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there's a post going around about how supergirl watchers should look at barry to see how a man should act, because man-hell is a bad example. but i feel...weird about that because JAMES is literally on supergirl and people who watch supergirl can just look at him to see what a great man looks like. james is kind, honest, respectful, a goddamned hero. like i love barry too but im so sick of james being treated like he doesn't exist.

I said during season one what James and Kara needed was tension but the writers instead of investing in them to give them some organic tension just tossed the entire thing away in season two, gave James and Kara contrived drama this year and introduced someone that challenges her in the most cliche CW way..

Kara doesn’t need a Barry because Kara is like Barry herself..

Kara needs to be with an adult, someone that stands beside her(for the right reasons) and challenges her when she’s wrong(all things James did) and most importantly makes her better,  not quirky one minute dialogue where two people argue like an old married couple we’re suppose to find cute.

James is more adult male than the CW is use to dealing with when it comes to their male leads, They usually go for young 20 somethings fandom can squee over but james is older, acts more mature and carries himself like an adult. That is a level of maturity this show should embrace instead of trying to CW the show up

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So Jon should just kill himself, reducing his character's storyline to nothing, just cause Daenerys is more important or something and deserves to live over him (in your eyes)? And yet you call out those who show preferential treatment.


Did you actually read what I wrote, or just saw the Jon dies part and went into a frothy induced blind rage? 

Did you read the part where I noted that Dany gave birth to Jon’s child and how Jon wanted his child to have something he did not have and yearned for his entire life, i.e. a mother.

Would you like Jon to raise his child, lamenting all his life that Dany wasn’t there for their child because she was dead, and he had the opportunity to revive her and didn’t. 

I know as an obsessed Jon’s stan you want your fav to live but this is just ridiculous. You might also want to read the ask I answered earlier in the day. Where I discussed the possibility of a political marriage for Jon after Dany dies

Now shoo fly, I got better things to do. 

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How about a mutant au?

I’m mostly interested in the backstories this AU offers. Like we obviously got Abuela in charge of wherever it is mutants can live and learn about their powers (like the X-mansion or some kind of barrio-esque place) and Daniela and the Rosario’s could be teachers for the younger ones.

But as for the others, like I said earlier, imagine their backstories! Like, seven year old Usnavi arrives at the front door carrying his baby cousin Sonny because Sonny’s parents gave him up or died, and Usnavi’s parents sent them both there because they couldn’t keep them safe; Lil’ Benny accidently stumbling into the front yard because he’s being chased by the police; Lil’ Nina and Lincoln having been born in the mansion and maybe they’re the ones who help Benny hide; Lil’ Vanessa being sent by her mom because her father was a mutant and was killed; Teen!Carla being found and take in by Daniela a while back, and maybe is training under her to be a teacher for the younger mutants; and lil’ Pete having run away from home and hearing about this place where mutants can be safe and finding his way there. I’m still unsure about the powers, but imagine the barrio babs growing up and maybe forming their own pseudo-x-men group and all of them just living happily in that big mansion as a giant family with super power shenanigans. 


Bucky must’ve been out of his mind to propose to Stephanie on the day of her mother’s funeral. Could he have chosen a worse time? And yet to him, the timing was perfect. Sarah gave him her rings because she wanted him to look after her little girl after she was gone. Stephanie shouldn’t have to live one day on her own, and so when Bucky saw her about to walk into her empty apartment by herself, he panicked. 

“Thank you, Buck, but I can get by on my own.” She said sadly. 

“The thing is, you don’t have to…” Bucky got on one knee and held out Sarah’s ring, “…because I’m with you to the end of the line.” 

It took two years to save up for the wedding of their dreams. Sarah’s dress was too big for Stephanie, and she refused to alter it, so a new dress was made by the older wives in their building.  

On April 24th, 1938, Stephanie Rogers became Stephanie Barnes in a private ceremony in St. Augustine’s Catholic Church. 

(Thank you to @inediblesushi for the commission once again, it came out exactly as I hoped it would!)

What’s up with the picture frame behind them? :o

“He’s my butler.” I love Link silently cracking up after that.

I don’t usually fidget with stuff?? Maybe because nothing is available to fidget with, but I can see how it could be helpful. I remember hearing about a teacher who replaced her classroom chairs with bouncy balls, and apparently her kids were more focused afterwards.

“Oh, you’ve gained weight, Link.” bahaha Rhett…Link gave him a Look.

“Depends on which crevice.” Rhett, why are you imagining Link’s wedding ring falling into his butt.

What kind of high tech tv remote is that?? says the girl who hasn’t watched tv in month

This is just becoming a way for them to get more food. XD

My aesthetic is Rhett teasing Link for hitting his elbow on the table.

The bike wheel!!! X’D why… Okay now this is just Let’s Get Weird with It.

It always irks me when celebrities refer to each other as “friends” when chances are that they barely talk.

Rhett lies with such a straight face. Good gosh…

Yay EB talk! I’m glad they’re addressing the people who asked about Ear Biscuits possibly changing. 

“I consider ultimate intimacy to be when you’re disrobed.” Is that why they went skinny dipping? ;P Also what does Rhett consider bathing in a tub together while wearing tiny shorts to be? Partial intimacy?

“I’m a little over Youtubers.” Same tbh

Mike and Alex unhinged… all the more reason for me to avoid it then. >.>

That ending was dramatic. I haven’t been reading comments or anything, but I didn’t think the new shows were replacing GMM. Like c’mon people…do you REALLY think Randl would stop the show with absolutely no fanfare? XD

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May I please request a headcanon for how Jacob would act at Evie's wedding. Thank you :D

Thank you for the ask :3 sorry for taking so long, got distracted by Yogurt Night Jacob XD

Jacob would be happy for her sister, as any sibling would be for their sister to be married to the man she loves; but Jacob would be resentful at first to go to his sister’s wedding. But, this gave him another excuse to wear the suit again.

He would be one of 2 options at the wedding: Greenie’s Best Man or the one that walks Evie down the Isle; I would go for him walking Evie down the Isle and giving her away. He wouldn’t say this out loud, but he was really happy that Evie and Henry were together and happy. 

During the ceremony, he would probably scoff at a few things and roll his eyes just to piss Evie off, but only because he was bored out of his mind.

Now here comes the reception part. Jacob would be the one to dance with her, even though he doesn’t like it at first. When it came to let him get something to eat, he would most likely stuff his gob with almost everything that is being served. 

When it came to the speeches and saying a few words, this would have been a perfect opportunity to embarrass her, but decided not to cause its his sis’s big day and all. 

He’d probably say something like “Congratulations are in order for my dear sister and Henry for their union. I am very happy that Evie has someone as good a man as Henry to take care of her; but just as fair warning, Henry, prepare not to have anymore decent nights sleep because this one snores louder than a ho- Ouch! Evie! I was just jokin’! Stop it!”

Hoped you enjoy this one! I certainly did XD

Want to have a headcanon about a character (of your choosing) during a certain situation, just pop on by and shoot me an ask :D 

during the debate between Ted Cruz and Bernie sanders last night about obamacare this one woman told Bernie she has a small business (I think a hair salon) and she was like I can’t grow my business because I have to provide my employees with health insurance and it’s too expensive. and Bernie straight up told her, hey you’re not gonna like my answer, but I’m sorry I think you need to provide them with insurance (and then he brought up the fact that he thinks single payer health insurance is still the way to go). then this lady told Ted Cruz that without Obamacare, she would have died. and he gave some generic answer about how he doesn’t wanna take away all aspects of Obamacare (which btw is a lie because he once held a 20 hour filibuster in which he read green eggs and ham in order to repeal every last word of Obamacare). but like…..this is where we’re beginning the discussion. “I can’t grow my business” vs “I would have died”

And then she stopped his heart.

She lifted her head, her chest heaving as she panted and she shot him a triumphant look, her bluebell eyes sparkling from under the reach of her dark fringe. And she smirked.

And right then and there Adrien knew he was absolutely screwed.

Because he wasn’t playing Dodge Ball with Marinette.

He was playing with Ladybug.

Inspired by this fic!


so are you telling me that stiles stilinski knew all this time that she felt something and never ever said anything or pushed it because he wanted to make sure she was ready for it, wanted to make sure she came to the realization herself. youre telling me that stiles stilinski left the ball in her court and gave lydia full control over what happened.

Why I loved Lisa Braeden

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I knew they wouldn’t last, because Supernatural isn’t about romantic relationships. Not long term. But Lisa was one of the best things to happen to Dean. She accepted him for who he is. She took him in at his lowest. She kept him grounded and moving forward at a time when he could have spiraled out of control. She gave him a year of something he’s always wanted… a normal life. She told him what that year meant to her.

Lisa was a strong, loving woman. Exactly what Dean needed. I will always love Lisa for taking care of Dean for that year of his life.

carl gallagher is the definition of unexpected. the little boy who melted dolls together, tortured animals, put a goldfish in the microwave all while his siblings just watched in some kind of amused horror. the little boy who bullied the other kids because he wanted to make people cry, who fantasized about pushing people on train tracks, who never had a problem with death or murder. the teenage boy that ate out almost every girl in his grade just for the hell of it. that boy is the same boy who put his shirt back on and had zero complaints about it because his girlfriend didn’t like sex, the same boy who took her entire family in even when his siblings resisted (”they live in a van.” “why is that my problem?”  “it’s winter”). it’s the same boy who was so devoted to his best friend that he gave him a place to live, never complained about or mocked the things that made him feel safe and did them with no judgement (watching his back in the shower at home, letting him sleep on the floor). the same boy who saw a (not his first, but his first fresh) dead body and knew he couldn’t keep going down the same path he was going anymore because he didn’t wanna see that. the same boy who only questioned ian’s sexuality because he wanted to know more about it and no one would give him any answers, the same boy who accepted caleb’s sexuality even when ian and even caleb barely did, the same boy who comforted mickey when ian was being diagnosed. the same boy who said he wasn’t good enough for his girlfriend but he would do whatever she asked as long as she liked him (he literally cut the tip of his dick off for that girl). he never said any rude things to her, after the whole sorority ordeal he didn’t even speak to her. he just hung out with her dad, the only positive father figure in his life, and bettered himself. he even almost gave up his newfound dream to be with her after she cheated on him, but he went anyways after she just broke his heart again. he went to military school, he’s trying to be a better person. this is the same boy who tried so hard to help his father so many times, and in the end his father tried to force him to stay in the business he was in despite the fact that he was terrified and miserable. carl is so devoted and loyal to everyone, not just the gallaghers, and even the people who hurt him, and he’s the most well-rounded character on the show.

Mary is acting out ‘a post- Reichenbach’ Sherlock

The ultimate revenge. She jets off around the world, seemingly to keep John safe… just like Sherlock did in The Reichenbach Fall. 

Except, here comes the diabolical bit. This is Mary taunting Sherlock, twisting the knife in further: she is saying all the things Sherlock wanted to say when he came back to John in The Empty Hearse, but couldn’t.

That’s why her letter to John is so melodramatic: She is mocking Sherlock, imitating what  he would be like writing such a love letter to John. Just make a few alterations and imaging this is Sherlock writing to John, if he was able to let him know that he was simply ‘leaving’ during The Reichenbach Fall:

My darling, I need to tell you this because you mustn’t hate me for going away.  I gave myself permission to have an ordinary life. I’m not running, I promise you that, I just need to do this in my own way.  But I don’t want you and Sherlock hanging off my gun arm, I’m sorry, my love. I know you’ll try to find me but there is no point. Every move is random and not even Sherlock Holmes you can anticipate the roll of a dice. I need to move the target far, far away from you and Rosie, and then I’ll come back, my darling. I swear I will.

Sherlock was trying to ‘give himself permission’ to have ‘an ordinary life’, to fall in love.

And then, Mary goes one step further. She imitates what Sherlock would have liked to say to John during his reunion with him in The Empty Hearse:

You’re always a good man, John, I’ve never doubted that. You never judge, you never complain. I don’t deserve you, I… All I ever wanted to do was keep you and Rosie safe, that’s all.

This is her revenge, excruciatingly painful for Sherlock. She is throwing all of his deeply intimate, unspoken words out into the open, spitting them back in his face. She is saying: See? This is what could have happened to you, but it didn’t. You’ve failed. 

Oh, she is wicked, that one.


I will always remember Carrie Fisher for that time she went to the Force Awakens premiere and made Adam Driver carry her dopey-looking dog the whole time. And Adam Driver was just like “Well, I guess this is my life now,” because clearly there was nothing he or anyone else could do about it, and Carrie Fisher was well past the point in her life where she gave a shit about what anybody else thought about anything. I was genuinely inspired by this moment. Rest in peace, weird space mom.

Day Sixty-One

-Some days I feel that I will learn nothing interesting. Today was one of those days, but I was proven wrong. Today, Cat Lady recited her grocery list for the cashiers. 

-I sold a woman a small jar filled with severed toes. Technically, the bottle read “Baby Food Chicken Sticks,” but I know what I saw.

-A boy roundhouse kicked his brother and stood, proud of his work, until his mother turned around. He then solemnly said, “I am sorry, I did not mean to kick.” This is, by far, the most impressive accident I have ever witnessed.

-A woman gave me the nickname “The Christmas Bomb,” as I scanned a coupon for her, making me The Bomb in her eyes, and is it almost Christmas. I like this nickname, but I wish that she would not have shouted it so loudly at me, because now I expect to be arrested at any time.

-I told a man to have a good night. The man told me that he loved me too. I understand the death I saw behind his eyes,

-While scanning items, I accidentally launched a Reese’s Cup across the register. I say accidentally, but the candy actually scanned itself and landed in the bag, so I will actually take full credit for having done this intentionally. This has taken the record for my new proudest moment and I hope to obtain the security footage of it one day.

-A sign has been posted. We are allowed to wear jeans until Christmas. Life is good and I will live it to the fullest in denim-clad glee.

-Tonight, there was poop on the walls of the women’s restroom, and I am now at a point in my life where the most shocking part of that is that it was the women’s restroom.

-A man, desperate for his “prescription,” arrived after the pharmacy closed and naturally resolved to follow the pharmacist to her car for his “medicine.” Following the pharmacist, he was followed by the police, resulting in the most high-stakes game of follow the leader of the 21st century.

-A mother introduced her toddler to a mirror, prompting the daughter to scream in existential terror. How this child knew my morning routine well enough to recreate it so perfectly is beyond me. 

The conversation between Amon and Touka says a lot about Touka and Kaneki

I really love the conversation between Touka and Amon, and it just about the fact that Amon has forgiven Touka and called her a kind person. Cause while that is great it also gave great insight into the relationship between Kaneki and Touka. I say this because of this panel right here with Touka giving advice to Amon on why he should still visit Akira.

This advice changes the entire dynamic of the conversation, as Touka tells him what she wants from Kaneki. Through this advice it makes Amon a surrogate for Kaneki’s feelings. This is because in many ways Kaneki and Amon have been parallels since part 1, and this conversation really shows it. Both Kaneki and Amon have spent years apart from someone that they cared for first without choice and then consciously. There situations mirror each other very closely, and even though they are reunited things between Touka and Kaneki have been awkward. But, I think that Amon’s dialogue on why he hasn’t seen Akira is great insight in why he has been avoiding his talk with Touka

Amon talks about the guilt about leaving someone wondering whether they were dead or alive for so long. Then on top of it they are not longer the same person they were when they left. Then Touka gives Amon the advice that just them coming back to them is enough, no matter what has happened.

I know this conversation wasn’t necessarily what people wanted but it’s great because in this one conversation we are given the thoughts and feeling of four characters. As Amon and Kaneki are parallels and I’m starting to believe that Akira and Touka are too. 


However, as one Twitter user observed, Trump’s own pick for attorney general, Sen. Jeff Sessions, who is awaiting confirmation, had once advised Yates to defy a president’s orders “if the views the president wants to execute are unlawful.”

The tweet, showing Sessions’ advising Yates to do the very thing Trump just fired her for, has since gone viral.

During Yates’ 2015 confirmation hearing for deputy attorney general, Sessions told Yates, “You have to watch out because people will be asking you do things you just need to say no about.”

“Do you think the attorney general has the responsibility to say no to the president if he asks for something that’s improper?”

Sessions gave an example of then-President Obama nominating Loretta Lynch as the attorney general.

“A lot of people have defended the Lynch nomination, for example, by saying that ‘Well, he appoints someone who’s going to execute his views. What’s wrong with that?’ But if the views the president wants to execute are unlawful, should the attorney general say no?” Sessions asked Yates.

Yates responded, “Senator, I believe the attorney general or the deputy attorney general has the obligation to follow the law and the constitution and to give their independent legal advice.”

Sessions also told Yates that it “shouldn’t take you too long to say, ‘No, this isn’t right’” to the president.


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"Chat, are you... jealous of Adrien?!"

“Chat, are you… jealous of Adrien?!” Alya giggled.

“What!? No! That would be ridiculous!” Chat’s voice rose an octave.

“You know Marinette only has a crush on him because she has a hero complex,” Alya said smoothly. Chat’s eyes widened as he gave her a sidelong glance.

“She- she does?” Chat asked hesitantly.

“Uh huh! He saved her from a storm with an umbrella, if he hadn’t done that she wouldn’t even be remotely interested. I’m telling you save her once and she’ll be smitten,” Alya assured him.

“Who said I wanted her to be smitten with me?” Chat asked indignantly. Alya fixed him with a look.

“Please Chat, it’s written all over you’re face! You totally like-” Alya started only to be interrupted by Chat Noir.

“- am totally in love with her,” Chat whispered as he stared longingly towards the trap door on Marinette’s balcony.

“YOU WHAT!?!” Alya shrieked.

Wow there are a lot of these!!! But for now I must sleep. More to finish up tomorrow.