because he sets fire to the rain

hands —  s.h.

wc: 1.5k

summary: having a hand to hold might be the best thing on the planet

a/n: i’m a sucker for hand holding + the best friends to lovers trope so here’s this

It’s winter when he first holds your hand. There’s a bitter wind outside and it lifts your hair in spirals and nips at your nose. White sparkles of snow are falling around you, collecting on your eyelashes and melting when you blink. Your hands are deep in your coat pockets as you walk next to your best friend, cursing yourself for not bringing along gloves. Sam hadn’t either from what you could tell, but then again he didn’t really need them. His hands were always warm in comparison to yours.

A shiver runs down your spine as the wind picks up, carrying snowflakes with it. Your lips part slightly and your breath comes out in misty white puffs. The corner cafe just down the street seems miles away in this weather, and you do your best to bring your coat further up your neck to conceal it from the cold.

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neighbor! Minghao

admin seri: well jess wrote the first put off this about a month? after we started the blog, it’s crazy to see how far we’ve come :’) . here’s me finishing this as we open requests :) hope you enjoy!! (p.s. i think i have a thing for convenience stores, my bad hehe)

  • somehow I see a display of nunchucks and a katana his fireplace mantle?
  • for scientific reasons only cough
  • somehow it fits into the aesthetics of his house though?
  • the coat closet houses skateboards and hats, “what else is that closet for?”
  • has a surprising collection of wine glasses and red a variety of red wines
  • cabinets have a dark earthy brown color, kind of a vintage countertop, but modern look overall
  • renovated either a room or the whole basement into a dance studio
  • goes skateboarding early in the morning
  • invites people over for lunch often
  • isn’t really a neighborhood watch kind of guy or welcoming committee person
  • but your doorbell rings and you open the door and there’s a bouquet of flowers and the sound of a skateboard fleeing the scene
  • has enough pillows on the couch to drown a man
  • the one with an intricate stone pathway in their backyard with lots of vines and interesting plants and a bench so he can sit on it and enjoy the beautiful green canopy of his private rain forest
  • parkours over all the garbage cans on garbage day and never knocks even a single one over
  • hosts video game nights, like just dance so y'all can dab at the wrong parts, and overwatch, or LOL
  • the one crazy enough to buy tiki torches because Jun dared him and nearly set Jeonghan’s cat on fire smh
  • plays jazz in his house, you can hear the sax solo every Tuesday night
  • goes “camping” in his driveway with Mingyu, Seokmin, and other 97 liners
  • pranks by the 97 line
  • ding dong ditches your house only to run by a few minutes later, excessively dabbing
  • except Seungcheol scolds them
  • so they apologize to everyone and bakes everyone cake instead
  • teaches the kids how to dance/ bboy and how to skate
  • imagine that cute grin on his face while doing so
  • leads adventures to defeat the Jun dragon for all the gold hidden (chocolate coins)
  • wears sunglasses indoors
  • “Minghao it’s 8pm, can you even see out of those?”
  • “nope”
  • broken cat doors and fences are magically fixed overnight with a little note saying, “97 line was here, your payment will be one dab”
  • flips water bottles onto the roof until they get stuck
  • and needs to borrow a ladder to retrieve them
  • but not Seungcheol’s oh no
  • “should we ask Seungcheol hyung…”
  • Minghao stares while Mingyu excessively shakes his head
  • yeah they don’t want to go through that time again
  • now if someone where to peek outside their door,
  • they’d see three adults wearing all black creeping down the hallway as if they were in a spy movie
  • until they reach Minghao’s place where the original plan was to play games until the morning and figure it out then
  • but then they see “suspicious” boxes stacked outside Minghao’s door
  • except now it wasn’t just out his door
  • because right across from him the used to be empty place’s door was being held open by those boxes
  • but they also saw a ladder being slower pushed into the doorway
  • “HEY MINGHAO! your new neighbor has one!!! go ask them!”
  • getting prodded forward, he gets a look at you
  • who was lifting one side of the ladder struggling
  • bending down, he picks it up
  • and you knew you didn’t just get super human strength so you glance up
  • flipping his hair naturally, Minghao puts on an embarrassed smile
  • “Hey I️ live across from you, welcome to the area!”
  • “Thank you!” you say brightly, then nod towards his hands hold the ladder,
  • “and thank you”
  • “it’s no problem” putting on that embarrassed smile again, he chuckles nervously
  • “actually, me and my friends would like to use it right now?”
  • “Oh!” your eyes widen in surprise
  • you laugh slightly, smiling
  • “go ahead”
  • “thanks!”
  • and with barely any effort at all, he takes the ladder by himself,
  • flashing you a small smile before maneuvering his way out your doorway and down the hall
  • you feel a little weak at the knees
  • and while you excuse it to the amount of lifting you’ve done
  • you know a small portion is because of your neighbors most adorable smile
  • and then there’s Minghao,
  • letting out a little giggle to himself
  • because damn his neighbor is cute
  • “what’s that smile for???” Mingyu raises an eyebrow at his different face
  • “what? nothing” Minghao shrugs casually
  • squinting at his face, Seokmin claps
  • “Ah! Were they a she? a pretty she?”
  • the both wiggle their eyebrows at Minghao
  • “Aye why do looks matter?”
  • walking past them carrying the ladder,
  • almost hitting them, not on purpose at all
  • he avoids the question well
  • so it somehow became who could chug the most
  • *but she was cute’ he thinks, smiling softly to himself
  • they manage to take hours getting the many many water bottles of the roof
  • “what a waste of water” Seokmin sighs, balancing a bottle on his arm
  • this is where you see three crazy guys on the roof fighting for water bottles
  • “well your gonna have to run for it” 
  • ever seen grown men running carefully and dramatically 
  • its hilarious 
  • what should’ve taken 10 minutes turned into a whole two hours 
  • already night time and sneaking down from the roof
  • and crowded inside Minghao’s place playing FIFA
  • “what are you gonna do about the ladder over there” Mingyu calls from the kitchen making snacks of course
  • “i’ll bring it over tomorrow morning” 
  • “you should bring her food too! as a welcome!!” Seokmin nudges Minghao wiggling his brows
  • making him shove back, trying to concentrate on the game
  • “YES! i’ll start making food!!” Mingyu claps excitedly
  • ‘oh lord, this is going to be a mess’ 
  • and that’s how he ends up at your door, a basket of food in his hands stacked almost up to his chin
  • you swing open the door, your breakfast sandwich in hand, still in your PJ’s, hair up into a bun 
  • “AH” you yelp, swinging the door close on reflex
  • and then opening it again cringing at the way you look
  • Minghao glances at the corner of your lips,
  • where a bread crumb lays
  • “your neighbor, remember me?” 
  • “yes the c-” you smile pausing, still flustered, “the guy borrowing the ladder” 
  • “i see you have it” you laugh slightly motioning to the ladder behind him
  • “and with a welcome gift” 
  • and grabbing the basket from him, you walk inside, letting him set the ladder down in your living room
  • “i would invite you to stay but…” 
  • he nods, “you just moved in, your busy i get it” 
  • Minghao smiles backtracking out the door
  • “i’m right across from you if you need anything” 
  • closing your door, you lean back against the wall, 
  • “oh my god i’m a mess” you whisper to yourself 
  • and smirking, opening the door just down the hall from yours, 
  • he shakes his head at himself
  • ‘nevermind, i’m a mess,’ 
  • taking a breathe, and grabbing his skateboard, he laughs
  • “well, she’s adorable” 
  • you, are well, going about your moving in process, 
  • occasionally letting the cute neighbor run though your mind
  • who, oh my god, you guys don’t even know each other’s names
  • taking a break from your many boxes, your run to the nearest convenience store to find dinner 
  • only to find it particularly crowded in the ramyeon section 
  • your eyes wonder to your neighbor, surprisingly
  • and your reaction is to blast your way outta there
  • until you guys make eye contact
  • making Minghao not very subtly leaving his group
  • “finding dinner?” he asks, tucking his hand into his pockets 
  • “just getting some necessities, like instant noodles” 
  • he chuckles, agreeing
  • sticking out your hand, “i realized we never introduced ourselves, it’s y/n” 
  • he shakes your hand, “Minghao” 
  • “well we’re kind of past the introducing stage aren’t we” he jokes
  • referring to your appearance this morning, or the ladder, or both 
  • either way, your cheeks heat up 
  • it feels sudden to you, but he hands you his phone
  • “let’s exchange numbers, i can help you with your boxes,” he smirks, “or show you around” 
  • “oh?” you, catch on to what he might be insinuating 
  • though your heartbeat makes you want to tell yourself not to read into it
  • “did you ask her out ye-” Seokmin comes out of no where swinging his arm around Minghao 
  • who elbows him into his stomach a little too late
  • nevermind, your definitely reading into it
  • smiling meaningfully at him,
  • “i’ll stop bothering you guys then”  you say spinning around
  • “you-” 
  • “call me!” you say without turning 
  • Minghao nods, smiling
  • “how does it feel to be cut off huh” Seokmin huffs, grinning
  • “how can you smile like that as if we aren’t here huh” Mingyu teases 
  • “quit” Minghao glares jokingly 
  • not stopping the rest of the guys from getting on his case though, 
  • “so when are we gonna hear the story of how they met” Seungcheol smirks 
  • “uhhh” 
  • the three of them say in sync
  • “gotta blast” 
  • the three of them take their food as Minghao skates away with the other three running behind him 
  • you happen to catch a glance at the three whiling checking out 
  • and laugh, covering your mouth, eyes following them out
  • ‘that’ll be a good conversation for next time’ 

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admin jess & seri

Imagine Pennywise coloring with you.

*You were a bit shy to admit that you still bought coloring books or printed some of the internet.

*It was a very relaxing moment of the day or weekend.

*You played soft music, or even environmental music such as rain or a train deck.

*You seated on your little table in your living room “alone”

*Sheets of paper scattered across the table and some on the sofa behind you.

*A pencil case full of colorful pencils and markers, even some of them had glitter.

*“Watcha’ doing little human?* Slender arms hugged your figure, a hot breath on your neck.

*"I-I nothing Penny…” You stumble over your words, shy, trying to cover the inked white paper.

*But actually he was genuinely interested in your free-time hobby.

*With a dark blush covering your cheeks, you explained to him what you liked to do.

*“Coloring books and sheets? What’s that?”

*But he catches it reallt fast. And he wants to try it.

*He is like a little kid, painting the image of thousands of colors and out of the line.

*You giggle as he gets even more frustrated.

*“And with this nosense you can relax?! Humans are so complicated.”

*You show him how is it done, after all you are the boss here.

*He is fascinated of how gentle you do it, he embrace your waist, his head clings on your shoulder, your body covered with his.

*“You do it pretty well human.”

*You blush furiously.

*You bought him some coloring books for beginners to help him get started.

*And he starts to enjoy it.

*“Each drawing colored without going out of the lines earn you a kiss.”

*That’s a very good reward for our big boi.

*Calm evenings with just a fire, tea/coffee, and rain outside. Both of you coloring.

*You come home form work and found on your table a big set of colors.

*It costs a fortune because you had your eye on it for a while.

*Butttt you don’t want to know how he obtained it.

*You give him a big hug and a kiss when he appears that evening.

*His grin and blue shining eyes makes you very happy.

*In the end he finds the fancy on it and it helps him relax so much as being by your side.


*You give him a modest set of colors and some sheets for him to bring to the sewers when he can’t be with you.

*Oh and both of you surprisingly discover his praise kink. Dammit.

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kash and keyleth are the type of people to meet each other because of something the other person fucked up somehow

like keyleth fell asleep after she lit a candle which caught her curtains on fire and set off the fire alarm and so everyone in the complex has to step outside but oh wait its raining and everyone’s giving her the stink eye but no one more than the dude who’s in nothing but a towel with shampoo in his hair and a toothbrush in his mouth

or kash ends up badmouthing some guy at a house party everyone’s at by telling him to get his foot off of his ‘cause he keeps stomping on it every time he passes by and even though all kash wants to do is tell the guy to quit it it comes off as “if you step on my foot one more time i swear you’re going through that open window” which prompts a whole bunch of drunken people to start fighting until the cops show up and somehow in the chaos of it all keyleth got arrested too because when does she Not and theyre sitting in the holding cell together waiting for their friends to pick them up and kash has a busted lip and his ears are ringing and keyleth is perfectly spotless but her knuckles are bloodied to hell and back and kash is terrified

I can’t believe this is an Unpopular Opinion™ but I was honestly so annoyed when Ginny tells Hermione, ‘Don’t start acting as though you understand Quidditch, you’ll only embarrass yourself.’ Literally the very first thing Hermione did back when the trio first became friends was lend Harry a copy of Quidditch Through The Ages. She then proceeded to set Snape on fire because because she thought he cursed Harry’s Nimbus 2000. For Harry’s thirteenth birthday, she gets him a broom servicing kit. In the match against Hufflepuff in the thick rain, Hermione appears out of nowhere and charms Harry’s glasses to repel water. When she made Ron’s timetable, she gave him evenings off every week for Quidditch practice and encouraged him every time he felt low. That very year she confunded Mclaggen during try-outs because he was talking shit about Ron and Ginny. So yeah Hermione Jean Granger understands Quidditch pretty damn well and that was unnecessarily petty.

Bucky/Wanda, ‘Set Fire to the Rain’

for @sleepygrimm

Set Fire to the Rain - Adele

Wanda stood in the shower, turning the water temperature up to the point where her tears felt cold as they slid down her cheeks.  She covered her mouth to muffle her sobs.  

She couldn’t ever let Bucky know what was happening.  

That the reason he wasn’t getting his dreams anymore was because she was.  She’d do anything to keep them from him.  And she’d reasoned she already had terrible dreams anyway.  

But none quite like this one.  

So I’m a receptionist at government-subsidized long term residential care centers (I basically sold my soul for a unionized summer job that gives me retirement benefits) and honestly it’s the worst? Like alright I get paid pretty well (perks of living in Canada too, tbh) but it’s Exhausting™ because I’m the Designated Fix Everyone Else’s Shit Person.

The first step for 99% of non-medical problems (and about 32% of medical ones) is “Tell the receptionist to deal with it”. Like alright I’ll do your paperwork on top of mine and deal with random office tasks but please don’t just tell me you’re missing a resident and hang up on me??? I have 3 other lines ringing and I’m now freaking out?? The nurses upstairs have the next-of-kin emergency contacts much more readily available than me (mine usually don’t get updated from when residents first get admitted so I sometimes have no working numbers), and honestly I’m not trained or prepared to call people and tell them we just lost Granddad on a random Tuesday afternoon because he snuck into the elevator with random visitors.

I’ve had a lady set fire to the outside flower pot because she didn’t want to go smoke in the rain so she just stubbed out her cigarettes in the flowers. People would just complain that it smelled like burned stuff and I saw smoke coming out of the earth. Had to go to the kitchen and fill up a pot with water to put it out. (I can guarantee you that amateur firewoman was not part of the tasks I was hired to do.)

And every so often I have old people come up to me and tell me they can’t wait to die. I’m 20 and have no idea what to tell them. Just… Why would you tell me that?? Other than watching me freak out and put on the fakest Customer Service Smile™ I can manage it’s not going to do anything.
The worst is probably the people tho like if it isn’t the 70-year-old upstairs asking me if I have children right after commenting on my body it’s the balding 35-year-old that flirts with me and finds me on facebook (I never told him my name so he must’ve checked the employee list for that day which is Creepy). I love 98% of the people I interact with because they’re sweethearts who actually appreciate me (otherwise I wouldn’t have lasted 3 years) but it’s that 2% that really ruins everything and that’s why I can’t have nice things.

TLDR: Please smile at your local summer receptionist. We try very hard.

Death of the Petals

Wincest Writing Challenge: October | @doctor–idiot vs. @rakshasadean
Prompt: Death of the Petals
Rating: Teen | Wordcount: 1195 | AO3
Warnings: None

I took some inspiration from this picture (NSFW).

Dean has always thought that fall held some sort of magic. It might have to do with the colors, the chilly air that he can just barely see his breath in. Nature is going to sleep around him, flowers losing their petals, trees shedding their gowns of leaves.

It’s not even his favorite season, he’s a spring guy all the way, loves watching the rebirth of nature while waiting for the temperatures to rise above freezing. But there’s simply something fascinating about fall.

He doesn’t particularly like Halloween and their family never bought into the tradition of Thanksgiving, but it’s not about that. It’s about the strong light of the sinking sun late in the afternoon, painting the ground in a reddish brown and the withering flowers in a strange hue of purple. It’s about the storms that come. It’s about those late, lazy mornings and about bonfires.

He knows people all over go crazy over their pumpkin-whatever-lattes once October rolls around and Halloween and Christmas decorations live side by side in the stores, and to be honest, all of that still confuses him. Overwhelms him.

But he likes the quiet. Streets that are empty due to the cold and clammy weather. It’s a pain sometimes, to have the sun right in his eyes while he drives because it sets so early now, but once it’s gone and the world looks just that tiny bit more deserted in the dim light, he likes to roll down the window and breathe the air that smells like wet leaves.

Fall always holds a promise. Of short days and long nights, of cozy afternoons spent in front of the fire – and Dean really misses Rufus’s cabin, misses that fireplace smack in the middle of it. He could do without the mud and the rain for the most part but that’s all part of the experience.

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anonymous asked:

can i get some pre-fall jack morrison w/ an s/o who is afraid of thunderstorms ??? (what im not afraid of them as well whAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT)

~It’s okay to be afraid of things whether it’s thunderstorms or something else. Fear is a natural part of life and so is overcoming it. (In your own time, of course) It wasn’t specified so I wrote this as a drabble. I hope that’s okay!

Jack needed more coffee. He’d almost finished the pile of paperwork on his desk that had kept him there all day. With every paper finished, freedom came a little closer. There were just a few more left. He could do it. 

The door opened with a creak and Gabriel stepped in with another stack of papers. The smirk on his face made Jack want to punch him. 

He groaned looking it over. The crisp white pages mocked him. “Why do you only come in here when you have paperwork for me?”

Gabriel smirked slamming the pile down on Jack’s desk. “Because otherwise you’d think I come in here because I like you,” He patted the top. “Jesse set a fire in the cafeteria.” 

“I’m going to kill that boy,” Jack mumbled as he scanned the first page. “If i’d known 90% of this job would be paperwork, I would have let you have it.”

Gabriel smirked. “Coulda, woulda, shoulda, but didn’t, comandante,” he sat on the edge of Jack’s desk. 

Jack glared at him. 

Gabriel looked over one of the top papers. “Don’t worry about him. I’ve got him doing laps on the track. I was watching him a minute ago. He nearly slipped in the rain.” 

“Rain?” Jack looked out his window. The sky had been temperamental all day and it was now having a full blown tantrum. Heavy grey clouds blotted out the sun and filled everything with a grey rainy tint. 

“I thought the thunderstorm was supposed to happen tomorrow,” Jack said dropping the papers and pulling out his phone. 12 missed calls. He dialed your number.

“Jack?” your shaky voice came from the other end. 

“It’s okay. I’m here. My phone was on vibrate. I’m sorry.” Jack said. He could hear you relax a bit. A thunderclap came from outside and you screamed over the receiver. Jack gripped the phone a bit harder. “Just breathe for me.” he said. 

He could hear your frantic movements. You weren’t listening. 

“Y/N?” Jack said. He could hear your soft crying. 

Gabriel knocked against the counter to get Jack’s attention. “Go get them. I’ll finish this up,” he shooed Jack from the room. 

“Thanks, Gabe.” Jack said already halfway out the door.

Gabriel fell into Jack’s seat dramatically and kicked up his feet onto his desk. “All I do is give and give,” he said picking up the first paper.

Jack rolled his eyes as he closed the door behind him. Walking down the hall quickly, he made into out of the administration building and toward his home. Rain coated his jacket but he barely felt it. He listened to your soft breathing on the other side of the phone. Another thunderclap came and you screamed louder. Jack moved faster. 

Stepping into the house, he found a broken mug on the tiles in the kitchen. You were nowhere to be seen. He called your name throughout the house and looked from room to room. 

Pausing at the crawl space right by the master bedroom, he looked inside. “Y/N?” 

He found you curled in the corner, your hands clenched around your ears and eyes wide with terror. 

Moving quickly, he crawled back out and raced around the house. He came back with a pair of headphones, your favorite movie, and a portable DVD player. As he sat beside you, you latched onto him, burying your face into his work shirt. 

He plugged the headphones in to the DVD player and put them into your ears. The movie started and slowly you relaxed. 

A thunderclap came from outside but you didn’t flinch. The movie was loud enough in your ears for him to hear. The thunder wouldn’t bother you now. He pulled you into his laps as you turned the subtitles on for him to read. 

Running his hand up your back, he held you against his chest. Right now, over the headphones and the roar of the storm outside, you couldn’t hear his heartbeat but you could feel it. It was a comfort. 

24 Sheith fics

Season 2 turned me from a casual Voltron fan into a complete Sheith disaster. The first two steps after that were:

1. Start a Shiro appreciation blog (and spend hours upon hours digging through and queueing up the gorgeous fanart)
2. Work through the AO3 tag and compile a list to rec to others who’re new or who need some extra motivation to fall into this fandom

Here’s the first batch of Sheith fics I’ve enjoyed thus far (it’s a long list, so make sure to view under the read more). Another set hopefully coming soon, as I have the time to continue reading.

Stargazer | Miaou Jones ( @miaoujones ) | 1,020 | Teen | 2016-09-05

Shiro is gazing out into the universe when Keith turns to him, and Keith can’t tell whether Shiro is looking at the stars or the space between them, but he’d bet Shiro has always been a stargazer and always will be.

easy now, with my heart@amillionsmiles | 1,137 | Gen | 2016-06-20

And for a fraction of a—second, tick, whatever it is up here in space—Shiro closes his eyes. His hand circles around Keith’s wrist lightly and then he squeezes, and, for the first time, Keith lets himself hope.

Moment Of | unalignedant ( @likeawarmdrink ) | 1,237 | Teen | 2016-06-29

It isn’t that Shiro is ashamed of his mechanical arm, exactly.

An Open Doorway | Miaou Jones | 1,344 | Gen | 2016-07-15

Keith is going to see Shiro now because he wants to, and not because anyone would call him a coward if they knew anything about it and knew Keith hadn’t done it yet. And also not because Keith wouldn’t be able to disagree if he were called a coward… No, Keith is definitely going to talk to Shiro because that’s always been the plan when Shiro came back.

in this desert land i know some rain must fall | amillionsmiles | 1,777 | Gen | 2016-09-09

Some people, like rain, are worth waiting for.
// or: Keith leaves, and Keith returns.

til you set fire to my atmosphere | amillionsmiles | 2,062 | Teen | 2016-06-22

And it’s like the first punch Keith ever landed on him: quick and glancing, right at the ribs, out of left field and yet simultaneously a long time coming.

The Body Burns Away | Carrionflower | 2,534 | Gen | 2016-07-04

His arm was gone, replaced by inorganic machinery that clicked and whirred, but the physical memory of its loss remained burned into his nervous system. It translated as a haunting pain that spiked and ebbed but never fully receded, always constant like a needle digging into his brain.

Shiro’s coming apart at the seams and Keith is the only one that can see it happening.

this corner of the universe | amillionsmiles | 2,656 | Teen | 2016-06-29 to 2016-06-30

“PDA in uniform can result in a demerit of fifty to a hundred points,” Shiro murmurs.

“Good thing we’re not in public, then,” Keith mutters hoarsely.

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Quite the Double Act- (Years 1-4)
  • , James and Sirius meeting on the Hogwarts Express and becoming friends faster than lightning. ( Small Beginnings ) 
  • James standing in shock as Sirius is sorted into Gryffindor, then giving the loudest cheer possible over the boos and whispers that echoed through the hall.
  • Sirius feeling so pleased when James comes to sit next to him after he is sorted, grinning happily at him and James punches his shoulder in congratulations.
  • James and Sirius bouncing on James’ bed the morning of their first lessons out of sheer excitement.
  • James and Sirius wrestling and playing fighting on the grounds at breaks laughing as they tackle each other in the lake on a hot day. 
  • James and Sirius sneaking books out of the Library to learn a good spell to get back at Sirius’ cousins for jinxing them in the corridor.
  • James and Sirius discovering that playing jokes and hexing people is quite possibly the funnest thing that two young boys could be doing.
  • James and Sirius practising all their new spells on first years as they go from lesson to lesson, deciding that the one that makes bubbles come out of your ears for hours on end is easily the best.
  • James rounding up Remus and Peter so they can all go to find Sirius after Sirius’ first Christmas and holiday back at home. James sitting up with Sirius all night as he miserably transfigures the Slytherin pin his parents gave him into a Gryffindor one back and forth.
  • Sirius feeling so loved by all his friends, especially the messy haired one that won’t leave his side until he is okay, but so lonely inside.
  • James and Sirius infuriating Lily Evans by shouting out answers in lessons and making a dramatic scene of not paying any attention. That is until she hexes one of them for flicking wet paper at the back of her head.
  • James and Sirius spending hours talking about James’ favourite Quidditch teams and Sirius’ favourite bands.
  • James and Sirius being in detention together more times than they can count.
  • James wanting Sirius to spend the summer at his house.
  • Sirius wanting nothing more, but knowing he can’t.
  • James and Sirius giving each other a crushing hug as they met on platform 9 ¾.
  • James and Sirius talking loudly about everything they would get up to this year on the train, much to Remus’s annoyance ‘Guys shut up we can’t be like last year, we have to behave now.’
  • James and Sirius laughing at Remus. Remus grinning.
  • James feeling a hole appear in his stomach as Regulus is sorted in to Slytherin. James putting his arm around his best friends shoulder and wordlessly consoling him.
  • Sirius feeling his brother slip away before him, feeling like the ground should swallow him whole. Sirius shrugging James off none-the-less. ‘I always knew he would, I always knew he wasn’t like me, really guys, it doesn’t matter.’ James knowing anyway that Sirius is devastated.
  • James and Sirius   having a whole new year of pranks to plan.
  • James and Sirius buying McGonagall cat litter for her birthday.
  • James and Sirius  getting put into detention.
  • James and Sirius charming Mrs Norris so that she barks.
  • James and Sirius getting put in detention.
  • James and Sirius starting food fight in the hall, making the girls toilets flush the wrong way, turning Peeves green for a week, stealing Fang to scare some Ravenclaws with and deciding the leg locking curse was their new favourite corridor joke.
  • James and Sirius starting to feel they are never out of detention.
  • James becoming the Gryffindor seeker and being overjoyed.
  • Sirius sitting front row from now on at every single one of James games, cheering even louder than the rest as his best friend soars.
  • James and Sirius realising something isn’t right with their friend Remus. Peter being the first to suggest that Remus may not really be going home every month.
  • James and Sirius agreeing and the three boys going off to spend the night in their favourite mischief planning corner of the Library to figure it out.
  • James and Sirius being shocked when they realise, but swearing that they would never abandon Remus and that they should all confront him and tell him that the had worked it out.
  • James and Sirius sitting Remus down one night and telling him. Remus staring to cry and Sirius rushing over next to him to hug him. James moving so that he can rub Remus’ shoulder in comfort.
  • James telling Remus that they could never hate him for what he is, that he is their best friend regardless and that they are going to do everything in their power to help him.
  • Sirius telling Remus that everyone in this room loves him no matter what, hugging him tighter and wiping off his tears as Remus calms down.
  • James and Sirius cutting back on their pranks to spend more time in the Library to try and help Remus.
  • James and Sirius finding an old book on Animagi in the restricted section one night under James’ cloak. 
  • James and Sirius starting the process of becoming Animagi, all for Remus.
  • James and Sirius finding it hilarious when they put spiders in the girls dorm. Until Marlene catches them laughing about it in the common room and her and Lily hex all the boys into next week.
  • James again asking Sirius to stay at his for the summer, knowing full well that Sirius relationship with his parents and his brother had deteriorated even further, after spending countless waking up to hear Sirius crying in his sleep, only to push him over and hold him until the nightmare passed.
  • Sirius again not wanting to, but saying know, hoping desperately that maybe this summer, he could try and reconnect with his brother, but promising to meet up with James in Diagon Alley every fortnight instead.
  • James and Sirius barely saying a word to each other on the Platform, because Walburga has a tight hold on her son’s shoulder and refuses to let him even speak to James. Sirius making a show however, of running up to hug Peter, a display that earns him a slap on the back of the head.
  • James and Sirius laughing about it after, though James can see the pain of the summer  has taken it’s toll on Sirius. 
  • James and Sirius spending their first term back wrecking as much havoc in the halls as possible.
  • James and Sirius setting Severus’s robes on fire after he made Peter’s cauldron explode, making it rain in the corridors, making the suits of armour line up and do the can-can one dinner time, setting of dung-bombs in the Divination classroom, and deciding that the bat bogey-hex was their new corridor favourite.
  • James and Sirius spending at least two nights a week in detention.
  • James forcing Sirius to spend Christmas with his family after a particularly nasty letter from Sirius’ parents arrive.
  • Sirius having the best Christmas of his life at the Potters. Sirius realising what a happy family looked like.
  • James and Sirius making real progress on their journey to become Animagi, despite a few slip ups, like the leafs being swallowed three times by someone Peter.
  • James and Sirius still annoying the hell out of Lily Evans, James especially, with his constant teasing and massive, Quidditch fuelled ego, she couldn’t think of anyone more loathsome. Their seeming hatred for her friend Severus also frustrates her no end and her and Sirius have many arguments about it.
  • James and Sirius pulling even more pranks on their fellow students, calling McGonagall ‘Minnie’ just to see her suppress a laugh before giving them detention.
  • James again inviting Sirius to stay for the summer.
  • Sirius saying yes, having come to terms with the fact that his entire family hates him and treats him like an outcast.
  • James and Sirius having their summer together be more fun the could imagine, but it only lasting one week before Walburga and Orion storm in to collect their evasive son. The screaming match between the three could be heard throughout the entire house and it ripped James heart up to hear Sirius scream.
  • James being able to find his best friend on the train that September, until he spots Sirius sat miserably in a carriage with the Slytherins, snarling at their rude remarks and crunching his knuckles and he listens to them joke about dead Muggleborns.
  • Sirius seeing James through the window, feeling his heart skip and umping to his feet knowing full well that the Slytherins have been told to tell his mother is Sirius didn’t stay exactly here he was put.
  • James and Sirius running off together as the older Slytherins chase them down the train until they decide to climb out the window and onto the roof.
  • James and Sirius returning to their carriage with Remus and Peter, windswept and in shock. they would never tell the other two what happened when they tried to escape, and it remains a secret to this day.
  • James and Sirius now having a whole year to prank, hex, jinx, charm their way through, charming teachers and flirting unapologetic ally the whole time.
  • James and Sirius knowing that this year had to be better though, better and bigger, it had to mean more. So on top of all their usual antics, they did many other things.
  • James and Sirius snuck out to spend a night roaming Hogsmeade
  • James and Sirius snuck out to go into muggle London and see one of Sirius’ favourite punky bands perform live for Sirius’ birthday. It was Remus’ idea.
  • James and Sirius’ hormones really began to kick in, and they stared noticing girls more. This was the year they both had their first proper kisses. James had pecked girls before on dares from Sirius and Peter, but this was the first time he had really kissed someone he fancied, it was a pretty Ravenclaw and James wouldn’t stop boasting about it for the next week. Sirius was even worse, he would go around snogging anyone he thought was worth his time, and that was basically everyone. He was effortlessly handsome and puberty had served him well, so he basically went after any boy or girl he liked the look of. He wasn’t as much of a bragger as he was a show-off, dramatically snogging people in the common room or and unlocked cupboard.
  • James and Sirius both sending ‘Mcgoggles’ valentines.
  • James and Sirius still annoying Lily Evans and going after Severus, but now James seems to also be shamelessly going after the redhead, much to Sirius’ amusement as James get either hexed or harshly rejected every times.
  • James and Sirius getting even closer to becoming Animagi, now they just had to wait to a lightening storm, which didn’t look like it was coming anytime soon as it was almost summer again.
  • James and Sirius enjoying their year of reckless behaviour and breezy love lives.
  • James and Sirius setting a new record for detentions in one year.
  • James and Sirius realising they need a way of finding and talking to each other when they aren’t together to prepare for the coming summer.
  • James and Sirius charming two mirrors.
  • James not bothering to ask Sirius to come to stay, Walburga had made it very clear that she wasn’t even going to allow Sirius to come home on the train and he was to leave on the last day of school by carriage with his mother.
  • Sirius wishing no more than ever that he could just stay with James at school all summer, but they have the mirrors now, so maybe it will be bearable.
  • James and Sirius being more than best friends, more than close.
  • James and Sirius being brothers that could never be separated, not by blood, not by space.
  • ‘Quite the double act, Sirius Black and James Potter’

Three sips and I’ll soar, you won’t be able to reach me anymore. I’ll stumble through the night, tripping over my recklessness.

I love the sky. So why would you expect me to come back down? When I’m up here its bliss. It is dreamy and warm. A false sense of safety is what gets me through my nights.

Floating, or stuck in time. I can’t tell the difference. It all tastes like honey. It coats my throat. I have blisters on my tongue because I haven’t taught myself when enough is enough. I am greedy. I always need more.

Ramblings of a nineteen year old girl who can’t picture herself living past 29. I feel smothered by my own self. The truth is I’m in love with this planet - I love the sunset, the mountains. I love the rain storms, the blizzards. The truth sickens me.

I’ll leave one day eventually anyway - this is inevitable. And I’m terrified because all these promises now feel like lies, and all my ambition has buried itself deeper than the oceans floor.

Small things are beautiful to me - butterflies, headlights, freckles. I try to hold on to these things as I set myself on fire.

I’m terrified to live and terrified to die - I curse God. How could he put me in this position?

It all starts on an impulse. You never plan to let it get this far. But it cradles you to sleep, and you are so lonely.

—  Can you blame me? Can you?

callmehux  asked:

Brontide, please. Thank you!

Brontide is the low rumbling of distant thunder.  Set in the same universe as this ice mechanic drabble.  Also inspired by @queenofchildren‘s cowboy!Bellamy, because that reminded me how much I love small town fics.

“It’s going to rain,” Roan warned her when walked past him in the living room of Gina’s B&B.  He was ensconced in front of the fire, cozy with a book, but she was going to go nuts if she stayed inside much longer no matter how nice Gina was.

“I’m taking an umbrella,” she said with an eyeroll.  It was his stupid fault she was stuck in this town anyway— he’d wheedled her into coming to Echo’s wedding as his “girlfriend” (in exchange for him dealing with his mother the next time she got it into her head to be the world’s biggest pain-in-the-ass-boss, and in addition to him paying for the entire weekend)– and he refused to listen when she pointed out he was shifting like a jackass teenager with his first manual.  So now they were stuck in a tiny little town and the only amusement so far was watching Roan try (and fail) to hit on the hot mechanic.  

“I’m going to go down to the garage and see how it’s coming along,” he said with would-be nonchalance.

“She’s out of your league,” Clarke said.

“I like a challenge,” he replied mildly.

Clarke rolled her eyes at him again and left, turning right at the end of the block on a whim.  She didn’t have her phone with her, but Arkadia was all of six blocks wide and four blocks long—  she couldn’t get lost.

But ten minutes later, just as the thunder that had been rumbling in the distance grew louder, Clarke looked up at the street sign and frowned.  She was on the corner of Maple and Oak, and she was sure that was where Gina’s was, but…nothing looked familiar.  She was debating between going right and left and the sky opened up above her.  Clarke squealed and tried to open the umbrella, but it was stuck.  She darted for the nearest awning while she wrestled with it, but it stubbornly refused to open.  “Goddammit,” she swore, and hit it against the railing in frustration.

“Do you have a vendetta against all umbrellas, or just that one in particular?” a voice behind her asked.

Clarke spun to find a man in a maroon sweater watching her in amusement.  He was handsome, with dark, curly hair and a sharp jawline that reminded her of the sheriff’s deputy the night Roan’s car broke down.  “This one in particular,” she said with a rueful smile.  “I’m—”

“Clarke, I know,” he supplied.  “This town isn’t exactly big, and it’s my sister who found you guys stranded the other night.  Your boyfriend’s car is going to pay for Raven’s next three mortgage payments, by the way.”

Clarke sighed, because really, she was sick of correcting people.  “He’s not my boyfriend.  We’re just work friends.”

“Work friends that go to weddings together?”

“I’m sorry, is there a hotline in this town?”

“Yes, but you don’t get access to it until you’ve lived here three years,” he threw back.  “Here, come in out of the rain.  These storms don’t last long, but it’s four blocks back to Gina’s and you’ll be soaked.”  

Clarke followed him into the red brick building and looked around.  “Library?” she guessed, because it was full of books but she didn’t see a register anywhere, and it had a general air of lived-in-ness that bookstores never quite achieved.

“And historical society.  That part’s upstairs,” he said.  “And I’m Bellamy, by the way.”

Clarke dropped her useless umbrella to the ground and shook out her hair.  “I’d introduce myself, but I think that’s pointless by now.”

“It is,” he laughed.  “Want a cup of coffee while you wait?”

The library was empty, so she nodded and waited while he disappeared in the back for a minute.  The mug said Arkadia Historical Society and Clarke asked how he ended up running both a library and historical society, and he made her explain just how she got roped into pretending to be Roan’s girlfriend for a weekend.

“According to my sister, that’s like, a guaranteed way to fall in love,” he laughed.

“That only works in movies and romance novels,” she said with a grin.  “And I love a good fake-dating story, but that’s just not me and Roan.”

Bellamy arched a brow and god, why was everyone in this town so attractive?  “No?  What’s this one then?  Mysterious stranger blows into town and upsets everything?”

Clarke echoed his tone.  “Something like that.  Depends, really.”


“On whether or not the handsome librarian is single.”

For a beat, Clarke wondered if she’d gone too far, but then he grinned.  “I like the sound of that,” he said.

Part of Clarke wanted to lean forward and kiss him right then, but the sun was breaking through the clouds and she still had at least two more days to go in this town, so she saw no point in needlessly rushing things.  Instead, she straightened.  “I should get going,” she said breezily.  “I’ll see you around, Bellamy.”

He watched her pick up her umbrella and licked his lips.  “Count on it.”

anonymous asked:

hello :) do you have Illya/Napoleon fic recs? Thank you!

yes i have <3

to sleep by tallihensia [7,148 words]

As they wait to go on their next mission, the team splits up for some rest. Napoleon and Illya end up in the same apartment, which leads to some misunderstandings, some reflections, and later, some sleep.

 Illya yawned again, his stern face relaxing. “Your country has a saying about that…”

 “It’s British. But satisfaction brought him back - that’s American.”

love in the times of cold war by merle_p [6,773 words]

“Don’t blame yourself,” Waverly says, almost kindly. “No one saw it coming.”Illya looks down at him, surprised and perhaps a little condescending, because he knows better than to blame himself, and he doesn’t understand why Waverly thinks he would. Solo is good at what he does, one of the best, and Illya has always been more than aware that Solo could trick him if he really set his mind to it.No, Illya does not blame himself for not seeing the signs. If there is anything he should blame himself for, it is that he let himself assume that he wouldn’t have to look for them in the first place. But socialism is a future-oriented ideology, and there is no point in dwelling on the past. Illya has made a mistake, is all. He is not going to make it again.

this war against your faith by ingu [8,917 words] 

Napoleon had really hoped to never have to go through a thing like this again. Being strapped once to an electric chair was trauma enough. The last time, he’d had nightmares for weeks after the fact, not that he would ever have told a soul.

“Hold down that button long enough,” the voice continues, “And your partner will die.”

It takes a second for the significance of the man’s words to register. Napoleon stills.

“You want me to kill Peril?”

the prison and the open hand by ingu [wip] (sequel to this war against your faith)

“We’re good friends,” Napoleon admits, and he can’t help the edge of bitterness that slips into his voice. Illya hadn’t precisely held a gun to his head when Napoleon made that concession, but it doesn’t stop the indignant fury that arises at the memory. His anger is mostly directed at himself, for not realising in time that Illya would turn Napoleon’s own questions against him, for not knowing when to leave well enough alone, and for shattering his hope with reality before he really even got the chance to dream.

But Gaby doesn’t know any of that, and it’s better to let her come to her own conclusions about why Napoleon is annoyed.

“I just don’t see why he’s making such a fuss over this particular mission,” Napoleon continues, recalcitrant.

“Then talk to him,” Gaby moans.

taking care of business by mangomartini [4,066 words]

“That is a good plan,” Illya admits, as if he can’t quite believe those words just left his mouth directed at that American. He lowers his gun. “I could kiss you, Cowboy.”

And he knows it’s an expression, one he’s not exactly sure Illya picked up. And he knows the law back home, and what trouble someone like him could get in doing something like this with someone who wasn’t down. But he also knows his own silver tongue, and if he could talk his way out of his own death, Napoleon Solo could talk his way out of this.

“You could, you know.”

Or, what happened between Illya trashing his hotel room and the two of them chilling on the balcony.

needs must when the devil drives by zealouslyquixotic [wip] *T H I S F I C*

When it boiled down to the bare elements, Napoleon had always lacked the ability to treat serious things with the respect they deserved, and Illya was nothing if not serious.

A serious person and a serious relationship right from their stumbled attempts at friendship through to the nebulous lines surrounding loyalty, lust, love. He had never known where they stood because he refused to quantify his own emotions. How could he begin to comprehend Illya’s when he was so far in denial about the sheer extent of his own? He had wasted years in that same manner; denying, joking, maintaining a front of shallow interest, of want founded solely in carnal gratification.

His time had long since run out and now all he had was an undeserved sacrifice, a cracked veneer, and a paraphrased line from a 17th century poem.

“Had I but world enough, and time.”

Damning last words of regret and forgiveness.

i’d like to (put my fingers on you) by colonel_bastard [4,314 words]

Illya has a jealous streak. Napoleon encourages him.

the gemini affair by manic_intent [46,876 words]

In the first month of being co-opted into working with Illya Kuryakin full time at U.N.C.L.E., Napoleon stole Illya’s father’s watch four times, twice out of spite, once out of drunken curiosity, and once out of sheer boredom. After the fourth time, Gaby sprained one of Napoleon’s fingers and threatened to do worse if he did it again.

“You are not a spy,” she told him firmly, dangling the watch out of reach as Napoleon curled in a wincing, fetal position on his Le Corbusier couch in his upstate apartment. “You are a thief with the self-control of a child. Now give me back my ring.”

“What ring?” Napoleon asked innocently, even through the pain.

“How fond are you of your nose?” Gaby shot back blandly.

baby, when they made me, they broke the mold by sparklylulz [3,387 words]

Napoleon bent over the table, letting his forehead rest upon the cool wood, trying to sort his thoughts. He’d lost partners – friends, even – in the field before. He didn’t know that he would call Illya a friend – but he wouldn’t not call him a friend, either. The sight of his red blood pooling on the white leather of that backseat had unnerved Napoleon in a way he hadn’t experienced in a long time.

(In which Napoleon takes a long time to come to an understanding of a very simple thing.)

pressure points by sospes [4,494 words]

Illya wakes to chains around his wrists and a knife at Napoleon Solo’s throat. Just another day at the office - until it’s not.

if i run it’s not enough by ingu [5,534 words]

Greed, and lust, those were the two sins that defined Napoleon Solo, and Illya Kuryakin aroused the two precise desires in Napoleon he never chose to resist. With his stoic gaze and chiseled jawline, Kuryakin was as beautiful and inscrutable as a Greek statue, and Napoleon had never been one to leave works of art undefiled.

the space between by sospes [5,405 words]

Solo goes missing. Illya all but panics. And Gaby’s the one who holds it all together.

heart to heart by sildominarin [1,902 words]

No one, not even Napoleon Solo, can go through electrocution without consequences.

the show must go on by ingu [7,147 words] *THIS FUCKED ME UP :D*

It’s not that you don’t think about dying. You know with a clear certainty that yes, it may well kill you. But the part where your mind trips over itself is in the possibility, the uncertainty behind an inevitable eventuality.

Yes, it might all end terribly, just maybe not today.

kiss from a rose by el3anorrigby [3,639 words]

As he opened the door to his office, he almost expected to see Napoleon at his desk, greeting him with his famous smirk. But he wasn’t there.

The story where Illya is missing Napoleon, a little bit more than he’d expected.

through the fire by el3anorrigby [4,439 words]

Illya’s watch is his priceless treasure. Napoleon knows that from the first time they’d worked together in Rome. And he would do almost anything to ensure Illya doesn’t lose it again.

antidote by wneleh [804 words]

Napoleon looks awful in the dimly-lit room, pale face slightly elevated above even paler sheets, a tube running into one arm. Carrying the fluids hospitals love, and the alleged antidote, and something else entirely to counteract the nasty chemistry that occurs when poison meets poison.

my lonely heart is racing by brodinsons (aeon_entwined) [1,169 words]

Napoleon’s luck runs out.

mutually assured distraction by merle_p [5,142 words]

“Why didn’t you, then?” she asks, a reasonable question, and he turns his face towards the window, watches the Valencian night rush by.

“I was distracted,” he says.

She is quiet for a while.

“Distracted by whom?” she finally asks, and he keeps his eyes on the window.

“I do not know.” It is a lie, and he is sure that Gaby knows it is a lie, but she is kind enough not to point that out.

first kiss by taniarose [449 words]

Kuryakin’s lips were stiff and cold under his own.

electric sickness by unitedpen [2,552 words]

Illya and Napoleon deal with the aftermath of Napoleon’s torture at the hands of Uncle Rudi.

all there is to a fire by endquestionmark [3,065 words]

Illya, angry, is about as subtle as a wall to the face; Napoleon knows this because he’s seen Illya angry, and he’s taken a wall to the face, two incidents which occurred in very quick succession, and has been forever unable to separate them since. Illya focused is something else entirely. Rain, and eight inches of steel, and the sound that it had made coming out of the sheath: in retrospect, Napoleon had been moderately concussed at the time, most likely, but he deals in illusions, in the setting of a scene, and the blocking had stuck.

the be and end all by ingu [5,141 words] (SAD SHIT BRO! IT’LL MAKE U CRY! BE PREPARED)

Illya has heard the stories, been taught the tales since his childhood. He has been warned of the degenerates who will entice and corrupt unsuspecting young men toward irredeemable sin, who will go against nature and turn their lust against their own people, those without morals or care for the innocents they will one day destroy.

He is trained to see the signs, to heed the warnings before its too late and he is swallowed whole. Illya is someone who knows better than most, and when he first steps out into the world after a childhood built on perseverance, he thinks he is prepared. He will never fall victim.

But then, he meets Napoleon Solo.

crimean shore by merle_p [7,436 words]

“Does he ever talk about his past?” Napoleon asks, the words escaping his mouth before he can tell himself to hold them back. He coughs. “You know. During all those fake romantic nights?”

“His past?” Gaby asks slowly, and gives him a curious look.

“Yeah, you know,” Napoleon gestures, feeling tired and out of his depth. “Lovers. Family. Russia. That kind of thing.”

glad to see you: after the chair by ironwomanstark [2,295 words]

Prompt: Takes place immediately after Illya saves Napoleon from The Chair. Sure, he’s able to walk away from it but that much electricity coursing through your body will definitely cause some lingering problems. Like the fact that Napoleon has a hard time catching his breath, is experiencing heart palpitations, chest pain, dizziness, and basically just having a bit of a hard time recovering from the electrical torture he was just put through.
Illya is desperate to rescue Gaby but also realizes that his partner isn’t doing so hot either. Cue him being all awkwardly worried and not sure what to do but (surprisingly) not willing to just leave Napoleon behind.

the locked room affair by ingu [1,410 words]

“Why are you being like this? We do not need to be in here.”

“Probably not,” says Napoleon, “But like Gaby said, we’re in time out. Which means we both need to cool down before we can leave.”

future affinity by ceredin [4,544 words]

The age old trope of taking off their clothes and cuddling to preserve body heat.

fear of uncertainty by el3anorrigby [5,498 words]

Illya was livid. He could not believe it when Gaby told him Napoleon was off on another lone mission.

domesticity by chartreuser [wip]

Illya attempts to bring Napoleon back, and Napoleon attempts to bring him to somewhere like home.

it’s been a long day without you, my friend. by fineandwittie [926 words] *BY THE FCKIN TITLE U CAN TELL IT’S A SAD FIC*

Exactly what it says on the tin. Telling you any more than the tags say would spoil things.

i’m with you by el3anorrigby [4,300 words] *mcd* (THIS FIC D E ST R O Y E D ME AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH BYE)

Illya hated the way they’d become, formal, cold and stiff. They weren’t like this before. Perhaps the only time they’d acted like this had been the first time they’d met.
The one where they realise love, but they’re just a little too late.

Stolen Moments

Request: Could you maybe write a one shot based on the song Secret Love Song Pt.ll by Little Mix? -Anon

Words: ~1100

AN: God I suck. Okay. Bonus points to anyone who catches my Hamilton reference.

Some moments that exist in between the span of seconds, a blink or a flicker of light. A whisper of breath on the ear, a ghost of lips on skin, or the touch of a hand in passing. These moments were invisible, captured and released like butterflies in the wind. These moments were small and insignificant in the grand scheme of life. They were no more noticed than a bead of sweat on the brow or a speck of dust on the windowsill. But they impacted you like a car crash. Those whispers of breath became violent winds, the ghost of lips were the sun, the touch of a hand was a promise.

Keep reading

Prompt: Hi I was wondering if you could do a Bellamy x reader imagine where he says really harsh and hurtful things to her because he misinterprets something that she did and tells her to leave camp and she doesn’t say anything but accepts it and she leaves and he finds out that she did what she did to protect him because she loves him and then he looks for her and he find that she’s hurt. Sorry it’s so long 😁 but you’re writing is amazing and you have a way with words that I could never muster

I’ve done this a little differently than most of my imagines, here I’m going back on forth from PoV’s. I think it works with this particular prompt.

Characters: Bellamy Blake, Octavia Blake.
Pairing: Bellamy x reader
Warnings: Bad language.


“You stole from us, your fucking friends.” Bellamy hisses in your face, his anger building up to the point where he could barely contain it. Hot pink cheeks where speckled with rain drops from the impending shower, a vein prominent at the side of his forehead. Both indications that Bellamy was nearing rage.

“I’m sorry.” You reply simply, wringing your hands as he stares you down with gritted teeth. Keeping your eyes firmly on the ground you try not to allow them to fill with tears. It was heartbreaking knowing that Bellamy was disappointed in you.

“You should be sorry. I don’t know why I ever thought you could be more than a dirty thief.” He sneers, hitting you where he knew it would hurt. It was a low blow, stealing having been why you were put in the Skybox in the first place, and Bellamy knew that calling you a thief would sting.

All you do is sniffle in reply, nodding in agreement to what he had said. Bellamy pauses, waiting for you to defend yourself, but it doesn’t come. Sighing, he turns to the guards at the entrance and waves at them to open the gates to which they promptly comply. With frightened eyes you look over toward the open gate and then back to Bellamy, who now has his arms folded across his shoulders in a guarded stance.

“You’re banished.” He announces, his tone quiet and dejected but also stern. Clearly he was hurting, and you’d done that to him.

Nodding once again you walk toward the exit, Jasper handing you your bag back as you go. No one says a word, all too full with shock to speak.

Tears along with rain spill down your face as you walk around the forest looking for shelter, eventually finding a cave and setting up camp for the night. You build yourself a fire and decide to go out hunting because you’d be getting hungry soon.

“What the fuck do you mean it was you.” Bellamy growls, sounding more dangerous and furious than O had ever heard before.

“I’m sorry, Bellamy.” Octavia tries, Bellamy looks away in disgust. “But I didn’t know you’d throw her out of camp! I needed the medicine box, I need the pain pills for my detox… She was just coving for me, I didn’t know she’d be banished for it.” She continues, her voice pleading. But Bellamy doesn’t want to hear it. He’s banished you for something his sister has done. You were trying to protect him from finding out the truth and he’d fucking sent you to be captured or killed.

“We’ll talk about this later.” Bellamy gruffs as the walks out of O’s tent, out into the heart of the camp.

With a booming voice he calls out “Re-con mission.” and a group gathers around him, waiting to hear what was going on. “Y/n’s innocent. We need to go out and find her, bring her back here. And we need to do it before nightfall. I need volunteers to come with me.”

Catching rabbits was a lot harder than Bellamy had made it look, but after an hour or so you’d caught one. As you were making your way back to camp with your dinner, however, you accidentally set off one of the grounder traps and almost got your head cut off. Instead when you saw the blade coming toward you, you stumbled back and fell backwards down a small slump. Rolling to the bottom you immediately grab your ankle, sharp pains running through the muscles.

You’d twisted it. Great.

“Two west, two east. Two north, I’ll go south.”

“I’ll go with you, Bellamy.” Clarke offers worriedly.

“I want to be on my own right now.” He replies blatantly, too fouced on the task at hand to be nice to the princess.

The team dispatch and Bellamy begins to make his way south. It didn’t take long to find a trail of human footprints leading away from camp.


Standing was not an option, as you had realised from several painful attempts. Which meant that you could only shuffle and crawl your way back to your cold, lonely cave. First the boy you love banishes you and now you’ve got a twisted (or possibly broken, considering the pain you were in) ankle.

“Why me, God?”

“Because you’re stupid enough to admit to a crime you didn’t commit.” A voice replies, causing your eyes to snap up, seeing a wet and miserable look Bellamy Blake standing above you.

“I was protecting Octavia.”

“No, you were protecting me from being forced to banish O. You put my feelings before your own.”

“Well… Yeah.” You mumble, realising that Bellamy must be able to see the amount of love you had for him in your actions and wondering if he reciprocated them.

Bellamy carefully steps down the slump and comes to your side, looking at you for a couple of seconds before putting his attention on your ankle. He inspects it with gentle hands while you watch him, just thankful that he’d come looking for you.

“Fractured, I think. Clarke will be able to tell.”

“I’m allowed to come back?” You ask in joy.

“Don’t be stupid.” Bellamy grunts, leaning down to scoop you up in his arms. You cling onto him, afraid he’ll drop you. “Relax, I’ve got you.” He promises softly, holding you close to him as he begins to walk. You wrap your arms around his neck. “How could you let me bark at you like that, nevermind let me banish you from camp?” He asks.

“I would have been banished if I didn’t take the fall. And I didn’t want that for you.” You answer him honestly. Bellamy stops in his tracks, shuts his eyes tight and groans.

“I’m a horrible boyfriend.”

Immediately your eyebrows shoot up at his wording and you say “Boyfriend?” with a sly grin on your face. At the Bellamy opens his eyes and looks at you for a second, unashamed.

“Yeah. That okay with you?” He questions, trying to sound manly as he does but his heart races in his chest as the words pour out.

“I’ll deal with it.” You reply with a grin, causing Bellamy to nod firmly. The both of you are secretly elated but trying to play it cool. This day had been coming for a long time.

“Good. Let’s get going to the Deopship, I’ve gotta kick my sister’s ass to the Ark and back.”

wechoosewhatwearesammy  asked:

Makoharu prompt: kissing in the rain

They were walking home from school when it started to rain. Within seconds it changed from a soft drizzle to a straight downpour. It was so sudden; it hadn’t been forecasted so neither of them had taken an umbrella.

Taking a look around themselves, it was easy to conclude that there was nowhere to take shelter in this area. Therefore it didn’t take long until they were both soaked down to the bone.

There was nothing left for them to do but to try to get home as quickly as possible so they could get warm and dry - at least, that was what Makoto thought.

He was getting ready to make a run for it, taking a few steps forward with the intention of gaining speed, when he realised Haruka wasn’t following. So he stopped and turned back around to his friend, who hadn’t moved an inch since it had begun to pour.

“Haru?” Makoto called, but Haruka didn’t respond. A fond sigh escaped his lips with a small shake of his head. Of all times his best friend had to stop to connect with the water, it had to be now, hadn’t it?

Except that Haruka hadn’t stopped to feel the rain.

Before Makoto realised what was going on, Haruka’s lips were on his, his hands lightly gripping the front of his wet shirt. At that moment, Makoto’s brain short-circuited. Every single thought vanished in an instant. His eyes grew wide and he was frozen on the spot, unable to do anything but stand there.

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Rainy days (Newt)

{Requested by anonymous}

Request/description: Could you do an imagine where Newt & the reader are in love with each other but neither of them knows it and one night the reader has an anxiety attack and Newt finds her and doesn’t know what to do so he kisses her to try and snap her out of it and he gets all embarrassed and lots of fluff ensues and sorry if that was super specific ://// your blog is amazing xx

A/N: I’m not sure if this request was based off of the Teen Wolf episode but if you know what I’m talking about then you will probably love this imagine as much as I do. I hope you like it!

Warnings: Anxiety attack

Word count: 1605


You woke up, hearing a familiar pattering on the Homesteads roof. You stretched your sore muscles and threw yourself out of bed, standing to peer out the window on the opposing wall. Sure enough, it was raining.

A smile spread across your face and you stared up at the dark, swelling clouds above. Rain was your favorite.

You scanned the rest of the Glade, seeing some of the boys still attempting to work through the weather but failing. Some slipped or got stuck in the mud, sometimes losing their shoe in the process.

You look down to the Deadheads where some boys were huddled under the tall trees. Newt spotted you and waved, making another wide smile appear on your lips. He gestured for you to come down and you nodded, tearing yourself away from the window.

After you throw on a fresh shirt and a thin jacket. It was the only one you had and it didn’t do much. Usually the rain would just soak through the fabric in a couple minutes and you’d still be soaked.

You exit the Homestead and pull the hood over your head, blocking the wind and rain from messing with your hair. You meet Newt, Alby, and Minho under the Deadhead trees watching the rain.

“Morning, love,” Newt says with a smile.

“Good morning,” you say back and smile to Minho and Alby. They watch you closely, smirking to one another at your obvious like for Newt and his apparent reciprocated feelings.

The rain was dripping through the treetops and soon enough, the jacket you had on was useless. You frown down at the fabric and think for a moment.

“Why not,” you mutter and Newt looks to you in confusion. You strip off the jacket and hang it over a tree branch. An excited feeling comes over you as you notice the cool wind on your bare arms. Being left in just your T shirt, you felt a sort of freedom.

You slipped your hand into Newts and he tensed up, shocked that you would grab his hand. You didn’t notice though, and started tugging him out from the covers of the trees.

“What are you doing?” he calls over the rain, letting you pull him along.

“Having some fun around here!” you reply equally as loud.

Once you’re both in the center of the Glade, you stop pulling Newt and let his hand fall back to his side. You missed the warmth it gave off, but you figured it would be a little odd for you to holding hands with your best friend.

“Do you like the rain, Newt?” you ask and turn your gaze up to the grey sky. The light raindrops painted your skin and you loved every second of it.

“It is quite beautiful,” Newt said, mostly to himself. He stared at you with a admiring smile on his face. There was just something special about you. Newt wasn’t sure what yet, but he knew you were different.

After the rain had stopped, it was nearly time for dinner. The whole Glade smelled fresh and new, and you could feel the moisture in the air. Or maybe it was your hair that was still soaked. Either way.

You sat and ate dinner with your best friend as you always did. Newt continued to steal grapes from you until you noticed and caught him in the process of yanking one off the vine. You slapped his hand and he stuck his tongue out at you teasingly. The rest of the Gladers at the table gave each other a knowing look. Chuck sat, oblivious.

Usually you would have a bonfire that night, since a new Greenie had come up, but because of the rain nothing was able to be lit on fire. So Minho just showed the Greenie around until it got dark. You hadn’t seen him yet, because you were busy when he’d come up but it wasn’t like he was going anywhere.

When the sun had finally set, Minho had finally stopped giving him a tour and started introducing him to people. Apparently the boys name was Thomas, and Minho was walking towards you next to him.

It was hard to make out the boys features, but you could still see he had dark hair and was a little taller than you.

Chuck eventually brought a torch for the three of you to share, making it easier to visit. You thanked him, taking the torch, and turned back to see Minho and Thomas.

Except, you knew this boy. You recognized him. He…no. He couldn’t be here! You breathe faster, harder, and stare into his familiar eyes.

“Y/N?” Minho asks, concerned.

You shake your head and look to the ground, trying to steady your breathing. But you couldn’t. You thrust the torch into Minhos hands and walk away quickly, looking for some place you could try to calm yourself. The only place you could think of was your room. None of the Gladers were allowed to go in there without your permission.

When you get to your room, you sit on the edge of your bed but eventually you sink down the side of it until you rest on the floor. You pull your knees to your chest and close your eyes tightly.

You weren’t sure yourself what was happening, but you knew that it probably wasn’t good. You felt as if something bad was about to happen, even though the Glade outside was calm and quiet. You couldn’t speak if you wanted to, only feeling your racing heartbeat thudding against your ribcage. You were breathing so fast now that you weren’t sure what were the inhales and exhales anymore. Nothing was right! You were dizzy, lightheaded, and felt ready to pass out, which you were probably going to.

“Y/N?” a voice calls out. Newts. You knew it instantly. You can hear his quick footsteps outside of your room and they come to a screeching halt as he reaches your doorway.

Newt takes in the situation quickly and his eyes go wide. He enters your room and kneels next to you quickly.

“Minho said you couldn’t breathe. Are you okay?” Newt placed both of his hands on your cheeks to make you look at him and his eyes peer into yours.

Your breathing didn’t slow and you just shake your head at him weakly. It was hard, but eventually you force the words out.

“Thomas,” you gasp. “My brother.”

Newts eyebrows furrow and then his face softens into a different worry. He knew what was happening now.

“You’re having an anxiety attack, Y/N. I need you to hold your breath, okay? Can you do that for me?” Newt let his hands slip to your shoulders and you stare into his concerned eyes.

You try to do as he says but it was impossible. Every time you tried to stop breathing, the air seemed to force itself out of your lips, and it made you even more lightheaded.

Newt pushed a hand through his hair. You felt awful about putting him in this situation. He probably didn’t know what to do either.

Suddenly, Newts hands are on the sides of your cheeks again but this time it’s to steady your face. He presses his lips to yours frantically and you stop everything. Stop breathing, moving, and thinking. After a moment, you melt into the kiss and forget about everything.

When you break apart, Newt searches your eyes and face for any sign of the anxiety attack you were just having. He doesn’t see any.

“You kissed me,” you breathe.

Newts eyes widen and his cheeks go a little red. “Y-yeah. I was hoping it would distract you. Make you hold your breath.”

“Oh,” you say quietly.

You must’ve looked disappointed because Newt scrambles to find the right words. “N-not that I didn’t want to do it, I mean, I liked it too. I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable. I was just trying to stop the attack, but-”

“Newt,” you say and let out a weak laugh. “Thank you.”

He lets out a big breath and nods. You felt a lot better already, now that your heart was returning to normal and your breathing was steady again.

You look to Newt and realize for the first time that maybe he’d always been more than a best friend to you. He’d always been the only one to be able to calm you down and comfort you. The only one to make you laugh and feel safe. When you were around the other boys it was different.

“You know,” Newt murmurs in the silence. “I think I’m now realizing how long I’ve wanted to do that.”

“You, too?” Chuckling, you look over at him to see the same expressions stamped there. Awe, curiosity, and…love.

You’d leaned closer without knowing it, and soon you’re breathing in the same air. When your lips meet again, this time it was different. It wasn’t desperate like the one before when he was trying to stop your attack. This one was slow and gentle.

You swear you could smell the rain on him, even though he had changed his clothes. You swear you could feel his soft hands in yours as he twirled you in the rain earlier that day, even though now his hands were on your shoulders. You swear you could feel the affection in his eyes as if it was a tangible thing, even though you knew it was much more than that.

And that’s how you knew that you loved Newt.