because he gave it to her


I had a joy playing opposite to Gal and getting a chance to fall in love with her. Patty gave me an objective which was to flirt, make her laugh. Tumble, breathe heavily like you’re doing something physical. And I said that sounds like a plan. And, you know, Gal’s my pal. So we just goofed around and had a good time. - Chris Pine on working with Gal Gadot

“Chris is such a talented, smart, funny, funny, funny, funny guy. People don’t understand how funny he is. We had to break so many takes because he made me laugh. I felt very, very comfortable working with him.” - Gal Gadot on working with Chris Pine

What I’m finding kinda eyebrow-raising about the way in which people are talking about Danny Pink in this regard is that he’s being reduced to “a black character who died” - as if that’s all that matters about him.

He was a very well-defined and realised character with a complete (and emotional) arc, he subverted a number of tropes around masculinity, and he ‘died’ because he gave up his chance to return from the Nethersphere in order to instead revive the young Afghan boy he accidentally killed during a military operation.

Let’s say that it happened the other way around and Danny chose to come back instead of the boy. What would the reaction to that be? Would that be better? Worse? And why?

Danny’s story was complete, and I really can’t see a way that he could’ve been integrated into Series 9′s arc - his death was, in part, a critical turn-of-the-screw event for Clara becoming more separate from her home life and throwing herself into being more of a ‘citizen of the universe’. But that wasn’t all Danny’s death was for, he wasn’t there just to serve Clara’s development because he had a full arc of his own throughout Series 8 that was almost entirely independent of the influence of other characters.

Even after his death, a significant amount of the following episode, Last Christmas, brings him back in the dream world and further deals with the emotional fallout of his sacrifice.

I totally get that this obviously doesn’t exist in a vacuum and there’s certainly valid criticism to be made, but it really rubs me the wrong way when everything about Danny (who is still very much one of my favourite characters) gets reduced down to “oh, he died, so Doctor Who is clearly a show that hates black people”.

He wasn’t just just discarded and forgotten.

His death wasn’t some cheap shocker for the purpose of trying to elevate the drama.

He was afforded the full emotional range and complexity of any main companion character. He saved the world and got to right a wrong that took away the life of a young boy, sacrificing his own chance to go back so the boy could return to his family and live the life that had been previously taken from him. That was what the ‘soldier’ arc was all about - self-sacrifice, to ensure the safety of those he promised to protect. Because the thing that defined Danny as a soldier was love.

It bothers me because this reductive articulation of Danny was uncomfortably prevalent throughout Series 8 where people just cast him off as “Mickey 2.0″ and called him bland and boring, which seems to be a bit of a trend in a lot of fanbases, and it’s why I am not liking the way in which he’s being talked about regarding the events of World Enough and Time.

There was more to Danny Pink than just his death. I’d like to see that acknowledged in more of the Discourse™ I’m seeing about last night’s episode…

OKAY, I HAD TO WROTE THIS! Im so MOHNSTAD/CHRISEVA TRASH! Its my version of the last clip. 

(Probably maaaany mistakes but well.. i dont give a shit and I want CHRISEVA!)


They finally was a couple. Chris just still couldn’t believe in that. Eva seriously asked him to be her date on Sana’s party. 

And of course he said yes. He was her boyfriend, officially.

They were talking about the food and lookng to each others eyes.

-I don’t like tomatos. - said Eva, pursed her nose. 

-I can eat it if you don’t want to. - whispered Chris to her ear. Eva smiled to him and gave a little kiss on his cheek. 

In next minute they both saw Jonas and Emma together. Eva looked at Chris face. 

-Are you still mad about what happened with me and Jonas? - red-haired asked him without smile. 

-No, not now. I know you did this because you was afraid your feelings for me and I know that meant nothing for you. And well, Jonas looks happy with that girl.

-And I’m happy with you. - said Eva and kissed Chris. 

Now, everything was perfect for both of them. They were perfect for each other.

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Your That Would Be Enough was so amazing it gave me an idea for a AU! Part 1: For a Modern Hamilton AU, after Alexander and Eliza got married and bought their first house together, he took her to the garden where he showed her the bench with their initials on it. Eliza thought it was so cute that he carved their initials like they did on their first date, but Alexander told her that's because it IS the bench that they carved their initials on their first date.

Part 2: Eliza is completely stunned and Alex explains after he pulled a few hundred thousand favors, he got it for her as house warming gift for their new house. He wanted to give her a gift to symbolize how he wanted to grow old together with her and spend hours in garden looking at all the flowers that had bloomed. It was also special for him because it was the first time he realized that he could never be with another woman except for Eliza and do whatever it takes to be with her.

Part 3: Eliza so touched by her newly husband’s kindness that she could never had found the most perfect man in the entire world. They knew right in that moment they were always destined to be with each other and nothing could ever tired them away from each other.


AAAAAAAAA thats so cute!!!
also i thought alex would just rip out the bench from the park and run gksfjsfksj

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how did you feel about Abel and Bella's relationship when they were together?

I thought they were really boring and that she’d given him more love than he gave her. I always figured the lack of effort/attention/affection we saw with him was because he was being honest when he said he’s private and wants to be known for his music not his personal life. I thought he was legit with that so in my mind it was sweet that they got to be just to themselves and weren’t into all the flaunting shit. Like all their lovey-dovey stuff was subtle and not a way for them to get attention which I thought was refreshing. Now that I know he’s just a dick and will sell out that motto/philosophy if it’s a girl who will get him hella promo (if it ever even existed in the first place), I think they’re relationship was a total waste of her time. Like shipping them and supporting/fanning him is such a regret, I don’t even know what I was clinging to because I would even say they didn’t act all that cute together and weren’t something that would last more than a couple years.


Somewhat disconcerted with his encounter with the werewolf Adam barely acknowledged the next contestant as she slipped into the room. He felt the cushions shift as she down on the couch beside him. Glancing up he smiled absently “you’re a witch.” It was a statement more than a question. The thought ran across his mind if she were there because of his one time trusted friend Alanon, the elder of all the mages in Moonlight Falls.

“I am” she agreed her voice soft and melodic. She gave him an appraising look “most of us were not in agreement with Alanon” she said as if reading his mind.

He grunted “than why are you here” he asked somewhat petulantly. He had expected Alanon to be on his side against the elders. Alanon had been the one ally he could count on in any crisis. He had trusted the man. Now that trust had been shattered.

She gave him a demure smile “don’t judge all witches by what he did. Alanon had his reasons. They might seem diabolical to you now but you trusted him once, why not now?”


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Got any NSFW Izuocha HC's ??

Hehe I do have a few…

  • On the days Izuku comes back late from work and Ochako is already at home, he surprises her by sneaking into their bed at night, covering her with kisses.
  • They take baths together everyday, or at least when the can.
  • Izuku has a bad habit of getting impatient and destroying/tearing Ochako’s panties when they get intimate in bed. Ochako really hates it when he does that, Izuku apologizes but he still does it the next time. He just rips them without thinking because “they’re in the way”
  • Ochako gets fed up with Izuku always destroying her expensive undergarments and forces him to buy her new ones.
  • Izuku really didn’t want to, but after excess nagging from Ochako he finally gave in, bought a wig for a disguise, and set out to buy her a bunch of new panties.
  • Izuku absolutely loves making out with Ochako after she eats/drinks something sweet.
  • Ochako’s way of teasing Izuku is by nibbling on his ear and Izuku freaking loves it.

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I didn't understand what happened in your history challenge :( and it was so fast omg

Ahh I’m sorry :(( So Ola had a baby boy named Axle and Tora went to a different tribe and the leader of that tribe impregnated her. Drak is an asshole and got mad at Tora for having a baby with someone that wasn’t his (which is dumb cause he rejected her at the beginning) and he got violent with her. Tora gave birth early because of this and gave birth to twins. One of them passed away however, leaving Sola.

  • Fukase: One of the girls of the group that is always talking about how ugly I am asked me out while I was serving Oliver his favorite food, she did that because now I wear makeup to cover the "creepy" side of my face, I don't have problems hiding my hand because I wear gloves, the makeup is also good to look like if I have a normal skin color, I changed the subject telling her that would talk with her later because I was busy with Oliver, while the whole thing was happening Oliver was staring at her, he looked upset, how cute
  • Oliver: Those girls are so hypocrite, now that Fufu's boss asked him to wear makeup all of them thinks he's hot and wants all his attention, they even gave him their phone numbers, and asked him to sing something for them, now they act kind with him, I hate that kind of people so much, after the cafe closed I asked Fufu if I could stay with him that night, I also asked him if he would call one of those girls, he said "I don't really like girls, not that much, they're too noisy, I would date someone like Flower, but they aren't like her" what
Iced Coffee

Today, her hair was styled a little differently than normal. Instead of her hair being loose and fluffy, it was neatly tied back in a little ponytail. Well, it was only natural that she would change her hairstyle especially since it’s gotten so hot lately, but it was unfair on how she could look even cuter than before!  

“Sir?” she called out, facing him with a curious look.

“Y-Yes?” Crap, was he staring? Did she catch him? Oh, what if she bans him from coming here because she’s so creeped out by him looking at all the time?

She gave him a polite smile and asked, “How’s the coffee?”

“Delicious as always!” Should he tell a pun or did she not like puns? Were there people who didn’t like puns?  

“Would you like anything else? Perhaps a refill?” she offered.  

Haise glanced over at his watch. Shoot, his break’s almost over. “No thank you, but may I have 5 iced coffees to go? And the bill?”

“Of course. I’ll have that right out for you.” Should he say something? Would it be weird for him to compliment her? “Here you are. Thank you very much for your patronage.”  

“Your hair is very cute today,” he blurted out.  

“I’m sorry?”

He could feel his ears heat up from that comment.

Before he could further embarrass himself, he grabbed the coffee tray and shouted,“Thanks again!” And he rushed out before the waitress could even get a word out. 

That was so embarrassing! Oh, why did he say something like that? Now how’s he going to face her next time?



percy reassures vex beneath the sun tree

You’ve found yourself at the base of the Sun Tree. As you look up at it, at this point the clouds that kind of gathered yesterday have all subsided and you have the most beautiful clear blue sky ahead of you, the morning sun’s coming down. The tree is beautiful as you watch it slowly blossom now as the months have passed. You start seeing green in the boughs, the occasional pod that might eventually flower as the season allows it. It’s serene. And as occasionally a breeze blows through, you hear the various branches hit, and some of the leaves shake, and… it’s a beautiful sight.

I believe Spencer’s twin is coming.

In this post I want to give a list of reasons why Twincer is my prime suspect as AD. I know a lot of these ‘clues’ come from interviews, but they’re still really convincing for me at least. I’ve definitely missed some of the clues from within the show because they’re not as easy to spot - we need to know for sure if Twincer is happening, then we can dig further. (The fun won’t instantly stop once the finale airs.) But for now, enjoy these, and at the end, I give my theory as to the motive.

Please note: none of this is overly new. This is just the summation of everything we’ve been talking about on my blog for the past couple months. I wanted to put all the ideas into one post, rather than 31529 mini posts scattered here and there. I will be updating this as we find more. 

  1. The famous airport scene from 715.
    We all already think it’s weird that "Spencer" asked Ezra to not tell anyone he saw her there with Wren. What’s weirder, is the fact that Wren and “Spencer” were arguing. Amongst muffle, I heard Spencer say "stop calling me that" (let me know if you heard differently). Did Wren have a slip-of-the-tongue moment and call her Spencer rather than the twin’s real name?
  2. Dr. Cochran’s story is very telling.
    We all already know the ambiguous implication that Mary had more than two babies, because Dr. Cochran said he dealt with “two of Mary’s babies”. What’s more interesting is the second baby he dealt with. The first baby (Charlotte) he gave to Jessica. He said that the second baby that he delivered was placed in family county services. This could not have been Spencer, since Spencer was delivered to Veronica within 5 minutes of birth. So, who was that second baby that was placed in family services? I believe it was Spencer’s twin. Why? Dr Cochran referred to that second baby as “underweight but tenacious” - lo and behold, the next episode, Toby calls Spencer tenacious. This was the writers foreshadowing the similarities between this second baby, and Spencer. Twins. 
  3. We all know Hanna’s ‘dream’ in 701.
    It makes no sense that Hanna was able to dream ‘Spencer’ saying the name A.D. since Hanna was kidnapped before these initials were even revealed. Perhaps Hanna was visited by Twincer; the one holding her captive.
  4. A.D. needs to stand for something. 
    Spencer’s twin could literally have the initials A.D., since we know she would be Mary Drake’s child. Her first name would start with A and the D would stand for Drake. 
  5. Brendan and Ian both confessed to being confused by the identity of A.D.
    They needed the backstory to understand it. Is that because they had no idea who has the name “Alex Drake” (for example) ?
  6. Tyler said before 7B aired that “you’ve never met AD. You kind of have. You’ll know what I mean”.
    This can be interpreted in two ways: you’ve never met Twincer but since you know Spencer, you kind of know who AD is. Or. You’ve seen Twincer over the years, but thought it was Spencer. Either way, Tyler’s comment screams twin-theory to me. This could apply to any twin theory, but in this context, I’m using it for Spencer.
  7. Ian said (0:57) that “fans will be satisfied to a point. Right when it seems it’s gonna be really great, it might do a little [downwards hand motion]”….
    That cheeky smile on Ian’s face when he said “it seems it’s gonna be really great”… what could be greater than a liar being AD? Ian could be referring to the fact that they initially show us Troian under the hoodie, making us think Spencer is AD. Then, after commercial break, they will reveal it’s just her twin, hence the “it might do a little [downwards hand motion]”. We will be satisfied to a point, he said. It’ll start off amazing by thinking it’s Spencer, oh wait, it’s another twin.
  8. Ashley said (0:14) that she didn’t even know the A.D. reveal is possible.
    Because she did not expect a second pair of twins to come along?
  9. “It’s like there are two of you living in this house. You, and you’re evil twin, and we’re not sure who’s coming down to breakfast". 
    said Veronica to Spencer in 423. Foreshadowing at it’s finest.
  10. Spencer doesn’t remember this flashback.
    Was it her twin? And oh how coincidental, that the writers tell us a time Spencer doesn’t remember, in the same scene Veronica makes the above comment about Spencer’s “evil twin”.
  11. “Where are they?”
    said Mary as she entered the Hastings house (flashback from 717). Who is they? The twins? She proceeded to say that Spencer is the only good thing she’s ever made. Maybe Mary knows Spencer’s twin is evil, and is neglecting her. 
  12. “You look very much like your sister. Almost like twins”.
    said Mary to Spencer in 701. The writers wanted us to think that Mary was talking about Spencer and Melissa, since Mary was holding a picture of the half-sisters. But, were the writers, and therefore Mary, hinting towards Twincer? Is Mary being blackmailed/forced (by Peter?) to keep quiet on Twincer, and she had a slip-of-the-tongue moment here?
  13. Marlene is very aware of the Twincer theories.
    Back in 2014 she said that Troian sent her an online fan theory regarding Spencer having a twin who is A. Marlene was blown away by it and she thought it was a very well thought out plan with detailed evidence across the series. Watch from 1:35. Whilst you may be saying “there’s NO WAY Marlene spoilt her own show’s ending in an interview!!” - I feel like she had no idea the show would go on for 7 seasons, and once they got renewed, she panicked. “Shit, we need a new Uber A. Let’s go with that brilliant fan theory Troian sent me”. She probably regrets making this interview now. You can tell her passion for Twincer in this interview. She talks so damn highly of it.
  14. Marlene has said that the person who plays A.D. had known for a while.
    We know that Marlene told Troian the entire ending of the show years in advance. “Just like I had story time with Marlene, you all now get story time with Pretty Little Liars” said Troian.
  15. The girl in the coffin in the opening has the exact same black puffy shirt as Spencer.
  16. Why does it seem that A.D. is always going after the Hastings?
    Why shoot Spencer, out of all the liars? Why demand Aria to plant the audio device in the Hastings? Why not ruin the Marin household? The jealous twin wants her ungrateful sister dead, hence the shooting, and the jealous daughter is angry she never got adopted. Too much of the story is Hastings-oriented. 
  17. “They’re all some pretty. Good. Theories.”
    Was Janel’s response to being asked about the Spencer-twin theories. (22:20)
  18. And, I’ll just leave this here. Good one @prettylittlesessions​ !
  19. “Spencer’s” weird comments in 718.
    In 718 “Spencer” says to Toby “you know what its like to be the outsider. Removed from friends and family”. What made her say this? Nothing was said or done in 718 to prompt our Spencer to say this. 
  20. Keegan said there are no more Spoby kisses in 7B.
    “I can honestly say that there is not another Spoby kiss.” Yet - there was one in 718. Either Keegan lied, or that was Spencer’s twin. (10:15)
  21. “It’s somebody you have seen.”
    says Marlene in regards to who AD is. Was she talking about the Spoby kiss in 710, which Twincer referred to in 718 when she kissed Toby again? Marlene was very careful to avoid saying “it’s someone you KNOW”. We don't “know” Twincer. But, we have seen her.
  22. “That’s not the Spencer I know”
    said Toby in 718. Writers are foreshadowing.

Setting all this aside, I want to add my theory on the backstory and motive:

  • Twincer, who’s name is A_____ Drake, was born in Radley, as Dr. Cochran told us in 7A. 
  • Twincer was raised in Radley - not because she needed to be at a psychological hospital, but as a form of daycare, because Mary was deemed an unfit mother, and also she kept Twincer a secret from Peter… he already hated her (to the point of planning her murder, later on) enough for having one baby together, imagine Peter’s reaction to having twins.
  • There, Twincer met and bonded with her sister Charlotte. Charlotte became Twincer’s only friend. (Twincer might even be Bethany, since we already know of this bond between Bethany and Charlotte, and how Bethany was drawing Charles being taken away by a monster. But for this theory, let’s just forget Bethany for a second.)
  • When Mona came to Radley and started telling Charlotte about everything she did to her sister, Charlotte and Twincer wanted to play. They wanted a turn at harassing Spencer and her friends.
  • For Charlotte, as we know, it was the feeling of finally succeeding at something in life that made the game her drug. For Twincer, it was something far darker.
  • Harassing Aria, Hanna, Emily and Alison is all about driving a wedge between the girls. Twincer wants to break up the girls. Turn them against each other. Hopefully by throwing fire at the girls, they will break up, ultimately, to ruin Spencer’s life. Again, jealousy. Twincer’s plan is backfiring because it’s exactly A’s threats that makes Spencer say “we need each other more than ever” and “always stick together”. The writers keep making the point of SPENCER being the one to make the comments about “always” sticking together. Twincer cannot break Spencer and her bitches. This is fueling Twincer’s anger. Nothing is working.
  • That’s why AD/Twincer recently shot Spencer. “If I can’t break the girls up to ruin Spencer’s life, why not just become Spencer?” Twincer shot Spencer in an attempt to assume her identity and squeeze her way into the loving friendship group that she could never crack. “These girls are so loyal to each other… they don’t even break up after even my threats. Damn, I want to be a part of this. It’s my turn to live a happy life. You had your turn Spencer.”
  • Note: I do not believe that AD has been operating since season 1. Mona’s time as A is completely independent from Charlotte and Twincer’s story. Mona started the game, and now someone is ending it, and she wants to know who. Charlotte and Twincer are their own duo; their own A-team, which stemmed as a result of Mona coming to Radley. Charlotte revealed herself - next up in the A team is Twincer, who is carrying on the game she once played with her sister. 
Sasuke was always afraid to love because he knows how he feels how it would feel to lose it...

Remember this moment:

Then Sakura gave him time to Sasuke… and while Sasuke travels the world she can not stop thinking about him (here see The last: Naruto The Movie, then read Sakura Hiden and Sasuke Shinden)…

At the end of Sasuke Shinden: 

“He wasn’t afraid to be involved anymore” 

Sasuke is determined to get involved with everyone, especially with Sakura. He knows that she would always be waiting for him…

At the end of Sakura hiden, Sakura thinks should tell her when they meet: “Welcome home, Sasuke. The thing is, i…” but Sasuke doesn’t think. he says it: “I´m back Sakura”

“Their feelings and heart are connected, even in the distance…”

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Okay but wait if it was Lily's willingness to sacrifice herself to save Harry, why the hell did James's willingness to sacrifice himself to save both Lilly AND Harry not qualify???

ok but imagine it did save both of them and lily had to raise harry alone

  • she emerges from the rubble of her home, limping, her crying son in her arms
  • but otherwise they’re both ok
  • when sirius and remus find her sitting numbly in the front yard she can’t bring herself to tell them about the lifeless body she had to walk around in order to get her son out of the smoldering house
  • they do it for her
  • they pull james’ body from the wreckage, and summon a blanket to lay over him
  • with him laid out like that, lily wonders if harry thinks his dada is sleeping
  • distantly she can hear sirius and remus arguing
  • “i’ll kill him”
  • it takes a glare from lily to shut them up
  • “do you think” her voice is raspy- probably from how much she screamed when she heard james hit the floor
  • she holds harry tighter and reminds herself that, no matter how much it already felt like she’s dead without james, she isn’t and she has someone to live for
  • “do you really think,” she starts again, “that he would want you to do that, possibly get yourselves arrested, and leave harry and i alone?”
  • the boys nod
  • and slowly they sit down on either side of her
  • dumbledore and mcgonagall show up shortly after and usher them all to a new safe house
  • they explain james’ sacrifice 
  • how his love saved them both
  • they didn’t need to though- lily knew that was what saved them
  • they bury him in godric’s hollow, just a few spots away from his parents
  • and they try to continue living 
  • peter is found and sent to azkaban but it still doesn’t feel right
  • nothing feels right to lily
  • except harry
  • so she clings desperately to her son
  • she sends him to muggle school and gets a job at flourish and blotts
  • “i need to do something, remus, i’m so bored while harry is at school”
  • she reads harry stories before bed
  • they have play dates with the weasleys
  • sirius and remus come over every day and eat dinner with them
  • and teach harry how to ride a broom
  • marlene baby sits when lily has to work late
  • they go for walks in the park
  • they get a cat, much to sirius’ dismay
  • and when harry’s letter comes lily wonders if she shouldn’t send him
  • but for all that it took from her- the wizarding world gave her so much too
  • best friends, the wonders of magic
  • james
  • and harry
  • so she takes a deep breath and sends him to hogwarts because she knows it’s where he belongs
  • she meets hermione and the two bond instantly
  • harry writes her every week
  • she goes to every quidditch game 
  • and almost punches dumbledore for allowing her son, this little boy, to remain in the triwizard tournament
  • and finally, when she’s at bill and fleur’s wedding, lily sees- despite the polyjuice potion disguising him- a determined expression on harry’s face is so familiar
  • so much like james
  • so lily lets him go again
  • the next time she sees him is at hogwarts
  • and then again in hagrid’s arms
  • and her heart is on fire because she did not lose her husband, raise harry alone and go through hell just to lose him too
  • so she turns to the man who started all of this
  • but just as she’s raised her wand to finish him, who steps forward but neville longbottom
  • and soon after that it’s over
  • lily holds her son in her arms, strokes his hair like she did when he was little and cries because she truly thought she had lost everything
  • “there’s someone you all need to see” harry whispers
  • they find sirius and remus, he leads them into the forest, and turns a stone three times
  • and there’s james
  • lily is vaguely aware of choked sobs coming from behind her- remus or sirius or both, she can’t quite tell
  • james smiles at her and reaches out his hand to gently brush her face
  • she can barely feel it but at the same time it sets her world on fire just like the very first time he touched her
  • “hiya, prongs,” remus murmurs
  • “boys- you’ve aged well”
  • “shame you haven’t” sirius says
  • james smiles sadly at them before turning back to lily
  • “we never got our proper goodbye”
  • “don’t be a fool james potter- how can i say goodbye to you when you’ll never leave me?”
  • he gives her that look
  • the one that always meant “i love you”
  • “i love you too,” she whispers
  • and then he’s gone again
  • but lily leaves the forest with a small smile on her face because after all these years she knows that he never really was

“Chris Pine was a rare and special casting. We wanted a man who was the true parallel to Diana. A giant spirit who is the kind of man one aspires to be, but isn’t afraid to be complex and leave room for and even compliment another. He is the kind of man women want to believe is out there. He’s also one of the best actors I’ve ever worked with.”

“He is so skilled, wonderful and funny. He’s such a talented guy. He came alive in this environment where he genuinely experienced the dynamic. He actually brought a performance that is so stunning to this film because he did something so tricky where he brought all the comic relief. Chris has those skills to call upon him when we needed it. We were able to go somewhere pretty incredible with him.”

“I cannot believe how perfect Chris was, from the moment we thought of him to the moment he played every second in this movie. Chris is one of the most talented actors I’ve ever worked with in my life. But also, he’s a real man, very comfortable with his masculinity, so much so that he’s not sexiest at all. He completely takes other people on their own face value and is willing to leave space for them, and as a result he’s the perfect boyfriend for Wonder Woman because it’s someone who could actually look at her and admire her and appreciate her and it didn’t take anything away from him. And then he just made us all laugh all the time.”

“Chris is such a gift to this movie because he gave integrity to Steve Trevor. Steve Trevor is intrinsic to her story line. So, we needed to find the perfect guy. Chris is so honorable, hilarious and charming.”

- Patty Jenkins. Director, Wonder Woman.

B99 + Childhood Friends AU: in which Jake attends each of Amy’s eleven birthdays at the planetarium.

  • 6 year old Jake alternates between pulling little Amy’s pigtails and running around exhibits with her older brothers. 
    • He tires himself out and falls asleep halfway through the afternoon planetarium space show. Mrs. Santiago has to carry him around the museum for half an hour after that, until he’s awake enough to walk around on his own.
  • 7 year old Jake makes it his personal mission to win every single party game that year. Any other kid might cry over how competitive (i.e. mean) Jake is being, but Amy stands her ground and manages to beat him in nearly every game. 
    • In the end, Jake’s the one who’s in tears. Karen has to pick him up early because he’s inconsolable after losing Pin The Ring On Saturn.
  • 8 year old Jake is on his best behavior through the morning (partly because Karen gave him a lengthy talking-to on the car ride over, but also because he’s been kind of subdued overall since Roger left a few months prior). He does go ham on lunch, especially when they bring out Amy’s blue cake. 
    • Mrs. Santiago has to cradle him in her lap during the space show because he has too much of a tummy ache. (The Santiago brothers make fun of him for at least a week after that, but Amy defends him with her life and also sends him a Get Well Soon! card.)
  • 9 year old Jake has just discovered Star Wars and spends most of the party trying to find planet models of Hoth and Tatooine. While the other kids just laugh at him, Amy informs him that Star Wars is both fictional and inaccurate then proceeds to tell him about how awesome the real universe actually is. 
    • The two of them unknowingly break off from the group at some point because Amy’s too engrossed in telling him about the International Space Station, and Jake’s just hanging on to every word she says. They’re officially lost for a whole 12 minutes, but Mrs. Santiago eventually finds them in the full-scale space shuttle replica, laughing and pretending to be space pilots slash jedi. 

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We Are Young: Chapter 7

Throne of Glass High School AU

Summary: Senior Rowan Whitethorn is new to town. It doesn’t take him long to get use to a new school, make new friends, even join the local hockey team. But it also doesn’t take him long to meet sophomore and figure skater Aelin Galathynius. And it doesn’t take him long to realize one thing; he can’t stand her.

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“You sure you’re okay?” 

“Fuck off asking me that. Or I’ll slam your face into the lockers.”

Dorian held his hands up, weaving in and out of the students crowding the hallway. He wanted to push the subject more, to find out how he could help her even in the slightest way. But he knew Manon. She would actually throw him against the lockers if he asked her that question one more time.

Class has just ended, so the hallways were packed with students as they caught up with friends or made their way to their lockers. Manon and Dorian had just got out of French class themselves when he offered to walk her to her locker.

Truthfully, he was worried about her. He didn’t know what it was, but that was just something about Manon that seemed off. There was an underlying emotion that clouded her eyes, sometime Dorian couldn’t place. Plus, she was being… harsher than normal.

He had a feeling that something happened at the party, because something always happened at parties. But he knew Manon wasn’t going to let up anytime soon. The only way he was going to know what had happened was if she told him. And by the looks of it, that wasn’t going to happen any time soon.

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