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My interpretations of the Jorah/Dany scenes in 7x05

I’ve always enjoyed the Jorah/Dany dynamic, but considering that they’ve only been in maybe 3 episodes together since mid-S4, I kinda forgot just how much I love their relationship.

So, needless to say that 7x05 rekindled the flames in my shipper heart, and I thought I’d throw out a few observations on this pairing from last night’s episode.

Like, 2,000 words of analysis and theorizing and stuff below the jump:

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Nerd + Fan | Peter Parker

Originally posted by hollandoakes

Fandom: Spider-man: Homecoming

Characters: Peter Parker/Reader

Warnings: mention of the killing stupid people who don’t love dogs

Summary: “ sitting on the rooftop in a starry night with your significant other discussing the possibile ways that john wick could kill his enemies with a pencil “ by @aromaticpurple

Author’s Note: English is my second language. Who could know that Peter is such a hard character to write???? 

Please, leave some feedback! Enjoy the story!

“Oh my god! Oh my god!” Y/N was repeating this phrase again and again, walking from a cinema with her best friend in Universe™ Peter Parker. It’s a late session of “John Wick: Chapter 2” at an indie little cinema in Queens with unbelievable atmosphere and cheap food. This film was so good and special for these friends; they decided to go to the cinema together.

Y/N gasped and turned to Peter, ready to make a speech how Keanu was sexy and cool. But the girl closed her mouth when she saw Peter. The boy was walking with a lowered head. He kept silent; Y/N didn’t know why her friend didn’t rambling about great action scenes and Keanu with her. The girl stopped and cocked her eyebrows. Peter didn’t notice her actions and continued walking.

“Do you like this film?” Y/N asked seriously.

“Yeah! Why did you ask?” Peter cocked his head and made a confused face, he was pretty scared of the thought that Y/N would kill him if he didn’t answer correctly. Y/N rolled her eyes and started walking.

“Oh… You just didn’t say a word about a plot or a dog… I thought, maybe you don’t like a film?” Peter chuckled and took several steps to Y/N. They were walking in silence again.

A couple stopped near a traffic light. The boy was completely absorbed in his thoughts. Y/N decided to admire Peter’s features while he’s busy in his head. She looked at Peter and gasped because Peter looked like these celebrities on photosets with neon lights. He was so beautiful in Y/N’s eyes. The girl quickly closed her mouth when a noise drew Peter’s attention.

“What?” Parker asked with a small smile on his face. Y/N rolled her eyes and took a boy’s hand. A traffic light showed a green light. They continued walking.

“I’m thinking about how you are a very cute adorable nerd.” Peter laughed and clenched her hand tightly. They always hugged and touch each other, so Peter and Y/N felt comfortable when they hold their hands like a couple.

“I think you lied to me, my little Keanu fan!” Y/N narrowed her eyes and tilted her head to one side to admire Peter face in another angle. He was still beautiful like several minutes before. Parker titled his eyebrow and smiled again, the girl could see a question in his brown orbs. Y/N could feel how her cheeks began flushed. She was very glad that this street hadn’t got a good lighting.

“Ok, you’re right. Maybe we can buy a bucket of ice-cream and sit down anywhere? You know, a perfect end of a perfect day.”

“I’d love that!”

Peter and Y/N were sitting and eating an ice-cream in a comfy silence. City lights were under them, stars lights were above them. Thanks Pete for this open rooftop.

“I’m just thinking,” Peter began after one spoon of ice cream. Y/N glanced at Peter and smiled. “How John Wick killed 3 men with one pencil? Where and when?”

Y/N laughed and shook her head side to side. The boy didn’t understand why his friend was laughing. It’s a serious and important question!

“I thought you will say something serious like ‘I’m Batman.’ You had such a serious face all night, Pete!” The girl chuckled; Peter smiled again and hit her hand playfully. “Ouch!” She exclaimed and rubbed a damaged place.

“Maybe John was at a car salon, you know, there are a lot of pencils,” Peter smirked and shook his head.

“Nuh-uh. I think he was at a stationary shop. It’s a perfect place for pencils and murder for John.” Y/N sniffed and took a bit of ice-cream. A couple smiled to each other and turned their heads, staring at the city under them. They felt comfortable with each other. Peter took a look at Y/N. She was thinking about something with a small smile on her face. Peter regretted that he didn’t take the camera with him to capture her beauty and these sparks in her eyes.

“You know,” Y/N said, not looking at the boy, “I’m glad I have you. You are very special for me, Peter. I haven’t got a friend which love Keanu and action films like me! I haven’t got any friend to talk how John Wick could kill somebody with a pencil, except you.”

Peter chuckled and smiled, admiring Y/N features, her calm state was changing in a nervous state rapidly. Peter didn’t understand why.

Y/N continued in a shaky voice: “Sometimes I think I love you… But I don’t know it’s a real love or not? I have never felt love. Maybe this is just adoration? I don’t know, Pete…” The girl sighed and rubbed her face. Peter felt a warm sensation inside him. He was so happy that Y/N confessed her feelings. Peter looked like when he understood he had superhero’s abilities. The boy removed ice-cream and took a seat near his friend. She was still with a closed face.

“Look at me.” Y/N slowly removed her hands and looked at Peter with scared eyes. The boy gave her a warm smile. A fear in Y/N’s eyes disappeared. She knew that Peter would never hurt her in any ways. Peter hugged her tightly and put his hands on her back.

“I feel in the same way, Y/N. I love you too. You know why I was silent all night?” Peter felt how Y/N negatively buzzed in response. Peter smiled again and put his chin on her head. He could smell her shampoo, his favourite scent. “I was thinking how to say ‘I love you’. But I was scared you would think I’m a very… very sentimental boy… I wanted to say you what I love about you, what I thought all day about you and other things like that and all about you. But I forgot.” Peter laughed and put his cheek on Y/N’s head. The girl laughed too. She tightened her grip on Peter’s back. She wanted to feel his heart like never before. She wanted to drown in his warmth like she drowned in his character before.

The sounds of the city surrounded them. Peter and Y/N were hugging each other and listening to their heart rhythm. Y/N raised her head and looked at Peter. She could see these special sparks in his warm brown eyes.

“I adore that we have our special abilities, your nerd side and my love for celebrities. If we combine them, then we would have a very smart celebrity.”

Peter laughed and shook his head. Y/N smiled too, she knew when Peter shook his head while he’s laughing, that meant he liked this joke a lot.

Peter finally stopped laughing. He looked at Y/N with a wide smile:

“But we already have Keanu Reeves, Y/N!”


[Deleted scene]

“Maybe a group of shitty persons said that John’s dog isn’t a good boy! And John had got only one pencil in his pocket.” Peter choked with ice-cream and started laughing so hard.

“Oh God, Y/N. I love you so much!”

“Who doesn’t?” The girl smirked.


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Imagine…Tony Stark helping you relax after a hard day.

[x] - requested by @awinterbornrose

Gif Credit: @iwantcupcakes

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Word Count: 1,134

Warnings: Fluff, Implied Smut???

A/N: I had so much fun writing this, and I had to cut a ton out because it was wildly too long. Thank you for requesting this! Also, in my mind, this is set between CATWS and AoU.

A/N pt. 2: Just like the Tom Hiddleston x Reader imagine, I had to post this one again and change the format to a photoset instead because some followers were unable to see the banner on mobile. Sorry!

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em-exceeds-change-zearu  asked:

so like. i saw the dad ash holding nebby photoset on ya blog and i'm like YES GOOD THIS IS MY JAM I NEED TO REBLOG THIS and then i looked again and i realized you reblogged it from. me. god. sumo pokeani has made me weak. i need every new episode now because sumo is very good with background details and interactions so i'm guaranteed cute dad ash and nebby thigns every episode. i'm dying. help. i need more. content

sun and moon is honestly one of the best series that has a realistic culture and doesn’t leave tiny details out. the pokemon are out of their pokeballs almost all the time so there doesn’t have to be episodes focusing on their personalities (which really seemed forced in previous seasons in some places)!! and the characters all have great moments and a great dynamic and god. just the little details like the scyther umpire in the pokebase episode are so amazing and really what we need from the world of pokemon. it’s not just about the battles in this series, which i love so so much because we get so much focus on how pokemon fit into everyday life (which is more realistic and the content we’ve been needing honestly). even team rocket’s interactions are fun this season!! while some people hate the fact that there’s no real “journey” (so far) this series, i love it because we get to have proper development with all of the characters because they appear so much. the school lets there be a huge cast of characters without being cluttered and all the kids (and their pokemon!) are unique and have amazing persoanlities! i mean just consider: if kukui was just in the first few episodes and maybe some cameos afterwards, he wouldn’t have had such a great relationship with ash!!

speaking of kukui, i strongly believe that alola was one of the best things to happen to ash in a long time. not only does he have the adventure he wants by being in a new region with new friends and pokemon, he’s built a family there. kukui honestly treats him like a father would, and it’s something that ash has really needed. i mean we all know pokeani doesn’t really care about consistency but after kalos where he was in charge of everything and had to be perfect all the time and had the awful experiences in the kalos league flare attack, he really needed someone who he could turn to and depend on. alola is letting him be childish and relax and focus first on having good experiences and then on battle and becoming the Best. having just. an adventure while living in a home and having a father figure is such a great concept and i love that he has these fun interactions with kukui (like kukui telling him “buddy your backpack. put it away”). and it’s not just ash that cares for kukui and can kind of rely on him? kukui cares deeply for ash, and it’s not subtle. i mean, just in the last episode, he was digging through the forest alone looking for him (not carefully, if his condition is anything to go by). he admires ash’s battling techniques and is always there to talk to ash and support him and do what he think is best. while ash is good on his own, just having that person there, who he can turn to when he’s upset, and not worry about images, and who can /let him be childish/. it’s so important. i need more

this series has just made me want more and more, and that’s not something i’ve really felt with many other series! everything is so wonderful and i genuinely can’t wait for the next episodes, because even if they’re “filler” (and tbh sun and moon’s filler episodes are the BEST the show has had in a long time), they’re still filled with creative concepts, great interactions, and development for the characters. i love it. i could go on and on and on about how much i fucking love sun and moon but my keyboard is about to die and i’m lazy and don’t want to type it on my phone.

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If you want orgies in the middle of your murder mysteries try reading Laurell K Hamilton - the Anita Blake series. (do not. do not do this. you will regret it)

Are those the ones where they shapeshift into animals? And eventually there’s a lion orgy? Or am I mixing them up with some other super weird murder mystery/sff novels? 

archwrites replied to your post “tienriu replied to your post “I HAVE FINISHED “DYING FOR CHOCOLATE”….”

OMG In the Garden of Iden was SO BAD. I wanted to like it because I was going through a major time travel fascination and also 16th century! But I don’t think I ever finished it. I had blocked it from my memory until you mentioned it.

I just got really mad at it not so much because it was internally inconsistent (which it definitely was) but because the author spent AGES setting up all these super intricate and complicated rules of time travel – like not rules men have made, rules of physics, we got like this super long lecture in the physics of time travel which were important to the plot of the book – and then immediately broke all those rules. And didn’t acknowledge it, just like, they would say “Only living beings can travel through time, not physical objects” and it would be an incredibly important plot point that you can’t just go back in time and take something and bring it forward – and then in the next scene the heroine would be carrying a basket of food along with her for her trip. It was enraging.  

lnsybird replied to your photoset “@arukou-arukou asked if I would share the full recipe for spinach soup…”

I’m having a hard time accepting that this maybe not meant to be a fake recipe???

I mean, I don’t know where these recipes come from or if anyone test-kitchened them. They seem fairly….generic; they weren’t especially unique in terms of the dish or imaginative in terms of the recipe itself.

amemait replied to your post “tienriu replied to your post “I HAVE FINISHED “DYING FOR CHOCOLATE”….”

Are you enjoying the recipes in the book Sam? Some of them could even be Sam Cooking Adventures…

I wouldn’t say I enjoyed them, I basically just didn’t pay any attention to them. A lot of them were dishes I wouldn’t eat personally, or wouldn’t eat without a lot of modification, so they fall into the same category as “cookbooks” for me – they’re fine but I don’t use them because I usually have to heavily modify any recipe I encounter to remove the wide swath of food I don’t eat, so I might as well just get recipes free online. 

luthorchickv2 replied to your post “tienriu replied to your post “I HAVE FINISHED “DYING FOR CHOCOLATE”….”

Does this mean we get bisexual pool boy fic now?

I would not entirely rule it out. Since his biological mother/former employer blew up the house with the pool in it using the stockpile of explosives her husband had been amassing (I know), he’s not the pool boy anymore. But in the summary for the next book he is described as “her eighteen-year-old live-in helper“ which is not really better in terms of suggestivity. 

cactusspatz replied to your post “I HAVE FINISHED “DYING FOR CHOCOLATE”. I’ve been reading it pretty…”

Technically, you strained your oblique not sprained it, because it’s a muscle and not a ligament. *insert ‘The More You Know’ rainbow here* Also, please don’t break yourself any more. *pats gently*

I was looking for a better word than sprained! I wanted to go with “twisted” because a twisted ankle is not as painful as a sprained one, but like, you can’t really twist your ribcage the way you can an ankle. Strained is perfect!

plus size series: michael

He was about to met her, the girl of his dreams, the girl who had been filling his thoughts for 2 years now. She was coming to the show, she was going to be in the audience, watching him. He paced back and forth in the dressing room, his heart pounding like a drum. It started out so innocent, just a simple DM about a stupid video game, which turned into a conversation about a green day album, which turned into him falling hopelessly for a girl who he didn’t know. She was there, before things got crazy, and she was still there now. Everytime her name would pop up on his phone his lips would turn up into an ear to ear grin. The purple heart emoji beside her name, which she’d made him put there, constantly being made fun of by his other bandmates. The thing is though,he felt like he knew her, inside and out, backwards and forwards. The endless conversations they had about anything and everything. He knew her favourite colour, he knew her favourite movies, he knew the stories behind every scar on her body, he knew the small dimple in her cheek would only come out when she laughed really hard. He checked his phone to find a snapchat video from her.

Hey mikeyyy! I don’t know if I can make it tonight, call me!” Her smile quickly turning into a frown, one that he had never seen before. He couldn’t dial her number fast enough, after 6 rings she finally answered.


“Well hey there rockstar.” Her voice causing his skin to cover in goosebumps, everytime.

“What’s going on? Why can’t you come tonight? Did you ticket get lost? I can just-” He rambled, biting the skin in the inside of his cheeks.

“No no, the ticket is fine. I-uh..” The line went quiet and Michael panicked.

“You there?”

“Y-yeah. Sorry. Just kind of out of it I guess.”

“I know something’s wrong, what is it?”

“Ffffuck.” She groaned on the other line and his leg started to shake, he didn’t recognize this tone of voice from her. “I’m just worried.” She finally said after a long pause.

“About what?”

“That you’re going to be let down when you finally meet me. Michael, you’re this huge rockstar with all these hot babes following you around all the time. I’m not one of those hot babes, I’m hot in my own way. I’m more awkward in person, I’m not as funny-”

He swallowed the lump that had been growing in his throat and sighed, never could he be let down by her, she was everything to him.

“Shut the fuck up. Don’t say shit like that.” He raised his voice,


“No let me talk. I’ve seen you. You’re fucking beautiful alright? God, the fact that you would ever think I could be let down by meeting you pisses me off because all I’ve wanted for the last 2 years is to finally see your smile in person.”

“You have no right to be angry with me Michael, I’m confident in myself, you know that just as well as I do. But your fans can be brutal, I remember some of the screenshots about Bryana that you sent me. I don’t know if I can handle that.” He took in what she was saying and took a deep breath.

“Please. Please come to the show tonight.” He pleaded, tears stinging in his eyes at the thought of her not showing up. He needed to see her, he wanted it to be real, realer than it already was. Luke always said it was stupid, and that he should just focus on a girl who he could actually hook up with. But Michael didn’t want that, he didn’t want just a hook up, he wanted someone who got him, someone who got was he was all about, and he found her, she just happened to live miles away. (Not that he didn’t want to hook up with her, because he really..really did) The first time they’d facetimed, he thought that he might die at the sight of her, she was even prettier than the selfies they’d exchanged. He’d fallen for her way before he’d even seen what she looked like, her looks were just a bonus for him. She once posted a #bodyposi photoset on twitter that he had jacked off to more times then he’d like to admit. She was posed with her ass on the counter, her thick thighs more visible along the rolls on her back which she claimed to hate, but he loved. The second photo was one of her in a crop top and jeans, smiling with her arm tossed over her bestfriend’s shoulder, it was at the Ed Sheeran concert where he’d sent her tickets for on her birthday. The third picture was his favourite, a candid photo that her sister had taken of her, giggling like a manic in a bikini on the beach, his favourite dimple popping out and her beautiful stretch marks visibly covering her stomach. He’d set that one as his background for the longest time, he joked around with her that he would do it, she didn’t think he actually would.

“Fine, you whiny baby.” She chuckled. “I’ll be standing right in the front row, you better not fuck up.” And that’s when it really hit him. She was actually going to be there. “I’m wearing your stupid band’s shirt by the way. The one you sent me.” He couldn’t stop smiling, he thought that his face would be permanently stuck that way. 

“I can’t wait to see you.” Was the last thing he said before she hung up. Hours went by, his leg shaking constantly during soundcheck, the fans knew something was up, everyone was tweeting about how weird Michael had been acting. The lights went down, Michael had never run out on that stage faster than he did that night. He started playing End Up Here, he looked over at Luke who gestured in front of him. There she was, smiling that perfect smile. The dimple. And just like that he forgot the words, he just stared down at her with this blank look on his face, strumming his guitar mindlessly.

“I thought I said not to fuck up!” She mouthed and it brought him out of his daze. The song ended, and her bestfriend whispered in her ear, making her giggle like a maniac. Calum cleared his throat into the mic and Michael immediately shot him a dirty look. 

“Sorry everyone if Michael fucks up every one of his solos tonight. Someone really important to him is in the crowd tonight, and he’s not paying attention.” Calum winked at her and she stuck her tongue out. Fans around her started screaming, thinking that the wink was directed to them. Michael looked down at her and she mouthed something else. 

“I. Love. You.” She smiled and her bestfriend clutched onto her arm and cheered. 

“I love you too.” Michael said into the mic, not thinking. Not remembering that they were on stage. She was blushing, the crowd was screaming. He played his heart out that show, knowing that as soon as it was over he would finally have her in his arms. 

anonymous asked:

Why do you love pete so much

I’ve been wanting to post this for so long but I’ve never had the guts, so here goes!! This is going to be a really long answer please prepare yourself… 

  • I love Pete because he is legitimately the best person ever, he’s so down to earth, humble and has such a great sense of humour. Also he sticks up for everyone he loves and he’s loyal as fuck.
  • I’m pretty sure everyone can relate to some of his lyrics. I know they’ve helped me through so much and they’ve helped so many other people as well. Also Pete loves that, like whenever people ask him what it’s like to know you’ve saved peoples lives he says it’s awesome and he was saved in the process as well, what an angel. (tweet)
  • I don’t want to sound like really cliché and emo, but some of the stuff he says really makes me feel better. Especially quotes like this one which is probably my favourite quote ever, also Here’s To The Kids, I mean okay I know everyone takes the piss out of that because yes it’s emo but honestly I love that quote so much because I’ve lived a life of being misunderstood by pretty much everyone and it’s just nice to know someone /gets/ you. Also more recently in a tumblr post Pete wrote ‘Fall Out Boy has always been about inclusion. If you don’t fit in anywhere, you can fit in here.’ This is SO important to me because I’ve always felt like I don’t fit in anywhere. I’ve always had a lot of friends but I’ve still felt uncomfortably different, so it’s nice to feel like I belong somewhere.
  • He’s had a really long history with depression and bipolar disorder, it got to the point where he tried to kill himself in 2005 and that is probably my favourite thing about him (which sounds ridiculous, I know) but the fact he was at absolute rock bottom and tried to end his life but managed to get over that and managed to get through his depression no matter how serious it was is just downright the most inspiring thing, and although I’ve never been in a similar situation I know there are many people across the world who’ve been helped through their depression thanks to Pete.
  • Furthermore, his parents got separated when he was younger, he mentions it in this video as it being his worst childhood memory and this is a thing that’s helped me personally. My parents split when I was younger and it really effected me, so it helps knowing your favourite human on the entire planet went through something similar and still ended up okay.
  • He does so much charity work, he’s such a good person for example in this picture he is giving a homeless man a bag of food just because he felt like it, Pete pls……

  • He’s also been working with Invisible Children since 2006/7 like the main thing being shooting the ‘I’m Like a Lawyer’ music video in Uganda to try and raise awareness of the whole LRA/kony situation. He also took part in a campaign called Displace Me, where 65k people across the USA slept on the streets in makeshift camps and shelter type things trying to recreate what the LRA camps are like in Uganda to help try and raise awareness of what its like for the kids there.

  • Leading on from the depression/bipolar point, he spoke about his experiences and difficulties for the ‘Half of Us’ scheme, helping people everywhere with depression and suicide basically making people feel okay to not be okay and make sure they know they’re not alone. This is awesome because he managed to speak about his serious personal problems to try and help other people which not only is very difficult (because imagine how hard you find it talking to friends/family about your issues, imagine telling the world), but also a very good use of his power as a high profile public figure. (if you haven’t seen it you should really watch his videos)
  • Additionally, he took part in Larry King’s Disaster in the Gulf telethon trying to raise money for the Mexican people affected by the oil spill on the Mexican gulf, answering calls and accepting money from the people who were donating:

  • He is a supporter of Unicef, and ages ago he took part in a campaign trying to raise money for Haiti after the disaster there due to the earthquake. (you can read about that here if you want)
  • Fall Out Boy took part in the PSA for to try and raise awareness about global warming and trying to make people do something to prevent it from happening. (video)
  • Pete is a supporter of LGBTQ+ and took part in the ‘No H8′ photo campaign, a campaign aiming to end homophobia, transphobia etc.
  • Additionally, Fall Out Boy made their views about gay marriage very clear in their latest music video ‘Uma Thurman’. (Pete wrote in a tumblr post ‘We hope you can support the hidden message at the end of our video’). You can read about it here.
  • Every single person I’ve spoken to about meeting Pete have said he is lovely to fans which I wouldn’t doubt for a second because he always does random acts of kindness to fans. For example, you might not remember but he does stuff like he dressed up as the Easter Bunny and gave the queueing Fall Out Boy fans pieces of chocolate. (video
  • Also, he’s good to fans because he never denies people a photo. Look this photo was taken like a while ago and look at all the shit hes carrying and he has Bronx (his son) with him as well, but he still stops and takes a photo like no other celebrities would do that, well not many anyway.

  • Basically this post about one of his book signings made my heart explode.

  • On the subject of his book I don’t know if you’ve read his book Grey but it was the most EMOTIONAL thing I’ve ever read. It explains his life so much and lets you inside his head. It explains loads of Fall Out Boy lyrics so you should definitely read it because it made me love him 900x more than I already did, which was a lot. It has a lot of good quotes, including: ‘I wonder if killing yourself is the only thing you can control in your entire life, and that’s why it’s a sin. Because you’re beating God at his own game.’ (the book is quite dark)
  • He is a really great dad and loves his sons Bronx and Saint more than anything. He stated in the past that having children is the greatest thing that’s ever happened to him because it helped him become less selfish as he believes in his 20s he was ‘the most selfish person alive’ (I disagree, look at all the stuff you’ve just read!) but he appreciates his children for developing him as a person. Also, Pete was heavily depressed again in 2010 following his divorce with Ashlee Simpson and has said Bronx is a main reason he pulled through it. Basically he’s as dependent on his children as they are on him.

  • He’s helped loads of musicians make it, for example Panic! at the Disco (another favourite band of mine), Cobra Starship, Travie McCoy/ Gym Class Heroes, etc.  through his record label Decaydance and collaboration with Fueled By Ramen, so basically he’s enabled other musicians to achieve their dreams through his fame, and has therefore helped a whole lot of other people. (e.g people who are inspired by Brendon Urie from Panic! at the Disco)
  • One final thing, he really fucking loves Fall Out Boy fans.

A main point to remember is he is a super famous rock star who has been absolutely trashed by the media and the internet and pretty much everyone who isn’t a Fall Out Boy fan, yet he’s stayed true to himself and still as lovely as he was when Fall Out Boy started, if not lovelier. Keep that in mind because I can assure you there are not many celebrities who have experienced the same attention, fame, media backlash and abuse that Pete has who has stayed a lovely genuine person that he always has been.

Looking back over the past 8 years of loving Pete and Fall Out Boy, it’s amazing to see him grow as a person and become a better version of himself every day. The point is that people (myself included) thought Pete wouldn’t make it past 27 because he was so sad and so hooked on drugs and 7 years later he’s got his amazing band back, the best friends ever, two incredible sons and a beautiful girlfriend. I swear to god if that doesn’t give you hope in life nothing will, I am so so so proud of Pete Wentz.

also tweets like thisthisthisthisthisthis and this make me cry because he’s my favourite person ever

And when he’s not being inspirational and wordy he’s a complete sweetheart (pic) (tweet) (tweet) (tweet) (tweet) (tweet) (video) (video) and also just (video)

Okay to summarise:

  • His life has been shit at points
  • He got through that shit
  • That makes everyone feel like they can get through their own shit 
  • He’s a great humanitarian and does loads of charityowrk and makes the most of his impact on society by raising awareness to issues/fundraising events
  • He’s so LOVING to his friends for example Gabe, Brendon, Patrick, Meagan
  • He’s never been phased by fame or hate from the media and has always stayed true to himself.

Pete Wentz, I love you forever. 

coraleethroughthelookingglass-d  asked:

Hi! Can I prompt you with number 22, miserable at a wedding, for JB please? :)

Jaime & Brienne Appreciation Week, Day 5: One AU

Brienne needed some air. One more intrusive question about her love life and she couldn’t be held accountable for her actions. There was nothing to tell, and if people weren’t able to figure that out by her stuttering responses, then her reddened face surely gave her away. What was it about weddings that had people so wrapped up in the idea of romance and forever? She twisted the hem of her dress around her finger, wrinkling the delicate fabric and sighed wistfully. Love was such a cruel game.

Guests were still lining up to get their picture taken with the happy couple, so it would be a while before they made their grand entrance. This was the perfect time to slip away unnoticed. Brienne picked up a flute of champagne on her way out of the decadent ballroom, figuring a few minutes alone was cause enough for celebration.

As she clumsily tiptoed down the hallway trying not to be seen, Brienne thought she heard the soft hums of a piano echoing through the empty corridors. It was a melancholy tune that wandered aimlessly, never quite building, although it was appealing enough to attract her attention. Brienne found herself drawn to the music, following the sound until she reached the last door on the right, which had been left slightly ajar. Unable to resist her curiosity, she peered inside and was met with flashing green eyes.

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SO SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT EVERYONE T_T all of your messages were too sweet augh. also it looks like the pigeon post has been making its rounds but unfortunately i wasn’t able to answer every bird-related ask. there were a lot of similar questions to sort through so i just added some to the faq!

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anonymous asked:

Favourite sherlolly fics?

Dammit Nonny, I’m a writer not a reader! I kid, I kid. I have a lot. I’ll separate them by rating.

General — Teen/K — T.

  • Delayed for a Little While by Lono
    Summary: Death cannot stop true love. (The Princess Bride AU)
    Notes: A WIP, but a beautiful one. The way the characters from Sherlock are weaved into the universe of Princess Bride is beautiful—I especially adore the way Molly’s characterized.

  • The Beekeeper by Mrs Dizzy
    Summary: Sometimes, life gives you a second chance. An older and wiser Sherlock is reunited with Molly.
    Notes: A really, really beautiful use of prose here and some wonderful characterizations. I wept.

  • Perfect Rings of Scars by nocturnias
    Summary: Every night, he comes to her. A darker take on the Sherlock/Molly romance.
    Notes: I think this was a fic I read when I was just dipping my toe into the pool of Sherlolly. It obviously struck a chord with me, because look where I am now.

  • When They First Met by EloiseAtThePlaza
    Summary: The first time she sees him, his eyes are heavily bandaged. The first time he sees her, it’s across a crowded street.
    Notes: I’m a sucker for historical AUs, and the period of WW1 is one of the most interesting periods of history for me, so obviously I was hooked on this fic from the first line.

  • Outlaw by AsteraceaeBlue
    Summary: His brother is fighting in the Holy War and there are villains at home in Huntingdon.
    Notes: A Robin Hood/Sherlock AU? Oh, I’m there.

  • with a tear, the truth comes by broomclosetkink
    Summary: “Dance with me.” Neither a question nor a command, but a nebulous in-between that showcases the vulnerability Sherlock tries so very hard to hide.
    Notes: Sign of Three AU. I cried.

  • A Smile Like Hers by the winterspy
    Summary: He sees Donovan and Anderson glancing at him out of the corners of their eyes, and hates it.
    Notes: I love this fic so much, I even made a photoset for it.
  • The Stakeout by Lono
    Summary: If anyone had told Sherlock Holmes a year ago that one day he would be making out with Molly Hooper, he would have given them a scathing look and told them not to be ridiculous.
    Notes: Funny, sexy and features Sherlock and Molly being awkward little babies.

Mature — Explicit/M

  • Invisible Wings by conchepcion
    Summary: The year is 1963; a new Professor proves to be a furious distraction to all, students and professors alike. One exception being Miss Hooper who intends not to be dreamy about Professor Holmes. Unfortunately enough one cannot always escape ones faith.
    Notes: I could read every fic by this lovely woman all day, every day, but this one is perfect. Smutty, angsty and suspenseful too. Really nice.

  • The Mummy by thewinterspy
    Summary: In the search for Hamunaptra, the lost city of the dead, Molly Hooper recruits the help of the adventurer Sherlock Holmes. What starts as an expedition to recover the ancient Book of the Dead becomes a battle to save the world.
    Notes: Yes, it’s a The Mummy/Sherlock AU! But with all the crossovers too—Star Trek, Cabin Pressure… It’s a WIP, I patiently (and eagerly) await the next update.

  • Wreath and Run by PetraTodd
    Summary: Forced by her vampire clan to choose an Alpha mate to lead with, omega Molly Hooper does so on her own terms. vampire!AU with Omegaverse.
    Notes: The fic had me at “hello”. Very descriptive, very gothic—in its own way—and very, very sexy.

  • That Dear Perfection by dietplainlite
    Summary: When Sherlock goes to Molly for help with his Moriarty problem, he discovers he doesn’t quite know her as well as he thought. (Continuation of the story That’s Not My Name by nocturnias.)
    Notes: 65 chapters of pain, smut, angst and perfect characterization, external and internal. Strap in—it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

  • Cosmic by Adi Who is Also Mou
    Summary: The one in which they are a ridiculous cosmic joke. AU.
    Notes: If you give me Angel!Sherlock, Demon!Molly and smut, you can bet I will read it. (Though I heartily recommend you check out all of Adi’s stuff Nonny—it’s all perfect, and she really shouldn’t be so self-critical about what she writes.)

  • Cherry by PetraTodd
    Summary: Sherlock has the flat to himself for the night after an argument with John, so he calls his favourite pathologist.
    Notes: Filthy, sexy, cheeky and Sherlock’s an arrogant little shit. It’s great.

  • Mirror, Mirror by Adi Who is Also Mou
    Summary: His hands are not calloused from playing the violin.
    Notes: Part one of the Mirror verse series. Heartbreakingly wonderful.

  • In The End by Lono
    Summary: Loneliness never felt quite so heavy as when it came time for the world to end.
    Notes: Oh, did you not think your heart couldn’t be lifted to the highest heavens, then ripped out and smashed to pieces in the breadth of eight chapters? You thought wrong, my friend. You thought wrong. (TRANSLATION: Read the damn thing. It’ll destroy you emotionally, but read it dammit.)

Anonymous said: What are your favorite screenshots of 2015?

-Here’s the second part of the answer to that question. These are all the 3:4 ratio shots that i really liked.

Number one is from Bioshock Infinite. I’m very fond of this screenshot. In fact, if i was making a coffee table book full of pictures about Columbia (I’m ready 2k. Let’s make it happen!), I’d probably put this as the front cover (if you’re curious, I’d use something like this as the back cover). I think this shot represents a few of the most important things about the city. The grand neoclassical architecture, the overwhelming and always vigilant statues, and of course, being high up in the sky. The way Comstock house is obscured by the clouds adds mystery to the picture and you cant help but feeling a bit of wonder and awe at the imposing building shooting up towards the heavens. You wouldn’t normally see this exact scene during gameplay though. This area is actually a few buildings and things put together in the distance, made to look like Emporia. If you look very carefully when Songbird flips your airship over, you can see some of this stuff right before it crashes. To get this, I just exited the airship the moment before he attacks it, paused time, and flew in much closer than you’re normally allowed.

Second up is from Batman Arkham Knight. It almost always evokes strong feelings (for the player and the person they’re playing as) when a main characters’ decisions negatively affects another character they care for, so i wanted to try and capture that in a screenshot. The overturned wheelchair is a strong image by itself, but by placing Batman in the center of the picture and more importantly, the clock, it visually represents that everything revolves around him and his choices. I used the in-game color filter to make the image red, to add more tension and dread.

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Dirty Laundry

So, as some of you may know, my wonderful, incredible friend lavendergaia has been feeling a little down lately. So I wrote an itty bit of fluff in the hopes it might cheer her up!

Based on an AU prompt from one of those lists that float around: “I escaped to the laundry room to avoid hearing my room-mates having extremely loud sex only to find you’re here doing the same thing”

The wonderful fitzsimmmonsy has made a companion photoset here.

They were doing it again.

Jemma froze, her fist inches away from banging the wall above her bed in a reflexive movement designed to get her neighbours to stop having such loud sex. She loved Skye and Trip, she really did, but they gave a whole new meaning to the word banging.

Jemma sighed and let her arm drop. She was too happy that they’d finally got their act together and admitted they were perfect for one another to stay mad for more than a second. Rather than interrupt their well-deserved time together, Jemma set her laptop aside and slid off the bed. She grabbed her laundry basket and slipped out of her apartment as fast as she could without succumbing to the indignity of running. She was not being chased out of her home by her overly-enthusiastic neighbours.

It was only when she had hauled the basket down six flights of stairs and into the laundry room that Jemma remembered that she was currently wearing her frog pyjamas and hadn’t washed her hair in three days.

Because Fitz, Skye’s neighbour on her other side, was already in there standing against the opposite wall with a lean and reading a large textbook that she couldn’t see the title of. As she watched, still unnoticed in the doorway, he put the pencil he was holding between his lips and out of the way so he could highlight a passage in the book. Jemma felt suddenly, and inexplicably, rather hot and  flustered.

She must have made some kind of sound or movement, because he looked up sharply. The pencil dropped out of his open mouth as he stared at her for a long, torturous moment. He seemed to come to with a slight shake of his head, blinking rapidly.

“Jemma,” he said, scrabbling to pick up the fallen pencil. “Didn’t expect to see you. I was just…studying.”

Jemma smiled, coming further into the room. “I was doing the same before I was interrupted by-”

“Sounds?” Fitz finished.

“Yes. Sounds,” Jemma agreed. She could feel the blush rising on her cheeks just as his face was growing redder. So he’d heard them, too.

They looked at each other for a long moment. Jemma wasn’t quite sure how to continue the conversation, and Fitz looked equally at a loss.

In the end, Jemma walked to the nearest machine and began loading it up.

“So, uh, do you hide here often?” Fitz began. “I mean…Well, it seems like I’m down here a lot lately but I haven’t seen you.”

Jemma smiled at him over her shoulder. “Most times I take a walk. I usually have a routine for my laundry. Every Sunday morning. But this is a special case since…” she gestured at her nightwear. Fitz’s eyes roamed over her and the blush that had been subsiding roared to life once again.

“Oh,” he said eloquently. And it was in that moment, as he tried extremely hard not to look at her, that Jemma realised something very, very important.

Fitz liked her.

Her heart warmed at the thought and she straightened, abandoning her laundry halfway into the machine.

“Fitz?” she asked.

“Hmmm?” he responded, pretending he was reading his textbook.

“Why don’t we ever talk? I mean, we are both Skye’s best friends. But we never seem to cross paths.”

“I…you know why,” Fitz replied, a confused frown on his face that Jemma was surprised to realised she found extremely cute.

“I really don’t.” She moved a few careful steps closer. Her heart beat faster with anticipation.

“Because I…never know what to say to you,” he said, eyes shifting as he changed the direction of the sentence halfway through.

Jemma moved a little more towards him. “Why’s that? We have so much in common.” She almost felt bad about pushing him. But she could feel the importance of the moment thrumming through her veins, reckless and joyful.

“I just…it’s awkward.”

“We could make it less awkward.”

She was standing only a few small steps away from him now. She looked up at him, challenging him to close the gap between them. Fitz must have finally realised something was happening, because his restless energy stilled and all that intensity focused in on her.

He shuffled forward, hesitantly at first and then with more confidence as he realised she wasn’t backing away.

“What’s going on here, Jemma?” he asked, so close that she could feel his breath whisper across her face. His eyes roved over her, as if trying to take her all in at once.

“You like me,” she said.

“You sound like you’re surprised,” he said wryly.

“I only just figured it out. I thought you hated me. You never talked to me, wouldn’t even look at me-”

“Jemma,” he stopped her. “That’s ridiculous. Surely you knew.”

“I know now,” she replied. Her breath hitched in her chest as her body yearned towards his.

“Do you…mind?” he asked, despite all signs clearly indicating the opposite of her minding.

“On the contrary. I am very,” she leaned closer, lips only a breath away from his. “Very pleased.”

Fitz didn’t have a chance to reply before her lips pressed against his, muffling any sound. Fitz hesitated barely a moment before cupping her face with one hand and drawing her closer with the other. Her lips parted and he took full advantage with his tongue, sweeping it into her mouth. Jemma arched into him, clutching at the lapels of his jacket to tug him ever closer.

He stumbled forward, and Jemma had to step back with the momentum, never breaking the seal of their lips. She bumped lightly against one of the washing machines, the cool metal a balm to the furnace of her heated body.

Fitz’s hand that was at her hip drifted down further, hitching her leg up. With slight jump, Jemma found herself on top of the machine, her legs wrapped loosely around Fitz’s hips. It put her at a height advantage for once, and Jemma enjoyed the sensation of kissing down to Fitz.

Fitz moved his head back and Jemma tried to follow, but he held her still. He looked at her for a long moment, gaze full of reverence.

“You didn’t ever say anything. Why now?”

“There was no point,” Jemma reminded him gently. “I thought you didn’t like me.”

Fitz gave her a look of such affectionate exasperation that she grinned.

“So, what now?” Fitz asked softly, his eyes drifting to her lips.

“I think Trip and Skye are going to be at it quite a bit longer, don’t you?”

His smile was slow and full of promise. “I’m sure we can find something to fill the time.” His nose brushed lightly against hers.

“Good,” was all she said before her lips once again descended on his.


so after posting these tags:
#i want them to track clarke in season 3#because bellamy tries so hard to respect her wishes but by day 4 he’s going nuts#so they follow her#and she’s got a huge lead#and knows that bellamy will be leading a team#and though she doesn’t want to be caught#she uses rocks and any surface she can find#to leave them art#she draws maya for jasper#she draws her dad#she draws octavia and her butterflies (maybe one day octavia will forgive her)#and it’s not a trail#so much as a promise#that she’s okay#and she’s never going to forget them#she just can’t be with them right now#so she draws them instead
on this photoset, i received an ask requesting i write a fic about this so??? here i am! post 2x16 bellarke goodness because all i can do to survive the next seven months is write them!!

Bellamy lasts four days before he decides to go after her. He tries, he really does, to respect her wishes and her need for space but he can’t just sit at camp and wonder if she’s okay, or where she’s gone. He has to see her with his own eyes to confirm that Clarke Griffin is still out there somewhere.

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That Soulmate Preference Deal Part 11

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10

Her name was Annette, and she was the most beautiful thing in existence. Her eyes were big, green orbs that opened in little slits while she waved around tiny fists, her mouth wide and exploratory. She was so small, so very very small. 

Time wasn’t very linear the first few days that I spent in the hospital. First, I was waking in an unfamiliar room, and Ashton was close at my side in a moment, calling a nurse in, cooing at me to relax, to lay still.  I was holding the baby, my baby, but then she was being pulled away from me by Michael. I couldn’t breastfeed her, I was on too many drugs that couldn’t be passed onto her. Michael was at my side, holding my hand while the doctor explained our next steps. Or was it Ashton? That was the one thing that I knew never wavered. Ashton was always by my side, no matter what. Michael had to take the baby home, while I stayed in a hospital bed, aching and recovering. 

When I had maintined conciousness for long enough, a doctor had sat down to explain what had happened. Having Annete had very nearly killed me, to the point that the plan had been to perform a mid-labour abortion, collapsing her head to relieve the stress on my spine. I had nearly been paralyzed, I had nearly bled out. But, Michael had taken control and told them to press through with trying to get the baby out, had asked them not to abort.

Michael had chosen the baby over me. 

It was nearly two weeks before I was able to leave the hospital. Two weeks that I should’ve spent with my child, but instead spent laid up in a hospital bed with only Ashton to keep me company. Two weeks while Michael bonded with Annette, entertaining visitors who wanted to see the new baby. His mother was staying at the apartment, watching Annette for a few hours a day while Michael slipped out to come check on me in the hospital. It wasn’t a good idea to keep a baby in the ICU. I held my baby once, in the first two weeks of her life. Her whole life, and she had spent more time with her grandmother than her mother. 

Ashton refused to leave. Whenever he was asked to, he merely flashed his left wrist. I would’ve minded, had I not been so absolutely terrified to be alone. 

“Why are you still here, Ash?” I asked softly, after a security guard who hadn’t recognized him came in to ask him to leave, only to turn around and take his words back once he saw our marks. 

Ash had only left when Michael had come by. I wasn’t even sure if he was showering. His eyes were red, he must not have slept. “Do you want me to leave?”

My chest seized up at the idea of being alone in the room, the idea of slipping away in the night, of csomething further going wrong. I merely held his hand tighter, and he chuckled slightly, looking at my fingers turning white aorund his. “I’m just scared to lose you,” he explained after a few moments. He brought my hand to his lips. 

“I almost died, didn’t I?” I asked. “I could still die, right?”

Ashton didn’t let go of my hand, speaking into my skin. “You’re not going to, you’re out of the woods by now.”

“But, I almost did, right?” I tried to sit up straighter, tried to keep my breathing calm. “I almost died, because Michael didn’t listen.” 

Ashton closed his eyes, and I watched as a tear slipped down his cheek. “I was so scared, Xan,” was is response. “Michael came out covered in blood, and he was telling them that you wanted the baby over you, and I knew you didn’t want the fucking baby.” Pain etched across his forehead, wrinkling his skin. He composed himself though, letting go of my hand. “I mean, she’s beautiful, and you’re okay now, and that’s what matters,” he concluded. 

I watched as he stood and walked to the counter, where there sat two neat bouquets, one from Luke and Caryssa and the other from Calum. He ran his fingers over the petals. “Is it, though?” I asked. 

He looked back at me expectantly. 

“Is it bad that I’m angry?” I continued. 

“What are you angry about?” 

“I’m angry that he chose her,” I pressed on. “I’m angry that I have to sit in this room and can’t hold the baby I almost died for. Angry that Michael didn’t listen to what I wanted. Angry that he’s not here taking care of me, angry that you have to.”

Ashton came back to my side. “I’d be angry, too, Xandra.” He huffed slightly. “Fuck, I am angry. I wanted you to be happy.” 

I looked across the room, seeing part of Sydney’s skyine twinkling in the distance. “Everything’s going to be different now, Ash.”

“I know,” he replied. “If you want me to leave, after you’re all better…. I will. I was actually looking at moving, so you won’t even have to see me anymore.” 

I stared at him for a long moment before repeating myself. “Everything’s different now, Ashton…” I swallowed. “And I want you to stay.” 


It was heartbreaking, to say the least. I finally got to be home with my baby, but since she had spent two weeks bottle feeding with Daddy, Annette refused to latch. She’d wail and wail, and nothing I did could help. Michael was constantly sweeping in with a bottle and taking her off, calming her down within minutes. 

My eyes were constantly burning with the threat of tears. If Annette wasn’t crying, I was. Michael had sent his mother home, and spent the majority of the first month going between his two girls, feeding and pampering. The counselor I had met with before was diagnosing me with postpartum depression, and yet Michael had a smile fixed to his face. To him, everything was fine, everything was perfect. Our little family was thriving. It made my skin itch, that he was so happy and I was so not. 

Finally, with help from a coach, I was breastfeeding Annette before she was two months old. She seemed to warm up to me, no longer crying for Michael when I was holding her. I started to feel better. Michael and I, somehow, were finding time to have sex again. He was making dinners, we were back to normal, almost, just with a little plus one. But, somehow, it didn’t quite feel the same. 

However, once I got back to work, back in shape from whatever injuries I had sustained, things started looking up again. Caryssa had her baby boy around the time Annette turned four months,a little blonde thing with bright blue eyes, and we began to have little playdates. I got out of the house with Annette. Things were going alright, I was climbing out of the depression, and we really were becoming a family. 

I never brought up to Michael that I had intially been angry with his decision, because somehow it stopped mattering. Watching Annette grow up, walking before she was even one, was too fantastic. Imagining a world without her became terrifying, and I knew Michael’s heart had simply been in a different place. Now, he was a stay-at-home dad, and I was back at the zoo part-time, and we had this beautiful little girl toddling around the apartment.

Annete was nearly a year and a half old before we trusted anyone but the two of us to watch her alone. Though Karen had watched her during those first two scary weeks, I didn’t want to leave Annette with any one other than Michael. However, he had begun around month 13 asking for a date night, even a couple days off to do something alone. It began to seem more and more of a good idea as Annette was starting to coo and babble, having passed her first words. It seemed like a weekend away wouldn’t absolutely devastate us. 

Michael had wanted to set his mother up at the apartment again, but it hadn’t felt right to me, and I found myself suggesting Ashton. Michael had resisted, not because of any threat to himself, but merely because he “had spent years touring with him, and did you know he can’t even get his underwear cleaned regularly?” But, then, Ashton had been free and his mother had not, so we found ourselves packing up to spend a weekend in Brisbane while handing Ashton emergency numbers. 

It was just like it had been years ago, being alone with Michael. Strangely, it took me back to that first day, now almost three years back, when he and I had sat side by side at the table in the Starbucks, holding hands and laughing. While we had our dates, Ashton had been posting pictures of Annette to instagram, and the fans were having a field day over “Mikey’s Babygirl and Uncle Ashton.”

I had been laughing at a picture of Annette, sitting in a large pot in our kitchen, when I had looked up to see Michael on one knee, holding out a diamond ring. 

“Marry me, Xan?” His voice was deep, confident. A smirk played at his lips.

“Well, duh,” I replied simply, stepping towards him and letting him slide the ring on my finger before pulling him tightly to my chest, bringing my lips to his. 

Now the fans were really having a field day, as Michael’s instagram was suddenly showcasing a picture of the two of us, our anchored thumbs side by side, a glittering diamond ring on my finger. 

We were driving back late Sunday night, when Michael had gotten a craving for some TimTams and we had swung by the store. I found myself holding our place in line while he ran back for a carton of milk, smiling as I noticed that the tabloids at check out already had gotten the news about our engagement. 

However, my smile quickly faded and I found myself slamming the magazine down on the conveyor belt, flipping through the pages. In a moment, I was on my phone, having abandoned our groceries, scrolling through instagram. 

We hadn’t noticed, on the phone screen, but the blown up image on the cover of the magazine revealed something I hadn’t considered. Our two tattoos were clear in frame, as was the ring. But, as it was my left hand, it was also apparent that there was a mark on my wrist, as evidenced by the neat A S H scrawled on my skin. 


Tumblr figured it out first. It was less than 24 hours since Michael had posted the picture, and it was zoomed in photosets even after he had removed it. Alongside it, however, was another picture, of my child, but she was primarly cropped out of it. Because, in the reflection of the pot, you could see Ashton’s hand holding his phone to take the picture. 

And, if you enhanced the photo, like most fans had, you could clearly see the name “Alexandra Monroe” on his left wrist.