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pretty pretty please oh pleaase will you do a post about sunggyu as in what's so great about him, just because i want one after the great job you did on Woohyun :D

Okay so my Woohyun post was liked by people, that’s always nice to hear! I hope the anon who sent in the original ask starts to see Woohyun in a different light from now on ~~

I guess I can talk about Sunggyu too, but where to begin?


Sunggyu’s voice is one that is instantly recognisable. He can be a soft falsetto, he can be a heart-wrenching high note. He is as versatile a vocal as Woohyun is, and can lend his voice to many different genres of music. He has proven himself a strong live vocalist too (remember that time the music stopped during a live and he just carried on singing, totally unfazed?). One of my favourite performances of his was on Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook in 2015, where he sang Nell’s Time Spent Walking Through Memories and his own title track Kontrol. 

Sunggyu has one of those voices that really makes you feel things, you know? He is able to project some real emotion into his vocals, and every single song on his second solo album 27 just hits you with it. One of my fave things is when Sunggyu sings songs with softer, quieter parts that then reach an inevitable crescendo where he showcases the true power of his voice. A good example of that is this performance of Only Tears. Then there is this incredible duet he did on Duet Song Festival which just gets me every single time. I could probably go on about Sunggyu’s voice forever. But here is a compilation of his head notes, falsettos and long notes on Immortal Songs 2. 


Not only is Sunggyu an amazing leader for INFINITE in the sense that he pushes them to succeed and leads with a firm hand, he is also known to counsel the other members if they need advice. For Sungyeol and Sungjong’s birthdays last year, he went out while they were in Japan to get them gifts as he didn’t want them to miss out just because they weren’t at home. In INFINITE Showtime episode 10, Sungjong thanked Sunggyu for helping him out and listening when he has worries and concerns. The INFINITE members are close enough to Sunggyu that they can absolutely roast him on tv shows, knowing that its a joke. Back when they all lived together in a dorm, Sunggyu would wake up the members, and that is seriously the cutest thing ever, just watch it (like, yeah okay so he wrestles Woohyun, but he was being a little brat! And the spraying Sungjong was totally Nam’s idea soooo…).


Sunggyu has appeared on sooooo many shows it would take forever to list them all here. However, I couldn’t make this post without mentioning this side of him. Sunggyu has been on loads of different types of shows, including (but not limited to), The Genius, The Sea I Wanted/Dreaming Sea, Fluttering/Exciting India, and twice on Take Care of My Refrigerator. Not only that, but he has been a special host on numerous episodes of Weekly Idol and got his first proper MC position on the show Girl Spirit in 2016. Why is Sunggyu so good on these shows? Because not only is he intelligent, cunning and witty, he knows exactly what the audience wants. Whether it’s deliberately messing up a dance on Weekly Idol in order to get his manager punished, or if it’s his openness and honesty on 4Things Show . Also, here is a video of him peeling a Korean melon with his teeth.

He is also currently MCing a new show called Singderella alongside Super Junior’s Heechul, and it already looks to be pretty hilarious. You can easily find clips on Youtube ~


So above were three main points about Sunggyu as an idol, as the leader of INFINITE, as a singer. Here are some more important things:

  • Sunggyu has made multiple appearances in musicals, showing his vocal versatility as well as his acting skills. He has had main roles in Gwanghwamun Sonata (alongside Super Junior’s Kyuhyun), Vampire, In The Heights (with fellow member Dongwoo) and All Shook Up.
  • His friendships with other idols. Sunggyu is known to be close with numerous other idols, most notably Super Junior’s Heechul and Kyuhyun, SHINee’s Minho and (former) Beast’s Junghyun. He even appeared on Junghyun’s FB Live broadcast a few months ago in the Beast member’s new studio. 
  • His love of Nell. He is known to be a huuuuuge Nell fanboy, actually going so far as to say he only auditioned for Woollim because Nell were part of the company at that time. He reached peak fanboy when Nell’s Kim Jongwan produced his second solo album 27 and featured on a track with Epik High’s Tablo.
  • His undeniable good looks… So many people may be critical of Sunggyu’s small eyes, but it has to be said that he has amazingly good visuals. That jawline, those hands… I could go on, but you get the idea.
  • His hella cute baby pictures. He was the squishiest little cute kid!

In conclusion, I love Kim Sunggyu and so should you.

If you want me to do more of these for other members, just let me know heheh also @becuzgyu this is dedicated to you ~~

One of Those Days.

Jughead x Reader

Summary: He had a bad day and you take him home and try make it better. 

Warnings: Its hella cute. And very cuddly.

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Jug had asked if he could come over to my place after school, he didn’t give a reason why and I was late for my last lesson so I didn’t get a chance to ask. When school ended I waited in the hall for a few minutes before I spotted him, he looked drained and irritable. I stepped out when he reached me, I didn’t say anything because I could tell he didn’t want to talk or listen, I simply just took his hand and walked us home.

No one was at home when we arrived so I took Jug upstairs to my room while I got something for us to eat downstairs. I brought up some tea and cookies and found Jug sprawled over my bed. I sighed and set the tray down on the corner of the mattress and gently moved his arm, he watched me with heavy eyes and inhaled deeply as I lay next to him.

“I got you some tea?” I whispered as I pulled my fingers through his messy hair, that’s  how I know he’s had a bad day, he always fiddles with his hair as a nervous tic.

“Thanks, can you pass the cup here please.” He said sitting up and pulling my blanket over his body. I reached over for the cup and gave it to him, “Thanks babe.” His voice was thick and raspy. He sipped his tea and stared at the blank wall.

“Wasn’t a good day was it?” I whispered and took his free hand in mine, I wriggled closer and put my head on his shoulder.

He put his head on top of mine before he whispered back, “No, not really… Can we not talk about it though. Can I just enjoy being with you right now.”

“Of course.” I hushed and felt him lean to the side and place his cup on the night stand. He lay down and pulled me into him, we lay in a tangled mess with our legs intertwined and our arms wrapped around each other like we could loose each other at any moment.

“Talk to me though, tell me something good.” He stated in a breathy monotonous tone.

“Something good?” I giggled slightly.

“Mhm.” He smiled for a second, his eyes still closed.

I responded only when his smile faded, “Well Jughead Jones The Third, my good news is that I get to be with my favorite person in the whole wide world on this divine afternoon.” He smiled again, only to fade in a moment or two.

I watched him as he fell asleep, his brows furrowed together in a constant frown even as a soft snore escaped him every now and then. He was exhausted, you could feel it in his presence, the heavy mood filled the room and his body felt heavy on mine. I pulled strands of hair out his face and watched him adoringly as his chest rose and fell with each breath. Soon after I had felt my own eyes fall heavy.

I woke up about an hour later when my sister came home from practice, Jug was still asleep with the pain of his day still evident on his face. I listened as my sister climbed the stairs and opened her bedroom door which was across the hall from mine. I heard her put her stuff down and pull the door closed, she paused and then took two steps to my door. She knocked softly and entered without waiting for a reply from anyone. She stepped in the room quietly, knowing that I was either asleep or doing work if it was this quiet. I looked up at her and she smiled at us.

“Is he asleep?” She said so softly it was barely audible. I nodded and she sighed, “Just get up soon mom said she’ll be home early today.”

“Thanks.” I mouthed and looked back at Jug, his face still frowning slightly and his hair falling in front of his eyes. I brushed the stray hair out his face and put a hand on his back, grazing my fingers up and down his spine and onto his shoulders. “Jug, babe, you got to get up.” I said gently while slightly shaking his shoulder. He groaned and nuzzled closer to me. “No babe, come on.” I giggled and shifted away slightly.

He pulled me closer and rolled on top of me so I couldn’t force him out of bed, I giggled and tried to push him off, after a while I gave up and wrapped an arm around him again. “Love you.” He said in a gruff sleepy voice.

“I love you too.”  

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Could I get SFW Akatsuki in High school with their S/O (Plus Shisui)? What would they would be like dating at school? >.< If not dating I wouldn't mind just knowing what they are like at school >.< Best/worst classes, after school activity and grades. >.< Please and thank you >///<


The Akatsuki in High School With Their S/O + Life at School

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  • If this boy’s in high school, his attitude will still remain the same and he’ll talk back to the teachers; more specifically the arts teacher. His attitude isn’t the greatest and he isn’t the friendliest either, which made him almost friendless. He tends to be very sarcastic, argumentative and confrontational with teachers and other students. He enjoys to get under anyone’s skin and get them irritated. He’ll never shut up about his perspective of art and how it’s the best art ever. He specifies in art, he’s a master at making clay sculptures.
  • If he’s dating someone, he’ll still wouldn’t shut up about his art. His s/o has to be very patient with him, also his s/o should at least have an interest in art as well. It would be awesome if his s/o also loves his kind of art and they have very similar preferences too. He wouldn’t be afraid of showing his affection towards his s/o in public; but it’s his s/o’s choice if they’re a fan of PDA or not. He’s very soft towards his s/o, he loves them a lot and he’s not afraid to show it.


  • This boy gets suspended so many times from yelling, “I’M GOING TO FUCKING SACRIFICE YOU TO JASHIN I PROMISE YOU. I HAVE A SHARPENED PENCIL IN MY HAND AND I’M NOT AFRAID TO USE IT TO FUCKING  STAB YOU WITH IT” and casually getting into fights with many students, especially Kakuzu. He talks back to so many students and teachers and he has to be sent down to the office so many times, you don’t even know. He has a colorful vocabulary and he’s not afraid to use it on his essays. “Why the fuck is the sky fucking blue?” He’d get along with Deidara great, not.
  • He’s absolutely clueless when it comes to a relationship. “Why the fuck are you touching my thighs?” He would get into really stupid arguments with his s/o but their relationship is still strong af. They argue for fun, and if he goes way too far; I don’t think he’d be really guilty but he’d still say sorry.


  • He’s very respectful towards his classmates and his teachers. He’s always on task and gets his work done, he’s also very well-liked by many students and teachers. Many people crushes on him and he doesn’t pay attention. He says, “Please” and “Thank you” to everyone. He’s not a loud student, he’s very quiet but he’s really smart and gets straight +A’s in all his subjects. He doesn’t bitch or snitch on other people, he’s honestly a very lucky guy because he’s never involved in class dramas.
  • He doesn’t like to show his affection towards his s/o in public, he thinks it’s annoying to hear his classmates and friends teasing him or just anyone being judgemental and start spreading rumors of them. But, he wouldn’t let false rumors affect his lovely relationship with his s/o. He’s a very loyal guy too, he wouldn’t ever leave his s/o for another person.


  • This guy is very polite towards his teachers, and also to his classmates. He’s not really popular, but he doesn’t really mind; he’s a very calm person who could care less about dramas. He smiles a lot too, he’s kind and very generous. His closest friend is probably Itachi, they talk about how they’re doing. They don’t talk shit about anyone, they’re really nice but they kind of look intimidating to some people. They have each other’s back whenever someone’s being a desperate sausage for attention.
  • Kisame and his s/o would often have study dates at his or their house. But yenno, it’s not a study night if they didn’t study. Kisame is such a sweetheart too, he’s really loving towards his s/o. He’s very loyal too, he trusts his s/o a lot and his s/o should trust him too. Some peope called Kisame and his s/o the “power couple” of the year.


  • She’s a hella smart student, her good grades rival’s Itachi’s grades. She gets 100% on all her subjects and tests, many people would ask her if they could copy her answers (like Hidan and Tobi) and she would straight up decline. She even wouldn’t want her friends copying her answers. “If you didn’t do your homework, don’t come to me. Finish those yourself before the class starts.” Is what she’d always say. If they didn’t finish, it’s their fault; not hers and she’s not responsible for them. Also, she’s a representation of a mom to her group of friends; she scolds them and she acts motherly and she doesn’t even realize.
  • If she’s dating someone, she’s still not going to let them copy her answers. She’s very caring and loving too, she wouldn’t show most of her affections in public though. She’s always watching out for them and she gets so worried whenever something happens to her s/o. “[Name]… Are you alright?” She also wouldn’t leave her s/o for some person, if she loves them, she stays with them.


  • He’s quiet and he doesn’t care about anyone but his wallet. He’d beat up those bullies who are trying to steal his lunch money in a jiffy, don’t underestimate Kakuzu. Probably got suspended once from beating up some student because they tried to steal his money, but he’s unfazed by the idea of getting suspended either. That boy would be Hidan, probably and he wouldn’t stop bothering the poor Kakuzu and the poor Kakuzu wouldn’t stop beating the poor Hidan up. “YOU FUCKING TENTACLES I GOT IN TROUBLE BECAUSE OF YOUUUU.” “Shut up.”
  • He’d stutter in his words, which is very rare. “I lo-love you.” He’d say that and his s/o would have to wait for at least a month or even five months for him to say those three words. He doesn’t like PDA at all, and he’d keep his s/o from Hidan at all costs because he saw how Hidan attempting to flirt with Kauzu’s s/o in front of Kakuzu. Tentacle-kun’s gonna get pissed, desu.


  • Gets all A’s in his subjects and he calls himself a God. His favourite subject is Math. He will fight anyone who makes fun of him, and he’ll prove to them that he’s a God. He spends more time with Konan and Yahiko, but Yahiko moved schools due to him and his family moving to another city. Other than that, there are some people who looks up to Nagato; because he’s kind enough to help some people when they really do need it. He’s actually a class president.
  • He’s very soft and loving towards his s/o, but he doesn’t enjoy showing those actions in public. But some people caught Nagato being a sweetie towards his s/o and they think it’s honestly so cute. 


  • He’s a member of the karate club, try fighting him. He constantly argues with this silver-haired guy named Kakashi, he’s hella competitive. He’s got average and decent grades, he’s never got expelled or suspended once but he often gets sent down to the office, along with Kakashi for talking to each other too much in class; the teacher just can’t handle it. “Kakashi.” “Obito.” “Kakashi.” “Obito.” “kAKASHI.” obITO.” “STOP.”
  • He’s a sweetheart and he’ll visit his s/o’s classroom and give them flowers. He’s also quite possessive, so if some guy is trying to push his s/o against a wall; he’s gonna kiss his s/o to prove that guy wrong. He’s going to brag about how luck he is to have his s/o to Kakashi because this silver-leaf haired boy is still single.


  • This dude almost hates everyone in the class, he doesn’t get along well with other students and he gets into arguments with Deidara. He’s very impatient and sarcastic, he gets into short arguments with teachers; art teachers, more specifically. He gets into arguments with Deidara nd art teachers over art but he doesn’t really blow a fuse; he’s calm while talking but he looks so offended. “Art is eternal, you idiots.” “DON’T YOU DARE CALL YOUR TEACHERS THAT, SASOOORRRRI.” Though, even though he and Deidara don’t get along, they’re still together for partner projects. People also makes fun of his height, and in return, they’ll desperately need a dozen ice packs. He even dared to poison their food, and with that he just got suspended once. His greatest subject would have to art, his skills literally rivals with Deidara’s and they always fight.
  • He prefers to have a s/o who’s also into art. He’s really interested to hear their preferences and their opinions in his or their art; heck, he might even get a bit more talkative than usual. He hates PDA, and he hates it when people go out there teasing them or making rumors. He likes to show his affection in private, awwww.


  • He never gets expelled because he’s a good boy. He doesn’t study frequently and he procrastinates a lot, he’s a lucky guy for still managing to get a decent grade for his tests. He likes to annoy Deidara, alot. He also loves to start dramas, and he loves it when people also doesn’t know that it was him who started it in the first place; it’s amusing. He never gets in trouble because teachers loves him.
  • He keeps on saying, “[Name]… I FEEL LIKE BLUSHING…!!!” And his s/o couldn’t even see what’s under his mask but maybe one day, they’ll see his face and probably, they’ll get a small nosebleed. He likes to lean his head against his s/o’s shoulders during field trips; oh yeah, every field trip, he asks his s/o if they could sit together and he’ll act like a cute kouhai talking to his senpai.

Shisui in High School With Their S/O + Life at School

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  • Shisui is a bundle of sunshine, he’s kind to everyone and he makes them happy. He never gets suspended either. His grades are also very high too, he’s an honour roll student along with many student like Itachi, Konan and Nagato. He’s very polite and he allows anyone to sit with him and he’ll start a very bright conversation with them. He’s closest to Itachi, though. Itachi would introduce Shisui to Kisame and it’s a great thing they got along great.
  • Shisui’s very loving towards his s/o. He would ask them out for dates and he’ll still be flustered while asking, it’s so cute. He’s also very protective over his s/o, touch is s/o in a bad way and they’re done. Shisui’s a black belt in Karate and he’s got the moves of a ninja and he’s not afraid to use those skills against the person.

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careless whisper ❖  jongin

anon requested : idkkk I just wanna read something along the lines of you being Spanish and teaching Jongin how to Latin dance

word count : 2.853

genre : fluff(?)

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(gif not mine, credit to the owner)

You plop down on the pouf chair in the corner of the practice room and let down your hair, letting them rest on your humid back, covered in a sheer of sweat due to all the hours you’ve spent practicing tonight. You take the bottle of water to your mouth, swallowing half of it in a sip and almost choking on it when you saw how late it was. Frickin 9 p.m. ? Usually you left the studio way before but something important was keeping you up at night lately.

Ever since you’ve heard about the studio competition you knew it wasn’t something easy. In fact, you didn’t get into the semi-finals, and that was exactly why you were practicing this late, to improve. The two winners had the opportunity to audition for SM Entertainment with a slight privilege since your dance crew was the best ranked and most famous in South Korea. Although you really wanted to join the winners, you thought Kim Jongin deserved the place he got. Why? Well, he sure was very committed to dancing, it seemed his only passion. And he was a very skilled dancer indeed. Not that you spent your breaks spying on him during his rehearsals but you admired every movement, face expression of his. The way he danced with such passion not just on stage but during practice too, made every kid in the building look up at him like he was some sort of hero. And he was, in fact, the face of the crew; and not just because his face and body were gorgeous and sculpted by greek gods, but because he was surely the best dancer between all of you.

Because of that, you expected him to be at ease, relaxing in his luxurious mansion and getting some rest before the finals. But no, he enters the practice room with his sport bag and a towel on his head, a cup of smoking coffee in his veiny hand. Saying you are stunned would be a euphemism because what the hell was Kim Jongin doing late in the evening in the practice room the night before the final competition?
You rested your chin on your knee, hugging your bent leg and you hummed quietly, just to get his attention. He snapped his head to your direction, probably startled and thinking there was no one else around.

“Uh, oh. Hi…I mean, good evening, uhm” he hesitated, you took that for a hint to say your name, of course he didn’t remember.

“Y/N” you whispered.
“Ah, Y/N. Uhm, listen, i’m kind of fucked up right now, like really fucked up so…are you, by any chance, done with your practice?” He asked, fidgeting in his position and rubbing the back of his neck.

You felt sorry for him, it’s very late and he’s here probably going to practice until late hours, plus : he’s saying he’s fucked up and that made a worrying look appear into your sensitive eyes.
“Yeah, I’m done.” You say, starting to pick up your things, with a circumstance smile never leaving your lips. You felt his gaze on your back, your skin almost burning under his deep brown eyes.
When you turned around he quickly snapped his head to the window, a little blush creeping on his cheeks. Cute.
You started walking towards the door, his eyes following your every move, again. Before leaving the room you turned around and sighed, frustrated.

“Look, don’t give me those puppy eyes because i’m hella tired. Now, you just said you’re fucked up. May i ask why? I don’t know maybe i can help you out but stop looking at me like i’ve just killed your dog cause that’s driving me insane!” Your voice raised of an octave and your eyes wide, you found yourself emotionally proved from all the hours of practice, yeah it must be that, not his intense stare, pfft, no way.
A bubbly, cute chuckle escapes his mouth and he sits down on the wooden floor, legs crossed and pouty face. Everything about him screams cute!

“You definitely can ask, and if you can help i will treat you to BBQ, or your favorite dish, you choose.” He smiles widely, taking a sip from his cup of coffee.
“Anyway, I just discovered i need to prepare a slow duet for tomorrow’s finals. I thought about the Walzer, which is the only slow dance I know, but it’s already taken. And i’m shitting my pants, because as you can see, it’s pretty late.”
You try to process all the information, with a little frown appearing on your face you make your way to where Jongin is sitting and you struggle to take him up, gripping on his arm.
You sigh to yourself, the things you do for incredibly cute guys.

“Have you thought about a simple bachata?” You say, with evidence in your tone of voice.
He snaps his head up to look into your eyes. Jesus, he’s going to severely injure his neck if he does that again.

“What the fuck even is a bachata?”

“Wow, dance master Kim Jongin doesn’t know what bachata is. Well that’s what i call disappointing.”

“If you’re here to judge me and not help me, that’s the door.” he says, running a hand in his hair in frustration.

“Wow okay calm down mijo, if I didn’t want to help you, i’d be out of this building right now. But i’m here. And now i’m going to show you what bachata is because I’m a good person.” You say, dropping your bags and taking out your phone. You could’ve shown him yourself the movements because, as a half-Spanish dancer whose mother’s obsessed with Latin beats you knew everything there was to know, but you were just too shy under his stare.
He just takes a sit on the pouf chair, patting his side and leaving you some space to sit.
You open youtube and search for “Obsession” by Aventura, cliché, the most known bachata song between Spanish dancers.
While the video loads you take a look at Jongin’s face, he seems very tired. A pair of dark circles rest under his sweet eyes, a frown ruining his commonly peaceful expression and his bottom lip between his white and perfect teeth, but he still looks like the best impressionist portrait in a Paris museum. The neon light bulb of the studio is not giving his glorious skin the justice it deserves, as you remember seeing him in natural lighting you also remember his honey-like skin, glowing under the sun like melted gold.

He taps your shoulder, humming your name.
“Y/N? The video’s started.” he chuckles, snapping his fingers in front of your eyes.
You come back from your admiring state and mumble a “sure” and hand your phone to him.
His eyes are focused on the screen, following the couple’s moves with attention and his tongue is caught between his plump lips.

When the video ends he hands the phone back to you and you turn it off, shoving it into your bag.
Then you turn to him, hopeful that he understood what the movements were.
“Did you get any of that?” you ask, curious.

“I don’t like theory, I prefer practice.” He says, leaning closer and smiling slyly. You uncomfortably shift your position and get up, looking down at him.

“Okay, listen to me. Before we get down to practice there’s a few things you need to know. Number one : bachata is a sequence in a full 8-count moving within a square so it doesn’t usually include many turn patterns. Number two : i hope your body rolls game is strong because we’re gonna need that for a decent choreography. Number three, and most important : if I feel your hands on my butt, i’m gonna leave you here and you’re going to be screwed for tomorrow. Get that?” You count your points on your finger, looking him straight in his eyes.
He quickly nods and gets up, taking your hand and leading you to the center of the dance floor.

“First without music, so I can understand the steps.” He mutters under his breath.
You position a hand behind his neck while the other is intertwined in Jongin’s one. You feel his other hand slide to your side, stopping at your lower back and pulling you closer to his chest.
You take a breathe of his scent, positioning your left knee between his legs and taking the leading position. He smells good, like freshly washed clothes, his hot breathe on your face is a mixture of coffee and what seems to be a faint hint of mint.

“It’s right, left, right and pop your left hip out right after. Then it’s left, right, left and pop your right hip.” You explain, starting to move carefully and guiding him.

“Try to bend your knees a little and accompany your steps with a slight swing of your hips. That should help making the movement smoother and not robotic.” You suggest him, seeing he’s a little uncomfortable.

“Got that.” he whispers in your ear, sending chills run down your spine.
A few minutes of the same sequence of steps and you are turning all around the room, quick steps echo in the closed space and you’re not the one leading anymore.
In fact, Jongin changed position, sliding his knee between your legs and taking the leading part himself. Strange is, that there’s no music playing but he’s completely focused on what he’s doing and he seems to go along with it very well. His eyes are closed and it almost feels like he’s following his own inner rhythm.

“Wow, you sure learn fast.” You whisper, stopping your movements to look at him.
He grins, locking your eyes with his’. Your legs are still tangled and your bodies are still too close and as soon you realize, you quickly force yourself to leave his warmth and take a few steps back.

“Okay, i think you’re ready for the actual shit, which are a series of fluid moves and here’s where your body roll game is needed. Then we can go straight to the choreography and finally go to sleep.” You tie your hair up in a high pony tail and you earn a little laugh from Jongin who’s sipping on his cold coffee.

“I’m sorry for keeping you up this late, but you have to know that you saved my life.” he starts, coming closer. “And expect me to return the favor at anytime soon.” He smirks, taking your hand in his’ again.
You feel the heat rising to your cheeks and you struggle to keep from smiling, guiding him to the center of the room.

“Okay, number one, the spin.” you say, starting to do the same eight steps again to introduce the first special step.
“Uh i know that one, easy.” he whispers, his right hand leaving your back to spin you around between your steps and coming back right after you return from the spin.
You’re shocked at how he did that, it seemed like something he’s used to do and you were starting to believe that he just pretended to be ignorant about the bachata.

“Wow that was quick.” you say with wide eyes.
“But let’s get to move number two, let go of my back.” You order, preparing to turn around.
As soon as his hand leaves your lower back you turn around, your back facing his chest and his arms wrapped around you, still making all the sequence of steps perfectly.

You move a little, step by step, with his breathe tickling the back of your neck and his chest gently brushing your back. You unconsciously lay your head on his shoulder, closing your eyes while still moving. He doesn’t say nothing tho, he knows you’re tired and he also feels a little guilty because he’s the one keeping you up this late, but at the same time he’s enjoying your exuberant company and doesn’t want you to go away.

“Hey, princesa, don’t fall asleep.” he whispers in your ear, turning you around to face his smiling face. His smile does the effect of a cup of coffee, it wakes you up, brightening your view, almost blinding you.

“Last move because i’m exhausted mh? Then we pass on to the choreography.” You say, carefully slapping your cheek to stay awake.
Your hand slides on his chest, clutching his shirt, while the other’s still tangled with his left hand. You feel him gulping at the new contact and you smirk, taking a step back.
While still gripping on his grey shirt, you arch your back, grinding on him from the distance, until your chest touches his’, until your nose tickles his collarbones. One second of tension and you’re going back, sliding carefully in a snake-like movement to reach your previous position.

“What was that.” he seems taken aback, leaving his trance state and looking at you like you’ve just stole something.

“It’s the move, you have to do it with me. That’s why i said we need a strong body roll game, remember?” You say naturally, shrugging your shoulders and preparing to do it again.
“Now with me.” You whisper, starting to arch your back.

He follows your movements, doing as you’ve said and arching his back to meet your chest with his’ and sliding back again, still too close to assure you a normal heartbeat.

He gulps, taking a step back and moving to reach his still not finished cup of coffee and taking a long sip from it. You fan your face with your hand, breathing slowly and still not talking.
As soon as he places his cup back on the floor you take his hand, walking back to the center of the room. Now’s time for the real thing.

“The sooner we start the sooner we can go to sleep.” You say, taking the positions with the stereo remoter in your hand.
After agreeing on the song to use, you press play and begin to sort out the moves and steps to follow.

Two hours and a half are passed and you drop on the floor, releasing a deep sigh with a hand dramatically placed on your forehead.

“Finally.” he exhales, dropping on the floor next to you.
After a few seconds of you two trying to catch your breath he takes your hand, bringing it to his chest.

“I owe you my life, princesa.” He says, smiling like an idiot. Stupid gorgeous smile and handsome features and stupid perfect teeth and puppy eyes, ugh.
You slap his chest, getting up and starting to pick up your things to finally leave.

“Don’t be a drama lady, Jongin.” You say, looking at him with fierce eyes.
You reach the door to leave but before you can grab the door’s handle he grabs your hand, turning you around. Here they are, those puppy eyes again.

“Are you going to be my dance partner in tomorrow’s finals? Pretty please?” he pleads, pouting.
You sigh and nod, gifting him a warm smile.

“Of course i’d love to. But now i just want to go home and sleep.” you whine, pushing him gently.

“Then let’s go, my car is parked in front of the building. I’ll bring you home.” he says, switching his sport bag to the other shoulder and taking your hand, leaving the room and then the studio.
You don’t want to be a burden thought, it’s not necessary for him to take you home, you could just walk a little.

“And don’t you dare say it’s not necessary, it’s almost 1 a.m. i’m not letting you roam around the city alone.” he says firmly, opening the car door for you.
You take a seat in the passenger seat, not replying because you’re low-key scared of the dark and going home late at night it’s not the best option. So you just shut up and let him drive you home, eventually giving him directions to your flat.

He parks, very badly, in front of the sidewalk and walks with you until the building’s door.

“I’ll pick you up tomorrow for the finals and drive you home so you can pamper yourself before dinner.” he says, casually brushing your hair.

“Wait what?” You breathe out, confused.

“Oh right, i’m taking you on a date, you know…to return the favor. Hope you don’t mind, princesa.” he says, scooting closer and planting a kiss to your forehead.
Of course you don’t mind. Who would mind going on a date with Kim Jongin?
You mumble out incoherent words, not able to form a normal phrase.

“Goodnight, sweet dreams.” He whispers, turning around and starting to walk to the car.
You only have the time to shout back a quick “Goodnight” before he disappears into his black range rover, smiling adorably and driving away.
You smile unconsciously before entering the building and hearing the owner, probably woken up by your sudden and unusual goodnight, screaming “Go to bed, stupid kids.” But you couldn’t care less.

here you go, angel ! hope this fits your liking 🌹

also, I’m sorry this took so long :(

until next time I send love, bye !!

- neb

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Request:  Wow those Soulmate ones are great! I love that idea and independent movies based off it are great… Could I request one with Jun? Take your time love 💖

  • So meeting your soulmate was a thing people looked forward to of course but you weren’t in a rush to find them
  • you were just gonna let it happen when it does
  • the magical words on your wrist were “Hey that’s exactly what my wrist says!” so you knew you had no idea how you’d meet your soulmate
  • of course every time you met someone new you hoped to hear that but sadly you didn’t have that much luck
  • but one day you were grocery shopping in a small store
  • you knew about everyone in your town or well at least the faces
  • but now there were a few ones you’d never seen
  • if by a few you can say 13
  • there was this one guy who stayed with the cart and ordered the others around to get stuff, he was pretty buff that’s nice
  • and you saw him smiling at this teen you saw about every time they went to the store. *cough*  Soulmate!S.Coups *cough*
  • but moving on you were going on with your own business just getting what you needed
  • you passed this tall guy getting flour from the highest shelf you could never reach so you asked him to get you one too
  • which he did and you were all like “I’ve never seen you guys here before where did you come from?”
  • apparently they were all visiting one of the boys’ hometown and yeah the rest is history
  • you had a nice little chat with the guy that was apparently called Mingyu
  • they seemed all like polite guys as you passed some of them on your way to the items you needed
  • after some time you saw one of those guys taking selfies in the cereal aisle
  • and you had to admit he had the right because he looked hella fine
  • you were pretty far away from him but you knew you were in his selfie
  • so of course you wanted to photobomb him
  • you decided to go classic and throw up a peace sign and try to look cute from behind your shopping cart
  • after a few selfies he turned around and started grinning
  • you rolled your cart a little closer and said “Shouldn’t you be searching like eggs or something for your friends?”
  • and he was like “Hey that’s exactly what my wrist says!”
  • “No way you have that written on your wrist omg I’m so sorry” because thinking about it the poor dude needs to live with that horrible sentence on his wrist forever
  • he shyly showed you his wrist with a little chuckle “Yes way, my name is Junhui but you can call me Jun for short how about you?”
  • you shortly introduced yourself and suddenly you couldn’t move
  • you had been wrapped by Jun’s arms
  • he was like swaying you a bit from side to side like a little kid who was hugging his teddy bear
  • “I’m sorry I’m just so excited I’ve finally found my soulmate!” he genuinely seemed overwhelmed with emotions
  • seeing him so happy made you even more glad to have found your soulmate
  • “Wait send me that selfie where I’m also in! I need to have our first picture together i mean we basically met through those”
  • and so that specific selfie of Jun became your wallpaper also
  • you clicked so easily with each other it was ridiculous
  • every time you could you would remake your first pic together in as many ways as possible
  • (switch ver.) (summer ver.) (outside ver.)
  • just all the fun and being silly


BTS Creature AU

Namjoon is a werewolf and the future Alpha of the Ilsan Kim pack. Despite the norms he’s part of the small circle of his species who doesn’t actually hate vampires.

  • Always felt like a lone wolf among his pack
  • Has an alarming high IQ, which sets him apart from other wolves even more on top of being singled out as the child to an Alpha
  • Literally could not give two shits about becoming one though and lowkey hates the title
  • Neville Longbottom-ed the hardest out of his group of peers when puberty hit him like a brick, like jfc ya boi got legs for d a y s
  • Meets Yoongi when the vampire transfers to his high school
  • Uses a kind-of secret symbol thing that only other vampire’s can see that gives a sign that they’re chill with one another. This brings about Yoongi’s interest, especially considering Namjoon’s future-Alpha status
  • Backstory, he got that secret symbol thing at Ilsan’s sole co-species club after he kind of went down on a vampire who did him a solid afterwards by giving him it
  • They had their last class together and start to bond

Yoongi’s older than high schoolers should be but he had to leave his education because he was bit by a vampire, okay? Fledglings don’t have a good hold over their bloodlust so it wasn’t until he got control of himself that he went back. Unfortunately he chose a heavily werewolf-controlled high school and he’s working on transferring. Or, he was. Then he met Namjoon.

  • He’ll admit Namjoon is kinda hot, alright? But he’s a werewolf and that’s a no-go but–oh shit that’s a we’re chill symbol okay Namjoon’s definitely hot
  • Only his family is fucking awful holy shit
  • They meet in tenth grade and somehow keep their relationship a secret for two years which is impressive considering the way Yoongi’s scent tends to cover Namjoon sometimes
  • They plan out their senior years together because Namjoon is Done With This Shit™ and he doesn’t want to be an Alpha for a bunch of xenophobes thanks
  • They do a final Fuck You™ to the Ilsan Kim pack after graduation before grabbing all of Namjoon’s shit and leaving. Yoongi might have shone up at his doorstep (making him the first vampire to step on their ‘sacred lands’ in centuries) only to whisk away their now former future Alpha
  • They might have exchanged mating marks just before that final Fuck You™ so everyone in Namjoon’s family can smell Yoongi on him too
  • They move to Seoul afterwards and start trying to make their own way on the money Namjoon’s saved and the large sum Yoongi’s now deceased sire left him

I think it’s time for a read more.

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anonymous asked:

Haru, Makoto, Rei and Nagisa with s/o who is like Gou in sense that they admire their muscles BUT they don't openly admit and admire. They actually feel embarrassed and try to avoid seeing their body. How does the boys react when they find out why?

This is cute omg Gou is a goddess 

-Admin Robin


  • after a while he wonders what your deal is because like ??? why is your face always red when you come to support him when he swims? why do you not like to see him shirtless you have been dating for a couple weeks now and Gou said that girls like that shit
  • He is kinda lost but that’s ok
  • He respects you not wanting to see him kinda naked because he thinks you think that you have to be naked too and he doesn’t wanna like freak you out or anything
  • but like, when he DOES confront you about it because he has some mild concerns, you’re all “oh nah boy I love shirtless dudes it’s just that I love them too much and idk I mean you look pretty hot”
  • He totally gets a self-confidence boost like whew
  • He makes sure that from then on when he strips down to his jammers, he takes every article of clothing off sensually and slowly, sometimes even bold enough to make eye contact
  • Haruka Nanase is a  giant fuckin tease reblog if you agree
  • He’ll even smile at you and pat your head affectionately when he sees you blushing really hard
  • but oHOHOO OHO the tables turn when you gather the courage to run your hands along his tight shoulder muscles because then he’ll be surprised and caught off-guard
  • You might  even get him to blush


  • Ok this giant teddy bear is so fucking confused YOU ARE A TEENAGE GIRL WHY DONT YOU WANN A SEE HIM HAL F NAKED
  • but the other part of his mind is just “she’s just being considerate and not staring because it’s the polite thing to do, you would do the same thing if you were in her position
  • but then again ahaha when he finds out, he LAUGHS and is like “oh, that’s  okay!” but lowkey in his mind he’s all “aw yiss you CANT resist me
  • I feel like he would feel kinda shy knowing that you’re burning every protrusion of his muscles into your brain i mean come on
  • appreciates your admiration for his body!  he has worked hard for it!
  • when y’all are eating lunch somewhere like at a cafe or restaurant, just lean forward and feel the muscles on his forearm and trace them, it’ll make him turn so red  haha
  • I feel like all the boys in their own way will be all “ok well, if you get to touch me and admire my body I get to do the same to you
  • affectionate butt smacks 


  • “you quite possibly have to be the strangest female i have ever met, my dear. I don’t understand, do you not appreciate the beauty of bare skin?”
  • Takes note of the fact that you avert your eyes whenever you see him walking around shirtless or in his FUCKING SPEEDO good night
  • he goes to Gou and is like “hey is my s/o okay does she ever say anything about me like is she grossed out by naked men”
  • but catches on when you explain that you do like him half naked, and more than you should
  • he makes sure he stretches just in front of you because he hella dishes out fan service
  • he thinks it’s totally  cute, and he finds it strangely calming when you run your hands over his back muscles
  • actually it boosts his confidence when you are all “great job out there babe! your ass looked fantastic when you dove in good lord” right in front of his teammates


  • Is 1000000% concerned at first and actually goes to his friends for help
  • “I think (Name) is one of those people who are weird with naked bodies?”
  •  thinks to himself “Well, this sucks, because I’m dating them and I am always naked”
  • you know what I mean
  • when he asks you if you’re still okay with  the relationship and you explain to him that it’s more than great, and you hate to admit it because it’s so embarrassing,  but you actually really love seeing him shirtless!
  • he is so relieved and will send you pictures of himself trying on new jammers
  • he always makes sure you approve before he actually buys it
  • shutters when you trail your hands down his back
  • touch him sommore he loves it 

anonymous asked:

The "who..." for Iida

Iida Tenya x Reader !


  • Who said “I love you” first: Both of you. Okay that sounds kind of odd but you both literally yelled it at each other in the heat of a moment where you two thought it would’ve suited. Eyes wide you had stared at each other for a while in silence  but before you were able to react, the bluehaired male started to let out a huff followed by a laugh. The wonderful sound made you feel all bubbly inside, causing you to join him right after. Odd, but still super adorable. 
  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background: You and it would be Iida in his hero outfit because, he looks hella good in it. He doesnt know exactly what you find so cool about it but it’d make him kind of happy to watch you support his chosen path so openly.
  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror: Iida but it wouldnt be really cute ones, more like “You left the stove on” or anything domestic related that you didnt handle well in his point of view. 
  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts : Both. In other’s opinion you two are a couple full of cheese (is that a correct use of term) and while he likes to show his appreciation via those presents bc he knows he’s not the best in this kind of thing till your relationship would blossom more, you’d very much love his efforts and return the gesture. 
  • Who initiated the first kiss: You. It was during an endurance training session because you wanted to improve in that field, him offering you some help for that. You two were exhausted, out of breath and probably also sweating but somehow you could not resist to lean forward to captue his lips. It was salty and not the most comfy kiss due to your condition, the inexperience and stiffness but nonetheless you both loved.
  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning : Iida, actually even though he is the strict class president, he is a really affectionate fellow and will shower you in kisses if necessary to get you to wake up ! And it’s so worth it because the male loves the look on your face, innocently sleeping. 
  • Who starts tickle fights : You and even though you are the one tickling him, you cant help but to laugh yourself because he looks so desperate, having a liking to watch him suffer through your tickles.
  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower : You. He often declines because he’s busy with studying or work and mostly takes a shower after you already did. But he will make up for it, that’s for sure. Yet you’d still ask and sometimes he will come with you, hurray !
  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch: Both. But mostly Iida does? He extra learned to cook for your sake even though he had a little bit of experience in the field, actually even having led people to cook during the forest camp in high school. But this guy would want to improve so he could offer you delicious lunch at work, it’d always make you incredibly thankful and happy to see him popping out of nowhere to spend some little time with you together. 
  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date : Iida. You couldnt help but to chuckle at his body language revealing his inner struggle. He was even more stiff that you have ever sseen him and his words seemed abrupt, sometimes sentences and word combinations not making any sense at all. It wasnt really awkward though, you found it really adoring and tried to calm him down a little because his heart was a bit of a mess.
  • Who kills/takes out the spiders: You really want to but he told you to not to that and will take the spider outside onto the terrace. Mostly you will yell that he should use his quirk to a far away place and leave the spider there - sometimes Iida really does for you. Be thankful. 
  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk: Iida. It’s hilarious and you would always find yourself laughing on your seat or even laying on the ground because he’s such a funny kind of drunk? You’d kiss him and even though you’d be sober you’d tell him that you loved him as well.

Admin Shiro

anonymous asked:

Can I have hc for the rfa + whoever else you feel like writing for when they find out their s/o has a prosthetic limb (can be arm/leg or both doesnt really matter. Sorry if this is kinda weird or uncomfortable)

Don’t worry, it’s totally fine!! A.) I love getting interesting requests like this and B.) I like writing self-inserts that aren’t… I guess… “typical”? Representation matters yo. (ง •̀ゝ•́)ง 

I just hope I did an ok job with it!


  • He initially only notices your arm prosthetic when he first meets you in person, which makes sense considering it’s primarily cosmetic and doesn’t look too realistic. But he’s totally dumbfounded by how natural your leg looks when you show it to him, and you can’t help but smile at how sincerely and innocently he says, that’s cool!
  • He has so many questions, and… okay. A lot of them you’re used to getting, but Yoosung doesn’t sound disbelieving or incredulous, he’s just interested. It’s never a chore to answer his questions because he’s so energetic.
  • sometimes when he wakes up earlier than u, you find he’s put little stickers on your prosthetics. Like, goofy little hearts and starts that say ‘good job!’ and ‘i love you!’
  • (sometimes you leave them on over the day because it’s a happy little reminder that he looooves you~)


  • When you tell him, he’s pretty genuinely shocked. He’s not really sure what to say! He wants to ask you if it’s difficult to live with, but he’s not sure how to properly go about it. His #1 biggest concern is not making you feel weird, because… well. You probably get enough people acting weird about it already??? He does Not want to be one of those people.
  • (zen for ultimate supportive boyfriend of the month)
  • He’s very caring and considerate if you ever need to vent about how people see you/treat you about it. Especially if anyone ever dares to tell you that you can’t achieve xyz thing because of your prosthetic. he’s just like
  • buddy
  • pal
  • (he gets super salty if people stare at u like “how about you buzz off thx”)
  • he’s curious about prosthetics that look cute/pretty/interesting, and would think it is hella neat if you had one/got one. :o


  • >pulls up google
  • Seriously, Jaehee wants to be informed. She doesn’t want you to have to explain things to her - she wants to Properly Educate herself about this aspect of yourself, because she’s your partner and she should be Informed.
  • On the one hand it’s sweet, but on the other hand like - Jaehee. Calm down. It’s not that big of a deal u don’t got to worry about it so much. it’s a thing that you have/live with! it affects ur life but like - she doesn’t have to treat it like one of Jumin’s projects. She doesn’t have to become an expert. she can learn everything she wants to know with time!
  • (this of course makes her blush because man she has the TIME NOW to learn all these things about you)


  • jumin says that he has the funds, it’s only reasonable he tries to make your life as comfortable as possible by buying you the latest innovations in prosthetics, and that it’s no different from buying you the latest designer fashion or an extremely nice computer so you can work more productivel–
  • “b-but productivity-”
  • “JUMIN”
  • More seriously, it doesn’t change his image of you, though the fact that you have them gives him a bit of… anxiety? Whether it was from birth or an injury, it makes him more aware of the fact that you are mortal, that you can lose things and get hurt, and he’s so, so terrified of you getting hurt.
  • losing you would destroy him.
  • Even though you’re completely capable of doing it yourself, he likes helping you put your leg on in the morning. It just… makes him feel like he can do a little something for you, and it’s a routine you start the day with.


  • seven calls you his cyborg angel valkyrie princess because of COURSE he does.
  • You, admittedly, do have to rain on his parade by saying no Seven, you cannot install rocket boosters in my leg and lasers in my arm
  • i am not an anime character
  • i - i don’t care how cool it would be to deliver a booster kick to someone’s head it’s
  • To his credit, it’s all talk, and he’d never actually do anything without your permission, but he is super interested seeing if he can somehow acquire/make you an arm that’s more easily controlled and more responsive than your current one.
  • When he’s being more serious though, he is really concerned about things being difficult for you, but like… you’ve been living with this, y’know? You don’t want to be thought of as a person with missing limbs, but as a person who happens to be missing some limbs.
  • …no seven, you are not going to reconsider your statement on putting rockets in your fingers.

(minor trio under the cut!)

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Okay the baby g!sans in mob au is hella cute okay my reaction when i first saw him is exactly like Frisk’s there O)-(
I kinda think that baby!g is like one of those smart babies that can do things earlier than average or maybe that’s just his first word or something idk O)-(
And sorry i put a nose on him because he looks like gaster without it–
UT Mob AU by @nyublackneko
Baby G!Sans and Kitty Cat by @junkpilestuff
Original G!Sans by borurou

Lance: I’d recognize that mullet anywere-

Pidge: How though??? I mean I know several dudes with mullets-

Lance: Oh boi I’m glad you asked cause let me tell you about how it’s perfect shoulder length and it does this little curl thing at the very bottom right that never wants to straighten out but that wouldn’t matter anyway because Keith doesn’t do anything with his hair at all besides putting it up in that ponytail occasionally so it typically looks a messtm cause his bed head is atrocious and he never does anything about it beside brush it a little so it frizzs up like an angry cat but one of those cute angry cats that get scared of cucumbers and did I mention that it also bounces at a certain speed compared to other hair since his is so thick and the texture is a bit course but its actually kinda cool cause it moves in a slow motion sorta way with it being so flowey which is crazy since he does n o t h i n g with it but that’s besides the point because it also is hella soft looking and wavy and shines a lot which is surprising since I don’t think he uses any hair products but have I forgotten to tell you about how it’s also a different shade of black??????? because there are definitely different shades of black don’t sass me on this I know my hair and his is more of a midnight black while that other dude Jerry from the corner store on earth was like a gross moldy black and it’s ew but Keith’s is wow but aha wait there’s more have I ever mentioned his bangs because they are also very curly and bouncy and black and they hang in his face and he’s definitely got the edgy black emo hair but it fits him well so no complaining on this end-

Pidge: …..

Pidge: … And… You hate him?

Lance: Oh yeah, definitely, fuck that guy.

anonymous asked:

Hey! So I know prompts are closed but are headcanon requests open? If so can I PLEASE have some otayuri headcanons with ticklish!otabek?? The hero teddy bear of Kazakhstan need some tickles too! Thank you!! Ps: you're my favorite writer on here keep up the amazing work! ☺️💜

I am literally crying over here. This is the first time someone says I’m their favorite writer TT^TT) I can die happy. There you go some ticklish!Otabek headcanons, thank you so much!  I hope you enjoy this, thank you so much! You’re my favorite anon ♥♥

Prompts are still closed, but I think they’ll be open soon, so thank you for sending this in! I still need to find the inspiration to finish the other prompts, help. 

  • So! Otabek seems like he’s not ticklish at all, like people doesn’t even try to tickle him because he doesn’t give that aura? BUT he’s, in fact, hella ticklish
  • His hips are the worst ever, you can’t even look at them without having him laughing his head off.
  • His neck and feet are very sensitive too and so are his underarms
  • He’s overall ticklish, but those spots just kill him
  • He’s so so susceptible to teasing. It’s not even funny. You can be straddling him and just saying how bad you’re gonna get his hips and he’ll be crying with laughter
  • And embarrassment. He’s a blusher and a snorter, what a dork. He does this cute snorty little giggles when you tickle his neck~ and this dorky snorty laughter when his hips get tickled.
  • Talking about laughter. I think Otabek’s laughter is very hot to hear, yet it very funny because he squeaks and shrieks very girly sometimes lolol.
  • SO YURI! Yuri is so ruthless when it comes to tickle Otabek. Otabek seems very quite and all but he’s got a lot of stamina, it’s unreal. Yuri can tickle him for like five minutes and Otabek is still laughing at the top of his lungs.
  • Anyways, Yuri tickles Otabek when he’s being too serious (all the time) or when he hasn’t seen his smile for a long period of time (like three seconds) and also because, when he gets older, he gets taller than Otabek and he likes to tease him like a child
  • TEASE OKAY LISTEN, like I said, Yurio is ruthless when it comes to tickling, he goes for the worse spots and lingers there until Otabek is blue in the face
  • He likes to tease Otabek a lot “Otabek, I think I forgot where you’re the most ticklish. I have to find it out again”, “Beka, you’re ticklish here? I didnt know??” “*gasps* Altin, stop being so ticklish! I’m gonna tickle you until you’re not ticklish anymore”, “hey, let’s play this game. Try not to laugh while I tickle your toes okay? If you laugh I’ll tickle your hips”.
  • ALSO toe tickling drives him up the wall. He’s so ticklish there, Yuri really needs to pin him down in order to get his toes.
  • Otabek loses all his strength when he’s getting tickled, he just doesn’t know what to do with himself so his body just shuts down and he just lays there taking the tickling and pushing Yuri’s hand weakly.
  • THAT LEADS US TO MORE TEASING “ah, you like being tickled Otabek? Do you like when I tickle you here? *digs on his neck* or here? *wiggled fingers under his arms*
  • Again. RIP OTABEK
  • You could think Yuri’s the one who gets tickled the most in their relationship, but in fact Otabek’s the one who gets tickled the most
  • Because he’s a dork and he just can’t read Yuri’s movements until it’s too late
  • OTABEK IS EXCEPTIONALLY TICKLISH IN THE MORNING, sometimes Yuri wakes him up by lightly dragging his fingertips on his cheeks and Otabek’s all sleepy giggling and it makes Yuri blush.
  • He usually hides his face on his pillow and Yuri’s like “Altiiiiiin, don’t hide your face~”, so he drags his fingers down Otabek’s sides and Otabek squeaks and giggles louder and clamps his arms to his sides and HE FUCKING LOOKS AT YURI WITH HIS BIG SMILE AND EYES CLOSED AND SCRUNCHED UP NOSE AND YURI DIES AND I’M DYING
  • Omg and then Yuri is like stop being so cuuuuuute!!! And he launches on top of Otabek and nuzzles and nibbles his neck and Otabek is giggling too much ugh

I hope you like this, anon. They were fun to write. Thank you for being so nice to me! Have a lovely day/night ♥

anonymous asked:

Companions react to when they knew knew they truly loved the solo.

Now, I imagine companions starting to feel a little different about Sole after you complete their personal quest/reach highest affinity but this is, as the ask celarly says, reaction to when they knew they truly loved them. Pre-romance :)

Cait - “Fuck…” she said softly as she realised that she might have liked Sole much much more than just her friend. Her feelings are mixed, for she can feel the flame in herself raging every time she sees them, yet the last thing she’d like to do is ruin the something she has with the first person that really cared for her. However, as soon as they talk to her and touch her shoulder affectionately, she is lost, grinning like she was crazy.

Curie - This feeling, it was so strange, the insides of her abdomen felt like tickling, she feels like she smiles more and longs for body contact. She decided whether she should discuss it with Sole, for they were the feeling’s starter, but wasn’t sure if it was appropriate. She knew she had to do soething for, for as much as interesting this feeling was, it was rater difficult for her to stay under control.

Danse - He tried to dismiss it. He was already in their debt, that is how he felt, for it it wasn’t for him, he wouldn’t be even alive right now. If he even is alive right now. They gave him their friendship and didn’t give up on it after they found out his true identity and now this… He felt a blush creep into his cheeks each time they made eye contact and he knew he couldn’t just get pass it. What he felt was deep annd he was even sure that it was deeper than the Institute’s programming.

Deacon - When he made them laugh so hard they cried and had to sit on the ground, their legs no longer supporting them. He felt both happiness and pain, because he knew he can’t just act on those feelings. He found it rather hard to lie to them anymore and what was supposed to seriously confuse them ended up as a joke, just to see them smile. He should know better by now, after all that’s happened to him, but he just can’t wipe the smile off hise face everytime they look at him.

Hancock - They’ve been tripping together and Sole, they were just so cute. They’d be constantly waving their hands in front of their face, making wild gestures and explaining crazy ideas to him, which seemed hella genious while in this state. They had so much joy in their eyes and he knew that he’s head over heels for them and he loved it. He got so lost in his thoughts he didn’t even realised he said the ‘I love you so much’ out loud, until they stared at him with wide eyes and a smile on their face. They kissed him quickly and he quickly reciprocated the kiss. He stopped them as soon as they tried to get under his clothing, though, he would never take so much of an advantage on someone under chems. If they’re still up for it in the morning though, he’ll be more than willing to giving them what they want.

MacCready - It was on a night they stayed in Sanctary. He tried to find Sole to offer them a piece of brahmin steak, since they haven’t eaten yet and he saw them in the room of their son, weeping a little. He comforted them and they went to Sole’s old bedroom and ate the steak on the bed in silence. Sole calmed down in the process and began asking about Duncan and MacCready was more than happy to tell them everything about him and didn’t notice that a smile appeared on both of their faces as he was talking. When they kept asking questions, still smiling, he knew he was in deep and he felt his heart race at the thought of them being actually more than friends.

Nick Valentine - He’d been having different feelings about them lately, but he tried to ignore it, since, after all, he was just an old beat up synth. One evening in the agency, they decided to work late to the night. Ellie had gone home many hours ago and Nick told Sole to use his bed whenever they’re too tired. He didn’t need to sleep, although he had some sort of sleep mode availaible. As they left upstairs, in about half past 2, they draped a blanket over his shoulders and left with a soft ‘Don’t work too hard’. He didn’t need it at all and they knew, so he didn’t understand why would they even do something like this, but the tenderness in it, the tenderness made him realise that his relationship with them can never be as it was before and smiled at the sight of them slowly walking away and up the stairs.

Piper - They’ve been playing with Nat the whole day, them teasing her, she teasing them, pulling pranks on each other and Piper. Nat usually wasn’t like this, she was like herself - sharp tongue, witty comments. But today, today she was a kid, that kind of kid Piper wanted her to be and the sight of Nat and Sole made her heart flutter and the corners of her mouth turn up in a smile. She knew her feelings and she didn’t mind them a bit. All she was worried for was them reciprocating her feelings. 

Preston - They helped 4 settlements this week and established another 3 of them! He was so proud of them and blaimed all he was feeling on being so proud. But then, when they spent almost two hours with Mama Murphy after she fainted due to the hot day. They were his general and he did feel proud of them, but seeing how kind they were, how much they cared for the folks, he felt his heart pound wild in his chest and butterflies tickling in his abdomen and he just couldn’t deny it anymore. He loved them, they were the best thing that has ever happened to him and he wasn’t sure of what to do. 

X6-88 - He reflected if he should check in with the Institute, if he should have himself tested, for what he was feeling was strange. This warmth and unusual happiness lately was nothing short of a mystery to him, especially since it appeared only when Sole was around. He decided to rather not tell anyome about what he was feeling, the last thing he’d want is to have his memories and these feelings wiped out.

Dating Kim Seokjin Would Include...

rap monster | suga | jimin | jungkook | v | j-hope |

  • Watching a lot of Disney movies together 
  • Literally when all else fails, Jin’s like “Wanna rewatch Snow White?
  • At almost any given moment, he will start testing out his acting skills and saying “Did I nail it? I nailed it, didn’t I? I know.
  • And when you jokingly say no, he pouts and denies you attention for the rest of the day (but in reality he gives up on that within the first fifteen minutes because he can’t ignore)
  • He’d try teaching you Mandarin and find it so funny whenever you’d get some words mixed up
  • No jagi, get the pink one
  • Telling him that he looks HELLA cute in his glasses but he doesn’t believe you 
  • Resting your head on those broad ass shoulders 
  • Sleeping on those broad ass shoulders
  • Admiring those broad ass shoulders
  • Balancing cups on those broad ass shoulders
  • Do you wanna see the new choreography?
  • You say yes because boy, this’ll be interesting
  • He purposely makes himself look like a total idiot while doing the choreography and you’re just cringing / trying hard not to laugh
  • idk I feel like there’s lots of kissing
  • But not necessarily a lot of full on kissing, I feel like Jin would give you a lot of pecks and quick kisses at random times
  • He’d cook for you all the time
  • Seeing that cute smile of his always 
  • Jin would literally be your #1 fan, no matter how big or small your achievement is, Jin would just be showering you with love and telling you how proud he is of you
  • Jin overall would just be a very cute boyfriend who would look after you and always be there when you needed him and I’m down

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Zimbits, bully

oooh okay so basically this is practically a ficlet but i’m too impatient to put it in Proper Writing Format especially because i’m on mobile so it’s just gonna be a series of bullet points

(also this got longer than expected so i’m gonna put in a read more in a sec)

•so let’s say it’s a nice, but unusually hot day in May at Samwell at the end of Bitty’s freshman year or so

•and Bitty is hella stressed because it’s finals week and it’s hot out so he decides screw it, I want some ice cream

•it just so happens that there’s a cute little ice cream shop on the other side of campus

•Bitty’s too lazy to change into an actual decent outfit so all he’s wearing is a tank top and those Shorts That Made Jack Trip On The Porch™

•he’s waiting in line to buy his ice cream, looking at his phone, when he accidentally bumps into the guy in front of him

•"Pardon!“ he says, and that should be the end of it

•it is not the end of it

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best friend!shownu

changkyun / jooheon / hyungwon / kihyun / minhyuk / wonho 

  • a very cute friendship
  • you don’t even need to get me started on this
  • he’s already an actual fluff on his own
  • you’ll look and him and be like ???? why is he so cute
  • becoming friends because of dance class!!
  • like you’re not bad at dance but you’re kinda quiet ,, 
  • and pretty awkward with the people there
  • so he takes the initiative to make friends with you 
  • “if you want to dance well, you’ve got to be comfortable”
  • somehow y’all just ended up becoming close,,,
  • probably because of all those dinners after practice
  • dinner buddies ,, even without dance class
  • and being hella indecisive about it
  • but still eating good food anyway
  • your dance buds lowkey ship y’all!!!! because you two hella cute
  • like he would make sure you’re okay in practice and everything
  • choreographing dances after class just for fun
  • or dance covers together if you two aren’t tired
  • you going to his dance competitions!!!
  • and just being so amazed every time ,,, 
  • you’re not as good as he is ,, but o wells
  • tbh you’re his number #1 fan 
  • taking pictures of him when he performs and acting like a fansite

“look at all these photos can I be professional yet”
“my fansite will be called @/showingyou”
“please acknowledge me & my photos!!! ;uu;”

  • he always acknowledges you and says you take nice photos,,
  • and asks you to send it to him
  • actually cherishes them because not everyone makes time just to go see him live his dream and encourage him every single time
  • the ultimate bad jokes duo
  • he doesn’t do it as much as you ,, but when he does it ,,, it’s ,, ,,
  • it just leaves you speechless
  • but it’s quite funny 

“do you know what being friends with me means”
“no what”
“means i can shownu the world”
“,, did you just make a pun with your own name”
“ .. .. nUUUUU i didn’t”
“pls stop”

  • and he does it with straight face like wYD BRO
  • that’s the reason why it’s super funny though
  • sharing bad jokes
  • but he never gives you a good response
  • beCAUSE he doesn’t know how to react,,, like wtf that joke is so bad
  • and also because #shownubot
  • really bad at replying messages
  • you can text him anytime but he’ll reply only a few hours later
  • probably because he fell asleep while using his phone
  • or his phone isn’t with him at all
  • ,, because he’s not exactly a phone person
  • and sometimes to reach him you need to guess who’s with him and call that person

“did you leave your phone at home again?”
“yeah I had to charge it ,, how did you know I’m with kihyun though?”
“,,, let’s just say,, I’m really good at guessing who you’re with now”

  • you’re probably as good as his mum when it comes to knowing who this boy hangs out with
  • ,,, maybe even better
  • since you call him so much
  • text messages aside he’s a tru blu friend 
  • if you’re upset or anything he’s ever ready to hear your rants 
  • he’ll just let you go on ,,, and not say anything
  • but he’s really listening and taking it all in
  • and he would just offer his shoulder 
  • be it literally or figuratively :”)
  • ,,, you try not to burden him though 
  • even though he’s so sweet but he has like troubles also
  • tbh it’s not easy to make a living by just dancing
  • but he’s so understanding,,, so you just end up spilling it out ,,,,
  • creis
  • to sum up he’s a 10/10 supportive bud
  • and someone always there for you ,,, rip what a cute friendship

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hc's for the paladins with an s/o who keeps stealing their clothes

Ehehehehehehe *jazzy finger guns*


*Major friggin ego boost
*He especially loves it when you wear his shirts because he thinks of how fun it’ll be to try and get it back from you


*Speechless, blushing, and internally fanning himself
*He thinks you look really good in his jacket and gloves and he kinda really likes kissing your hands when you wear them


*Are those hearts in his eyes? Yup! Boi thinks you look hella cute
*He likes how cute and small you look in his clothes


*She is so darn confused how you even fit in them
*Did you make copies of my clothes to fit you? Are you trying to match? What is going on?!!


*The only thing that would fit on you decently was his turtle neck shirt and it’s a little big on you, but he just loves how you look in it and the fact that he’ll be wearing it again later~


-Arthur is King Arthur and Francis is his, hem, faithful and trusty squire

-Joffery Baratheon thought it would be funny to force his uncle Arthur Lannister to marry Francis Tyrell, but they end up falling in love anyways

-Francis goes to a con as Loras Tyrell while Arthur goes as Renly Baratheon. They meet each other and casually flirt with each other, then some fans come by and ask for some more fanservice. They suck it up and full out kiss each other, after the con they hang out and fall in love

-Francis is a good student but he starts to get into trouble when he learns about the detention teacher Mr. Kirkland

-Arthur always thought French was a beautiful language and he really thinks that now with the new French teacher Mr. Bonnefoy

-Francis is a cashier at a grocery store and secretly hopes that the handsome rocker punk who just walked in will talk to him as he’s paying for his groceries

-Arthur as a punk rocker going into a grocery store and telling himself to always shop here because he likes the looks of that hella cute cashier

-Arthur is a cashier at a grocery store and that day he just so happens to be wearing a simple silver chain but on that chain is one of those fake Lord of The Rings rings that you can get. Francis moves into town and does some shopping. After he’s paid for his groceries, he points to Arthur and says “You must destroy the ring. Go to Mordor and throw it into the volcano. Be safe on your quest” then Arthur starts to feel all happy because at least someone acknowledged it.

-Each time Arthur is cashier and Francis buys groceries, Arthur is wearing something different and Francis makes the perfect nerd remark. One day Francis comes in with a pin saying “Hello I am 24601” and Arthur says “just don’t steal any bread okay?” They start to hang out and eventually fall for each other. One day Arthur says “You know that LotR ring I had? Well I got a different one”
Francis goes “oh yeah? Show me”
So Arthur gets on one knee and proposes to Francis with a beautiful (fandom) ring

I have like one specific headcannon for all of my otps

And it is that ½ of the otp doesn’t really find themselves attractive and their partner is always getting girls confess to them at least they think and once the other half notices they compliment them on how fire they are and they just feel hella better.

For example:

  • Soumako: Makoto looks at Sousuke and sees all his muscles and his beautiful face and he instantly feels insecure. He acts kinda distant for a couple of days and Sousuke noticed immediately that Makoto would look at his arms and then compare them to his own. He finally just tells Makoto that he doesn’t have to compare himself to Sousuke and that he’s one of the most attractive people that Sousuke has ever seen and that his back muscles are so fire.
  • Bokuaka: Okay, so Bokuto thinks that people other than his teammates don’t really like him because he acts weird and his hair is crazy. And sometimes he worries that akaashi will feel the same way so he always asks Akaashi if he’s being weird and one day Akaashi gets so fed up with hearing Bokuto put himself down and he just tells him straight out that he’s hella cute with his crazy hair and loud antics. And those thighs. Akaashi loves Bokuto’s thighs, and after he tells Bokuto all of that he’s a blushing mess.
  • Iwaoi: It’s no secret that Oikawa is followed around by girls all the time so of course Iwaizumi is going to get a little insecure with all the beautiful girls vying for his boyfriends attention. One day Oikawa sees Iwaizumi’s face as he’s talking to girls and his heart shatters because his Iwa-chan looks so sad and Oikawa decides to be a sweetheart for once and he leaves the girls immediately and go with Iwaizumi and the whole day they hang out. With Oikawa telling him that he’s so cute and that he has the best arms like hot damn his arms are so great and Iwa-chan is a blushing mess and he’s called Oikawa a dumbass at least 50 times already but inside he is screaming like the dork he is.
  • Kurodai: Kuro knows how damn hot he is with his permanent bed hair and everything but Daichi doesn’t need to hear all his teammates comment on how hot his boyfriend is and that he did a good job. Kuro sees Daichi’s sad mood and takes whatever chance possible to tell Daichi that Kuro thinks he fine and that his ass is phenomenal. Like no joke Kuro’s head hurts from how many times Daichi has hit him in the head for groping his butt in public.
  • Aokaga: Aomine knows that Kagami knows that he’s fine as fuck. But he also knows that society doesn’t really count having darker skin as being beautiful or nice looking. Kagami knows that’s bullshit, but Aomine feels like he isn’t fire because of that dumb standard. Kagami makes sure to let Aomine know that he is the hottest guy he’s ever seen and that his skin is a really nice tan color that he loves leaving marks on.
  • Kiyohyuu: Hyuuga thinks that his glasses make him less attractive. Kiyoshi shut down that thought as soon as he figured out that Hyuuga even thought about it. He told him that he’s beautiful on a daily basis and that he’ll always love him no matter what is on his face and Hyuuga likes to pretend that he’s mad when they’re in public but when they get somewhere they can be alone he basically jumps Kiyoshi and thanks him through his actions (if ya know what I mean) ;)
  • Kikasa: Oh damn, so quite often actually, Kise gets girls that want him to introduce Kasamatsu-senpai to them. Usually Yukio sees those interactions from afar and thinks they’re just more girls going after his boyfriend and he feels so inadequate because Kise is a model and he should be dating one of those beautiful girls and not plain old Yukio (*snorts* purely headcannon b/c I love Kasa and would never say that about my bby). Kise can tell that Yukio is feeling like the girls are pulling him away from him but he makes sure to reassure him that he really only wants Kasa and not any of the other girls and one day he mentions something about all the girls after his boyfriend and Kasa is like what and Kise is like yeah I always get girls asking for you because you’re so handsome and good at basketball and Yukio straight up blushes and says Kise is lying and Kise is smiling because he knows that was a hella confidence booster for his adorable senpai who he always makes sure to let know that he looks super hot in his compression socks. 
  • Chrisawa: Eijun knows he’s an adorable little shit. Chris-senpai always makes sure to tell him that. But Chris doesn’t really have confidence in his own looks. Eijun loves it when Chris has his hair down and makes it known because he’s all over him when his hair is down. He literally can’t keep his hands off of his fine ass boyfriend. Ever. Eijun also started groping Chris on the field just to show off how hot his boyfriend is to the other players and at first Chris is mad but when he questions Eijun’s motives, his heart melts because Eijun just wanted him to know that he is very handsome and that he really appreciates him.
  • Abemiha: Oh shit I’m bouta go off. Mihashi literally has no self-confidence and it pisses Abe off. Like his boyfriend is so talented and cute that he just wants to tell him all the time. But Abe is a shy little fuck when it comes to things like that. He only tells Ren these kinds of things when they’re alone because he will be the only one to see Abe’s red face. And of course Ren gets so flustered and red that Abe can’t help himself and he attacks Ren with hella cuddles because they are pure little babies.
  • Momoriko: Ok hell yeah I totally love Riko so much. So, Aida always overhears the boys from other teams get disappointed when they see her because they thought she would be cute. Of course her boys immediately go to her defense but it still hurts. Most of them make comments on how small her boobs are too. And Satsuki hears it all from Dai-chan because Kagami tells him everything and she instantly gets angry. Those losers think they can talk about her girlfriend that way? She’ll find all their weaknesses and make sure her team beats them brutally in a match. In the mean time, she starts telling Aida how cute she looks everyday and that her boobs are a nice size. She even tells her that her cooking is good. Aida always feels so much better with Satsuki at her side.

Yeah so that’s a lot of them. Trust me, there are so much more those are just the mains. I really love the idea of your partner helping you overcome obstacles. Like I think its so cute how just saying one thing can make someone smile.