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#88! Mulder & Scully!

88. MSR; Have you ever confessed to someone that you got an erection over them? What about masturbated to them?

Dana Scully rushes across the hall, opening the unlocked door to Fox Mulder’s motel room. The local detective they had been working closely with for the past week and a half had called, informing Scully that there had been another murder. She had grabbed her heels and hurried across the hall to update him. Her voice rang out as she swung the door open, head down while she leaned forward to slide her other shoe onto her stockinged left foot. “Mulder, Detective Hargis just called and there’s been ano–” she stops, mid sentence, frozen in place while she watches him zipping up his pants as he’s sprawled across the unmade bed in front of her. His shirt is strewn across the floor, his face is flushed, and his pants are holding in more than they had been designed to.

Normally she would back out with a red face and an apology for invading his privacy. Today was not a normal day. She had been stuck in a shitty motel in a shitty town in the shitty state of Alabama for the past ten days. She had autopsied four dead teenagers and was about to stay up all night on the fifth. Dana Scully was in no mood for his fucking around today.

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What Did You Say

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“Derek do we have to train today? We trained yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that. ” I whine.

“Yes, Y/N. Listen, after what happened to Boyde and Eric, I can’t afford to lose another pack member. Especially you. And now that I’m losing my powers, you’ll need to be able to protect yourself more.” He responded.

“Fine. But do I have to fight you?” I ask.

“What’s wrong with fighting me?”

“It’s just that I know all of your moves. You’re easy to beat because I have fought you so many times. I need a challenge.”

“Okay. I’ll call Scott.” He says. Before I can say anything, he has already picked up the phone and started calling him.

Scott was standing in front of me, looking a little worried.

“I don’t know if I can do this. Y/N, I don’t have a reason to fight you.” He says, trying to get of fighting me.

“Come on Scott! Hit me! I can handle it!” I reassure him.

“Like I said. I don’t have a reason to fight you.”


Derek knew that Scott wouldn’t want to fight, so he had come up with a plan. While Scott wasn’t looking, Derek switched out his phone with a fake. So, going along with the plan, I picked up the fake phone and threw it at the wall. It instantly shattered into pieces.

“Oh. Oops. I’m sure Stiles can send you another picture of the map of Eichen House right?” I say.

Scott’s eyes flashed red. That did it. He lunged, almost tackling me. Almost. I dodged his strike at the last second. Before he could turn around again, I kicked him behind his knee. He went down, but came up again. When he turned around to face me, I realized that he had changed into his wolf form. I changed into my wolf form and try to punch him. He blocks it and twists my arm. I scream in pain. This is going to be a long fight.

Even after ten minutes, Scott and I are still going at it. Derek is off to the side watching us. I half hoped he would come in and stop Scott if he was about to kill me, but then again, Derek is Derek so I never know what he’s gonna do.

I finally had gotten in a good hit, and I thought that I was going to win. But I thought that too soon. Right after I punched Scott, he turned and knocked me in the head with so much force I was surprised I hadn’t gone unconscious instantly. My knees buckled, and the world around me went quiet. My vision was getting darker but I knew I had to stay awake.

I saw Derek run over to me, talking to Scott telling him- wait I don’t know what he was telling him. I couldn’t hear anything. I couldn’t hear. I couldn’t hear! I looked up at Derek, he obviously didn’t know that I couldn’t hear because he was trying to talk to me.

I moved my lips, trying to form words, but I don’t know if they came out correctly. Apparently they did, because Derek’s eyes started to get glossy.

I couldn’t hold on any longer. I had to let the darkness take me.

When I awoke, I was in a hospital room. The tv was on, and there was food on the tray next to my bed. Reaching my arm to grab the tray, I realized that I wasn’t alone. Derek was lying on the couch, sleeping. I could tell he had been here a while because his hair was all messed up, and his shirt was wrinkled. He had bags under his eyes. This must have been his first time sleeping since I have been here. I really hate to wake him, but I need to know what was going on.

I tried calling for him, and I realized that I still couldn’t hear, so I don’t know if it came out correctly. When he didn’t do anything, I tried calling out again, and again, and again. Getting annoyed, I grab the pillow that was behind my head and throw it at him. The uncomfortable pillow hits him straight in the head, and he shoots up. His eyes flash yellow, looking around the room for any sign of danger. Then those yellow eyes land on me.

Derek was next to me in an instant. He placed the pillow behind my head again. I tried talking but he put his finger to his lips, telling me not to. He picked up a note pad and pen that I hadn’t noticed and started writing.

You’ve been out for two days. They had to give you surgery because Scott hit something that caused you to lose your hearing. Doctors said that you should be able to hear again within a week.

I nod. He smiles, and leans up and presses his lips to my forehead.

We were interrupted when the door opened. Scott came in, looking even worse than Derek. The bags under his eyes were darker, and he looked like he had been crying. His eyes were puffy, and his nose was red.

He saw me and he looked worried. Worried for what, I couldn’t tell. But Derek got up and exchanged a few words with Scott, then left the room.

Scott took a seat where Derek had just been. He grabbed the note pad and started writing. It took him a long time, and I was starting to get impatient, but he finally showed me what he had written.

Y/N, I’m so so so sorry. I knew that the phone you threw was fake, you would never do that. I was just trying to give you a challenge. I never meant for you to end up like this. I will never ever be able to forgive myself if you’re not able to hear again. It would have been all of my fault. I understand if you are mad at me.

My eyes shoot up to his. I smile and touch his cheek. He must’ve gotten the message because the biggest smile I had ever seen appeared on his face. He started writing again.

So you forgive me.

I nod.

Two weeks later, I was starting to think that I wouldn’t be able to hear for the rest of my life. My recovery was taking longer than expected.

I had been staying with Derek for the past two weeks, and we had a pack meeting this morning. I really didn’t feel like showing up on time because I wouldn’t have been able to hear what they were saying anyways. So naturally, I decide to take a really long shower. Why take a shower? So that way I won’t have to explain why my face was wet after I cried. Yes, I didn’t want the pack to know that I cried because of this hearing loss. That would only make Scott feel worse than he already does, it would make Derek more worried about me, and the pack would give me more attention. And I didn’t want any of that.

After my shower, aka my time to sob, I felt refreshed. That was exactly what I needed. But of course things had to go downhill.

I was putting up my towel, when I slipped. My head hit the edge of the bathtub, and the world around me started to go dark. No. I knew I had to stay awake. I got up, having to grab the toilet seat to help me when the world surrounding me started to spin. It took a while, but I finally made it downstairs, where the pack was. Well. They obviously didn’t hear me almost fall to my death.

“-yeah but Y/N would be a target. They would take her as an advantage since she can’t hear.” Stiles said.

“Stiles is right.” Lydia agreed.

Stiles was right. I couldn’t hear an- wait. I heard him talk. I heard him!

Stopping dead in my tracks I turned and faced towards the pack. I opened my mouth to say something, but at the last second I decided to have some fun. The pack looked at me when I stood next to Stiles.

I made a hand motion telling them to continue talking.

“We need Y/N though. She’s a great fighter.” Liam says.

“No. I can’t risk it.” Scott says. “Look, it’s my fault she can’t hear. I don’t want it to be my fault if she dies.”

“But it wouldn’t be your fault if she wants to go.” Liam says.

“How would she want to go if she doesn’t even know where we’re going?” Kira asked.

“Well. Where are you going?” I ask.

“To Mexico.” Stiles says.

“Okay. I’m in.” I say.

That’s when it hits them hard. Their heads whip into my direction and smiles are laced on their lips.

“You can talk Y/N! You can talk! You heard us!” Scott exclaims.

“I know!” I exclaim.

Derek comes over and picks me up, and spins me around.

“Okay. Okay.” I laugh. “I really do love all of the celebration. But we’ve got business to attend to.”

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Hi ! 💜 Can you do an imagine where intimates pictures of Y/N and Shawn are leaked please ? Thaaaaanks PS : I love your blog so so much 💜💜

Yes yes I can certainly do that for you!!! Thank you so much for your kind words! I love the use of the purple hearts💜💜 They are my fave💜💜

Your name: submit What is this?

You’ve heard of celebrity’s getting their iCloud’s hacked into and pictures getting leaked to the public.  You weren’t very techy so you had no idea how someone could hack into something that was essentially invisible.  

And then you got a call from Shawn.  It was a call you never expected from him.  And you had to ask him three times to make sure you heard him correct.

“Your iCloud was hacked?”

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The studio felt eerie without the guys bustling around. They went up the stairs twice, settling in Yoongi’s apartment. Yoongi turned on the tv before going into the kitchen.

“Do you want coffee? You’ll need the energy.”

Jimin felt his body warm and the back of his briefs dampen. Oh my god this is so embarrassing.


“Y-yes hyung. Lots of creamer please.” He quickly whipped out his phone once he heard him rustling around.

To TaeTae:

He’s making coffee because I’ll “need the energy”. My ass is already hurting Tae.

From TaeTae:

Wait I thought you weren’t gonna sleep with him! Assert yourself Jimin or I’m coming up there.

To TaeTae:

I can handle it. Crap here he comes.

Jimin’s phone jumped out of his hand, landing with a resounding smack. Yoongi stared at him silently, holding two mugs of coffee.

“Are you sure you’re okay Jiminnie? You seem rather…jumpy.”

“Ah, I’m fine hyung. You worry too much.”

Yoongi sat down, handing him a mug. “Just take it easy on the coffee okay?”

He scooted closer so that his thighs were touching Jimin’s. That familiar warming sensation returned. I swear to god if I leak on his couch…

A Flicker A Flare (2/2)

Nova is home

part one here 

They weren’t ready.

At home that afternoon they set her down on the floor asleep in the carseat that looks like it’s trying to swallow her whole and just stare blankly for a very tense moment until Kurt says, “Now what?”

Blaine shakes his head and replies, “I have no idea.”

Because they have a baby. An actual, real baby that is completely dependent on them for everything. Knowing that in the abstract is quite a different ballgame than being faced with the reality.

“She’s so small,” Kurt says, for probably the hundredth time. She’s just so small.

“I know,” Blaine says.

She’s wearing the adorable handmade vintage romper that Kurt found at a boutique in Tribeca that really should go in the cedar keepsake box before something oozes on it, but she looks so cute, fast asleep with her arms and legs curled in and her little fists balled up. With the bonnet on her head it doesn’t even look cone-shaped with that tuft of hair that refuses to go down. Like Bert. The one from Sesame Street.

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Like a Movie

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Tittle: Like a Movie

Rating: None

Requested: Yes

Paring: Robbie Kay x Reader

Warning: None

   I am pretty sure that if Hollywood could get it’s hands on the story of mine and Robbie’s relationship, they would make it into a movie. Even to me, it feels like our story was crafted by the writers in Hollywood, like we were living a movie. How could I not, since my relationship could be found in movies all over the world.

   To make a long story short, Robbie and I met because my ex boyfriend left me when I needed him the most. I had to prove to my family that I was not a total mistake and my doctor boyfriend was suppose to do just that. When he bailed, Robbie was there to listen to my story, and in the end, made a choice that changed both of our lives.

~~~~~ Six Years Ago ~~~~~

   “You have got to be kidding me!” I cried into the phone, blushing when I noticed that everyone in the small corner of the airport was starring at me. “Your breaking up with me over the phone, hours before we are suppose to go to my parents! Are you trying to make them hate me even more? If I show up without you, my family is going to rip me to shreds.”

  “Look, I signed up for you Y/n, the loving, carefree artistic girl that stole my heart. Not your family. I have a family like that of my own, I can’t deal with yours too.” Jason said into the phone, his voice soft with pity. “I am sorry, I am. I hate doing this to you, but I can not do to this, I am so sorry.”

   “I am too.” I sighed, shaking my head despite him not being able to see it. “I am going to go. Goodbye Jason.”

   “Goodbye Y/n, I am so sorry.” Jason whispered before I hung up the phone. I sighed, throwing my head back in annoyance. I let out a sigh and turned around, yelping when I almost ran into a green eyed boy standing behind me.

   “Is everything okay? I didn’t mean to over hear but it sounds like your having a bad day.”

   “I guess you can say that. My boyfriend just broke up with me because he can’t handle my family.” I sighed, blushing when I noticed I had given away so much to a boy I didn’t know. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.”

   “No it’s fine. I asked you what was going on. Please explain the thing with your family. You look like need an ear to vent to. I’m told I’m pretty good listener. I am Robbie by the way.” The boy said, sending me a warm smile as he offered me his hand to shake. I hesitated for a moment before I wrapped my hand around his, shaking his hand.

   “Y/n. Though you really don’t need to Robbie.”

  “Non sense, come on. I’ll even buy you a coffee.” He smiled at me, his tone warning me that he was not going to take no for an answer. I breathed in throw my nose as I followed behind him, trying to figure out if I was doing the right thing in tell him everything. A part of me wanted to, I needed so badly to speak to someone I don’t know about how awful my family is, but at the same time it scared me. Opening up to a complete stranger about my family problems seemed like a bad idea.

   Robbie led me to the little cafe, buying us both a tea after asked what I wanted. Once we had our teas he lead me to a table in the back, pulling my chair out for me before taking his own. “So tell me what is going on?”

   “Well, um I am not the same as my family. I’m an artist, painter mostly but I draw and sculpt to. My family is all doctors or big shot lawyers. I was expected to follow in their footsteps. Back when I was in elementary school, my family supported it. Then when I was 16 I got my first chance to show some of my work in a local gallery, they clued in that this was what I wanted to do with my life. The moment they figured that out, the tried hard to stop me from doing my art, but gave up when they couldn’t.

   That’s when they decided that if I was not going to follow into their footsteps, then I was not a welcomed member of the family. I only ever see them once, maybe twice a year. I am going up now because my older brother, who is an up and coming brain surgeon, is getting married to an up and coming lawyer. So I had to go so they can once again show me what a “real adult looks like”. I was going to bringing my ex boyfriend, who is a doctor that graduated at the top of his class in med school, but he just broke up with me because his family is as nuts as mine and can’t deal with it.”

   “That sounds awful, really it does. Look, I know we just met, but I really wanna help you out. So how about I go with you, I can pretend to be your boyfriend, have them lay off you. Plus, I am pretty good at acting, so I can make them think your the best out of them all.”

   “You don’t have to do that, really.”

   “Not, but I want to. So what do you say? Let me be your fake boyfriend?”

   “I mean, if you are sure then that would be amazing.” I breathed out, my mind racing as I tried to figure out how I managed to stumble across a guy so caring as Robbie. 

   “I am sure and you are very welcome. By the sounds of things, your family needs to be put in their place.”

   Back In Your Home Town 18 Hours Later:


   “Fair warning, my mother is the worse.” I whispered as we made our way to the small house I grew up in. The house was large and well kept, a white picket fence wrapped around the front of the large house. The stone walk way that lead to the house, was well kept, clean of any grass and weeds. Well kept bushes lined either side of it, all of them the same dark green hedges. In front of the cherry oak deck sat two flower beds, both full of bright and vibrant flowers. The deck itself was a dark colored oak, elegantly crafted and ran along the entire house. A hand made swing sat in the far corner, crafted from the same dark cherry oak. In front of it sat a small table, the metal twisted into elegantly carved roses. The glass made of fine crystal.

   The house itself was made of a dark red brick. The door was made from the same oak, further proof that my father was in love with the cherry oak. The trim along the door was painted a dark red, matching the carefully painted windows. Another deck wrapped around the top of the house, this one painted a egg shell white. As we climbed carefully onto the deck, the door swung open, my father walking onto the deck, a whiskey in one hand.

   “Well I will be damned, our little dreamer actually has a boyfriend.” He chuckled as his gaze landed on Robbie. My cheeks flushed a crimson red, knowing that he meant it to be rude. That was just the way my father works. Snide little comments that come across as innocent but are actually quite cruel. Where other people deemed the phrase ‘dreamer’ as a compliment, but father used it as an insult. To him it proved that were stupid, not able of making simple choices. He had told me as much time and time again.

   “My name is Robbie. It is a pleasure to meet you sir.” Robbie said with a smile, extending his hand to shake my father’s in a firm grasp. My father froze for a second, taken off guard by how formal Robbie was, anything thing he deemed those he called dreamers to lack, before shaking Robbie’s hand.

   “I am Dr Richardson Y/L/N it’s nice to see my daughter is finally dating a fine young man. What do you do for a living son?” My father asked, only his eyes giving away how heavy that questions was.

  “I’m in the Military.”

   “Well you keep getting better. A young man willing to defend his country. My daughter doesn’t really go for the honorable men. Mostly dreamers like her.”

  “It’s not so bad, being a free spirit.” 

   “Being a free spirit doesn’t pay the bills, give you a good life. Being level headed and rational does.” My dad answered stiffly.

   “Perhaps, but without dreamers and free spirits you wouldn’t have the music you enjoy, the shows you like to watch. They give you the things you enjoy.” Robbie replied instantly, his own tone informing my father that he would not be backing down.

   “You have a good point son. I will give you that. Being a free spirit has its perks.” My father chuckled, shaking his head as he took a sip of his whiskey. I stared at him in shock, unable to take it in. I had been trying to convince him of that for years. “Though of course not everyone makes it to that level. As talented as my daughter is, she’s not enough to make it into the big leagues.”

  “Good to know.” Robbie rolled his eyes, shaking his head in dismay. I knew my father’s judgement was finally getting to him, that he was finally realizing just how cruel and narrow minded my father was. I snorted, earning attentions from both men, I shrugged it and walked into the house, choosing to ignore them. If Robbie believed my father was bad, he was in for a rude awakening when he met the rest of my family.

  “Well well well, if it’s not the family black sheep?” My sister Emily cooed, giggling as she stood up. Emily was the youngest, and as my parents like to say the daughter they raised right. Behind her stood my brother Carter, the only member of the family that I didn’t hate completely. He may be an up and coming brain surgeon but he never really made me feel out of place, most of the time. Today seemed to be one of those days.

   “Still living with your head in the clouds? Or are you going to come join the normal world.” Carter chuckled, walking up to me to give me a hug. I scowled as I hugged him, rolling my eyes as he chuckled.

   “This is my boyfriend Robbie.” I said, gesturing behind me to Robbie. At that my siblings turned their attention to Robbie, taking him in. None of them saying a word as they glanced at him. When they finally nodded, and smiled, my mother had joined us. Like always her blonde hair was cut short, and her eyes blazing into my own. Her nose was stuck up in the air, judging everyone under her. She was dressed in a yellow sun dress, one that cut off above the knees.

  “You look good, despite the fact that you live in a dream world. Too skinny but then again I imagine you don’t make much living as a part time waitress, full time artist.” She said coldly, her eyes leveling me as she growled at me. “It’s a shame. Your father and I raised you to be smart. If only we knew where we wrong.”

  “Mother this is my boyfriend Robbie.” I sighed, choosing to ignore my mother’s digs at me, knowing that all she wanted was for me to react.

  “Robbie Kay right. I believed I watched a show with you on it. Once Upon A Time I believe.” She hummed, her eyes racking over him. Robbie nodded, not bothering to say anything. “Very well. Looks like my daughter finally found a bigger dreamer than her.” She snarled.

  “You told me that I you were in the army.”

  “My new movie. I play a solider.” Robbie answered, grunting when I gripped his wrist and pulled him behind me. “Where are we going?”

   “My room. We need to speak for a moment.” I answered, pulling him up the stairs.

  “What about your family.”

   “I need a break. A drink too, but a break will work fine for now.” I muttered, throwing the door to old room open and pulling him inside. Once I was sure the door was closed tightly behind me, I spun around. “Your an actor! Why did you never tell me that?”

  “Never came up. I didn’t think it was that important.”

  “Look you don’t have to do this, I can tell them that we broke up because …”

   “Look I met your family, they are horrible, awful, rude, abusive. I am not going to leave you like this. I will help you. I promised I would. Besides, watching your family rip you apart like that, hurt you because you decided to be something other than what they wanted you to be, I realized that I like you, a lot. Your sweet, kind, loving, beautiful. Your hard not to like. So we will keep it up, maybe stop making it an act. Why don’t you be girlfriend for real?”

  “I…. are you sure. I mean you met my family. You know what they are like.”

   “Yeah, and I know you. Your not like them. If I have to I can deal with them.” He chuckled, smiling at me as he pulled me towards him, pressing a kiss to my lips. I froze before I kissed him back, smiling as I felt the passion he put in it.

 “Yeah, I will be your girlfriend.” I whispered when he pulled away, a smile of his own on his lips.

Can’t Get You Out of My Mind Ch. 4

Chaptered Fic: Chapter 4/?

Pairing: Phan

Rating: Currently PG, hopefully change in future chapters

Chapter Word Count: 4635 / Full Fic Count: 12,038 

Summary: Phil is weird in many ways, but there’s one thing about him that is weirder than most. He has the ability to enter people’s dreams. Normally, he just hops into a random friend’s dream and goes along for the ride. Until, that is, the new kid, Dan Howell, comes along. From the moment they meet, Phil can’t stop get him out of is head….. And Dan may have a hard time keeping Phil out of his. Literally.

Warnings:  semi-nightmares, one instance of vague bedwetting (minor character), some language

A/N: Sorry this chapter is so long but It had 2 happen. also I am going on vacation so if I don’t have time to upload then, this will hopefully hold u over. Also shits about to go down chapter 5. Not in a bad way. 



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AU: before Luke went on tour, both of you decided to end your relationship because you thought it was the best thing to do. But you didn’t know how to handle the situation when you started missing him constantly and you couldn’t take the fact that he seemed happy and fine with all of it. Which wasn’t true. So he decided to text you through Ashton’s phone because he was scared to text you on his own and he wanted to know how you were doing because, just like you, he couldn’t shake the thought of you. He realized you two made a mistake by breaking up so that’s what he says to you.