because he knows what important things in life are

Can we talk about Daisy Ridley and John Boyega for a second? I feel like sometimes people make them seem less important or less amazing than they actually are. Daisy received a SCHOLARSHIP to a performing arts school which she attended for EIGHT YEARS. She is already nominated for many awards for her work on Star Wars including Best a Female Action Star. John was invited to a theatre school at age nine and attended there for 5 years of his life. He is also nominated for many awards because of Star Wars. I think what is actually most important about these two people is that they are 23 years old and seriously changing the world. Daisy has become a female icon to so many people including me across the world and John has become a person of color known by so many. They are showing the world that anyone can do anything. Being so young, I know they will both do amazing things. They are talented, hilarious, and bring light into this world. I am so thankful for these two and I hope the rest of the world can also see how absolutely amazing they are.

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I have a gay friend. He is confuse because i think he likes a girl right now. I don't know what should i do or advice for him as a christian?

Well, regardless of his life choices, the most important thing is that he knows Jesus. Start with that. Tell him about your experience and encounter with Jesus. That will change his life in 100 ways. 

One important thing that jumped at me from the preview of tonight’s episode was that:

DEAN WANTS TO BE HAPPY GUYS! He has always thought he didn’t deserve anything good and that he didn’t have a future but now, NOW HE WANTS TO KNOW THE SECRET TO HAPPINESS!!! This gives me so many feels, because he is starting to believe he is worthy of a future, of enjoying his life and happiness. I can’t deal rn…

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It makes me wonder why they had Klaus have a kid with Hayley if they aren't even gonna develop that relationship? If they so hung up on Klamille, they could have had Klaus knock up Cami instead of Hayley. Why the one night stand significance?

Well Julie mentioned she wanted a supernatural baby around the 4th season of TO she just knew that’s what she wanted. She also knew she wanted to do SOMETHING with Hayley, she wasn’t sure what. I guess those two concepts just got mixed up in her head and that’s how Hayley being knocked up came about. As a writer I can say that things don’t always happen like you plan them to be. I think they had every intention of developing Klayley but they got so swept up in doing other things they let it fall behind. Klamille is important to them because I think they like the person Klaus is when he’s with Cami, I know I do. But that’s no excuse for letting another important relationship in his life fall by the wayside like this

I hate it when guys in bars strike up a conversation with me, realize that I am intelligent and cute and engaged to be married, then say “Your man is so lucky.”

He is not lucky. He didn’t win me in a raffle or a card game or buy a winning ticket. He spent five years getting to know me, every trait, every flaw. He learned what I love, hate, every important occurrence in my memory. He isn’t lucky, he held me when my grandmother died, he smiled at me when I walked across the stage at my college graduation. He loved me with all of his heart, doing nice things for me because he wanted to or because he knew I needed them done and he wanted to make my life easier.

He isn’t lucky. He’s hardworking and kind and generous and he earned this. This relationship wasn’t dropped in his lap, he got us to this point with every ‘I love you’ that I knew he meant, with every minute he listened to me cry or whine or rant or scream and still looked at me like I was his favorite person and his best friend. Because I am and he’s mine. Because he isn’t lucky and I’m not lucky either. We love each other and we work on us and we never give up and that’s why we have this great bond and we are always happy together.

You can spend your whole life broke, spending all your money on lotto tickets and never win. Or you can learn something, work hard, and get a paycheck regularly that will take care of you.

So no, he’s not lucky. Luck is for the lazy.

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2015 was my worst year left behind all my favorite passion. Photography, Electromechanical & mechanics in general, concept electronic projects (left like 10 in DR. 😅). This year I can’t promise my self to actually do something but by the end of this year i have to do something important in my life. And i will get there just
Just remember in this world there are people that inspire you, motivate you, makes to things you just where to scare to do because you didn’t know how they will end up.

@caseyneistat he is a person that with he’s vlog he inspirer people he touch people what the thing he does
He touch me and is one of my motivator.

Nikola Tesla: i have no words maybe if I didn’t know with this man did with the “Tesla Coil” probably i will not be the person i am today. Period ⚡️ he is my mentor.

There is one person maybe he is a person that will never get to see this but o well since i was born basically I was thrown to a mechanical shop in Yonkers, NY many people said why this kid is here he should be playing with video games sleeping eating writing a bike but no i was one these babies. That was born with a tool in my hand. And that person make sure I learn everything i had to learn. Of mechanical engineering who ever really know me know im a crazy person but with big project in mind. That person that when i was a kid he guided me on the right way and show me thing that we both had a passion for 🙌🏻 He is call Fernando Disla thanks!! He made me this person that i am today.
@juliogarib My partner in photography crime
Don’t get caught by us you my get a good picture
@kblock43. He’s that can make you some crazy things
Have good evening. Jonathan disla sign out
Follow you’re dreams. by atomtec

I’m in an Ibis hotel in Gent because I went to see The Darkness for the 3rd time in one week. I had a really great time at all 3 the gigs and now I’m imagining what 17 year old me would feel if she could see 28 year old me watching her fave band soundcheck and having her ultimate hero tell her he saw her in the crowd and like, knows things about her.

I can never quite pinpoint why I still care so much about Dan but I guess because I idolised him so much in a really formative phase in my life he will now never just be a cool dude to me, I always kind of see him as if he is like a magic person. I just chatted to him about dogs, touring, what he did on his day off in Amsterdam (walk around my neighbourhood) and terrible experiences we had with eating spacecake. But it was Important. There is no one cooler than Dan Hawkins.

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Send me ℧ for me to generate a scenario for our muses

Using THIS generator.

Karamatsu was far beyond a devoted person; passionate about most things poetic, even if it made absolutely no sense. One thing he never thought he’d be, however, was a body guard but when a life as important as the princess of their fair kingdom was at stake, he was all for it. In fact, he had volunteered when no one else would–mostly because he’s an idiot who has no idea what he’s in for…

He was selected by one of her guardians so it’s probably no surprise that she doesn’t know him. The man enters the large castle where the royalty resided, being escorted by some servant on the way. He looks like a wannabe greaser…but he speaks like a true Shakespeare!

“Fear not, princess! For I will protect your life with my own, hah!”

I called Mira because I didn’t know who else to call and she said a lot of intelligent things for example that I should write down what my abilities are (I didn’t come up with many, I’m quite useless but I already mentioned that) and then she also said that I should try to write down what is important for me to have in my life in the future, like self-employment for example. And I feel like I’m falling and there’s nothing to hold on to, iskender isn’t talking to me because he had a bad day and doesn’t want to talk to anyone when I would need it so badly, my mom’s busy with my brother and working and isn’t up for talking when I would need it so badly and I wanna hide in bed and do nothing until someone recognizes I’m gone but that would get me in trouble at work and I’m supposed to go to the akademie der künste tomorrow to talk to the students and professors to find out if there’s something I want to study. Under pressure.

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Hux is dying, and Ren hums to him as he goes, and for the first time, Hux recognizes compassion– because he's spent his whole life focusing on his father's dreams, and making them his own goals– he's put all of his energy into this thing that cannot possibly bring him peace and once he feels himself fading away, he realizes that he's completely neglected the most important part of living, the act of living in itself. So he takes Ren's hand and holds it to his chest and he understands why– ...

I know it’s only fair to make me suffer as well in return but OUCH MY HEART (ilu thank you, that’s exactly what I pictured :’) )

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I very much think i am bi and known for about a year now. I want to tell my dad, who i trust with my life and such. But he is a little homophobic, he has LGBTQA+ friends and does nothing to offend them, hell he even had dinner with the first transgender judge in my country! But i don't know what he will think when he finds out his own daughter is bisexual. I just don't want to loose his trust.

So, when you say you trust him with your life, I’m going to assume you mean you’re also safe with him in terms of economic dependency, emotional abuse, etc. 

Which means I’m not going to discourage you from coming out to your dad. But I’m also not necessarily going to encourage you. 

The important thing here is that even if you feel like you ‘should’ come out because it’s relatively safe for you - that isn’t true. You only ‘should’ come out when you’re absolutely sure you want to. I can’t make that decision for you. What I can do, is suggest a few things to think/talk about before you make the decision: 

  • Do you know what he thinks about bi people in general? If not, do you have a way to find out? Maybe someone you both know is out as bi (I stress the out part, and by that, I mean really publicly out or at least certainly out to both of you, because you should not out people against their consent)? Or a celebrity affiliated with something you or your dad are interested in? Talking about other people or even fictional characters can be a good way of testing responses to ‘that person is bi’ without having to come out yourself. 
  • What do you fear, exactly, when you say losing his trust? If you feel like it could hurt your relationship, or make it hard for the two of you to talk to each other, is there something else that could help you bridge this gap? A common interest, hobby, etc.? 
  • Bear in mind that your father has known you for a while (I’m assuming), and, since you seem fairly sure he’s not going to break off contact, will know you for a while. That means, on the one hand, that he could be extra shocked about your coming out because he has a set picture of you in his mind that you might ‘damage’. But it also means that he knows there is way, way more to you than your sexuality. And he will have a lot of time to remind himself of that, and learn to process the new information. So, even if things are weird between you two at first, that doesn’t mean they are going to be like that forever. 
  • Be honest to yourself about what you need, personally. Do you need your relationship with your dad to stay the way it is now? Do you need him to see you in a certain light? If so, that’s okay. If you are afraid of some things, but still think a change might be in order, here are some reaffirming thoughts we’ve published before about coming out to an unsupportive or semi-supportive family.

If you decide to come out to him, be prepared. You don’t have to resolve the issue all in one talk (coming out is never just a one-time deal, anyway). But the better you can answer any reactions and questions he has, the better you will probably feel afterwards. Here are some reactions people have asked us about, and our advice to dealing with them: x, x, x, x, plus a pretty extensive resource post on coming out (not by us).


  • as always, you are the one who decides when it is time to come out!
  • there is no “but you should” or “it is time” unless you want it. 
  • if possible, find out what your dad thinks about bi people in general before coming out to him. 
  • ask yourself what you need from your relationship with your dad, and act according to that (meaning, if you need him to feel about you 100% the way he does now, maybe don’t come out).
  • think of other things that define your relationship besides this knowledge, and use them to hold the connection between you if you feel things are weird after coming out. 
  • if you are afraid of how your relationship might change, but still want to try it, here are some thoughts on unsupportive / semi-supportive families. 
  • if you decide to come out to him, think about how he might react, and how you want to respond to that. For some ideas, check out:  x, x, x, x, plus a pretty extensive resource post on coming out (not by us).


- mod platypus

Good Deeds

When we have an opportunity to perform a good deed for someone who is in need, I believe that doing that deed is a way of honoring God, showing that you are thankful for the blessings that he has given us.  What about someone who has been abundantly blessed in life but for some reason does not like to give to others who are in need?  James 4:17 – So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin.

For me personally, when it comes to having opportunities to do good deeds, I think to myself that it is important to do good deeds because I may need to have someone do a good deed for me.  Luke 6:38 – Give, and it will be given to you.  Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put on your lap.  For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.  

When it comes to giving, we all have to make a decision as to how we want to help others in need.  2 Corinthians 9:7 – Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.  In other words, a cheerful giver honors God.  Colossians 3:17 – And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the father through him.  Acts 20:35 also talks about the importance of good deeds and giving.  It says, In all things I have shown you that by working hard in this way we must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he himself said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”In Proverbs 31:8-9, God talks about the importance of doing the right thing when you see another person in need.  It says, Open your mouth for the speechless, in the cause  of all who are appointed to die.  Open your mouth, judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy.  

Finally, there may be people out there who may think to themselves that they can’t help others in need because they need help in their own lives. Matthew 6:25 – Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink; nor about your body, what you will put on.  Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing?  My friends, when it comes to giving and doing good deeds, God wants us to know that if we sow, we will reap.  Galatians 6:9 – And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap if we do not give up.

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You didn't answer the question. Are you fucking him? Did the stoic, icy detective fall for a broken toy? How... Pathetic. I don't know what's sadder-- you, or him. But hey, at least he has a keepsake of hers in his head. You don't have an excuse. You'll keep your hands off him.

     ❛Isn’t it PATHETIC itself to be prying over the personal life of someone else? I
didn’t think my affairs had any importance to anyone other than whoever is involved.
Heh … a broken toy? You truly have a way for detailing things and refuse to expose
yourself to me
. If you raise any complaints, feel free to approach me without hiding
because … it’s rather shameful on your end to be arguing with me when I’m out in
the open. Something ‘
sadder’ would be your irrelevant judgment when I’m not
treating Joel-san as a prize. Should he desire to return to a supposed keepsake of
hers on his head, then he’s free to go. But that’d be his
speaking and I won’t let that nature do any more damage. His wounds will be cured
… I’ll make sure of it because I love him …

In The Natural this woman asks Roy Hobbs (Robert Redford) what he wants most and he says that he wants people to point when he walks down the street and say, “There goes Roy Hobbs, the greatest that ever was.” And she asks if that’s all and he says, “what else is there?” because he doesn’t really know what matters yet in life. And he has this important bat (the bat is important, okay) and it’s very special to him. And he finally gets to play major league baseball after a long long time because of things that happened in his life, and he uses the bat, and then, near the end, something happens to the bat (and trust me, at this point, you very much care about the bat) but see, he’s learned things in the film up to this point. And he says to the ball boy, “pick me out a winner.” So even though he doesn’t have the bat, he realizes, and so do we, that it isn’t really about the bat, or about being the greatest that ever was. Maybe he is the greatest that ever was, but perhaps it’s because of all he’s overcome and all he’s learned, and besides that we care about more than all the other people because of the journey we’ve seen him take. And anyway, Mulder is like Roy Hobbs and the bat and the goal of being called the greatest that ever was are “the truth” and at the end of “The Unnatural” Mulder realizes that Scully is more important than lots of the things he thought were important. At the end of the episode it isn’t really about baseball.

Have you ever thought about why music is so powerful?
Check it out.
Satan was the most beaaaaautifil angel.
He was the musical angel.
He was a walking musical instrument with more extravagant colors on his angelical body, than you know.
So… Life and death is in the power of the tongue.
And as I said earlier,
Satan was a walking musical instrument, who then became rebellious against God.
Which then became his new goal; to make more rebellious people against God.
so he’s using what he knows best as a weapon…
That’s why worship is so important and crucial.
Worshipping Christ is our response of love to Him. Worshipping Christ brings us closer to Him.
Because it’s the very thing the enemy was and is now being used against Him - through our worship.
That’s why it’s super important to be very careful with what you listen to.
Even though it doesn’t sound like a bad song.. the enemy is very good at disguising things and hiding real meanings.

(I hope I’m making sense)

Promote what you Love.

January has been one unexpected tough month. It seems that confusion and melancholy enjoyed my company. There’s too many attempts of writing down my hatred against the world, because of the times it made me felt how unfair life is. But I tried. I always tried to keep that vibrant vibe inside me alive and translate it to positive actions. Because who the heck wants to be a burden to the people around him? 

Countless times, have I prayed to God for a strong and wise heart. Because I know this is what I needed the most. And countless times He proved to me, I was still worthy of being loved. He answers in the most incredible ways. His grace was so overflowing, that if it were the ocean, we would all be drowning.

One important thing I learned from all of these ups and downs, is that life must go on.  Know the things you have to prioritize. Know the things you have to keep holding on, and know which ones you have to let go. After all, great love and great achievements, involve great risks.

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Rumour has it you kissed James' tall Irish friend.

“I find it disgusting that you would actually think that of me when everyone and their mums knows how crazy I am for James. Do you really think that I wasted a year of my life crying and feeling dead inside because I wasn’t with him to only cheat on him in the most minimal form after getting back together? Do you really think I’m the kind of girl that would do that? Because if you do, you’re bloody delusional and don’t know a single thing about me. I love James more than anyone would ever know and more than what they can tell. He’s honestly the single most important person in my life aside from my parents and my brother so I would NEVER dream of doing something like that. I don’t plan on kissing anyone else, I don’t want to kiss anyone else for as long as I live. So, you should get your facts straight because there’s no way on this earth that I would ever do that to the love of my life. If anything, Cillian is kind of like another Frank to me. Someone I like to annoy and laugh at when I’m bored. Simple as that.”

“Awakening The Empress” what a BEAUTIFUL phrase. We are working with the energy of Archangel Gabriel. This Angel embodies both the divine feminine and masculine. She brings to those in need, especially women with child. I was so happy to see these two cards pulled simultaneously because I myself have been praying to and enveloping myself with his energy this week. The angel of messages and divine communication, she carries important information from Spirit to us. He helps to really clarify what is spoken by the divine and what is spoken by ego.
The numerology message here tells us to take life step by step. Work on the simple things. Pay attention to the delicacy of new beginnings. Start a new perspective and try to see the world in a new view point. Respect yourself and your ability to create new life! Cherish your inner Empress and really know that you are in control of your divine feminine (yes men, you too!)
Be yourself. Stop trying to be someone your not. Especially if your reasons are to impress someone else. All love to be unconditional, your love for others and their love for you. Don’t begin something new on falsehoods. Don’t stop a precious creation before it starts. You are selfish and focused on ego if you think that your intentions are the only ones that matter.
Awaken The Empress in you. Ask Archangel Gabriel RIGHT NOW to help you understand Spirits message to you.
The Divine loves you. The Divine IS you.

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1&2 answered already

choose a song to live off of.
dream catcher - set it off. favorite song of all time & puts me in a good mood which is important

who saved your life?
harry because he is my entire life and makes me happy :)), but also sophie and arely for being like my only 2 friends irl and that keeps me going, and nick (brother) because he takes me to do fun things and that’s the source of excitement in my life

if you could breathe music, which artist would you choose to inhale and which would you choose to exhale?
also didn’t know what this one meant so i asked arely, she said inhale any cute male artist so inhale harry+others im too lazy to think of, and she said exhale ‘that devil worshipping song’ idk what that is

what are the promises you’ve made to yourself?
that this isn’t it, that sometime in the future i will be able to wake up every day and be fully at peace with my life, that i will do everything i plan to do, that i will find someone perfect for me, that i’m gonna be okay

would you rather be the earth or the sky?
definitely the sky, especially the night sky. the most beautiful thing in the world and it shines so bright every night i’m in love

van gogh or michelangelo?
van gogh. i prefer paintings to sculptures and starry night is one of my favourite artworks ever

if you could choose one instrument to master overnight, which would it be?
ukulele! i’m teaching myself it right now and not making much progress but i really wanna play it!

Can we just talk about how Luffy’s smile is so ‘not-Luffy’ here?
Well, I noticed it for the first time not so long ago, when I was watching this episode. As we know, Luffy’s crew didn’t tell him about what really happened with the flag. But looking at his smile there is really heartbreaking. Because it really doesn’t look like Luffy had NO IDEA what happened for real. More like he didn’t want to believe that his nakama actually lied to him, so he tried to convince himself they’re saying truth and that’s what I find really sad. That Luffy has absolutely unwavering faith in them but they managed to lie to him, about one of the most important thing in pirate’s life, despite all these experiences they’ve all survived together. But even after this he’s trying to forget about it and is still able to forgive them, even though he must be really hurt because of this. And I know that’s a filler but I think it really shows us how Luffy loves his friends, fuck, his family.