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Blind Adrien AU w/ Reverse Love-Square

something @qookyquiche and i were discussing last night when we should’ve been studying/working

  • famous model Adrien Agreste is blind, uses a cane nbd
  • absurdly overprotective father because blind son
  • as Chat Noir, he gets heightened senses a la Toph Beifong and Matt Murdock
  • “near the blue car” “what blue car” “its right there!!” “cats are colorblind y’know” “no they’re not????”
  • Chat dragging Ladybug through the darkness because its his element
  • when LB finally realizes, she starts being more protective of him, which annoys Chat because this is EXACTLY why he didnt want her to know
  • REVERSE UMBRELLA SCENE Adrien is waiting under the rain for his ride home, Mari appears from behind with an umbrella and offers to wait with him
  • Mari is considerate and helpful to Adrien, but not overbearing and overprotective like everyone else in his life.
  • Adrien Agreste is babied by everyone in his life and has very low self-esteem. he feels like everyone looks down on him. except for her.
  • Chat Noir is cool and funny, but there’s also a certain softenss to him, like you know deep down he’s quite sensitive and understanding.
  • idk maybe Mari likes the leather
  • He’s full of confidence, he shows dedication to helping people, he bounces back from anything. He’s what she aspires to be.
  • He visits her sometimes, hangs out, on her rooftop garden. He enjoys her company and she seems to enjoy his too.
  • Chat Noir/Adrien slowly falls for Marinette. Mari/Ladybug slowly falls for Chat.

ALSO DOODLES BY @qookyquiche

we have a bunch of other scenarios and headcanons in mind but this post is already pretty long so maybe we’ll draw them next time (after keeeesh’s hell month maybe?)

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Oh oh oh, do Adrien + Chat Noir! Y'know like the subtle differences and stuff. I mostly see people almost writing the him like alter ego is a completely different character thats nothing like him. So like, whats different and whats the same?

I once saw a post that really summed it up well when they said that Cat Noir is an exaggeration of what Adrien THINKS he wants to be. At that age kids are trying to figure themselves out, and they have what they think is cool. Adrien wants to be charming, witty, fun and brave, thats what he thinks he should be. And in a way he is that, but its an exaggeration, it’s excessive, so it comes off to other people as insincere feeling. Initially Lady treated Cat different because she only had what he was giving her, but later she saw a more genuine side of him and they started to get closer. He is now one of her best friends and they are an unbeatable team, because she actually knows him now. I think Adrien is the slightly subdued version of him, and Cat Noir is the over exaggerated version of him that he feels like he is prevented from being, and neither of them are the complete picture. When he gets more comfortable with someone they see the actual person he is, which is a mix between the two. This only occurs when he lets his guard down, stops bottling things up or over acting, and instead being totally genuine. He is genuine as both of his halves, but he treats them differently because in one he feels restricted and in the other he feels free, but since he had never been free before he goes to far with it. As he gets more adjusted I think Adrien AND Cat Noir will become completely indistinguishable except for the smallest details, like Marinette and Ladybug. She too overacts, because she is trying to be what she thinks a superhero is, but it gets more genuine as she gets more comfortable. 

Adrien, at first, is self conscious and unsure of himself but not to the extent that many think he is. He approaches situations openly and hopes he is rewarded for it, and more often than not he is. He has a deep sense of justice and what is and isnt fair, and will act on those morals as a hero to defend the people and maintain their rights in a way he feels like his weren’t. He understands why his life is the way it is, and for the most part keeps his head down to keep his father happy because he loves him and knows he is in pain. He doesnt want to cause trouble for him and is willing to sacrifice his independence to a point, but as with everything he has his limits. He resents his limitations but has found it both easier and harder to keep his head down now that hes Cat Noir. In one way he has an outlet, and in another he has something that has shown him independence in stark contrast to his normal life and it makes him resent it more. He does his best to ignore it, but it is often thrown in his face and frustrating to him. He is used to feeling alone and disappointed, loneliness is not a foreign concept to him and he can be affected by these feelings pretty quickly. He is a character of general extremes, he reacts to everything with a complete emotion and doesnt really shrug things off like Nino might. Nino and Alya might go ‘eh whatever’ when something happens, but both Marinette and Adrien are aware of things, react emotionally to things, and THEN continue on, where as others just dont bother completely. This does make him more compassionate as a hero, but also more emotional, and thus more affected by his emotions. As a hero he can be impulsive and quick to anger, like I said he is a character of general extremes. He is elated by acts of kindness and thrown off by awkward or negative things until he can distract himself. He is fairly expressive, which is also conflicting to his normal civilan life. As Adrien when he is around his father he is careful to contain things, or at least is aware that it is what he is expected to do. He seems to have a rebellious spark to me, but it can be snuffed out and his father is very adapt at doing just that. His father knows Adriens emotional tendencies and manipulates them, which leads to Adriens shortcomings. 

Adrien is a very kind and caring person, he’s warm, open, friendly and supportive. Even when he was upset with Ladybug in the Volpina episode it was mostly because he was concerned forher, because it was out of character for her to be that way. He will fight like hell to protect what he cares about, and is willing to sacrifice a lot if fighting isnt an option. However he will never sacrifice someone else, only his own things or life. 

The longer he is in public school and is Cat Noir, the stronger of a person he will become as he grows. He will get steadier, and find a comfortable balance expressing his true self as he has discovered it. He is unwaveringly loyal and very brave, taking to the excitement and responsibility of being a hero readily. While part of his motives might have been the fun of it, he easily fell in step with the burden it presented because of the noble edge to his personality that makes him an excellent hero.  

Sometimes I think about when Dawn and Paul are expecting a baby and it’s a mix of really awkward and really adorable. Paul doesn’t really know anything about babies, and while Dawn knows a little, she’s mostly figuring it out as she goes. So the two of them kind of stumble to figure out the whole pregnancy and baby thing together.

They go shopping for items like toys and clothes. Dawn is trying to pick out outfits that she thinks would look cute while Paul stares at them all in confusion because he doesn’t know anything about clothes. They’re looking for toys to give to the baby and Dawn notices Paul eyeing a certain Pokemon plushie. She teases him, asking if that’s what he wants to give the baby, and he becomes flustered but nods.

They’re trying to put a room together for the baby and Dawn wants to put cute patterns on the wall, so she paints them on with stencils while Paul tries to put the crib together (poorly). Paul leaves most of the actual decorating to Dawn, though he does all of the placement for her. She tells him where to put things like pictures on the walls of pieces of furniture in the room. So it’s a lot of, “Put it there. No… A little to the right! ….No that still doesn’t look good… Maybe more to the left!” while Paul wordlessly goes along with it.

When it comes to picking baby names, Dawn is very indecisive. She makes lists, upon lists, upon lists of different names that she likes. She finds ones with all sorts of different meanings or relations to things. She becomes incredibly stressed over finding a name, especially when she’s late in the pregnancy and still doesn’t have one. Eventually she groans and tosses the baby book name aside and is like, “I can’t look at names anymore! You pick one!” and Paul proceeds to pick up the book, stare at it for a moment while flipping through a few pages before handing it back to Dawn and saying, “Elizabeth”. Dawn stares at him in confusion before saying, “What? Why Elizabeth?” and Paul shrugs saying, “I just like it.” Dawn continues to stare at him before looking back to the book with a smile saying, “Then Elizabeth it is!”

Paul nods curtly, but then Dawn’s face falls as she says, “But what about a nickname?!”

Brad:  “And you don’t want that?”

Sophie shakes her head no:   “No…at least not yet.  She said I was a baby and needed to loosen up or I’d be a virgin who has never been kissed before forever.  She said the other kids didn’t like having me around because I was such a downer and the moral police and ruined everybody’s fun.  She said that my neck hurt from wearing a halo all the time…..”

Brad:  “I happen to think you look beautiful with that halo.  What does she know?”

Brad has recovered enough from the shock of what he’s heard to try and lighten the mood a little.

Brad:  “Did you tell your dads?”

Sophie shakes her head no:  “Why would I?  It’s just silly drama.  I didn’t want to bother them with it.”

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Would you describe Paul as a psychopath? Do you think he is capable of "feel" something for someone or sympathy?

I would agree with the experts that Paul Bernardo is a psychopath. I think he is capable of feeling something for someone in the context of how it would benefit him, which would explain what I believe were strong feelings for Karla Homolka. However, with her, he didn’t have to hide what he wanted because she encouraged him from the start, which I’m sure was a relief and offered him some security. But we all know even having a woman who would do anything for him wasn’t enough to keep him from hurting her or others.

As for sympathy, I can’t think of a moment where he’s ever shown concern for anyone but himself, let alone remorse for the pain he’s caused his several victims.

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West Allen is canon baby!! It is going to happen and the best part about it is the fact that they both were able to let each other know how they feel and just like life it is never simple but the smile on his face is priceless because he thinks this is a dream or she cannot be serious because his dream just became a reality and he is just speechless. Yes the world is in peril and all that but in that moment nothing else matters. WEST ALLEN HAS LANDED SNITCHES!!!

I don’t know what’s funnier. The fact that you probably found my post either in the search or the anti tags. Or that you think they are actually going to stay permanent. You might want to look at the writers. Most of them are from Arrow. And look at what they did with their canon couple. They killed off half of it. So enjoy WA while you can. Because, it wont last. But thank you for the laughs. Truly. You did exactly what I knew you would. 

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How long do you think it will take the show to let them be a REAL couple again??

A really good question anon. We have been wondering the same thing. The writers wasted no time getting Haleb back together when Caleb returned from Ravenswood which we weren’t expecting, so who knows.

It’s shit because we only have 20 something episodes left so we don’t want to waste precious time mulling over all the issues (cheating, Hanna’s engagement, Spencer), but at the same time they can’t just be ignored.

We personally think Caleb has a lot of explaining to do, we never really heard his side of the story. He changed his tune so much, we want to know how he thought it was acceptable to do something that would hurt Hanna regardless of where she was at in her life. He obviously loves Hanna but we think that Hanna (and us) need to know what is going on his head.

In saying all that, the writers don’t seem to put as much thought into this as we do. They’ll either ignore everything and make Haleb fine without addressing anything. Or they’ll drag it out tortuously.

I think my favorite thing about The X-Files is watching Mulder be in love with Scully while simultaneously watching Scully fall in love with Mulder. Because I think for Mulder it wasn’t necessarily love at first sight but the feelings were apparent from the very start and he knew that. But for Scully it was kinda like “hey, I think you’re really smart and cute but I could never see myself with someone as crazy as you” and as time went on she realized that he was exactly what she wanted and needed. Which makes it even more sweeter when they finally got together because you know that Mulder was just patiently waiting around for her which can be seen in Season 7 episode 16. When asked if he had a significant other Mulder responds “Um, not in the widely understood definition of that term.” Because he thinks of Scully as his other half but doesn’t want to demean her independence by calling her that, even when she’s not around, because he doesn’t know if she thinks the same thing.

I was thinking about how ALIE/Raven calls everyone out on their shit, and how mostly everybody tended to get really emotional about the hard truths that Raven was throwing out there. 

So, when Raven talks to Clarke and Jasper, they both get extremely emotional. I think this is because both Clarke and Jasper are in denial about the things that ALIE/Raven tells them. Clarke doesn’t want to believe that she brings death wherever she goes. Jasper doesn’t want to believe that he won’t ever recover from what happened with Maya. All of the things that Raven tells them elicit intensely emotional responses because neither Clarke nor Jasper want to believe that they’re true.

Bellamy, on the other hand, is a little bit different. Throughout much of what ALIE/Raven says to him, he ignores and doesn’t refute because he’s not in denial about any of these things. He knows what he’s done is bad. He understands that he’s made bad choices. I think that he’s mostly come to terms with it. (How Bellamy thinks about himself versus how he really is is a different story) However, the one thing that evokes emotion, even if it is just a little bit, is when Raven tells Bellamy that he was never as devoted to Gina as he was to Clarke. This line is a direct comparison that links Clarke and Bellamy’s relationship to a previous romantic relationship that Bellamy has had. Not only that, it suggests that their relationship is stronger than Bell’s most recent romantic relationship. 

Raven’s not lying here. Everyone knows this. Bellamy is extremely devoted to Clarke. But the fact that this is the thing that merits a response from him may show us, as viewers, that perhaps he’s a little bit in denial about these feelings. This response is supposed to signal to us that Bellamy’s reaction to this comparison is very important. Because it’s not as emotional a response as Clarke and Jasper gave, I think that he probably has an idea about what he feels for Clarke, but he doesn’t want to acknowledge these feelings because he knows what it means for him. 

Acknowledging that he has powerful, romantic feelings for Clarke would change a lot of things. As I said in a previous post, it would be a devastating realization for him. Most of the things that Raven has said to these characters are true. She preys on their deepest fears, regrets, and truths that they do not want brought out in the open.

ALIE/Raven brought this relationship up because Bellamy regrets that he couldn’t love Gina the way that she wanted/deserved. Bellamy fears that he and Clarke will never be equals. Most of all, he fears that this truth that he may be in denial about, these feelings that he has for Clarke, will destroy both him and Clarke.

I Missed You || Stella & Nate

Being apart from Nate, as always, was harder than anything Stella had ever known. She hated knowing that he was alone with nothing but his own thoughts, thoughts he had let consume him because of her and her stupid mistakes. Nothing would shift the guilt Stella knew was on her…thinking about what would have happened if she hadn’t come back in time, to think that things could have been worse were thoughts that terrified her. All Stella wanted was to see Nate. London was dreary and miserable, and Stella and Sharon had spent their time shopping and looking around the city while they waited for the day they could see Nate. His recovery was what mattered most, and it was a recovery that needed time.

If Nate didn’t want to see her, as heartbreaking as that would be, Stella could not blame him at all. But that didn’t stop her from ringing up every day to see if Nate was allowed visitors yet, however everyone she spoke to couldn’t confirm when that would be. She missed him, more than words could ever say. Surprisingly, this morning when Stella called like she usually did, she was told that Nate was allowed visitors and immediately after hearing this words she told Sharon. Sharon, as much as she wanted to see Nate, let Stella go over first considering that she was part of the reason why he was in their after all. She didn’t want to overwhelm Nate too much and too soon.

Stella was nervous as she knocked on Nate’s door after being shown where it was by the staff. The place felt cold and depressing, there was just something about it that didn’t sit right with Stella and the sooner Nate could come home the better. 

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So first I want to say I saw your thing on marriage proposals on Jakku and it was perfect and wonderful and just urgh, I can't even XD but I had a thought... What if Rey one day saw Poe receiving food AND THEN GIVING SOME BACK. And at first she's cool with it because hey, new place new customs but he never introduces his 'new wife' to her and she doesn't know what to think because surely it's only good manners, right? So she confronts him... :P


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Can we talk about Karen and Matt’s first kiss?

Well, not even the kiss, really. But the seconds before. Where they’re standing there on the sidewalk, and Karen is mesmerized by him, and it’s impossible but it’s like he’s seeing though her somehow. And he catches her cheek with his hand, and she turns her face into it. 

She turns her face into his hand. 

Because she’s literally been thinking about this moment since she met him. Since that night with Foggy when wanted to know what Matt would feel if he were to touch her face. How she would feel. 

So she turns into his hand. 

and my heart is in pieces on the floor goodbye everyone 

much as i hate to say it but i think killian had a feeling that he wasn’t going to be able to return to storybrooke during most of the underworld arc

but he knew that emma would never give up because he wouldn’t either if their positions were reversed which is why he had to let her go because he knows she’d spend forever finding a way to hold onto him

that’s why the elevator goodbye scene was so damn emotional. and the fact that they want what’s best for each other (killian to move on, emma to keep her walls down) even if they aren’t together shows how deep their love really is. they said the most selfless words possible which took so much strength and you could tell through their tears that they were barely holding it together 

fucking A+ to colin and jen and all the awards for this amazing scene it couldn’t have been more beautiful 

“You’re a very daring woman, Sassenach. I suppose that makes me a very lucky man.” They fool around for a bit and I think it’s so important that while Claire was DEFINITELY looking to get laid, she also allows Jamie to take things at his own pace. I also think it’s important that it’s clear that Jamie WANTS Claire and that he doesn’t shy away from her touch. But as much as his body and his HEART longs to be intimate with his wife, his MIND is not ready. Jamie freezes, seeing Blackjack again. He can’t do this. I love that Claire doesn’t shame him nor does she throw a fit because he needed to stop. She just tells him that it’s okay and they can just go to sleep. I mean…they both know it’s NOT okay, but what else can they do in that moment? Again, I gotta send a big fuck you out to Blackjack for taking this away from them.

(via “You’re going to need a larger fan.” - Outlander Recap - Not in Scotland Anymore)

also rewatching the scene how vocal was happy being about not wanting to have this conversation right then and there. she bites at tim, who she has been nothing but polite to, because she swallowing down this confession and she knows she has to tell toby soon but honestly she thought she had more time. (when he told her to chew on it, she didn’t think it would be a few weeks.)

like i love the man but toby tricks her into having a conversation she doesn’t want to have, and then doesn’t listen when she tries to stop him. she’s fighting back tears and I think it’s because she realises she’s trapped between a man she loves (honestly from all of her reaction that episode you cannot tell me she doesn’t) and a past she can’t forget.

and happy, blunt, to the point, waste-no-words happy, uses both i’m sorry, and please because she’s done the one thing she didn’t want to. she pulled the rug out from under them both.

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Can you explain why Stefan and Caroline aren't fit as a couple?

I have a few posts on this so there’s going to be a lot of repetition but here is what I think.

I know what Caroline and Stefan are supposed to be. They are supposed to be the realistic couple, the mature couple, they are supposed to be two people who don’t need each other but who choose each other because they want to be together. But they never chose each other. Stefan and Caroline never acted like a couple when they were a couple because they kept one another out of each other’s lives, Caroline was constantly insecure about how Stefan truly felt about her, about whether or not he would leave once he learned she was pregnant and Stefan just doesn’t seem to know Caroline at all, he isn’t Stefan with her because he had no part in her pregnancy, he deluded himself into thinking that she wouldn’t want to be a part of the twins lives to the point that Damon and Klaus had to go, “Really, Stefan? It’s Caroline.” The one man who really seemed to know who Caroline was doesn’t know her at all. And instead of Caroline telling him how she felt about the pregnancy situation and instead of Stefan telling her his fears about the situation, they both just smiled and played along with the rouse that everything was OK in the name of politeness, which actually makes them inherently immature because they can’t be honest with each other. Also, when do we really see them act as a couple? I’ve said this so many times but details go a long way and can really sell people on a ship. With Stelena, there were details beyond kissing/sex that made us realize they were a couple:

But we don’t get that with Steroline. When he gets her the fries? The way the show packaged that, a friend could do that. Have Stefan and Caroline sleeping in the same bed and Caroline go “Stefan…” “Curly or straight?” “Curly. No. Straight. No. Curly…” and Stefan starts getting dressed and nods his head and goes, “So both.” “I love you.” *kiss* when Stefan is having his Phoenix Stone flashback, he’s on the couch and Caroline is upstairs. They don’t hold hands, they don’t hug, they were barely in the same room together much less with each other. Even when Stefan calls Caroline because Damon is in the phoenix stone that felt like Stefan called his best friend and not his girlfriend. And I don’t accept the excuse that they didn’t have time because neither did Stefan and Elena, it was always something, it was Damon or the tomb vampires or Katherine or Damon again or werewolves or Klaus or The Originals or Damon one more time whatever, and they still had moments in between those circumstances, throughout those circumstances to just hug, to just kiss, to just check in, to just smile. Even Forwood, which was all about timing and it’s a relationship that I have said repeatedly devolved into goodbyes and sex but I could at least understand why Caroline kept holding on to him because they had moments as a couple like prom night or the 20s dance or them just holding each other in her bed or on his couch, he broke every bone in his body for her, so that when he kept leaving and all they had was sex it was like but one day we’ll get more of those moments, one day we’ll be able to be together truly. With Steroline I don’t get that. I don’t understand what they’re holding onto. So when Stefan is writing letter after letter and Caroline is driving to fake book clubs to cry over him leaving, I’m just sitting here like why, though? What is there between you two, really?

Plus I just find them severely lacking in romantic chemistry. Every time they have a “sexy” or “romantic” scene after 7x04, it just reminds me of how great they were as friends.

I think that...

If Nathan renews his contract, now, knowing she’s not back, then he’s a fool.

After 8 years, wouldn’t you want to go out on a some what of a high note?

If he does sign, then it’s just for the money, because he must know  A LOT of people will stop watching it without her, and the show will not be the same (and not in a good way). People at his level should not be driven by money. He has plenty, and will continue to earn more in other jobs, and in Cons (which he does a lot of).

So sad to think that this might be one of those shows that just dies, and not have a proper, satisfying closure. 

I really wish it ended last year, with MilMar at the helm, and without this ugliness. 

EXO Reaction To Their GF Asking To Share A Shower

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Could you do exo reaction to their girlfriend wanting to share a shower

Xiumin: Well Jagi, I know what you’re angling for, do you think it’s going to be that easy to get me naked?
You: Yes, actually I do.
Xiumin: Fair enough, let’s go.

Luhan: Is she testing me? Because I’m gonna say yes, I cannot miss out on the opportunity…But it this supposed to be a trick? Either way, I hope she knows what she is getting into…

Kris: Alright, let’s go. *trying to keep his cool, acting like he’s not excited, like it’s not a big deal at all. Probably not doing the best job of it, but he can think what he wants.*

Suho: Awww yeah…Look at me go… *far too proud of having a girlfriend, and one that wants to take a shower with him at that. You just might be seeing the kinkier side of him underneath that running water*

Lay: Ok, should I undress now…..? *he’s not giving you a chance to back out, and after all, what better way to explore each other than under steamy hot water?*

Baekhyun: Y/N, can you wash me? *he’s gotta say it with his puppy dog eyes, cuddling close to you underneath the running water, already beginning to wrap you up in his arms.*

Chen: You can just admit it babe; you want me. *he says with a wink, making you groan at his cheesiness.*
You: Must you be difficult?
Chen: yeah, it’s fun. And I mean, you don’t have to say it. I already know that you do.

Chanyeol: *blushing and really happy at the same time…To be honest, he’d been thinking about showing with you for a while but could never seem to just spit the words out. So he shyly goes with you to the bathroom, hoping the butterflies that are in stomach won’t make it a horribly awkward experience.*

DO: *a cocky moment for Kyungsoo.* Oh yeah, she wants me. Let’s do this…I’m going to be the super smooth boyfriend and she is going to be impressed. That is how this is going to play out.

Tao: Ah yes, Y/N, you want this? Just admit it, you want this. So why don’t you join me? *has a suave inner dialogue in his head, much like a James Bond and Bond girl scene. Only problem is that it’s almost hard to take him seriously with so much winking and eyebrow raising…Nevertheless, it is endearing*

Kai: Are you sure you’re ready for what’s about to happen in there? *he thinks as he gives you an answer in the form of a smoldering, sexy smile (it still gets the point across.) But in the end, whether or not you’re ready, you are about to find out*

Sehun: Ok, I let it on that I’m a little nervous…This is the first time we’ve done something that’s intimate without being wholly sexual. I’m not nervous about the whole naked thing, I don’t have anything to be nervous about there… But the chance to feel the water over our skin…