because he thought her middle name

REQUESTED - Not Enough

Request:  Heeeey, I saw you had your requests open, and I also read your Familiarity fic AND GURL KILLED IT! Well, I’m shy and this is a weird request so… Yeah. Well, I was wondering, could you do a Peter Parker X Reader with angst? Like. ANGST. STUFF THAT FIC WITH PURE TEENAGE ANGST OR SOMETHING AND THEN IT ENDS WITH SOME FLUFF? Thank you! - Anon

Pairing: Peter Parker X Plus size!Reader

Word Count: 3,440

Warning: Cursing, Self- deprication(The one thing I’m good at), some angst, Peter being a cairing, sugary FLUFF boyfriend

(A/N): Ok, this have been on my request list from before Valentine’s day, I AM SO SORRY, PERSON THAT REQUESTED THIS. I JUST HAVE THIS HUGE BLOCK WRITER AND IT’S PISSING ME OFF AAAAAAA. *inhales* Well,I’ve been wanting to write a plus size!Reader for some time, by now an I do intend on doing one, but with Bucky, so… Yeah. Hope you enjoy this and sorry for any grammar mistakes!


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“And I know that it wasn’t your fault that you had to cancel our last date, so I was thinking, would you like to pass at my place today?” When you didn’t get an answer, you mumbled, noticing that he wasn’t listening to you “Peter?”

Your heart seemed to sink in your chest when you followed his gaze and saw that he was staring at Lis. Ned frowned his brows when you stopped talking, since he was actually listening to what you were saying.

The sigh came out of you as you turned on your heels, hugging yourself when you saw he continue to walk, too focused on her to miss your heat.

“Dude!” Snapping his eyes back to an angry Ned, he looked around, finally noticing that you weren’t there anymore.

“Where is Y/N?” His best friend’s bitter chuckle made Peter frown his brows in confusion.

“She left after saying that it wasn’t your fault that you missed your last date. Oh, sorry, I mean: She left after she caught you staring that Lis and ignoring her being the best and most supportive girlfriend you’ll ever have.”

“Damn it.” Peter humbled, massaging the bridge of his nose when he got his focus back to you, hearing you sigh, and he knew that sigh. You would make it every time you were in front of the mirror, looking at your body after trying a new dress, shirt, pants, whatever clothing.

If I was skinnier.” He knew you had a problem accepting your body shape and believing that he loved it and loved you, especially after him having a “thing” with Lis, the “Hot, Amazing, Skinny, Model”, as you would refer her as.

“Seriously, Peter. You really think she doesn’t notice you twisting your neck to look at your ex? You really think that she won’t start to imagine that you’re turning her down because you’re having a thing with Lis? Do you even imagine how she must feel?”

“I don’t have a ‘thing’ with Lis! Not anymore!” Ned huffed at his answer, denying with his head and walking to his class

“Is not to me you should say that to.”

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elements1999  asked:

"You can trust me." - DJNoir (reveal?)

::Cackles in glee:: Yeeeeeessssssss Ninoir! 

“Come on this way,” Nino shouted grabbing the frantic looking boy by the hand and practically dragging him towards a small storage closet across from the library. They ran, both conscious of the high pitched beeps signaling the final minute. 

Nino through open the door to the closet and Chat Noir dove inside, slamming the door behind him just as a flash of brilliant green light burst out from the crack at the bottom of the door. 

Nino slumped to the floor, his back pressed against the closet door and his breathing heavy. That had been close. 

“You ok in their dude?” he asked between gasps. 

“Yeah, thanks,” came the nervous reply from the other side of the door. The voice sounded softer somehow. Probably a result of the lack of transformation. 

“Don’t worry, I promise I won’t try to look or anything,” Nino said, “you can trust me.” 

“I know,” Chat Noir replied. Nino flushed with pleasure at the indisputable certainty in the heroes voice. 

“Can I get you anything? Some water maybe,” he asked, tilting his head towards the door even though there was no way his companion could possibly see him. 

“Get me some cheese,” a different voice whined. 

“Plagg stop being a glutton for two seconds will you?” 

“But I’m hungry!” 

“Who is that?” Nino called curiously through the door. 

“Oh… it’s… well it’s Plagg. He’s my kwami. It’s sort of a long story.” 

“Is he like your superhero sidekick?” Nino asked excitedly. 

“Sidekick?! I am an immortal demi-god I am no one’s sidekick,” the high pitched voice shot back at him, “without me there would be no Chat Noir. If anything the kid is my sidekick.” 

“Oh,” Nino replied soaking up the information. Alya was going to be so jealous. 

“Now bring me some cheese, puny mortal, before I perish from starvation! preferably some well aged Camembert.” 

“Plagg!” the boy who was Chat Noir groaned, clearly embarrassed by the demi-gods demanding attitude. 

Nino couldn’t help but smile. How cool was this guy that he could be so chill towards an immortal being that grants you super powers? 

“It’s too bad my boy Adrien isn’t here,” he laughed as he pulled out his bag and began rummaging through it, “I swear he is obsessed with that stuff.”

“Wouldn’t that be nice,” the strange creature replied with a sly tone, “I bet your friend wouldn’t be stupid enough to leave all of his delicious camembert locked away in his bookbag instead of carrying it around in his pocket where it belongs.” 

“Plagg I swear to God-” Chat Noir growled, and Nino couldn’t hold back a small choked laugh. 

“Hey,” he cried triumphantly pulling out a small snack bag his mother had once again snuck into his satchel, “it’s not camembert, but I do have some Brie and-” 

Before he could finish the sentence a small black blur shot out through the door and landed on his knee. 

“Hand it over kiddo!” the tiny catlike creature purred, tail twitching in anticipation. 

Wordlessly Nino held out the small container full of grapes, crackers, and of course the coveted cheese. 

“So,” Nino called to Chat Noir as he watched the little god happily nibble on his treat, “does this happen often?” 

“Does what happen often?” he called back. 

“Getting stranded without your powers?” 

“Sadly more often than I would like,” he admitted, “its pretty rare that I am not the first one to use my powers but I can’t exactly just ditch My Lady in the middle of a battle. It’s a bit rough but I’ll take a few close calls if it means I keep the people I care about safe.” 

Nino grinned again. God this guy was cool. 

He wondered if anyone had ever given much thought to this particular dilemma Chat Noir faced. So much attention was given to Ladybug because of her amazing powers. Not that he thought she didn’t deserve the attention, but Nino had always felt that a lot of his friends undervalued how important Chat Noir was to the dynamic duo. Where others saw weakness- namely Chloe and Kim- he saw sacrifice. After all, how disastrous would it be if Ladybug ever fell under the influence of an akuma? Nino spent enough time hero chasing with Alya to know that most of hits Chat took were for the sake of his partner. Perhaps it was his devil may care attitude, or perhaps it was that unspoken knowledge that his powers were actually pretty terrifying, but not a lot of people seemed to give Chat Noir the kind of appreciation he deserved.

“You know,” Nino said careful, “no offence to Ladybug, but you’re my favorite.” 

“Really?” he replied sounding more than a little awed. 

“Yeah. I mean it’s a lot easier to be the hero when you get all the praise and the cool finishing move. It’s a lot harder to be the person who’s job it is to soak up the damage, you know?” 

“Thanks. I… it’s really nice to hear you say that.” 

“How old are you anyways? I mean if I’m allowed to ask.” 

“I just turned 16.” 

“Dude! You’re my age, that’s crazy!” Nino said with a chuckle. “How do you do it? How can you stand going out there every day knowing that any second you could be fighting another monster? Doesn’t it get exhausting?” 

“Sometimes. But it’s worth it. If it means I am protecting people like you, it will always be worth it.” 

Nino felt his cheeks go scarlet. “Wow man… thanks.” 

“I mean it,” Chat Noir said, his voice barely audible through the door, “you help make this fight worth fighting. You are brave and loyal, and don’t need superpowers to be one of the most heroic people I’ve ever met.” 

Nino’s breath caught. “I… jeez… what am I supposed to say to that?” he joked weakly, “Chat Noir is calling me a hero.” 

He heard a small scoffing sound from the little being still perched on his leg gobbling up the last of the cheese. “You’re little blogger friend was right. You two really are one of those obnoxious lovey-dovey couples.”



“How did you- she was talking about-” 

“I swear to God Plagg, you are not getting another bite of camembert for the rest of the month.” 


◎ - finds the other injured (w/ husband!jimin)

Ever since you and Jimin tied the knot, sealed the deal, cross your heart and hope to burn your Netflix subscriptions and account if either of you skipped ahead in watching an episode before one another, there had been some things that should’ve just be left to you no matter what status Jimin had gained.

From a stranger to cute eyes boy to friend who somehow doesn’t save your number to best friend who can’t forget your number to boy who took more tries than the number of fingers you have to one who made use of both hands to hug you tight whenever you said goodbye, to that one person you said I do at the altar, some things never change.

One of that would be that he’s still horrible in trying to open up canned food. Well, he does try his hardest, especially when you started to have weird cravings the moment two lines showed up on the test. Regardless, it’s only a matter of time he gets himself hurt again and - “Damn it!”

That’s your cue to get up from the bed and even though you’re just two months in and nothing’s showing yet, Jimin refuses to - “Woman, sit back down! I’ll get this done!”

“Fat chance,” You snort, already striding into the kitchen, popping out the first aid kit and standing by the sink with an arm stretched out to - “Give me your hand,”

He childishly refuses to look at you, holding his wrist to himself, “…no,”

“You said you’d do anything for me so my mood doesn’t get too messed up apart from trying to seethe my patience when the food takes too long to cook so before any of that happens, give me your hand,”

He lets out a deep sigh, one that seems like he just lost ten pounds at how heavy that was. Turning his body slightly, he places the back of his hand in your palm, just so you can tug him over and he yelps when he stumbles towards you, thigh hitting yours and he hisses, not because of the pain.

“Be careful!”

You scoff a laugh, patting his hand with a wet cloth, “You are in no position to say that to me, Mr. Cans-Can-Cut-Me-Anytime,”

“Real original, Y/N. Are you going to be as creative with our baby’s name?”

Maybe if his or her father won’t admit that he’s far too horrible in opening canned items and refuse to ask for help when he needs to,”

Jimin only decides to press his lips together in attempts to hide his smile frown, staring at you quietly as you dry his finger and proceed to place a bandaid over. Because when you’re done, Jimin’s insides combust at the thought of you doing this to your future child together. A small kiss planted at the middle of where the bandaid sticks on his cut and he knows, whoever his child turns out to be, he or she would be one lucky, very lucky child to receive your love.

When you set his hand aside, pack up the kit and store it under the sink, just as you stand up you feel arms being wrapped around your waist. Then the warmth of a chest greets your back, with plump lips against your neck and gentle sways from left to right and all over again because Jimin has a habit of doing so and you came to love that habit.

“What would I do without you?” He murmurs on your skin, eliciting a chuckle as your hands smoothen over his forearms, “You’d have less cuts because I have some weird cravings that revolve around them being presented in a can,”

“For you I’d get a million cuts and I wouldn’t care,”

“Easy now, Mr. Park. I’d rather not have my husband get admitted to the hospital every other day,”

“…still though. I would,” He reaches up and carefully makes you turn your head until you look over your shoulder in efforts to meet with his eyes halfway, “For you, anything,”

“I appreciate the thought,” You turn, going the extra mile to hold onto his hand where his battle wound is, “And I always will. Just, maybe call me when you need to open up the cans,”

“…fair enough, Mrs. Park.”

I’m Both

He wasn’t sure what made him start it.

But he did. And then he met her.

For once, Joe felt like he could be himself. Not Joe Sugg aka ThatcherJoe.

Except he didn’t go by Joe, for the fan account he decided to make, he went by Graham. To ensure that no one figured out it was him.

Joe, as Graham, had been running the account for about six months, and talking with various fans of his for most of it.

But there was one person he had really connected with, because she was different from his other fans. Yes, she enjoyed his videos and other projects, but she didn’t freak out because he was Joe Sugg, Zoella’s brother. She watched him because he made her laugh and brightened her bad days.

They had talked about so much over the four months they had known each other, and Joe had told her stuff he hadn’t told anyone before. As Graham, he could be himself without worrying about judgement or pissing off someone.

He also didn’t tell anyone he was doing it. He kept the entire fan account thing secret, even from his sister and the boys. It was his little secret, something that he could enjoy without pressure or being considered weird.

And he wasn’t doing it to spy on his fans or anything like that, although he did take their criticism into consideration, along with what they seemed to enjoy more. Joe also wasn’t doing it because he was lonely or bored, there was plenty going on in his life to keep him busy. Honestly, he couldn’t remember what had made him do it. He just did one night while sat at home, one of the rare nights off he had, and now it was six months later and he had continued on with this fan account.

You awake? A message came through on Twitter, a direct message from someone who had grown quite close to him over the past few months. She was special.

For you? Always ;)

Graham, we’ve talked about this, you aren’t funny.

Shut up, Y/N. You know I am.

To yourself, maybe.

Don’t be rude. Joe laughed as he sent the message. He loved the banter between himself and Y/N, he loved that they were comfortable with each other, he loved that he could tell her anything.

How were your meetings? Less stressful than last week?

No. Worse.

I’m sorry :( Want to rant?

And so he did, letting out the frustrations he had about his career. It was nice being able to tell someone about it, someone who didn’t know who he was. And he was careful, always ensuring that nothing could be connected back to him, but it also lifted a weight off of his shoulders.

There were times where he wanted to come clean to Y/N, to tell her everything. But Joe worried.

What if she was actually a crazed fan? Although, she didn’t seem like it. And what if she hated him because he lied to her for so long? To her, he was Graham, not Joe.

Even though he hasn’t been lying about everything else, it would probably hurt her still. And for some reason, Joe really didn’t want to hurt Y/N.

Somehow, he has grown to care for this person he met online.

He knew what she looked like, and Joe was not going to deny that he found her attractive, and he also knew how frustrated she was that he refused to send a picture. But he just couldn’t. Not if he wanted to keep up this facade.

Although lately, he was wondering how much he actually wanted to keep it up with her.

A couple of weeks later while Joe and Y/N were talking once again, she brought it up.

Would you ever want to meet me?

He stared at the message, wondering how to respond. But apparently he took too long to respond, as a new one came through.

I’m sorry. Forget I asked. It’s stupid.

Yes. I want to. He was surprised to see what his fingers had typed out and sent, but he meant it. He wanted to meet her. To get to know her in real life.

Are you sure?


Next week?

Let’s do it.

Okay :)

“Shit.” Joe said out loud, because Y/N was going to be thoroughly surprised next week when she discovered the truth.

He hesitated outside of the coffee shop they had both agreed on.

She was already in there, he could see her through the window, and she looked about as nervous as he felt. She kept glancing around the shop and towards the door, searching.

And Joe knew that she was searching for him, even though Y/N had no idea what he looked like.

“Just do it.” He told himself softly, finally pushing himself towards the door.

Their eyes met as he walked in, and he could see the surprise on her face, because despite everything, she was still a fan. But he watched her eyes dart away quickly, and he remembered her saying how she probably wouldn’t approach any of the YouTubers she watches while they were out and about, because she didn’t want to bother them.

The thought made him smile, and he moved around the tables and people towards her, the entire time her gaze lowered to the table.

“Hi.” Y/N’s head shot up, and she stared wide eyed up at him. “I need to start with apologizing.”

“Apologizing?” The statement had thrown her off, Joe could see that, and her confusion replaced her surprise.

“Yes, because I wasn’t honest with you.”

“I’m sorry…?”

“My name isn’t Graham. Well, my middle name is. But I usually go by Joe. And I’m sure you know that.”

“Graham.” She repeated slowly.

“I know, I wasn’t very creative. But you asked to meet me, and I really wanted to meet you, and I didn’t know how to tell you the truth.” Joe was rambling, but he couldn’t stop as she continued to stare up at him. “That doesn’t mean everything else I’ve told you has been a lie. Because it wasn’t, I was honest with you. Which was probably stupid since we met online. But there was something about you, Y/N, that I just felt like I could talk to you, and so I did. And now, here I am.”

“Oh my gods.” Was all she could say, before she started to laugh. “All this time I was bitching about you to, well, you?”

Wincing, he nodded.

“Well, you must think in a shit fan.”

“Not at all!” He replied quickly, “Honestly, it was refreshing. And then when we actually started to get to know each other, I didn’t think of you as a fan.”

“That’s good.” Y/N smiled up at him, “Do you want to sit down? Or keep standing there looking like a weird?”

Smiling back at her, Joe pulled the chair out, slipping into it.

“This is crazy, isn’t it?”

“A little.”

“Is it weird for you, knowing I watch your videos?” She asked, tilting her head slightly.

“No. It’s never been weird with you.”

“Good. Then, let me introduce myself. I’m Y/N.”


“But not Graham.”

“How about, I’m both.”

“I like the sound of that.”

Long time, no see//Daryl Dixon

requested by @phan—anime

46. “I’m your daughter.”

Info: Daryl and (Y/N) divorced shortly before the apocalypse. This is when (Y/N) realized she was pregnant with his child. Years later, she and her daughter, Rosalie, found their way to a community named Alexandria where they meet familiar faces. 

Warnings: mentions of abortion, swearing 

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“H-hello, I’m Aaron-” A man said as he approached me and my daughter with hands raised.

My hand went to my gun and I held it to him, I pushed Rosalie behind me.

“What do you want?” I ask. 

“I’ve been watching you guys for quite a while and you seem like you’d be a good addition to our community. We’ve got a group of great people, loads of supplies, solar energy, water, food. I-I’ve got pictures” He rambled, trying to get words out quick enough so I wouldn’t shoot him.

My mind went to Daryl. Could he possibly be there? I doubted he wanted to see me but one last glance was all I needed. My daughter to finally put a face to the man I tell her about every day. She was around 10 now and curiosity got the best of her. 

“Hello?” Aaron asked.

“We’ll go. I drive” I demand.

“Okay” He told me with a small smile.

He told me of a large group who had joined them a few years ago. They had been on the road for months on end. He didn’t give any details on anyone, I guess no one stood out. I’d like to think Daryl was apart of that group but he could very well not be. It’s been years. He could’ve moved on, had other kids and settled down somewhere else, not even giving a second thought about me. 

“Do you think Daddy will be there?” Rosalie asked me from the back seat.

“I-I don’t know, hun. We’ll just have to see” I say giving her a weak smile with tears begging to fall.

“Your husband?” Aaron asked.

“My ex” I said tersely, not wanting to linger on the topic.


When we arrived, Aaron opened the gates for me to drive in and park alongside the wall. I got out and made sure Rosalie was next to me, never to far. I walked behind Aaron.

“The original leader died a few years back, since then Rick took over, that’s who you’ll be seeing” Aaron tells me “He’s a bit skeptical of newbies since the Saviors, but that’s over now and we’re trying to regain the number we lost when they were around. So just hang in there and don’t take anything too personal” 

“Thanks a lot” I say with a genuine smile.

He led us to a house where Rick was staying. Rick had me join him inside so he could talk to me.

“I’m Rick, Rick Grimes. You are?” He asked.

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N)” I say.

“Who’s the kid you’ve got?” He asked with a smile.

“My daughter, Rosalie Dixon” I say smiling back.

His face seemed to change at the mention of Dixon, his body shifted but he shrugged it off.

“Your buddy spying on me and my daughter isn’t very cool” I say.

“He did the same with me and my group. I’d get why you’re skeptical, but I’ve made this place home and I think you can. We only watch to make sure you’d be an asset and are a decent person”

“Who were the Saviors, Aaron brought them up” I ask with furrowed brows.

“Bad people run by an even worse person, took two of our own, they both made it back though. But they’re gone now and you shouldn’t be worried about them. I’ve got three questions for you though”

“I’m ready” I say eager to start a new life here, a good one, for Rosalie and I.

“How many walkers have you killed?”


“How many people have you killed?”

“A good dozen or two” I answer honestly


“They weren’t good, tried to hurt me or my daughter”

“Welcome to Alexandria, (Y/N). I’ll set you up a house and have Aaron show you around” He said with a smile.

“Thanks” I smile.


Aaron walked around, showing me the complex. I hoped to run into Daryl somewhere in the streets. Rosalie held up the picture of him I kept.

“This is Dad, right?” She asks.

“Yeah, why?” I ask.

“Just in case I see him, I want to know what he looks like” 

“I’ll know” I say with a soft smile.

I looked up and I saw him. It felt unreal. He looked so different, but he didn’t change a bit. He bulked up, his hair grew, he had somewhat of a beard. He looked great, that was the man I loved, that is the man I love. I didn’t know what to do. Would I say hi? Would he say hi? He wore a ring, on his left hand ring finger. I hoped he wore it because he considered himself married to me still, not another woman. I wore my ring around my neck on a chain. He left me but I never stopped loving him. Maybe he regretted it. I hoped he did and he’d take me and Rosalie back. I gave her his last name since I legally wasn’t allowed to use it anymore. Instead of speaking or walking past him I thought it’d be a better idea to stare. He was walking with a man with long hair with a middle part (it’s Jesus). They were in a decent conversation, maybe about a meeting or trade. The man pointed over at me.

“Shit” I whispered softly and looked at the ground.

“(Y/N)?” I heard his voice and a tear fell.

I looked up at him, he held a serious demeanor until he really saw me. His face turned into a frown and a few tears fell. His hair was covering a good part of his eyes. He walked to me, seeing I was frozen, and wrapped his arms around me. I choked out a sob.

“I-I’m so sorry” I said.

“Don’t be, no, please no” Daryl ran a hand down my back.

“I thought you were dead” I said.

“I’m not, I’m right here, right now” He pulled back and looked at me “I never took it off, even after I signed the papers” He said looking at his ring.

“It hurt to see it everyday after what happened but I couldn’t let it go” I said honestly.

“Who’s that?” He asked me in a hushed tone.

“I’m your daughter” Rosalie answered proudly.

She had memorized every part of that picture. She knew his face, even if he was thinner and had short hair, she knew her dad. She wrapped herself around him.

“I didn’t know” He said.

“Me either, when I did, it was too late” I say tearing up.

“Shh, we can talk later, for now, let’s be a family, yeah?”


After I put Rosalie to bed I went to the living room. Daryl told me to meet him there to talk.

“I’m so sorry” He said as soon as he saw me.

“For what?”

“Leaving you, especially when you were pregnant” He tells me with sad eyes.

“I was going to get rid of it, but I know that was my only part of you I’d have left, so I kept her, I don’t regret it at all” 

“I still love you, (Y/N)” Daryl blurted out.

He was still his socially awkward self.

“I love you too, not a day went by without me thinking of you. I showed Rosalie that photo of you every night since birth and told her what a great man he father was, is” I corrected myself.

“I told Rick about you all the time. Carol also, she never heard the end of it.I’d tell her how great you were and how much I loved you. That no matter what happened, I’d never love anyone like I loved you and so on”

“I’m glad I came back with that odd man”

“Me too” He nodded and kissed my cheek, making sure not to rush into anything.

I just knew whatever happened here from here on out would be good, as long as I had Daryl and Rosalie.

Your Thoughts are Mine

Summary: Soulmate AU Fic, you and Bucky share thoughts. Awkwardness ensues when you decide to read a smutty fic in the middle of a class presentation he’s giving.

Word Count: 1,557

Warnings: Talk of sex. 

A/N: This is a re-write from an SPN fic that I thought you all would enjoy. Let me know ^^ 

Originally posted by oscarisaak

Bucky was nervous. He was sweaty, palms clammy as he tried to stop himself from trembling. He wanted to get this over and done with. He needed to get this over and don’t with. Because once he did, he could forget about it and move on, things would look up and he’d be able to enjoy his weekend. But until then, he would be fidgety and think everyone was out to get him.

“Man, just relax,” said Steve, rolling his eyes. “You’re going to do just fine. You know everything there is to know about this.”

“I know, I know,” replied Bucky, gritting his teeth. “B-But—I just—Goddammit, I just want this to be over.” Bucky rubbed his palms on his thighs nervously.

“How are your thoughts, Buck?”

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haise-leonheart  asked:

i need me some angst so How about RFA[V included] + Saeran when they fall out of love with MC? And when they see MC moving on and realize they let go of the most important thing to them... btw your break up ones had me crying at 2 AM


  • It hadn’t been the same, your relationship
  • He found himself yearning to be with people other than you, especially that one girl at his school
  • He thought it’d be the best for the both of you if you saw other people, so the two of you went your separate ways
  • In the beginning he thought this was good, he went on some dates with the girl from his class and they were really fun, that was until he realized that the girl was extremely boring.
  • She’d let Yoosung wipe his feet on her if he’d wanted to. He also found himself comparing her to you, thinking of how much better it would be to have you with him still
  • It’d been around three months, he had thought he moved on but you had been fighting to stay together so maybe you hadn’t moved on yet?
  • But he was wrong, as he saw you sitting on Zen’s lap, giggling in between soft kisses his heart shattered
  • You were supposed to be his, the two of you were supposed to be happy
  • But Yoosung had ruined that and when you’d look at Zen the way you used to look at him he knew that he’d never get you back
  • He didn’t say anything, he simply turned and walked away as tears filled his eyes the sight of you and Zen burned into his mind so that even when he closed his eyes it was as clear as day
  • When he’d arrived home he broke, he’d only just managed to close he door before falling to his knees and sobbing.
  • He called out to anyone, even though he knew the house was empty
  • He wished that you would come out from the living room and hold him just like you used to but he’d made a dumb and rash decision and now you’d never hold him again
  • Days bled together, he didn’t leave his house for who knows how long. Not even LOLOL could bring Yoosung out of his stupor
  • When Seven went to visit him Yoosung was sat alone on the floor going through photos of the two of you
  • “I love her Seven, I love her so much. But now she loves Zen and I’ll never get her back.”


  • He’d been working on a new show with some of the best actors he’s ever known in the industry
  • He’d gotten the lead and with that came many kiss scenes with the female lead, and due to this he realized that he loved her and he wanted to be with her
  • You couldn’t even seem to compare to her so he did what he thought he must, he broke up with you. Seeing you break down in front of him when he had tore him apart but he knew this was for the best
  • He couldn’t lead you on like this
  • The production went on for another six months and the relationship between Zen and the girl lasted about two months after it, stopping for one pure reason. You.
  • At first it was only known to Zen, the affect that you’d had on him. He’d wake up in the middle of the night expecting to see you next to him in bed only to be greeted with the woman he’d left you for
  • When he kissed her he only thought of how you lips had moved so perfectly against his and how hers felt so sloppy in comparison. But that wasn’t what had proved to Zen that he wanted you and only you.
  • What had proved it to him was when he only thought of you when they were having sex, when he’d moaned out your name instead of hers.
  • He didn’t want to believe it because he already knew you had moved on. He saw it every day in the chats and even more at RFA meetings or parties
  • You had gone to the chat rooms looking for emotional support after your break up and the only person that had been there was Jumin, and after that night the two of you became inseparable and soon enough you were together and happy
  • Zen wanted so badly to break up the two of you, he wouldn’t feel too guilty. Jumin couldn’t hurt and he would be able to comfort you just as Jumin had
  • He’d planned to start talking you up again but he saw you with Jumin, looking up at him with what he could only say was the human version of the heart eyes emoji
  • And after the guest walked away from the both of you Jumin looked down at you with the same gaze and Zen knew that he couldn’t go through with this
  • You were so happy and Zen wouldn’t be able to bear the weight of taking this away from you.
  • Nor could he bear the thought that if he did, he would never receive the look you were currently giving Jumin
  • “I hope you’re happy trust-fund kid because you’ve ruined my life again. You’ve taken the one thing I held dear for your own.”


  • The two of you were as busy as ever even in your own little coffee shop. There was a lot put into running your own business
  • And it just got to the point where the two of you were working so much that you couldn’t really spend any time together, and slowly your attraction for each other faded away and your friendship deteriorated as well.
  • It was mutual, the breakup, and you were both happy about the outcome
  • The two of you still worked together at the coffee shop so Jaehee could see every second of your new relationship blooming
  • She had to admit that at first she was encouraging you to go on a date with V, after she’d noticed the two of you flirting one morning when he’d come in for a coffee
  • But when she saw V give you a quick kiss on the cheek before leaving and the intense blush that covered your face when he did was enough to make Jaehee burn with jealousy
  • She was the only one that could make you blush like that, or at least she had been.
  • It’s not like she could really avoid you and V, he came in every morning before he went out for a shoot and was always so sickeningly sweet with you Jaehee wanted to hurl
  • Except she knew she had to have been the same way with you back when you were together
  • When she’d found out you’d moved in with V she knew it shouldn’t bother her but she couldn’t help but wish that you’d moved back in with her
  • She wished that you still loved her because she still loves you and she wishes she’d realized that before things got too far with you and V
  • She didn’t think it could get any worse, but then V proposed and she knew that she’d never get you back
  • At least before she could hope that you and V would break up but now she knew that she had no chance
  • The wedding was a living hell for Jaehee but she had to go for you because even though seeing you so happy with V breaks her heart every time she sees the two of you, you were still one of her best friends


  • At first Jumin had found everything you did beautiful and endearing
  • Then slowly he realized that everything you did only annoyed him.
  • You’d keep him in bed late in the morning because you were cold, you interrupted him during work by calling him, and then keeping him up at night with various cause
  • He didn’t want to hurt you, he still knew he loved you but he knew he didn’t love you enough and that you both needed something else, someone else
  • He’d been very gentle about it and you seemed to take it really well when it happened. He hadn’t heard you sobbing when you’d left the penthouse, but the security guards did
  • No one told Jumin
  • It took Jumin a year to realize you’d begun dating Jaehee. He was very happy for you and hoped that she was what you truly needed and wanted
  • When he’d seen you propose to her though, he didn’t understand why his heart sank
  • He went home that night and had buried himself in some extra work hoping that he would be able to figure out what was wrong with him
  • The next day at work when he’d seen Jaehee smiling down at her engagement ring Jumin couldn’t help but feel envious of her, and a little bit pissed at her too
  • He’d thought that he was supposed to be happy with his decision and be happy for your marriage as you were one of his best friends but he couldn’t be happy about it
  • Everything was still confusing him if he’d still loved you then you’d still be together so what was this?
  • He called V hoping that he would know what was happening
  • “-and I don’t want them to marry Jaehee, V. I don’t know why I’m so against this, I’ve simply-”
  • “You still love them, you were at a lower phase in your relationship so you thought you weren’t in love with them anymore but you were. And then you let them go and they’ve moved on and you haven’t because you never stopped loving them in the first place.”
  • Jumin hung up on V
  • He couldn’t still love you? He’d known he moved on, he had to, he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he hadn’t
  • And then the wedding came along and of course Jumin had to go
  • But as he saw you and Jaehee at the alter he realized you were all he wanted now and forever
  • He hated himself for it but all he could think about was him being up there with you, telling you his vows where he would promise you he would never stop loving you, the two of you would whisper a pair of ‘I do’s before you’d promise yourselves to each other for the rest of your lives with a kiss
  • But you’d promised Jaehee you’d stay with her and you knew you would never leave her for him


  • Of course he’d been pushing you away, he had been ever since he’d realized his feelings for you
  • But then you’d convinced him that it was good to be with you, that it was okay to be happy and in love
  • After a long amount of time spent with Saeran and the two of you working to help him Seven only thought that you were holding him back from truly helping Saeran
  • So he did the only thing he could think, he broke up with you
  • You moved as quickly as your legs could carry you into your bedroom to collect your things
  • On your way out though you were stopped by Saeran who refused to let you leave until you’d told him exactly why
  • It didn’t go unnoticed by Seven that Saeran, after insisting you stay with them, had begun doing his best to impress you
  • That whenever he managed to make you smile or blush his eyes would go wide like saucers and a stupid grin would break out on his face
  • Every time this happened Seven couldn’t help the ache that flowed through him
  • But that couldn’t compare to the utter disgust and anger that he had felt when he had walked into the kitchen to see you sat up on the counter with your arms wrapped around him, lips exploring his neck
  • He didn’t want to know how many other moments like this the two of you had shared, but he could assume it was more than once or twice
  • He couldn’t stop you from being with him, the two of you made each other happy and you being with him was helping
  • It’d made him shut down because he knew right away that he needed you back as soon as he saw you walk away when he’d broken up with you
  • He’d caved in on himself, he did his best not to show it but he refused to eat anything aside some chips and a Dr. Pepper here and there, it was like he was back when he was alone with only Vanderwood for company
  • He knew the two of you tried to be discrete around him though he couldn’t help but know that you would be holding Saeran now through the night terrors that he’s always had
  • But you wouldn’t hold Seven through his anymore, he’d have to go through this by himself
  • He’d have to go through everything by himself now
  • But he wouldn’t dare break the two of you up. You were his only family and he wanted you both to only ever be happy


  • He’d been so sure that he’d fallen in love with you, he’d been sure that he wanted to be with you for the rest of his life
  • But in the back of his mind there was the image of Rika, her smile, her soft and sweet voice, her blond soft hair that felt like silk
  • She’d taken his heart back when they were only teenagers and she still had it to this day, nothing you could do could seem to compare to her
  • He didn’t want to hurt you though, he couldn’t hurt you. You’d been so good to him but nothing good would come to either of you if he didn’t end this
  • So with a heavy heart he broke up with you, placing the blame all on himself. Telling you exactly why he was, telling you he was still in love with Rika.
  • He couldn’t see your tears as they ran down your cheeks but he could hear the shakiness in your voice even though you’d tried to hide it
  • The two of you remained good friends as V couldn’t bear the thought of not having you in his life, you were such an amazing person who could live without you?
  • That’s why he was the first one to know of your feelings for the hacker, Seven
  • V knew right away.
  • He knew he still loved you, and the worst part was, was that when he compared this feeling to how he’d felt about Rika when you were together it was completely different
  • With Rika, it had hit him hard and fast but it had gone away too. It didn’t hurt his heart when he thought back to how things had been with Rika. He was fond of them and that‘s why he had thought he wanted to be with her again
  • But you, you were different. It ached to think back on those moments because he knew he’d never be able to live those moments with you again
  • He had gone home and sat thinking about everything, your first kiss, it was during a date where V had taken you to all of his favorite spots for photo shoots before he’d gone blind
  • He didn’t tell you anything though because you deserved to be happy, and he’d messed up Seven’s life so much already with Saeran so he had to let him be with you.
  • It would be cruel for the both of you to stop this from happening and V knew that
  • “Rika never meant as much to me as you did, and I wish I realized that sooner.”


  • He didn’t need you
  • He didn’t need anyone, you were only going to leave him for someone better, for anyone actually, because they always did
  • He loved you more than life itself, but he didn’t know it. He just knew he hated you the least
  • Saeran, you, and Yoosung, the three of you were inseparable whenever Saeran was okay to hang out with you guys
  • Then he realized he did need you, and maybe, you needed him?
  • The two of you were so happy
  • But he couldn’t help the nagging thought that you were only with him because you pitied him
  • So he made himself hate you, you couldn’t do anything right. It took months but finally he’d taught himself that he didn’t love you
  • So he broke up with you, and at first it felt great
  • But then you’d run to Yoosung seeking comfort and Saeran didn’t know why he suddenly wanted to choke his best friends
  • He’d actually resorted to asking Seven about it, and Seven was going crazy because how could you break up with MC?
  • Saeran was going insane as he watched you being as happy as you had been with him
  • Why had he let you go?
  • He hated you didn’t he?
  • “No, I told myself I did. She never did anything wrong.”
  • He stopped talking to both you and Yoosung because he knew that he would ruin this for you but he couldn’t do that to you
  • Instead he took on something no one had expected him to, he started playing the piano
  • After he got the hang of things and memorized all sorts of people’s pieces he began writing his own
  • A lot of them were based off of you, soft, delicate, and beautiful everything that you were even when Saeran was being a massive ass to you
  • You had loved him, flaws and all and he’d pushed you away. He’d forced himself to hate you and in the process lost his only friends
  • He’d given up everything in his life, he had bee so confused ever since he was a child. Why hadn’t he been good enough for his mother? Why hadn’t he been good enough for Saeyoung? Why had Rika done this to him? Why did you love him?
  • But at night, when Seven wasn’t around he’d cry and ask himself his new question,
  • “Why did I give you up?”

~Love, Peony

anonymous asked:

Okay okay so a strain could cause a soulmate au where you have 2 names tattooed on your body: one for your soulmate, one for your worst enemy. How would yata react to having both names say "saruhiko Fushimi"?

I imagine Yata being so confused, like say the names don’t show up at the same time and you never know which name appears first, enemy or soulmate, so it’s like you could meet someone whose name is on your body but you have no idea if you want to meet them or avoid them forever (which is why things like internet registries aren’t much help, there are probably a few of them where people put their names in with stuff like ‘looking for [X]’ but it’s gamble because if you do find that person maybe you’ve just invited your worst enemy through the front door and possibly ruined your life). Yata has the name ‘Fushimi Saruhiko’ on his left arm for as long as he can remember and he’s nervous about finding that person, like say the reason his mom is divorced is precisely because the man she thought was supposed to be her soulmate was her worst enemy – which also gives Yata a complex because he was born to his mom and her worst enemy while his siblings belong to her and her soulmate Yata’s stepdad – and it’s made him nervous about ever meeting that person. When he moves back to Shizume in middle school he’s sitting there in class the first day as they all introduce themselves and Yata’s entire body shakes when he hears Fushimi walk up and give his name.

After that Yata’s torn because he really wants to introduce himself to Fushimi but he also doesn’t, not knowing what Fushimi’s supposed to be to him, and also wondering if Fushimi has Yata’s name tattooed on his body somewhere too (he doesn’t, yet – Fushimi has his dad’s name written on one side of his torso and sometimes he stays awake haunted wondering if 'that man’ is really supposed to be his soulmate, and if he’s destined to be under Niki’s thumb forever). Because of his fear Yata ends up not helping Fushimi when he spots Fushimi being robbed by the bullies, the next day Fushimi has a black eye and Yata’s all consumed by guilt because his own fear made him let someone innocent be hurt. That’s when Yata decides fuck it, I won’t be afraid anymore and goes over to introduce himself to Fushimi. Fushimi of course wants nothing to do with Yata and reacts coldly to Yata’s request that they be friends, Yata immediately thinks that this means Fushimi must be his worst enemy. But then he still ends up seeing Fushimi taking revenge on the bullies in the bathroom and Yata’s captivated and before he knows it they’re friends. Of course now Yata can’t resist telling Fushimi, one night at a sleepover at Yata’s place, that he has Fushimi’s name on his arm because they’re soulmates. Fushimi doesn’t seem as happy as Yata thought he would be though, because of course gloomy Fushimi can’t help but wonder if this means Misaki is destined to be his enemy someday. A week later Yata’s name appears on the other side of his torso and Fushimi sits there for hours running his hands over it, silent.

Then Homra happens and one day not long after they’ve joined Yata notices a mark on his other arm and is incredibly confused when he realizes that he now has Fushimi’s name on both arms. Maybe he decides not to tell Fushimi too but this helps make the separation between the two of them grow wider, because Yata’s on edge now trying to tell himself that there must be some mistake, Saruhiko can’t be his worst enemy and his soulmate, and he’s trying so hard to act natural that it’s making things awkward between them. Maybe Yata tries to ask Kusanagi for advice and doesn’t realize that Fushimi’s actually at the top of the steps just out of sight or something and Fushimi hears the whole thing, that his name is on both of Yata’s arms. This makes him think again that maybe Yata really is his worst enemy and that’s why everything hurts so much lately, why his chest aches every time Yata’s gaze turns away from him. When the betrayal happens not only does Fushimi burn his Homra mark but afterward he lifts his shirt and uses a knife to cut through where Yata’s name is on his side, smiling widely but with a trembling voice as he says that it looks like they were worst enemies after all (when they reconcile Fushimi still has trouble with that, being Yata’s worst enemy and soulmate, and Yata tells him that names on skin don’t matter because he decided ages ago that Fushimi was his soulmate and he’s not going to change his mind now).


P.S.: I’m sorry. - a 3.4k one shot about being stupid(ly in love?)

Birthdays have never really been her thing.

Well, that wasn’t entirely true. She loves doing nice things for others on their birthdays like making them cards, sending balloons (she loves balloons and always wished someone would send her some but so far no luck) or baking a cake or muffins even though she wasn’t particularly good at baking.

She loves making others happy on their special days and a sincere thank you spoken in a squealy voice and with sparkly eyes was the best reward she thinks, and one of her favorite things ever.

She never expects all of this for herself, though. She doesn’t really like being the center of attention so big birthday parties have always stressed her out more than she enjoyed them. As she’s gotten older her family and friends have learned that a small dinner in her honor was the closest thing to a party they could get away with without making her uncomfortable and that’s how it’s been for a while now.

However, if you asked her about this particular birthday and she had to answer honestly she would have to admit that she was maybe a little excited.

It’s the first birthday she was going to spend with Harry. 

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onepersonsechochamber  asked:

I really want to thank you for taking a neutral stance on certain topics of dispute in Steven Universe (your analyses of Lapis and Jasper, in particular). Also, I'd like to ask (whether or not you use the site TV Tropes): their recap page for Log Date 7 15 2 placed Garnet's attempt to teach Peridot fusion under the trope "Out-of-Character Moment". I'm really confused about that and wondered, with your more analytical mind, could you possibly decipher if that is true or not?

Oh wow, these are more kind words than I could ever hope to deserve in life. Thank you for your faith in me, but I’m not purporting to be a super analytical robot or anything, I’m just as prone to human error as anyone else! As I’ve written before, a lot of my writing comes from the idea of art mirroring life’s being messy, blurry, and de-compartmentalised. It’s not a perfectly neutral stance, but I’d like to think it helps. (But again, more compliments than I could ever hope to deserve, thank you!!!)

As for your ask, the short answer is that I don’t think it’s an out-of-character (OOC) moment in the slightest. 

Reasons I think people would classify it as such:

  • Garnet is opening up, making jokes, laughing (basically, fun Garnet)
  • Garnet warming up to Peridot as a former enemy
  • “It’s fusion, Sapphire!”

So here’s the long answer! 

1. Garnet is totally fun

For me, the first is by far the most common reason that might be given as to why all her interactions with Peridot in Log Date 7 15 2 are OOC. But here’s the thing, we’ve seen Garnet do these things loads of times before. In the opening theme, it’s Garnet who ruffles Steven’s hair, and reacted the most ecstatically when she first met Stevonnie. Garnet let’s Steven explain what he thought she did all day in Garnet’s Universe and let’s him do this:

Tiny hands, my only weakness

Source: SU Wiki

It’s adorable and we let these things slide. But Garnet is a gem who believes actions speak louder than words. It’s Garnet who tells Amethyst “You’re a Crystal Gem, and you’re expected to act like one.” Her components are fun; their relationship is fun. And because actions speak louder than words, she shows it.

In Future Vision, Garnet pulls the, “Your middle name is cutie pie!” with Steven. In When it Rains, Garnet is the only gem at that point in time we’ve seen tell Steven she loves him.

Source: SU Wiki

It isn’t limited to Steven either. When Amethyst wants to play Steven tag, Garnet shape shifts and joins in on the fun. And in Secret Team, Garnet plays along with the secret meetings and the Pizza coupons.

Aside from the cited examples, we know that Garnet’s incredibly expressive when it comes to interacting with those she cares about. But we have to understand that in many episodes of the show, she’s in moments of stress. Corrupted gems, threats to the planet, Homeworld forces. What the other CGs expect of her is to be the leader, whether she wants to be or not. It’s a burden that is taxing because they’re counting on her to make important decisions in the moment.

But on her free days, Garnet is there joking around with everyone else. In Hit the Diamond, as she reforms, she’s laughing giddily. It’s the same thing after she appears in Jail Break. These are pretty serious moments as well, but it doesn’t stop the fun in her personality from shining through.

What I think Garnet understands, though, is that there are appropriate times to be serious. Going back to what she told Amethyst in Tiger Millionaire, she has an ideal of what a Crystal Gem should be. So when she’s a Crystal Gem, with the responsibility of someone who has to save the world, of course she’d be serious and rather stoic. But we’re starting to see her in more relaxed and safe contexts, and that makes it easier for her to show parts of her personality that deviate from that ideal. Because the lesson she learns at the end of Tiger Millionaire is that you can’t always be that formal and professional person. She apologises to Amethyst for that, then goes along with the fake wrestling match and even puts up a persona for it. It’s a great moment, and that leads me to the second idea.

2. Garnet doesn’t force herself into the past. 

She’s the type of person whom we’ve seen is willing to try new things and is open to new information. In Cat Fingers, Pearl returns at the end of the episode panicking about Steven’s fingers. Garnet reminds her that the moral was to trust Steven, in the same way she trusted him with knowledge of her future vision later in Future Vision and Winter Forecast. Between Garnet and Pearl, the first CG we hear talk about the war being harmful for both sides is Garnet, admitting that many lives, CG and Homeworld were lost.

What we see in Log Date may be a function of this trait of hers. In Joy Ride, Garnet was terrifying. When Steven is in the escape pod, he gets a glimpse of how it feels being on the other side of her gauntlets. She was angry and definitely ready to punch Peridot into tomorrow. But Garnet keeps herself open. She takes note that patting Peridot on the back in Message Received causes Peridot to feel incredibly uncomfortable (this probably having something to do with squeezing her to death from behind).

And by Log Date 7 15 2, which we know takes place the morning after, she makes sure not to touch Peridot there again.

Source: SU Wiki

It’s to Garnet’s credit that she doesn’t overtly point these things out. Again, she’s a gem of action. It means more to her that she actually does what she says she will. Why is it that Garnet didn’t care at first that Peridot was uncomfortable with her being a fusion? Because Peridot was taking what she knew to be true (fusions are just war machines) and applying it to Garnet without context. It’s discriminating and demeaning. And someone like Garnet, with her history in The Answer, is showing clear signs of someone who’s been hurt in a particular way and will not stand for it any more. It wasn’t right to punish Peridot without an explanation, but from Garnet’s context, she’s hurting and she feels dehumanised (with a lot of memories of The Answer coming back).

So by the time the teaching fusion sequence rolled around, which we know occurs before Log Date and It Could’ve Been Great, something changed between the two of them. In Garnet’s own words:

Garnet: That’s fine! Peridot, I’m proud of you.
Peridot: Why?!
Garnet: Because you made an effort to understand me.

Source: SU Wiki

And that’s the difference. Garnet now feels like Peridot is approaching her with the respect every individual should be given. Peridot isn’t just a walking pile of prejudice to her any more (though again, no one tried explaining this in the earlier days). The dynamic between them has changed, and as we know, Garnet isn’t against asking people to fuse with her. The times Sugilite and Sardonyx form, it’s Garnet asking Amethyst or Pearl to fuse with her. And this leads me to the last point.

3. Garnet likes sharing the fusion experience with those she loves

I think one way people take Ruby and Sapphire’s treatment of Pearl after the events in Cry For Help is “Fusion is sacred to Garnet.“ It’s true. It is. But Garnet also views fusion as an experience (Alone Together) and it’s a fun one. So we’ve established Garnet is fun. And we’ve established Garnet asks people to fuse with her. Now let’s look at why.

Now go have fun!

Source: SU Wiki

Garnet knows how happy it makes Amethyst and Pearl when she asks them to fuse with her. Even though she doesn’t know the specifics, she knows that it means a lot to them when they fuse.

And the times they fuse, they’re taking down the same communications tower. As Pearl pointed out, they don’t necessarily have to fuse. They could slowly take down the tower. But the experience was a lot more fun because they did. Garnet does think fusion is sacred, because it shows how much you trust someone. The reason she reacted so violently in Cry For Help was Pearl violated that trust. But “sacred” to her doesn’t mean you lock it up in a box no one can reach. It means that for her to ask to fuse, you mean a lot to her. She loves you dearly and wants to share the experience with you.

When she asked Peridot if the latter wanted to fuse, it wasn’t just, “Let’s fuse for the sake of it!” The reason the two didn’t get along at first was Peridot’s aversion to her as a perma-fusion. Garnet’s action (again, back to actions) speaks volumes of her letting Peridot understand that’s behind her. Because Peridot tried to understand her, despite all those things she felt uncomfortable with. Fusion is by far the one that leaves her most confused and uncomfortable. But Garnet trusts her enough to fuse with her and it’s because we’ve seen Garnet cares about Peridot now. Fusion is a wonderful experience and sharing it with her serves a twofold purpose of teaching Peridot something she doesn’t understand.

And at her core, that’s what Garnet does. She believes in something and she doesn’t waste a minute talking about her going to do something. She goes right out and does it. It’s very sincere and it’s very Garnet, and it’s why, for me, she’s such a relatable character (but more on that in the future).

Winchester brothers-Wild part 3

Title: Wild Part 3

Pairings: Team free will x feral reader, Balthazar x feral reader

Word count:1436

Request:Could you pretty please do a part three for Wild? I’m thinking something with Balthazar, like she falls asleep on him so he can’t move or something similar.

Request:Can you continue Wild? Its awesome

Request:Hi, I just read Wild and I love it.. If its not much of a problem maybe you could write a 3rd part? thank you, you´re an amazing writer btw I really enjoy your stories :)

Request:Did you ever do a part 3 for wild and if not will you I love it

Request:Wild part 3?

Request:“Wild” parte dos???

Request:wild part 3? and she sleeps in their beds cuz she likes the warmth?

Request:I was wondering if there was a chance you could write Wild part 3??????? Please im obsessed!!!!!!!

‘’Hey! No’’Dean scolded as he gently struck at your nose, careful to not actually hurt you but show you that what you did was wrong. You titled your head at him, hair falling to the side of your face. 

You narrowed your eyes, growling at him but that only recieved you a sharp look from Dean who wasn’t backing down from your glare. You whined, a short mewl falling from your lip as you looked away. 

Dean rolled his eyes but huffed happily, relieved he had got something across to you. Dean finally tore his eyes away from you, glancing back down at the newspaper. 

You crouched beside him, hands hanging limp between your knees as you watched in awe, watched the way his eyes flickered over the tiny letters. You nudged yourself under his arm, crawling on all fours into his lap before plonking yourself down and staring at the paper with big eyes. 

Dean chuckled at your response, amused at your behaviour. ‘’It’s called a newspaper.’’he told you, glancing down to see if you had absorbed any of that. ‘’News-paper’’He repeated slowly, pointing towards it. 

You only pawed at it, Dean tutting as he held it out of your reach. ‘’God. It’s like owning a dog’’Dean grumbled but chuckled anyway. Sam came in, smiling widely as he leaned back on the table and observed the two of you. 

Dean ignored Sam’s raised brows, the small smirk evident on his face. Upon seeing Sam you had jumped off of Dean’s lap and rushed towards Sam. You jumped up, wrapping your arm around his forearm as you feet dangled slightly off the floor. 

Sam laughed, titling his head to see you. ‘’Hey, hey. No, this is my favourite shirt.’’Sam whined as he gently pulled you back and pried your fingertips off his shirt when you had started to gnaw at his plaid shirt.

‘’Not so funny now is it’’Dean smirked, chin titling up in pride. 

‘’Shut up, dude. She already chewed up my second favourite’’Sam complained, straightening out his ruffled plaid shirt. You padded down the hall, the brothers not paying any attention to you as they started to bicker. 

You nudged open a door, your eyes taking in the sight. A whiff hit you, a familiar scent that you had come to grow close with. Sam. You walked towards the bed, your fingertips brushing over the quilt. 

You jumped back at the soft material, the cosy feeling new to you. You had been sleeping on the floor, no matter how many times they had tried to get you to sleep on a bed or at least a couch. 

You had remembered what Sam had done, his hands pulling back the covers. You hesitantly copied, tilting your head when you saw you had done it right. You jumped a little, proud of yourself before crawling in. 

You awkwardly pulled up the covers, your eyes drifting shut from the heat it emitted. Rushed footsteps sounded through out the bunker, a whistle sounding before a sharp smacking sound. 

‘’She’s not a dog, idiot’’

Followed by more gruffled grunts. The door creaked open, Dean sighing in relief. 

‘’She’s in your room’’Dean called out to Sam. Sam mentally groaned, his eyes widening. He was positive that when he came to his room, it would be trashed and you would be sitting, ripping apart his plaid shirt. 

Oddly, when he entered, he was surprised to see you curled up like a cute little kitten, your eyes shut as light snores escaped your lips. 

‘’She’s asleep’’Sam chuckled in shock. ‘’In a bed’’He added. 

‘’I think it’s because it’s warm’’Dean stated, his eyes roaming over you as he tried to solve how someone could curl themselves up into that small of a ball. ‘’She probably likes that it smells like you too’’.

‘’What?’’Sam scoffed with a laugh, turning to his brother with a surprised look. 

‘’Dude, animals-or ferals, find comfort in something that smells familiar. Why do you think she like’s Cas’s coat, or your plaid shirts, or my hair’’Dean laughed. 

‘’Awh.’’Sam cooed, not meaning to coo out loud in fear his brother would tease him. Dean just simply smiled, turning back to face you. 

‘’She is cute’’Dean nodded in agreement. 

‘’Alright, I think we should let her get some sleep but I’m gonna come in and check on her a lot. I don’t want her waking up and ripping open my shirts’’Sam sighed. 

The two brothers made their way back to the room, Dean sitting back down in his chair as Sam opened up his laptop. Sam had lost track of time, researching a new lore that he hadn’t yet read fully. 

His eyes flickered down to the small clock in the corner, his eyes widening as he shot up. 

‘’CRAP!’’He yelled, catching Dean’s attention. 

‘’What!’’Dean rushed out, standing up too as he stared at his brother in concern. 

‘’I left her alone in my room. I forgot to check on her!’’Sam gasped before making a dash to his room, ignoring his brothers booming laughter. He made his way to his room, grasping the handle as he stopped for a moment to close his eyes and beg that there wasn’t mess everywhere. 

He pushed the door open, his eyes widening at the site. ‘’Oh….’’Sam whined out, not knowing your name so he had to just huff instead and slap his hands on his thighs. 

‘’Ooohh, dude. She messed you up big time’’Dean cackled from behind Sam, beer bottle in hand. 

‘’Why?’’Sam whined out, shuffling into his room. He had opened the door to see feathers everywhere, pillows torn open, blankets on the floor, books knocked over. Luckily, none of his plaid shirts where ripped open. 

One thing that they couldn’t see though… was you. Sam frowned as he titled his head everywhere. 

‘’Hey, Sammy. Check this out’’Dean whispered, closing the door. Scratch marks were railed down the front as if you had been pawing at it for ages. Sam slammed his hand into his forehead. 

‘’Oh crap. We shut the door, remember! And she doesn’t know how to open them. She must have thought she was stuck and gotten scared’’Sam scolded himself as he found out the reason you trashed his room was because you were frightened. 

‘’here-we really need to give her a name’’Dean sighed in the middle of calling you. Both brothers crouched around, even whistling every so often even though Sam hated referring to you as a animal since they were trying to help you become human. 

After calling for you, Dean checked the bathroom, Sam ducking down to check under the bed. They both shook their heads at each other when Sam stood back up, Dean emerging from the bathroom. 

‘’Where the hell could she be!’’Dean growled out only to be interrupted by laughter and a mewl. Your mewl. They both looked at each other before rushing towards the spot. 

The froze, skidding on their feet when they noticed Balthazar. Balthazar was watching you clutch and paw at his arm, his eyes dancing with amusement. 

‘’You never told me you adopted a feral’’He joked as he turned to face the brothers. You looked to see what he was looking at, shrinking back in fear when you noticed Sam. You knew how mad he got when you torn up his things. 

‘’What the hell are you doing with her?’’Dean scowled.

‘’You’re having a go at me? Really? You’re the ones who left a poor little feral alone in a locked room. I was simply here to deliver a message but I heard the noise and let her out’’Balthazar explained with a hrash glare to Sam. 

‘’She’s scared by the way. She think’s you are mad at her’’He added, he too being able to understand you. 

‘’Hey, no. I’m not mad at you-’’Sam stopped, realising you couldn’t understand him. He walked towards you, watching as you took a step back. He held out his palm, smiling at you as you finally stopped moving but still looked at him scared, big eyes. 

Once Sam reached you he gently stroked back your hair, a purr falling from your lips as you closed your eyes and nuzzled your head against his palm. He chuckled, petting your head before letting go. 


Cas had came later on, playing with you for a little before he had to speak to Dean and Sam about the message Balthazar was going to ‘deliver’. 

‘’Erm… we have a problem’’Balthazar chuckled nervously. Everyone stopped to look at him to see you curled up on his lap. 

‘’Your feral fell asleep on me’’


I think Sherlock still trapped in his mind. And I think “Mary=Eurus”.

1) Both blond hair and mad

2) Both have 3 identity (love interest of John/ friend or sibling of Sherlock/ Health Care related professional woman - nurse/therapist )

3) Mary offs a flight attendant to steal her identity(TST). Eurus offs a therapist to steal her identity(TLD). Both just bounce from identity to identity (BY @bbcatemysoul )

4) Sherlock is betrayed by a blond woman who seems to have different sides to her personality (LiR/Faith/Euros = Mary as nurse/wife and Mary as assassin) (BY @isitandwonder)

My Thought:

“Mary” is actually Sherlock’s forgotten sister but appeared in his mind as Euros when he still can’t find out what happened in the past. (Mary’s middle name begins with “E”, she is the Miss ME on the wedding card. Euros named herself “E” last episode)

I think they are half siblings and “Mary” did something evil when they are both children. (e.g. killed Redbeard and tried to poison her baby brother Sherlock, because of Jealousy ) The Holmes family wanted to protect Sherlock so hid the truth and separated them and made Sherlock forgot everything about this sister’s existence. And deep in Sherlock’s mind, he still has a bond feeling with this sister. That’s why Sherlock truly like Mary, even after all the horrible things she did for him. Because she is his sister.


pairing: genderbent!ladrienne/ladynoire | words: 3k | rating: t (?)

note:  Final (?) conclusion to New Growth / Another Change / Similar Developments. Thank you all so much for reading, I had a lot of fun writing these.

And of course, thanks to @death-rae and @ash-is-boss  for beta reading this!

Adrienne set her brush down on the vanity and leaned forward to stare harshly at her reflection in the mirror. Even with copious amounts of makeup, the dark circles under her eyes were still visible. She had been able to tame her hair at least but it was little consolation when she looked like she hadn’t slept in a week.

With a sigh, she pushed away from the vanity.  

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Passengers (Part Four)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, Hanukkah or however else you celebrated the holidays! I hope they were fun, full of love and family. Christmas is a little difficult for my family due to the passing of my Mother was during the holidays so I’ve been a little down. But it was a few years ago so we all try and make Christmas a celebration, not a sad occasion. So as an apology to you for positing this late, I am going to post a few imagines for you all. x

Previous Parts:

One Two Three


We had all somehow managed to swap seats in the space of an hour. Grace eventually woke up and begged me to take her to the toilet because she didn’t like the sound of the toilet flush. Harry was now sitting in the window seat with Grace now in the middle of us. She started to colour in some more books and asked harry to help her.

He had a much more steady hand than Grace which wasn’t surprising since he was 19 years older than her. They started to colour in a picture of a dolphin and Grace demanded that Harry drew more little ‘fishies’ around the page. So he did just that.

“I think we should name them.” Grace put down her pencil and thought about it for a minute.

“The pink one.” She pointed at Harry’s drawing. “That’s me.”

“Okay.” He wrote ‘Grace’ next to the small pink fish.

“The rainbow ones.” She pointed to the two multi coloured fish. “That you and mummy.” My heart fluttered in my chest as I watched my little girl so grown up.

“Why?” He asked. In no way accusingly just curious but with a caring tone in his voice.

She paused for a minute and picked up her colouring pencil and carried on.

“Because I love rainbows.” Harry slightly looked up at me and smiled lightly, small dimples forming in his cheeks. I couldn’t fight the smile which wanted to appear. Grace happily carried on colouring next to us.

Grace fell asleep again, her head resting against the window with a small pillow to support her neck. Harry had gone back to his seat and I sat there, trying so desperately to fall asleep. I closed my eyes lightly, taking deep slow breaths.

“Are you asleep?” A small voice whispered. I let a small smirk form on my face and I nodded.

“Very much so.”

“Good.” I could hear Harry undoing his seatbelt and sitting down next to me, his heat radiating off him. I opened my eyes slightly and saw him lifting up the arm rest so nothing was separating us. As if in instinct, I naturally let my head fall against his shoulder. I let my eyes flutter open and I was greeted by his broad chest raising every so often as he inhaled and exhaled.

His palm rested on my forearm, his fingertips tracing small patterns ever so lightly onto my skin, causing small goose bumps to appear.

“Are you cold?” He asked, his voice filled with sarcasm. I slapped his hand lightly which caused him to chuckle deeply, his shoulders moving lightly as he laughed.

“Try and get some sleep, Rachel.” I let my eyes shut slowly, his strong hand keeping my close to his body. I felt his soft material of his shirt comfort me into a lulling slumber.

Grace woke me, her small hands lightly shaking my shoulder. I opened my eyes and looked at her straight away, concern washing over my face.

“What’s wrong, baby?” I sat up and she just smiled behind me. I looked round to see an air hostess holding a tray, a smile on her face.

“I’m so sorry to wake you, Miss.”

I waved her off, straightening myself out.

“This is the young girl’s meal.” I nodded and Grace pulled out her tray. I placed her meal on her fold out tray and she immediately dug in. I laughed lightly and I opened mine and Harry’s trays. She handed our meals to me and I thanked her. She then walked down aisle, leaving us.

“Want to wake up Harry?” I whispered lightly to her. She looked over at him and shook her head. “Why not?”

“He looks pretty when he sleeps, so do you.” I looked down at her and she popped a bit of pasta into her mouth. “He might get angry with me, like daddy did.”

I felt like I had been smacked. My chest felt tight/

I had been living the past two years thinking she didn’t know. My four year old daughter knew about her father’s violence.

“He got angry?”

She shrugged lightly.

“He didn’t hurt me, Mummy, but he shouted.” I let a single tear release out of the corner of my eye, quickly falling into my lap. She looked up at me and frowned. “Why are you crying, mummy?” I smiled lightly and shook my head.

“I’m fine.”

“No you’re not.” She stood up and sat herself on my lap. Her small thumb came up to my cheek, wiping away my tears. “Why are you crying, mummy?” She repeated again. I looked at her, I admired my little girl.

“You’re so brave.” She looked a bit confused but smiled.

“I love you, mummy.” She placed a small kiss on my cheek. My hands wrapped around her small waist, bringing her in for a hug and holding her against my chest. I wouldn’t let anything ever  happen to this little girl again. She didn’t deserve a single second of it. She deserved a father who loved her and took her to the park and played for hours with her. “I want Harry to be my daddy.” She mumbled against my chest. I chuckled lightly and shook my head.

She pulled away and frowned.

“Why not?”

“Because I don’t love Harry.”

“Yes you do.” I furrowed my eyebrows.

“Is that so?”

“You held his hand. When you hold my hand you tell me you love me, so you love Harry.” She smiled lightly, tiny dimples forming in her cheeks. I brought my hands to her shoulders and brought her towards my face, peppering small kisses over her face. She giggled loudly and tried to squirm away. I tickled her sides and she turned her face to the side, her eyes widening.

“Harry’s awake!” She tried her hardest to escape my tickling but couldn’t do it. She eventually fell against my chest, her deep breathing occasionally replaced with little giggles.

Things I have learned from Grey (part 3/?)

1. Someone remind me why I thought this was a good idea
2. Oh yes, wait, I never thought it was a good idea, I just like to suffer
3. The writing is so choppy, it’s very difficult to read. Imagine someone trying to play a violin with a chainsaw. It hurts my eyes and ears.
4. I had blocked all the “miss Steele – mr. Grey” shitfest. I knew there was a reason I wanted to burn those books.
5. “A” reason, she says, laughing hysterically as she sobs
6. “I want to fuck her again, preferably after breakfast, but if she’s too sore that will be out of the question. Perhaps I could use her mouth this time.” – how about you ask her first before making plans, mister
7. I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again – soap does not taste well. How someone can give a blowjob when the…um… OH I KNOW “velvet wrapped steel” (bonus points to whoever catches the reference) is covered in soap and not gag immediately, is beyond me
8. “you get an A in oral skills” – so. Cheesy. Lord. Save. Me
9. “my lips in hot pursuit” – need for speed hot pursuit (it’s a hella good game fight me)
10. Advice for the future: when an author releases the same novel from a different PoV, just skip it. It’s insanely boring and tedious and just no. Don’t do it. Save yourself time and annoyance and brain cells
11 “Her roommate would have my balls if she knew my real intentions.” – yes because Kate is the only sane person in this entire fucking series
12. The chapters are soooo looong fml
13. I have no more patience for this shit
15. “How could she dismiss me so easily? Maybe I should pay her a visit, just to make sure it’s a “no.” Maybe I can persuade her otherwise.” – Christian doesn’t understand the concept of a person saying no to him. If you read these sentences, they’re fucking creepy. How could she dismiss me so easily = how dare she reject me. Maybe I should pay her a visit, just to make sure it’s a no = I need to put more pressure on her. Maybe I can persuade her otherwise = I will not be rejected.
18. “From my messenger bag I take some condoms and slide them into the back pocket of my pants” – for all he knows, she doesn’t want anything to do with him anymore (remember, he doesn’t know she was actually playing a prank on him). HE TAKES CONDOMS WITH HIM. TO SEE SOMEONE WHO HAS ALREADY TOLD HIM NO.
19. Oh my god, this is so problematic, I’m having an existential crisis
20. Is god real are all men pigs
21. Christian to himself because he likes having such long and meaningful conversations with his inner…god? Asshole? Dick? Split personality?: “You’re here because you think it’s a “no.” – if you thought it was a no you should have respected her choice fml fml fml
22. This book is giving me a headache and diseases
23. “she’s wearing sweats. Perhaps she’s been for a run this evening” – yeah, sure, because that’s the only acceptable reason a person should wear sweats
24. Clearly this author hasn’t come to my hours during all hours of day and night
25. Sweats is my middle name. Actually, it’s Angela, but whatever
26. “Taking a sip of wine, I lean down and kiss her, pouring the wine into her mouth.” – so grosssssssss
27. I know I’m a 5 year old, but seriously
28. Ew
29. I’m not even halfway through what is this shit
30. I’m not reading the contract again fuck this
31. My sanity is bye bye
32. “And she’ll have the opportunity to socialize with other men? She’ll realize what she’s missing.” – oh my god how fucked up is this I can’t even
33. Nah I’ve had enough
34. I’m not even half way through
35. Someone better pay me for this I swear to cow

Part 1  Part 2

Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker, Fifty Shades Freed masterpost

absolutely nothing | part one

part two / part three

luke + reader
word count: 1084

writing masterlist / request/ask/feedback

summary: you call luke after a breakup and someone else answers


your finger hovering over his name on the screen for the 100th time in the 24 days since the breakup, you weighed the pros and cons in the list you’d gradually compiled in your head on whether to call luke.

the two bottles of beer you’d downed just moments before might have had something to do with it, but that night, you were feeling uncharacteristically bold. 

your finger landed on his name and the screen switched to show that you were calling him. with shaking hands, you brought your phone up to your ear, your heart pounding so hard in your chest you were sure it was going to explode as it rang once.. twice..

“hello?” you froze, unable to even open your mouth to form a coherent answer.

“hello, is anyone there?” you quickly brought the phone down from your ear, shoving your finger right onto the ‘end call’ button. 

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.... And Throw Away the Key

The is for the SSJJ Challenge by @teamfreewill-imagines and @latinenglishfandomblog

My job was prison guard

Character: prisonguard! Sam Winchester and Reader

A/N: Mentions of a history of physical abuse. If this is triggering for you, please skip!

Sam Winchester had worked at Winfield Correctional Facility for the past two years.  Being a prison guard in a women’s prison was a good job for a guy his size. It was rare that any of the “girls” as he called them gave him any trouble.  He was always respectful and as kind to them as he could be.  He was one of the more well liked guards.

Sam was putting his stuff in his locker when Murdock, who was in charge of the guards, told him he needed to go to county to pick up a new inmate.  He sighed.  He hated these trips. These were girls who had recently received a guilty verdict, and they were shell shocked and hysterical and spent the whole ride crying. Usually two of them went, but they were short handed because Diaz called out sick so he would have to go alone.

It was really cold and the heat in the van was on the fritz again, so he rubbed his hands together to warm them on the long ride to county.  When he got there, he collected the paperwork, and the guard went to get the new inmate. She came shuffling along in that weird walk someone whose legs are shackled does.

Sam took her arm and led her out to the van.  He opened the back seat and she climbed in. He handcuffed her right wrist to the seat and her right foot to the floor and hopped in the drivers seat.  They drove in silence for awhile. He happened to glance up in the rear view mirror and caught her looking at him. It was his eyes that she recognized.  They were the same.

“What’s your name?” he asked her.

“Y/F/N, Y/L/N” she replied. “What’s yours?”

“Winchester.” He replied.

“Is your first name Sam, by chance?” she asked softly.

He straightened at that. “How did you know that?”

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Big Bad Wolf

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

Pairing: Past John x Reader, Dean x friend!Reader, Sam friend!Reader
Word count: 899
Warnings: Swearing

Part 3 of Unwanted

By the time you were 8 months pregnant, you finally had a name. Sam had picked her first name, and Dean picked the middle. Her first name, Alessa, meant ‘protector of humanity’. He said it was perfect, because it was in her blood. You thought it was a beautiful name, and that if fate dealt her the hunter’s life, it was true. Her middle name, Juliette, because he just liked how it went with Alessa. And he could call her ‘AJ’.

Both boys had to take turns visiting the past couple months, as it was getting increasingly difficult to get away. It was the time of year- fall- that seemed to make a hunter’s life extremely busy. Alessa was due mid-October, and you were hoping that she stuck to that time line. You knew that you could have her as late as Halloween, according to your doctor.

Stirring the sauce for dinner, you chuckled when you heard Dean’s voice carry. “Son of a bitch!” He groaned, coming out, nursing a sore thumb. “Did you have to pick such small letters?” He asked, shaking his hand. “The nails are tiny!”

You smiled at him. “I told you it could wait.” You reminded him.

“Her nursery is almost done. You’re due in a month, and I want everything situated for you.” He told you.

“Either way, sit. Have a beer.” You motioned to table. “If you eat all your vegetables, I bought pie.” You teased him, earning a mock glare. “You love me and you know it.”

Dean sighed as he sat down. “Yeah, yeah. So they say.” He grinned.

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Why Marshall Eriksen is underappreciated

- He has never needed a “no questions asked”, because he loves Lily enough to always tell her the truth.
- He made sure that Barney and Robin always sit on the same side of the booth.
- Marshall puts his friends and family first and helps them whenever he can.
When Barney and Ted were arrested at the airport and needed a lawyer, Marshall didn’t question but drive to Philadelphia.
- The fact that his son really gets the middle name “wait for it”.
- When Robin was not feeling like a real New Yorker and thought she has no reason to stay in New York, but Marshall told her that it is not New York without Robin Scherbatsky.
- The fact that he is a child at heart.
- Marshall’s love for food.
- His belief that Bigfoot and Nessie exist and the way he holds onto conspiracy theories.
- BEERCULES (do I have to say more?)
- Marshall’s love for Star Wars.
- He is the perfect person to go on a road trip with including his old Fiero and “500 miles”.
- His love for dancing and dance battles.
- Slap Bet
- Marshall getting enthusiastic about board games and always inventing new ones.
- His love for pie charts and bar charts, which led to an intervention eventually.
- When Marshall lawyered someone.
- Marshall and Lily always have the best halloween outfits.
- His dream of saving the environment and how dedicated he got to his job as an environmental lawyer.
- Marshall singing “Let’s go to the mall” at Hoser Hut.
- The invention of Baskiceball with his family, and that he refers to himself as “Big Fudge”.
- Marshall’s jokes about fish.
- His pep talks are the greatest.
- The way he brings out the best in his friends, screaming “not good enough”.
- His love for Lily and his best friends, regardless of their flaws and annoying habits.

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