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My Top 5 Karamel Kisses

Because I just saw the Supergirl Top 5 Kisses video (and loved it, but kind of disagreed with the rankings), I decided to make my own totally unnecessary ranking of Kara/Mon-El kisses with explanations:

#5: “I’m just happy.”

This one stands out to me because it’s the calm before the storm. The blowup that has been building for a while and that we all know is coming is nearly here. But for the moment, we’re not watching Kara Zor-El, The Last Daughter of Krypton/The Girl of Steel/The Maid of Might, and Mon-El, Prince of Daxam/Frat Boy of The Universe. It’s just Kara and just Mon-El—who they really are when they’re not being bogged down by all the baggage from their pasts. They’re not focusing on any superficial differences or learned prejudices; they’re just two people who love each other and who get a lot of joy out of being together. And the fact that all that’s about to change is why this last pre-revelation kiss is so special to me.

#4: True Love’s Kiss

Okay. Let it be known here and now that I am the biggest Romantic Moment party pooper EVER. I rarely get sappy when I’m supposed to. Nicholas Sparks and I have a rocky history that involves me laughing in all the wrong places because I find his stories unintentionally hilarious. I’m banished from the room at Christmastime when my mother starts her annual Hallmark movie marathon because she wants to enjoy herself “without sarcastic commentary.” I’ve been making gagging sounds during the kissing parts in Disney movies since I was little (I’ve gotten better, but it still happens from time to time). So when I like a couple or a romantic moment of epically saccharine proportions, it’s kind of a big deal. And I like this moment. A lot. The question Music Meister asks Mon-El (“How much do you love her?”) is simple, because at its core, love is simple: it’s either there, or it isn’t. At the risk of quoting Tom Branson from Downton Abbey, it comes down to whether or not Kara and Mon-El love each other. The rest is detail. This kiss is kind of the visual representation of that fact, and not only is it meaningful to the story, but it’s also beautifully filmed (which I’m a SUCKER for).

#3: “Nothing stopping us.”

I may be the only Karamel shipper in existence who doesn’t rank this kiss as Numero Uno, but I am perfectly fine with that, and I stand by my choice. On the Hottness Scale (that’s not a misspelling; “hotness” is totally different than “Hottness”) it’s off the charts. All the sexual tension that’s been building between Kara and Mon-El since Day One finally comes to a head, and finally, finally, they get the chance to act on it without interruption. And BOY, do they. This is an absolute whale of a kiss; it ranks up there with some of the best onscreen kisses I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen my share of those over the years, thank you. It’s a big deal for Kara and Mon-El, too, because the amount of feelings involved on both sides puts them in new territory: Kara’s been able to distance herself from romantic relationships before because her fear of getting hurt outweighs any feelings she was starting to get while Mon-El has never had any feelings to risk. Now they’re both hopping into uncharted waters together, and despite the Holy-Smokes-ness of this kiss, it’s also really sweet. Every time I see it, I’m not sure whether I should blush and look away respectfully or cheer and fan myself because phew, as Nelly would say, it’s getting hot in herre. Decisions, decisions.

#2: “Absolutely beautiful.”

This is it. This is the reason I’m here today, the moment that started me down a path that eventually led to me finally joining tumblr and writing my first fanfiction. This kiss is so sweet that when I first saw it, even I couldn’t finish the sarcastic comment I was about to make. I seriously sat there clutching my heart with my mouth hanging open, in shock over how I’d reacted when I’d technically had only one episode to watch these two interact (I’d missed episodes 2x04-2x07 when I watched it the first time, so I’d kind of forgotten that Mon-El existed). I put it at a very close second because it’s an adorable moment that essentially jumpstarts the “Oh crap, I think I might like him,” feelings in Kara, and it reveals a lot about Mon-El’s character…he’s always kidding around, acting like a goober, burying feelings under sarcasm, and it’s kind of beautiful to see how he tries to make Kara feel better about the fact that he’s dying because of something her parents did (and after her planet destroyed his). It’s also huge because they both expect him to die, and while he’s accepted that, Kara really hasn’t. When he goes in for the kiss she doesn’t dodge or try to push him away…she kisses back, and that’s where her trouble starts: she realizes that the reason she doesn’t want him to die might be a little more complicated than just not wanting to lose a friend.

#1. The Forehead Kiss

Yes. Of all the kisses between Kara and Mon-El, this is my favorite, and it’s not even close. Because to me, it’s not *JUST* about the quality and/or sexiness of the kiss itself.  It’s about the significance of the kiss to the characters and storyline, and this one is huge for Kara and Mon’s relationship. They’ve been through a lot of up-and-down, real-world, adult relationship stuff over the past few weeks, and this is the cherry on top. Kara’s bad at relationships. Mon-El’s worse. But they both care about one another and they want to make it work, so they keep bumbling their way through the process, and it’s sweet to watch. I love this moment because it’s the fittingly emotional conclusion to an episode that lives in interpersonal relationships, and it would’ve been so easy for Mon-El to tell Kara “I told you so.” But Kara’s hurting, and he doesn’t even begin to commence to make that kind of comment. Instead, he just sits down with her and gets the surprise of his life when he finds out that Kara doesn’t need him to run around and do a bunch of stuff to make her feel better…she just wants him to be there with her. And personally, I think that’s more romantic than anything else. In my opinion, real love isn’t about remembering birthdays, or anniversaries, or bringing flowers and chocolate and jewelry to someone to “remind them that they’re special”  or anything like that, because the kind of love that lasts is usually a pretty unglamorous thing that takes a lot of work and inevitably involves a lot of disagreements. I have two sets of grandparents who have been married for over fifty years apiece (one set grew up down the road from each other, and the other got engaged after knowing each other for a week), and they’re proof of that. This is my favorite Karamel kiss because it’s so understated and so meaningful…nobody’s dying, or wanting to do it right there on the couch. There’s just one person who’s been hurt and needs comfort, and one person who desperately wants to help in any way they can. It’s boring, and low-key, and real, which is exactly why I love it.

Honorable mentions:

“I love you.”

This one just missed the cut because as beautiful and intense and passionate (and epic, and sad, etc.) as this kiss is, it doesn’t make as big an impact on me as the others. Yes, Kara finally said those three little words. Yes, I hate seeing them say goodbye. But you know what? Those three little words are totally superfluous. Sure, it’s sweet to hear them said out loud, but Kara and Mon-El are an action-oriented couple. At this point in the show, anyone with eyes knows that Kara loves Mon-El. I know it, Mon-El knows it, Team Flash knows it, Rhea and Lar Gand knew it before they kicked the bucket…you get the picture. Plus, this is a TV show and I’m a realist. The writers are smart enough to know what they’ve got here, and this just has all the earmarks of the kind of love story that can’t be stopped by all of time and space. I was worried about whether or not I was going to lose one of my favorite characters on Supergirl right up until this moment. Then I saw this scene and went, “Oh, good. Yeah, he’ll be back.”

“I would like to wake up with you.”

Arguably the cutest kiss of the whole season, but just not quite as earth-shattering story-wise as the others above. Still, though…they’re both stupidly happy and it’s a squeaky little kiss. I think I can be forgiven for how much I love this one.

Downton Abbey: Sybil Crawley – INFP

See also this post about Sybil, as well as my other Downton Abbey typings (so far).

Fi: The first impressions we get of Sybil are of her kindness and empathy (She defends Edith’s crying after Patrick’s funeral, tries to reassure Mary (“I know you’re sad about Patrick. Whatever you say, I know it.”), and she makes it her mission to help Gwen find a job as a secretary.). We also get to see her valuing morals early on, first through gentle remonstrations to her sisters (Mary: “I was only going to marry him if nothing better turned up.”, Sybil: “Mary, what a horrid thing to say.”, “You shouldn’t laugh, that’s so unkind.” (about Mary and Edith likening Matthew to a sea monster)), but then also by giving her opinion freely and being perfectly honest about things (“Of course it is [worth it], because of the people who will live in them.” (about Robert and Matthew restoring houses in the village), “I know this is hard for you to grasp, but I’m not there to go out to dinner. I’m there to learn.”, “He is a person. He can discuss other things.”, “I’m nor eloping like a thief in the night. I might have once, but Mary and Edith talked me out of it.”). She has a deep interest in helping others and doing good (“Because it’s the gloomy things that need our help. If everything in the garden’s sunny, why meddle?”), and she is passionately immersed in her causes (“Papa, I’m sorry I disobeyed you, but I’m interested. I’m political. I have opinions.”, “Blame me.”, “I will not give him up!”). Others often mention her gentleness when describing her (Isobel: “Her innocence will protect her.”, Mrs Hughes: “The sweetest spirit under this roof has gone.”, Thomas: “In my life I can tell you not many have been kind to me. She was one of the few.”, Mrs Hughes: “She was a sweet, kind person. And a real beauty. Inside and out.”, Gwen: “Her kindness changed my life.”), but also her single-mindedness (Matthew: “I admire Sybil’s passion, though.”, O’Brien: “So, Lady Sybil got off all right in the end. I’m afraid we have to admit, she knows what she wants.” Cora: Yes. She certainly does.”, Mary: “We can’t leave all the moral high ground to Sybil. She might get lonely there.”, “But I am sure! How many times do I have to say it?”, Anna: “Aren’t I as strong as Lady Sybil?”, Mary: “Sybil’s the strong one. She really doesn’t care what people think, but I’m afraid I do.”, Branson: “There aren’t many as free as my Sybil.”). She’s sensitive and quick to take offence at indirect or implied criticism (“What do you want from me? Am I to see if Sir Richard Carlisle has a younger brother? One who’s even richer than he is?”, “Appropriate for whom?”, “I don’t deserve to be told off. Not by her or by you.”, “Perhaps. But we do have feelings and don’t make the mistake of thinking we don’t.”). As she always gives 100% of herself into something, she desires the same whole-heartedness from others (“Then be on my side!”).

Ne: Sybil enjoys the idea of something (“I think it’s romantic.”, “Why, Granny, you’re a romantic.”) and has no trouble in seeing possibilities everywhere, which she often uses to cheer other people up (“Then we must be ready by tomorrow, mustn’t we?”, “You’ll see. We’re not giving up. No one hits the bull’s eye with the first arrow.”, “Then I’m a fool for I’m a long way from being beaten yet.”, “Then that’s why we must stick together. Your dream is my dream now, and I’ll make it come true.”, “But have you filled the post yet? Because I know just the woman.”, “Trust me, you have a talent that none of the rest of us have. Just find out what it is and use it.”, “But you believed in him, whoever he was, and that’s worth something.”). She’s often frustrated at other people being unable to think outside the box (“Women must get the vote, mustn’t they, Branson? Why does the prime minister resist the inevitable?”, “Why will we only have officers? Surely all wounded men need to convalesce.”, Mary: “The chauffeur? Branson?” Sybil: “Oh, how disappointing of you.”, “But I’m not giving up my world! They want to give me up. That’s their affair. I’m perfectly happy to carry on being friends with everyone.”). She usually believes the best of people (“I expect Mary was just showing the duke the house, weren’t you?”) and isn’t prejudiced against them because of social rules (for example, she tries to defend Matthew from her sisters when he first arrives). She is excited with new ideas that are congruent with her values (Fi-Ne), seen in her enthusiasm to help Gwen (“I think it’s terrific that people make their own lives, especially women.”), her interest in politics and feminism, even in her love for Tom Branson (“That I’m ready to travel…and you are my ticket.”). They also help her when she’s feeling down (for example when Isobel cheers her up by suggesting to train as a nurse and learn new things, like cooking.) She often challenges the status quo and doing things in a certain way just because it is done like that (“But nobody learns anything from a governess apart from French and how to curtsy.”, “I don’t know why we bother with corsets. Men don’t wear them and they look perfectly normal in their clothes.”). She takes her inspirations from the world around her and is constantly comparing situations and ideas in her head (for example she has the idea for Gwen to fake being ill in order to go to her interview from Anna having been ill the day before, and she is inspired to give Tom her final answer by Matthew and Lavinia announcing their marriage.). Since she seeks meaning in everything, she doesn’t value things without seeing a point to them (Ne-Te) (“But what is the point of Mama’s soirees? What are they for?”).

Si: Though fascinated by new ideas, Sybil prefers to mix novelty with the familiar, and in details – for example with her “new frock” (“Can it be my choice this time?“, Edith: “What do you want her to make?” Sybil: “Something new and exciting.”, “Is there anything more thrilling than a new frock?”). She knows her family well enough to not expect support in her political interests (“I knew you wouldn’t approve.”), and thus keeps her visiting political events a secret. She is also bitter about them wanting to return to the state of things before the war (Sybil always is completely immersed in the present: Branson: “So you wouldn’t go back? To your life before the war?” Sybil: “No. No, I can never go back to that.”, “But I just can’t think about it all until the war is over. It won’t be long now. So, will you wait?”, “They were sighing for the old days at dinner, but all I could do was think about how much more I want from life now than I did then.”, “I don’t want to get used to it.”). She pretends not to feel the parting when she goes to train as a nurse, but once she is alone in the car, she starts to cry, and she tells Branson that it’s hard for her to let go (“It’ll be hard to let you go, my last link with home.”). She also admits to him that she finds it hard to break away from her old world (“You say I’m a free spirit, and I hope I am. But you’re asking me to give up my whole world and everyone in it.”), and her meditation on whether or not she loves Branson takes two years. After her hasty decision to elope with him, she is quickly persuaded by Mary and Edith to return to Downton and to pursue a more open and gradual (Fi-Si) way of change (“I don’t like deceit and our parents don’t deserve it. So, I’ll go back with them.”). She also gets suddenly uncomfortable when Branson enters the drawing-room to let them know about their engagement (“I don’t think this is such a good idea. We mustn’t worry Granny.”). She’s also uncomfortable with Branson causing conflict after their return to Downton and tries to smooth things over (“Please don’t talk about Ireland all the time. I just want to make things easier for you.”).

Te: Seen in her need to take action in order to help others (as with Gwen), and later explored in her growing need for “real” work (“I want to do a real job. Real work.”, “I know what it is to work now. To have a full day, to be tired in a good way. I don’t want to start dress fittings or paying calls or standing behind the guns.”), Sybil is always searching for a task in order to feel useful and to have a purpose (“I just feel so useless.”, “but I feel useful for the first time in my life, and that must be a good thing.”). She also advises Edith to seek work as a remedy for her low spirits (“It’s doing nothing that’s the enemy.”). She is soft-spoken and kind, but she gets blunt and outspoken when it comes to her opinions and decisions. She is unapologetic about her values (“If you mean do I think women should have the vote, of course I do.”, “But I don’t acknowledge it. You want me to give up the man I love for a system I don’t believe in. Where’s the sense in that?”), and when really angry, she gets aggressive and tends to be harsh and extreme (“If you punish Branson, I’ll never speak to you again, never!”, “But if I find tomorrow that Branson is missing, I’ll run away, I warn you.” […] “Well, I can’t think now, but I will go, and you’ll be sorry.”, “I don’t want any money and you can hardly lock me up until I die!”). She longs to live her feelings and values, finding satisfaction in an “all or nothing”-attitude (“It is drastic. There’s no going back once I’ve done it, but that’s what I want. No going back.”, Branson: “You won’t mind burning your bridges?”, Sybil: “Mind? Fetch me the matches!”). She also has a streak of sarcasm (“Well, bully for that.”, “Am I so weak you believe I could be talked out of giving my heart in five minutes flat?”) and sass (“Then she can jolly well wait.” (about Violet), “Hear, hear!” (to Anna’s opinion on suffragettes), “Good evening, everyone.” (showing off her trousers), “Really, Branson, I thought I gave the orders.”, Edith: “I shan’t sleep a wink.” Sybil: “Tonight or tomorrow.” Violet: “Sybil, vulgarity is no substitute for wit.” Sybil: “Well, you started it.”). Since Te is her inferior function, it makes her prone to precipitous action (seen for example in her elopement with Branson, or “Everyone knows that [how to fill a kettle]).

At the altar with the enemy Pt. 3

The day when a Crawley and a Scamander tie their lives toghether as come at last…waht could possibly go wrong?

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you want cliffhanger??? Cliffhanger shall have

The date you picked to celebrate your union turned out to be a perfect one, cool fresh air from the country and the warmth of the Sun of early October. Newt and Jacob were outside making some company to Tom who was smoking a cigarette in the meantime you arrived.
“Tomas…” Newt broke the silence as he cracked his knuckles, trying to ease his nerves. “Do you remember the day you knew you fell in love with Sybil?”
“oh….absolutely.” He paused as he let the smoke of his cigarette vanish into the air. “She had bought this crazy dress and modeled it in front of her family. Lady Violet nearly suffers a stroke.” The three men laughed.
“What did the dress look like?” Jacob looked at Tom.
“It was like a dress,” the smoke came out chopped from his mouth, “but it wasn’t a dress…more like a pair of pants, made out of teal and green satin.”
“She sounds like a bold woman, Tom.” Jacob exclaimed.
“Like you don’t have any idea.” He dragged the last of his cigarette and threw away the rest. “Tell me now, Newt, how did you know you fell in love with Y/N?”
Newt smiled naturally, thinking of you gave him that kind of reaction.
“We were together at Hogwarts, one day she stayed for the class of caring of Magical creatures and I was there feeding the thestrals, when she came with a notebook. She looked so adorable. Her H/C hair waved with the wind and it smelled like fresh apples. I came close and told her…” He paused the story when his eyes spotted the copper brown hair of two people he knew very well: his cousin Gerard and his mother, Aunt Agather, a short lady with a long face and white teal eyes, like those of a vulture. From all the members of his family opposing to their marraige, these two were a true pain in the ass.
Jacob and Tom looked back and knew this was going to be awkward. Newt walked a few steps ahead and reached them before coming any closer to his friends. 

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Audrey Jensen x Reader - Question 3?

Pairings: Audrey Jensen x Reader 
Warnings: Kissaaang
Word Count: 960
Request: “
Audrey imagine where Audrey constantly takes videos and pictures of you and you let her BC of your crush on her and one time Noah says he’s fixing her camera but he’s recording you confessing your feelings for Audrey and shows her, so the next day she finds you to “show you pictures” but kisses you?” – anon


My animated hand motions and facial expressions sent Audrey into a fit of giggles as I overdramatically re-enacted my favourite scene from The Little Mermaid. Her camera was trained on me as it always was, as I looked deep into the lens, theatrically singing ‘Kiss the Girl’.

At one stage, I hated when she videoed or took pictures of me, yet she would always insist, and I of course caved every time. This happened with most things though, if I’m being completely honest. Just one smile or the occasional bitch face had me practically willing to commit murder for her. Not that she knew any of this of course. Not that I’d ever let her know.

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yankeecountess  asked:

hello! I don't know if you're feeling up to it, but I thought I'd send you a prompt for a possible drabble, and that's "THRESHOLD" :o)

Happy Birthday Sharon! And thank you for organizing the Sybil/Tom week! I know i didn’t gest to participate as a writer but it was fun to read all the good stuff popping every day on my dash.

This is what I wrote for your prompt. I’m not very proud of it and I feel a little bit rusty but I couldn’t do better. Sorry for that. A big thank you to @zipgoesamillion for the beta.

A very tired Sybil Crawley and Tom Branson entered the little Inn placed on the side of the road. It was already late into the night and they were lucky to have found somewhere to take a little break on their way to Gretna Green. They had first thought they would get there straight away but they soon realized it wouldn’t happen.

A grumpy innkeeper “welcomed” them and Tom asked for a room for his wife and himself with the steadiest voice he could manage so as not to look suspicious.
The innkeeper only nodded and Tom glanced briefly at Sybil who was standing slightly behind him, seeing that she was as uncomfortable as him with their lie.
“What name do I need to register?” asked the man, startling Tom.

Tom opened his mouth, ready to say Branson, when Sybil’s voice sang from behind him.

“Darcy,” she said, taking a step forward and entwining her arm with Tom’s. “Tom and Sybil Darcy, we just got married.”

She tried not to cringe at her choice of name but that was the first one that came to her mind. At her side, Tom stopped to breathe, dreading the man’s reaction.

“I see,” he simply said while shaking his head.

They were clearly not fooling him. He raised an eyebrow.

“Darcy? It’s not very Irish,” he said, nodding his head toward Tom.

Apparently, Tom’s brogue had not passed unseen.

“I’m only Irish by my mam,” Tom heard himself answer. “She married a man from York’.”

Sybil lightly squeezed his arm, showing her appreciation at his prompt answer as the innkeeper was rolling his eyes, clearly not buying it but seeming not to bother with who they really were as long as it was good for his business. He turned the register to Tom for him to sign it (who almost signed his real name before quickly realizing his mistake) while reaching for the key on the board behind him.

“I’ll show you to the room,” he said finally, gesturing to them to follow. “You’re lucky. My best room is available. There’s nothing too nice for newlyweds.”

Tom and Sybil breathed an unsteady “Thank You” and followed the man up the stairs.

It was a short walk and they soon stopped in front of a door that the innkeeper opened before giving Tom the key.

“Here you go. Have a good night.”

Tom thanked him and started to enter the room with Sybil on his heels but the arm of the man promptly stopped their progression.

“It’s bad luck,” he said.

“Excuse me?” asked Tom, looking at Sybil who looked as stunned as him.

“You need to take the girl in your arms to pass the threshold. Or it is bad luck,” confirmed the man.

“Oh,” said Tom. “Yes, you’re right.” He put Sybil’s suitcase on the floor and turned to her. “Sorry Sweetheart, I think I’m exhausted by the excitement of the day.”

He smiled at her and she felt her cheeks redden at his words. But, before she could say anything, she was lifted from the floor and nestled into his arms. She couldn’t contain a light squeal that made him chucked and she, as if it was the most natural thing in the world, slid her arm around his neck. Except when they kissed for the first time earlier in the garage, it was the first time they had been so closed and both their bodies were tingling all over.

With Sybil in his arms, Tom turned to the man who was eyeing them.

“Have a good night and thank you.”

Without waiting for an answer, he pushed the suitcase in front of him with a foot, entered the room and managed to close the door with his foot again while keeping Sybil in his arms. The door closed with a loud noise and they were soon enveloped in silence.

“You can put me down, now,” said Sybil.

“Shhh,” breathed Tom and she raised a surprised eyebrow to him before realizing he was trying to… hear something.

So she kept quiet, not at all bothered by being so close to him and she finally heard the loud steps of their innkeeper who was walking away down the stairs.

“He’s gone,” Tom murmured after a while as a conspirator.

“He is,” confirmed Sybil while trying to move in Tom’s arms to free herself. “So now, maybe you can put…”

“Don’t you dare do it!”” exclaimed Tom while holding her tighter to him to prevent her from reaching the floor.

“Why? Are you planning on sleeping that way? Because, you may find the night very long…”

“You know, we’re not married, yet,” said Tom, not even noticing her remark. “And I don’t want to take any chances. I’m Irish after all and as an Irishman, I’m quite serious about superstitions. So…”

With Sybil still in his arms, he opened the door again and, after checking the hallway to be sure they were alone, he got out and finally put Sybil down.

“There. Now, we have undone the custom. We’re good for the real day. The next time we enter a room with me holding you in my arms will be on our wedding night.”

Sybil blinked at him then threw herself into his arms, reaching for his face before starting to kiss him until they both were out of breath.

“I love you, Mr Darcy,” she said with a big smile, looking into his eyes.

“Yes…about that…” laughed Tom, reaching for her hand.

He pulled her after him and they rushed into the room, hand in hand, the door closing with another loud noise but this time, for the last time until daybreak.

The end

Brooke Maddox x Reader:  It was Inevitable

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(1) you could do something like brooke likes you and you like her but you don’t know so you decide to move on and like start talking to girls and all, and she gets jealous and confesses or something like that. sorry if its too complicated. love all your stories btw

(2) Plsssss do something with Brooke Maddox and reader

A/N: This should take place between Season 1 and Season 2 *cough cough* I really wanted to include Jake *cough cough*

I used she/he/they pronouns for the reader.

There were a lot of reasons that you thought Brooke was amazing. Everything to how she presented herself to how she managed to always pinpoint when you were just acting like you were fine, even though you really felt like the world was closing in on you (and you managed to do the same for her).

So even though you were surprised when you realized that you had fallen for her, it really was inevitable from the moment you met her. It somehow became more inevitable after the Lakewood murders took place, you and her depending on each other like liferafts, because she seemed to know when you needed to hear the harsh words in order to get you to get out of bed, and also when to just bring you in for a hug and let you sob on her shoulder for a while. And you were one of the few who knew about what was going on with her Dad; her only letting her armor fall when she was just with you.

You’re not completely sure when you realized that you had fallen for Brooke. It felt that in the back of your mind you seemed to always know you wanted to be with her, but it didn’t become obvious to you for a long time. You guessed that you realized you were completely heads over heels for Brooke either when you found out what she had been doing with Branson and for the first time you couldn’t let her see your emotions, or when you couldn’t fall asleep because Piper kept crawling into your mind while all you wanted to do was call Brooke.

Instead of telling her about your feelings, you stayed as her friend, being there when she needed you to, wiping away her tears, and wrapping your arms around her when she was terrified that she would never see her Mom again. Meanwhile she would give you a sweet smile and squeeze your shoulder when she noticed that you were about to breakdown because of the nightmares, and for a moment Piper left your mind, occupied with Brooke and how sparks ran up your spine.

Instead of your lives going back to normal all of you depended on each other to go through the nightmares and grief, and you knew that it wasn’t the time to tell Brooke about your feelings for her. You were all too busy trying to figure out how to grieve, there wasn’t time for relationships. After a few months passed, you actually thought that there might be a chance. You let a few weeks pass by before you told yourself that you would confess to Brooke. You had spent the entire week trying to get your courage just high enough that you would tell her, and when you made it to school that morning you actually believed that you would do it.

You noticed Noah and Audrey by her car and walked towards them. As you got closer you heard Audrey sigh and turn towards him. “I can’t see them together.”

You raised your eyebrows. “See who together?”

Noah turned towards you. “Brooke and Jake.”

You tried to ignore the huge weight that had suddenly hit your chest and took a deep breath before raising your eyebrows. “They like each other?”

“He seems to think so.” Audrey said pointing towards Noah.

“They know each other really well.” Noah defended. “And that.” he said as he gestured towards where Brooke and Jake were getting out of his car. Both of them with big smiles on their faces, and you tensed up when you noticed that Brooke’s cheeks were a light pink. She was blushing? You could never imagine her blushing, she wasn’t the type to do that.

In a second all of that courage that you mustered up went down the drain. You took a deep breath. “I actually forgot I have to go talk to Ms. Lang about something.” you rushed out before you walked away from the pair and rushed to the school, ignoring their confused looks. You tried to ignore the weight on your chest and took deep breaths, only hoping that you would be fine when Brooke and Jake got together.

You didn’t realize how much time you spent with Brooke until you tried to separate yourself more from her. It seemed reasonable to you in the moment; you had feelings for Brooke and wanted to get rid of them, some time apart seemed logical. But from you could tell that quote about “distance makes the heart grow fonder” seemed to be true in the case of your feelings. Canceling your plans and making up chores you had to do only made the times that you saw Brooke at school more special for you. Seeing her made your breath hitch, and when her arm brushed yours it became hard to breathe for a few moments.

Of course that only made it that much harder to see Brooke around Jake. You would walk through the hallways and see Jake talking to Brooke before she tensed up and a light pink dusted across her cheeks. You would suck in a deep breath, and a weight dropped onto you that made you feel sick. Whenever that happened you tried to get away to be alone as fast as possible.

Basically you trying to get rid of your feelings for Brooke had only ended up making you an emotional mess.

So when Noah texted you telling you about Brooke suddenly throwing a party, instead of saying you were sick like you had been doing for the past few weeks, you told him that you would meet up with him for a ride to the party and picked out your best outfit.

When you showed up at the party you visibly relaxed when you realized you couldn’t see Brooke. You ended up separating from Noah and walked around the house with a drink in your hand. You sat down outside the pool, watching people act ridiculous because of the alcohol in their system, before someone sat down next to you. You turned your head expecting to see Audrey, Jake, or maybe Brooke, furrowing your brows when you saw a girl that you didn’t recognize. “Do I know you?” you asked before you could stop yourself and ask if it was rude.

“No actually.” she said with a nervous laugh. “But I don’t know anyone here except for one person, and she ditched me, and you seemed nice.”

You couldn’t stop the smile that spread across your face as you looked down for a moment. You looked up, quickly taking in her appearance, from the way her hair was in a messy ponytail to her tight-lipped smile.“Well I hope I don’t disappoint on whether or not I’m nice.”

She smiled brightly, and yours matched. “Right now you’re not.”

“I’m Y/N.”

“I’m Ray.” she responded. “I just moved to Lakewood.”

You raised your eyebrows with a smirk. “You had no say in whether or not you would move did you?”

Ray grimaced. “Lakewood doesn’t seem that bad but…”
“But this place sucks.” you teased.

She let out a laugh before she nodded. “I really would have preferred not to move.”

You chuckled before you relaxed against the bench behind you as Ray did the same. As the both of you talked for a few moments you weren’t worried about Brooke or how close she was with Jake. You were just getting to know the new girl at a party. You weren’t sure how you felt about Ray, only seeing her as a friend at the moment, but being able to think about someone beside Brooke at least made you hopeful that you could move on.

Meanwhile from across the pool Brooke was doing the opposite. She kept glancing at you during her conversation with Jake, making him finally sigh after she had done it for what felt like the hundredth time. He looked to where Brooke was staring at and rolled his eyes. “You’re staring at Y/N really Brooke?”

“Don’t judge me.” she retorted with a glare. “And can you blame me? She/He/They has/have been talking to that girl forever and hasn’t even glanced at anyone else. I thought this would give me a chance to talk to them/him/her. But instead Y/N’s completely focused on some new girl that I don’t even know.”

Jake rolled his eyes and glanced at you for a few moments, from what he could see you were just being friendly, and because you were a little tipsy you were more relaxed about how close you were to her. He had seen you do the same thing with Brooke before. Jake looked back to Brooke, who had a firm glare on the new girl, but he also noticed how hurt she looked. She had been freaking out to him because she was sure that you were avoiding her, and now when you actually came to something that you knew she would be at you were completely occupied with a different girl.

He sighed and bumped her shoulder, making Brooke look up at him. “Well last time I checked.” he dragged on. “Brooke Maddox didn’t give someone up she was into you without a fight.”

Brooke couldn’t stop the smirk that appeared on her face before she put her drink down, turning on her heel before she walked towards you and Ray, moving her hips as she did so. As she got closer she stopped for a moment as she felt nerves settle in. Brooke pressed her lips together, quickly applying another layer of lipstick that didn’t change the shade at all, but helped her nerves calm down for a moment.

“Hey Y/N.” she smiled as she sat down next to you, intentionally sitting closer to you than normal.

You tensed up, feeling shivers run up your arm as Brooke’s hand brushed it. As you internally yelled at yourself you tried to put some space between you and Brooke, hoping it would keep her from touching you by accident. “Hey Brooke.” you smiled before you turned. “Ray this is Brooke. Brooke, this is Ray, she just moved to Lakewood.”

Brooke tried to keep the frown from her face as she noticed that you scooted closer to Ray. “Hi.” she forced a wide smile on her face. “I have you for Lang’s class don’t I?”

Ray nodded. “I still have a lot to catch up on in that class it’s really stressful.”

“I can help if you want.” you said to her.  “She had to help me out with the material earlier in the year, so I really understand it.”

“That would be great thanks.” Ray smiled.

Brooke pressed her lips together, trying to ignore what the thought of you with her brought on. She needed another drink. “I’ll be right back.” she commented over her shoulder as she stood up, not waiting for you or Ray to say something in return.

“Okay…” you mumbled to yourself confused before Ray pulled you into a conversation about Lang’s class. After a few minutes Ray got a text from her friend and sighed. “She’s leaving, so I have to go too. I’ll see you later Y/N.”

“Bye.” you said to her before you looked around Brooke, realizing how long it had been since she left. You stood up from your seat and went to where you knew she kept the drinks. You walked into the garage and saw Brooke next to the drinks cooler with her arms crossed as she let out a loud huff.

“Brooke are you okay?” you asked as you walked inside.

She whipped her head towards you, and her eyes widened just a fraction for a moment before she composed herself. “I’m fine. What happened to that girl? Ray.” she said, not being able to stop herself from rolling her eyes as she said the girl’s name.

You furrowed your eyebrows. “What’s wrong with Ray?”

Brooke let out a deep breath and shook her head, hurt flashing across her face for a moment. “Nothing.” she said as she shrugged.

You stared at Brooke concerned for a moment and stepped closer to her. “What’s wrong Brooke?” you asked. “You’re acting weird.”

Brooke licked her lips before she turned towards you, hoping that you couldn’t tell how much work she was putting into hiding her feelings. “It’s just awkward watching you flirt with the new girl.” she said as calmly as possible before she turned back to the cooler, grabbing a beer.

You raised your eyebrows. “I was flirting with Ray?”

Brooke rolled her eyes. “You two were all over each other. I almost told you two to get a room.” she commented, not being able to annoyance out of her voice even though she didn’t want you to think she was annoyed at you. That was the last thing she wanted, but she couldn’t figure out what else to say.

You let out a frustrated sigh and rolled your eyes. “We were just talking Brooke. I don’t get why this is such a big deal?”

“It isn’t!”

“Then why are you acting so weird all of the sudden?” you responded, frustration seeping into your voice..

“Because you’ve been avoiding me for weeks like I’m the plague itself. And the first time me and you have a chance to hang out you flirt with a random girl!” she retorted, not sure if it was the alcohol in her system that was making her yell, or if it was just her bottling up her emotions for so long.

“I wasn’t flirting with Ray.” you rolled your eyes. “I was being nice. And I don’t see what Ray has to do with why you’re acting weird. We’re friends Brooke, I don’t see why me hanging out with another person it’s such a surprise.”

A silence fell over the two of you as Brooke pressed her lips together and let out an inaudible sigh. She was sick of you not understanding why these things affected her this bad. Her trying to move on seemed more reasonable than keeping her feelings bottled up like this. “That’s the problem Y/N.”

You ran a hand through your hair and had to keep yourself from rolling your eyes. “What’s the problem?” You were so confused, and frustrated. When you tried to put some distance between you and Brooke you thought that you two were on good terms, you couldn’t imagine what had happened that changed everything. You just wanted to figure it out so that you and Brooke could go back to being frie-

“Me and you are just really close friends.” Brooke let out suddenly, making you freeze for a moment.

You blinked for a few moments as you tried to collect your thoughts. No matter what happened you always thought that you and Brooke would be able to be friends, and you couldn’t seem to slow down your racing thoughts. “What do you mean?” you whispered, hurt being the only thing that was obvious in your voice.

“We’re close friends.” she let out. “And I can’t take listening to you talk about how much you love someone else without hurting or becoming crazy jealous. I can’t handle that.”

“What do you mean you can’t handle it?” you asked desperately, still not entirely sure of what she meant. “And why would you be jealous I mean you’ll be with Jake.”

She furrowed her eyebrows. “Jake? Jake as in he’s pretty much my older brother and best friend. I don’t see Jake like that.”

“You don’t?” you raised your eyebrows, letting out a breath when she shook her head. “But you two always spend time together, and the other day you were actually blushing. I didn’t even know you blushed.”

. “I was blushing because… He figured out how I was head over heels for someone.” she sighed and stepped closer to you. “You.”

You were silent, still shocked that your feelings were mutual before her hands cupped your cheeks, the blonde leaning closer to you until her lips just brushed yours. You sucked in a deep breath as she froze, glancing up at your eyes, waiting for you to make the last move. You shut your eyes before you leaned towards her, moving your lips against hers softly. So many emotions were running through the both of you, only making the kiss more passionate, she hummed against you as you placed a hand on her back, pushing her closer to you. After what felt like forever you pulled away from her, panting slightly as Brooke bit her bottom lip. “So…” Brooke said, making you look up at her. “You’re really not into her?”

You smirked. “Never even thought about it.” you whispered before you leaned closer, her doing the same as the two of you met in another kiss.

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84 for supercat please

84. you know my name

highschool is kind of the worst, and that’s a dangerous thought coming from a girl who could literally shake it down around her ears if she wanted to. not that she does—only…sometimes. sometimes it feels like a really good idea, like when she has to pretend to fall when someone trips her, or to move slowly to pick up the books someone knocks out of her hands. 

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You got me in chains... || Steroline Fanfic|| (A/U) Part 1

A/N: Prompt by @give-me-tvd write a movie fic. and this one is based on a movie called Jab We Met! I reaally hope you all will enjoy this one. finger crossed :)

Category: Romance/ Angst

Rate: K

Word count : 4656

Summary: Stefan Salvatore is lost and tired of the world surrounding him, way too exhausted to keep the things slipping away from the grip of his fingers. The sun looks too blinding to him and his first thought is to get repelled when he meet the stranger in the middle of nowhere. She is crazy and he doesn’t do crazy. But, maybe one night of sunshine is what he needs, and few moments with Caroline Forbes is all that is needed to make him smile, and to feel like laughing once again….

The world looks collapsing on him, dragging him into the pit of the Earth. He can feel the burning fire all around himself. Only if the fire could have been real and not a metaphorical joke of his life. The echoing noise surrounding him is loud, but it has been blocked by his ears, as if his brain has developed its own defensive mechanism, filtering out anything and everything. His eyes goes to the person sitting on his right side, arguing notably with the other members of the board. Tall, slim and straight long blonde hair, she has such a strong aura that she could win any battle. Alexia Branson has been his friend for a very long time, the period which he never counted. If she wanted she could have had landed herself the best job of the world. But, there she is, stuck with him, trying to save the company he sank into the depth of the ocean.

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After the last episode of Downton Abbey, I have boarded the Brary ship

I really think that Tom and Mary may be the surprising endgame!  But maybe it isn’t so surprising: we have actually been watching them recover from their deep grief, rebuild their lives together, and remake themselves side-by-side, and become allies and partners – and one could even say best friends – for years now.  YEARS.  Maybe this was just Fellowes’ way of telling a love story completely differently, where neither the characters nor the audiences had any clue they were developing a romance, but then at the end, Tom and Mary (and we!) will go, Oh!  Duh!!  THIS is our happy ending!!!

What got me on board this ship was the sheer number of scenes featuring *just* Tom and Mary last ep.  So many!!!  And even when they weren’t alone, the scenes still seemed to be so much about them.  Like when they visited Mr. Mason at the farm, the whole scene played like A Preview of the Future of Downton Abbey: Clearly Andy and Daisy will one day take over Yew Tree Farm, and Mary and Tom will still be visiting, checking in on how they’re doing with the pigs, etc.  (So, that scene functioned as a double-couple preview, if you will: Daisy/Andy, Mary/Tom).  

And I definitely thought Tom was getting at something when he asked “Was Mr. Matthew Crawley so special in that regard?” (when Mary said she would never “marry down”) and when he said he agreed that two people should be equal in a relationship, but that has nothing to do with money or status.  I think he was very very subtly saying that he would be a fantastic partner to Mary, at least as much as any much grander gentleman, because they are equals – and after all, Mary *has* “married down” before, so it’s not a complete given (looking at it objectively) that she could not do it again.  I do not think Tom was at all conscious of this, but nevertheless I think that was his position.

(On a related note, in the previous ep, Mary unfavorably compared herself to Sybil, saying Sybil was so much kinder than Mary is, Sybil was a much better person – and I wonder now if Mary was thinking, again subconsciously, that she could never take Sybil’s place in Tom’s heart, because she is clearly such a different kind of person.)

Another thing I noticed was that Mary put on her “fake” smile with Mr. Mason and Andy and Daisy, AND also with Henry Talbot.  Mary’s fake smile comes out when she is trying, extra hard and deliberately, to make a good impression and to seem “approachable,” and “nice,” and when she’s trying to be a good sport and get along with people.  I think it’s pretty hilarious actually, because Michelle Dockery does such a good job of really showing how hard she’s trying.  I’m not saying that her “fake” smile is wholly disingenuous  – Mary does have good intentions in many of these situations, like when she’s talking to the servants and wants them to feel they can talk to her – but it is definitely not Mary at her *most real.*  

Mary fake-smiled at Talbot the whole time, but who was she very very real with?  Tom!!!  When he tells her that she has to be nice to Talbot b/c he’s having a great day (and note that he tells her that doesn’t mean she has to marry Talbot!!!!), Mary gives Tom this look over her shoulder that’s part eye-roll, part smirk, and part shrug.  THAT’s Real Mary right there.  Imperious, cheeky, and halfway ignoring the other person *and* acknowledging that they’re totally right and she’ll do exactly what they suggest.  Real Mary is not a cheery smiley uncomplicated woman.  Real Mary is complex and has really complex thoughts, emotions, and expressions.  

Mary was Real Mary with Tom, not Henry Talbot, last ep.  And that, more than anything, made me think, that maybe it will really be Mary and Tom in the end.

"Für Sie" Interview with Allen Leech and Rob James Collier

(Translation by me, sorry for bad English and many mistakes)

Tea time with the Downton Abbey stars.

The British show has broken so many records, it is in the Guiness book of records. We met two of the main actors to a cup of tea.

Downton Abbey is England’s biggest hit since the Beatles. 120 Million people in 220 countries follow the story of the aristocratic family Crawley and their servants. The DVDs are Bestsellers. The actors Robert James-Collier as Butler Thomas Barrow and Allen Leech, better known as Ex-chauffeur Tom Branson who married into the upper class, are viewer favourites. The two actors extra came from London to Hamburg for the launch of the DVD of the fourth season – and got stormed by fans for their autographs. In our tea time in the four season’s hotel they’re very relaxed though.

How do you explain the phenomenal success of Downton Abbey?

Rob: Easy! We have the nicest ladies! (laughs) But I think people mainly can still relate to the stories, even 100 years later. Love, seperation, heartache…

Allen: The viewers not only learn about the life of the aristocrats, they also learn about the life of the servants. There’re 22 characters on the show. To spin all those storylines for them is a real art. And of course the nostalgia plays a part in its success, too.

Rob: You get transported back into a world where it wasn’t really better, but easier in a way, since there was a clear order.

Allen: The roles were clear. But I wouldn’t have wanted to live then. Too many rules! And for women times were bad. At least men were still real Gentlemen.

Is it true that Rolling Stone Mick Jagger is your biggest fan?

Rob: When Downton is on, he quits everything to be at home in time and in front of the TV. Ron Wood told us and he has to know.

Even Prince William and Catherine are watching….

Rob: Allen met them!

Allen: Yes, at a charity event. William was very nice, but I think Kate is the bigger fan.

Rob: We have a lot of male fans. Recently a huge guy came to me in the pub and I thought “Omg he’s going to punch me.” Instead he told me: “Okay, I don’t usually watch period stuff, but I love your show.” To be honest, men don’t have a big concentration span. After a few minutes they start thinking of sex or football, but in Downton there’re so many different storylines at once, ou can’t just leave the room without missing important things.

Is there a class divide on set, too?

Rob: Funny thing is people upstairs seldom meet the “servants”. The reason is that we film at Highclere castle in Hampshire and only the scenes downstairs are filmed at London in the studio. But still we’re like a family by now and the best thing is watching a new episode all together.

Do you get the scripts in advance? Do you know how the new series ends?

Rob: No, when we start filming we get the scripts for a maximum of 5 episodes. So Downton keeps being exciting for us as much as for the viewers. That is torture on one hand, but it’s also helping. Because if we would know what is going to happen for our characters, it might affect how we play it.

Allen: I’m nervous enough as it is. I’m always afraid to break something. We bring our own props, but a lot of things you see in the series belong to the owner of the house. Those are all invaluable antiques. The clocks alone! We have to adjust the clocks all the time, because in the series the time connections fit and there’re always two specialists coming in who just have to do that.

Have you ever taken something?

Rob: No, that’s not our style. (pauses then big laughter) Now that you mention it: I’m allowed to keep the black socks Thomas is wearing. So I probably have black socks for the rest of my life now.

Allen: I wouldn’t want to wear my wardrobe from the series. The collars are so stiff, I can barely move my head. It’s almost a ruff.

Rob: But the stiff collar helps. You involuntarily stand more straight in it.

What did you learn about manners through the show?

Allen: Ellbows off the table! (laughs) and no-one can tell us about dresscode any more – white tie, black tie.

Rob: We have an etiquett coach who’s with us when we film and who corrects us immediately when we do something wrong. He’s from old Schottish nobility and even has friends in Buckingham Palace.

Allen: I think he doesn’t like me much, because I always put my hands in my pockets. After four weeks he was so annoyed, he went to the costume department and had all my pockets sutured.

What do you miss about old times today?

Rob: I think it’s sad no-one writes letters any more. Everything is going per email or texting today. Back then they took their time and chose their words. Not even talking about love letters.

Allen: There was more community spirit back then. No-one greets each other on the street any more and if you go to a pub no-one talks to you. I miss the politeness and the courtesy.

Rob: That’s sadly true.

Allen: I follow the golden rule. Always go a step ahead of the Lady when you go upstairs.

Rob: Why?

Allen: Really, Rob! Ahead so you don’t accidently stare on her bum or under her skirt.

Rob: Oh! And down, too, so you can catch her if she stumbles! That’s brilliant!

The Lowlander (Avvar au)

Chapter Twelve

Pairing: Cullen Rutherford/Elora Trevelyan

Word Count: 4642

Ao3 Link


           “Leo, slow down!” Elora called, trying to keep up with the small boy running in front of her.

           He giggled back at her, clearly thinking this was more of a game than he originally had.

           She swore under her breath and lengthened her stride. Since the snow had started melting, there wasn’t a force in the hold that was able to keep that boy still. He wanted to run and see everything that was starting to grow. Despite the fact that it wasn’t any different from any other year. Mia seemed to think it was because of Elora, he wanted to show her everything and nothing was too small for her to know about.

           Which meant she was stuck chasing the small boy with endless amounts of energy to every corner of the hold. She had never been this active in her life and she was sure she had lost more weight in the past few days than she had in all those years in the Tower.

           “Leo!” she said sharply when she realised he was heading toward the river. “Stop!

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One Direction Preference : One, Two, Three, Four, Five

Niall: (One Year of Marriage) “It’s been one year already since we got married.” He says laughing and you join in. “It doesn’t feel like it, does it?” you ask him and he shakes his head. “No, it seems like just yesterday i was asking you out for our first date. I do have to say though that it has been the best year of my life since we got married. I’ve got the most gorgeous girl in my life as my wife and i’ve got the career i’ve always dreamed of, my life is absolutely perfect. Thank you, (YN), i love you more than anything in this world.” You blushed and clinked your wine glass with his. “I love you too, Niall, to many more years of being married?” Niall nodded. “To a lifetime of being married, baby!”

Zayn: (Two Babies) After giving birth to your son, you felt like your little family was complete. You had an amazing husband, a great job and a handsome son. Nothing could happen to make it better, or so you thought. “I’ve been thinking about something (YN), Branson is nearly two years old. What if we had another baby?” Zayn asked you one night after putting your son to bed and you didn’t know what to say. But as you contemplated his words about having another baby and going from one child to two children, it was a big jump there was no doubt about that, but it was a jump you wanted to have with Zayn. “So go from having one baby to two babies?” Zayn nodded. “Yup, two gorgeous babies who’ll have the most amazing parents ever.” “Okay, really?” you ask and he nods. “Yeah, i think it’s a good idea.” “Well i think it’s a great idea.”

Harry: (3rd Date) It was the magical third date and for some reason you were more nervous on this one than you had on the other two dates, you couldn’t comprehend why either. “You alright?” Harry asked as you walked through his hometown. Slowly you nodded your head and then it hit you. “I’m just worried.” “About?” “In my past, i’ve never made it past the thrid date, something’s always happened and made it so no more dates happened. I don’t want that to happen with you.” Harry nodded and kept on walking, his hand with yours. “It’s not going to happen with me because right here, right now, i’m asking you out for another date, are you okay with that?” you nodded. “I’m very okay with that Harry, thank you.”

Liam: (Fourth Concert) Liam couldn’t get you to come to all of his concerts so when he finally succeeded in getting you to go to a concert, he marked it down on a calendar like a celebration would be in order one year later. “Look who’s with me, look who i managed to get out of the bus!!” Liam loved to show you off when you finally showed up to a concert and from the look on everyone else’s face, they thought the same. “What concert is this?” Harry asked and Liam held up four fingers. “The fourth one, i’m thinking of bringing her on stage if i can get her to come to a fifth.” You looked at him. “You barely got me to come to a fourth, don’t push a fifth one on me quite yet, Payne.”

Louis: (5th Times The Charm) Since you got married a little over a year ago you two had been trying to get pregnant, each time you tried, and waited the proper amount of time later and saw you were still not pregnant, you were both so heartbroken. Even after the supposed third time was the charm thing was supposed to work, it didn’t and neither did the fourth. “This is the fifth time, Louis, i don’t want to see it negative again.” He nodded and went to look at the test for you and came back with a huge ass smile on his face. “Forget about third time’s the charm, (YN), the fifth time’s the charm for us, we’re pregnant!”