because he really is the cutest thing on this planet

GOT7: how they cuddle

@sugaspiano is this how you feel when I screw with your drabble prompts jfc

also: why are all gifs of people cuddling in black and white?? and super intense saturation ?? answers, i need answers


Mark is down to cuddle, ok. He’d love being able to be close to you and just be content to feel you beside him, especially after a long day. If you asked him to cuddle with you, he’d get all smiley and blush before pulling you into a hug and falling onto the nearest soft surface. He seems like the type to just sort of sneak up on you and pull you into a cuddle session while you were watching tv or reading a book because he missed you lmfao. Mark would love to see your face while cuddling, I think, and would listen to you talk about your day, your worries, or whatever crossed your mind. He’d just love to hear you talk when you were close to him he’s a fluffy baby


I get the feeling Jaebum wouldn’t really ask for cuddles, he’d just sort of pull you into his arms if you were both on the couch watching something and that’d be as close as you got. But if you asked him to cuddle you, he’d practically melt. He’d like it if you laid on his chest so he could see your face and play with your hair, a small smile on his face. He would like silence while cuddling so he could just bask in the fact that he loves you so much and you’re right there with him and wow it’s so unbelievable he’s so lucky. Also, silence is good for watching movies, and he seems like the type to like watching movies with you in his arms aww


Okay but let’s be honest, he’d be the one always wanted to cuddle with you. He’d constantly ask and follow you around like a lost puppy, but when you finally give in, he’d act like you were the one that had come onto him for cuddles, shooting you a wink and doing that eyebrow thing he does- you know the thing. That said, he would love cuddling with you on top of him so he could feel like he was protecting you. He’d also love spooning, but only if he was the big spoon, otherwise he’s out. Jackson’s one to trace circles on your back, stomach, wherever his hands happened to land and would love talking to you about anything that happened to come up in conversation. 


Jinyoung wouldn’t really like to cuddle all the time, to be honest. But at night before you went to sleep or when you two were sitting on the couch talking about your days, he’d be happy to just lie next to you, hold your hand, play with your hair, and trace your features. He’d listen to you talk and voice his reactions or opinions where necessary, but he wouldn’t really do much of the talking unless you asked him questions about his life. Unless something was really bothering him, he wouldn’t want to burden you with his problems while cuddling, so he’d try to make you smile or laugh with his stories. 


Youngjae would love cuddling, which is good considering he’s the cutest thing on the planet. He’d smile brightly if you asked him to cuddle and would just sort of wrap himself around you- he’d be really clingy when cuddling, awwww. He’d have his face on your chest, his arms around you, his legs just sort of enveloping yours. If you ran your fingers through his hair or down his back, he’d be in heaven. Youngjae seems like the type to joke around with you a bit while cuddling, too, because he loves it when he makes you smile or laugh


BamBam wouldn’t really cuddle that often outside of when you two were drifting off to sleep, actually. The way he sees it, there’s a million other fun things you guys could be doing, so why would you waste time inside? If you asked, though, he would probably give in. At first, it’d be nice, normal cuddling- you two would be facing with your arms around each other as you talked about whatever came to mind, but Bam would get bored and start tickling you or play fighting and everything would sort of stop making sense from that point on


First things first, Yugyeom loves cuddling with you because he can express how much he cares for you through simple actions rather than through words. And he likes the way you smell, but he would never admit it. He’d melt if you asked him to cuddle, a smile bursting forth with a little laugh. He wouldn’t really have a certain position he preferred over others, so you two would just sort of flop anywhere on the bed/couch/whatever and make it work. It wouldn’t surprise me if he decided to change positions in the middle of cuddling, suddenly throwing himself on a different part of the bed and tugging your hand to follow him 

Dragons and Darlings

Requested: Hi there! Could you possibly do a Draco Malfoy x Reader where she and Draco find out they’re pregnant and obv Draco becomes extra extra protective of her and won’t even let her take potions class cause he’s afraid of the fumes hurting their heir and then the Dark Lord finds out and threatens the safety of their unborn child if Draco doesn’t complete his task of killing Dumbledore and idk things get super intense and fluffy and hectic? Pretty please? Love your writing btw x    - @littleroserabbit . littleroserabbit

A/N: HI thank you so much you lovely person, this was really amazing. Sorry, this is kind of long I feel really bad for not posting the last couple days my first day of school is Wednesday -_- but I’m gonna try and get more of everybody’s requests done. If I didn’t do it the way you wanted just private message me and I’ll rewrite.

Warnings: Slight Angst, otherwise fluff 

Originally posted by unrealisticstory

Draco Malfoy wasn’t his father. You had known this since you had met him in the third year. It was funny how five years earlier you and he were children, with dreams and impossible aspirations. You tried to remember each moment to forget where you were present. You had just wanted to be careful, you had wanted to be positive that you weren’t… positive. Now you were sat in a bathroom stall trying to imagine Draco as a father, the same Draco who dressed up like a dementor on the Quidditch Pitch not too many years ago.

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Okei so this time the staff had boards with no photos/no filming in English and were on us like hawks so no photos. For this reason I’m probably gonna refrain on uploading yesterday’s three mins. As they really are hellbent on it. Sorry

Anyway I first need to get something off my chest.

I managed to sit on the very front row this time (which is how shunya noticed me haha)
Anyway it was pretty much identical to yesterday. Same video playing before and same set list and they practically said the same things. Difference being that they were at the front of the stage instead of the back like yesterday (which with my shitty eyesight made some things hard to see).

Touken ranbu played and it was the usual affair.
Then the talk segment.
So first off was them, like yesterday, introducing touken ranbu. Shunya again asked us who knew touken ranbu (he did this yesterday too which I forgot about lol) then they went onto talk about what they like about France. Daichi was some monument or something (I couldn’t understand his accent and I’m not knowledgeable on this sort of stuff), Ryo mentioned French bread (as expected), ryuji said he liked how everyone is so pretty (and my God they are so different from England lol) and how he liked eating authentic French food. I can’t for the life of me remember shunya’s haha
They then talked about what was good about the food of Japan. Shunya talked about rice and how it is pretty much what encompasses Japan. And he talked about umeboshi (sour plums), Tsubasa then talked about Soba and said hot soba is the best. Ryuji mentioned dango and said all of touken danshi’s love dango lol ahhhh I’m starting to forget. I’ll edit the post if I remember again.
Shunya blew a kiss a few times (sadly not to me) but he did keep waving to me! (It may also been the girl next to me as well but I couldn’t really tell so I just waved too lol)

It was the same from here on out. Shori no hata (still with that beautiful hip hop duet by ryuji and shunya) and then kimi no uta. During kimi no uta ryuji sat on the edge again haha

Tbh it was the same as yesterday with not much really being new sadly. And I’m starting to forget lol so yeah haha
Hope I made some sense this time as well haha

EDIT: Okei so I remembered what shunya liked/was surprised about France. He liked the fact the days, especially the afternoons, are long. (It’s the same in England) that by 9pm it is still pretty much sunny and he liked and was surprised about it because it isn’t like that in japan. And forgot to mention something SHUNYA’S MERCI IS THE CUTEST THING ON THE PLANET LIKE AHHHHH ADORABLE

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why does hobi look so cute when hes upset..... i really dont want him to be upset but the mouth thing™ is possibly the cutest thing on this earth and i dont think i could ever fight with him because id melt looking at his face immediately ;o; how is he the cutest baby boy

how much you want to bet he’d pull a cute little pouting face like this whenever you had an argument of any kind

I would break and hug him and kiss him and forget why we were ever arguing ;-; he is just the cutest boy that ever walked the planet and I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to know of him

Hunk Headcannons

So like a few headcannons I have (that may or may not turn into Hance/Klunk/Heith headcannons):

-Hunk is great with animals, like when he was younger and found stray animals he’d bring them home and it got to the point where they basically ran a shelter for the pets.

-Sometimes they would hold those ‘find a home for these animals’ fundraiser things and like they would bake and invite their neighbors and the whole community pretty much.

-long story short, all the animals would get adopted and Hunk was happy but sad because his little friends

-like right after that he got another fifteen animals

-Hunk is so gentle/peaceful that sometimes he would just sit outside in the sunshine and relax. Sometimes being so relaxed a bird or something would just kinda fly up to him and sit on his shoulder

-Hunk is S n O w H i T e when it comes to animals

-he goes to parks carrying like 5 bags of bread crumbs (healthy of course) and sits on benches and feeds birds and its the cutest thing to see

-One time the paladins go to a planet that’s jungley with a bunch of different creatures and stuff. While they’re walking a butterfly-like creature just kinda flutters down and sits on the tip of his nose and everyone stops and just like stares.

-Lance and Keith having heart attacks because what is this boy doing to them?

-I like the headcannons that Hunk is Hawaiian but I really like the Philipino ones too so I combined and now a half-Hawaiian half-Philipino (and maybe a few other races but mostly Hawaiian and Philipino) Hunk

-He liked Naruto when he was younger, and he personally liked the look of a headband. So now he wears the headband everyday.

-He may or may not have gotten his headband from Lance

-it was from Lance

-Him and Lance knew eachother before joining the garrison, and I like to think that their parents were friends so that’s how they knew eachother

-Hunk is pan as hell, he loves everyone regardless of gender. That sunshine child.

-Hunk has dirt on everyone

-Hunk is the nicest person ever, but he’s also silent as hell when moving around the castle. So like he’ll randomly go into a room and find someone doing something weird and he won’t shame them or whatever he just kinda goes like “carry on” and walks out

-unless you’re fucking with him. He ain’t taken none of your shit today thank you very much. So he’ll like kinda hint towards it and shit and like if you don’t get the hint and/or still keep teasing or messing with him he’ll basically spill that shit infront of everyone

-like Lance was fucking with him one time and he was having none of it so he just said “Wow Lance, are you wearing those My Little Pony boxers today?”

-Lance was silent for the rest of the day

-Hunk is a hunk, he’s very muscley. But that’s not to say he’s not chub chub. Because that boy has the best hugs and the softest and fite me.

-When Hunk is really hot he’ll pull his hair into a ponytail, and wear like a tanktop or smth.

-Lance and Keith are pretty much crying at this because “what did they do to deserve this man”

-Allura and Shiro are looking on in that “damn they’re hot but I can’t make a comment on that/I need to be neutral” way

-Coran and Pidge are just looking at the rest of the team wondering how these people are the defenders of the universe

-Hunk is just oblivious to the hell that’s going on around him

-Hunk is either super aware or really oblivous to flirts, there is no in between

-When Hunk gets hit on by Lance he knows it and is either really blushy because “how could Lance say something like that?” Or just like smirking and replies super smoothly and basically it backfires on Lance

-When Keith hits on him he’s so oblivous to it. Like if he gets wind that Keith is being super flirty he’s just like “Keith is Keith he’s never flirty” and then continues on his way

-Keith hitting on Hunk is basically that one picture where it’s like “Were you hitting on me?” “I was for like a year, thanks for noticing” or smth

-Hunk loves puns

-so much punning

-so m u c h

-(To Lance) “When I first saw you, cupid stuck a Lance through my heart.”

-(to Keith) “I don’t know how to Keith up with your fighting style, it’s too good.”

-(To Shiro) “You know what they say, he went from zero to Shiro.”

-(To Allura) “Everyone finds Allura very Alluring.”

-*runs up and hugs Pidge* “I caught a pidgey!“

-He calls Shiro and Coran “Uncle”

-He can’t tell Allura’s age but when she acts more mature then he’ll call her “aunty” but if not then just “princess”

-Sometimes when Lance is muttering about shit in Spanish Hunk will hear it and reply in Spanish and litterally everyone is so confused and watching on in fascination.

-One time Hunk heard Lance saying something along the lines of “Look at that ass” or “He’s so hot, fuck me” in Spanish and like Lance was behind him looking at Hunk’s back and Hunk just replies with thanks and it hits Lance that Hunk can speak it too.

-Hunk is space mom’s favorite

Alright it’s 3 am I’m going to sleep right after posting this. There is no editing so sorry for the mess ups and spelling errors (I’m also on tumblr mobile so…)

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I've just had this idea of Qui and Obi being sent on a mission to be a Presence (to try settle unrest) on a planet where short beings are really rare, imagine this species grows really fast so being short or small isn't really a thing and when they see Obi-Wan and they think he's the Cutest Person Ever and they think he's super super young because of his height and they have such a deference to Qui bc they think he's Obi's dad and basically a potential dispute is settled bc Obi-Wan is tiny okay




What would the dispute be about though? Would these people be in the midst of a civil war? Are they trying to declare independence from the Republic? Are they holding political prisoners hostage???

OOH OOH Maybe they’re an extremely long-lived species with a very low birth rate, which subsequently means that they hold children and those that care for children in very high esteem? 

OH Maybe Obi Wan gets a little cold so he stays behind on the ship bc of his pounding headache so when Qui Gon pops up alone they’re like “Who is this human” and they side-eye him the entire time he’s there and nothing gets done like “we’re not going to listen to a human even if you are bigger than the rest of your scrawny, stunted race–” “a human making demands of us how arrogant, how insulting–” so Qui Gon’s like SIGHS okay FINE I must take Drastic Measures and he goes back to his ship and he’s like “Obi Wan we’re going to execute Plan of Action #468-B” and Obi Wan’s like “But Master I don’t like that plan” “No time to argue, bratling we have a Mission

and suddenly BAM out comes Qui-Gon down the ship ramp carrying this teeny tiny lil human child in his arms who is sO SO SMOL AND THEY ALL DO A COMPLETE ATTITUDE 180


And Qui Gon’s like “Yes of course, you are too kind, etc etc”

and Obi Wan’s going full throttle Drama Queen like “Oh, woe is me, I am a tiny tiny human child and I am Suffering Greatly, alas and alack I am ready to embrace the void”

and for the rest of their stay if the people do anything that hinders the proceedings of the diplomatic mission Qui Gon plays the “My Child is Sick and I am Concerned for His Health” card like

“YOU FOOL those terms are absolutely out of the question–you are swindling us–”


“aHEM OH I am so WORRIED for my SMALL CHILD who is currently ILL is there ANY WAY we could reach a COMPROMISE so I can go CHECK UP on his FALTERING HEALTH”

“Oh, of course, my apologies–”

“Perhaps I have been too rash, indeed maybe if we did this–?”

They’re out of there in like three days and are sent back to Coruscant with glowing praise and a literal mountain of gifts and trinkets for Obi Wan. Amazing.

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What about Omega!Aone and an alpha mate, though? Maybe something sweet and innocent with his mate being so proud he's their Omega? Lots of kisses and snuggles and nuzzling?

Right in my weak spot: omega! Aone and my wife asking // falls to floor.

His head was on your chest, your fingers idly brushing through his short strands of hair. He hummed, you exhaling deeply through your nose. He smelt like crushed mint and you curved your neck, pressing your face to his crown, inhaling slowly and deeply. You felt his skin heat up at this, pulling a wide grin to your lips. Tilting his face up by the chin, you pressed a chaste kiss to his forehead. A sound of pure contentment rumbled through his chest and his hands reached up, thumbs smoothing over your skin, which scorched red at his gentle touch. His gaze was planted firmly on your eyes and he leant forward. The tip of his nose bumped up against yours, his eyes closing and you could feel his breath on your lips.

A short, hushed chuckle left you, his mouth stretching in a warm smile. Your arms winding around his neck, you pulled him close, delving your nose deep into the crook of his neck. His hands, large and callused as ever, cupped your head and he pressed his own nose into your throat. The two of you simply breathed deeply for a while, silence roaming your skins with a tingling ripple. Your fingers tangled in his hair again and a deep sigh left you before you pulled back and gazed at him. 

He had told you of his doubts, his insecurities. Omegas came in all shapes and sizes, but they rarely came in his large size. He wasn’t cute or cuddly (though this you disproved easily) as other omegas. He wasn’t small, wasn’t very smiley at all and just didn’t look ‘cute’. You however, thought he was the cutest thing on the planet – the way he cupped your cheeks , smoothed your hair down before nuzzling close to you, especially the way he treated you with such delicacy, the way he always waited for your permission to touch, hug, kiss you.

You stroked his hair, smoothing your thumbs over his sharp cheekbones. He seemed to be able to tell you were about to speak, because he propped himself up on his elbows, his eyes fixed intently on your face. “I really like you,” you murmured, seeing confusion flicker across his face. “I really like you and I am so proud to have you as my omega. My very own, my omega. Mine.” His expression melted into a flustered pinkness, burying his nose back in your neck. You could feel him grip you tighter and you felt him press his quivering lips to your skin gently. Stroking his hair again, you wrapped your other arm around his middle and held him close. You pressed your mouth to his ear, feeling him shiver as you repeated your words again and again. He trembled worse and held you even tighter, sighing shakily. He took in your strong alpha scent to comfort himself and slow down his racing heart.

Hi. I hate frat boy and all that he isn’t and never will be. 

Maggie and Alex are still the cutest damn thing on and off this planet. 

We still deserve to see the conversation that Kara and Lena didn’t have before the break. 

Oh, and Cat needs to come back. 

P.S. Did I mention that I really really dislike the frat boy? Because I do. So damn much.

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What would the nekoma boys + asahi + bokuto do if their partner naming a stuffed animal after them?

Asahi: It embarrassed him a bit, but he seemed rather honored by it and thanked you for it.

Kuroo: It really amused him, and he thought you were the cutest thing on the planet because of it.

Kenma: He was sort of embarrassed by it, and didn’t expect it, so he didn’t say much about it… in truth, he had named his favourite Pokémon after you in his game, too.

Yaku: Whenever he could, he’d hold onto the stuffed animal, and a lot of the time he asked you “So how am I doing?” with a grin to tease you.

Lev: He wanted to keep it as soon as you told him, so he could show it to people and say “This is little me!” and grin and tell them that you gave it to him.

Kai: No really notable reaction, but he didn’t seem to mind it all that much.

Inuoka: Made him really excited, and he loved acting like it was a little him, so he’d give you kisses with it and have it hug you and use it to help  you feel better when you felt bad.

Yuuki: He was honored to have it be named after him, and he often teased you about it with smiles.

Fukunaga: Didn’t really say anything about it, but every time he came over to your house, he always seemed to like looking at it.

Yamamoto: He was really embarrassed by it, but in the sense that he just wasn’t prepared for that and it thought it was too cute and he didn’t really know how to handle it.

Bokuto: He thought it was absolutely adorable, and every time he went over to your house he wanted to hold the stuffed animal until he had to leave.

Patrick Sharp and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Dog

Title: Patrick Sharp and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Dog 

Author: Madelyn

Summary: There’s only one Patrick for puppy!Tazer.

Spoiler: It’s the less pretty one.

Notes: So here’s 5K of puppy!Tazer. It might be set in the same universe that forochel started and I hopped onto a couple years ago. But I might have changed/ignored some of that verse’s details, IDK. Basically, this is a universe where Jonathan Toews turns into a small golden retriever when he gets stressed/needs (go with it) to turn into a dog, and everyone around him knows/accepts this. I decided to start writing this one yesterday because it seems like we’re all having kinda shitty days/weeks, so here’s to you, my fellow shitty week compatriots.

This is wholly unbetaed, but thanks to ninjaboots for nobly audiencing and sobbing at ridic puppy pics with me.

Warnings: There are some sad puppy images along the way. It gets better.

**This post is super image heavy. I would not attempt to read it on a phone, unless you want your phone to die. If you are trying to get a new phone through phone dying action, then - by all means, let me be of service.

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Okay… So I have been a fan of One Direction since they started out on the XFactor and I know it’s really hard to see one of the boys leave and it’s really hard to accept it but I have something to say about this…
One Direction means the fucking world to me I have never seen a flaw in anything they have done, yes they have made mistakes but who doesn’t and I really can’t stand the fact that people criticize them when they don’t know them but I can’t say anything about that because I don’t know them personally…
Liam Payne- the sweetest most caring person ever… 1/5 of One Direction… A beautiful soul that will never hurt a human being in his life… My love… My life… My idol… My baby… My prince… My king… My everything… I love him
Niall Horan- the cutest Irish man you will ever meet and/or see… 1/5 of One Direction… A wonderful soul who cares about everyone and everything… He is the sweetest thing on this planet… My love… My life… My goofball… My Irish cupcake… My idol… My adorable fluffball… My everything… I love him
Louis Tomlinson- the sassiest man you will ever meet… 1/5 of One Direction… A sassy ass soul that puts peoples needs before his own… He may not know you but he still cares… My love… My life… My sass master from Doncaster… My idol… My drama queen… My trickster… My everything… I love him
Harry Styles- the most precious man ever… 1/5 of One Direction… He is a beautiful soul that is sweet and caring and selfless… He is sensitive and a doll… My love… My life… My idol… My curly… My cupcake… My flirtatious baby… My everything… I love him
Zayn Malik- an angel sent straight from heaven to watch over all of us… 1/5 of One Direction… I know he just recently quit the band but he is still part of the band… He is the best person ever… Caring, sweet, precious, beautiful, wild, rebellious… He cares and loves everyone and will never give up on us or the boys… He is perfect no matter what… My love… My life… My Bradford badboi… My idol… My rebel… My angel… My everything… I love him
One Direction- the best band to ever walk this earth… Filled with five of the most sweetest, cutest, sassiest, precious angels on this earth… Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, and Zayn Malik… These boys will do anything to make their fans and the people around them happy… Yes there may be some decisions they make that will make people sad or upset but they will still always be there to bring them back up again… These boys have yet to do anything that has harmed anyone… Yes people have harmed themselves for something that they have done but nothing they have done has harmed another human being… I love these boys to hell and back a thousand times over and will do anything to see them happy or smiling… They are my life… My love… My idols… My idiots… My heart… My soul… My everything… I love them

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Blurb request: freckles (Somehow, idek, I've just been getting a lot of crap about mine recently and your blurbs are always lovely)



i can just see luke always doing that really concentrated, lips parted stare thing that he does, his focus always on those little specs on your face that you hate so much, because contrary to your beliefs, they’re adorable and one of his favourite features about you. every time he’d stare at you you’d get all uncomfortable, but eventually it would become such a normal thing that you’d end up just laughing at him, “stop freckle staring at me, luke”

calum would be one to always be lightly drawing imaginary lines from freckle to freckle on your arms when you’re just laying in bed lazily one morning. the room would be completely silent, both of you just taking in each other’s presence, as you’s watch his fingertips graze the plains of your skin. eventually it would start to tickle a bit and you’d giggle, prompting a tickle fight to ensue.

we already know ashton likes freckles for one billion percent sure because he said he likes emma stone’s freckles so he’d be pretty obsessed with the flecks scattered across your nose and cheeks, often sneaking up close pictures of you (“oh shit, sorry, my camera opened by accident”) and running a thumb across your face (“there was an eyelash, i swear”)

i can just imagine you getting frustrated one day at your freckles, doing your best to cover them up with makeup and throwing a hoodie on to hide the little imperfections on your shoulders, and michael would simply chuckle to himself and walk up behind you in the mirror, then slowly pull the fabric down from your shoulder, “i happen to like your freckles. i like this one…and this one…and this one…” he’d say, placing a kiss on your skin every time