because he wanted to protect her as well as what he has with her


I have been lying to you. Since the day that we met. Ok, no surprise there. Alright, let me start over. Ummm……I didn’t travel to the Cape when I was a kid. Well, we didn’t travel anywhere. No one ever left Corwich. Not until the war came. And my regiment went off to fight the British. […] I know historical events really really well. That’s because I lived them. And events from my childhood….they’re so sketchy because I haven’t been a child since the 1760s. Alright, it’s not making sense. It’s not making sense. It’s not making logical sense. But listen. You’ve been thinking it. Something is off. Every time that I have made a bad excuse or every time that I haven’t been there for you. Or made you question yourself. Now I didn’t want that for you, Kat.

You deserve the truth.

ariadnestane asked:

I was thinkinh maybe Tybalt has these really bad episodes and it's a team effort to hold him under the shower to keep him calm - it gets even worse when he hears Juliet is dating Romeo >_>

Yeah, totally, I agree!  I think Tybalt is kinda justified though. Juliet is his baby cousin, after all, and he’s probably always been protective of her ever since they were kids. Once he “loses” her – if that’s what you’d call it– to someone who he had really bad vibes about, Romeo, he’s probably really overcome with anxiety often because he just wants his cousin to be safe. When she’s with Romeo, he doesn’t feel like she’s safe because he doesn’t know Romeo that well. I’M SAD

Theory: What if Piccolo isn’t following Videl and Gohan around because he’s being over-protective. He doesn’t really know Videl very well so he has to watch her and see what kind of things she likes. Instead of being over-protective he just wants to find the perfect gift for her because he doesn’t wanna get something stupid/offensive to humans as a wedding gift. He just doesn’t wanna look bad infront of Gohan by offending his bride.