because he lied


“You lead me to strange places, Hawke.”
“I’ll take you to stranger places than this, just watch!”

i wish i learned younger that one good night among thirty bad ones doesn’t make a good relationship. i know. she bought you something nice. he took you out to your favorite place. but that doesn’t forgive what she said last night. and that doesn’t fix that he never listens. you don’t have to stay with them just because they did something nice for you - and the fact you feel you have to pay them back is proof enough they’ve trained you into thinking you have to earn nice things. the person who is right for you will just want to see you happy, no strings attached. they’ll listen to your problems and yes maybe buy you flowers to say sorry but more importantly they’ll change what hurt you. i know we were raised to forget he lied because of a boombox he lifted above his head but at some point he’s no longer admitting he was wrong - he’s just paying for you to no longer be allowed to be annoyed by it.

I’d rather be damaged than fake.
—  Connor Walsh, HTGAWM 3x09

Replace Plus Extra Chapter 14: Christmas Miracles

What if the Generation of Miracles were Santa?
Kagami: *snore*

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hobbitsetal  asked:

if Thorne thought his 20s was high time to get over birthdays, do you honestly think Cress would agree with him? because i think that chick would LOVE birthdays and parties and cakes and tiers of cupcakes way too much to let him be like that. which is to say, forget Don Draper, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, SUNSHINE!!


  • Carswell Thorne would care about birthdays even if he were 120.
  • He’s definitely one of those people who answers questions like, “How are you?” with “It’s my birthday!”
    • He has absolutely zero shame.
    • He even goes so far as to drop “subtle” hints about it months in advanced.
      • “No problem, Cinder. We’ll see you next month. Yep. Three days before my birthday.”
      • “When are we visiting the farm? Six days after my birthday?”
      • “Yes, Cress. You should buy that dress and wear it on my birthday.”
  • He also makes very detailed lists of the gifts he expects to get. If people deviate from the list, they shouldn’t be surprised to hear he has returned it for store credit.
    • Carswell Thorne has a lot of store credit.
  • But as much as he loves his own birthday, he’s just really good with birthdays in general. 
    • He always stays up to comm you at exactly 12:00am.
      • And he dresses up for the occasion. 
    • He sends teddy-grams and barber shop quartets to sing to you.
    • He pays extra to make sure your cookie delivery arrives warm. 
    • And if you’re lucky enough to be with him on your birthday, he goes above and beyond to make sure everyone knows it’s your birthday too!
      • This always results in an embarrassed Rampion crew member laden with balloons and extra breadsticks at whatever restaurant you end up at to celebrate. 

In short, some people are really good at birthdays and some people only get a birthday text from their mom. I am not the former. But thank you all the same!

MadaTobi Soulmate Drabble

Soulmate AU where whenever you lose something, your soulmate winds up finding it.

from (x)

Ever since he was little, Madara would find odd bits and bobs nudged amidst all of his things – crayons in his pocket, pacifiers in his drawers, socks under couches, and even a tiny knitted beany in his little brother’s house slippers once. It’s very annoying. It clutters his room and he’s always being told off by his parents for it.

Then came the drawings. Sometimes crumpled, sometimes not.  Over the years, it grew from illegible, grainy scrawling to clumsy shapes and bendy forms that took less, and less stretching of his imagination to determine as hiragana characters.

My name is Senju Tobirama, one of it reads.

Paranoia coils in him. Soulmate or not, the thought of a stranger stumbling upon his belongings, his personal, informative, belongings is enough to make anyone holler out stranger danger. This soulmate mumbo jumbo is weird.

Strangely enough, that’s how he meets his best friend, through the strange mumbo jumbo.

“I’m supposed to be showing my little brother around school today,” bawls the boy with the bowl cut while latching himself on Madara’s arm, all big eyes brimming with tears, and snot running down his nose. “It’s his first day and I can’t find him anywhere! He must be so scared! Will you help me look for him?”

Considering it’s Madara’s first exposure to comforting a fellow seven-year-old that’s crying his eyes out, Madara himself feels a little lost. His panicking eyes flick around them for help, but all the other children have quickly vanished into air as if they were the ninjas they routinely pretend to be. Oddly, he feels betrayed.

Whenever Izuna cries, it’s because he either wants attention or food. Ransacking through his lunchbox, Madara grabs one of his onigiri, and shoves it into the crying boy’s hands. He takes a deep breath, and huffs out his next statement with enough annoyance to drown out his panic, “Will you stop crying?”

There, food and attention. He should stop his crying any minute now.

But much to Madara’s despair, the boy threatens to swell up with tears again. “But he’s alone,” the boy whines, “and he’s so small and everything’s new to him and I need to find him because he could be getting bullied right now–”

“I’ll help you look for him, okay?” Despite holding the onigiri, the shrivelling boy still has one arm clinching Madara’s own. Madara tries (and fails) to shake the crying limpet away. “I’ll help you look for your baby brother. Stop crying already. He couldn’t have gone far, he’s like five.

As if the magic words were a box of tissues, all tears dry up, and the boy glows. “Okay then, let’s go!” He jumps up and drags Madara with him, snacking on his onigiri in a way that makes Madara feel like he’s been played. “Let’s go find Tobirama!”

Madara stumbles over his own foot. His lunchbox almost falls out of his hands. “Tobirama,” Madara squeaks in a high voice.

His new friend, he finds out, is Senju Hashirama. Oldest of four siblings, like him, and really likes to talk about everything and nothing at once. Tobirama is the second oldest. He’s a bit of a smarty pants, according to his brother, so the dangers of meeting someone who might bully him is definitely a substantial one. Hashirama cheerfully informs him that he has to help beat up the bullies, as part of the agreement of their newfound friendship.

It feels like getting carried away in a Hashirama-shaped tidal wave. Madara ends up not minding it. There’s a tugging in his belly, pulling him towards the library. Flutters of excitement are running up his arm at the thought of meeting his soulmate.

When they do find him, his little body is curled up on one of the beanbags, absorbed in book that’s got to be way too advanced for a five-year old to read. Tobirama peers up from his book at Hashirama’s joyous exclamations. He eyes his older brother like a particularly unpleasant fur ball he’d just hacked up, the expression as prickly as his white hair, and dodges his older brother’s hug with an expert shuffle off his bean bag.

Then and there, Madara knows that he’ll grow to like his soulmate, just as he knows how Tobirama losing Hashirama on his first day of school was definitely not an accident.

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In which Kratos also got wet in the name of science.

replication of this experiment.


Whoniverse: Class - 24/? times there’s more to Miss Quill than meets the eye. (1x07) 

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once a wow nerd always a wow nerd


Time to bitch about Anders’ treatment some more:

Anders lying about the bomb does not mean he can’t be trusted. It means he doesn’t trust his friends enough to be honest with them.

We see him throughout the game, telling them that people are being abused, that he was abused. He asks them to help him in doing something about it, and they treat him like he’s crazy, they treat him like the problem, not the actual problem, which is the Chantry condoning abuse. He’s a burden to them, and they’re not opposed to letting him know about it.

Let that sink in.

He. Couldn’t. Trust. His. Friends.

So, instead of being honest, he lies. Because they’ve all proven that they don’t really give a shit about what happens to the mages. Or Anders. They wouldn’t have believed him if he told them that Meredith had already called for the Rite and they needed to act before she received it. They would have called him crazy and told him to suck it up like they always do.

And, after he detonates it, most of them demand his execution if asked their opinions on the matter. His own friends. The people he spent six years in Kirkwall with want him dead. Because he fought instead of letting all of the mages in Kirkwall die.

His friends openly mocked him, ignored his suffering, told him he was overreacting when he called abuse as he saw it.

But, you know, he’s the one who couldn’t be trusted.

Emori Meets Bellarke
  • Emori : Clarke right? Your boyfriend is looking for you.
  • Clarke: What?
  • Emori: The guy with the curly hair and freckles.
  • Clarke: Bellamy? Oh no Bellamy is NOT my boyfriend! We are just totally platonic friends? Why would you think he's my boyfriend? Did Murphy tell you he's my boyfriend because he lies. I don't know why everyone keeps asking if Bellamy is my boyfriend?
  • Emori: ...I saw you guys hugging for like twenty minutes...
  • Emori: You literally said "I love you Bellamy".
  • Clarke: Listen if you can't tell the difference between a platonic relationship and a romantic one then I can't help you.
  • Emori: You said "Lets get married".
  • Clarke: PL.AT.ON.IC.LY

So …

Daryl knows that if Carol finds out that he has lied to her about what happened with the Saviors it might damage her trust in him forever because he’s never lied to her before.


Let me just … *curls up*


hmmmm more examples of how the REAL LEORIO is fucking HOT and STRONG as opposed to his WEAK PASTY and FALSE 2011 characterization.
look at those BULGING MUSCLES, that TONED BODY. my dad walked by while i was reading this he is a STRAIGHT MAN and you know what HE said he said YOWWW THAT MAN IS FUCKING SEXY!!!
alright if this is NEW TO YOU because your sorry ass has only watched the 2011 ANIME because you have NETFLIX and it was CONVENIENT then let me CATCH YOU UP you have been fed a FALSE, extremely PASTY (though possibly SUN BLEACHED like that episode of SPONGEBOB where spongebob becomes SUN BLEACHED because he lies in the TANNING BED for TOO LONG) LEORIO. leorio is STRONG TAN and HOT AS HELL. a reminder the pictures above are AUTHENTIC from the ORIGINAL MANGA.