because he is so much more important than what it seems

In the style of @luvleekaotix-imagines/@thatonedaydream‘s dating headcanons….

Just Dating Nyx Ulric Things:

(except I probably failed at the style but WHATEVERRRRR)

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  • Nyx Ulric is someone who’s been through a lot. He’s lived so long in a way that’s just surviving in the battlefield and scrabbling for what home he can throw together as a side thought that to have someone so important to him feels like more of a blessing than he deserves. You are more than he feels he deserves, but he will try so hard to deserve you.
  • His way is through action, not words. It can seem like he often does things without thinking them through, which, to be fair, is likely true. He’s a good soldier because that dependence on his instincts doesn’t allow anything but the fight in his heart and magic in his veins. But once he’s out of the battlefield, he can be brash, for better or for worse. He can hurt you by saying something he didn’t think through, and he will have trouble forgiving himself if he does. But he doesn’t care about himself. He cares about you. And he would do anything for you to forgive him.
  • Being a Glaive with him is something of a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it’s spending more time with Nyx, it’s training together (the oh-so-beloved “sparring leads to sexual tension leads to making out,” trope), it’s being able to protect each other. On the other, it’s you both being in danger, it’s him risking his life to protect yours and vice-versa. It’s stressful enough being a member of the Kingsglaive, being tasked with protecting Lucis from Niflheim, to risk your life to protect hearth and home, but to know you have more on the battlefield you need to keep safe than just hearth and home, when your heart, your home is on the line, suddenly it’s that much worse. It hurts. But you survive knowing you have each other’s backs, and that the only thing that would hurt more than the risk of the other being hurt out in the field is the idea of not being able to protect each other.
  • You’re going to be seeing Nyx at his best, but you’ll also see him at his worst. And often those worsts come with his nightmares, his times remembering everything and everyone he’s lost. His sister’s death, friends who joined the list of victims of the war with Niflheim known both in Galahd or just as a fellow Glaive,  they all haunt him. He may not want to talk about anything with you, but stay with him. Give him your hand. Let him hold onto you, steady his breathing into your shoulder. Let him assure himself that he’s safe, you’re safe, you’re here. It may hurt to see him like this but know that you do make it better. And when he does talk to you about the people he knew who have died, know you make it better. They aren’t gone, they haven’t stopped hurting, but. You do make him feel less empty when grief tries to empty him.
  • Nyx Ulric is really really attractive. Nyx Ulric is also really really aware of this. He is very aware of the fact you stare, very aware of the fact you like the way he looks. He loves it. Grins whenever he catches you. Laughs no matter whether you hide away on being caught or just continue to stare. Nyx Ulric is an attractive asshole and you should shut him up with your mouth on his mouth is what I’m saying.
  • He catches people’s eye easily, he knows this as well, but you don’t have to worry about it. He only has eyes for you. He promises this with a kiss to the temple and then an extra one to the lips.
  • If anything, in his mind, it’s far more likely you’ll wise up and leave him. He’s not about to say this. But the nights his doubts poke too many holes into him for him to not have to seek comfort in you, to seek reassurance. His kisses get more insistent, his hands grasp at you more insistently, he holds you that much closer. You catch him by surprise by getting up in the middle of the night, one of those nights, you may just get his blood to turn cold enough for him to murmur his fears: “Please don’t leave.”
  • He could swear his heart’s never felt warmer when you curl up back next to him.
  • Crowe and Libertus and Pelna are Nyx’s best friends and play such a huge role in his life, you cannot be in Nyx’s life without being a part of theirs as well. Crowe will be such a protective, fast friend of yours, will gladly (mostly facetiously) tell Nyx off for minor infractions of date etiquette. Libertus is more or less inclined to share embarrassing stories about Nyx. Pelna is a softer influence, but he’s still a wonderful friend. And Nyx is left fully happy that he’s able to bring you to Yama’s with everybody. Always leads to a wonderful night.
  • I would like to direct you to this set of domestic headcanons created by the wonderful @luvleekaotix-imagines/@thatonedaydream as they do fully exemplify domestic Nyx. Also the cat. Just. Wonderful.
  • Lazy mornings with Nyx are like. LEGIT. The best. The warmth. The feeling of not having to do anything but just staying together. The soft rise and fall of his breath. Drifting in and out of sleep with his arm around you. He feels safe with you in his arms. He feels at home with you in his arms.
  • (And then the cat ruins it by sticking its claws in Nyx’s leg for not feeding it when he normally does because he didn’t get up and he just sorta half-sits up to give this sleepy sorta glare and pointedly say, “Ow???”)
  • But when he gets up and feeds the cat and then comes back and lays down with an exaggerated groan of effort, he’s more than likely to lay down partially on top of you, almost cat-like in the lazy way he nuzzles into your neck, those mornings are his favorite, when he can stay with you. Those mornings are a must-have.
NHL players coming out to Georgia “Will affirm all sexual identities” Martin (part 3)

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Luiza Silva-Martin loved her wife very much. That being said, she was ready to pull her hair out with Georgia being home all of the time.  It wouldn’t be a problem if George wasn’t fussing so much about baby prep. She had repainted the nursery 3 separate times, each time a slightly different shade of green,  and had 2 different cribs set up because “What if he doesn’t like one of them, Lu?” What had once been the hall closet was now filled with more diapers than an entire aisle at Babies R Us.  While Lu loved having George around, she wanted to go more than ten minutes without hearing the words “I read on the parenting blog…” George was halfway through a rant about the importance of keeping your newborn on a schedule when Lu just couldn’t take it anymore.

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Meh, I’ll put this out here so that people will know what my viewpoint on Viktuuri is before they delve too deeply into my fic…

…but I don’t think Viktor fell in love with Yuuri at the Banquet. At most, he was strongly sexually interested in Yuuri, strongly romantically interested in Yuuri, but mostly enraptured in this idea of Life Beyond Skating. To Viktor, here was this skater who scored dead last, was miserable for a significant portion of this stuffy gathering, but who seemed to overcome it through dance. 

It doesn’t matter who Katsuki Yuuri was on the ice, because tonight, who he is off the ice is much more important.

I think Viktor has been thinking about what happens when he retires. Even if he isn’t organically thinking it, there’s sure a shit-ton of media asking him that question. He’s also wondering about his beloved dog Makkachin and how much time he has left with her.

So enter Banquet—Katsuki Yuuri proves he’s more than just that dead-last skater and, better, he gives Viktor an out. “Be my coach, Viktor!” There’s really no better time and no better person. He has so many people screaming at him asking if he’s going to retire already, little!Yuri is not being receptive to his attempts at helping (let’s be real: for all the people floating the idea of coaching to Viktor, he would not waste him time on anyone less than the best), he’d get to leave Russian for Japan (tell me that the Russian Skating Federation isn’t chomping at the bit to have an 2018 Olympics podium sweep with Viktor leading the charge), and Yuuri’s just interesting.

…and then lolz. Yuuri has no fucking clue this happened and Viktor is partly just “ummm… call me maybe? i didn’t realize how much i needed this break???” and “should I say something? you know what, I’ll wait till Worlds (guess who’s not there)” and “am i getting anxious he’s forgotten about me???? he was really drunk???? but who moves like that that drunk??? omg. now let me just compose a SP for next year detailing these events…”

Then video happens, Viktor goes to Japan with Makkachin (because hellz yeah he’s bringing his beloved, aging dog for what’s partly a Coaching Stint and partly Huge-ass Vacation in Hot Springs Land with Great Food and Booze), but dammit… sober!Yuuri isn’t like drunk!Yuuri. Ugh, maybe he was wrong? Maybe it was just a joke? 

So that 2nd episode of Viktor’s shenanigans is basically him trying to draw out fun!Yuuri and punishing Yuuri for Acting Like Nothing Happened. 

Also Featuring: All of Yuuri’s Beloved Friends Telling Viktor What’s Up With Yuuri and Goddamn It Viktor Chill the Fuck Out.

And then Yuuri skates Eros during the competition. And oh, isn’t this something? All his life, Viktor’s been pretending while on the ice, but Yuuri—Yuuri—uses figure skating to showcase his truest self and oh, if only Viktor could be that brave to wear his heart on his sleeve when he skates and…

Is this love?

Then comes episode 4, where Viktor’s done thinking about himself and honestly asks Yuuri what he needs him to be. Viktor’s prepared if Yuuri says “friend” or “coach” (btdubs, he’s totally throwing out “boyfriend” to see how bae reacts) but then Yuuri says “you” and, yep, Viktor’s done for.

sorry I have to word vomit about that set of screencaps from Killua saving Ikalgo’s life.

Killua and Ikalgo’s friendship means so much to me. because Killua sees something in Ikalgo almost instantly, that they’re more similar than a boy and an octopus-ant seem to be. but they’re both born killers, they both will give up everything for their friends. but Killua’s already grown enough that he can and will save the lives of people he think deserve it (again, even at the cost of his own). plus he has someone who sees him as the coolest, most important person in the world. he knows what it’s like to hear someone say that you’re important because Gon says it to him all the time.

(then again, Killua’s self esteem issues also tell him that he’s not enough to be Gon’s friend, because these boys need to talk more–because Gon’s so free with his adoration, and Killua’s so closed with his. but Killua’s more than ready to tell Ikalgo how cool he is and look how much this sparky marshmallow has grown)

I don’t think Ikalgo’s ever had anyone to call him “cool” before. someone who thought of him as valuable because he’s an interesting person octopus, not because he’s a soldier. and Killua genuinely believes that Ikalgo is great! this kid will go out on a limb (or take one) for someone trying to kill him when just a year or two earlier he could and would gladly have left that person to die if it inconvenienced him. and Ikalgo returns the favor right after, because there’s a difference between someone saying “you’re useful because you kill well” and “you’re interesting and cool because that’s who you are” and that difference is friendship. and if that doesn’t make my heart burst I don’t know what will. 

I’m not the kind of person who’s really very good at forming her own opinions on things. It takes me a while to kind of ponder and crystallize how I feel about most topics, and pretty much everything winds up having elements where it looks different from different angles, so I never have like, A Solid Feeling I Always Feel About This Thing.

(I used to worry about it a lot, when I was a kid. There are still some songs/bands/albums I listen to and remember my deep anxiety: how could I tell if this was Good? Other people seemed to always know– that music’s shit and we’ll laugh at you, this music’s Great but only right now, that music there is Classic and no matter what will always be Good. How do you know which is which.)

Anyway. So, I don’t really have An Opinion Of My Own about Rogue One.

What I do have, after reading many reviews, is an interesting observation to make:

Every person of color I’ve read a review from loved it. I don’t know that my sample is representative, but for so many people, it fulfilled such a deep-seated need inside them that, several reviewers independently said, they hadn’t realized they still had, to see someone who looked like them in this context. And that’s incredibly touching, to me. I know I cried to see a lady pilot among the 70s-moustached dudes! My only tears of the movie. So I get that, I do, and I’m so excited for it.

The critical reviews I’ve read have mostly not been from people of color. And they’ve made excellent points– how terrible is it, for one, that the only way the powers that be could see their way to putting so many men of color into a Star Wars film was to kill them all in the end? The hope, and eventual success, of the Rebellion is literally built on the ashes and bones of women and people of color, who were expressly not included in the glorious success at the end of the original trilogy.

(And also: where are the women of color. Where are the women, period. What the fuck, racists and misogynists were already going to protest your movie; you could have done whatever you wanted at this point, so why was this all you wanted??)

I feel like the critical points are good to make. And I feel like that’s maybe who should be making them. Sure, there are valid points to be argued about structural or thematic weaknesses, sure there are still complaints to be made. But. 

If you got to have representation for the first time in this movie, you should feel free to enjoy it uncritically. 

You know what I really love? I love it when Ford shows validation to Stan. Just validating small little tasks Stan does that seem worthless to him but Ford still praises him for his accomplishment. And Stan tries to shrug it off: “It’s nothing that important, Ford. Geez.” But deep down he really appreciates it and gets really giddy over it. The way Stan handles something is very interesting to Ford because Stan’s way of approaching and thinking is so unique. I also love the big brother taking care of his little bro aspect. We’ve seen and heard so much of Stan protecting Ford that it’s a nice change for Ford protecting Stan. Just imagine them both on the Stan O’ War II and get sick on occasion. One day, Stan is weak from sickness but he still does tasks on the boat and Ford notices this and insist Stan get some rest. But Stan, being stubborn as he is, refuses: “’M fine, Poindexter. Just not feeling like myself is all.” And lots of bickering and insisting later, Stan decides to rest. Of course Ford offers to take care of him but Stan refuses. “I’m a grown-ass man, Ford. I can take care of myself.”
“I know but let me at least help you, just for today.”
Stan thinks this over and he knows Ford is not going to stop til he says yes. Much to his annoyance, he allows Ford to take care of him. I like to think Ford goes a bit overboard and covers Stan with lots of blankets. “Yeesh, Sixer. I’m not sick with the plague, I just have a cold.”
And Ford keeps checking in on him and asking if he’s okay and if he needs anything. “Ford, I swear. If you don’t let me sleep….”
“Sorry. Just making sure you were okay. You don’t need anything?”
“It’s been 2 minutes since you asked me that. I’ll holler at you if I do.”
I also like to think Ford gives hugs; like… A LOT. They’re just out on the deck and out of no where Ford just hugs Stan.
“Erm…. What’s this for?”
Ford shrugs. “Just felt like it.”
Stan shakes his head but hugs Ford back anyway. “You big nerd.”
And the nightmares…! They both will have nightmares on occasion. Stan will always be there when Ford is startled by a nightmare and they either talk it out or just being in each other’s presence is calming enough. When Stan has a really bad nightmare the first time he doesn’t bother Ford with it and goes on about his day. Still, it’s always on his mind and his behavior is off. Ford notices this real quick and asks if anything happened or if Stan was slipping into a memory lapse. Stan says it’s nothing but Ford knows deep down something happened. He decides to give Stan a bit of space because he knows Stan will only push the subject away. Ford finally gets Stan to sit down and talk about his nightmare. Stan is unsure of Ford’s reaction because his nightmare had to do with Ford and their broken past. It’s slow going but Stan finally opens up, albeit a little shaken. He still has all these regrets built up that they finally start pouring out. He can’t help but let all the tears of anger and regret out and he hates being like this, especially in front of Ford. Ford is really encouraging with Stan’s insecurities and just listens to what Stan has to say. And at the end of it all, Ford just tells Stan how proud he is of Stan opening up to him at such a personal level and offers words of support and much needed hugs.
Hoo boy. I have rambled waaaaay too long. XD These two always ruin me and give me way too many emotions. I just love them so much.

anonymous asked:

Hey 🤗 I love your blog it's sooo helpful! Thank you for your time and advice! I met a POT on Tinder a few weeks ago, I stopped talking to him because he seemed more "vanilla" than SD. But he's reached out to me recently, but I haven't responded. He's a really nice guy, but I don't want to waste my time. Do you think I should reply? If so, what should I say to steer him towards SD?

I like the way you are approaching this situation!  Sure, the guy is “really nice”, but you know what you want, and if he’s not “SD” material, there is no sense in wasting your time.  That is the perfect way to frame the issue here and makes it much easier to do what you gotta do!  

In other words, understanding that you are a SB looking for an arrangement, not just a hook up with a nice guy or a vanilla boyfriend, is really the most important thing to get in your head.  It allows you to get right to the issue with this guy.  If he is receptive to being a SD, then great!  And, if he hits you with all the “tricks in the book” to get you into his life and into his bed without the proper remuneration, then you know just to walk away!  And, by “tricks in the book”, I am referring, of course, to The things POTs say when they’re trying so hard not to pay!and MORE of the things POTs say when they’re trying so hard not to pay!  (Part II)

Based on your description, I assume that the guy seems at least familiar with the concept of sugaring, but you are concerned that he is more “vanilla” than SD.  So, maybe he is a Romantic POT or a Boyfriend POT, but you are not quite sure yet.

Is it worth replying to his message?  Sure! As a SB, you need to find out, one way or the other, if this guy is a real prospect or a real dud!  

We now move to your next very important question:  what you should say to steer him towards an arrangement as opposed to just another Tinder “hookup”. The first principle to keep in mind is that Communication is key!  In other words, it doesn’t help you here to “beat around the bush”, so to speak, and to be coy, vague or ambiguous.  That will only result in you wasting your time and will give him opportunities to try to convince you that you should fuck him for free. You can be playful, but you have to be direct!  You can be flirtatious, but you have to be direct! You can be polite, but you have to be direct!  lol   I could go on, but I think you get my point! And, in case you don’t, let me be perfectly clear:  You have to be direct!

Let’s try this on for size:

Hey Collin!  Thanks for your message!  I’m sorry I didn’t respond a little sooner, but I’ve been busy with [school, work, whatever].  I am interested in finding out more about you, but, just so you know, I’m not looking for a conventional sort of relationship here, I’m looking for a sugar daddy.  If that sort of approach interests you, we should definitely talk!  If not, hey, I understand!  And, before you decide one way or the other, let me tell you that I’d be a great sugar baby for you!  I’ve done this before and, believe me, it’s a great deal for both of us!  You want to spend time with an attractive, sexy (and sexual ;-)), interesting and fun woman and I am looking for a guy who is the same and who can provide me with financial support along the way.  And neither of us wants all the strings associated with conventional relationships!  So, if you are intrigued, let me know and we can talk about the details!

I think this gets the job done!  There is no need to get all clever about it!  There is no need to talk around the subject, drop hints or hope that we will eventually come around to your view.  By being direct, you are going to find out whether he wants to play your tune tout de suite!  The guy will be down wit’ it or he won’t!  This type of message will help you get to the decision point much faster, which is the name of the game!  


Compare the expressions of human and AI Nanami during execution. The latter is much less emotional than the former. Generally, AI Nanami imitates human Nanami, but there is a difference if you look closely and compare them.

Then the Nanami that appears while Hinata is breaking down in SDR2′s final trial is a memory of Nanami, just what what Hinata speculates, except it’s of human Nanami. This Nanami seems more emotional and confident than AI Nanami so she’s more like human Nanami… and at this point of time, AI Nanami is already executed.

They also talk about Hinata in the past… implying that this Nanami knows what happened last time. The things she says in this sequence like believing in yourself, things more important than talent etc. are also what Nanami said in Despair Arc. 

As for how human Nanami stayed on to SDR2… probably it’s because she’s a crucial part of Hinata’s memory… Maybe part of her remained in her hairclip that Kamukura picked up in Despair Arc episode 10 and he keeps it with him all the time afterwards. Something like a Horcrux?! I don’t even know. Anything is possible the in the DR world.

chillableus  asked:

Endo Aya knows what's going on better than the writers, lmao. I pitied Kara, though. "while he may appear to be thinking of his girlfriend, he could just be thinking that he likes himself being with a girl" That's a sick burn.

That’s actually really important though. For all any of us know, all of them could be suffering from that. The idea of being in a relationship is more desirable than the actual relationship because it’s been drilled into them by society that they NEED to be dating to be of any value. Which is dreadful, I mean that’s pretty much how it is inrl too which sucks so much.

Kara’s thing seems to be that validation brings out the best of him which is. Ugghhh so relatable and so sweet, please tell our boy he’s trying his best and he’s doing a great job.
Oso and Choro’s entires were really interesting, actually - that Oso needs to be 500% interested in you as a person to pay any attention to you (confirmed our niisan isn’t into cheap flings???), and that whole thing about helping Choro come out of his armoured shell. Those were really good.

Totty’s “cuteness is holding him back” THANK YOU SOMEONE SAID IT. Zaimoku suffer from the same thing and I think it’s interesting because.. Kara is driven completely by his emotions so the way he wants to advertise himself is totally okay in his eyes, but Totty is more calculated than that so I wonder why he’s choosing a dragged out persona over doing the math and adapting himself where it’ll earn him more points? Totty’s a deeper character than I give him credit for, I think.

The Staff wanna marry them off to the fandom so bad, tho. “Please take these awful awful men who are no sort of public figure home, we’ve had it up to here with them” lmao
Although, it was kinda interesting to read aside from that eheh.

It is an important and popular fact that things are not always what they seem. For instance, on the planet Earth, man had always assumed that he was more intelligent than dolphins because he had achieved so much, the wheel, New York, wars and so on - whilst all the dolphins had ever done was muck about in the water having a good time. But conversely, the dolphins had always believed that they were far more intelligent than man for precisely the same reasons…
—  Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

So I was just re-watching episode 9 and during the scene where Coran and Lance are cleaning the cryopods, Coran actually tells us what his military area was, at least when he was a cadet: aeronautics sub-tech nanoweaponry unit

That sounds to me like…tiny flying weapons? Whatever it involved, it sounds like something that would need some serious engineering skills. Coran is probably a hell of a lot more intelligent than it sometimes seems. And I really like the idea that he’s the sort of super smart guy who might sometimes mess up finger counting, but is an absolute genius in his chosen field

Antok is very much not a leader.

He’s capable of leading a mission, only because he was given specific orders pertaining to said mission, but he could never make important decisions that could potentially change something very vital. That being said, it’s a potentially harmful situation for himself more so than others. I’ve mentioned in the past that he’s fiercely loyal to Kolivan, and would leap headfirst into situations, should Kolivan even suggest it.

This is terrible for Antok in specific because he usually doesn’t question what he’s asked to do, whether it be something pretty damn bad or not. The only time he actually questions whether or not something is a good idea or not is if there’s a heightened potential to lose his or others’ lives. Other than that, he could be asked to do something and he would do it pretty quickly.

At least it’s what I see, given Antok seems to be the closest to Kolivan and whatnot (he was pretty damn ready to leap forward and beat Keith up and tried to beat Shiro up so maybe I’m grasping at straws, but this is my blog)

This is also why he would be a terrifying commander in a verse where he’s part of the Empire instead of being a Blade. He would have zero mercy, no hesitance in doing something if it means progress forward.

While it’s good that he doesn’t hesitate in a crisis situation, it proves to be one of his biggest downfalls if it’s within the wrong hands.

NaruHina may be looking good now in comparison to SasuSaku only because this relationship was near non-existant in Gaiden and Kishi put all his attention on SS’s dysfunctional relationship.

Despite that, I still hate NaruHina as much as, if not even more so than SasuSaku. NH became canon by rewriting established canon history of Naruto’s past and downgrading his relationship with Sasuke and Sakura to make Hinata seem more important and revelant. They dedicated an entire lame movie to show Naruto being guiltripped into loving Hinata. This pairing is forced and pathetic.

I also hate how Boruto has no fucking qualities of Hinata in him at all. Almost as if he wasn’t planned to be her child. Oops. How the hell do you just forget to give him Byakugan? He’s bratty for what seems like no good reason at all like what are we supposed to be rooting for? Naruto to be spending more time with him? Something that’s just damn common sense for a father to do with his child? 

What’s funny is that it’s kind of obvious how NaruHina will be portrayed in the Boruto movie verses how SasuSaku was handled in Gaiden. Kishi and Studio Pierott hate Sakura so showcasing her in the worst light possible wasn’t surprising. Princess Hinata-chan on the otherhand, if the Last is anything to go by, will be shown to be as perfect and best waifu material as possible and there will be lots of cheesy romantic NH thrown in this movie. Hinata is as much fangirl as Sakura is but I doubt Studio Pierott will exaggerate her portrayal like they do with Sakura.

Yeah I’m thinking I hate NaruHina more tbh.

Gray’s Fortunes turned Grayza Rant

Grayza fans, please read the whole thing: I had to cut it so it didn’t be so hard to scroll through.

So this particular scene happened early on in the series. Gray gets his fortune told, about having problems with water and women.
It’s often cited that this is a foreshadowing of Juvia, which I won’t deny. For obvious reasons.
But I can’t help but notice that he says ‘women’ like there’s more than one important one in his life, instead of just 'a woman’. But then again, this scene was more for comic relief, and perhaps shouldn’t be read into too much. In fact, it could just be ship tease, as characters often ship Gray in-universe with the main female cast.
But it doesn’t deny the fact that Gray is having or has had problems with Juvia (Yes, he definitely likes as his nakama and she’s probably become pretty important to him too. But he still doesn’t seem to like her clinging to him.)
My point? This fortune of his has come true.

On the other hand…

Water and women isn’t the first time his fortune was told, in-universe. His first fortune was about having a lucky day.

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TG 2016 Calendar Review

Well, from a fujoshi’s perspective! Not as much TsukiKane as I had hoped, but a lot more YamoNaki than I expected!

I feel like Ishida spent a lot of time drawing dead characters for this- maybe because he missed them?? I feel like some pictures may be foreshadowing which characters will be important in the future… like so much of Suzuya’s squad? Who have personalities in this calendar that haven’t been in the manga yet? 

A lot of other really minor characters show up, and Ishida really seems to love Kazuo LMAO

The biggest spoiler is probably the full shot of Amon/Floppy in the Arata amour, which finally confirms what we were all guessing at!

There are a lot of pretty pictures of Tsukiyama with sad poetry or other things next to them that I need to translate. Lots of Kanae as well, which is still very painful to see T______T

Um, and Naki is a total masochist. I really gotta translate the Yamori-clan comics LOL

I continually fail to see how Chat Noir is being pushed to the side in this show. People complain that he’s always getting hit by the Akuma (it’s not nearly as often as its made out to be), but how is this at all a reflection on his contribution in the show, both as a character and as Ladybug’s partner?

I just think Chat Noir being the favorite of the show is blinding people to actual facts. For one thing, Ladybug can’t get hit by an Akuma. If that were to ever happen it would be game over, so there’s that. There’s also the fact that Chat does a lot of the physical fighting while LB works on a plan, so of course he’s more susceptible to the enemies attacks. That doesn’t lessen his contributions to the fights in any way. We’ve seen his skills, we’ve seen him hold his own. But the thing people really need to start accepting is that he has a different skill set from Ladybug. Unfortunately this seems to put him in line of attack more often, not that I’v seen him or Ladybug address this issue in the show, probably because it was never meant to BE an issue. Ladybug proudly statesd that she and Chat Noir are a team and there was no hesitation when Chat agreed.

Another thing that needs to be accepted is that, regardless who is watching this show, a lot of the marketing is geared towards little girls. There are going to be moments where Ladybug is going to stand out and shine, and I think this show does that wonderfully without treating Chat Noir like he’s a second rate sidekick with no importance in the show. I would understand people’s frustration more if Chat Noir had no relevance to the story being told, because than that would mean he was just being used as comic relief. But obviously he’s relevant, he and his family pretty much ARE the story. 

Maybe I’m not getting it, but I think Chat Noir/ Adrien is doing just fine in the show. Some people need to go back and re-watch the episodes, and not be so hyper focused on the VERY FEW times he was hit by an akuma. Or just pay more attention to how seamless he and Ladybug work together, and how each of them contribute to the fight. It’s not the big deal I see people making it out to be.

 (As a sidenote, fandom will often get these waves of people saying that Chat Noir and Ladybug are treated very unequally, and I find myself agreeing with the idea, I just think it’s Ladybug who’s on the unfair side of the playground, story-wise at least. She’s involved in none of the drama that drives the story forward beyond being the hero and love interest, and why THIS doesn’t bother people more will forever drive me up the wall. I wish LB getting hit by the occasional akuma was her biggest issue, then I wouldn’t have to be afraid that her arc next season wasn’t going to be as compelling as Chat’s inevitably will be.)

I just hate the way Chewbacca is treated in this fandom sometimes, and never more than the gross implication that when Han died he automatically transferred his duty/life debt onto Leia or Rey.  Or that the only reason Chewie would take Rey and Artoo to find Luke is because he felt it was his responsibility to Han.   

Maybe Chewbacca really wants to find Luke, too?  Maybe he misses his dear friend?  Maybe he has his own thoughts, opinions and wishes outside of his life debt?  What a concept.

In fact, I hate the whole life debt period, which unfortunately they seem to be keeping in the new canon.  Was it really so much to ask that Chewie stuck with Han all these years because he actually enjoyed his company, and loved being a space pirate/rebel soldier/cool uncle?  That he would keep on keeping on in the ship that was so important to both of them, rather than willingly hand it over to a girl who knew Han five minutes?  

What I’m saying is, Rey didn’t inherit the Falcon.  It’s Chewie’s ship, he just lets her drive it.  


like, if you’re getting mad at jay now, just don’t. maybe put yourself in her shoes and think about what it’s like to have to lie to most everyone in your personal life as well as the rest of the world. think about how most of the people around her think she just became a grandmother and don’t judge her for acting accordingly. not everything is about us and if she feels the need to make a few comments on her facebook to come off more genuine to the people in her life then don’t fucking judge that. she would never ever do anything to hurt louis, it’s so obvious he’s one of the most important things in her life, so let her and her family handle this how they know best. because i guarantee they know better than any of us. and just think about how much more extra things could be right now. it seems like a lot when we’re following every single thing but it’s been a handful of social media comments which is quite the bare minimum when you think about it.

so let them live and don’t talk shit about the way a family is handling their own life and how this is being presented as reality for most of the world right now.

“Everyone has an opinion on it, which is good,” he said. “There’s loads of stuff on TV that no one really cares about, so I like that everyone did have an opinion on it.

"People may not know but I have only ever worked in music. When I was 17 I started working at a record label and management company. I was basically a plugger, I represented bands and artists and I would promote them to radio stations.

"That’s when I got into radio because I thought it seemed a lot more fun than having to do the hard slog, it was the easier end! It’s pretty much all I’ve wanted to do since I was 10 or 11.

"Music is my first love, it’s what inspires me, it’s what makes me feel emotional, I can’t honestly leave the house without headphones. I would not go to work if I didn’t have headphones with me, music is the most important thing in my life." 

- Nick about the backlash on The X Factor