because he looks people in the eye


#im sad #look at him  #he can’t believe that isak is standing infront of him #he keeps his eyes closed #because he can’t believe that he is actually there #holding him #telling him that he is not alone  #it’s like even has gotten used to people giving up on him #but there is isak #telling him he’s not alone #and now he knows #that he is going to stay by his side #he doesn’t have to hide anymore #doesn’t have to be afraid of what isak would think of him #because no matter what happens #isak is not going to leave him alone #because he is not alone

Cup of tea ( Short Fluffy OTaYuri)

Yuri had never truly enjoyed anyone’s company other than his grandfather and new… friend. When the dark haired male had taken him up to the balcony back in Barcelona and asked him if he wanted to be his friend, Yuri had been confused.

He thought that Otabek was playing a trick on him as he was the youngest skater that season and he snapped.

“Huh? What kind of joke are you playing?”

He was confused because his harsh personality usually scared off most people, excluding his fans who found his personality adorable.

Otabek didn’t look away from the view before him and only looked at Yuri through the corner of his eye.  He had guessed the younger male would get defensive and hostile if he thought someone was willing to be his friend.

“I’m not playing a joke on you, Yuri.”

“Of course you are, what else could ‘I want to be your friend’ mean?”

Otabek sighed and turned away from the incredible view and faced the blonde. “It’s as it sounds Yuri. I’ve always admired you since the first time I saw you in that training camp back then and wanted to be someone close to you.”

Yuri refused to believe Otabek words. The numerous amounts of people who admired him and wanted to know him all got disappointed by his true personality and rude speech. Who was to say that Otabek would different?

Yuri scoffed and said, “That’s a lie.”

Otabek sighed once more, he had guessed that the blonde would refuse any offer of friendship unless he proved himself to be different from the other people that he was sure had tried to be his friend only for them to leave the blonde due to his harsh personality.

“You have a horrible personality. You’re rude, insensitive, mean and very angry for a fifteen year old.” As he said that, he moved from where he was standing and closer and closer to the younger male.

Otabek saw Yuri open his mouth about to say something and continued before the blonde could say anything. “But that’s what makes you unbelievably special and unique. You have incredible potential and your skating is always flawless and graceful and combined with your personality it makes you the most unique skater in this season.”

Yuri closed his mouth and stared at Otabek, trying his hardest to push down the blush that had started over his cheeks all the way to his ears. In his fifteen years of life, no one-not even his precious grandfather- had ever said that his personality made him unique, they all said it clashed with his skating in a non-beautiful way.

“And back to my original question, will you be my friend?” Otabek asked his lips pulled up slightly in a smile at seeing the blush spread over Yuri’s face.

Yuri hesitated for a moment before answering the older man’s question with a nod of his head, the blush covering majority of his face increasing in color.

Otabek turned back to the view he as originally admiring and asked the blonde, “There is a great tea store I know of that’s not far away from here, would you like to join me?”

Yuri nodded his head and began walking back to the bike parked close by. Otabek caught up to the blonde and they walked the short distance to the bike in silence. He handed the second helmet to the blonde before putting on his own helmet and climbing onto his black bike. Yuri climbed on as well and wrapped his arms around Otabek’s waist and held on tight when the bike roared to life and Otabek began driving, weaving through the few cars in the road with careful ease.

Otabek stopped the bike and waited for Yuri to release him and climb off the bike before parking it and remove his helmet and place Yuri’s helmet beside his. He walked to the front door of the store and opened the door, standing aside for Yuri to walk in first before walking in after him and letting the door shut on its own.

They picked a table close to the door and the large window that gave them a great view of the outside world. Ordering a milk tea for the both of them, Otabek sat in silence and watched the blonde. A few minutes later, two cups of steaming hot tea were placed in front of the two by a waitress who after bowing her head slightly at them left and went to serve another table.

Yuri was getting flustered by Otabek’s unabashed staring. He was asking himself why he agreed to the older man’s offer of friendship as a part of him expected him to give up with his true personality and leave but Yuri-for some reason unknown to him-wanted to try being friends with Otabek and opened his mouth to start a conversation.

Otabek sipped his tea before answering Yuri and listening intently to Yuri talk about his grandfather’s piroshky and his favorite foods from Japan and other places around the world. Otabek learned of Yuri’s obsession with flashy shirts with strange patterns or drawings on them. He learned of Yuri’s loss to Katsuki Yuuri back in Japan which he had watched online but he didn’t tell the blonde that.

Before they realized, the tea store was closing and it had become pitch black outside, the only light from the few stores that were still open and the street lights. Paying the bill, Otabek and Yuri exited the store and continued talking as they walked to where Otabek had parked the bike. They climbed on and Otabek drove Yuri back to his hotel. Stopping the bike in front of the hotel, Yuri climbed off and handed the dark haired male back his helmet. He was about to say goodbye and go into the hotel when Otabek reached into his pocket and removed his phone and handed it to him saying, “Put your number in.”

Yuri blinked before taking the phone and inserting his digits and saving it. He bid the older man goodbye and walked into the hotel and up to his room to shower and sleep, the day tiring activities making him sleep the instant his head touched the pillow.

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Could you do a demon 2p Russia x male angel reader?? Like maybe the male reader is fallen angel

You knew he was aware of you watching him. You were aware he was watching you too. It was because of him that you fell from Heaven, you fell for him. A demon. How? You weren’t sure, his eyes? His voice? Anything and everything made him perfect in your eyes. People might have thought you fell because of the fact you loved someone of the same gender but no….He just had to be a demon. You blamed him, You hated him, and yet….You loved him. So lost in your thoughts you didn’t focus on the fact that he was making his way towards you across the street. To humans, you two looked normal enough. To each other, you could see the wings, the horns and halo, you could see the truth.

“I’m tired of this.” His deep voice broke you out of your thoughts. There he stood, in all of his 6′ foot glory. His dark, blood red eyes pierced your own. His brown hair looked so tempting to run your hands through, the scarf he always wore sat comfy around his neck.

“Tired of what?” 

“Watching each other. Do you plan to kill me or not?” His voice sounded tired….did he really think that was what you were planning? You just couldn’t get the courage to talk to him….but maybe in some sense you did want him dead….but it would not be by your hand.

“No.” He was taken back by your answer so you continued “I have fallen from Heaven…..I have no reason to kill you.” 

“Would that not earn you a place back in Heaven?” It could…it just might. 

“Possibly…but I don’t want to see you dead. I prefer to see you smiling, even if it means you covered in the blood of the sinful and innocent.” A small smile graced your lips at his shocked expression. 

“It seems your friends are waiting, let’s speak again soon.” With that you turned and left him, glancing back only to see a strange look of lust and….respect? Admiration? You hoped it could be love….one day, maybe. For now, let things move slowly.

[1] How To Kill The Monster

Chapter 1: Another Secret

Words: 711

Pairings: Brylirious/Brynathan


In a dark room sit two guys of different kinds.

One is quiet, kind, gentle. His hair is kept tidy and his clothes are neat. His eyes are pale blue and full of light, although have a sad look to them. He’s heard so many stories and secrets of people admitting to bad things they’ve done, whether that’s because they’re either guilty or proud of it. He flinches away from people’s movements towards him. He’s scared of so many things, of so many people, and there’s nothing he can do about it.

The other is the opposite. One eye is a dark blue and the other is purple, a slight glow to it. His hair is wild and messy. He’s wearing a blue hoodie, black jeans and there’s a mask in his gloved hand. The gloves are fingerless and the quiet one can see midnight blue nail polish on his nails. There’s a knife in a holder on his belt.

While they are very different, they talk a lot. Or at least one of the two does.

Delirious. He’s a Controller. He’s wild, crazy, evil. He kills for fun and takes great pleasure in hearing people scream.

Bryce. He’s a Secret Keeper. There’s a spell on him that he can’t break, and he can’t escape from. Whatever people tell him, he can’t share.

That’s why the two met up. Delirious would talk and Bryce would listen. Even killers had to let out their emotions sometimes. Of course Delirious always gave Bryce something back, which helped both of them out in a way.

Delirious began telling Bryce about his day as they sat there. Sometimes Del didn’t kill anyone, sometimes he killed multiple. Today was a fairly calm day for him. Bryce was surprised when he was told Delirious had done normal everyday human things.

“Bryce, you’d never give in and tell someone about what I say, right?” He asked randomly.

“It’s not like I can, even if I wanted to,” Bryce sighed. “But no. I wouldn’t.”

“Then is it ok if I tell you a few things nobody really knows?”

Bryce nodded.

“My name- It’s Jonathan. Or Jon, I don’t mind which you say,” He smiled over at Bryce, who smiled back. “And there’s only one was to kill a Controller.”

Bryce was caught off guard. Out of all the secrets he’d heard and all the other Controller’s he’s spoke too, none of them had said this. It made sense though.

“There’s this special dagger made specifically to attack us. I have one actually. It was made quite a long time ago when the humans really wanted to get rid of us. It failed, obviously because we’re powerful, but they do kill us. There was this friend of a friend, I can’t remember his name. A human had attacked him with it and he didn’t have time to react. Got him right-“ He pointed to his chest where his heart was. “Here.”

“Have you ever nearly been hurt by it?”

Jon looked down and sighed, nodding. “I wasn’t attacked though.”

Bryce realised what he meant. “So that’s why you have one..”

“I’ve been thinking about getting rid of it, but every time I go to do it there’s two thoughts in my head. What if another Controller gets attacked because someone got the blade, and… And what if I need to use it?”

“Why would you need to use it?” Bryce asked, taking his hand.

“If I die I want it to be because I chose to, not because someone wanted me dead. If I’m stuck in a situation I know I’m not gonna survive, I want to be the one who put that blade through my heart. Nobody else,” He said. His hand squeezed Bryce’s. “It doesn’t look like I’m scared of anything, but I am. I’m scared of so many things Bryce.”

Bryce could see that Jon didn’t want to talk anymore and stood up. He pulled Jon up with him and leaned into him slightly. “You don’t need to say anything else. It’s ok.”

Jon looked up at him. “Can we do something else?”

“Of course we can. Got anything in mind?”

“Same thing as usual.”

And the two went off to enjoy the rest of their night.

my immortal

Hi my name is Matthew Michael Murdock and I have short bright red hair that reaches my head and bright blind eyes like cloudy skies and a lot of people tell me I look like Satan (AN: if u don’t know who they are get da hell out of here!). I’m not related to Matthew Mcchonahgnhey but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie apparently. I have pale freckled skin. I’m also a superhero, and I beat people up in Hell’s Kitchen where I graduated from bird school, which is for birds. I’m a lawyer (I’m 36). I’m a masked vigilante (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly red leather. I love Melvin Potter’s costume shop and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a red leather bodysuit with armor as red as my blood, a red mask with devil horns and knee high fetish boots. I was walking across the George Washington Bridge. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was very happy about. A lot of ninjas stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.

“Hey Matt!” shouted a voice. I looked up. It was… Spider-Man!


Based on the infamous “MY IMMORTAL” bad if of Harry Potter fandom.
Put your character in the generator then paste the description. Tag 5 or more people on whomever you wanna see be ‘My Immortalized’.

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I made my friend watch pinof 8 w me because he forced me to watch some Ariana grande performance and the whole time he was like "they gay?" "yea they gay as fuck" &then when dan was in Phil's drawer he was like "do they live together? And they tell people they not gay? Phil look like he's almost 30 yea I don't believe this turn it off" And he kept rolling his eyes and looking away when I told him they say they're not together lmfao

GDGDGSHFH i cant believe u chose to watch pinof 8 over ariana grande

Hi my name is Jesse McCree and I have a gun called Peacekeeper (that’s how I got my name) and a cool hat and a serape and brown eyes that look like the dirt and a lot of people tell me I look like Clint Eastwood (AN: if u don’t know who he is get da hell out of here!) I’m not related to Gabriel Reyes but I wish I was because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a cowboy but I’m like a cool cowboy. I have tan skin. I’m also a member of Overwatch and I go to a secret base called Gibraltar which is in Spain where I’m a veteran (I’m thirty-seven). I’m a cowboy (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly western. I love Country Outfitter and I buy all my clothes there. For example today I was wearing my red serape with my hat on my head and my super cool belt buckle. I was smoking outside of Gibraltar. The sun was setting, which I was very happy about. A weird japanese man on a cliff stared at me. I shot a bullet at him.

apparently drunk!Jensen
  • talks a lot
  • thinks it’s a good idea to wear ties on his head
  • posts crap [more than once!!!!!] on social media
  • constantly has a dopey little grin on his face
  • is kind of loveable???


Let me tell you something, kid. I know that you’re sad. And I know that you think some boy with pretty eyes who makes you laugh until your stomach hurts is the answer. But he isn’t the answer. Or the savior. Or the light at the end of the tunnel. He’s just a boy with pretty eyes who makes you laugh until your stomach hurts. And I know that you want him to reach a hand to the floor and help you stand again, but he can’t fix you. He’s sad, too. He’s looking for the answer. And newsflash: it isn’t you. It isn’t anybody. Because people aren’t going to teach you how to wake up even when it’s hard, and how to feel life all the way to your gut without trying to throw it back up, and how to demand your own kindness. No, kid. That’s something you have to figure out for yourself.

Okay so I’m slowly falling in love with the idea of Percy being a son of Aphrodite  because that au would be so neat like-

  • Percy still having his troublemaker smile and messy windswept hair and sea green eyes but there’s a certain almost uncomfortable beauty to him, inspiring a slight, undefinable uneasiness in most others because his eyes are almost too green and too deep and his crooked troublemaker smile dimples his left cheek in the most radiant way and even his messy windswept hair looks like it was supposed to be tousled in that way and all of his imperfections some how make him more appealing.
  • And because people don’t really understand where this uneasiness comes from so it just furthermore gets Percy labeled as a troublemaker at first glance.
  • Percy getting teased with/nicknamed ‘Pretty Percy’
  • Grover finding Percy at Yancy Academy because his smell is so potent that he knows that Percy must be powerful.
  • When Nancy Bobofit dumps her food onto Grover’s lap, Percy snaps for her to go jump in the fountain and to his surprise she actually does it and he’s never been so confused in his life. 
  • (This of course starts the chain reaction that ends with him passing out on the deck of the Big House with the golden haired girl saying that he must be the one)
  • Annabeth Chase, Daughter of Apollo, gives him the tour around camp.
  • After Capture the Flag when Percy gets claimed there’s such a sense of disappointment from everyone - the kid who killed the minotaur with its own horn was a son of Aphrodite? Seriously?
  • But the disappointment is quickly replaced with shock when Percy disarms Luke at sword practice without even lifting his sword. He just told Luke to drop his sword, and without a second thought, Luke did.
  • Silena is the one who tells Percy about charmspeak.
  • He still becomes a master swordsman and is still one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful demigods of the series.
  • His charmspeak goes from being something that happened either on accident or in dire situations to being more potent then you could imagine. It freaks out a lot of people because he could tell you to do anything, and you would comply without a second glance.
  • He can actually feel love, whether it be romantic, platonic or otherwise. He’ll sense it between partners and families and friends, and he tries to describe it and how each love is distinct and different but no one quite understands - everyone except for Aphrodite that is.
  • One of his powers that he discovers later on in the series is the ability to manipulate love and everything that goes with it. It goes far beyond the trivial, relationship-ending things his siblings do. The love that he can feel and sense between people - he can ruin it, he can make it so it was if it was never there. He can turn that passion into burning hatred. He can turn want into obsessive desire. And that’s when he understands what Aphrodite says when she says that love can bring the gods to their knees.
  • He’s still the child of the prophecy. Aphrodite considers herself the oldest god, being created out of Ouranos. When he was defeated his immortal essence created the sea foam from which Aphrodite was born.

But now onto the cute headcanons of Aphrodite!Percy

  • Being absolute dorks with his siblings.
  • Playing princess dress up with Lacy and letting her do his makeup
  • Getting teased mercilessly by Silena for his totally obvious crush on Annabeth.
  • Using his charmspeak to tease and flirt with Annabeth.
  • Annabeth and him being jokingly known as the ‘flower’ couple of the camp because she’s sunshine and he’s love even though they’re both scary af.
  • Percy speaking fluent french
  • Percy speaking fluent french to Annabeth
  • Percy knowing that he’s attractive and being overly dramatic with hair flips and posing.
  • Percy using his aphrodite-esque powers and looks to become suddenly extremely alluring to Annabeth - which she then blushes and punches him in the arm while he snickers.
  • Percy breaking the stigmas that go along with being a child of Aphrodite.
Can we get some appreciation for Coran and how much he does?

Okay, so I was looking for Coran’s eye color (because I couldn’t remember it) and then I started to look at the list of occupations:

Look at this! LOOK AT THIS! This man has a full plate on his hands. He’s so important and pretty much the key to getting the paladins as far as they have in being true paladins.

He’s been Royal Adviser for a while so there’s no doubt he’s got experience with knowing how to get a kingdom/empire to stay functional and diplomatically handle situations. He’s experienced in advising people on what they should do in tight situations.

Mechanical Engineer. He’s the one that keeps the ship up and running (later with the help of Hunk and Pidge I don’t doubt and I have no doubt he teaches them how things work when they have questions or seem to struggle with something).

Helmsman of the Castle of Lions. He can fly not just the Castle, but probably anything he gets thrown into and if he doesn’t know he’ll probably learn quick, fast, and in a hurry.

Part-time chief for the Team Voltron. Okay so his cooking skills are probably a 50/50 on it being actually tasty to humans (and sometimes even Alteans), but I’m pretty sure he’s been to war and had to make do with what he had to feed not just himself, but probably a platoon.

Chief Medical Officer. This means when the paladins get hurt, he’s taking care of it with or without the help of another. After everything was said and done, he was probably the main one to take care of Lance’s wounds after being seriously injured when the Rover imposter blew up.

Chief Trainer. He was probably part of the military force of Altea so he’s probably experienced in training others to fight in the first place. This is how he probably knows how to train the paladins. Also because of this experience (and probably experience interacting with the former paladins) he has initial doubt because these are just children and they seem to have no experience in fighting (save for Shiro and maybe Keith).

He knows nothing about their capabilities so of course he has doubts if they can make it as paladins, but as he learns more about them, he gets better at training them and finding methods to help them grow in their roles.

We’re gonna keep going with the fighting expertise. We see how he gets in a defensive stance when Pidge yells at Allura.

Originally posted by captbuccaneer

See how he turns his body? He’s ready to lunge to her defense at a moments notice if any of the paladins take a turn for the worse and attack her. And what happens when the food get’s thrown at her? He shows fighting experience and blocks the food so that not only she is protected, but himself so he can keep defending her should the need arise (despite it not being fatal to get food on his clothes

Even on the wikia it says “The eyes of a man who’s seen far, far too much pain in his lifetime.”

Look at his face:

Those are the eyes of someone that’s seen too much pain in his lifetime. As I’ve previously stated: there’s a high probability he’s been to war and that’s a lot of pain and suffering.

Teacher of the paladins. Trainer and teacher are two completely different things. While yes, trainers teach, they merely train a certain aspect. As a teacher he gives life lessons and gives them guidance. As a teacher he cares about his students as we see here:

When Lance is homesick he comforts him as best he can. He understands because he’s homesick, too (the only difference being he can never go back to his home because it was destroyed).

He teaches them lessons about things they had no prior knowledge of.

Hunk doesn’t know that the Balmera is a living thing or why they shouldn’t yank the crystals out of the earth, but Coran doesn’t yell at him over not knowing or get frustrated. He calmly explains, “It’s not a planet. Balmera are ancient animals. Petrified, but still alive. Their bodies naturally create the crystals that help power many Altean ships. I often accompanied my grandfather to visit these majestic creatures when he was building the Castle of Lions.

Long story short, give this man some love because he’s so underappreciated.


You’re unbelievable.
I know.

Some little things about Gerard Way

-He’s shorter than you expect, partly because his posture’s bad
-When he’s just walking along he looks deep in thought and keeps his shoulders very forward
-But if people start talking to him he immediately stands up straight, but doesn’t really seem to look people in the eye all too much
-He wears a lot of layers, I think he gets really cold
-He writes things in pen and crosses out a lot of things
-His handwriting is nice and he doesn’t write on both sides of his paper
-His face is soft and round and has faint freckles
-He’s warm, maybe from holding coffee so close to his chest
-He knows how to command a stage but he is shy and quiet
-He wears cargo pants and carries so many things in the pockets
-He likes cupcakes
-He thanks people for the smallest things and it’s so nice
-He’s very giggly

I didn’t know Javi Muñoz was gay until I saw the clip from August 14th of him fighting back against homophobes and honestly right now I have tears in my eyes right now because a gay Latino man is playing the biggest role on Broadway right now and he’s doing such an incredible job and as a young queer Latinx kid I’m crying because I have such an amazing role model to look up to

And this is so significant bc yes you hear about gay people in Broadway and in theatre (E. G. Groffsauce) but you NEVER hear about queer POCs, ESPECIALLY not queer Latinxes and definitely not queer Latinx individuals IN LEADING ROLES, and I’m so happy and so proud that I and future queer Latinx theatre kids have Javi to look up to and I just

I hope he knows that his existence and his playing this fantastic role in such an influential musical, which has become such a big part of my life, is an inspiration to me and to us all. Seeing myself represented in a community I love and respect is something I never could have imagined a year ago.

Thank you so much, Javi.

lets talk abt otabek altyn for a bit

alright its very late but im making this post anyways because. otabek. look at him

he trained in so many places and got home only year ago because he was trying his hard for his country, Kazakhstan
trust me, since nobody knows shit about  Kazakhstan, all fellow KZ citizens face SHIT LOAD of stress on any kind of foreign competitions
they’re literally representing the image of their whole country, and depending on the way they show them, that way people will recognize the country they never heard about
so if they fuck up, they fuck up the image of the country in everyone’s eyes, which very, very stressful

also!! otabek is so straightforward in communication because he usually dont get interested in people, thus no particular social skills (and he doesnt show any kind of emotions that much)

and there is yuri, who he got interested in for, how many, 5 years??? and literally offers to be friends

otabek, badass looking guy on FUCKING MOTORBIKE, tells 15yo russian boy about his life story, how cool are that russian boy’s eyes and just asks him like so i told u abt myself are you going to be my friend now of what

i love otabek already, im looking forward for more of him as someone who represents my dear homeland Kazakhstan and just as very sweet shy person, finally getting a friend

and being someone’s first friend

Timeline of Events?

Post-performance at Sochi Grand Prix : Victor doesn’t recognize Yuri as one of the competitors? Or something to that effect. He treats Yuri like a fan rather than greeting him as a competitor.

Which causes Yuri to feel like he could never compare to Victor. Victor is confused.

Then the banquet happens.

“Oh it’s that guy. Didn’t realize he a competitor.” Also Yurio’s looking at Yuri with the stink-eye again.

Yuri gets drunk and does some dance-offs. Then YURI asks VICTOR if he’ll be his coach if he wins a dance-off with him. Despite this ridiculousness, Victor agrees, probably because he was enamored at first sight.

Then they dance and have a grand ol’ time. There’s also some chemistry.

But Yuri forgets everything. And then he goes back to Japan. Victor lacks some motivation, and that with the new idea of being a coach keeps Victor from being able to answer people’s inquiries into his future

Shit happens, Victor watches the video. While it was uncertain whether or not Yuri was going to retire, this tells Victor that he was back in the game.
I feel like this could be the face of a man who either:
a) was like “I liked this guy, he has a whole lot of potential, and have no motivation to skate, so now that he’s back in the game I should actually coach him.”
b) forgot his promise with Yuri and was reminded from the video

Then he comes to Japan, much to Yuri’s surprise because the last thing Yuri remembers was their interaction that, in his mind, cemented how little Victor thought of him.

As many other people have also already posited, Victor was probably super clingy and forward at first because he didn’t realize that sober!Yuri didn’t remember anything and was also shy. Victor also gave Yuri Eros because he knew he could handle it and also Yuri is the playboy who seduced Victor and ran away. His other reactions to stuff also makes a lot more sense now.

Yuri demanding that the victor of the competition could tell Victor to do what they wanted. Michele calling Yuri a closet pervert. Despite Yuri’s previous solitude, Sala and others being friendly, Chris being TOO friendly (as I learned from marching band, there are no barriers after you’ve seen each other in your underwear).

And also a lot of other things. This show needs a rewatch

A thought

Marinette keeping the pics of Adrien up on her wall becuase she cant bring herself to throw them out, but adding pictures of her other friends as well so it’s less weird. Suddenly it’s Adrien and Alya and Nino and Rose and Kim and everyone at school who’s plastered against her walls. She adds pics of her parents, her neighbors, her Aikido instructor, and all the little kids she babysits. She even asks the regular patrons at the bakery if they’d mind posing for a portrait. (which of course they do because she’d always been so sweet and sunny and who could resist those blue eyes.) 

then one day Adrien gets invited back to her house. maybe to study, maybe for video games, the reason isn’t important. what is important is the fact he climbs up into her room and just marvels at all the friends Marinette has. The sheer volume of people she knows is staggering, he thinks, and he spends a good ten minutes looking at every single picture. 

Some wonderful things to keep in mind for this scenario:

  1. Adrien spots himself amongst her collection, and while he’s not-so-lowkey ecstatic over the fact someone cares enough about him to hang his picture on their walls, he’s also a bit glum that the only shots she has are from magazines. everyone else gets candid shots or laughing selfies, things that show their personality, but all his photos are fabricated and retouched. Impersonal. He gently brings this to Marinette’s attention, and suggests she take some new pictures of him. Pictures just for her. (cue Marinette dying)
  2. Adrien also happens to spot another familiar feline face on the walls, and just barely swallows down his pleased smirk (’cool it, you’re not in costume’) to find a dozen pics of Chat Noir scattered across Marinette’s room. Most of them he recognizes from the Ladyblog, but there’s one or two that seem to be candid captures of him on patrol. (which yeah, should probably freak him out but damn if Marinette’s photography skills dont make him look heroic as fuck under the moonlight.) He asks- very super casually -if she’s a fan, and is not at all emotionally prepared when Marinette launches into a speech about how Chat Noir is one of the most selfless, kind, and underappreciated people in all of Paris, and how he deserves just as much recognition as Ladybug for keeping the city safe. “Everyone needs to remember, his destruction is what balances Ladybug’s creation. Without each other, they’d be nothing,” Marinette prattles on. (Adrien nods mutely, desperately trying and failing not to fall in love.)
  3. Speaking of Ladybug… she’s noticeably absent from the walls. When asked about it, Marinette grows vague, saying something about how she’s waiting for the right picture or what not. something unique. something that isnt already on the walls of every Ladybug fan in Paris. ‘Something unique…’ Adrien muses, asking Marinette if he might barrow her camera for the night, ‘I might just be able to do that…’

Okay so like. Half Galra Keith. But instead of having a Galra form he is just. In between. And always has been.

Like he’s got little not human things about him that he’s always either ignored, hidden or never noticed in the first place.

Like his nails totally grow into claws if he doesnt trim them, and trimming them is a bitch because they’re really really tough and about the only thing that can cut them is his dagger.

His eyes definitely do that creepy glowing light reflecting thing like a cats, Keith sneaking up on you in the dark is terrifying bc if you shine a flashlight on him he looks like a demon holy shit.

Hes got real good night vision and heightened senses + his kinda extrasensory perception deal that let him fell the blue lion. Can probably always just sorta tell where people are but has never really thought about it like, why wouldn’t he know where Shiro is and what he’s feeling half way across the castle? Shiro’s his friend.

But the biggest one. Is his teeth. He has shark teeth.

Its not just that they are fangs, it’s that a new set grows in about every six years.

It doesnt come up right away, because obviously the last two times it happened his foster families took him to the dentist Right fucking away to get that shit fixed, so it seems like he just has normal teeth. Maybe with some extra pointy incisors but yeah theyre normal looking.

But then a couple months in they start falling out so a new set can grow in.

The weirdest part for everyone else is how much Keith isnt freakin out.

Like he looses five teeth in a training session and he’s just like. “>:( this again?? so thats why my mouth has been hurting so much”

And of course he’s got no clue why everyone’s insisting he go rushing to the med bay and see if a pod can fix it because “Calm down guys its just a new set coming in.”

And theyre like “Does Keith really not know how the whole baby teeth thing works that only happens once bro”

And naturally Shiro goes all mother hen and makes him open his mouth to check the damage and. Theres little fangs?? Poking through his gums? And Keith is just “Yeah this is normal, like I wasnt expecting it for a few months yet but its normal” and No. No Keith, this is absolutely not normal what the fuck.

I am just very attached to the Alien Keith idea and I want him to have fangs dammit. Boy deserves to bite people.