because he wanted to protect lyra

okay but like…glee was fucking awful but at least i didn’t have to experience actually panic attacks and anxiety over characters maybe dying ??? like supergirl gives me actually anxiety because i KNOW they’re gonna kill of lyra and they probs already have bc i dont think tamzin is even in vancouver anymore and even though she’s so new to the show i feel so protective over her and they’ll probably kill of james because he was no reason to be there and i’ll have to watch mo/n-el on my screen for another season and watch the ka/ramels act like he’s the best, purest, least problematic, handsomest character to even exists when in reality he is…none of those things. 

i really just want kara, alex, winn, lyra and james to all move into a big apartment together and have wacky adventures together. like kara accidently sent snapper pictures of a dog instead of her big article ??? oh no what will she do!!!  

do you ever think about how winn isn’t physically strong like by any means and he can’t really fight for himself yet he consistently puts his body in front of threats to parts of his family ( rick & alex, the art traders & lyra, lillian & the lead box that would kill mon ) because even though he can’t put up a fight against any of them he wants to protect his family and he’ll be damned if he doesn’t go down trying