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Why am I doing this to myself…?

[Fairyland sculpts - Luna/Chloe/Ante/Pong/Lewi/El]
[Clothes - TTYA/Sunflowerdoll]

Taron Egerton Demo Monologues
  • Taron Egerton Demo Monologues
  • Taron Egerton
  • (From the RADA database) (2012)

everyone absolutely needs to listen to his demo monologues from back when he was at drama school because a) he’s got a HEAVY liverpool(?) accent in two of them b) he does a shakespearean piece c) you can hear him talk about how much he loves and wants you and d) you can hear him telling you how to cook an egg like he belongs on a bloody children’s program holy hell.

(cw — homophobic slur, a lot of swearing and some slight nsfw messages/language aka romantic dirty talk yes PLEASE)

(major major props and credit to manners-maketh-man-x for finding this and putting the link up in the first place — i’ve just stuffed them all into one audio post for convenience and easy listening)

from the day the machine went online, part of me knew i would never be able to sever myself from it. and that anyone i had ever cared about was in danger. it was foolish to imagine otherwise. i tried to guard myself, stay hidden - from the government, the authorities, people looking. here we still are. this moment was inevitable. this moment was always looking for me.

asanoya AU where asahi has like two super frightening dogs which are actually the bIGGEST SWEETHEARTS he got from the animal shelter and noya has like three tiny super energetic dogs and they go on long walks together and maybe get tangled in leashes sometimes

The thing is, I don’t think Skye fully understands May, and why she is how she is. She often betrays a lack of understanding. And unless we’ve missed some serious Skye/May bonding between season one and the opening episode, that misunderstanding is still going to be there. So she’s not going to be striving to be like May, she’s going to be striving to be who she thinks May is.

She’s going to try to shut down her emotions, her empathy. Everything that comes naturally to her, she’s going to push it down. I’m so scared.

You get sick part two (Luke Request)


Your P.O.V.

Luke’s grip around you made it impossible to leave, but you were thankful for that. You were thankful that he let you go, that you wouldn’t have to drag him down along with you. So you decided to let yourself fall asleep beside him for this last time.

When you woke up the next morning. The familiarity of having his light snores blowing against your face was causing you more pain than ever. You couldn’t imagine not doing this anymore, not having him by your side. Sure he had gone away countless of times because of his job, but you knew that he’d always come right back beside you. 

But this time was different. It was you who broke it off. You needed to for fucks sake. It wouldn’t be fair to have him have to deal with this. To have to spend every night worrying about you. To have everyday be a living hell for him because he didn’t know whether you’d even be there to make it at the end of the day. To have to live in constant fear of losing you which was almost inevitable.

The break up was the best thing for the both of you. It would give him time to finally let you go before you were completely gone.

"Don’t," Luke mumbled once he felt you moving away from his embrace

"Tell me you changed your mind- tell me you’re not leaving," he spoke eyes still closed and voice still raspy and quiet from just waking up

"You’re the one leaving me on that plane today Hemmings," you replied laying back down onto him as his hands found their way to your hips like they always did

"You know I don’t want to," 

"But you have to," you breathed trying to make it seem like there was no other choice

"We’ve done this for years (y/n), what’s so different this time?" He asked letting the frustration from the suddenness of your break up finally hit him

"Because I love you more than I did before," you answered weakly trying to give him a sense of what needed to be said without giving it all away

"If you loved me you wouldn’t leave me," he said sitting up and looking down at you as you did the same

"Luke please-" you began to say until he stopped you

"You don’t love me anymore do you? You don’t have to lie to me, just say it. You got tired of me, and this is your way of getting rid of me," he rambled on demandingly as his temper started to rise

"Stop it!" You almost yelled getting up from the bed in an attempt to move away from the tension radiating from his body

Tears began to fall once you figured out what you had to do in order to get him to leave. To finally let you be without him.

"It’s easier this way, Luke. Just trust me, please." You said with your back faced towards him as you looked at the view of the balcony in front of you

"Easier? Since when we’re we ever easy? That’s what made us who we are. We were together for this long because we could fight through all the bullshit, all the pain. And now you just want to end it because I’m leaving for tour again?" He began raising his voice as you closed your eyes in hopes that it would block out his anger

"Please stop yelling," you said quietly as you felt the ground shake at his footsteps coming behind you 

 ”No! Answer my question God damn it!”he yelled making you even more less willing to face him 

 Your heart ached at the next words that were about to come out of your mouth but you knew it needed to be said. 

 ”You’re right… I don’t love you anymore.” You spoke 

All was silent in the room after that. Luke’s previously fuming pants were beginning to slow down as you took in a breath to keep yourself from letting out a sob. 

"And we finally have an answer," Luke breathed before you heard him shuffle around behind you 

 The click of his suitcase and the sound of its wheels rolling on your hardwood floor made it even more difficult to keep your facade standing. Never in a million years did you ever want it to end like this, but if this was the only option left you thought it would be best if you took it, so you let him go. 

 ”Goodbye then,” you heard his voice break before he closed the door shut

 And that was the story of how you got here. Laying in a hospital bed with your sobbing mother sitting at the couch near you. It’s been 8 months since you were admitted into the hospital and you haven’t felt daylight since then. The outside world seemed foreign to you as your life now consisted of different medications and new procedures in an attempt to save you. But it was no use. 

 Your skin had turned pale, the brightness that your eyes used to hold was fading away, hair slowly falling out from the mixture of drugs and stress that this illness provided you with. 

To put it simply, you were dying. 

Each time the doctors would enter your room, you couldn’t only see the disappointment on their faces but you could feel the desperation they had. They knew by the looks of you that there was only a little more time left until their test subject would soon be deceased, but their increasing perseverance put an extra toll on you. 

Some days you wouldn’t even remember what had happened. As a result of the different doses of drugs, you would fall in and out of consciousness on a regular basis. 

The girl who you used to share the room with did not carry the same illness as you, but she suffered the same outcome that you would have in the near future. She was the same age as you but had been fighting for much longer. 

An incurable brain tumor racked up the majority of her life and put a number on her truly memorable memories. She had been diagnosed since childhood, making it difficult for her to actually live a truly meaningful life. She had never been to Disneyland or been to a real school or even left the country so you would describe your memories in place of her missing ones. 


True love was something that she was the most interested in. You told her countless amounts of stories of Luke and you. Some made her laugh, but most resulted in her beautiful green eyes getting glossy. She would say things like “I know I never felt real love for another person before but what you and Luke had was something special. Please call him, tell him the truth, do it for me.” But you could never fully give yourself enough strength to do it until the last day she was on this earth. 

You knew it was going to happen, even she did. She was so selfless regardless of the undeserving things she had to go through her entire life. Some of her last words to you were “If I die today, promise me you’ll call him. Life is such a precious thing. Don’t let him hear the news of you being sick over someone else, let him hear it from you. Give him a chance to see you in what time you have left.”

 She was a beautiful girl who deserved nothing but happiness and yet she got this. Her soul did not desire to die, but at the same time she understood that she couldn’t live, so she let death engulf her at the end. She let it happen because she was so tired of fighting, but she knew that you weren’t. 

It had already been a month since her passing and you still hadn’t fulfilled her wishes for you. The days were getting shorter for you. Breathing was getting harder. You were weak and everyone knew it. 

 And then it happened. 

A few hours before it happened, you could feel it coming. You could feel yourself letting go from reality with each passing moment, but you found yourself forcing your body to stay for some reason. 

The phone you clutched against your chest still held his number. Still held the memories of you two through pictures and videos. Not one single message was deleted from your conversations with him. Not one voicemail erased from him.

Your small fingers were nimble and trembling by now and the only words you could manage to type before losing yourself were plain and simple. 

 I need you.




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I call him my nugget of hope, because without him im not too sure I would be alive. Not because he himself pulled me through the pits of hell, but because I needed someone to look up to. I needed someone to say: hey kid, if I can do this, so can you.

"There’s no difference between me and you. I just fucking went for it, and you can too." - Patty to me last night. pattywalters

First of all im sorry about consistently giving myself French fry fingers

I sold my soul to the devil in exchange for my comic’s success/world domination/fucking intense metal telekinesis powers that I can murder my enemies with like from Carrie/immortality and I know my body language says I probably kind of regret doing this but I assure you that is just natural muscle tenseness from unimaginable pain I do not regret this decision at all I would do it again in a heartbeat

Anyway so I summon satan and im like “give me the thing” and hes like “ok” and im thinking he just wants my soul but he doesn’t want my soul because apparently my soul is worthless fucking garbage. anyway so he says maybe he can just make my body a portal to hell bc he needs another one for like occasional meetings he has on earth with the CEO of Walmart. And im like sure whatever and hes like its gonna hurt like hell every time it happens and like demons are going to arise from my flesh and hes not going to warn me before it happens so I could be like at the grocery store and all of a sudden I start shitting demons out my skull and that its just going to be so horrible I will literally Beg For Death and he will never grant it and im like that’s METAL AS FUCK and he’s like I KNOW RIGHT and we just kinda start air guitaring together

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"Oh, Bull. How did it go with Dorian?"

"It was a mess." He groaned, "That man is very difficult to please. I’m sure he misses his tens of slaves to listen to his every damn bidding. Because I sure as hell don’t need his shit."

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Yes but the problem is that it was a "dickish" move because he knows why no one has talked to him yet. He basically said in one interview. Because there is no deal for the leads yet. He's not the priority and I'm sure that sucks for him. But riling up an already upset fanbase with that tweet was silly. I was fine with his interviews I just thought the tweet was a little inflammatory.

Well, look, part of this fanbase needs to calm the hell down. I don’t put that on Seamus, Nathan, Stana or anyone else. Every tweet (even some not related to the show itself) is sending people into a frenzy and that’s something that the cast has no control over. They aren’t gonna come out and say ‘hey guys I know I’m tweeting stuff that’s getting you upset but there’s nothing to worry about’ because they can’t guarantee that. He said it MIGHT be the last one, and might doesn’t equal a definitive no towards no more Kevin Ryan centric episodes. But, of course, people had a meltdown because that’s what people do around here: be if from lack of reading comprehension, anxiety or whatever else. 

So sorry, Anon. We’ll just have to agree to disagree, cause I don’t see what’s so dickish about a tweet that reiterates his interview comments and tells the truth of the situation. 

Chap 7. The hunt

(alternate title: Flower you need to learn to title things ya dope)

Faux watched the map in front of him carefully, maybe a little bit too much so, because he’d nudge people out of the way with a cold glare. THEY were the ones who needed to move, as far as he was concerned. 

“Okay, the dots end up…. inside the building.” he looked up, the gates surrounding it high and locked tight.

“oh, this is gonna be fun… how the hell do we get in?” 

“well.”Glitch looked at X, then back at Faux. “How high can you guys float?”

Faux gave him a puzzled look. “… i think thats why they made the fence so high, im pretty sure no ones gonna go floating over that.”

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could I have some BAMF!Derek, please? (bc srsly is there a fic in this fandom where derek isn't a failwolf and and everyone isn't pushing him around?)

Hey Anon! So we have a hodgepodge of fics for you, because the Ao3 tag is very sad-looking. But also check out our Spies/Secret Agents Tag, Protective!Derek Tag, Bodyguard!Derek Tag, and Deputy!Derek Tag for similar fics!

Edge of the Moon by thepsychicclam

(21,391 I Explicit I Complete I Hunter!Derek (sort of) )

Derek doesn’t need a partner. He’d had a partner, and now she was dead. He sure as hell didn’t need this spastic, babbling kid as his partner - no matter who thought he was a genius or who his father was. But the SEA required all their agents to have partners, and Director Argent was insisting Derek work with Stiles.
With dead pools surfacing with agent names on them - including Derek’s own Pack - he has to ignore his hatred for his new partner and focus on taking down the Benefactor. If he doesn’t kill Stiles first.

i turn my camera on by bluelinkedbones

(25,331 I Not Rated (Angsty Says: Teen?) I Complete I Bodyguard!Derek)

Almost before the bullet punches through the double-plated glass living room window, shattering it spectacularly, Derek has Stiles under him on the floor, shouting, “Everyone getdown!”
Face-planted on the waxed wood paneling, Derek’s arm tensed against his chest, Stiles says, “That was fucking loud.” He peers up at the two hundred pounds of muscle and hypothetical two pounds of fat holding him down and tries not to panic. “That wasn’t a prop gun, was it. Oh my god, someone’s trying to kill me again.”
Derek goes, if possible, even tenser around him. “It was one bullet,” he tries.
Derek is terrible at reassurances.
“Jessica never tried to kill you,” Lydia corrects from her crouch behind Stiles’ giant leather couch. “She wanted you to be her boyfriend.”
Lydia is also terrible at reassurances.

What You Can’t See by darkmagess

(54,420 I Teen I Complete I Warning: Torture, PTSD, Panic Attacks)

A new threat comes to Beacon Hills, putting all its supernatural inhabitants in danger. A true alpha and banshee are rare and valuable quarry, but Stiles and Derek are the easiest targets.

Specialized Technical Intelligence and Logistics for Earth and Space (S.T.I.L.E.S.) by Yiichi

(73,418 I Not Rated (Angsty Says: Mature) I Complete I Soldier!Derek)

“What the hell kind of a name is Stiles?” he asked.
“You know, a series of sounds spoken in a particular sequence that represent my identity, primarily, referring to me?“ the AI – Stiles – answered cheekily, crossing his own arms in front of his chest, mirroring Derek’s position.
“Ooh, this one’s feisty,” Peter smirked.

Shadows that follow you by RivanWarrioress

(91,384 I Mature I Complete I Warning: Torture I Arrow Crossover)

Sick of Stiles’ lying about what he’s been upto, and worried about him in the aftermath of being attacked after the lacrosse championship, Sheriff Stilinski sends Stiles go and spend the summer with his sister Felicity in Starling City. Oliver and Diggle are very curious about Felicity’s baby brother, and want to help him….but then Stiles’ past in Beacon Hills folows him to Starling City.

Fangs and Hearts by GreenasCole

(98,028 I Teen I Complete I Alpha/Beta/Omega)

Everyone in Beacon Hills knew the Hales. They were rich, beautiful, and more or less ran the town despite being weirdly aloof. Stiles never would have imagined that agreeing to pick up Scott after work one night would end with the both of them being drawn inexorably into the enigmatic family’s secret supernatural world. But when the tragedy Stiles has dreaded his entire life threatens to destroy him completely, it falls to the Hales to help him through it, in particular a reluctant Derek.
But Stiles’ drive to protect what little he has left may yet lead him down a dark path he can’t return from unless Scott and Derek find a way to convince him to remain the caring, selfless, spastic mess they can’t live without.

Anything for the pack Series by Mishteeshim

(total of 123,746 I General I WIP)

Everyone in Beacon Hills more inhuman than human knew about the new Hale Pack. If you were tired, they offered respite. If you were hunted, they offered shelter. If you were being followed, they hid your scent.
In Beacon Hills you were under the protection of the Pack, if you followed their rules.

Enemy Lines by qhuinn (aka tekla)

(149,179 I Explicit I Complete I Warning: Torture, PTSD)

This is the story of werewolf Derek Hale and human Stiles Stilinski: two people who grew up in the same town but completely different worlds, their realities split by the war between men and wolves.
Years later when Derek returns to Beacon Hills, he does it as Alpha of a military pack on a mission to capture those responsible for the region’s resistance. With his main objective, Sheriff Stilinski, out of sight, he settles for the next best thing: his son, Stiles.
Neither of them suspects they’ll need to trust each other if they want to make it out this alive.

Hope that helps!


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Since when does rehab only take a few days? Full detox takes at least 10. I mean if he's drug addicted and goes through withdrawl who is going to clean up his shit and puke? If he was full on addicted he'd miss more than 3 shows.

yeah not sure if you’ve actually been reading my posts because I’ve explicitly said that one of the reasons why I’m not at all persuaded by the rehab theories is BECAUSE one week isn’t even close to enough of rehab to be of value.

Plus, it’s pretty unlikely that someone in dire need of rehab RIGHT THIS SECOND is walking around looking as healthy and happy and generally fine as hell as Zayn has looked lately.

you don’t understand how protective i feel over iris west. 


i love barry allen. i think he’s inherently a good guy, even if he’s a dork and an emotional mess. he endears himself to me. and i love joe west. i think he is kind, fair, and i think he has a big heart. 

but i want to SMACK BOTH OF THEM UPSIDE THEIR HEADS for the crap they’re pulling with iris. i want to sit them down and ask them what the hell is wrong with them. i want to get messy and all up in their personal business and set them straight, because my bullshit meter re: them lying to iris has moved from “well meaning if annoyingly patronizing” to “cruel, thoughtless, and shameful.” 

and iris is a strong character. she doesn’t need someone to fight her battles. i’m sure (hopefully!) when she finds out what’s happening she’ll - as has been hinted by candice patton - make sure both barry and joe understand why their decisions were stupid and duplicitous.

because every time they don’t tell her about the flash only to turn around and emotionally project onto her a dynamic that has come about because barry is the flash, it’s unfair. it’s a betrayal of the trust built between them, of their relationship, and of her inherent empathy and kindness in their interactions. 

and i hope the show understands that. i hope they allow iris to show some internality. to have an honest reaction. to get angry, to be hurt, and to do so without being shamed for it. i hope when the time comes, they don’t smooth over the storyline or paint iris as being unreasonable for acting like a human being. 

(and i specifically say “i hope the show” because parts of this fandom have NEVER allow iris to have understandable human emotions and reactions to confusing things that happen to her, and they never will. but those parts of fandom are pathetic and not worth my time. so i really don’t care what they think about iris. )

Sometimes I like to think that the reason it takes the Meta so long to get more fragments is because Sigma is HELL BENT on grabbing Beta and Omega first. Because he needs them to help him and the twins figure out how to effectively grab Theta despite the shield. And how to find Gamma, since he’s so hard to find.

Imagine the Meta’s glee when he finds all three of them together. Sure, he comes in to Gamma anchored to the Pelican and Tex and Omega having a war jumping between bodies, but FINALLY.

His prizes.

hey friends i just wanted to say if you’re worried about mark having to stay overnight in the hospital, i have a thing i want to tell you.

multiple times now ive had my grandma have to stay overnight at hospitals so i know what its all about. i saw a post before that said a lot of the time, thats just a precautionary measure and it really is. ive learned from experience that most of the time when you have to stay overnight, it’s because the doctors want to make sure youre resting and not overexerting yourself. its mainly like a watch period so doctors can assess whether or not youre ready to leave yet or if there needs to be more done. since he was there for a while before updating us, they’ve most likely already figured out what’s wrong and have probably already treated it.

i know you guys are worried and hell i’m worried too but theres a very good chance that hes just fine. i mean, granted, we dont know exactly whats wrong but… positive thoughts bring positive outcomes. dont worry too much. in fact, hes probably worried that were all so worried so lets try not to stress him out.

sorry this post was so long and if it doesnt make sense its really late at night and i am so tired.