because he wanted her to know he would ALWAYS be there for her no matter what

Nisekoi 225 - About Raku

I’m just going to say this because I am really passionate about this: Raku REALLY cares about Chitoge and her well-being. 

This boy is so deep in love that he’s going to put his feelings on the back burner until he talks to Chitoge to figure out what’s wrong and why she left.

He knows she’s troubled and worried about something incredibly important to her. He doesn’t even know what’s worrying her, but that’s not what’s bothering him.  He wants to be her sound board so she can vent and tell him what she’s worried about. He’s worried and down because she’s worried and down.

Look at what Raku said with the image above and the one before it

….You know how she’s quick to complain about stuff that doesn’t matter at all, but when its important stuff, she has this habit of just piling it up inside her? …Which is why I always have to go ask her about it myself. To be honest it doesn’t matter to me exactly what she’s carrying. I just… when that idiot is troubled by herself I just can’t leave her alone.

Also look at the progression of the panels. Raku goes from downcast to where his face lights up from just talking about Chitoge. As dense and a tsundere as this boy is he’s 100% a sweetheart and I’m 100% behind this.

Kosaki could figure out from this conversation that Raku loves Chitoge.

There’s also this. Raku is putting his feelings on the back burner because of his concern for Chitoge. Raku feels that finding how why Chitoge left and what is bothering her is far more important that who he will confess to, which really speaks volumes about putting the needs of the person you love above your own feelings.

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Sea Mechanic 500% yes but also consider: Bellamy and Luna BROTP. 

Luna’s little Oil Rig kids absolutely love Bellamy and will not shut up about the stories he tells them about mythology and sea gods and nymphs. He teaches them how to read and write and they run to find Luna and show her how they can write their names and she just smiles at them and says she’s very impressed. Since the kids worship Luna and love Bellamy, they end up hanging out a lot. 

Bellamy talks about Octavia with the first person he has ever known who knows what it’s like to have a sibling. Luna tells him that her little brother was always the weakest of the Nightblood’s in her class, and that she had promised she would protect him no matter what. When the Commander died, she wanted both of them to run, but her brother knew they would be hunted and killed if they did. He made her promise that she would win, because one of them had to live through this. She tells him how it rips her apart to think of the way she was forced to kill her little brother, and that she did not stay and fight the way she promised him she would. But she also promised her brother she would live and so she did, and she vowed never to kill for anyone else ever again. She promised she would not let the world make her a monster anymore. And then Bellamy tells her all the things he did for Octavia: the lives he took, the chaos he caused. He tells her that he failed to protect her from the world, that he failed to save the person she loved more than anyone and forced her down the path of vengeance. And because Luna is awesome she would tell him it’s not his fault, and that Octavia’s choices are her own to bear. Both of them would pretend they aren’t crying but they totally are.

Then Luna kisses Raven and Bellamy gets all protective and tells Luna that if she ever hurts Raven he will kick her ass, and she tells him he could never kick her ass but she appreciates the warning. Raven tells Bellamy to shut up because she can take care of herself but she’s smiling because she knows he loves her and is just weird about showing it. Since Bellamy is looking out for her and Luna and wingmanning them Raven decides to do the same thing with him and Clarke. 

Luna is a giant nerd (as demonstrated by her poetry slams) and she asks Bellamy to teach her how to read so she can read all his stories for herself. They geek out all the time about history and literature and everyone just wants them to shut up because “no one fucking cares” but they do so they just ignore everyone and keep being dorks. Where Bellamy is the Stoic Brooding Nerd™ Luna is the Smiley Excited Nerd™ and so he tried to be cool and lowkey but her fangirling always rubs off on him and they both end up gushing about how interesting everything is while Raven and Clarke throw pieces of fish at them. 

Since Bellamy and Raven are both Too Cool™ Luna makes it her mission to make them look like fools whenever she can. She consults Jasper and Monty to help her pull dumb pranks on them both because she loves how flustered and annoyed they get. 

And I’m emotional now byyyyyeee

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Do you have any headcanons for Soldier, Genji, and/or Mercy with a nonbinary partner?

Sure thing!

Soldier 76

  • Honestly I don’t think he would understand it and therefore he wouldn’t care??
  • Like obviously he’d care about you and your feelings, but like, it wouldn’t matter to him
  • He would be super protective of you 
  • No one would be able to say anything about it


  • I feel like he would identify with you a lot
  • He knows what it feels like to not be yourself, so if you wanted to transition because of that, he would so so supportive
  • Honestly I feel like he would be the best with this because he knows how it feels to be out of body kind of??
  • The sweetest and most kindest bean about the whole thing


  • She might even want to help you??
  • Like she’s a doctor, if you wanted to do anything medical, she would help you
  • I’ve always headcanoned her as “I like everyone” sort of thing, so it wouldn’t bother her at all
  • Although I feel like she would want to look at it from a medical side of things, and that might make things uncomfortable

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I know it wasn't jealousy! It was explicitly shown AND said by the creators that he did to put an end to their suffering, because they're too broken to go on in this world. The haters will say that he could've killed just himself. Well, Norma told him that if he did, she would follow him right away, that they must always be together no matter what. His death would've killed her and he didn't want to cause her so much pain, it was better to go out peacefully together.

Yes. The problem most people in this fandom have is that they refuse to see any of the characters or situations in a way that isn’t black and white. Norman has mental illness and an Oedipus complex, so obviously he’s the problem and once he’s gone, everyone else can be happy. But, it isn’t that simple. Norma was part of the problem, too. She let Norman come home, she kicked Alex out of her bed, she refused to realize that anything was different. She knew about Norman’s jealousy - on one occasion she even outright encouraged it. Dylan was part of the problem, too. Instead of going behind Norma’s back and getting Norman committed, he told Norman to do it himself, because he didn’t want to betray his mother or take away his brother’s free will. 

N*mero shippers never bring up any of this, though, because they want to believe that Norma was utterly innocent in her relationship with Norman. They want to believe that she never said a single word that could have been misconstrued by Norman’s deranged mind. They want to believe that she was perfect in every way and just needed a good man to love her. But that’s bullshit, because she couldn’t have let go of Norman even if she’d wanted to and the show has told us that in a thousand different ways. There is no cure for dysfunction, no matter how much the show catered to shippers. 

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what if the missus wasn't able to conceive children at all?

They would have adopted, for sure! They always wanted children no matter how they came about. I imagine the missus would be really devastated and disappointed and would worry that she had failed for her and Harry. But Harry would be so quick to assure her that it didn’t matter to him a single bit. He would be so heartbroken for her especially, because he knows how much she wants to carry and give birth to a child, so he would be so gentle about it, but also reassure her that there are other ways they can have a family. xx.

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Imagine one of the ninja getting a girlfriend who nervously confesses to them that she's a trans girl

I’ll go ahead and do a reaction one since I’m sure everyone wants to know their reactions.

Jay would be shock at first but accept it, because he loves her no matter what.

Cole accepts it no matter what, because he loves her for who she is.

Zane doesn’t see the problem, because all he sees is the person he loves.

Kai is shock and surprise but would eventually get over it and treat her the same way as always.

Lloyd would be happy that she told him, because he knows now that she trusts him a lot.

Nya would be surprise but would accept it, and would hug her.

I don’t know if this will wind up working, and again I have to stop work on it to go back to Never Wrote A Letter, because now I know what Chapter 4 has to do, but here’s what we get from Kes and Shara now that I know when Poe was born. This was what I spent the drive out here thinking of, mostly. I wonder if the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge has some sort of energy signature or whatever, because when I try to solidify ideas I had while driving I always think of its strange flat landscape; it’s a big landmark for me and no matter how deep in a fugue I am when driving I always notice where I am, and it’s quite close to the halfway point of my drive. Anyway. Irrelevant but there it is. 

Sento had gotten Shara to her feet and they had come as far as the rear hallway. Kes stopped them there. “Someone in our network must have been involved in one of the rebel groups,” he said. He couldn’t accuse his mother, not even now. “They must know something. I don’t know what. They may be here just to terrorize. They could kill everyone. You have to get out.”

“They wouldn’t,” Shara said, but stopped, because she knew fine well what they could do. “Kes! I can’t run!”

“Through the hallway,” Kes said, “to the barn, to the back of the compound. It’s the last place they’ll look. They probably— we don’t know what they’ll do, they’ve got no respect for anything, I don’t know what we’re suspected of. If it’s bad enough— if you can just hide, and wait until they get away, everything’s cached— Marita knows, I’ll send her to look for you. You’ve got to get out while you can.”

“It’s too late, surely,” Sento said grimly, looking out the window.

“You have to try,” Kes said.

Shara reached out and grabbed his hand. “You’re coming with us,” she said.

Kes covered her hand with his, chest going tight. “I can’t,” he said. “They— if they have a list— my name is registered, they’ll be looking for me, I’ve been to too many things with Lita. They’ll assume I’m involved. If I’m missing, if they have intel I should be here, they’ll look for me. You’re nobody, you’re not on any lists, they’ll never even try to find you. I’ll make my way out alone and find you later.”

He heard the low rumble of engines. “Go,” he said, and pulled his hand out of Shara’s, backing away toward the front of the house. “Go now!”

“Kes,” Shara said sharply.

“I’ll send Norasol out after you,” he said. “She’ll know what to do!”

He turned then, and ran back toward the front of the house. He nearly collided with Norasol, and she grabbed his shoulders, preventing him from going any further. “Don’t go up there,” she said, “they’re here for Lita, she met with a Rebel group and smuggled documents for them and I’m sure one of them was tortured and turned.”

Kes could see into the kitchen. Lita was standing in the doorway at the top of the stairs. She’d taken off her apron and smoothed back her hair, and she had her hands clasped at her waist, waiting with perfect composure.

“Norasol,” he said, “I sent Shara and Sento out the back, I need you to go with them. They don’t know the jungle, they’ll get lost and they won’t know the safe meeting spots.”

“It’s too late,” Norasol said, “they’ll have us surrounded. I didn’t foresee this. I didn’t expect this. I wasn’t prepared for this. I didn’t think Lita would do this!”

“Neither did I,” Kes said, and Norasol was right, it was too late: he could see men coming up the steps, in white armor, and his mother standing there with perfect composure, waiting.