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Meeting Friends

This is a story that I started writing a looooong time ago but never finished until now! So I hope you enjoy! Again I’m sorry if there are weird parts to it, I wrote it a while back and I hat to edit a lot for it to make sense. 

Plot: It’s time for Hoseok to meet Y/N’s friends, but he is a nervous wreck. Thankfully her friends are very excited to meet him and make him comfortable, but what will their reactions be when Y/N and Hoseok announce a special secret?

Genre: Fluff. Comedy and just a little bit of Drama, like it’s not even there.

Characters: Hoseok X Reader Ft. Y/N’s friends (using names again because there’s too many)

Words: 3,484

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(He looks really nervous in this gif XD)

“Your friends?”

“Yea.. My friends.. Is that okay?”

“What? Oh yea. Of course” Hoseok left the kitchen to go sit on the couch in the living room, something he did when he was nervous or scared. I leaned against the kitchen counter, watching him from across the room with a smile.

I finally made my way to him when I realized his fidgeting wouldn’t stop. I gently grabbed both his hands into mine, sitting down next to him.

“Hey..” I started in a quiet voice “It’s okay to be nervous, but they’re not going to hurt you” Hoseok looked at me with frightened eyes and instantly guilt was washed over me.

“How do you know that? They could be plotting my murder right now” Hoseok choked and my eyebrows furrowed.

“Babe.. Trust me when I tell you they will love you. I love you. And when I love someone, they love them too” I explain and Hoseok seemed to ease down a bit.

“I love you too” He answered and I chuckled, grabbing his face and kissing him on the cheek.

“You’re so cute” I complimented and he giggled “What’s the worst that could happen anyways?” I ask and immediately regret it.

“Well.. They could hate me, they could decide to gang up on me and kill me, they could-” I grab his face again and this time kiss him on the lips, completely shutting him up.

“You think too much” I pointed out once we parted.

“That’s why I have you” Hoseok leaned down to kiss me again, wrapping his arms around my waist. Before his lips could touch mine I quickly placed a finger in front of his lips and shook my head.

“We have to leave, we’re going to be late” I explain, moving my finger to point at the clock.

Hoseok sighed while resting his forehead onto mine “Do we have to-”

“Yes!” I made it final. I slip out of Hoseok’s grasp and stand up, reaching down to grab his hand so he could stand up as well.

I led the both of us towards the front door–thankfully we both had our shoes on–Hoseok grabbed out jackets from the coat rack and we were out the door.

The car ride there was filled with silence; I was too excited to talk but Hoseok was too scared. Hoseok tended to get scared a lot, and I was there to bring him back down to the earth.

“Did you tell them?” Hoseok suddenly spoke up, I looked at him with a puzzled expression.

“Tell them what?” I asked. Hoseok had stopped the car at a red light, turning his head to look at me with a serious look.

“Did you tell them about our.. little secret?” He asked and I was back to being confused again. I tilted my head trying to figure out what was going on in his mind.

When I looked into his eyes I noticed he wasn’t looking right at my face. I followed his gaze and realized he was looking at my stomach. Recognition washed over me and I looked straight ahead again. The light turned green and Hoseok continued his driving.

“Not yet..” I mumbled, but Hoseok heard “I was planning on telling them today” I mumbled again but this time Hoseok couldn’t hear.

“What?” He asked and I cleared my throat.

“I was planning on telling them today.. When we meet them” I answered and I could feel the tension in the air.

“Oh” He only answered and I looked up at him, searching his face for any emotion but I couldn’t find any.

“Are you okay with that?” I try, hoping he would tell me what was going on in his head. He nodded and smiled, grabbing my hand with his free hand.

“Of course, I’m more than happy” He answered, not taking his eyes of the road. I smiled at his response but I couldn’t help but feel like he wasn’t telling me the whole truth.

We had finally arrived at the mall and I could feel Hoseok’s hand shaking in mine. He let go of my hand so we could get out of the car, but only to grab it again when we were close enough.

“So where are we meeting them?” He asked, his mood now getting excited.

“In the food court. I’m starving” I clutch my stomach as it grumbled and Hoseok laughed.

“You’re always hungry!”

“Well I have a good reason to be” I retort with a grumble and Hoseok continued to laugh.

We finally reached the food court and I could feel my mouth watering from all the smell of the foods, my stomach growling louder than I have ever remembered.

I scanned the food court, looking through the tables for my friends. Just when I thought they might not be here yet I saw a couple girls at a table wave their arms at us and my face lit up.

I unconsciously let go of Hoseok and started running towards my friends. They stood up from the table and came towards me as well. I jumped into the arms of one of my close friends and I swallowed hard, trying to stop the tears that were threatening to fall.

I moved from one person to the other when eventually we just did a big group hug. In between the laughing and hugging I realized I left Hoseok and my eyes widened.

“Shit!” I cursed and quickly let go of my friends. I looked back at where I was and Hoseok was standing there a bit awkward, I chuckled and left to grab his hand and pull him back to my friends.

“Guys!” I spoke, a bit out of breath “This is Hoseok” I pointed towards Hoseok “Hoseok, this is Park Jinyoung (F), Ahn Yunseo (F), Park Jinwoo (F), Han Joonghae (M) and Shin Joonchan (M)” I finish, pointing to each of my friends.

Hoseok formally bows and smiles “It’s nice to meet you” He greets. Immediately Yunseo speaks up.

“It’s so nice to meet you too!” She speaks a bit too enthusiastically and before anyone can do anything else she reached to give him a hug, forcing Hoseok to let go of my hands.

He looks at me with pleading eyes and I couldn’t help but laugh at his expression. When Yunseo let go, he instantly went back to my side like a lost puppy.

The others just stayed in their standing positions, but greeted him like Yunseo. After all the greeting, they went to go sit back down. I nudged Hoseok in the ribs with my shoulder and he looked down at me.

“I told you they’d love you” I spoke with a smile and he nodded, leaning down to kiss me on the lips before making our way to the table as well.

“So.. Hoseok is it?” Joonchan asked and Hoseok nodded “What is it that you do?” I bit my bottom lip, wondering if Hoseok would answer truthfully or use his decoy; A Writer.

“I am actually in a band” He starts and for some reason I can’t help but smile, he decided to tell the truth to my friends, which only meant he trusted them in this secret.

“Really? What do you do in the band?” Jinyoung asked in excitement.

“I’m actually a rapper, along with dancer, song composer, song writer and etcetera” He explained and they all looked impressed except of course Joonghae.

See Joonghae and I kind of had a fling in the past. No one knew about it, and it only lasted for a couple weeks before I moved to Korea. While in Korea, Joonghae kept texting me to come back or he needed to see me. When I met Hoseok I completely cut all contact with him.

A few years later Joonghae called me and said he wanted to be friends again. I obviously accepted the offer, wanting to go back to friends, but Joonghae was clearly not completely over it.

“So what kind of music do you do?” Jinwoo snapped me back to reality.

“Um.. Well, we do all really. That is recently at least. We do Hip Hop, Pop, Electronica, EDM, R&B, Dance.. Yea.. I think that’s it for right now” Hoseok awkwardly chuckled and they all had their mouths open.

“Wow! That’s a lot of genres!” Yunseo exclaimed and they all hummed in agreement.

“We definitely need to hear one your songs sometime” Joonchan added.

“I have already heard your songs actually” Jinyoung pointed out, giving me a smirk and I chuckled. Jinyoung has been a fan of BTS since they debuted, when I told her I was dating Hoseok she freaked out. When I told her she was going to meet him and/or the other guys she freaked out even more.

“Oh really?” Hoseok smiled, getting more comfortable with my friends, but his grip on my hand never left.

“Yes.. I have been a fan of your band since your debut” She explained and Hoseok shifted in his seat, obviously liking the news he was hearing.

“Really? That’s really.. Cool. I’m glad you have liked us since then” He answered and she smiled back at him.

“Okay now I really need to hear your music. If Jinyoung likes it, then it’s really good” Joonchan teased and we all laughed.

The rest of the conversation was more casual and comfortable, I could no longer feel the tension in the air, as well as with Hoseok. Somehow at one point the conversation it went to old celebrity crush’s.

“Oh I remember yours!” Joonchan told Yunseo and her eyes widened.

“You do? I don’t even remember mine!” She gave him a questioning look and he nodded.

“It was Thomas Brodie-Sangster” He answered blatantly and just by the name childhood memories came flooding back.

“Oh my god! I remember that! I used to be obsessed with him!” Yunseo placed both her palms on her cheeks, remembering the posters and pictures of him she used to have on her bedroom walls.

“Yea. I used to hate that guy, I still do! He can’t ever have my woman” He complains and we all chuckle but suddenly my eyes widen in shock when I realize what he said, did I just hear what I think he just said.

“Oh my god! Yunseo! Joonchan!” I exclaim and they both look at me confused.

“Are you two dating?!” I shout a bit too loud, getting a couple stares from people but I didn’t really care at the moment. My two best friends, who I have tried to get to date for the longest time, are finally dating!

“Oh.. Right. I forgot to tell you” Yunseo awkwardly chuckles, a light blush spreading across her cheeks.

I sit up in my seat, placing my free hand flat on the table “Forgot to tell me? How long has this been going on?” I exclaimed and both Yunseo and Joonchan started chewing their lips.

“Um.. I don’t know.. About two months?” Joonchan started.

“Two months!” I couldn’t believe my ears. Yunseo jumped at my shouting and Hoseok squeezed my hand, bringing me back to reality. I take a deep breath, remembering that we had kept a bigger secret from them.

“You know what, forget it. Congratulations guys, and I told you so” I pointed a finger at Jinyoung and she started bursting out laughing. Jinyoung and I made a deal a long time ago that they would date but she didn’t think so.

“Moving on. Joonchan I think I recall your celebrity crush too” Yunseo stated, surprising us all, Yunseo wasn’t much to notice a lot of things, she was like a guy when their girlfriend gets a haircut.

“You do?”

“Yup! I believe it was Scarlett Johansson” She answered and his lips turned up in a smirk.

“Oh yea! She was hot in The Avengers” He commented and Yunseo hit him in the arm, he winced and rubbed where she hit him.

“I’m kidding. You were hotter in your prom outfit” Joonchan placed a quick kiss on Yunseo’s lips and we all started to pretend to gag–except for Hoseok of course–Making “eww” or “gross!” Comments.

“Alright, alright. Shows over kids” Joonchan chuckled and Yunseo giggled.

“I’m actually curious to hear who your celebrity crush was Y/N” Hoseok commented and I tensed up.

“What? Um.. I don’t think I ever had one” I lied, scratching behind my ear, something I did when I was lying. Hoseok thankfully hasn’t figured this out, but my friends knew in a heartbeat.

“You liar!” Joonchan exclaimed

“You’re such a bad liar!” Joonghae added.

“Oh come on! We all know who it is!” Yunseo started.

“Yea! It’s so easy! We all remember!” Jinyoung finished.

“I honestly have never felt so attacked right now!” I placed a hand over my chest dramatically.

“Tell him!” Yunseo cupped her mouth with her hands, intensifying her words.

“Who was it Y/N?” Hoseok added and I could feel a bead of sweat fall down my temple.

I took a long breath before turning my head to look at Hoseok in the eye to answer “Lets just say” I nervously chuckle “When I said I wanted to marry my celebrity crush.. I got my wish” I watch as Hoseok put the pieces together, his eyes slowly getting larger.

He pointed a finger to his chest “Me?” He asked in disbelief “I was your celebrity crush?” He asked again and I nodded my head, his face lit up and his lips turned up into a ear splitting smile.

Hoseok suddenly grabbed my face and crashed his lips onto mine. Instantly my friends protested.

“Oh no! Not you two as well!” Joonghae grumbled.

“Wait” Yunseo started and Hoseok and I parted, looking at Yunseo “What do you mean by "Marry”? I thought you two were just dating..?“ She finished and both Hoseok and I tensed this time.

"Uh..” I scratched behind my ear again, mentally cursing myself.

“Y/N?” Yunseo asked again and I nervously smiled at her. This was definitely not the way I wanted to tell them about our “secret” but I guess there was no backing out now.

“About that-” I didn’t even get to finish my sentence before Jinyoung abruptly stood up.

“Oh. My. God! Y/N! Are you getting married? Or are you already married?” She exclaimed and I chuckled.

“Relax will you? Let me finish” I reach across the table for Jinyoung’s hand to bring her back to her seat.

“Okay then. Explain” Joonchan tried and I was thankful at least someone was understanding.

“Well. The whole reason to meet you guys other than see old friends was to tell you guys a big secret no one knows about. We thought you guys might want to know-”

“That you’re getting married” Yunseo finished for me. I tilted my head.

“Well.. That comes with it, but there is a specific reason why we’re getting married” I waited for someone to speak up, maybe tell me their theory, but no one spoke, everyone at the edges of their seats.

I took a deep breath, then another, and on the last one I looked at Hoseok who looked even more nervous than me. He looked at me when he noticed I was looking at him. He gave me a reassuring smile and nodded his head, as if giving me his approval.

“Will you hurry it up already?” Jinwoo impatiently demanded. I halfheartedly chuckled and turned back to my friends.

“Well.. I guess you could say.. No. You can say.. W-We’re.. Pregnant” I mumbled the last part but by their faces, they heard loud and clear.

“What?” Jinyoung asked and I wasn’t sure if it was out of disbelief or she just didn’t hear.

“Yes.. We’re pregnant. That’s one of the reasons we’re getting married, other than the fact that we love each other” Hoseok added, and I was glad he was there to help me.

“Oh my god!” Yunseo suddenly squealed, causing both Hoseok and I to jump in surprise “I’m going to be an aunt!” She stood up and came quickly to our side of the table. I stood up, knowing what she wanted to do, but instead of going for a hug, she bent down on her knees and smashed her ear to my stomach.

Everyone at the table started laughing, but Yunseo didn’t falter. She started talking nonsense to my belly and I placed a hand on the table, supporting me so I wouldn’t fall from her pressing.

Jinwoo and Jinyoung stood up as well “Congratulations Y/N!” They both spoke, coming over to actually give me a hug, forcing Yunseo to stand up and do the same.

Joonchan and Joonghae walked to Hoseok, shaking his hand and saying their congrats too. I almost felt like crying, I blamed it on the hormones, I didn’t expect them to be this excited. When I thought about it, I was surprised I thought otherwise, they’re my best friends, I would be excited for them too.

After everyone settled down, we all started talking about the wedding, and adding in some plans for a nursery and how they will constantly be babysitting and spoiling the shit out of that kid.

“Obviously I would like you guys to be my bridesmaids” I talked to the girls.

“Yes! Now who is going to be the maid of honor though?” I nearly choked on my drink. Shit. I didn’t think about this. I looked up at their evil eyes and I felt sweat coming in again.

“Can’t we have no maid of honor? Why not just plain.. Brides maids?” I suggested and Yunseo scoffed.

“You gotta pick a maid of honor! Someone who will stand next to you, someone who will hold your bouquet, your right hand woman!” Jinyoung demanded.

“I didn’t really choose yet. I love all of you equally!” I lied, not telling them that I half promised Hoseok’s sister that she would be the maid of honor.

Suddenly, all three girls started bursting out laughing.

“What?” I asked in confusion.

“It’s alright Y/N! We were just teasing, it doesn’t matter who you choose” Jinwoo answered and they all nodded in agreement. I let out a sigh of relief.

“Oh good, because I kind of already told Hoseok’s sister that she would be the maid of honor” I answered and their piercing eyes came back.

“What?” They all said in unison.


Thankfully my friends didn’t kill me. I explained that I promised her before Hoseok and I even planned on getting married, and that I could tell her I wanted one of them, but they ended up telling me it was okay, and she could be the maid of honor.

Now the whole other story was picking the best man. It was hard to explain to Joonghae and Joonchan that Hoseok had his own friends, and he already promised them that they would be the groom’s men/best man.

After a while, I decided I was getting tired and I wanted to go home. Now here we are, Hoseok and I getting ready for bed.

“So.. How do you like my friends?” I asked with a chuckle, slipping my pajama shirt over my head. When the shirt was over my head I could see Hoseok nod his head.

“They were cool. I wasn’t expecting their response to us being pregnant like that” He admitted and I hummed in agreement.

“Me neither” I walked towards the bed that Hoseok was already in. I pulled back the covers so I could slip in and Hoseok helped me by wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me towards his chest.

I wrapped my arms around his waist as well, snuggling my nose in his chest, our legs intertwining out of instinct.

“I can’t wait for next time” I spoke through the silence. Hoseok chuckled.

“Me neither. But I’m more excited for this” He started poking my belly and I giggled.

“Me too” I sighed once the tickling stopped. The room was filled with more silence, the only noise being heard was our mingled breathing.

“Goodnight love” Hoseok broke the silence, kissing the top of my head.

“Goodnight” I answered. I could feel slumber creeping up and the last thing I remember was our mingled breathing and the slight rise of Hoseok’s chest as he took deep breaths.


“Why won’t you look at me or hug me? Is it because of the story about my father killing your father.. My father is not a murderer, but a suspect. It’s possible that he isn’t guilty. That is why I’ve been looking for evidence to prove his innocence. I’ll come back once I find it.”

“I’ll look for it too. The evidence. Even if you don’t find it, you have to come back. No matter what, you have to come back to me

10 characters I wished were real so I could date them. Part One

10) Age of Youth: Park Jae-Wan: Every single drama I’ve seen Yoon Park in I’ve hated him lol. But this is the first time he has played a decent character for me. I loved him in this. I have no idea what he is saying in this gif.

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8) Healer: Seo Jung-Hoo: I literally picked him because of this scene. He kept cuddling with her and I was like “oh my gawd!” I want one! I honestly like Bong-soo too.

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7) Descendants of the Sun: Yoo Shi- Jin: No list is complete without him lol. He was perfect….just perfect. I fangirled so much watching this drama. Should I apologize or confess? JESUS! That nearly kicked the wind out of me. lol

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6) Uncontrollably Fond: Shin Joon- Young: UGH! I loved this character so freaking much. OMG! That confession scene was AMAZING! He said some pretty amazing things as well. Chiillleeee he honestly could be number one the more I think about it. I mean KIM FUCKING WOO-BIN!

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5) Cheese In the Trap: Baek In-Ho: I didn’t read the web-toon so I can’t share the anger for the show being all about him. However, by the end of it I stopped shipping him with Seol and started shipping him with myself lol.

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(gif is not mine)

  • Staying up late to greet Chanyeol when he comes back from the studio because you know how much he wants to see your face after work.
  • Cuddling and watching random dramas that come up on tv.
  • Him humming while petting your hair.
  • Cute selcas on his phone that he refuses to delete because he likes to look at them when he misses you.
  • “Babbbeeee”.
  • “Jagiaa”.
  • “Babbyyy”.
  • “My Love”.
  • So many pet names. Too many.
  • Warm back hugs.
  • His head resting on your shoulder or the top of your head because you’re small, compared to him.
  • “Chanie”.
  • Him pouting when he wants attention.
  • You being thrown over his shoulder when you ignore him.
  • Adorable cheesy smiles.
  • Getting used to sleeping next to his fluff ball.
  • “So… My sister needs babysitter so i kinda said yes… I hope you don’t mind helping me with a couple kids for a few hours.”
  • So much cuddling.
  • Kisses all over your face because he loves to hear your giggles when he kisses your nose, forehead, cheek and ect.
  • Watching EXO live from VIP seating.
  • Being really good friends with the rest of EXO, especially Beak.
  • Kissing Chanyeol “Good Luck” before he gets on stage.
  • Facetime calls 24/7 because he loves to see your face.
  • Long tired phone calls when he can’t facetime.
  • “I love you so much, you don’t even understand.”
  • Him making you laugh endlessly because he loves the sound of your laughter. 
  • Kissing him good bye at the airport.
  • Wiping his tears away and trying not to cry yourself while saying good bye.
  • Having to try to pry him off you and get him on the plane.
  • Matching couple rings.
  • Going public with you after a year or so of being together.
  • Him being so protective now that people know your together.
  • Being pulled closer to him when you’re walking through a big crowd.
  • Constant compliments.
  • Comforting him when he’s upset because you are one of the few people he opens up to.
  • Candid pictures of you being posted to his instagram occasionally, with cheesy captions about how much he loves you.
  • Him posting videos of you being silly or singing to show how much he loves you.
  • Singing together when you’re bored.
  • Watching disney movies together.
  • Him picking you up when you need to reach something on the top self.
  • “You’re so cute Jagi.”
  • Him carrying you to bed when you fall asleep on the couch.
  • You wearing EXO merch that say “Chanyeol.” on the back because he loves it.
  • Being friends with his older sister.
  • Sitting on his lap and occasionally kissing his lips with a small smile.
  • Wearing his shirts.
  • Him letting you put hair ties in his hair/ playing with his hair.
  • Face masks together.
  • Sweet morning texts.
  • Helping him with his music.
  • His lip bites.
  • Snapchats 24/7. (Sometimes nudies)
  • Lots of sucking him off.
  • Slight daddy kink.
  • Letting Baekhyung move in because Chanyeol uses the “He’s my bestfriend.” card.
  • Getting into useless fights with him.
  • Honestly wanting to kill him, sometimes but then just wanting cradle him in your arms. 
  • Always would want to see you smile.
  • Overall, Chanyeolie would be the cutest, most loving, and wittiest boyfriend in the world. You’d have the most fun with him tbh. Have fun.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY YEOL! (He’s my exo bias whom i love so much)

Also happy thanksgiving!


Being Best Friends With Archie Would Include:

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  • Archie being protective of you 

  • You would get Archie’s songs stuck in your head, singing them randomly when you’re alone.

  • Archie would be so appreciative for you taking his interest in music and writing seriously.

  • You being more than occasionally exhausted at the amount of drama Archie can find himself in but you would always be there to help.

  • Archie would be able to tell if you’re upset by a glance or a few words.

  • You would go to Archie to vent because he’s a great listener when it comes to you and he really just wants the best for you.

  • He would try to teach you how to play the guitar.

  • You would write lyrics together.

  • Archie would bring you food and watch movies with you as an apology for cancelled plans or when his schedule gets too chaotic.

  • He would be really interested in your favorite music and would frequently ask your opinions on the small bands he discovers online.

  • Archie knows he can be oblivious towards things at times so he always tries to make sure you know how much he appreciates your friendship.

  • You would always get worried about him getting injured playing football, his games would be anxiety central for you.

  • You would play video games together and he would make fun of how intense you become when you’re losing.

  • You would silently brood when you lose Mario Kart and he would give you food as a peace offering for throwing the banana peel.

  • He hates you being upset with him because you’ll  ignore him and he needs reassurance from his best friend more times than not .

  • You would be so confused on who you wanted Archie to date. Betty-yes. Veronica-Yes. Jughead-Yes. 

  • Grundy creeped you out more than anything, just seeing her in the halls was enough to make your stomach turn.

  • Archie would always believe in you and your capability, even when you had issues doing so yourself.
Seokjin Scenario: Borderline.

Request: A scenario where Jins ex shows up pretending that she’s expecting a baby and Jin is the father. (because she wants to ruin your relationship). You eventually break up with him saying that he should go back to his ex because the child needs a father but Jin tries to convince you its a lie but were too hurt to believe anything anymore. So he asks the members help to prove to you that he didn’t cheat on you and the girl was lying. Gracias!

Genre: Romance / Drama

If someone asked you, you would say this was some joke, but it was hard to do that when you looked into her eyes, glassy to the point of tears, saw the blood test Jin was holding on his right hand, saw how she caressed her lower belly with tenderness and you couldn’t look to the other side. You let go of your boyfriend’s hand as if it was burning you the same way your chest was burning and Jin turned to hold your gaze, the look on his eyes was pure shock, maybe he was a little afraid too.

–It’s yours Jin and you know it, I’m just doing the right thing – Minhee said softly, almost apologetically and who were you not to believe her? If it was you on her shoes, then you’d want Jin to know because it was his responsibility too.

–It cannot be – he said with a strained voice, looking back at the face of his ex, crushing the paper between his fingers. –This is not…–

–How can you say that? Are you going to be that type of man now? – Minhee’s voice broke and now you felt like an outsider.

You saw the tension in Jin’s jaw and didn’t know what to do. He shook his head in disbelief and the count in your mind was going wild. It just… couldn’t be. You had been dating Jin for almost a year now, if Minhee was going into her fourth month soon then that meant he was with her and that was… that was plain low of him. You’d never thought Jin would do this, he was kind, he was reliable, he was romantic and amusing but a cheater? Had all these months just been a shallow thing for him? Because for you they weren’t, was everything he’d done just filled of cheap feels to get you with him while still seeing his ex on the side? The thought hurt as much as it made you furious and you took a step away from him.

–What are you talking about? You’re crazy Minhee, I have nothing to be with you anymore, what kind of stupidity is this? – Seokjin moved his eyes back to you and you wanted to hear him, but what if he was shielding himself with the typical fuckboy excuse of a crazy ex girlfriend?  –Y/N… –

–Don’t say anything else – You denied with your head because you’d heard enough. –Were you with her or not? –

Seokjin looked at you conflicted, his brows furrowing and a surprised face, maybe because he was caught cheating, who could know? you could see how his fingers hardened around the test in a tight fist. –I wasn’t Y/N, this is only a lie–

–I’m expecting your baby… or now you’re going to pretend that we didn’t have sex? I know you wanted this to be a secret between us but I…–

–I haven’t seen in you in almost two years! – Jin spoat through gritted teeth at her who just surrounded her middle with her arms. He’d raised his voice and you just took another step back. –Y/N, love, wait this isn’t…–

You huffed, interrupting whatever he was going to say which was more likely an excuse.

–I can’t believe you… god Seokjin, you need to man the hell up and accept what you’ve done – you said with a stern voice. It felt odd to talk so harshly at him but you couldn’t accept this type of behavior from him, did this mean that if you accidentally got pregnant then he would also say that it wasn’t yours? That you were crazy and lying?

–What? how can you… – Jin was going to approach you but you saw how he doubted, how his eyes darted form you to Minhee’s crying self and you couldn’t stand it anymore, you were trembling and most probably at the verge already and that wasn’t a good sign.

–No – you swallowed harshly and didn’t let him come near. –Don’t you come close to me – you turned around in a run to go to your apartment, without being able to mute down Minhee’s voice saying that she was carrying your boyfriend’s child or the way Jin was calling back for you.

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Day6 Watching Kdramas
  • Submitted by @jeli17,thank you!
  • Jae: pretends he hates romcoms but secretly those are the only kind he watches. acts like the emotional moments don't get to him but also cries every time. screams at kiss scenes.
  • Sungjin: gets way too invested. once he starts a drama don't touch him till he's done. gets really emotionally caught up in the show but then forgets what happened like two days later.
  • Young K: rarely finishes anything because he gets bored super easily. watches like six dramas at once and then gets confused because he can't keep up with all the plots. likes action more than romance.
  • Wonpil: you know the friend who never shuts up when you watch something with them? Wonpil is that friend. also during emotional moments he's either crying his eyes out or laughing inappropriately hard.
  • Dowoon: drama snob. it honestly seems like he's watched every drama in existence. a pro at binge watching and balancing dramas with responsibility. relates everything in life back to a kdrama scene.

Adrianne Palicki Wants a ‘Friday Night Lights’ Spin-Off Centered on Tyra and Tim!

Step aside, Coach Taylor – It’s time for Coach Riggins to take the field!

We recently sat down with Friday Night Lights alum Adrianne Palicki, and the 33-year-old actress confessed that she’s got the perfect spinoff plan in mind for the beloved NBC football drama.

“I think it would be great to restart the show, but instead of you know, Tami Taylor and Coach Taylor, [Tyra and Tim] are the new Tami and Coach,” she spilled to ET’s Katie Krause during a live Facebook interview last week.

Be still our Panther-loving hearts – that sounds amazing!

Palicki continued, “It’s gonna be a little more crazy because he’s still gonna be Tim Riggins and I’m still gonna be Tyra Collette.” The brunette beauty added that the high school sweethearts would be married by now with “too many kids,” and they both would’ve followed in the career footsteps of the Taylor family.

“I’m a counselor, he’s a football coach, he’s still a little bit of an alcoholic,” she described. “That tension, that dynamic – wouldn’t that be an interesting story?”

So what’s it going to take to make this Dillion dream into a reality? “Call [Friday Night Lights producer] Pete Berg and [tell him], 'Yes, this is what we’re doing!’”

You can watch the video here:

Lazy Date

Prompt: “ TBH I could go for some cuddly klaus fluff😂😍”

Requested By @queen-ambrosine

Word Count: Short

You and your boyfriend Klaus, hadn’t gotten to spend anytime together in weeks. And it was beginning to get annoying.

The two of you never had the time. Between all of your enemies always trying to kill you, and all the other vampire drama. You were busy all the time. But, today, you’d finally made some time.

It was just a quiet, lazy date, where you could relax, and the two of you definitely needed it.

You were laying in bed next to him, with your head on his chest as he played with your hair.

“I’ve missed this Love, I’ve missed you. I wish we could do this more often.” He smiled. You chuckled. “Yeah, me too. But our lives are crazy Klaus, but that’s okay, because I have you to deal with the craziness with me.”

“I couldn’t agree more.” He smiled.

Just when things were getting peaceful, Klaus’s phone buzzed, it was Elijah. He sighed when he saw it.

“Ready for some more crazy Love?” He chuckled. You smiled.

“As long as it’s with you.”


(Gif used is not mine)

  • Sehun being whiny and needy.
  • Him wanting you to take care of him all the time.
  • Cuddles, because Sehun needs lots.
  • Watching him playing with your fingers as you lay on his lap.
  • Him leaning down to leave kisses all over your face.
  • “Love you Y/N, I love you so so so much.”
  • “I love you too, babe.”
  • Back hugs.
  • Awkwardly taking his jacket when he hands it to you in the cold.
  • Making sassy remarks before doing something cute.
  • “Maybe if you had worn the outfit i had picked out for you, you wouldn’t be in this situation.” *Waits a little then gives you his jacket because you’re shivering.*
  • Keeping Vivi at your house when he’s away.
  • Sending him pictures of you and Vivi cuddling.
  • “Aw Vivi looks so good in that picture!”
  • “ByE SEHUN.”
  • You buying him nice shirts but he like never uses them because he’s always shirtless.
  • Constant teasing of each other.
  • Coming back to your phone to see hundreds of different selca’s from sehun.
  • Changing his phone lock screen to a picture of you. When he notices he just smiles like an idiot and waits for you to change it to another picture of you.
  • Patting your head when he wins an argument.  
  • Him feeling bad when his sass goes too far.
  • “Babe, please i didn’t mean it.”
  • Knowing he won’t be able to sleep with you being angry with him.
  • Coming home to see him crying, when you ask him why it’s because last time he saw you, he left you mad.
  • Comforting him and telling him it’s okay.
  • Taking him out for bubble tea.
  • Getting teased by the older members.
  • If he hears anyone say anything bad about you he will fight.
  • The only one allowed to mess with you would be him.
  • Him calling you early in the morning because he loves to hear your voice.
  •  Being extra patient with him.
  • Walking Vivi together.
  • Going to concerts to support him.
  • Telling him how good he is a rapping and dancing.
  • “Did you eat? You should eat.”
  • Sometimes him playfully throwing himself on you.
  • Him loving to pick you up and throw you over his shoulder.
  • Overall the sassiest yet cutest relationships ever.

Hope you enjoyed!


-Mari xx

BTS Reaction || Idol Girlfriend Filming A Kiss Scene With An Actor
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| iKON | B.A.P | EXO | Monsta X | SVT | Got7 | SHINee | - This will take a while

Rap Monster

*As unpleasant as it feels, he is able to understand that it is your job*


*Peaks at them from afar*
“This kiss… Isn’t it a bit too much…?”


“I hope this will be a fast shooting… Because I am not enjoying it one bit.”


“Dramas… God damnit.”


“This is horrible…”


“Someone save me.”


*Not watching, ever. Just pretends this never happened*


Seokjin Scenario: The Rhythm Of The Rain - Part 1

Request: Can I request a Bodyguard AU. Where Seokjin is Y/N bodyguard and at first Y/N was too scared to talk to him but realize one day he is actually a goofball and kind hearted person. Y/N warms up to him and eventually falls for but promise not to tell him because it would risk his job. But something happens and risks his life protecting y/n. You end up confessing to him. Please surprise me in the ending? It can be tragic or a happy one. Thankies~

Genre: Romance / Drama - Bodyguard AU

Part 2

How many types of torture could your tutor pull off? You were sure the old woman had some horrible things under her sleeves, you were going to have nightmares about her making your life miserable and you were sure she would have a blast with that. You covered your yawn with your book while she went over your exam. Truth be said, you loved to learn new languages but not with that lady, she just made it all the most boring and painful. Maybe if you tried to convince your father that you already knew enough you could get some time off from your German lessons, you giggled and dissimulated it with a cough when she turned to look at you.

You sighed while she went about why you weren’t making any advance from the basics and how the daughter of the ambassador should know more than to just introduce herself in German by know, you refrained yourself from huffing and instead focused in how pretty your sparkly pink pen was; you already knew enough languages and weren’t only taking German but also French classes and you were sure she barely knew two and was just being a bitch on purpose while you were still jet lagged by your last travel with your father.

– I’m going to the bathroom – you showed the most faked smile ever and stood up without waiting for any type of permission, overly satisfied with the way your heels echoed with each step while you made your way outside. –Stupid witch, god how I hate her –

You threw the door harshly at your back and almost fell if it wasn’t for the pair of arms grabbing you before you could touch the ground. Why were you even wearing heels inside? That pair was as marvelous as they were unstable and you should have known better than to forget about the carpet outside in which you unceremoniously got tangled with.

You held onto the arms holding you but instantly let go when you saw to whom they belonged to and almost fell again in the process. You stumbled a little onto your feet again and brushed some invisible dust from your pants, your heart was beating faster than it should for only almost falling onto your bodyguard.

–I’m sorry…– you looked down feeling stupid out of the blue, why was it suddenly harder to breath? You fisted your hands to get a grip on yourself and looked at him in the eyes. The guy was new, barely had a month there and you didn’t even know his name yet but he was… distressing, unsettling, scary and so stoic, like he only stood there like a statue, a good looking one you could agree but still, so cold. But every single one of the bodyguards you’d met was like that, so you didn’t understand why you felt so intimidated and scared by him.

He nodded and went to his usual position once again, hands laced behind his back, chin tipped up, eyes lost somewhere to the front in a sort of calm alert, with that type of seriousness that made you feel childish out of the sudden in the middle of your outbursts, so you just turned around and literally flew upstairs towards your bedroom and as away from him as you could be in that moment.

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Actor Do Ji Han Praises BTS’s V For His Work Attitude And Acting In “Hwarang”

Actor Do Ji Han recently sat down for an interview, where he talked about working with Kim Taehyung (also known as BTS’s V) for their current KBS2 drama “Hwarang.”

During the interview, Do Ji Han spoke of Kim Taehyung’s first attempt at acting, saying, “Because it was Taehyung’s first time acting, we were really worried too. He went to Park Seo Joon for a lot of help. Taehyung’s agency is close to where I live, so he also asked me for help. Whenever he calls me, he asks where I am, and when I tell him I’m at home, he says, ‘Do you want to eat together?’ So we eat food, drink coffee, and talk for a while. Then we go to his practice room, spread out the script, and talk about it.”

“Taehyung unexpectedly worked really really hard. He’s talented by nature. Whenever I saw him, I naturally found myself smiling. He’s also grown a lot in acting. Because he has a lot of talent, I thought he would do well if I just guided him a little. He has a strong will,” Do Ji Han explained.

The actor also talked about Kim Taehyung’s attitude on set, saying, “Everyone is busy. When you’re the youngest, it can be hard to approach the older actors. But Taehyung will approach the older actors first and make suggestions on what to do together. He’s really an affectionate person. When I saw him juggling his music schedule, I thought ‘It must be hard. It must be physically straining.’ But seeing him laugh till the end and energetically finish [filming] made me think that he is amazing.”

credit: Soompi

You know how the dwarves have curses like ‘Ish Kakhfê ai’d dur rugnu’? (which most likely translates to 'fuck you and your eyebrows’) Well, since the elves are far more 'wise’ (everyone who has read the Silm knows that is a lie ) the elves would probably curse Fëanor’s name.

Like, got surrounded by orcs? Blame it on Fëanor, he made the Noldor leave Valinor. Got rejected by your crush? Blame it on Fëanor, he was estranged from his wife because she wouldn’t go with him. Got family problems? Blame it on Fëanor, his family drama literally shattered a continent. Got too much homework? Blame it on Fëanor, he created the Tengwar script. Got dumped? Blame it on Fëanor, he literally dumped his brother and nephews in a frozen hell. Sauron’s got his eye on you? Blame it on Fëanor, he made the palantiri. Giant spiders? Sick forests? Fëanor wouldn’t give up the silmarils even when he didn’t have them, blame it on him.

This list could keep on and on, because let’s face it: no matter how much we love him we have to admit that he is a little shit. He is the cause of the doom of the Noldor and its woes. The elves would probably curse something like, 'Fie upon thee, Fëanáro, for thy deeds have damned us all!“ or "Thrice I curseth thy name, Fëanor, for this woe is the work of thee!” or just a good old 'GET THEE GONE FËANOR!“

I think even his sons eventually cursed his name as well, so then this gets passed down to Elrond. So when something bad happens to him (which happens often) he is like "curse thee, great, great granduncle!”

I think Galadriel was the one that started the tradition, along with Fingolfin and basically everyone that crossed the Helcaraxe. I think that the last words Fingolfin uttered while Morgoth stepped on his throat were 'FUCK THEE, CURUFINWË FËANÁRO!“

On the other side, Fëanaro always called the Nolofinwëans the 'nolofuckers’ so I guess that is their way of expressing brotherly love.

anonymous asked:

.Anyone else find it funny how the Dick copy ended up being evil but the Damian copy ended up being good?

I found this really interesting too but I think I’ve figured out why the copies were written like that.  The copies seemed to feed off the inner thoughts of their source material. Deathwing says things that Dick admits that he thought at one time but never vocalized, his darker thoughts that he internalizes and pushes down so that they never reach the surface.  

Dick has a tendency to internalize his demons and hide his anger away. It makes a lot of sense the copy’s reflection of Dick’s ‘true colors’ would pervert these thoughts and use it against him when battling head to head. 

Damian is different though. He’s never tried to internalize his anger and it’s not something he usually has shame of. If Deathwing amplifies Dick’s internalized thoughts then so does the Robin copy. Maybe Pyg expected there to be drama and anger inside Robin too but he was wrong. The Robin copy is good because Damian internalizes his goodness

Think about it, it’s a learned habit for him. He grew up being taught by Talia and Ra’s that any sort of goodness is a weakness, that he must be ruthless as the heir to the LoA. You need only look at the Year of Blood for proof on that point. Just like Dick learned to internalize his demons from the world, Damian learned to hide the goodness that’s naturally in him. 

So if the copies are in fact internalized versions of these characters that would explain why Damian’s copy wound up being ‘good’.

Dating Hyungwon Would Include

Could you do a ‘dating them would include’ for Hyungwon from Monsta X, please? I love that series!:)

Note: I’m glad you enjoy the series! I hope you also enjoy this dating Hyungwon would include!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

In the Daytime

Originally posted by 1lovely5

  • He might be the biggest meme of Monsta X, or a singer with so much talent it is hard to even comprehend. Above all, he is an amazing boyfriend.
  • Just imagine being at a long day of work, but getting to come home to Hyungwon, who has already made you tea and set out warm blankets and a hot drink to cuddle in front of a movie or a drama.
  • His hugs being a gift from some higher power.
  • They’re so warm and captivating, who knows how you manage to get away from it in the morning after cuddling him all night long.
  • You both cook just about equally, and the house work is pretty much balanced fairly - he enjoys it too, because he likes spending time with you even if it is doing house hold chores.
  • Not that doing chores with Hyungwon is boring.
  • Usually, hoovering the living room or cleaning the bathroom would be a drag, but not with Hyungwon, he always makes things like this fun.
  • He’s all for going out on fancy dates and showing you off, because he loves you, and he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.
  • But he does also like having some privacy with you too.
  • Simple dinner dates at home will be enough to make him happy most of the time.
  • He also loves movie nights.
  • And ordering take away when neither of you can be bothered to cook anything.
  • He loves the fact that he’s taller than you because
  • 1. It means he can reach up high shelves that you can’t reach (sometimes he’ll purposefully put things high up so you have to ask him for help.)
  • and 2. He just finds it so damn adorable, especially when he hugs you from behind, or decided to start tickling you.
  • Whenever you’re upset, be prepared to be exposed to meme Hyungwon who’s going to keep trying to cheer you up until you eventually smile.
  • “Hyungwon, what the hell are you doing?”
  • “The Mantis Dance… Oh, was that a little smile I saw there?”
  • Him singing around the house randomly - just because he can.
  • Sometimes he’ll sing to you, or make up random songs on the spot about how he’s feeling, or joking around.
  • “My Jagiya is so beautiful~ I love her little dress~”
  • “Hyungwon, what are you even on about anymore?”
  • Him thinking that he’s good at hiding when he’s jealous, but you’re always aware of it because you can just tell by the look on his face.
  • Thank the lord for make up sex
  • Because he’ll forgive you pretty quickly tbh.
  • Him taking a lot of pictures of you to keep on his phone while he’s away and use as his lock screen when he misses you.
  • Calling you when he’s on tour and the other guys interrupting him constantly
  • “{y/n}! I miss you so much! I can’t wait to see you when we get ba-”
  • “Minhyuk go away! I’m trying to talk to my girlfriend, you can talk to her later.”
  • There’s hardly ever fighting, because both of you are pretty chill
  • But when there is, he will always admit when he’s wrong and apologies.
  • Again, make up sex is your greatest ally
  • Him being so perfect and amazing and never denying you of anything.

At Nighttime

Originally posted by ultranicolet

  • Well, let’s just say there’s two very different sides of Hyungwon
  • There’s the side that’s all fluffy and cuddly
  • And then there’s the darker side of him
  • You don’t want to mess with Hyungwon when he’s in one of those devilish moods
  • Or you might be denied orgasm all night long holy shit
  • When you’re engaging in sexy time, he’s going to be passionate and loving on the whole
  • But sometimes he might be a little fiery, or jealous, and that’s when you really do need to watch what you say.
  • “So you thought I.M looked today? Maybe I can show you how good I look over you while you plead for mercy.”
  • Good luck with this one, because God knows he’ll give you the feels in more ways than one
  • But a lot of the time, Hyungwon likes to sleep, so he will enjoy simple nights where he gets to hold you in his arms and whisper sweet nothings into your ear until you both fall asleep.
Seokjin Scenario: The Rhythm Of The Rain - Part 2

Request: Can I request a Bodyguard AU. Where Seokjin is Y/N bodyguard and at first Y/N was too scared to talk to him but realize one day he is actually a goofball and kind hearted person. Y/N warms up to him and eventually falls for but promise not to tell him because it would risk his job. But something happens and risks his life protecting y/n. You end up confessing to him. Please surprise me in the ending? It can be tragic or a happy one. Thankies~

Genre: Romance / Drama - Bodyguard AU

Warning: Mentions of blood.

Part 1

Not many things could get your pulse so hyped and fast as Seokjin’s rapid breathing did, or the way his chest rose and fell in quick motion while he panted and held your wrists against the wall.

– You’re losing your focus Y/N – Jin said with a raged breath that he couldn’t quite hide. You were in the same state as him and knew that what he was saying about you was right, you nodded and lowered your eyes only to be met with the expanse of skin that his black t-shirt left exposed, that looked reddened by the effort and smooth to the touch. You cleared your throat and Seokjin let your wrists go, taking a step back and you instantly missed that warmness that was so inherently his that whenever you got close enough could feel radiating from him. –Let’s try again –

–Alright – you got into position again and met his eyes, Jin smiled softly at you, it wasn’t one of his full dazzling smiles but it still made you smile back, he knew you were trying and you wouldn’t have expected him to take this as easily and lightly as he’d done, but then again, it didn’t surprise you, Jin was first and foremost, understanding. That, you were sure about by now.

Two weeks ago was the first time you saw Seokjin holding a gun, and sometimes it was easy to forget that he was a trained guard, that he could disarm another person and leave them unconscious with his bare hands, if you only focused in his goofiness and playful demeanor around you. That night when he came back and knocked on your bedroom door with his usual smile, you felt so relieved you could have thrown yourself to his arms if you didn’t hold back from doing so. Along with the security team he had caught two intruders armed around your house, he’d said so with such affability as if it was nothing while you were shaking a little. That, along with the menacing messages your family had been getting with clear threats to your lives made you reach for Jin because you knew he wasn’t going to make you feel silly about asking him to teach you how to defend yourself, just in case, and at the moment seemed like a great idea, it still was, but with each new lesson you noticed how incredibly weak you were to Seokjin’s proximity.

Jin approached you again and cornered you against the same wall. –I’m taller and stronger than you, if I do this and you cannot reach my eyes…– he was looking down at you with calm eyes. –  Which are your options? –

You brought your hand up to the base of his neck and pressed against it with the side of your hand. –I could hit you here to leave you breathless – you moved your hand up and almost cupped his chin with your hand now. – or hit your chin up with my hand or my elbow – you did the movement in a soft motion and then grabbed his arm to turn Jin around. –then I must shove you away to run –

You had Jin’s arm holding it tight against his back, and you knew exactly the next step, you could kick the back of his knees or his lower back so he could fall, yet you took the chance to run your free hand softly down his spine to then shove him softly to the front because it was just too much, the feeling of his heated skin through the fabric of his shirt, his muscles and the way he tensed a little under your touch, so you took a step back and a few breaths to ground you. You knew you were gone for Jin since a while now, and it was just so hard to not act on it, to keep yourself at bay because you wouldn’t endure risking his job in the process, then he turned around to look at you in that way so his that could drive you mad as if he too was feeling the same things.

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Today Sam and the kids are going to lunch with sams mom, their all excited Simplicity loves her grandma and I’m only going to assume E does too lol, and Ellis is sill really go with the crowd.. not that he has a choice❤️ I can’t wait to hear about the visit with grandma! Besides everyone loves grandma ☺️

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Vernon - Hurt

Pairing - Vernon x Reader

Type - Drama? (I’m not too sure.) 

Warning - none

Okay so firstly, i feel like all of the members are sweet babies and would accept the girlfriends of other members easily. This is just fiction. Also, this isn’t my greatest works because quite honestly, I wasn’t too sure how to go about this. Anyway, enjoy! And please do keep requesting! 

Requested by anon. I hope you liked this and I really hope this is exactly how you pictured it to be :) 

Originally posted by 12fools


“Breathe jagi,” Vernon whispered as he held your shaking body close to him.

You two had been dating for a little over eight months. Vernon thought that it would be nice that you finally met the members of his group. In fact, he kept suggesting it four months into the relationship. Fortunately, having just debuted with your group, you always had some excuses to give to the poor boy and the two of you would end up postponing the meeting.

Vernon had met your group members quite a few times and the girls had happily accepted him. Maybe that was what triggered the arguments in the first place. Vernon hated the fact that he had met your group and you hadn’t met his. They were just as important to him as your members were to you. It was only fair that you met his brothers.

The two of you had argued numerous times over this. All the other times, Vernon sighed and let you go, but both of you knew that his patience had a limit. It was only a few days later, after your latest argument, that he finally blew up. It was really dirty; the both of you screaming and yelling in each others faces when you finally sighed and gave into his request.

“They’re going to hate me Hansol,” you said shakily, pulling away from his embrace.

“No they won’t. Trust me,” he said and placed a kiss on your forehead.

Before you could back down again, he held you by the wrist and dragged you to the practice room. He turned to you, giving you a reassuring smile and opened the door. Loud music and cool air greeted you as you entered the practice room.

You continued to stare at your shoes. The music stopped abruptly which made your heart beat faster. You felt a lump in your throat and dared to look up. There stood twelve tired boys, looking skeptically at you. 

“Guys, this my girlfriend,” he said, looking at you and then at his group.

You gave them a small smile as eerie silence followed the rather short introduction. You gulped as your smile dropped a bit and your breathing became ragged. You looked up at Vernon to see him nod at you reassuringly but you didn’t miss that weary smile that graced his lips a second later.

“Are you here for a popularity boost? Are you here to hurt him?” one of them asked, his voice was soft and even though it was merely a whisper, it was loud enough for everyone on the quiet room to hear. Both, Vernon and your heads whipped to the sound of the voice. He wore ripped jeans, an overly loose t-shirt and cap to cover his ear length hair. You immediately identified him as Jeonghan.

The question took you by surprise. Tears blurred your vision as the words hit you like an oncoming train. You shook your head vigorously as a few tears slipped from eyes. Vernon held your hand tighter and opened his mouth to say something but was interrupted by his leader.

“It’s nice to meet you,” he said, a smile taking over his features. He moved forward and shook your hand. Slowly all the members introduced themselves to you. Slowly they warmed up to you. Slowly and steadily you became a part of their little family and they became a part of yours.