because he knows that is the real her


So, when Sauce leaves the village after said goodbye to Naruto and to Sakura (promised her he will return to see her but let’s forget that), he secretly met the team TAKA.
(Of course it is his journey of redemption and we all know he must do it alone but whatever)

Then he make a child with Karin because ya know, Sasuke is so a womanizer. With him it’s girls, girls everywhere, always trying to get their attention and take them in his bed. So he slept with Karin and fall in love with her.

But someways, Karin, his true love of course (we can see how their relationship grow up all along with the manga, yeah, there isn’t any real proof but let’s guess it…) died. Sasuke couldn’t raise this baby alone so he came back to Konoha, married Sakura for some formalities and left again. You know, Sasuke doesn’t really care about his family, it’s not important at all for him, he killed Itachi you see ? And it was not as if Naruto was going to kick his ass if he did something that bad to Sakura, because Naru loves Hinata.

Sasuke’s only true love was Karin, it’s so obvious ! Sakura just waited him like a stupid girl because he didn’t love her ! He didn’t ever say her good bye or “see you soon” ! But he loves Karin, that’s for sure ! And Sarada is a SK kid ! She wears glasses and glasses IS genetic (even if I don’t really know anything about genetic, this time I’m sure). All of this is so obvious !

Ok, let’s talk about this “love story” of Regina and Robin. What type of woman would pass her entire life running into a man just because someone told her that he has a tattoo that means he’s her true love?! It’s like the feeling didn’t come from her, you know? Was like “Hey, look there, is the man you have to love, because he’s your true love.”
What makes me more angry is that they destroyed Regina’s character, where’s that stronger woman from season 1?
They’re making she act like a stupid, Robin NEVER was capable to show that he cares or love her. Well, when he tries that, is in the worst ways (Take a look on the last episode hahaha). A real prince, huh?! I really can’t understand how someone can find this “history” beautiful or any another shit…
They’re making Regina act like she NEEDS a man to survive. JUST, NO!
She deserves so much better…Not a “lover” like that dumb.
For God’s sake, when thw writers will realize that all of this is ridiculous? And doesn’t have any sense?

I can’t keep seeing my favorite character being destroyed because of a man, a fucking stupid man. I keep saying, (yes i ship swan queen) but, between Regina being with Robin or just with her son, I prefer her with her son, Henry. He loves her, he proved this so many times.
To be honest I think she found her happy ending at the moment she won the forgiven of Henry, Emma and all the Charmings family, when she was the hero to all of them. Why a “happy ending” need to mean “a man in her life”?!
People need to understand that for Regina be happy, is not necessary a penis in her life.
And more, you know why I prefer swan queen? No, it’s not because it’s a gay couple, it’s because they have an AMAZING history together, they have chemistry, Regina cares about Emma and Emma cares about Regina. They have a son together. They have what the show says that is the important thing: A FAMILY.
Their history have more sense than CS and OQ TOGETHER.
Imagine how amazing would be Regina and Emma as couple. That thing about “Modern fairy tale” finally would have sense.
Just to finish, I ask for those oq shippers, please STOP to say that “it’s a perfect ship with an amazing history” is disgusting. You can ship wherever you want, just don’t say stupid things. OutlawQueen is not a great history (even because they don’t have a REAL history) and they’re not a “cute couple”.
Just stop.

Hello, Neighbor | Sam & Mini

You know what Sam’s problem was? He was too nice of a guy. He was the kind of nice guy that always accidentally lead women on, because not many were as nice as him. He did not agree to help his slightly older neighbor with her with her very real plumbing problem because he wanted in her pants. He really didn’t want that at all. What he had actually wanted was his mail. 

He was unable to check his mail when he’d been sucked into conversation. Later the man was lured into his neighbor’s home to look at her kitchen sink, in trade for the promise of a home cooked meal one night or another. The house was old, and it was clear she really didn’t know what she was talking about when she explained the problem. She reminded him of his sister in a very vague way.

So there he was, stuck under a rusty sink with his tools, trying his best to fix it. He could already tell this thing was going to take more than attempt to get working fully.


I will admit that when Garnet first found out that Jamie had a small crush on her, she didn’t handle the situation in the best of ways. I mean-

But really, she was just trying to get the point across because she knows that she’s already in love- with herself. She thought Jamie could never possibly feel the same way towards herself as Ruby and Sapphire feel for each other. She had no interest in him whatsoever. And even after he continued to pursue her, she stated again that she didn’t want to be in a relationship with him.

This had to be my favorite part out of the episode, because this is exactly what you should do if this happens to come up in a real life situation. If someone likes you and you don’t feel the same way about them, you shouldn’t lead them on. You shouldn’t keep stringing them along, not wanting to give them a proper response because you’re afraid that you’ll hurt them. In the long run, you’ll just end up hurting them more if you give that person hope that the two of you could possibly be in a relationship.

And at the end when Jamie still hadn’t gotten the idea through his head that the two of them could not engage in a relationship, she didn’t scorn or get angry at him that he didn’t understand that no means no. Garnet straight out said that to love someone, you have to know and understand them- that you have to go through the steps of falling in love, such as Ruby and Sapphire had more than likely done at one point in their lives. 

The fact that Garnet tried to make him feel better about the whole thing by saying he was a fantastic actor just added onto the list of things to love about her. Jamie had felt so self conscious about his dream, that he would never get an acting job because he had been rejected time and time again, and Garnet turned the situation around and encouraged him to start from the bottom and work his way up.


Stefan + trying to bring Caroline back


I’m terrified that everything is about to come undone because of me, and trust me, Ems, that is my nightmare because this has been the best part of my life. It’s why I held on to that stuff. It’s my infinity box. And it’s why I still call you Ems even when the rest of the world knows your real name.


  • Himawari:*comes home* Hi Papa! I had a REAL good day! Wanna hear about it? :3
  • Naruto:Oh that's so cute! Of course, princess, tell me about your day!
  • Himawari:K! Well, first I went to the flower shop and saw Inojin there! When he saw me, his cheeks got kinda pink and he gave me a sunflower because he knows they're my favorite!
  • Naruto:*smile droops* Did he now?
  • Himawari:Mhm! 8D And after that, I ran into Shikadai, and he said we should go sit somewhere together and just watch the clouds!
  • Naruto:*eye twitching* Really?
  • Himawari:Yep! And the last thing that happened was I went to see Lee-San, but his student said he was out for the day and offered to piggy-back me to get some curry with him! He piggy-backed me all day until I got tired and said I wanted to walk home to see what Mama made for supper.
  • Naruto:*entire body quivering and fists closed* Oh wow, sweetheart. That sounds...
  • Himawari:YEAH! 8D *kisses his cheek* Papa, I'mma go tell Mama about today. I'll help her with dinner, too!
  • Naruto:You do that, sunshine...
  • Bolt:*walks in with bruises, cuts, and out of breath* Dad, do you have ANY idea how boys are treating Himawari-Chan? I had to beat up three guys for trying to get all touchy-touchy with her!
  • Naruto:*stops shaking, and begins to cry tears of joy* OH BOLT!
  • Bolt:EHHH???? O.O
  • Naruto:*hugs him to him and won't let go* YOU'RE SUCH A GOOD KID, BOLT-CHAN, MY LI'L BURRITO. I LOVE YOU SO SO SO MUCH *starts kissing all over his face*

one thing i noticed on tumblr is the extreme backlash when a female celebrity says she isnt a feminist like. ya’ll drag her by her fucking hair but like……….

isnt internalized misogyny something we all had to overcome and learn about. just cause this woman is some years behind us bc of the generation gap doesnt mean she deserves less of a chance to grow. 

like im not gonna say anything abt the white woman vs woc debate because thats not my place and that to me IS a real criticism, but like

“this woman said she wasnt a feminist? *SNORT* right into the trash you go!” 

ya’ll know if a male celeb said he wasnt a feminist youd barely bat an eyelash. i wonder why its the women you drag so spectacularly………… 

could it be that internalized misogyny is a complex thing that takes ages to unlearn and mb u needa chill 


My heart though…For real. <3 Because both times  – he is not including himself as a part of that happiness that he wants for her. He knows how scared she is of staying, of accepting her family, of this town, of being there, and BELONGING, in between curses and villains, during the quiet moments. He gave up his ship, did everything he could to bring her back to the family she found, regardless of whether she wanted to be with him.

Yet EMMA, makes it about him. It’s snarky and sarcastic, and her walls are back up because she’s scared as hell, but it’s the first thing that comes to mind, because it’s true, he is an Integral part of what she is actively running from – the happiness that she knows is right within her grasp, that she’s scared to hold on to.

And NOW, now, he is reminding her once again – for solely HER benefit, that she has found what she has been denied her her whole life, a family, her son and parents, and friends, people that love her, that she loves back, once again not daring to make it about him ––– but Emma does. Again.

This time she is happily, and consciously reminding him, that her ‘home,’ that she’s found, and stopped running from, the second she stepped out of Granny’s that night – looking for the one last piece of her happiness she needed to feel whole – includes him. And after Killian’s confession to her about his happy ending, after all the time he spent hoping and wishing, and fighting for her heart – he gets to finally have that confirmation. 

He is a part of her happy ending too.

Sincerely imagine ASiB if Johnlock isn’t real.  “Somebody loves you” and “Feeling exposed?” and “Yes you are” and “Look at us both” and “I think he likes you more than I do” are all completely baseless statements, and Irene is just some weird lady who makes randomized personal comments and has no actual insight into people. She goes around proudly declaring “I know what people like!!!” and Ministry of Defense agents sometimes give her top-secret intel because they feel kind of sorry for her

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If Rick wanted Michonne, he wouldn't need Jessie to show him the light. I don't know about you, but I've never had to fuck someone in real life to realize I want someone else. And what the hell makes you think Michonne wants Rick? Because she's nice to him? She'd be nice to anyone if the writers gave her more interactions. It's disgusting that you'd even ship a ship this toxic. Michonne tries to control Rick (like Lori) and Rick tries to man handle her or push her aside (like The Gov/Mike).





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LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT HOMESTU- Fuck, you know a lot about it anyway. Is Calliope actually Caliborn'ssister? There is a rumor that she isn't.

She is not, cherubs don’t have real siblings stated by both Calliope and Caliborn. Calliope called Caliborn her brother to relate to the kids and Caliborn started referring to Calliope as his sister since everyone knew who he was referring to and because he didn’t like her name to begin with.  Also since hearing their other half’s name put them to sleep it was just an easy way to avoid saying one another’s names. 

TVD 6x18: “I Never Could Love Like That” ... a show with so many bullshit. Random thoughts edition.

Ok so as I promised, I watched the episode to see the so awaited Stefan/Mama Salvatore reunion. So here are some thoughts about the episode as a whole (because clearly I had no better thing to do FML)

  • First of all: Why is humanity-less Stefan still babysitting Caroline??? the real Ripper Stefan would be like: “Fuck This Shit I’m Out”
  • Enzo knows Lily because she was the one to turn him into a vampire…OH MY GOD WE DIDN’T SEE THAT ONE COMING, AT ALL!!!!!  #sarcasm
  • Stefan was an asshole to lie to Elena for her own safety. Damon is cute when he lies to Elena for fear of her making her own decision. #EpicFail exhibit #1
  • So if I understand correctly, now every single character, even the pointless ones like Enzo, gets their own flashbacks? BORING SHIT IS BORING.
  • Positive note: Candice has such a pretty voice though!
  • Damon: “Text Elena” Lily: “My dearest Elena, I hope this finds you well” - not gonna lie, this made me laugh! Funniest part of the episode.
  • Elena: “Damon knows how I feel (aka she misses being human), but he also knows that there’s nothing we can do to change that”…OTP MATERIAL:  ‘When your boyfriend stands in the way of you and the life you’ve always wanted’..that’s selfless love in its purest form DULLENA4EVER  #EpicFail exhibit #2
  • Lily never intended to go back to her sons… The award for mama of the year goes to …Lily Salvatore!
  • Stefan to Caroline: “I know what a jerk Tyler was during your relationship” Stefan lost brain cells while babysitting Caroline, fo real. Or maybe that was the writers shitting on yet another one of the previous pairings they wrote? Tough call here… 
  • Elena’s never abandoned Damon…Unless when she left him alone to die in a storage unit. But don’t tell anyone, it’d ruin the DE epicness ;) [ #EpicFail exhibit #3]
  • AFTER SO ANY YEARS I STILL CANNOT GET USED TO STEFAN’S TEARY EYES. The acting skills man… Paul Wesley For All The Awards
  • So lemme get this straight: Stefan doesn’t feel any guilt for what he’s done? WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BABY?! S1 Stefan would be ashamed of S6 Stefan.
  • Aw, Elena has always wanted to have a life with Damon… Yet her memories haven’t been restored? Aw, plothole galore!  #EpicFail exhibit #4

Conclusion: This episode was

Whenever I re watch TVD I stop watching after Elena and Stefan break p and Elena falls in love with Damon. It’s so filled with betrayal and heartbreak and pain after that it doesn’t feel worth watching. Elena and Stefan gave up so much to be with each other and then Elena just drops it all because she decides she loves his brother instead. It’s really fucked up, and Elena ends up in a horrible toxic relationship that turns her into an annoying needy vampire. She may be really intense and passionate with Damon, but I truly believe she was completely in love with Stefan and that he is the only person she will ever love like that, and she knows deep down that the only place she belongs is with Stefan. If the writers are too delena obsessed to see that, who cares. The story and the books are the real characters and those end with Stelena, because that’s how real life works. You don’t end up with the person who kills your brother and your friends, you end up with the person who makes you crazy and giddy and feel safe and warm, and this idea that the writers are putting into our head that Elena has that with Damon is complete bullshit. I hope in the season 7 finale ( assuming season 7 is the lag season) Elena comes back to Stefan and they end together when the comet goes over head and he cooks for her and yeah. Sorry this has been a long rant but I needed to say it

Popular things that I was taught in school and is still being taught:

1. Christopher Columbus was the first person to set foot on the new world

2. You should be drinking lots of milk.

3. Rosa Parks was a normal woman who became a figure for civil rights through unplanned proud stubbornness.

1. Christopher Columbus wasn’t even the first European to set foot on the new continent(s), he was just the one who could spread word around the fastest.

2. Humans stop needing milk after infancy. Save for one or two select countries, adults arent made to drink dairy. Most of the world is actually lactose intolerant and doesn’t know it.

3. The real brave soul was Claudette Colvin. She refused to give up her seat, was jailed, and went to the NAACP to complain. Because she was a single mother, she couldn’t be a figurehead, but the secretary, Rosa Parks could fill in. Parks planned the whole thing strictly for media coverage and to further the cause. While what she did was beneficial, the real thanks should go to Colvin.

Just because something is generally accepted, doesn’t make it true. If someone comes at you with a well explained, well sourced side to a popular “fact”, then don’t just throw it aside and call them ignorant. Instead, look at what they have to offer and make judgements based off of the evidence they provide.

I can’t believe that people are actually calling Garnet a bitch for telling the mailman no. Like that’s all she did was say no. “Yeah we’ll HE didn’t know she was already technically in a relationship!”
That’s because it’s not his business. She does not have to justify her “no” anymore than a real person in a real situation would have to.

No is a complete sentence.

I love how people have their heckles raised because Barry & Eddie are (rightfully) getting criticism for choices they are making as grown men. Joe may have started the ‘let’s lie to Iris’ club but let’s be real, Barry & Eddie didn’t have to join. Both of them, canonically, have gone against Joe’s wishes multiple times because they realized he was being unfair. With Iris, it’s not different just because he is her father; both of them have relationships with her that are completely separate from him. Which means that the real reason they are complicit is because deep down, they believe that keeping her in the dark really will keep her out of danger. 

Cool reasoning; still lying.

Criticism does not equal hate. But I guess you guys now know a fraction of how Iris fans feel every time she breathes and there’s someone who pops up out of the damn shadows to state how much they dislike her.

To anyone who has ever payed attention to my The Originals journey you’ll know I have never felt strongly about any particular ship. I’ve seen a lot of bromances and friendships that I love and all I’ve ever wanted is for all these broken characters to somehow find peace.

Today I’m officially calling Klamille otp. Not because I think they look particularly good together (but they do) not because Camille sees past Klaus to the real person inside (but I love that most about her) but because Camille is the only person brave enough to confront Klaus on his shit WHILE STILL BEING ON HIS SIDE.

She knows he’s a monster, she knows he’s done terrible things but she knows EVEN KLAUS NEEDS SOMEONE and even when she thought Klaus killed Aiden and ruined everyone’s life she still WENT TO HIM. She actually CONFRONTED HIM. She put him in place as if he did it and actually listened when he said he didn’t and did the one thing no one else would ever do. She BELIEVED him.

That right there is otp love