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going to the oscars (while NOT being an actress, just there for him) with tom would include?

right lets go 

  • he’d be nominated for one of the awards and he’d obviously want you to come because he needs you beside him 
  • freaking out over it because you can’t get your hair to style how you want it and nothing is going as you had planned
  • “what’s the matter?”
  • “i’m freaking out!!”

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“I was always welcome at the Potters’.”

-Sirius Black

just done watching the fifth movie today, and felt like I wanted to make something like this again.. I did a redraw of the third movie here, while Sirius was asking for Harry to stay with him (first pict). And I think somehow it can be related to the fifth movie where Sirius told Harry that he was at James’ when he ran away from his house. besides the fact that Sirius was Harry’s godfather, I think he wanted to stay with Harry because he didn’t want Harry to feel any worse than what he’d ever felt before. he just wanted to welcome Harry just like James and the Potters welcome him. to feel a real home, to feel a real family. and that second pict, I made it shows Sirius went home with James.

and oh, thank you for not posting this without permission. please do tell me or credit me when you’re going to post it somewhere.

I saw someone share my artworks without telling me, and it’s a no good:(

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I have a really bad cold and I'm thinking that wilford would just spoil when his SO gets really sick

Oh god, he’d good OVERBOARD because he just wants you to feel better. Bubble baths, candies, massages, SO many cuddles and if he has to leave to go somewhere, he enlists another ego to stay with you till he comes back.

  • J Hope: What's you greatest weakness?
  • Yoongi: I am uncooperative.
  • J Hope: Give me an example.
  • Yoongi: No.

I.. I don’t even know if i should could translate this :D

He just kinda swears in Russian (meaning something like “Well that’s just great”, “What am i going to do with you now?”)

Reasons why I cry:

“And I didn’t think eternity would be long enough to fix me.” 

— A Court of Mist and Fury, chapter 1.

“When he brushed his wing against mine, just because he could, because he wanted to and we’d have eternity of nights to do this, to see everything together..”

— A Court of Wings and Ruin, chapter 82. 

Dating Tom Holland would include...

  • whaaat anna you don’T WRITE STAHP
  • anyways IT’S FEELS TIME
  • so he’s a cinnamon roll
  • when first started crushing on you he’d maybe just stalk you a little on your social networks
  • because he’d want to make sure you aren’t dating anyone
  • on set he’d talk a lot about you, your movies/songs/photoshoots so his friends and colleagues would soon notice something was going on
  • tom would like your pictures, watch live streams and stuff
  • one day he just decided to leave a cute comment under your vacation pic, of course the fans instantly noticed and you decided to message him
  • and that’s where it all began!
  • you continued messaging eachother back & forth literally every day, you just clicked and got along so well
  • and when he finally gathered the courage to actually ask you out you were so giggly and happy
  • you hadn’t even realized your feelings for him before
  • he’d be gentlemanly but stutter over his words or trip here and there (and blushhh) 
  • you find it adorable
  • of course he’d get you flowers
  • during the dinner he was getting so lost in you, you’d have to remind him to eat
  • after that you went to a few more dates and made it official without hesitation


  • posting pictures and videos of you two together and fans loving them
  • always needing to have some kind of physical contact
  • lots and lots of forehead, cheek and hand kisses
  • eskimo kisses!
  • tom introducing you to some of his famous co-stars, such as robert downey jr or scarlett johansson
  • “she is even prettier in person!”
  • “do you think I could get sebastian’s number?”
  • him being a tiny bit jealous but still so proud you’re his and he can brag about you
  • always talking about you in front of his family
  • matching sneakers
  • playing basketball, or maybe him teaching you if you didn’t know how to play
  • trying to cook dinner together but making a mess and ordering instead
  • him  getting you small meaningful gifts or just stuff that reminded him of you
  • playing with his hair
  • him being soo needy when he’s sick or has a cold
  • you not being able to stop kissing him and getting sick a few days later
  • movie marathons 
  • cuddle sessions after a long day
  • when he’s stressed he’d lay his head in your lap and you’d play with his hair while he rants
  • learning a foreign language of a country you’d both like to visit
  • going on small trips
  • blasting music in the car, headbaning and singing your hearts out
  • you’d often catch him looking at you lovingly
  • and lean in to kiss him but bop his nose instead
  • and giggle like a child
  • tickle wars!!
  • pillow fights!!
  • fanboying/fangirling together over bands/shows/anything you like
  • you hugging him from behind
  • going ice skating in the winter
  • new years together!!
  • making shitty puns just to make you laugh
  • of course being his date to premieres and award shows
  • admiring how he looks in a suit
  • silly pictures
  • looking stunning on the red carpet together
  • a long and loving and playful and amazing relationship
  • sorry for these headcanons… I randomly got inspired lol.

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Reaction to you squirting



Sex with Jin was mostly vanilla. Today however, he wanted to try different things. He would have you blindfolded and tied up, while he was playing around with you. His dick would be slamming into you making you feel so good; squirting was how your body told him. You wouldn’t realise what was happening until you heard a soft giggle from Jin. “I-I’m so sorry. I don’t know what happened.” You’d say. Taking off the blindfold, he’d kiss you and say “Don’t worry, just tell me how to make that happen again.


Yoongi wouldn’t be vocal about, but you would be able to see the smug look on his face. He’d backtracking everything he did that led you to squirt because you bet he’d want to witness it again. He would crouch down to level with your ear and whisper dirty things while fingering to, trying to stimulate you even more. “You wanna squirt for me again kitten? Do you want me to fuck you some more?” You squirting would ignite a sexy beast in him.


Hoseok’s main aim was to make you squirt. After hearing about it from Namjoon, he wanted to try and see how you would react. Toys, his fingers, his perfect mouth and eventually his cock. He was using everything. After multiple orgasms, your body finally gave in and you squirted violently. High pitched moans erupted from your mouth. “That’s it baby girl. This is what I wanted. That’s like a good girl.” He’d be praising you non-stop. He’d switch positions so that you were on top of him, and slide his cock into you. “Now, say thank you to daddy.”

Rap Monster:

Daddy Namjoon would like it a lot. You squirting would give him an instant ego boost and turn him on even more. You would be shaking and squealing loudly, unable to bare the pleasure. “Keep screaming for daddy, baby girl.” He’d say. He’d fuck you in many more positions just so he could see you squirt again.


The combination of Jimin’s mouth, fingers and thick cock, would make your muscles contract and squirt for the very first time. He’d sit back and give a satisfied smile at his work. Your spasms and loud, high pitched moans would make him so content. After letting you come back down from your high, Jimin would run his finger across your folds “Wow jagiya, you never told me you liked the way I feel.”


Tae would keep sliding his cock in and out of you. You would be squealing asking him to slow down. “Urgh, kitten. You’re so hot.” His finger would come down to your clit slowly rubbing circles to keep your senses alive. His eyebrow would rise up and he’d be calling you names and would be saying things to you. “We’re not done kitten. That was so hot that I need to fuck you some more.” Without giving you a break, he’d flip you onto your stomach and would pound you from behind.


Jungkook would be very surprised at first; he would try and process what exactly was happening. Your loud moans would bring his attention back to you and he’d realise how hot you looked. This would be a sort of learning experience for Kook. After coming to terms with everything he’d say, “Who made you squirt baby? Did I make you feel so good?” You moaning and agreeing with him would boost his confidence level and he’d try and find more ways to make you squirt again and again.

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So like a nerd I headed straight for the Rito village for advancing the main story of the game…they’re my favorite Zelda race (BIRD PEOPLE! WINGS!!), and I love the outfit you can buy there, it’s neat and viking-esque and cute!! ;v; I couldn’t decide which color cast I liked better though, so here’s both.

I spent all this time goofing off in the wild, I just now finished my first “Divine Beast” dungeon…it was amazing, and I’m glad to see the story side of this game certainly does not disappoint! :’D

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Tom Holland eating you out because whY NOT HE'S FUCKING HOT

Tom Holland Eating you out would include

  • him being super eager
  • like maybe a bit too eager but wow he would put 110% in every time he went down on you
  • he’d use his fingers a lot
  • like he’d finger you and suck on your clit a lot 
  • he’d look up at you and smile every time you moaned 
  • and honesty it would be the cutest smile ever
  • he’d be moaning as well and the vibrations would feel so good on your clit
  • he’d probably mutter ‘’fuck’’ a lot under his breath when you arched your back
  • he’d lowkey love when you tangled your hands in his hair 
  • also he’d love when you’d getter super needy and grind on his fingers and mouth
  • when you were getting close he’d change to just fingers because he’d want to look at your face when you came 
  • ‘‘cum for me babygirl’’
  • he’d be super caring afterwards like he’d hold you and kiss you lots 

3.10 part 5 - Bånder: The three times Isak broke eye contact, closed his eyes, or averted his gaze + the three times Even doesn’t let Isak let go of him


Happy 24th Birthday Kamiki-kun ♥ 2017.05.19

Do you ever lay awake at night and think about the fact that the last time Bellarke hugged Bellamy was finally the one to initiate it? S4 really showed him how much he means to Clarke. He was finally able to comfort her like he wanted because he knew she’d be okay with it, knew that he meant just as much to her as she did to him. So he hugged her when she was upset, just like she’d done to him. 

Do you ever think about the fact that he thought they were going to get to spend the next 5 years in space together? They were going to get to grow even closer, and lead together, but then it all got ripped away, it slipped from his grasp. 

So now all he has left to think about is the girl with hair brighter than the sun on the first day they opened the dropship door and eyes as blue as the sea they stood in front of as he forgave her for leaving him. He’ll think about the times they could have shared together, the things he never got to find out, and all he’ll have is that notion of almost.

She almost made it, he almost stayed behind, they almost could’ve shared this together.

Bellamy finally figured out that they both cared about each other in equal measures, but he’ll think that the chance to be her friend without hesitation or worry will be gone.


So - what order do you think these happen in? This is my bet

i’m so damn tired of this notion that just because zayn hasn’t performed much it means he doesn’t work. because if he really didn’t want to work, he’d be fine. he’s rich enough that he doesn’t have to work a single day in his life if he didn’t want to. but he works so hard, he just does it in ways that aren’t detrimental to his mental health. he’s put out 27 songs ands 8 music videos, written a book, designed collections for giuseppe zanotti and versace, and has been working on his second album since before mom even came out. all in the span of less than a year and a half. so what evidence is there, exactly, that he doesn’t work? if you honestly think he’s lazy, just admit that you don’t care about his mental health because you hate him and go.

it’s all about drunken sidlink tonight y’all. in this addition, i present: drunken sidlink biting 

namely, Link getting plastered once again. Sidon is holding him in his lap to prevent him from getting into any mischief. They’re just chilling, Link’s slurring about this and that while Sidon nods along when suddenly, out of nowhere, Link takes one of Sidon’s hands, brings it to his mouth and Sidon thinks he’s just going to kiss it but no, Link opens his mouth and chomps down hard onto his hand 

It doesn’t hurt hardly at all and doesn’t even come close to leaving a mark so Sidon is just like ‘????? what was the purpose in doing that?’. Link leans back, smiles up at him and says that Sidon is always giving him little love bites (which is a common way to show affection amongst the Zora) so he’d figure that he’d give it a try too because he wants to show Sidon the same kind of affection he shows him, and he likes the lil bites so he wanted Sidon to feel the same and all that, before biting Sidon’s hand once again (a lot harder this time, of course, because there were no teeth marks before and that’s no good) 

There’s like this moment of absolute silence before Sidon slowly stands up, sets Link down in the chair he had been occupying, walks out of the room, informs somebody that someone will need to come stay with Link or at least check up on him for the next hour or so before just running full speed out of Zora’s Domain into the nearest river where he does like 100 vigorous laps because gosh dangit! That was the cutest fucking thing he had ever seen and he really wanted to just kiss Link breathless but the Hylian was drunk, Sidon wasn’t going to risk it going any further than just a kiss without Link’s expressed, conscious consent! 

(course, when Link is sober as a tack and fully able to make the conscious decision to consent, Sidon informs him of what happens and gets his kiss. Link makes sure to bite the Zora Prince more often after that)