because he is fantastic in all ways

I just want to bring to attention the fact that Horikoshi gave All Might’s character his particular appearance out of spite, All Might looks the way he looks out of spite

People actually said “who would want to look like him?” and “ugh he looks old” and “it would be more appealing if he was pretty and attractive”

So Horikoshi was like “Nah fuck u he’s great as he is” 

and I love this even more because everyone loves All Might, he didn’t need to be a pretty boy to be a fantastic, well-written, and lovable character and also the fact that Horikoshi drew him like this and puts even more effort into drawing him out of spite is hilarious to me


I will never, ever, ever get tired of ONE turning shonen expectations on their heads. I love the way the two panels on the left set everything up for a giant go-all-out battle of psychic powers between Shimazaki and Mob… 

…and then the next few panels have Reigen just walking straight up to Shimazaki and punching him right in the fucking face. 

And the only way he could do it, was because he doesn’t have any psychic powers at all. 

The Towel Story

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“The only way I will ever sit in his car is if I’m using it to run him over,” you snapped, pushing Kyungsoo’s hand off your shoulder and picking up your suitcase, wincing at the weight before starting down the stairs. Maybe you had over packed, but you didn’t want to risk running out of clothes, especially in a place so secluded.

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find ThemNewt Scamander’s blue coat

The thing is, a lot of [Newt Scamander’s] creatures had sort of luminescent color, and I wanted him to have a sense of being one with them, but not standing out, like he’s in some neon outfit in the middle of the street. I came to this blue with a lot of green in it, and it has a little bit of brown undertones. It’s an interesting blue because in different light, it photographs differently. I didn’t want it to pop too much, and I played with it a little bit.

We played with the shape of it a lot, that coat, because Eddie Redmayne squats down on his case a lot, does a lot of up and down movement and he has a sideways gait to him that he evolved for Newt. It’s almost like an animal walk, in a way. I really wanted something that served him, too, and we did a lot of rehearsals with it to make sure it all worked for him, with his acting. Colleen Atwood


Because you guys asked for him! Here’s a little more about Sterling:

He was taken at a young age to be a subject in illegal human experiments that aimed to create superpowered soldiers. He and a friend eventually managed to escape, though they both ended up going their separate ways. Because the lab he was in never exposed him to any creative expression, Sterling is fascinated by and a great lover of all types of art. He was also never taught to read (his team is currently teaching him). He’s able to release and control huge amounts of energy, as well as having fast healing abilities. Sterling is pretty chill, mostly keeps to himself, but it’s like a mini apocalypse if he loses his temper.
He has also got a fantastic wardrobe.

they-told-me-be-seen-not-heard  asked:

I would kill for more howlie stories. Particularly the one where everyone dressed up as women. Please? I have coffee, bacon, and a genuine grenade (not sure if it still works) from 1942. (Ps pls embarass the golden retriever known as the Star Spangled Man as much as you can. It's funny.)

well, us howlies were willing to do downright stupid stuff for even stupider reasons, so it never took much effort to talk everybody into doing something really really dumb. usually i was the one trying to keep everyone for getting their stupid selves killed, but im proud to say that this particular occasion was all my doing.

so its july 1944, and nazis are still occupying paris. we were sent in to pick up some crucial info from a resistance informer in the heart of the city. but at this point we were already starting to be recognizable, so we needed to disguise ourselves to get through the city. the higher-ups hadnt been specific on how exactly to conduct this particular op, so, left to our own devices, we naturally concluded that we should dress one of the most overmuscled commando squads in the allied forces as women. 

we were good at special ops, not logic.

i think whoever suggested it was joking, but in typical howlies fashion, we took things waaay to far, and soon enough we were sourcing dresses and wigs. dum dum and pinky and gabe and jaques and falsworth and morita had to shave their mustaches off. dum dum cried. 

morita managed to get his hands on some makeup–he refused to tell us where from–which was great, until we realized that none of us had any idea what to do with it. but then steve admitted what exactly he’d been up to with the ladies of the star spangled show. turns out that aside from hauling their luggage everwhere, he’d also been on hair-and-makeup duty nearly every night. i guess the ladies decided to put his artistic skills to use, because the man knew his way around a blush brush. (the rest of us were not sure what a blush brush was.)  even in 2017, he can still do a contour like nobodys business, because he apparently decided that was something worth knowing. so steve did our makeup, and all of us learned how to do lipstick. more useful combat skills for the howlies dossiers. 

falsworth had a friend who ran a really fantastic underground drag show, so he negotiated wigs in return for promising to send steve over to help with a show sometime. we did not tell steve about that promise until later.  gabe found the dresses, and i dont know where he got them, because they were somehow big enough for us. 

except for steve, who has the waist-to-shoulder proportions of a pizza slice. he got stuck halfway into a dress–caught with one arm in, his head and other arm out–with his fully-made-up face slowly turning redder and redder. all of us tried, but we could not wedge steve into that dress. 

so instead we put him into a wheelbarrow full of garbage. 

the rest of us–the worlds burliest but most well-made-up ladies–set off in groups of twos and threes through occupied paris. happy sam pulled the short straw and had to wheel along the stevebarrow, which not only stunk but was heavy as hell. the nazis working the checkpoints must have liked their ladies large and muscular, because we made it through to the drop point with no problems, aside from falsworth getting a little to in to the flirting. steve kept griping, but we kept telling him garbage is quiet steve, shut up.

we made it to the drop point, this big old house on  rue des grands augustins, one of those huge mansions. but what we’d carefully avoided telling steve was who exactly the house belonged to, because his birthday was the next day, and this–aside from being a crucial intelligence mission–was his birthday present.

the house belonged to pablo picasso.

so we all slipped in through a side door, and when happy sam and the steve barrow finally caught up with the rest of us, happy sam turned it over sideways and out tumbled a very irate, still made-up steve in his captain america costume. 

he was pissed as hell until he realized who exactly the weird little guy covered in paint was, and then he blushed so red i thought he’d cook the makeup right off his face, and he started stammering like that time in first grade suzy miller said he was cute.

anyway, he and picasso got along like a house on fire, and the rest of us enjoyed some proper french cooking while they babbled art at each other and scribbled in each other’s sketchbooks. picasso drew steve a portrait of himself, which is why one of steve’s battered stained sketchbooks is valued at 700 thousand dollars. it’s because halfway through theres a bunch of picasso sketches, and a little painting of captain america wearing makeup in a heap of garbage.

not that you can really tell, of course. cubism. 

c-jay321  asked:

Hey saisai! Not really sure if you've read the latest chapter of bnha, but if you have, what are your thoughts about it? Do you think Kacchan has been jealous of Izuku the whole time?

The thing is… i don’t think jealousy is exactly the right word for it.

to be more specific, this panel. this panel expresses both Izuku and Bakugou’s feelings towards each other. Bakugou isn’t jealous of Izuku, he fears him. he’s scared of Izuku’s sudden development and is scared that one day Izuku will surpass him.

but he’s also in denial about it. 

to go further back, the whole reason Bakugou started bullying Izuku is because he thought Izuku was looking down on him. 

this is 100% the reason Bakugou started to bully Izuku. it’s because he thought Izuku was looking down on him. it’s because he thought that Izuku saw him as weak and needing help.

for his entire life, Bakugou grew up believing he was better than everyone. and, until recently, he had no reason to not believe this. 

since he was little, he was able to read before all his classmates, he was able to do amazing stunts no one else could do, he got his fantastic quirk that was way better than everyone else’s. 

and Izuku didn’t.

Izuku was always the failure. he was always the one messing up. he couldn’t skip stones, he didn’t have a quirk, he couldn’t do anything. 

and sadly, no one in Bakugou’s life ever did anything to curb this belief. every year, it was just reinforced–his classmates all admired Bakugou and always told him how awesome he was, and constantly mocked Izuku for being a failure.

even with the teacher still in the room, the entire class bullied and mocked Izuku. and yet, the teacher did nothing to stop them.

Bakugou had no reason to believe otherwise.

however, if there’s one thing Bakugou hates more than anything, it’s when people are looking down on him. it’s when he feels weak. it’s when he thinks other people are treating him as unworthy or unimportant.

this is why he was so pissed at Todoroki for how their fight went. because Todoroki wasn’t going all out–and Bakugou knew it. he overheard the conversation he had with Izuku. he knows about Todoroki’s beef with Endeavor.

he knows Todoroki swore to never use his fire side. and then he did, against Izuku


look at how upset he is by the result of their match. he looks like he’s about to break down crying.

for Bakugou, this entire fight was unsatisfying from beginning to end. for him, he was fighting an opponent who refused to take him seriously, who fought seriously against Deku. To Bakugou, he was fighting someone who was looking down on him, mocking him, making an ass out of him.

there’s no point in winning a fight like that.

for years, since that first moment when Izuku offered his hand, Bakugou seriously thought that Izuku was looking down on him. Izuku, the weak one. the one who constantly failed. the one who didn’t even have a quirk. how dare he think that he had any right to help Bakugou–someone who was amazing, who had an awesome quirk, who didn’t need help with anything

Bakugou truly believed this. that Izuku, who didn’t have anything, thought he could surpass Bakugou, who had everything

Izuku was just trying to be nice. however, Bakugou took it as a personal insult, and it colored his perception of Izuku for 10 years after.

for their entire fight during the Heroes vs. Villains exam, Bakugou was fixated on this. over and over again, he commented on how Izuku was looking down on him. of course Izuku wasn’t. Bakugou is one of his biggest sources of inspirations–but Bakugou doesn’t realize that. 

he truly believes that, for all this time–despite Izuku’s quirklessnes, despite being a failure, despite not having any of the advantages Bakugou had growing up–that Izuku was looking down on him.

this just shows how little these two understood each other.

Bakugou based so much of his self worth on being better than Izuku. on being better than everyone, but especially Izuku. 

look at his expression in the above panel. he’s not grinning. he’s not boasting. rather, he’s desperately trying to hold onto an idea that he’s believed since he was a child. look at the cracks behind him–his world view is literally beginning to shatter.

what he believed for all his life is starting to fall apart, and he’s desperately trying to fight against it. 

after Izuku won, even tho he was broken and beaten on the ground–that was when Bakugou realized, oh my god. Deku can beat me. Deku does have the potential to do this. it isn’t just some fantasy anymore. it’s reality

Izuku can surpass him, and there’s nothing he can do to stop it.

Bakugou almost has a breakdown because of this. that is how much this meant to him. that is how scared he was of Izuku.

everything he mocked and feared and denied was possible, happened. it actually happened. and he still thinks Izuku is looking down on him. 

and it’s not just Deku.

for the first time, Bakugou’s unshakable self confidence is broken. in the official translation of this scene, he says that he doesn’t think he can beat Todoroki.

for the first time, he thinks that there’s someone out there that he can’t beat. 

i believe this is part of the reason Bakugou was so angry and upset with the results of their match–because Todoroki was another person Bakugou so desperately wanted to prove himself against, and Todoroki couldn’t even be bothered to take their fight seriously. 

(again, not Todoroki’s fault. but that’s probably how Bakugou viewed it.)

for the first time, Bakugou is met with the realization that he isn’t the best. that there are people out there who can beat him. there are people who are stronger than him. that there are people out there that can beat him.

Bakugou is a victim of his own talent and upbringing. he lived his entire life believing he was special, and he was constantly praised for everything he did. it wasn’t until he met others who were just as strong, if not stronger than him, that this idea was shaken. and now he’s no longer special. he’s no longer the strongest. he’s no longer the best. 

Bakugou’s ego was stroked and stroked and stroked, and then it popped in the worst way possible. 

and Izuku is the heart of it all.

when Izuku tells Bakugou about his quirk, Bakugou thinks he’s just mocking him after beating him. Bakugou is insulted, angry, infuriated, frustrated, and feels like he’s being mocked by the person who was just supposed to be a pebble in his path…. who actually managed to beat him.

he thinks Izuku is trying to humiliate him in a way. 

and again, he had no reason to think otherwise. neither character ever tried to talk it out with each other before now, so they had no reason to know what the other was thinking.

one of the reasons Bakugou is so frustrated at Izuku is because now there’s a chance of Izuku surpassing him. 

the entire manga up until this point is pretty much just Izuku getting stronger, and stronger, and stronger … while Bakugou feels like he’s being left behind.

he’s been beaten, humiliated, and kidnapped–more than once

hell, in the very first chapter he’s taken hostage by a villain and needs to be rescued by Izuku and All Might. 

he lost to Izuku, wins the Sports Festival but in a completely unsatisfactory way, feels like he wasted time at Best Jeanist’s, was forced to swallow his pride and work with Izuku to win (again, in an unsatisfactory way), feels left behind in terms of growth…

the narrative just keeps beating him down in more ways than one. the few times he actually wins and he can’t even enjoy it. it culminates with both All Might’s retirement and believing that it’s his fault, and his failing the provisional license exam.

Bakugou is only 15/16. he’s just a kid. kids can only take so much before they fall apart.

this is honestly one of Bakugou’s worst moments. he had no right to hit Izuku like that. however, the reason he did was because Izuku was saying that there was no way Bakugou could beat All Might. even with handicaps, Bakugou had no chance of winning this fight.

in other words, he was calling Bakugou weak. 

it doesn’t help that prior to the exam, Bakugou believes that All Might is looking down on him with all their precautions.

it doesn’t matter if it’s All Might, the number one hero. it doesn’t matter how much logic is in Izuku’s words. all that matters to Bakugou is that Izuku is saying that Bakugou is too weak to win a fight. that both he, and All Might, are looking down on Bakugou.

Bakugou needs the validation of being the Best. he needs it. he has to be able to do everything on his own, and be number 1 with his own power, and if he can’t fulfill that, then it’s worthless. then he’s worthless.

so much of his self worth is based on this, and he’s willing to go to extreme lengths to reach it.

if he has to tear apart his own body to win, then he will do it.  

this is not healthy behavior in the slightest, but that’s just how much winning means to him. that’s how much that validation means to him.


the second he’s presented with the idea that he needs Izuku’s help, he says he’d rather lose. the kid who’s constantly screaming about how he’s gonna be the best and be number 1. the kid who’s willing to abuse his own body to win.

Bakugou refuses to give up. this is one of the things that Izuku admires the most about him, and one of the things that inspires Izuku so much.

the WHOLE REASON Bakugou wants to be a hero is because he admires All Might. it’s because he admires the way All Might always wins, no matter what–that shaped how Bakugou views a hero should be. 

a hero must always win. and for Bakugou, that also means without help.

this is literally his entire life’s motivation, and he’s willing to give it all up if it means he needs Izuku’s help to accomplish it. 

Izuku. the kid who always trailed behind him. the kid who couldn’t do anything. the kid who was a quirkless failure–and Bakugou needs his help to win.

this upsets Bakugou so much that he begins crying mid-battle

every time Bakugou cries, it’s always in response to feeling weak or worthless. especially in comparison to Izuku.

since he was a child, he’s been scared of Izuku.

no matter what Bakugou did, Izuku would not back down. he would always get back up. no matter how many times Bakugou beat and bullied Izuku, no matter what he did, Izuku would get back up and trail after him. 

he just would not give up.

Bakugou thought Izuku was looking down on him with his offer of help. Bakugou thought Izuku saw him as weak and helpless. and most of all, Bakugou was frustrated. he was frustrated that Izuku actually believed that he could surpass Bakugou. 

Izuku, the weak, quirkless nobody. the kid who sucked at everything. there was no way it could ever happen.

and yet, Bakugou was terrified at the possibility.

Bakugou’s terrified of Izuku.

specifically, his progress. 

it’s even mentioned in the Omake chapter [here], by Uraraka.

Uraraka: It’s like… you’re intimidating him because you’re scared and you want him to go away from you.

all his life, he tried to push Izuku away, to put him down. but nothing ever worked. 

Bakugou is scared that he’s being left behind. he’s scared that everything he believed in until this point has been wrong. he’s scared that he won’t accomplish his goal, his dream. the one thing in his life that’s motivated him up until this point.

he’s scared because Izuku, the person who was supposed to be a pebble in his path, can accomplish the things that he’d always wanted. he’s scared because Izuku is surpassing him, he’s scared because Izuku got All Might’s attention–the one person they both admired most. 

he’s scared because his entire world has turned upside down, and he has no idea what to do anymore.

this fight is almost an exact parallel to their first one earlier in the series. 

the above is a comparison between chapter 10 and chapter 119. 

the dialog is almost exactly the same. Bakugou is still talking about Izuku looking down on him, and Izuku is still explaining how much Bakugou inspires him. the only major difference now, is that they’re finally listening to each other.

here, and in the above panel, Bakugou and Izuku are finally paying attention to each other’s words in regards to themselves. yes, they’re both emotionally charged, but no longer blindingly so–they’e finally listening to what the other is saying.

which is what this entire fight is about. them finally understanding each other. finally doing something that they should’ve done 10 years ago. 

it’s only up until this fight that Bakugou stops being in denial about everything. about Izuku’s progress, about his own securities, and about the affect his actions have. it’s a first step of progress for him.

there’s been miscommunication on both parts–however, Bakugou reacted much more violently and badly in regards to it. nothing justifies his abuse and bullying of Izuku. but this is exactly why it started. 

this fight is about them baring their emotions and clearing the air. and finally, finally, Bakugou will understand that Izuku had never once looked down on him. 

this is something that’s weighed down on him since he was 4 years old. many of his insecurities can be traced back to that moment. 

Bakugou was never jealous of Izuku. he feared him. he feared what Izuku could possibly do, and tried his damnedest to keep him from achieving it. he feared and hated being looked down upon. and once they got to UA, he feared Izuku’s progress. he feared being left behind. he feared that everything he ever believed in was wrong, and that Izuku was right all along.

for Bakugou, this has never been about jealousy. it’s always been about fear.

related meta:

Chapter 210 thoughts.

Chapter 210 has become one of my favorites. I love it that we got to see tianshan communicate, be playful, help each other out, flirt and he tian’s loving looks warmed up my heart. The theme of this chapter is trust. 

Let’s dissect it a bit: 

First panel, He Tian has woken bright and early and was already somewhere close to Guan Shan’s house waiting for him. He waits 30 minutes before he makes the phone call to question where Guan Shan is at. For He Tian standards, he’s pretty calm. I think we would have expected He Tian to call him within 5 minutes since we know he has a temper, but this time he kept his cool and actually waited around. His tone is pretty calm as well, maybe he’s worried that something happened to Guan Shan? 

Second panel is fanservice for sure from Old Xian, look at that baby fox just sprawled on the bed half naked. yup, this is a bl folks! check out what He Tian is getting to touch! AnywAys….

Now we officially know who is the the one to sleep in and who’s the morning person. I suspect that He Tian is the one who sleeps very little and it takes him a while to get to sleep while for Guan Shan, he could fall asleep anywhere for hours and is definitely not a morning person. Can you imagine He Tian laying in bed, smoking his first cigarette of the day, watching Guan Shan sleep and thinking he’s the luckiest guy in the world because he has such an amazing boyfriend by his side? ah, my heart <3

(read a whole lot more under the cut)

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Hi, what exactly is Stargate (like, what is the plot, how many seasons, that kind of thing)? I've seen it mentioned in combination with Leverage in some of your posts, and I've sort of picked up some of the character names from being on the internet, but I'm still not sure what it actually is. Thanks!!

What a delightful question that I’m going to have a ridiculous amount of fun answering, probably using too many gifs.

First, the bare bones facts: Stargate is a franchise that began with the 1994 movie Stargate, which was then developed into the TV show Stargate: SG-1 which began in 1997 and picked up about a year after the movie ended. SG-1 had 10 seasons and 2 made-for-TV movies. There are also 2 spinoffs, Stargate: Atlantis and Stargate: Universe. Atlantis has 5 seasons, and its first season coincides with season 8 of SG-1, with both beginning in 2004, with some fun but not strictly essential crossover between the two. Universe has 2 seasons and began in 2009, after both SG-1 and Atlantis had ended. I mostly blog about SG-1, but I enjoy all three shows and will at least briefly explain Atlantis and Universe in the course of this post, FOR FUNSIES.

The basic premise of the whole thing is that there are these devices (built by aliens, OF COURSE) called Stargates, which create wormholes that allow for basically instantaneous travel between planets all throughout the Milky Way (and other galaxies as well, it turns out, but that’s later).

The movie involves the US Air Force, with the help of the BEST FICTIONAL ARCHAEOLOGIST IN EXISTENCE FIGHT ME, figuring out how to work the Stargate, using it to travel to another planet, and helping the locals overthrow the evil parasitic alien who was posing as the Egyptian god Ra in order to enslave them.

SG-1 starts with Earth humans learning that “Ra” actually belonged to an entire race of evil parasitic aliens who used the personas of various gods to enslave humans throughout the galaxy. At which point, NATURALLY, the plucky Earth humans say “fuck that shit” and also “ooh, a whole galaxy to explore, HOLD MY BEER” and start having adventures and liberating the galaxy.

Atlantis is about Earth humans finally discovering the lost city of Atlantis over in another galaxy, and the adventures and struggles they have setting up a colony there. Also, space vampires.

Universe is about a bunch of Earth humans accidentally stranding themselves aboard an alien-built spaceship that is going they don’t know where in order to find the meaning of life, the universe, and everything. It’s much darker and more sort of psychological than the other two shows. Also more diverse. I like it a lot, but for different reasons than I like SG-1 and Atlantis.

SG-1 owns my heart, because it’s the show that helped me fall in love with sci-fi. Also, it has Dr. Daniel Jackson. It wrestles with what it means to be human and ethics and all kinds of really good shit. It’s not perfect, and the early seasons especially have some pretty major issues with sexism and white savior complexes in certain episodes, but overall I personally find it more than worth it, and the main reason is the characters, who you now get to hear me yell about my love for.

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Requested Anonymously

The Doctor hadn’t imagined that you wearing a skirt would bother him so much. That’s not to say that he didn’t like it. He did like it. That was the problem - he liked it too much. It wasn’t even that short of a skirt, either. There wasn’t anything overly sexy or promiscuous about it. That, he would have been able to ignore. He had been ignoring flaunted sexuality all his lives (it never failed to make him uncomfortable), and it came easily to him at this point. But you weren’t flaunting anything. You were in a tasteful, flowing skirt that cut off right at the knee. It flared out a bit whenever you turned, giving just the slightest tease of your lower thigh, but there was no inappropriate exposure. None at all. It was perfectly perfect. But the Doctor was scared of it.

“Wait a minute. What are you dressed like that for?” he asked when you finally joined him in the console room. He immediately bit his tongue when he realized how he sounded, but… he really wanted to know why you were wearing that… thing. And heels. Oh, no, you were wearing heels. They weren’t especially tall and the wedge was hardly more than an inch, but this was more heel than he had ever seen you stand on.

You made a silly face at him in response, too accustomed to his non-ginger rudeness to be offended. “Is this alright for where we’re going? I’ll just change real quick if it’s not. I just never get to wear it.”

That’s right, you never got to wear it. (Forget the heels. Can’t run well in those, so they were out of the question.) The Doctor had never seen so much leg on you. You wore trousers, always, because you were smart enough to know that skirts were not for adventuring. Even in hot weather, though, you didn’t wear shorts. You just wore trousers with thinner material. Shorts were nice, but the idea of running through dense underbrush or stinging nettles or a bog with bare legs didn’t appeal to you, so you kept your legs safely covered. Until today.

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Hi I love your writing and had this thought for a top ten. I have no idea if you are still taking top ten requests but I thought I'd give it a try anyway. So we all know what an amazing friend Phichit is but what I'd like to know is when Yuuri been amazing for Phichit. So top ten Yuuri is a great friend to Phichit moments. I know you have a crazy schedule so I would more than understand if requests are over!

Top Ten Times Yuuri Was a Great Friend to Phichit:

10) Every time Yuuri turned up to one of Phichit’s skating events, which was whenever he possibly could, and cheered him on like the world’s proudest parent from the sidelines

9) When the person Phichit was dating (who was a foreign exchange student) moved back home, Phichit got really down for a while and Yuuri bundled him up in a blanket, stocked up on ice cream and had a movie marathon to take his mind off it

8) Yuuri constantly indulged Phichit’s social media love by playing along with all his games and challenges. Especially the one that Phichit set up for the Yuuri fans following him called ‘Find Katsuki’ where he would post lots of normal looking pictures but with Yuuri hiding somewhere obscure in the background that you could only see if you looked hard. Like peeking out of the crack in the wardrobe door or sitting at the top of a tree hidden in the branches. It was a game Phichit’s fans loved to play because Yuuri was pretty inactive on social media so spotting Yuuri in photos was already a game at official events and the like and Phichit’s Instagram game made it extra entertaining. It also got Phichit a lot of extra followers. 

7) During exams, Phichit was usually pretty ok but sometimes he would get really stressed studying and Yuuri would provide him with a constant stream of energy drinks and food to keep him going

6) Yuuri held a special hamster funeral for Phichit’s hamsters when they died because Phichit was too upset to do it himself

5) Once Phichit ended up getting yelled at by Celestino for something and Yuuri immediately did something even worse to get Celestino to yell at him instead and get Phichit off the hook

4) Yuuri learned every single skate routine in the King and the Skater so that he could skate them with Phichit

3) Once Phichit was having a really bad day and Yuuri flew straight back from the competition he was at to spend time with him and cheer him up even though he was still supposed to be out of the country for a few more days because Phichit was more important

2) Yuuri learned Thai for Phichit so that he could comfort Phichit when he had nightmares and Thai was the best way to calm him down when he was still half asleep and scared

1) Yuuri absolutely destroyed anyone who was rude to Phichit. Once at a competition one of the older, more experienced skaters was being really nasty to Phichit and calling him and nobody who would go no-where and Yuuri ‘I’ve got more gold medals than all of you’ Katsuki overheard and walked up to Phichit like ‘you were fantastic, you totally deserved that medal’ before casually looking over at the other skater with a smile ‘oh hi…I’m sorry, who are you again?’

Married to Percival Graves Headcanons

Requested by anon: Hey darling! May I request what being married to Graves and Credence respectively would include? I absolutely love your work! 💋

So here’s Part 1 with Percival Graves

Tags: @aislinsekhem, @gravespercy for the gif…because there are only so many percival graves gifs that shows up in tumblr gif searches, @elenawrit

Being Married to Percival Graves would include:

  • Everyone having a hard time believing that Percival Graves, the man who had been the youngest to become Director of Magical Security, who his subordinates joke that hell would freeze over before he smiled, is married.
    • And happily married at that
    • It’s not a largely known detail of his life
      • He likes it that way because then you’re safe from his enemies
    • He wears the marriage ring on a chain around his neck and though you wear yours in the normal way, no one really asks.
  • Being one of the few that can actually get a smile, an actual smile, on his face not just a political one.
    • Likewise, he’s one of the few that can make you blush, his favorite method is wrapping his hand around yours, entangling fingers together and kissing the back of your hand lightly.
  • The cold persona that he has at work practically melting away the moment he steps into the house and can hear you humming lightly to some no-maj tune on the radio.
    • You know he’s there, but still can’t stop the squeal as he pulls you to him, wrapping his hands against your hips and starting to dance with you in the living room. Your laughter echoes the room, smothered only when he leans you down into a dip and kisses you.
    • Sometimes he comes home and you know that something bad has happened. A mission ending badly, a death…something.
      • Those times you simply turn the music down and lead him to the couch, and he just pulls you down to rest on top of him, a familiar weight and heat lying against him calming him as he weaves fingers through your hair.
  • Having arguments, as any couple does.
    • You wish he wouldn’t take so many risks in his job, he wishes that you didn’t worry so much over it. He’s an auror and knows the risks, as should you.
    • Sometimes the arguments are quickly over before they begin. But sometimes, sometimes the arguments are long and angry. He has his pride as do you, and you’re not willing to back down.
      • He never lays a finger on you. He just storms out as you break down and cry, and usually wind up curled up on the bed. He comes back a few hours later and gathers you up in his arms. You both apologize and talk in the darkness of the bedroom and reach some sort of agreement.
  • Grindelwald using you as a means of torture to Percival, taunting him with a mixture of lies and the truth, leaving Percival trying weed the two out.
    • In truth Grindelwald doesn’t so much as touch you. He leaves you in a closed off room after drugging you with Draught of Living Death, and gives excuses as to where you are.
    • The aurors find Percival first and literally have to hold him down when he finds out that no one knows where you are. In his mind, he needs to find you. Because this is his fault, this is his fault.
      • When they find you, they at first they think you’re dead and are wondering how to explain that to Percival, before they figure out you’re under the Draught and administer the Wiggenweld Potion.
    • When the two of you are reunited, he clutches you as though you’re going to vanish in that very moment as you pepper any area of skin you can reach with kiss after kiss, tears sliding down your face in relief as he checks and asks you over and over again if you truly are alright.
  • That through it all, you stand next to Percival’s side again, there as his rock now. There are nightmares, hallucinations, terrors…he’s been hurt in a way that no magic can fully heal, but you refuse to leave him.
    • For better or worse, you married him because you love him. And you want nothing more than to be with him.
    • It’s something he can’t help but agree with and thankful for.
GOT7 / Their S/O is always cold

Request: Can I ask for Got7 reaction to their S/O having really cold hands and feet or more of a like their S/O gets cold very easily? I know it’s a very typical one but I really wanna see how you will approach this. Thank you 💛            

thank you @eve976 for this request! I hope you enjoy!! 💕

WARNING: there’s a whole lot of fluff


Originally posted by ceohan

Mark knew your hands got cold easily, which is why you had to wear gloves every day unless it was really hot outside. Mark may have even known this better than you because you tended to always leave your gloves at home whenever you went out. And although he wasn’t there to physically see you forget your gloves, he just knew you did.

Which is why, every morning you were greeted by the same exact text message from him.

           “Good morning, love. It’s cold out (but then again, it’s always cold for you 😜 ) so please don’t forget to dress warmly. And wear a scarf. And don’t forget your gloves. I love you!”

At first, you kept replying, “ok mom 😂” to texts like that, feeling like he was scolding you like a child. But later you got used to it. And if some days Mark forgot or simply didn’t have the time to send a text like that, you’d realize how truly important those texts were.

A few hours later, he would always call, apologizing.

“Where are you?” he would ask. “You forgot your gloves, didn’t you?”

“Um, kind of,” you’d reply awkwardly.

“Okay, stay where you are,” Mark would say, feeling as if it was his fault he didn’t remind you. “I’ll be right there with your gloves and a hot beverage.”


Originally posted by mancrushallweek

Whenever you were sleeping, you tended to unconsciously hog all of the blankets and wrap yourself in them so you wouldn’t be cold. The first few times this happened, Jaebum was genuinely amused, even if he had to stay under a thin sheet the whole night. The next few times, however, he tried to be smart about this, and once you fell asleep in the mountain of blankets, he went out of the bed and got himself an extra blanket from the closet… only, a few hours later, you pulled that off of him, too.

Finally, not wanting to freeze himself, he came up with a different idea. Right when you were about to fall asleep and start stealing the blankets, he wrapped himself around you tightly, waking you up in the process.

“Jesus Christ, Jaebum, what are you doing?” you gasped.

“I’m warming you up,” he said, snuggling into your back and using one of his hands to throw the blankets on top of you both. “Fair warning though, I’m not letting you go until the morning.”

And he wasn’t kidding. For the first time in your life, instead of shivering once you opened your eyes, you woke up sweating and almost suffocating from the warmth of the blankets on you, and Jaebum’s body next to yours. And you had to admit, waking up like this was so much better than unwrapping yourself from the blanket burrito that you made at night, and still feeling cold.


Originally posted by got7hoe

You were 80% convinced that Jackson never felt cold. Whenever you were out in cold weather and you realized your jacket wasn’t warm enough, he was ready to take off his own jacket and give it to you, even if it meant that he’d be stuck walking in short sleeves in winter. And he didn’t seem to care about that in the slightest.

“You’ll catch a cold,” you told him when he started to unzip his jacket to give it to you.

“Fantastic,” Jackson replied with a smirk.

“How is you being sick fantastic?” you asked, confused, as he took his jacket off and placed it on your shoulders, despite your protests.

“Because you’ll be there taking care of me the whole time,” he replied. “And having you around me 24/7 is really all I want in life.”

“You don’t have to be sick in order for that to happen,” you said, quietly.

Jackson smiled widely, and placed a hand on your shoulders, bringing you closer to him as the two of you made your way home.

“I love you,” he said. “And I would rather catch a cold myself than watch you get sick.”

“How about none of us catch a cold?” you suggested.

“That does sound fun,” Jackson agreed.

You laughed. “Let’s jog home.”

He raised his eyebrows. “Y/n, you hate running.”

“I hate seeing you wear just a t-shirt in this weather more,” you said, already walking at a faster pace and dragging him with you. “Come on.”

Shaking his head with a smile and quickly catching up to you so he could give you a quick kiss, Jackson agreed with your idea, and soon enough, the two of you were running down the city, laughing loudly, like a pair of lunatics.


Originally posted by sxy-jmn

He loved holding your hands. It started even before you were dating. Actually, you could recall him already holding your hand the first time you met, at the backstage of his concert. He had accidentally touched you and jumped away at the feeling of your cold skin.

“Are you cold?” he had asked, grabbing your hand to check again. “Okay, you definitely are.”

“Sorry, my hands just tend to always be cold,” you replied awkwardly, while he held your hand between his tighter.

“That must suck,” he said. “Do you have anyone to warm them for you?”

Seeing through his subtlety, you smiled at him, feeling your cheeks turn red. “No.”

“Okay,” he nodded, secretly pleased with your answer. “Let’s go get you some coffee to warm you up even more.”

And he held hands with you all the way to the café on the first floor of the venue that they were performing in. He didn’t even let it go while he bought the hot beverages for you guys. And he didn’t let it go when you sat down at the table, at the very corner of the café, to drink them.

And two years later, he still hadn’t let go. Ironically, the two of you were sitting in the same exact café, paper cups of coffee in front of you both, and your hands – as always – in his.

“What were you thinking about?” Jinyoung asked, noticing the dreamy expression on your face.

“I just remembered how we met,” you admitted.

Jinyoung looked away for a moment, remembering the moment, too.

“We were here, weren’t we?” he asked then, a smile spreading across his face. “I still remember holding your hand for the first time. I think, as soon as I touched you, I knew I wanted to be the one to always warm you up.”

“You’ve been very successful at that,” you told him, smiling, too.

Jinyoung squeezed your hand. “And I intend to keep on being successful.”


Originally posted by got7ish

The fact that you got cold easily was the perfect excuse for him to cuddle you whenever he felt like it.

And it didn’t matter that it was summer and you’ve only mumbled, “wow, the AC is definitely on in this room” under your breath, indicating that you were a little bit uncomfortable in this well-ventilated room. Youngjae, however, took this as a sign that you were cold, and quickly wrapped his arms around you from behind, taking you off guard.

“What are you—” you started but then realized and laughed softly. “I’m not that cold, Jae. You should go back to the guys.”

“And risk you catching a cold?” Youngjae answered, resting his head on your shoulder. “No way. That’s against the law.”

You laughed again. “What law?”

“The law that says that my job, as your boyfriend, is to protect you and keep you warm at all times,” he answered.

“So, you’re basically a blanket?”

Youngjae laughed. “Yeah, I guess I’m your blanket.”


Originally posted by kunpimuak

He was really concerned when you got cold. And you tended to get cold a lot. If during the first few months of dating, BamBam didn’t realize that, he learned that about you later. So, every time before going out with you, he’d stop to look at what you were wearing.

“You look beautiful,” he’d say, as always. “But please grab a sweater, just in case, okay?”

“Babe, it’s twenty degrees,” you replied. “I’ll be hot.”

“First of all, you are hot,” he said with a smirk. “Second of all, no excuses. It might be cold for you in the restaurant. And I’m not telling you to put it on, just bring it with you.”

“Fine,” you sighed, heading back to your room to quickly pick out a sweater.

And (un)surprisingly, BamBam was right. It was cold in the restaurant. You felt your skin start to shiver within the first few minutes inside.

When you grabbed the sweater from the back of your chair, BamBam became concerned again.

“You’re cold?” he leaned in closer to you to whisper.

“Yeah,” you said. “That’s why I’m putting the sweater on.”

“I can ask the manager to turn the AC off,” BamBam told you with a straight face.

You laughed quietly. “You can’t turn the AC off in the whole restaurant just because I’m cold.”

BamBam looked at you as if you had just told him that the Earth was flat.

“I can do anything for you,” he said matter-of-factly.

You watched him for a few seconds, your heart beating faster all of a sudden. “I love you.”

“I love you t—”

“Oh, for the love of God,” Jinyoung’s voice interrupted you two, and you were forced to turn back to the rest of the group that was having dinner with you. “You do this every time we go out.”

“Do what?” BamBam asked, clueless.

“Get lost in your own world,” Jinyoung explained. “Get all cuddly and cute on us. Bleugh.”

You and BamBam didn’t say anything, just exchanged smiles and carried on with the dinner. Soon enough, you felt his hand on your thigh, squeezing it. He looked at you with the same concern obvious in his eyes. He didn’t ask you anything, but you knew he was wondering if you were okay. You gave him a small nod, and he nodded back before turning to look at the guys again, not removing his hand from your leg.


Originally posted by chattyang

The first time you shared a bed, Yugyeom gasped when he felt how cold your feet were. When you told him that this happened every time, he didn’t believe you. But later, as your relationship progressed, he realized that you weren’t lying.

Despite not having a high tolerance for cold either, Yugyeom simply couldn’t let you fall asleep until you warmed up.

He would always hug you as tight as he could when you were in bed and entangle your bodies together so that your feet were between his legs. He didn’t release you all through the night and kept placing random kisses on your face and neck until you drifted off.

Eventually, he got so used to sleeping like that, that even in the summer, when the air in the room was hot, he still insisted on holding you and kissing you until you fell asleep.

“Yugyeom, seriously,” you’d tell him, feeling him wrap his arms around you in bed. “I’m not cold.”

“Yes, you are,” he would reply. “Your feet are cold.”

“They always are. I’m used to that.”

“I’m not,” he said, although he was with you for over two years and knew very well that your feet were always cold. “I’ll let you go when I know you’re warm if you want me to.”

“I don’t want you to let me go, I just don’t want you to feel the need to stay awake long enough for me to warm up,” you replied.

“But I love doing that,” Yugyeom said, hugging you tighter. “I love knowing that I’m the reason you’re no longer cold.”

Reasons Jacob Kowalski is Amazing

WARNING Contains Fantastic Beasts Spoilers!!!

Ok, so am I the only person who thinks Newt is utterly adorable, BUT actually likes Jacob Kowalski better in pretty much every way?

1) Jacob is the first really positive Muggle/No-Maj character we’ve had in the Potterverse, and I didn’t even realize that was missing, much less how desperately I needed it, until I saw Fantastic Beasts. I mean:

-Vernon and Petunia Dursley are portrayed as boring, stupid, unattractive, bigoted, and abusive.
-Dudley is better than his parents by the end of the series, but his scenes at the beginning (where he’s a nasty, ignorant bully) are pretty frequent, and once he starts growing as a person, he’s less integral to the plot, so we don’t see much of him acting decent.
-Piers (Dudley’s friend) is described as looking scrawny and rodent-like, and from what we see of his personality, he’s selfish, cruel, and cowardly.
-Tom Riddle Sr. abandoned his wife and unborn child when he discovered his wife was a witch.
-Hermione’s parents seem nice enough, but are barely featured at all.
-Filch, while not a Muggle, is a Squib, so he also doesn’t have magic. He is described as ugly, vindictive, and cruel.
-Mrs. Figg, also a Squib, is definitely a well-meaning person, but she’s portrayed as a little loopy, the stereotypical “crazy cat lady.” 

Meanwhile, Jacob is a central character who is sympathetic, kind, multi-faceted, funny, interesting, creative, has unique hopes and dreams, and his—not Newt’s—is the big romantic relationship in the film.

I was talking to someone about this—how the Potterverse was practically starved for positive Muggle characters before Fantastic Beasts—and they pointed out how most of the audience is (presumably) made up of Muggles, so having a non-magical character we can relate to is pretty important. I started thinking about that, and I realized it’s kinda true. A lot of Potterheads consider ourselves witches and wizards, and by default any non-fan—especially one who is dense or disrespectful—is a “Muggle.” I thought about how devastated I was when I didn’t get my Hogwarts letter at age 11, and now I wonder how much less upset I would have been if we’d had a Jacob Kowalski in the series from the get-go.

2) The way he reacts to magic. Ok, so he freaks out at first, but who wouldn’t? I love how quickly he accepts magic, and how he reacts to all magic he sees after that… like, he just sort of goes, “Oh, that’s a thing? Oh hey, that’s just great!” Like, magic obviously makes him really, really happy, but he doesn’t spend a lot of time goggling over stuff like Harry did at first. He just lets it all roll over him. He never takes it for granted, like the Weasleys or other people who grew up surrounded by it, but after the initial shock, he just accepts that all this wonderful stuff exists and immediately takes advantage of all the little practical ways it can improve his life (self-stirring cocoa, magic strudel, et cetera). He’s so open to trying everything new. No hesitation. Even with stuff that seems scary like some of Newt’s creatures, he’s just like, “Oh, this huge tentacled creature out of a Lovecraftian nightmare wants me to pet it, sure, I guess that’s cool.” I just adore how accepting and open he is about this whole world of crazy stuff he never knew existed.

3) He’s ridiculously handsome, honestly. As a bigger person myself, I love love love seeing physically attractive heavyset characters. Like, I wouldn’t kick Newt out of bed either (what sane person would?), but my Fantastic Beasts crush is definitely Kowalski. He’s dapper as fuck, with the hair and the mustache and the suit; his smile is like sunlight, and his eyes are so friggin’ gorgeous I can’t even start. He’s simultaneously adorable and sexy, and like, seeing a character like that makes me so much more confident about my own body. 

4) The relationship between Jacob and Queenie. Not only is it super adorable, but please note how unusual it is for mainstream films. In most big Hollywood movies, it would go like this: “Tina and Queenie both crush on Newt (who is the leading man, the “hero” type, and the more generically “attractive” male) and get into a sort of contest about who can impress him more. Jacob likes Queenie right away, but stays out of her way because he wants her to be happy and figures he doesn’t deserve her. Near the end, Queenie finally accepts that Tina and Newt belong together, and then realizes that Jacob has been there for her the whole time,” yada yada. But no. Queenie sees Jacob and there’s this instant spark. You can see her eyes light up a bit the minute they meet. There’s never a moment where she’s like, “You’re a really sweet guy, but…” It’s not necessarily “love at first sight,” but there’s definitely “strong mutual attraction and some serious sexual chemistry at first sight.”

5) The bromance with Newt is almost as adorable as the flirtation with Queenie. It’s so wonderful to see two male characters deeply care for one another, and even show unashamed physical affection, without them being portrayed as gay.* Mind you, there’s nothing wrong with gay characters (obviously) and generally I’m all for more queer representation in film, but it bothers me that apparently “straight men can’t have strong emotional bonds.” It has a lot to do with toxic masculinity: men can’t show affection towards one another unless they’re gay (i.e. unless they’re “girly”), because having emotions is a “female thing.”

*I know that Kowalski x Newt is a semi-popular ship, but I don’t think there’s a lot of canonical evidence for it, and given that we know Newt eventually marries Tina, and Jacob and Queenie have mad chemistry going on, it feels pretty OOC to me.

6) His dreams of opening a bakery. I can deeply relate to having a dream career that seems unachievable for financial reasons, but you still strive for it, because there’s nothing you love doing half as much, and it feels like you’re just meant to do it. And I love how this guy who seems really generically masculine at first glance has a passion for something as “feminine” as baking. Plus, though I’d never really considered baking as an art form before, it obviously is to him. He clearly doesn’t think of himself as a creative type—“I ain’t got the brains to make this up”—but he couldn’t be more wrong. What he does with all the fantastic creatures made of pastry at the end proves it. Yeah, he didn’t make up Nifflers and Bowtruckles and such, but having a vision of something in your head isn’t the same as bringing it to life, in 3D, in such a unique (and temporary!) medium. Newt may have shown him the creatures he modeled them off, but the whimsical charm each little pastry has is all Jacob’s own.

Also, I adore why he wants to be a baker—he wants to make people happy, in whatever small way he can, and that’s beautiful. I can’t imagine a more perfect reason to follow a dream than to bring charm and joy to a grey world.

7) Pretty much everything else about him, period, because this man is overall incredible and perfect.


Boyfriend/Girlfriend Feelings

Summary: Your feelings for Sam scare the life out of you. So you cling to Dean for guidance. One day when you drag them out to go swimming, Sam asks you about your feelings for his older brother, only to be surprised when he learns he’s had it all wrong.

A/N: I don’t know why, but in my mind the A/C in the bunker just…sucks.

Request: Alright here’s hoping I get in cause your writing is FANTASTIC. Sam x reader. They’ve been friends for years and they’re both crazy about one another but Sam thinks she’s into dean because of all the to me they spend togethet but he’s actually trying to help her get Sammy. Thanks:)

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: Shirtless Winchesters - I know I need a warning for that.

Word Count: 1.7k

Originally posted by shirtlesssammy

You doubled over with laughter at the sight of Dean trying to flip the bacon while shirtless. The grease was spitting everywhere, and the way that he jumped and yelped every time a drop hit him was almost worthy of recording.

Somehow, you and Dean were both awake and ready for the day before Sam. Normally he was the one up before both of you.

So here you and Dean were, goofing around in the kitchen while cooking breakfast. It was hot in the bunker, the middle of summer was always the worst. The air-conditioning system in the bunker needed a serious update. You were wearing only a pair of shorts and a tank top, while Dean was only wearing his pyjama pants.

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Starting Sentences with “I”

Anonymous asked: “Most of my sentences start with the word ‘I’ or a character’s name. It makes the writing feel monotonous, but I can’t seem to fix it or change my habits. Any tips?”

What is most likely the issue is that your scenes contain only action. “I do this” or “he does that.” That’s not so much of an issue, but once you include more exposition and especially since it’s first person, the thoughts and feelings of the main character, the issue will likely resolve itself. 

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Gasp! The famous magizoologist had stumbled upon a time vortex that took him to the distant (well, perhaps not that distant) future! When you were on your way home from work he had fallen into your path - his suitcase had accidentally hit you on the forehead and you swear saw stars. Now what? You have a fumbling, quick witted blusher of a wizard from the 1920s and you certainly are no flapper…

requested by anon <3

  • Newt is awed, yet frightened at the advance of technology
  • “That” he points at the small object in your hand, “-is a telephone?” he shakes his head. This is too much for him. Back home he had a telephone, he knows what a telephone is and how to use one and whatever contraption you hold onto so tightly is certainly NOT a telephone. Where are the buttons? The cord? The lavish design? And most of all, what in Merlin’s beard is that red plastic (or is it gum-like?) thing around it?!
  • “Yes, it’s a mobile. We don’t really have phones like…you have? had?” You pause, sensing he is more curious than unnerved now. Pressing the home button the screen lights up and you can practically see the golden sparkles of admiration in Newt’s green eyes as he leans in, just a bit, to get a better look at your phone, “Oh, and this…” You glide your fingers over the rubbery surface, “is my case. It’s like to protect the phone if it falls…And it looks cute.”
  • Newt randomly pointing at airplanes in the sky and curiously questioning, “What’s that?”
  • Your tired replies after about five minutes of explaining the same thing, “Airplanes. Big metal objects with engines. A form of travel. Like a broom…But quicker. Not sure if safer, though.”
  • “It looks like a big metal goose.”
  • Showing Newt all the new candy and snacks and having a binge fest with him, later having to explain what a ‘binge fest’ is.
  • Introducing him to Netflix. He doesn’t quite understand why you would choose television over books, but he seems to enjoy it just as much, if not more, than you once you put on some documentary. He just doesn’t want to admit it.
  • Showing him all the new forms of music. He is obviously displeased by the lack of jazz in your playlist and when first hearing a song with the bass boosted he visibly jerked.
  • “(Name), what’s an app and how do I use it?”
  • “(Name), what’s a meme?”
  • “(Name), what’s a (insert random millennial question here)?”
  • You are a bit annoyed most of the time, since he when he sees something he points, clicks his tongue and with a  bright grin runs to it, no matter if there’s heavy traffic or not and you have to follow after him and stop him from getting out of trouble. You don’t have the heart in you to scold him, though. He looks too cute.
  • He is very eager, yet a bit frightened, to go to museums and art galleries, almost as if he’s afraid to know what he missed.
  • He loves amusement parks. The only redeeming quality of the 21st century is amusement parks. His words, not yours.
  • Taking him to zoo’s. 
  • “Beautiful creatures…” His words come out in a gentle whisper as he watches lions stroll in their big cages. The sun beams down harshly and sweat breaks out your pores. Sitting on a bench next to him you admire the gracefulness in which the lions pace in, yet frown at how shabby their fur looks, how glazed their eyes are and how mindlessly they seem to wander. Newt clears his throat and you glance at him - it is obvious he has the same thoughts as you, “Your world, (Name), is very beautiful…” A shy smile graces his lips and he glances at you, “But it’s without spark. It’s missing. On people it’s less evident, but on animals…” He trails off, “They seem so unhappy. It breaks my heart.”
  • Him telling you how it was in his time, how people dressed and acted.
  • “Muggles and their contraptions…Fascinating.”
  • Newt is delighted by the range of tea to choose from.
  • And how quick it is to make it.
  • He likes to spend his time in this small coffee shop near your apartment building. You have shown him many, but this was the very first one and so it has a special place in his heart. While he doesn’t completely understand everything yet, especially what is a ‘Frosted Flake Cappuccino with extra Syrup and whipped cream and sprinkles’, he enjoys the atmosphere and always reads a good book so he could catch up on today’s way of thinking.
  • A part of you thinks he goes there because it reminds him of his time period.
  • Him being saddened when hearing about today’s political climate.
  • “So things haven’t change that much after all…We’re still at war. Dare I say, today, with ourselves.”
So I just saw this on Facebook, and it made me really want to do something similar.

I haven’t seen my bf in over a year, and the last time we spent V-day together was 2 years ago.

I don’t have much money (he’s more of a homemade gift person anyway) so I want to do this real special something for him to show him how much I love him.

If you could write out the following message (yes, by hand), hold it up in front of either a favourite place of yours from wherever you’re living or just something red/valentine-themed (like this person did), then take a picture…

.. I would be soooo grateful and more than happy to return the favour (message me).

What I want the note to say is:

Tamara’s love for Mike is so big it reached …

(replace the ‘…’ with whatever your location is.)

I would love to get as many of these as I can, from all sorts of places in the world, and make a collage or something of them and send it to him on the 14th. 

Hopefully he likes it.

If you can’t participate in this, if you could at least reblog it for attention that would be fantastic! (Please message me if you have done this, also, because it’ll be faster than going through all the notes (if I get more than 2 that is, lol) looking for your reblog.)

anonymous asked:

Which characters do you think would most likely wear a matching onesie with their s/o? I have no idea where this came from except that I'm currently wearing my own onesie. 😂

We have a secret for you, anon… Us admins had extensive onesie headcanons long before you sent this in. This was just fun to write, though! 
~Admins Emma, Alyx and Ellie

Asahi: You got him a Totoro onesie for his birthday; it was about 50% a joke, but it backfired, because he’s addicted to the thing. Suga makes fun of him and Noya judges the hell out of him but he doesn’t even care because he’s toasty as hell and he looks adorable, so there! The fact that it was a gift from you? Even better; plus it gives him extra excuses for extra cuddles, so it’s fantastic. It doesn’t really fit all that well, considering how tall and broad he is, but he doesn’t really care, so long as he’s comfortable.

Bokuto: Super pumped always. Super into cheesy matching stuff either way, but in his opinion, nothing beats a super cozy onesie. It’s cliche as hell, but he definitely has an owl one (he’s committed to his aesthetic). Problem is no matter what he does, it’s about two sizes too small in the shoulders and too short on the arms and legs, so he always has to roll his up and leave it a bit open on the collar. #Baraproblems

Kuroo: Nya, bitches! He wears his cat onesie with fucking pride and he’ll fight you if you say anything about it. Kuroo is social, studious, and dedicated as hell, so he’s out and about 90% of his life. When he has a day with just you, he refuses to human and just burritos in his cozy-ass onesie with coffee and Disney movies. If you manage to special-order one to fit his titan ass, he will be forever grateful.

Oikawa: Let’s be honest, he’s at least partly into it just for the cutesy couple selfie. To be fair, though, the two of you do look absolutely adorable. Besides, the things are cozy. What better to curl up in and watch alien movies with you? (Oikawa does have about a foot of ankle sticking out at the bottom, but that’s what his extensive sock collection is for.)

Ushijima: Honestly, he is down for just about anything you’re into, and if it’s matching onesies, then he won’t fight you. He might not 100% get it, but he must admit the thing is comfortable. Sadly, it is so small on him, he basically has to pull the ankle cuffs right under his knees, which sort of defeats the purpose, but all the better to admire those calves, really. Even if he totally overwhelms the little cow onesie you got him (“Ah, because the first character in my name means “cow.” I get it.”) he looks totally precious and is 100% down for snuggles no matter the wardrobe choices, so everything is great by his standards.

Tendou: Pokemon onesies, anyone? It really doesn’t matter which pokemon, Tendou will love it. However, he’ll look entirely too adorable in a pikachu one–his hair matches the cheek spots. Okay so maybe it’s like 50% adorable and 50% ridiculous, but you love him for it. Even when he keeps saying ‘pika pika!’ even after you told him that it was funny the first fifty times, Satori. It’s still worth it though, because eventually he will actually stop, and you get to enjoy the coziest, toastiest cuddles ever.

So I’m watching old school Pokémon, and you know, I think one of the main reasons why I still love this season in all its cheesiness is because Ash is very clearly a little kid in it. It’s not just that he’s excitable and innocent, but he whines, he makes excuses, he commits fantastic leaps in logic, and…

he has the most fucked-up imagination.

[[four screencaps of Ash, Misty, and Pikachu in a net hanging from a tree. The images are subtitled with Ash’s dialogue: “Maybe the river carried him far away, all the way to the ocean. Then some pirates brought him aboard their ship. And one of the pirates has a wooden leg. Then came the storm.”]]