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Fandom prefers their mentally ill characters to be like a fairy tale character, cursed to become a monster after spending 100 years with a wicked witch. Fandom loves Bucky Barnes because they see him as this cursed princess. When Bucky shows symptoms they manifest either as Sebastian Stan Looking Sad And Pensive, or as Literally Not In Control of His Own Body.

Tony Stark, a more realistic day-to-day portrayal of mental illness, is pretty widely hated and treated like a villain within the fandom. When Tony displays symptoms, it’s in making poor decisions out of desperation and fear. He goes to extremes. His mistakes made from fear based in his trauma blow up in his face. He displays coping mechanisms by being obsessive and unintentionally endangering people. He uses false arrogance and humor to distance himself, he lingers on his past trauma and it continues to shape his actions, often negatively, years later. He lashes out violently when he is faced with losing the few people he is close to.

Tony’s poor choices should not be excused because of his mental illnesses. He needs to be held responsible. But the way fandom treats Tony versus how they treat Bucky is pretty telling. Fandom doesn’t want mentally ill characters. They want innocent victims who cope in perfectly healthy ways and have never made any mistakes or poor choices as a result of their mental illness or trauma. They want someone they can feel sad about, but not someone with any messy symptoms.

Ok I start understanding how to make colors on photoshop!

The only thing I know is…..ABHUJHBBHJSBHJ I LOVE HIM SO MUCH SHJISAHJASNIA  because you can see I don’t know how to draw skeletons (?)
Sorry, I just…. I can’t. He’s beautiful, I love him ;w;

Raphael is hella punk, Simon hella pastel and they are both very much in love.

In case you need a pick me up:


Look at him. He may look cheeky, but that’s because he’s proud of you for doing that thing and looking as good as you do.


Absolutely in shock over how hard you worked on that thing and how gorgeous you look, day in and day out. All natural!


He’d kiss you if he could, more than just because you’re pretty. He’s very proud of everything you do.


A gentle nod of approval of your work, blinded by your beauty- so much he had to shut his eyes. It’s a sweet gesture!


Girl knows how hard you’ve worked on you thing. She knows how cute you are. You should see it too!


Aw, is that jealousy? Not quite becoming of a count. How are you prettier than him? More motivated than he is? He just might have to kiss you to make himself feel better.

CS ff: “It’s All in the Name” (au)

Summary: Beloved Tropes- Coffee Shop AU in which Emma is the angry barista who constantly gets Killian’s name wrong.

Rating: T for maybe swearing a vulgar language at one point.

A/N: Dear god how do I post things that aren’t the Cat Fic? This feels weird and unnatural. ANyway, here’s a coffee shop au no one asked for that I just needed to put out there in the world. 

“My name is Killian,” he tells the blonde working the counter at his usual coffee shop. She’d asked; it’s not like he just randomly supplied his name. There are three reasons for this clarification:

1) She has the expression of one who could strike a person down with eye-daggers if provoked the wrong way. 2) She all but growled out the demand for his name. 3) She’s very pretty, but because of said behaviors, if he could’ve taken his name from the devil’s mouth, he would’ve.

As it happens, when he gets his to-go cup after his order is made, he needn’t worry about her cursing his name. Written on the cup is “Killium.” Close, but no cigar. His day is already terrible enough that he brushes it off. Tomorrow, he might get the pleasant brunette that normally works, and he knows she’ll get his name right.



The brunette is named Mary Margaret, and she’s out on maternity leave, as it happens. Instead, the feisty blonde is back, a scowl on her face and her brows drawn down in concentration as she diligently fills his order. “Name?”

“Killian,” he says. “K-i-l-l-i-“ but she’s already shoving the cup towards him, since a large Americano doesn’t really take that long to fill. “Kilometer?” he asks out loud. The incredulity is plain as day, but she’s already stomped off to take care of the next customer. He gives her a look, just barely restraining himself from sticking his tongue out at her. He’s thirty-two years old, and that kind of childish behavior would be unbecoming.

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Jeremy Brett as John Murry in A Picture of Katherine Mansfield (1973)
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ivieweditinblackandwhite  asked:

i love him so ferociously, playing ezekiel, playing god, bringing together all these rattling things inside of me—giving them life is easy because because he is my life. i’m sorry they aren’t very pretty. why can’t they be pretty? why can’t i be enough? he’s broken my heart before and maybe i’m just arachne in all her pride because i will not yield and i’d rather have him break me than live unbroken without him. but there must be pity for arachne because she, too, just wanted to be enough.

i live in a myth, carve myself in silhouette, where we are both young lovers and silly about it, where we are both living inside of a statue, where our eyes carve out maps of places we’ve never been to,

oh i love you and that’s a problem, i always set a place for the misfortune, i always include a seat just for you, i always make sure that if we’re kissing we’re doing it on the sore, go on, go off, i know you’re looking for an excuse 

but maybe one day you’ll be an answer, who knows, someday soon