because he makes up for it

what’s interesting about this whole fat taako vs skinny taako thing is that i initially drew taako skinny bc i hadn’t listened to all of the episodes out at the time and i figured he was described as skinny at some point, since everyone seemed to draw him really skinny

the closest we got was “slight” when compared to mr. brick shithouse magnus, and that’s such a vague description that it can hardly be used as an indicator of weight, and when i finished all of the episodes it really hit me that i didn’t need to make him skinny. i could make him my weight, or even bigger, and it would still be appropriate bc his weight was never really described.

isn’t it really fucked up that i thought he was only ever supposed to be interpreted as skinny because everyone else drew him that way? isn’t it fucked up that fat characters can never be protagonists, without being reduced to a joke, shoved to the side or transforming into a simplified and less compelling version of what they used to be? isn’t it fucked up that someone hears a character described as “ethereally beautiful” and immediately thinks they’re skinny?

@yuurier and I were talking so here’s some #highlights 

  • After the banquet Victor locks himself in the (Chris’) bathroom, downs a bottle of champagne, and cries while Chris threatens to break down the door. 

  • “I met my husbannnnnnd” “No, you drank 3 glasses of sex on the beach, told Yakov to plan the wedding, and then threw up on my Oxfords. Get out of the bathroom Vitya i need to take a shower.” 

  • Post “Victor is in love and he’s kind of freaking out” cuddles were Chris assures Victor that yes Yuuri loves poodles (He has a poodle actually which makes Victor cry more because he’ll be a good Papa to Makkachin then) no Yuuri won’t leave him if he loses his hair, and yes you should go to sleep so you don’t meet him with dark circles. 

  • When Victor knocks on Yuuris door in an Armani suit, bouquet of roses, and reservations for his favorite high class restaurant in Sochi he just stares at the maid cleaning it for 20 mins before calling Chris for emergency drinks. 

  • Phichit welcoming Yuuri back and ragging on him for 20 mins because Yuuri looks like shit (Can you imagine a hangover on a plane…) and he still has a sharpie phone number (smeared from his shower) on his chest. 

  • Yuuri expects Victor to be the god of flirting, romance, and pick up lines but nope the dude has literally learned all his dating skills from trashy romance novels. He still reads them, especially the gay ones, and pens to his favorite authors under a fake name. 

  • Victor literally buys “100 best pick up lines” at the airport on his way to Japan and has told Yuuri ALL of them by the end of the summer. 

  • After they start dating Yuuri loves them. He knows they’re bad, he knows Victor is LOVING how well they work, but god he just looks so happy whenever one “lands”.

  • When Yuuri dishes it back though Victor lays on the couch with a pillow covering his face asking God how many times you can fall in love. Yuuri keeps dropping them as Victor begs for his heart’s mercy. 

  • Y’know that thing where big dogs get excited and they slide around because it’s just 100 lbs of love heading for you? Literally Victor when he decides it’s cuddle Yuuri time. 

  • The amount of times Makkachin and Victor fight for Yuuri’s lap is every day. Yuuri loves it and has so many videos of Victor and Makkachin nose to nose “arguing” (aka Victor in Russian telling Makkachin in detail that is HIS fiance and Makkachin boofing and licking his nose) over whose turn it is to cuddle Yuuri. It usually ends with Yuuri sandwiched between Victor’s chest and a 100 lb dog (Who thinks he’s 10 lbs) asleep on his lap. It works. 

(Request: Can you do a darylxreader where he’s scared to admit he really needs a cuddle and gets annoyed that reader wont pick up the hints that he needs someone but comes to her on the verge of tears because hes desperate to have all her attention, so she slowly takes his clothes off & makes him spend the night with her but he wakes up at crazy early morning like 2am & asks her to lay ontop of him so hes 100% sure shes actually with him maybe a bit of morning smut aswell)

Note: i really enjoyed writing this so i hope you like it!!

warning: mentions of glenns death, mild angst, smut!

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You saw Daryl sharpening his arrows on the front porch. You decided to go and see how he was doing, you knew he was feeling guilty about Glenn’s death and everything that went down in the sanctuary. As you walked closer to where he sat he looked up at you but said nothing.

“Hey Daryl, you alright?” you asked, sitting down on the step below him.

He grunted in response and you thought of another way to get him to talk. “You going out on any runs soon?”

“I can’t, gotta stay out of sight from the saviors” he replied, taking his focus away from his arrows and onto you.

“Sorry, I forgot about that” you apologised, feeling silly for bringing it up.

You sat in silence for a moment, staring out at the secure walls protecting you from the outside world. You thought Daryl was doing the same, but he was actually looking at you, admiring how soft your facial features looked. He wished that you knew how he really felt, he wanted you to be there for him, he needed someone to hold and cry to, he was tired of keeping his feelings bottled up inside, he could feel himself ready to explode soon.

“Yeah, whatever” he said almost angrily.

You looked back at him in confusion, why was he being hostile all of a sudden? “I didn’t mean it like that Daryl, there’s just a lot going on right now” You tried to justify your words.

“Everyone has a lot going on right now. Hell, a lot has been going on for years!” he raised his voice.

“Daryl-” You were shocked by his behaviour change but he interrupted you.

“Na forget about it!” He stood up and you did to. He looked down on you and you felt small considering you were a step lower than him. “You don’t care, no one does, so just leave me the hell alone!”

He stormed into his house, slamming the door shut behind him. You stood in shock, surprised by how easily he got mad like that, you didn’t think he’d take it to heart. You wanted to go in there so badly and just hold him. You knew Daryl since the prison and you understood how emotionally unstable he was, he wasn’t in check with his feelings and it had gotten worse. You stepped forward to open the door but you stopped yourself, remembering that he wanted to be left alone.

You were getting ready for bed after a stressful day. After everything that had happened with Daryl you were exhausted, but then Jesus had come down to Alexandria to warn you guys about the saviors coming to look for Daryl. It was a tiring day and all you wanted to do was sleep. You were about to jump into bed when you heard a knock on the door downstairs. You sighed and made your way down in only a baggy top and white panties. When you opened the door, you were surprised to find Daryl standing there, he was drenched in sweat and he looked like he was about to burst out crying.

“Daryl, what’s wrong?” You asked, moving back so he could come into the house. He walked in and stood by your counter, leaning his hands on it.

He shook his head before talking. “I’m sorry” he said, his voice cracking as the first tear fell down his cheek. He turned to look at you and you got worried that something might have happened. You walked towards him and placed your hands on either side of his cheek as he continued to talk.

“I just need someone, I’m tired of everyone dying and I don’t know how to control my anger anymore” His tears were flowing freely now and he made no move to try and wipe them away.

“I lashed out at you this morning for no reason and I’m sorry” he finished.

He lowered his head and you wrapped your arms around his waist, pulling your bodies as close as they could get. He wrapped his muscular arms around your shoulders and he hid his face in the crook of your neck.

“Stay here tonight, you shouldn’t be alone” you whispered.

He nodded his head and you led him upstairs. You turned on the shower for him, making sure that the water was to his liking. You stood in the bathroom with him and watched as he struggled to undo the buttons on his shirt. His hands were shaking and he was getting frustrated. You had never seen Daryl like this, he was the strong one in the group, the one who showed no emotion, and now here he was letting it all out. You walked over to him and moved his hands to his side.

You started to undo his buttons for him, going at a slow pace as to not alarm him. You felt his eyes on you as you removed his shirt and vest. You then moved down to his belt buckle and you took his jeans off in a swift motion, leaving him completely naked. There was no sexual tension between you, just one friend helping out another. When you were done, you roamed your eyes across his toned body before looking into his eyes. He was already staring at you; the tears were gone and replaced with the same emotionless glare he always had.

“Take your time, I’ll get some spare clothes for you” you said softly, planting a kiss on his cheek before leaving to go and find him some clean clothes.

You got back in the house and found Daryl sitting on your bed with a towel wrapped around his waist. You both stayed silent as you walked towards him and handed him the fresh clothes. You turned around as he changed, and you slid under the covers on your bed. Once he had the jogging bottoms on you turned to look at him. His back was facing you and you watched as his muscles prominently moved as he put the black t-shirt on. He turned around and saw you staring at him, he offered you a small smile before sliding in on the other side of the bed. His hair was tangled and still a little damp from the shower, making him look gruff and sexy under the moonlight.

You leaned on your elbow and stared down at him.

“What?” he asked.

“You wanna talk about it?”

“Na” he said, looking back up at the ceiling. You ran your hand across his chest and leaned up to bravely plant a kiss on his lips. He didn’t move at first, but he didn’t pull away either. After a few seconds, he warmed up and kissed you back, both your lips working together in unison. It was slow, and meaningful. You and Daryl weren’t a couple, you weren’t anything but friends and you were willing to do anything to help him forget about the pain, even if it was only temporary. He placed his hand on the back of your head and stroked your hair before you pulled away and placed your head against his shoulder. You moved your arm across his stomach to give him some sort of protection and he placed his hand over yours. You were asleep in the next couple of minutes but Daryl lay awake for a long time after you.

You stirred from your sleep as Daryl lightly shook your shoulders. You immediately jolted up and looked around.

“What is it?” you asked, your heart rate speeding up, was something wrong?

“Calm down (Y/n), you’re safe” he replied, his voice gruff from sleeping.

“Oh” you murmured, your eyes almost closing again. “Are you okay?”

“I just woke up, didn’t really sleep well”

“What time is it?”

Daryl shrugged his shoulders and you looked at your watch. “It’s 2am” you said. He looked at you apologetically and you pushed him back down onto the bed slowly.

“You don’t need to worry anymore Daryl. I’m here, you can talk to me and trust me” you whispered.

He nodded his head and you lay down next to him, you draped your leg across his and moved your arms over his chest. “I’m here” you said one more time before he wrapped his arm around you, and you both fell asleep once again.

The feeling of your neck being nibbled on woke you from your sleep. You had barely opened your eyes when you felt Daryl’s big hands roaming your body.

“Morning” he said into your neck. You quickly intertwined your fingers in his hair as he started to suck at your pulse on your neck, making you feel weak.

“Wait” you said suddenly. You pushed him off of you and moved your leg over his waist to straddle him. You could feel his hard on poking into your panties through his jogging bottoms. You knew what he wanted and you were prepared to give it to him. You started grinding yourself against his member while you kissed his lips, taking control of everything. Your arms traced his muscles along his arms before he involuntarily snapped his hips upward against you. You moaned into the kiss as the connection sent a spark buzzing through you. You didn’t make him wait any longer as you pulled the jogging bottoms and boxers down, revealing his hard cock. He moved your panties to the side with his thumb, making sure to lightly brush it against your clit as he did. You grabbed his now throbbing member and slid it along your slit, making his head wet from your juices. You then slowly lowered yourself onto him, throwing your head back at how he stretched you out. You both stayed still so you could adjust to his size. When you were feeling ready you started to lift yourself up again and then lowered yourself down. Daryl saw you were comfortable and he started to thrust up into you when you lowered yourself down, sending extra pleasure through both of you. You leaned forward and kissed his neck, making him grunt and moan. He continued to thrust up into you, keeping one hand on your ass and the other in your hair. You let your hands roam under his shirt, allowing you access to his toned body. You then brought your hands to his hair and squeezed at it, making him moan into your ear.

“I’m close” He barely whispered as the pleasure was too much for him. You carried on doing all you could to make him go over the edge. He didn’t hold back as he yanked on your hair and squeezed your ass cheek, he pounded into you for the last time before holding himself there. You felt his cock throb inside of you as he let himself go. You panted and laughed as he finally came down from his high and looked at you with dazed eyes.

“I haven’t felt that in years” he said, laughing along with you.

“I’m glad I could help” you giggled as you kissed his lips one more time before rolling next to him and rubbing his chest. He pulled the cover over your naked bodies and he finally opened up about what was troubling him.  He sighed as he got it all out, and it felt like a weight off his shoulders.

Because Jesus and Daryl are apparently ruining my life now, here are ~600 words of not-so-forced bed sharing and cuddles.

“You can stay with us tonight. I’ll take the couch.”

Daryl lay there in the dark for minutes or hours, thinking about the last time he’d washed blood from his hair. He’d watched it swirl down the drain of the shower in Jesus’ trailer. After, Jesus gave him clothes and a bed and curled up on the floor beside it. Before sleep came to take him, Daryl had wanted to roll over and invite him in.

Now, he couldn’t push the thoughts from his mind. Jesus upstairs, curled up in the bed Daryl hadn’t slept in for weeks. He wondered if the sheets smelled musty, and then he couldn’t stop wondering. He would just go check, just in case. Offer Jesus a new set from the hall closet and then return to the couch in the living room.

Jesus was awake with the door half open when Daryl knocked.

“You can come in, Daryl.” Daryl knew he was smiling before he could even see Jesus’ face.

“Just wanted to see if you needed anything.” Daryl clicked the door shut behind him.

“Yeah,” Jesus said, casually leaning against the headboard, “I can’t sleep either.”

Daryl hesitated in the doorway, then realized waiting for an invitation into his own room was ridiculous. He took the armchair in the corner. In the lamplight, Jesus was half in shadow on the bed.

“You worried about what’s going to happen?” Jesus asked.

“Nah. We got the guns.” Daryl thought of Dwight languishing in his cell and resisted the urge to laugh. “They should be worried about us.”

There was another long stretch of silence. Daryl watched Jesus fold his hands across his belly in the half-light. His toes flexed against the covers.

“You can have your bed back if you really want it.”

“S’alright,” Daryl said, standing and making his way to the door.

“Don’t be ridiculous. Come on. This bed is a lot bigger than the one in my trailer.”

Daryl paused with his back turned, then actually started blushing. Before he could talk himself out of it, Jesus was making room for him on the bed, and Daryl was squeezing himself into one tight corner, nearly falling from the edge.

“Better, right?”

Daryl reached over and clicked off the lamp, hiding his blush in the dark. “I’ve slept on worse.”

Jesus laughed. “Have you ever let your guard down? Just wondering.”

“Have you?”

“I thought that’s what I was doing when I invited you into this bed.”

Daryl turned his head, but couldn’t see Jesus through the dark. He turned on his side then, away from Jesus, and closed his eyes. He was busy thinking about the last time anyone had held him close in the dark, years and years ago, when Jesus reached out a hand.

“Daryl,” he said, touching Daryl’s shoulder with the tips of his fingers. He shifted closer and flattened his palm. “Is this okay?”

Daryl didn’t speak, but shifted back toward the contact. Jesus moved his hand lower, slinked his arm around Daryl’s waist, and Daryl pressed his whole body into Jesus’ warmth. Jesus was smaller than him, but Daryl felt entirely surrounded, bound by the safety of the arm pulling tighter around his middle.

“If you want me to stop, I will,” Jesus breathed against Daryl’s neck.

“No,” Daryl choked out. “Don’t stop.”

Daryl slept soundly after that, dreams quiet and calm for the first time in years. For once, there was no blood. Only Jesus wrapped around his back, warm against his shoulders, their fingers tangling together on top of the covers.

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youtube has finally started to take down channels and videos of black men attacking black women. Oshay Duke Jackon, some of Tommy's channels and MANY others have all been taken down and they are PRESSED! they making videos saying black women just want to see them broke and black men need to stay positive and dont rely on youtube for their income. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *gabrielle union hair flip*

Yes they have. This is a victory! I haven’t had the time to cover this, but thanks to celebrity author (and I believe she’s also a lawyer) Sophia Nelson. Sophia Nelson is the Black Woman responsible for starting this campaign to take down the bw-hating cyberbullies. The He-Man Black Woman Haters Club REALLY barked up the wrong tree, this woman is powerful and has powerful connections! She posted a video not to long ago about how BW-hater Youtuber, Obsidian has been making bashing/stalking videos about her and unlawfully using her images for years without her knowledge. He thought that he was getting away with it  because he thought that she was just like many black women, powerless to do anything about it. I’ve said for a while now that we just need ONE powerful black woman with MANY powerful connections to get an successful black woman anti-defamation league going. Mrs. Nelson ain’t playing! She’s friends with Christelyn Karazin. CK talks about it more here. Here’s the video with Mrs Nelson discussing the bullying of her and black women and girls:

Christelyn also did a google hang out with Mrs. Nelson (below):

It ain’t over yet and there’s more work to do!


“There’s a million ways to write, but the way I always used to write was with John and it would be across from each other, either in a hotel bedroom on the twin beds, with an acoustic guitar and we’re just looking at each other. He’d make up something, I’d make up something and we’d just spin off each other. The nice thing for me, I’ve said it a million times, but it’s always my big memory, is seeing John there, him being right-handed, me being left-handed, it felt to me like I was looking in a mirror.

“But it was a great way to work and because we were kids together, and we’d known each other since our teenage years, we’d developed a way of working that would be one of would start an idea, and the other one would spin off it. 

“[…] I know I can never have a better collaborator than John. That is just a fact. It’s inescapable. So I don’t try and escape it. I just know there’s no way I can find someone now who’s going write better stuff with me than I wrote with John.”

[Paul, BBC Radio 6 Music, 23rd March 2017]

Pics: Paul and John composing in the front room of 20 Forthlin Road, c. October 1962. Legend says they’re writing I Saw Her Standing There. Photos by Mike McCartney.

When Michonne was about to climb that tree… I didn’t say anything but my husband was like

“And no Rick is NOT looking at her butt, ‘cuz I know y'all (my fellow Richonners) are gonna make a million posts on tumblr talking about ‘he was looking at her butt’”…

I still didn’t say anything. Then Michonne actually started climbing and Rick was looking up at her… I still didn’t say anything, because before I could, my husband quickly corrected himself all defensively…

“Okay. Okay. Now he is looking at her butt… y'all be pressed.“😂😂😂

*and for the Record: Rick be pressed, not us.*

*ok. we be a little bit pressed*

*but you saw him clock that booty tho*

*we don’t gotta make up this stuff*

*no fake news in the Richonne tag boy*

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Killian didn’t leave because he thought Emma broke up with him. He left because he couldn’t live with what he had done. ALL of what he had done. Killing David’s father, choosing not to tell Emma and then trying to erase the knowledge as if it never happened.

Yes, one of Killian’s biggest character traits is his bravery but he has more than just that! He also is impulsive and prone to making bad decisions. That’s not something that just goes away. It is still a work in progress because he’s a (fictional) human and he’s not just “fixed” in one day.

Charming just kept a secret from Snow and had his own personal crisis so why is it so unbelievable that Killian would have the same thing?

He went to Nemo and said that he needed to find that man. It’s been his arc all season … that he can’t forgive himself and this bit of information threw him into a mindset that maybe he shouldn’t be forgiven because he might just keep ruining families. He ruined his own, Rumple’s, and now he thinks it would ruin things with the woman he loves the most?

Nemo gave him advice and he didn’t listen and instead thought that if he could just go back one day and forget the thing then he could move on.

He planned to leave because he thought his presence was going to tear Emma’s family apart and he couldn’t bear that.

But then Snow’s comments reminded him that love is worth the risk and that he can be forgiven and he knew that he would have to face this and that he really could be the man that Emma wanted him to be.

Exo reacts to their S/O going to work/school while being sick

How would EXO react if they’re s/o insists on going to work/school despite being really sick? 

Minseok: He wouldn’t have any of it and would carry you to your bedroom. He’d make you lay down and would make you so comfortable that you would end up staying home simply because you didn’t want to get up again.

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Luhan: He’d get upset and would fight with you until you ended up being late for work. He’d look at you and say, “well I guess there’s no point now. Get your ass to bed!” He’d kiss your nose and smile in victory.

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Yifan: He’d give you a stern look and would tell you how upset he is that you’re not taking your health seriously. He’d go so far as to getting sick himself, kissing you and telling you that you can’t go to work anyway because you need to take care of him.

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Junmyeon: You wouldn’t even get the chance to try to go to school because he would have turned off your alarm before it could even go off. You’d wake up and see him above you putting a warm cloth on your forehead.

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Yixing: He’d be very persistent and would start to cry, knowing that was your weakness. He’d whine about how he needs you to be healthy and happy all the time and that when you’re not it hurts him.

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Baekhyun: He’d be very naggy, constantly bugging you about how you need to stay home. Eventually you’d get fed up and listen to him, but he’d stay home with you for safe measures.

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Jongdae: He’d use his sass to make you stay. He’d go off on you about how you always tell him to stay home and take care of himself when he’s sick.

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Chanyeol: He’d use his big puppy eyes to convince you to stay. He’d hug you tight and wouldn’t let go until you agree to stay home and get better.

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Kyungsoo: He’d give you his signature Satansoo stare until you slowly walk back into your bedroom and into bed. He’d walk in with hot tea and a smirk on his face.

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Tao: He’d whine and whine, knowing you can’t say no to him. He’d cuddle you and tell you that he wants you to be healthy and would kiss you, until he remembers that you’re sick and jumps away.

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Jongin: He’d get very serious and would tell you that he won’t ever buy you chicken until you get back into bed. He’d hide your keys and textbooks to make sure that you can’t go.

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Sehun: He’d use his entire body to keep you in bed. He’d lay on you and would pretend he’s asleep, but you both know he’s not. When you finally fall back to sleep, he’d smile in victory, rolling off of you and holding you close.

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I just think it’s interesting because timeline-wise (even though the timeline is horrible); Emma and Hook have only been dating for about a year and during this time he’s died like 3 times, Emma was separated as the DO, and just in general dealing with the bad-guy of the month… communication in a relationship, in my experience, is a learned skill. You suddenly have another person there that relies on you as much as you rely on them. Now that things are slowing down, it makes sense communication is a problem that’s going to come up. 

Take this from someone who has horrible communication skills when it comes to personal relationships. Now put that in the perspective of two individuals that have been guarded and jaded their whole life? I’m not surprised. 

I’m glad that they’re addressing this on this show because I relate to it so much it hurts. And I’m glad because it’s real – you still love that person, but you also love them enough to know when to step back and communicate. Any thoughts on this?

I think one of my favourite things about Griffin McElroy as a storyteller is his ability to turn ridiculous goofs into serious plot-points, and/or hide important plot-points in obvious jokes, depending on which came first. (The main ones I could think of were huge spoilers so don’t click if you’re not up to date on the series)

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i think it would make sense if Dan went blind on lighten places.. since his pupils don't ajust and stuff. ~you probably won't do this because you're an angel, it just made sense to me~

Oh… oh my god.. 

Okay well if he DID go blind, then Phil would panic and gather up all the herbs and plants he KNOWS are good for eyesight, and frantically brew a potion or salve or something, and then make Dan take it, and eagerly await the results, and of course it would work. 


Friend Shaped

Title: Friend Shaped
Summary: Whatever Dipper had thought that summoning spell would result in, that wasn’t it.
Characters: Dipper Pines, Mabel Pines, Bill Cipher
Rating: K

A/N: this one is for  @skypher-drabbles - the request was Liam intreracting with the Pines kids (and being happy). This scenario was fun to come up with. Hope you like it and thanks again for your charity donation!
(This is pretty much based on Flat Dreams and won’t make much sense if you haven’t read it.)


To be completely, a hundred percent, absolutely honest, Dipper hadn’t thought that whole summoning thing could actually work.

He had sort of hoped it would, of course, or at least that something would happen so that he wouldn’t look like a complete idiot. He had also fervently hoped that, should it work - unlikely but not impossible, because he firmly believed nothing was - he would wind up summoning something that was… not too dangerous. Like maybe a pixie, or a fairy, or a leprechaun, or a gremlin they could put in a cage - just possibly not a demon. Please, anything but a demon.

He really didn’t want to have to tell his parents he had summoned Beelzebub or Lucifer or something in the living room while they were out for dinner. They’d ground him for life and then a little past that.

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basically what you need to know about bruce wayne, more than his privilege, more than his trauma, more than his tenderness with children, more than his one-track obsessive mind, is that he doesn’t relate well with other people. because then all the rest of it makes sense. he will always comfort children because they’re easier to understand than adults. he will always cut himself off rather than talk it out. he will always find himself a little more at home with rogues who have given up understanding the world than with a society who thinks they do. and you can hang a LOT of relatable things off that aspect of his character, things that make him inspirational for a WIDE and VARIED group of people who feel like they’re never quite in step. and i think that’s what makes him so great.

brought to you by me spending midnight to six thirty am in the airport, the obligatory “dregs stuck overnight in an airport” post, written by me on no sleep

  • nina heads immediately for the late-night coffee shop
  • matthias is that friend who’s like “we should probably try and sleep” and insists that sleeping on seats in the departure lounge is manageable, also refuses to admit that nobody can fall asleep on them and lies there for a good three hours just to make a point
  • jesper spends a good amount of time just walking around and exploring, wandering in and out of all the shops, going up and down stairs and corridors just to see what’s there (until an irate security guard pointedly redirects him back into the central departure lounge).  he probably drags wylan with him 
  • there’s a small twenty-four hour restaurant that they both end up at and spend most of the night in.  they order full meals and drinks just because they can, and stay way past the time the staff should have made them leave.  wylan falls asleep sometime after four, lying across one of the benches with his head on jesper’s legs
  • jesper is more than alright with this arrangement.  sitting there absentmindedly running a hand through wylan’s hair and people-watching is more peaceful than you might expect a relatively crowded airport to be in the early hours of the morning
  • after a few hours, matthias finally admits defeat and joins nina at the coffee shop.  she grins and wordlessly slides a mug over to him.  they have a makeshift date in the early hours of the morning (matthias tells nina about the book he’s reading.  she makes him listen to an entire album of obnoxious pop music she stole from jesper.) and it’s actually matthias’ favourite part of the whole trip
  • kuwei’s been in the corner with his headphones and a book since they checked in, but will occasionally look up to complain about how uncomfortable the seats are or how long they’re waiting.  he’s also that asshole that can fall asleep anywhere and eventually does just that, curled up on one of the airport seats in the most uncomfortable-looking position, but he’s fine
  • nina finds out the duty free shop is open all night and almost misses boarding with how long she’s in there.  she emerges with armfuls of new purchases and has to sit on her suitcase to make them all fit
  • kaz is Not a fan of airports.  they’re too busy and bright and crowded and there’s nowhere comfortable to sit if you can even find an empty seat, there’s too many tourists, everything is overpriced,
  • he probably just sits in the least-crowded area he can find, sipping coffee and scrolling on his phone.  after a while, inej joins him.  she doesn’t sleep well in airports so they spend a couple of hours just sitting together in silence, until at one point kaz looks up and sees inej has fallen asleep, head resting on folded arms and hair falling across the table.  it doesn’t affect him in the slightest, not at all, he’s definitely not staring
  • (he certainly doesn’t drape his jacket around her shoulders before going back to his coffee and his phone.  nina didn’t see a thing.  shut up, nina.)

man i wonder what aarons gonna do for roberts birthday.

can you imagine him coming out of prison and seeing robert still so withdrawn and sad after he got drunk and trashed the mill and cried on vic’s shoulder. aaron decides he’s gonna make roberts birthday the best it can be. he takes his husband out for a picnic even though it’s not his thing because robert once told him his mum used to take him on picnics.

he’ll buy robert something small but meaningful; something robert will keep locked away in a drawer, safe and sound, taking it out to look at it occasionally and aaron’ll find him doing it on twenty, thirty years from now and neither of them will believe they’ve come so far, but they’re both certain they love each other as much now as they did then.

aaron’ll take robert out for a drink somewhere in hotten, will make jokes about robert eyeing up the ladies but he better not be wanting to go home with them if he knows what’s good for him. robert looking pleased and so so proud and just kissing him senseless right there and then.

with his husband fed and watered and gifted out, aaron will drag him back to the mill in the bedroom roberts fixed back up and he’ll fuck him right there and then, making the room their own.

robert will make as much noise as he wants, no worries about any comments being thrown their way the next morning. he’ll hold onto aaron for dear life and this will be the first birthday in forever where he’s felt safe and loved and truly, truly happy.

when it’s over, robert’ll kiss aarons shoulder and burrow in to the cuddle, aarons arms around him, and he’ll say thanks and that he loves him and that aarons the best thing that ever happened to him.

aaron’ll tell him he loves him back, that robert deserves that and more, and from now on it’s about them and only them.

and liv, robert’ll add because they’re a unit, these three.

good birthday? aaron’ll ask

best birthday, robert’ll reply and mean it with every fibre of his being

anonymous asked:

i can't wait to see viktor with happiness tho like how extra will he get he gotta make up for those years pining and suffering after all i'm not going to be surprised if he gets an instagram dedicated to yuuri and his next season's theme is literally "katsuki yuuri"

It gets to the point where everyone is like ‘we get it, you’re in love oh my god’ because he just never shuts up about Yuuri!

I don’t want that lady to be Anna OR Layla, because I just know that Lucy is going to see them and get all happy, and then Mashima is going to kill them and it’s going to utterly crush Lucy.

Like, if it’s Layla and she dies, that means Lucy’s going to think her mother has been dead for years, have suffered emotional abuse/neglect at the hands of her father for years, had a falling out with him, come back to make amends only to find out he’s dead, and then? What? Have Layla pop up and learn that her mother was potentially hiding away somewhere for 19 years? And then potentially watch her mother die? That’s really f’d up.

Like, that’s super f’d up and I’d much rather it be Anna that appears tbh

batbaebeyond  asked:

Once, when Damian had patrol off one night he had a really bad nightmare. Which led to a mini panic attack when he woke up, and Bruce and the fan were still on patrol. So Damian goes off and snatches a piece of clothing from everyone's room and hunkers down on Bruce's bed until he's calm and falling asleep again. Bruce walks in his bedroom after patrol to find a small ball of warm Dami and promptly melts a little on the inside. Damian wakes up in the morning to being cuddled to death by Bruce.

😭😭 this is so beautifuuuul

Because Damian grabbing a garment that belongs to each of his siblings and hiding out in Bruce’s bed means he’s seeking comfort and safety. And that means his family makes him feel safe. And Bruce unraveling to find his son seeking the comfort of his father, even the idea of his father, because he went to go hide where his dad sleeps is so :’)

redmullets  asked:

For the ask meme: klance, 9, 10, 33, and 48 ♡

9. who makes the coffee (or tea)? 

They have to take turns. I like to think that, most of the time anyway, Lance is the one who has to make it because Keith sleeps like the dead once he finally passes out (I headcanon that he has insomnia, my poor boy) and it takes forty minutes to get him to open his eyes, let alone get out of bed unless coffee is involved. But there are the days that Keith’s been up all night and just gives up trying to sleep so he’ll make coffee at 5 and sip it and do something angsty like stare out a window for a few hours until Lance gets up from his beauty rest. There’s always a fresh pot by the time Lance steps into the kitchen, though, and he’s always greeted by a kiss on the cheek.

10. who likes sweet / who likes sour?

Lance has the sweet tooth and Keith likes sour, duh. Who do you think was the guinea pig for all of Hunk’s wonderful baking creations back on Earth? Also one time, Lance had to watch Keith and Pidge do a contest of who could stuff the most Warheads in their mouths and nearly puked just looking at it. (Keith very much regretted doing that. He couldn’t taste food for a week because of it.)

33. who would wear “not guilty” t-shirt / who would wear “sin” t-shirt?

Lance would wear the “sin” t-shirt because he’s a lil shit and would brag about that and finger gun at anyone who reads his shirt, no matter what their reaction would be. Keith’s a fcknig nerd, okay, he lived alone in the desert he barely knows what’s going on half the time he is Too Pure so the “not guilty” shirt goes to him.

48. who loses stuff?

Lance. He always gets distracted by people or new things or by telling a story so he’ll put down something he was working on and follow Hunk to the kitchen as he reiterates the latest prank he pulled on Shiro, then forget which room he put that One Thing in and stress out about it then get distracted by pulling Pidge’s hair and so it goes on.

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