because he has never won a golden globe

And this is why I left Tumblr.
People are really bitching because Tom Hiddleston won a Golden Globe over a POC. Not only that, but they’re blaming him for it! What was he supposed to do? Refuse it? Make a huge scene and decline the award to who Tumblr has deemed ‘the better actor’? I have NEVER in my life heard of such asinine bullshit! He won. He’s a good actor. Suck it up.

As for his speech, he mentioned his work with UNICEF and how some doctors came to him in South Sudan and told him that they spent a day binge watching his show, The Night Manager. He wasn’t trying to say 'oh haha I’m the shit and I’m the greatest thing ever’. He was saying how amazing it was that these people had seen his show, not only that, but binged it while they are doing some amazing work. Later on in the speech he changes 'I’ to 'we’, because he doesn’t want to take all of the credit for the award. He is a very humble and kind man. Was his speech worded a bit awkwardly? Yes. Was he probably nervous because this was his first major award? Yes. But I do recognize and understand how his wording could have been taken the wrong way. Some users on this website have simply twisted his words to mean that he said he’s the greatest thing ever, that he’s helping Africa singlehandedly, and blessing it with his whiteness.

This blue website exhausts me.

Leonardo DiCaprio never won a Oscar while he is one of the best actors alive.. Steven Spielberg is one of the best directors in the world who made so many popular movies and still he won his first Oscar in the 90s with Schlinders List…  Lana Parrilla is the most talented and most popular actress of Once Upon a Time and still it are Ginnifer Goodwin and Jmo who are nominated instead of Lana for the PCA 2016… While PCA’s nomination is based on fans choice.. 

So that Sam Heughan isn’t even nominated for the Golden Globes award, has nothing to do with his talent because he is still a great actor who does do an amazing performance as Jamie Fraser in Outlander… We will never know why some actors are not selected as nominees but it has certainly have nothing to do with their great performance.. Keep that in mind…

I’m happy for Tobias he has been nominated because it will do good to Outlander and I’m certainly happy for Cait to be finally acknowledge as an amazing actress and is nominated as well, but it will never take away my believe in Sam Heughan, who is still one of the most talented actors I have ever seen…