because he sets fire to the rain

I can’t believe this is an Unpopular Opinion™ but I was honestly so annoyed when Ginny tells Hermione, ‘Don’t start acting as though you understand Quidditch, you’ll only embarrass yourself.’ Literally the very first thing Hermione did back when the trio first became friends was lend Harry a copy of Quidditch Through The Ages. She then proceeded to set Snape on fire because because she thought he cursed Harry’s Nimbus 2000. For Harry’s thirteenth birthday, she gets him a broom servicing kit. In the match against Hufflepuff in the thick rain, Hermione appears out of nowhere and charms Harry’s glasses to repel water. When she made Ron’s timetable, she gave him evenings off every week for Quidditch practice and encouraged him every time he felt low. That very year she confunded Mclaggen during try-outs because he was talking shit about Ron and Ginny. So yeah Hermione Jean Granger understands Quidditch pretty damn well and that was unnecessarily petty.

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It's too early, but Im going to think if he was in fact limping it was because of a nasty (cue Janet jasckson song) reason, not because of him getting hurt (because if it is due to the second reason I'm going to set fire to the rain) - hp anon

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Louis is apparently limping? Gosh the larrie and the louie side of my are fighting so hard rn. (Did Harry do his job well or do I have to fly my ass to London to fight whoever hurt my son? Maybe I should fight Harry🤔😏😡)

I’m glad you guys thought about the best possibility first, cause I didn’t and I’m stressed now lol 


Okay I just really need to talk about these two panels, in contrast with each other?

Because the first one is the last panel from 10.9, when Bitty is feeling the worst about the situation. When he’s saying the words that made the entire fandom basically set ourselves on fire while screaming.

The view on him is so much more tightly focused, and it feels almost tense, and it’s raining, & Señor Bunny is peeking out, because he needs that comfort, and he feels hemmed in, almost trapped, comparatively.

Now cut to the other panel, the fourth one of 10.10, right after Jack & Bitty finally yell at each other, after the panel that was a view through his closet door, this fourth panel where they both express the thing they were most afraid/concerned about…

When they’ve gone from being afraid & not talking, and Jack being so worried & Bitty trying to be strong… To getting it out there. Laying it on the table. 

And they still have so far to go, but they’re airing this. That’s good, because it means now they can work on what to do about it. They can move forward on it, together. As a team, the way Jack says, later in the update.

There’s a beat of silence, another. The space of a few breaths, as they both realize a few things, and they’re still both talking at once, they arent 100% there yet…

But now look at the second frame. Bitty is in the same place, the same pose, essentially, but it’s still different. You see more of the Haus, his room, there’s just a little more openness.

It just stopped raining for a moment. The sun is peeking through, but even more significant, there’s something else, too.

Bitty’s closet door is cracked open, just a little bit.