the death with my long lost magic son to go any differently” Was he already thinking about the comically menacing gang of bounty hunters he would have to assemble to go find her? Was he wondering what her favorite color was and if she wanted a planet for herself or if he should just start her out with a moon or two? I have so many questions. 

People don’t understand Lexa’s responsibilities like she can’t just run off to save Clarke. what I love about this show is they don’t change the characters characteristics like for a romance thing. Like it would be so fucking out of character for lexa to outwardly show a ton of emotion for Clarke like the bellarkes think she should. like watch the show and realize what goes with her character and what goes with bellamy. Clarke and Bellamy have know each other longer and so obviously they have a really good friendship so no crap balls he would go try and find her like if I was Bellamy and a FRIEND were Clarke I would go look for them like ?? Like no one wants to see their friend die ?? Honestly I think lexa did more because she didn’t even have an obligation to try and save Clarke yet she did. She could have just totally fucking left like it had been 3 months but she still loves Clarke so she did what she could to try and save her. Also Lexa is so fucking smart and knows Clarke will 110% be safer with her than anyone else on the whole fucking show. If you read this all thank you it was a long rant that probably didn’t make sense.

                guys this sceneeeeee. I’m dying from feels all over again

                              because he tries to ask twice okay

  he is soooo bothered by what Carol is thinking that he just cannot stand it…

                                        so he not only asks once

                                                but twiceeeee

           to somehow try to get an idea of what is going on in her mind.

And the reason he does that is not only because he wants to shoulder her pain but also because he is bloody fucking terrified that she might up and leave him at any given moment, that he is desperately trying to talk about her feelings.

It’s like all Daryl knows here is that a) she is going through something very painful, which he wants to help her with, and b) that he could lose her again.

                And for him, now, that absolutely cannot fucking happen.

                                      so umm yeah, feeeeeeeels.

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Zerbe, please, can you explain what is the point of Dean/Amara, if she's not Dean's endgame? Why would they show us that Dean wants to settle down and find someone significant? It's obviously not going to be Amara, is it? Or maybe Dean will want to have that with her but then she dies, and what? Is it a another tragic story that Dean can't have a normal life? What? I honestly don't know anymore. Or is it romantic false lead? But then it means endgame destiel, which i seriously doubt...

Well, honestly, I think it’s because they still haven’t leveled the bro playing field of mistakes.  S9/S10 skirted it with Dean/Crowley, but Crowley mostly wears a male meatsuit and was originally male before he died and the show is, frankly, too scared to align that 100% textually (on Dean’s side, it was closer on Crowley’s) with Sam’s mistake of being lured in by Ruby. So, as an adjacent “fuck up” piece, we get Dean/Amara now.

Amara, in some fashion, has to be beat.  She’s the big bad, and her (the whole MOC arc) inception is around Dean’s crappy past.  Unlike the easy to kill Ruby, by necessity, she has to trump 10 seasons worth of bad (and Dean succumbing to said self-loathing and identity problems), but still be susceptible to death, hence her bond/attraction with Dean (insert my vomiting here), a bond Lucifer seemingly plans to exploit to find or kill her (as evident in the narrative mirrors of 11x11), hence Dean’s vulnerability via manufactured “pining”.  Just as Lucifer preyed on Cas’s vulnerabilities to say “yes”, it looks like he’ll be pushing Dean to her as part of his plan (whatever that is).  Because this is all we know of Lucifer’s intent, the threat is two fold.

Dean wanting/pining/desiring/whatever Amara is nothing but manufactured feelings.  Feelings that others, such as Mildred, see but do not understand. It’s like Dean is under a love spell basically (watch 11x13 play with this probably).  Under the spell, it’s silly to ignore the feelings (desire, attraction, pining, pick an adjective it honestly doesn’t matter it’s all romantic feelings) being there, but it’s also silly to mistake them for something real.  It’s not real. She’s a curse, as the MOC is always describe as a curse.

The pushes for Dean to want something more?  Advice like “follow your heart” (framed around the sun, which is a narrative motif for Cas all throughout S9 and S10)? That’s all still endgame stuff that isn’t Amara-related imo, given her inception and narrative parameters.  Amara is the mindset Dean had on the bridge in 9x10, “I’m poison.”  So forth is she framed, as his poison, his Kryptonite.  Such a funny thing for Carver to word it as  Because Superman? He is powered by the Sun and must recharge when exposed for a long time (by Kryptonite) by bathing in the sunlight.  If Amara is Kryptonite (first colored red, btw, like the banshee’s dress, this Kryptonite has slightly different properties than the more common green, including being uncontrollable for example: On the TV series, Smallville, Red Kryptonite has a drug-like effect, causing severe changes in Clark Kent’s personality with him becoming rebellious, unpredictable and acting purely on erotic and selfish emotions), then Cas is the sun, quite literally in our ongoing thematic motifs around him.  

Standard disclaimer that I believe Destiel is endgame and that I believe it’ll stay in the subtext ambiguously, even at the end.