because he gave it to her

Pets The Avengers Would Have

(im gonna kms because i was over halfway done with this and then i accidentally closed my browser so take 2 lol)

Thor: A corgi. Don’t even fight me on this.

Tony: A Siamese cat. Compulsively got her after Pepper left. Acts like he doesn’t care that much about her but you can bet your ass that he sits her in the kitchen counter stool next to his when he has his morning coffee. She follows him everywhere.

Steve: A beagle probably. Names it something patriotic like Liberty or America (Meri for short)

Wanda: a min-Rex Bunny. Must I explain?

Clint. He wanted a hawk but Nat (and literally everyone else) told him it was a terrible idea because 1, birds are hard to care for as is and 2, it’s a hawk. out of retaliation he goes to the shelter and picks up the ugliest dog he can find; a pug. He didn’t plan on keeping him for very long, only until the others gave in and agreed to the hawk. But the bug-eyed cutie grew on Clint, and he would rather shoot an arrow through his foot than get rid of him.

(^that’s my dog btw ha if you call her ugly i will literally fucking kill you)

Nat: Getting tired of Vision nagging about how having a pet companion boosts your mental health by blah-blah-percent, she went and got the simplest and cheapest pet she could, a beta fish. She admits to liking the colors of the fish to the others, but behind closed doors she also talks to the little guy, and likes the simple one-sided conversations they have when she’s getting ready for bed.

Bruce: a small gecko or lizard. Something that can stay in his lab without disrupting anything and can keep him company. Will sometimes put it on his head or shoulder when he’s working (never when chemicals are out though)

Bucky: Dogs. Good God. I can’t name a single breed because he brings home so many. Any time he leaves the HQ he coaxes any strays he sees to follow him home. He can’t leave the HQ without someone going with him because they know he’ll bring home strays. He’s drowning in dogs. Help him.

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Dang this archive is long can someone recap all this?

Frisk starts an askblog. It’s the pacifist ending and everyone’s happy! Yay! OR ARE THEY. Just kidding it’s a nice wholesome askblog over here and nothing bad happens. Wait! Gaster’s in the void still! But Sans saves him by tearing open a big gaping plothole! The plothole is so big that Chara crawls through it. Frisk fails at an innocuous social situation, which leads Monster Kid to stupidly risk their life for a flower that doesn’t exist. Frisk stupidly runs after them without calling for the help of any adults. Chara shows up and Frisk realizes that they did a bad. Sans shows up and can’t keep his eyes on the danger baby and gets bodysnatched. TORIEL DIES! Just kidding she’s fine. And Sans causes half of the internet to cringe with second hand embarrassment and the other half to squeal with childlike glee as he transforms into a meme… which I guess means that nothing changed about him really if you think about it. CHARA DIES! Just kidding Sans spares them. SANS DIES! Just kidding he’s fine. THE KETCHUP DIES. Not kidding about that one. Everyone goes home and everything’s fine OR IS IT. Chara’s got a secret plan and wants everyone to sign a petition for their secret plan that they aren’t going to tell anyone about. Everyone’s like “What? No! Why would we-” and then they sign it anyway. Everyone’s asleep now. Sans has a wetdream. What? A crossover with another blog? Behind the scenes the authors meet and Trash Queen says “I will cure your skelewaifu” and Rei says “Oh thank you Trash Queen, however shall I repay your magnanimous acts? I know! Here, this dog.” and a deal was made. TORIEL DIES! Just kidding, I mean really though she just can’t catch a break. Flowey soul grew three sizes that day. The crossover ends. Frisk has a crazy sister. She kicks Papyrus in the face because he gave a guy nicecream and took him to the hospital. How dare he. She gets dunked/doodled on. An Edgelord comes out of the plothole. He’s totally not Asriel from a dystopian AU. Frisk’s sister and her friend get jumped in an alleyway by the creature from the black lagoon, the easter bunny’s punk rock sister, and Stephen King’s Children of the Corn. Frisk’s sister gives Children of the Corn a bad review. This pisses off Stephen King’s skeleton. The Edgelord one-shot’s Stephen King’s skeleton. Frisk apologizes for procrastinating on family reunions. They all hang out for a while and nothing happens. Until some stuff happens. And there was another crossover…? And they started an exorcism band…? And… Man I’m sleepy. I’m going to take a nap now. Bye.


Whatever It Takes: Chapter 6

ACOTAR Figure Skating AU

Summary: Nesta firmly believes that if you want something, you have to work your ass off for it. And she wants a National title attached to her name. But when her coach decides that a change in discipline is what Nesta needs, she’s far from impressed. Now, instead of training as a ladies single skater, she has to switch gears and skate as a pairs skater. And her partner? Someone she can’t stand. Non other than cocky, flirtatious, former Men’s skater Cassian.
Edited by: @ilikebigbooks-and-icannotlie

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Of all of the times Elain had been in Lucien’s living room, she had never felt more out of place.

It was like those scenes in the movies, where the girl sits stiff as a board, waiting for the boy to walk in. A deafening silence would be draped over the room, the grandfather clock in the corner giving off the only sound - a steady tick, tock, tick, tock.

Lucien didn’t own a grandfather clock though.

Elain sighed, her gaze slipping towards the window. She could hear Lucien’s mumbled voice as he talked away on the phone. The sound of his warm caramel voice, the sound that she used to long to hear, only made her more on edge, more restless.

I expected rain, Elain realized as she continued to look out the window. She had expected grey clouds to heavily coat the sky, rain coming down in sheets. She had expected the wind to be howling, coldness gripping every living thing as tears stained her cheeks.

She didn’t expect the warm rays of sun to fall through the window. The slowly changing autumn leaves looked brighter as fall slowly started to creep in. There was a light breeze in the air, cool and refreshing. The perfect day.

And there were no tears running down her cheeks. They weren’t even stinging in her eyes as she sat on the couch.

She didn’t expect any of it. And yet, it didn’t surprise her.

There was a heaviness on her shoulders and in her heart as she glanced towards the kitchen.

It wasn’t something she wanted to do. Wasn’t something anyone ever wanted to do. But it was something that had to be done. Maybe even something that should have been done awhile ago, who really knew. All Elain knew was she couldn’t go on like that anymore. She wasn’t happy. He wasn’t happy. Neither of them were truly happy anymore.

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Brief Explanations

Prompts: 40. “I wasn’t lying when I said that I loved you.” And 85. “Don’t lie to me.”

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of abuse, blood

Word Count: 1043

A/N: So, here is part 6 of nightmares and bruises!!!! I hope you like it!! BTW I have got all your requests I’m just slowly working my way through them. Also, from December 1st I will be mainly doing Christmas prompts. I already have one request but I will post a Christmas prompt list. Also, if you want to be tagged in this series please leave a comment. Also it’s Dacre’s Birthday!!!

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Originally posted by dailydacremontgomerysource

The plan to draw all the Demodogs into the tunnels, away from the gate, had been a success. They just hoped that the other groups had similar look to their own. After his initial freak out session, Steve had been cool with the plan. He still wasn’t happy about Y/N and Billy but they could talk that out some other time. Right now, they were all tired and bruised and just wanted to get home.

Y/N was still driving Billy’s Camaro, and wearing his jacket much to Steve’s disgust, as she dropped the kids back at home one by one until it was only her, Steve and Max in the car.

“So, you and Billy?” Steve questioned as he cradled his throbbing head in one hand.

“I’ll explain tomorrow, I’m too tired right now.” Y/N promised him. He seemed okay with this because he didn’t say another word until she dropped him off. “I’ll come check on you tomorrow.”

“Okay, night.” Steve said. Y/N and Max uttered a ‘night’ back as Max climbed into the front seat.

“Right, let’s get you home.” Y/N muttered as she threw the car into gear.

“What about Billy?” The redhead looked across at the older girl.

Y/N sighed. “You just get your step-dad to look out of the window and say that Billy dropped you off but needs some air. I’ll deal with Billy. You better tell your mom that me and Steve run a study group.”

“A study group?” Max tried not to laugh.

“I know but it’s the best excuse we have. And it’s kinda educational all this monster fighting.” Y/N laughed and Max joined in.

Max nodded and it wasn’t long until they pulled up in front of the house. Neil was already looking out of the window at the sound of the engine. Luckily the car was dark enough so he couldn’t see Y/N.

“Looks like he already saw.” Max chuckled as she climbed out of the car. “Night, Y/N.”

“Goodnight, Max.” Y/N smiled as the girl shut the door. Y/N watched her get inside before pulling off and heading back to the Byers house.

Billy was still out cold on the sofa when Y/N opened the door. She pocketed the Camaro keys and pulled the jacket tighter around her shoulders. She had no idea how to work the heating so she just grabbed a blanket from Jonathan’s room and draped it over Billy. She glanced around the room at the mess they had all created and cringed. After everything she had been through this year, Joyce really didn’t need to come home to this mess.

Y/N set about tidying the living room and the kitchen slowly. She picked up everything the boys had smashed before sweeping the floor for the shards. She left the paper with the tunnels up because she had no idea what to do with them. She was writing Joyce a note explaining about the fight and warning her about the Demodog in the fridge, when she heard a groan followed by cursing from the living room.

She walked through in time to see Billy try, and fail, to stand up. “I wouldn’t do that yet. Max gave you a pretty strong sedative.” Y/N warned and his eyes shot up to look at her.

“Where is she?” He asked. His voice wavered and he sounded scared.

“I took her and the others home. I took your car. Your dad thinks it was you who dropped her off.” Y/N assured him as she walked over to him and took his face in her hands. She lifted his head to look at her as she examined the bruises forming. Steve had got a couple of good hits and Billy’s lip was split, there were bruises on his cheekbone and over his right eye and there was dried blood around his nose.

“I’m fine, princess.” Billy said as he tried to stand up again. He shook slightly but managed to stand up straight.

“You might be but Steve’s not.” Y/N said as she walked into the kitchen to finish off the note for Joyce.

“I’m sorry, Y/N. My dad realised Max was missing and he…” Billy trailed off. He still wasn’t comfortable talking about his father’s actions.

“That’s not an excuse for nearly attacking a thirteen-year-old and nearly killing Steve. I’m not the one you need to apologise too.” Y/N sighed. “You need to work on all this, Billy.”

“I know. But I haven’t been getting into as many fights. You really do help me, Y/N.” Billy tripped over some of the paper. “What the hell is this?”

“Will likes drawing.” Y/N shrugged as she binned the last of the shattered pottery.

“Don’t lie to me. Why were you all here tonight?” He had walked further into the room.

“Study group, Billy.” Y/N lied through her teeth. “Me and Steve have been running it for the past few years. Max decided she wanted to join.”

Billy nodded. “And everything else you said?”

“I wasn’t lying when I said that I loved you.” Y/N muttered.

“Then I never gave you an answer.” Billy walked towards her and ran his thumb over her cheekbone. “I love you too, Y/N L/N.” He smiled and she matched it before connecting their lips. She tasted metal on her tongue but that didn’t stop either of them. When they did pull back, it was for air. Billy smiled at her and kissed her forehead.

“Let’s go home, I’m tired.” Y/N said as she grabbed his hand.

“By the way, you look good in my jacket.” Billy smirked as her cheeks went red.


Being a Batsis (w/ Batboys and Bruce) (Headcanon)

Complain and mock about everything and everyone and being too angry for someone at such young age

“Sister, what are you doing?” “Halloween decoration” “We live in a house in the middle of nowhere, no one’s coming over” “It’s. Halloween” and they would never bother you with this again because your tone sounded almost like a death sentence

Not actually interested at their night job

Bruce never offered you a position really because he knew you didn’t care much. It was nice to have a kid who would have an actual nightime.

When you turned 16, all the girls from your school couldn’t shut up about the Debutante Gala, Gotham’s most fancy party to introduce the daughters of the richiest man of the city

You would find it lame but the girls were giving you a hard time making fun of you telling that you didn’t have a date and your father was ashamed of you

Of course you know it was a lie, but it still got into your nerves. And you eventually punch the girl in her face.

They call Bruce and boiiiii HE’S FLIPPING THE TABLES OFF

He meets you in the principal’s officer and he gives you THE LOOK

The look he only gave to your brothers once they screw up

And the little bitch you punched couldn’t stop crying saying her face was ruined and you just snap “Oh god could you stop? I barely touch your nose”

They all would disagree because THE GIRL IS BLEEDING HER LIFE OFF

Damian and Jason would probably give you the highest of high fives later

The only time Bruce was ever call to your school was when you were 12 and kept telling that your brother came back from the dead

But this time he was so pissed

I mean, it wasn’t a punch that broke her nose but it was a specific enough that would leave her bleed a lot. Who even taught you that?

He takes you home and the way over he’s just starring at you starring the window

I’m so disappointed” and boy that breaks your heart.

You tell the story about the Gala and he just “oh, now I get it”

He tells you a story about how his mother took he once. He says he got the invitation but you never seemed to mind about that

I don’t, okay? It’s just really annoying

But eventually he makes a entire drama about you are he’s only daughter with his name. “Ugh, fine” and he mades you wear this stupid long dress with stupid expensive jewlery

But the look in his face when you’re dancing with him it’s just so “stop it, dad” with red cheeks and he’s just so proud.

Dick would dance with you too just to make other girl’s feeling jealousy for having such handsome brother.

Dick would bring the Titans over so they could discuss whatever supernatural problem the world was about to have and you would turn into a annoyance mess.

Seriously, how are they so obsessed about getting into fights? Why they don’t just call Superman over and he would end this in a sneeze.

You know that if you ever say that out loud they would disherit you right away.

But then again, your brother’s cute friend, Wally would be there

You guys had a rule about you not coming down to the Cave unless you’re called or hurt. As if they’re gonna stop you

Wally calling you princess for the entire time and Tim would kick you out and probably later put his feet while Wally is running so he could trip.

When you turned 18, Dick, Tim and Jason would lead you to underage drinking

Because really, how’s a person could be known as an adult for society while she’s 18 but she couldn’t have her own drink?

Dick would be all “We’re gonna get in trouble” “Alright, that’s enough” when you started to feel a little loosened. But Jason would give something so strong that by now he doesn’t care anymore

Tim would try to flirt with a girl so terrible that you and Dick would push him aside so he can teach him

His skills are so bad it makes you cringe “you’re more beautiful than the cinematic photography from star wars” srsly WHAT THE FUCK

Dick would be scared of how good you are but really you only knew what Wally taught you

And of course you slip this during a conversation and it would be a HELLA OF DRUNK ARGUMENT between the four of you

So y’all tried to murder our father in the past and I’m crucified because I am dating?” “YES”

You discover you’re a true Wayne the next day when you’re the only one without a hangover

Damian picked you guys up last night and the fourteen year old would look like a stressed mom trying to control all of you

Bruce knows the boys he have in home so whenever he’s away, you’re in charge (besides Alfred)

Your room would be far from the boys area because you once claimed it smells like daddy issues and cheap leather

“How do you spent 200$ bucks on make up” “How do you spent our space by existing?”

When Wally come over for the first time, they all acted like they never met him in life


Everything is fine eventually

Bruce’s really trying to be the dad the boys never had.

s e s s i o n s | intro

“It’s nice to talk to someone that doesn’t judge you.”

Summary: Could Jungkook be cheating on her? The thought obsessed Yoona until she found the solution: you, her friend and psychology student. Her plan looked great in her mind, but what she didn’t realize is that you could become the problem.

Genre: Angst || Warnings: Mentions of sex. 
Pairing: Jungkook x Reader
A/N: So the poor Jungkook will be the victim of these evil women and their plan in my new fic. It was going to be posted yesterday but it was my birthday and I had a party and all those things you do in your birthday (?). But finally here it is. Will be just a few chapters long, so hope you like it.

Words: 2.8k

Originally posted by yologuk


He heard his name, but he ignored it and kept looking at the screen. Biting his lip, he moved his fingers on the joystick, trying to finish the level.

But then, the screen went black.

“What the fuck is wrong with you!?” He snapped, tossing the joystick on the couch and standing up, “I was almost done!”

The girl looked at him with an incredulous expression written on her face. Her mouth opened and two of her long slender fingers pointed at him, “What is wrong with you!? You don’t even care about me anymore!”

“That’s not true!” he rubbed his face with his hands and stepped closer to his girlfriend, “I performed all weekend, I’m tired! I want to play a stupid game sitting on my couch!”

They were the golden couple. The actress and the idol. Why was that so difficult? She watched him turn around and walk to the bedroom. Alone and in silence.

Was he cheating on her? Was that the reason why he didn’t care anymore? Nah, Jungkook was too shy for that. Or not?
The same question repeated like a mantra on her mind.

And that was how a week later Yoona and Jungkook were sitting on two red leather chairs, waiting for you to arrive and take a seat on the bigger black chair opposite to them.

His right leg could not stop trembling and his fingers moved nervously, drawing circles on his knees. He felt that this was some kind of test. Glancing at his girlfriend, he noticed that she looked way more relaxed than him. Did that mean she felt he was the only one that was wrong?

The door finally opened and a young woman dressed in white entered and made her way to that black chair in front of a big and clean desk.

He frowned and took a card from the pocket of his jeans with a name written on it, “Y/N?” He read, clearly confused.

You found it funny and a tiny smile spread on your lips, “That was my name last time I checked.”

“I thought you were a secretary or something. My therapy concept is an old woman wearing a sweater and showing us some weird drawings.”

“If that is what you’re looking for, you came to the wrong place.”

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Stroke of Luck- Epilogue

Word count: 3500-ish

Warnings: Fluff <3

Series Summary: Dark highway, middle of the night, a bad boy driving an Impala, and a Damsel in distress. Too cliche? Think again.

A/N: The epilogue is here!! I REALLY hope you guys like it as much as I do <3

This wouldn’t have been possible without the lovely @sdavid09. Thank you for betaing the series. I love you, Shanna! <3

Stunning aesthetic by @thing-you-do-with-that-thing. Thank you so much, Kari! This is more than what I deserve <3

Feedback is really REALLY appreciated!

Stroke of luck Masterlist

You knew it was a bad idea. You knew you shouldn’t have trusted Castiel with this the moment you saw him standing there.

You sighed.

“Oh my God, Cas,” you whined, “That is not what I told you to do!”

“But they look so beautiful,” he smiled, and all your annoyance melted away. How could you be angry with him? How could anyone?

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“I don’t remember why but we were talking about telephones, and Jeff said ‘people are like Pavlovian dogs, they hear a bell ringing and they have to drop whatever they’re doing and ignore whoever they’re talking to and they have to run to answer the phone’ He said ‘there are times that the phone rings in my house and I just don’t even answer it because I refuse to be enslaved by the ringing of a bell’ (…) What I later found out was that his mother had basically fled their house and took Jeff’s younger brother with her. She gave instructions to Jeff before she left to not answer the phone (…) Jeff’s whole explanation that sounded so intellectual and logical and in a sense superior in terms of why he didn’t answer the phone, was bullshit” 

- Martha Schmidt, Jeffrey Dahmer’s high school classmate [x]

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Shoot + promise

“I think it’s time for us to have a nice little chat about where you’re hiding that hard drive.” Root smiled encouragingly and prodded the whimpering man on the floor with the toe of her boot.

“I swear I don’t know anything!” Her new friend (She thought his name might be Roger? Or maybe Dennis? Oh well, wasn’t like it mattered anyway) wasn’t quite intimidated enough to spill his guts yet, figuratively speaking, but she figured threatening him with literally spilling his guts might help speed that along.

“Now, Roger…”

“My name is Frank.”

“We don’t have time for this, Roger. I’m on a bit of a schedule here, so I’m going to need you to tell me where you stashed that hard drive. This is me asking nicely.” She pulled a taser out of her coat pocket. “And trust me, you don’t want me to ask less nicely.”

“Okay! All I know is…”

A annoying little tune started blaring, cutting him off. Root made a face and fished around in another pocket.

“It’s nine already?” She silenced the alarm on her phone and shoved it back into her pocket. A little more digging around in yet another pocket produced a bundle of zip-ties.

“Okay, Dennis, I know you were about to tell me everything I needed to know, and I really do appreciate that, but we’re going to have to put that on hold for just a second.” She motioned at a nearby pole. “Put your arms around that and I’m going to tie your wrists.”

Her prisoner looked back and forth between her and the door out. Root sighed; she didn’t have time for this right now.

“If you make me take my gun out, then I get to shoot you with it. Those are the rules, Tony.”

He moved over and put his arms around the pole, sitting quietly while she secured his wrists.

“There. Much better. Now, let’s see…” Root fished around through the large pockets in her winter coat. She knew she’d put it somewhere in here.

“Oh, here we go.” She pulled a power bar out of the depths of one pocket and proudly held it up for her prisoner to admire. “I came prepared this time.”

The man whose name was probably Frank watched in utter confusion as she unwrapped the bar and started eating it.

“These things really aren’t that good. I should invest in better flavors.” She tilted her head to one side. “Is there a brand that tastes better?”

“I…don’t know?”

Root smiled condescendingly at him. “I wasn’t talking to you.”

Probably-Frank didn’t comment further as she chewed on her snack. Very courteous of him. Maybe she wouldn’t tase him after all. Especially since the Machine had just informed her of an extremely important incoming call.

“Oh, she is? Of course I want to talk to her. Put her through. She can’t be upset. I’m eating right now!” She waited for the Machine to connect the call for her.

“Hey, sweetie. How’s it going over there?” She tapped her taser against her leg, absentmindedly.

“I’m eating right now. I set an alarm and everything.” She was very pleased with the alarm. She could have gotten the Machine to remind her, but having an alarm set on her phone was something she could show Shaw as actual proof.

“It’s a-” She looked at the wrapper. “-chocolate brownie energy bar? It’s not very good, but it’s definitely food.”

She saw a small movement out of the corner of one eye as she listened to Shaw’s response. She rounded on her prisoner, turning her taser on for just long enough to get his attention. He stopped fidgeting with the zip-ties, slumped in defeat, and glared at her.

“Sorry, Sameen. Ralph here was trying to escape. See, I’m in the middle of questioning him, but I still stopped to eat, because I told you I would, and I always keep my promises. To you, anyway.” Promises to anyone other than Shaw and the Machine didn’t count.

“My name is Frank.”

She gave an exasperated sigh and bent over to zap him once, very briefly.

“Stop interrupting, Fred. This is a very important call and you’re being rude.” She hadn’t gotten to talk to Shaw all day. She wasn’t going to let this idiot ruin it.

“I know it’s not a real dinner, but I’m out trying to track down that drive. I can’t carry around a four course meal in my pocket.”

She didn’t see what the problem was. She’d gotten the bar in some yuppie food store so it had to be healthy, right? “Well, once I’m done with George here, I’ll see if I can’t find somewhere still open to get a full meal, okay?”

On the floor, Probably-Frank was still quietly twitching.

“Is She sending you a daily update of my calorie intake?”

Honestly, they both fussed so much. It was kind of sweet.

“Is that gunfire? Did you call me from combat to make sure I’d eaten? That’s so adorable.”

Shaw’s offended response and subsequent termination of the call made her smile, but also made her ache to be back in New York. She only had two days left before she could leave, but it felt like a million years right now. Well, there was nothing she could do about that, so she might as well get on with the mission. She turned back to her new best buddy.

“Sorry about that, Roger, but I made a promise to a lady. Now-” She hunkered down and prodded him in the ribs with one finger. “-I need to get out of here in the next thirty minutes if I’m going to be able to find food with ‘acceptable nutritional value’ tonight. So, let’s talk about this hard drive.”

anonymous asked:

Nsfw scenario with Hanzo and Mccree (Separately) taking the virginity of a female reader pls. UvU

Oooooh this will be fun


Taking their ladys virginity


“You…haven’t before?”

The nod that [Name] had given the Shimada gave the reassurance of her claim. Hanzo had started developing stronger feelings towards [Name] and he wanted to at least present her with a gesture that would solidify his emotions. He could count several occasions that he longed to lay with her, but it either was postponed due to scheduling, her occupying herself elsewhere, or his self-doubt altogether.

Now the both of them had enough free time to experience intercourse. Seeing her hesitation for a second, he was worried that he was pushing her away. But it was only because of her secret purity. It relieved him, as well as built up a bit of pride in his heart, knowing that he was chosen to take her virginity away.

Reaching his knuckle up to brush against her cheekbone, a rare smirk formed on his lips watching their cheeks reddened by his touch. Wrapping his other arm around her waist, he pulled her close to his chest having their foreheads touch. [Name]s scent sent a shiver down Hanzos spine taking a moment to relish her vulnerable stance.

“Then I shall be gentle my flower.” Whispering low against her lips, he felt her shiver from his hot breath taking her lips onto his own.

The kiss was soft but passionate, he wanted to savour every taste of her and assure her that he would keep his word. [Name]s arms slowly wrapped around his neck gently stroking against his neck and shoulder blades. The open comfort invited him to let his hands wander her body. His fingers stroked around her curves feeling every inch of her through the kiss. A gentle moan seeped from her mouth letting Hanzo get a little more thrilled in his touches. His hands began to slowly tug at the hem of her shirt taking a moment to pull away so he could remove it.

Leaving her chest exposed to his sight, he gazed down to her breasts bringing a hand to cup into his palm. Leaning into her, his beard tickled the side of her face to kiss her cheek. [Name]s breath hitched once he gave her swollen chest a firm squeeze. Her nipples perked from the cold air that drifted from the calm nightly breeze from outside. She was beautiful and he was certain to make sure no one had her but him. His other hand wandered down to the waistband of her pants that she decided to wear. The tightness of the clothes exfoliating her beautiful body to his eyes. 

“Do you know what you do to me [Name]?” his voice brushed against her ear like silk as he stripped her clothes with his touch, “You shine like the moon and brighten the darkness of my heart. I am thankful to have you at my side.”

“Hanzo…” [Name] softly moaned feeling her body finally naked to his eyes. She had never exposed her body to him before, aside from an injury from long ago, but she didn’t feel too embarrassed knowing if anyone saw her naked, she was glad it was Hanzo.

Pulling away from her ear he returned a loving kiss onto her lips, feeling her body against his. Their heart softly pounded against one anothers at the love and tender touches of each other’s hold. Suddenly resting his hands onto her ass, he squeezed her flesh lightly before lifting her up. The sudden movement caused her to squeak between their kiss and hold onto tightly in hopes that he wouldn’t let go. His smirk grew bigger at [Name]s noises as he proceeded to move towards his bedroom.

[Name] suddenly felt his arms loosen only to find herself dropped onto the bedsheets of his futon. Looking up at Hanzo, she looked at the almost intensity of his eyes as he gazed at her breathless position. Even in the tender moments of love his eyes were fierce and determined. Seeing her intimidated blush, his eyes softened seeing every exposed part of her skin.

“Beautiful…” he muttered as he began to strip himself of his own clothes. [Name] watched as more of his skin was exposed his muscles flexed at each movement while be became as bare as her.

His body was absolutely perfect in her eyes, not a single flaw could be seen. [Name] suddenly swallowed hard as she noticed that his cock was already hard from all the touches from before. Hanzo slowly moved himself ontop of her having his hands all over her once more. His fingers wandered low between her legs watching her softly squirm underneath him.

Once his fingers grazed against her folds, a moan escaped [Name]s lips clenching her hands against the sheets. He looked at her while his fingers slowly stroked her, feeling her become wet just by his touches alone. His pride increased from that notion letting one of his fingers slide inside of her. [Name]s back arched a little feeling her hips slowly rock against his touch while his thumb rubbed her clit, easing her for what was to come. Already feeling her walls tighten from his fingers he steadied her hips for a moment before adjust himself ontop of her with his length just grazing her opening. Pushing her legs apart for comfort he looked at her for a second watching her chest heave from the built up of affection. He leaned down and kissed her collarbone softly looking up at her.

“I need you to relax my flower…” Watching her ease in her breath and moving her body he took a moment before adjust himself inside before slowly moving his cock into her folds. Hanzo already felt [Name] tense up just from the tip alone. He almost felt guilty of the pain that was seen on her face. Wrapping his arms around her, he kissed her jawline gently stopping for a moment to let her get comfortable, “Breathe [Name].”

[Name]s hands wrapped around Hanzos body already digging her nails into his toned skin. Shifting her hips she eased herself into his length before giving him a kiss on his cheek to indicate that she was alright. Once she was more at ease he pushed his hips further into her until he bottomed out with a grunt. How he longed for this, and now he finally had her. He thrusted slowly letting her take him in with more ease. [Name] panted against him as he began to move a little faster once her pain subsided.

It was almost nothing but silence but the sound of slapping skin and hushed pants. After a while of thrusting, [Name[s pants started to become audible moans as she began to tighten her grip on the Shimada. Her walls tightened against Hanzos length causing his thrusts to go faster knowing she was about to come. He pressed a loving kiss against her neck as if he was giving her the right to let go. Giving a few more deep thrusts [Name] moaned into his tattooed arm as she released against his length. It didn’t take Hanzo any longer to follow suit, gritting his teeth with one grunting moan as he spilled inside of her walls. Feeling her be filled with his mark he felt proud of his work holding the now trembling [Name] closer to him. Pulling back to look at her he rested his forehead against her own as he controlled his breathing.

“Are you alright?” [Name] nodded for a moment feeling one of their hands reach up to stroke his jaw.

“Yes…thank you…my dragon.” Hanzo tilted his hand into his palm, taking in his pet name she has given him knowing that she was happy to be by his side. That was all he could ever hope for from her. Taking a moment to rest he didn’t let go of her for the remainder of the night.


“I’m honoured to be your first darlin, let this old cowboy teach you the ropes.” [Name] couldn’t help but giggle at his words but she knew that he was sincere about it.

It was no secret that Jesse wanted to have sex with [Name], and she was always intimidated or nervous whenever he made his little flirts towards her. McCree was always the one that approached her for it, but she would always make an excuse that she had some work to do. He was usually a little bitter about it, but he knew there was always another time. This time she actually approached him by taking him away into a more private area (her quarters) and explained why she would always run. He couldn’t help but chuckle in relief knowing it wasn’t because she wanted nothing to do with him.

Tilting her chin to focus her eyes onto his, he leaned over and started planting soft gentle kisses onto her cheeks. Bringing more giggles out of [Name] for every time his beard would stroke against a ticklish area. He smirked at every sound until a moan came from her lips once he began to kiss her neck.

“You like that [Name]? There’s plenty more where that came from.” Moving her back slightly he pressed her firmly against the wall letting his hands rub against her waistline.

[Name] flinched at every sweet kiss Jesse planted on her taking in his scent of cigars and whisky. Even if he hadn’t been drinking, it still lingered in his clothes. Becoming more comfortable with the idea of being with him, her fingers wandered as well while his lips remained occupied with her jugular. Gripping his poncho she suddenly pushed him back against onto the side of the bed. He was a bit confused by her sudden gesture until he noticed her stripping right infront of him. Entertained by the little show [Name] was providing his hand wandered down rubbing his already hard on that was seen from his pants.

[Name] was just a fine woman altogether and her body was no exception. She removed her tank top slowly revealing the breasts he would always stare at during training. Even the thought of burying his face into them made his cock twitch in excitement. [Name] knew he was loving the sight and she was ready to show him how bold she was in finally wanting him to have her. She removed her pants slowly, ensuring her fingers roamed onto her rear to tease the poor cowboy. Leaving her to nothing but her panties, she looked at him seeing that smug grin on his face.

“Damn [Name]…you look mighty fine even without clothes.” Jesse purred beckoning her to come to him knowing he was ready to handle the rest. But little did he know that [Name] had other plans. Swaying closer to him she stopped just infront of him placing a hand on his chest.

Just before he could snag her by his arm she knelt down and pressed her palm onto his bulge causing a grunt to escape Jesses throat. [Name] kept her eye up on him as she began to remove his gaudy BAMF belt buckle in a slow but teasing pace. It was almost unbearable to Jesse until she finally removed his pants letting his erection come out. She had seen the mans cock once before, but it was accidentally when she walked in on him changing. He of course made of his flirts back then only to be thrown a pillow at him for [Name] to quickly escape. Now that it was pulsing ever so close to her, she wanted nothing more than to pay back for all those flirtations.

“You like what you s-ah!” Jesse began to say only for [Name] to already wrap her fingers around the sensitive flesh while her tongue already began to lick the tip. Panting hard at every stroke and lick that touched his length, his hand grabbed the back of her hair gritting his teeth as he watched the beautiful sight, “S-Since when were you s-so bold sweetheart???”

She didn’t respond for the moment as she took more of his cock into her mouth, hearing him curse under his lips excited [Name] wondering why she hadn’t done this before. Maybe it was the whole virginity thing, maybe it was another thing, but one things for sure, seeing Jesse McCree himself getting flustered was exciting to [Name]. Pulling his length out of her mouth with one lewd pop she stood up seeing the blush on the cowboys face as she straddled him with a smirk.

“Just because I’m a virgin,” she hummed taking his hat and placing it on her head with a smirk, “Doesn’t mean I don’t know a few tricks here and there.”

He stared at her in awe seeing this bold and feisty nature liking a bit of kick on a woman. Placing his hands on her thighs, he massaged them slowly nuzzling into her neck.

“Then I suppose you know what to do next then?” Moving his hands to her ass he moves her closer to his cock, “Save a horse, ride a cowboy [Name].”

She smirked at his words taking a moment to position herself knowing she was already aching to have him in her. Sitting herself slowly onto his length, she tensed as the rush of pain that came with it. Having underestimated how much it was, her fingers dug into Jesses shoulder indicating her feelings. His grin faded for a moment stroking her back softly going up to kiss her lips softly.

“It’s alright [Name]…you’re doing great just relax darling.” His voice soothing her as she slowly adjusted to his length until she bottomed out for a second. Taking in a few deep breaths, she bit her lower lip looking at Jesse before starting to move her hips up and down his cock.

Jesse refrained from just releasing right then and there watching her body bounce against him. Squeezing her ass teasingly, he showered her neck with tender kisses before moving lower towards her breasts. [Name] rocked against him harder once his teeth started grazing against her nipples. Gasping at his hands groped both her ass and breasts, she buried her face into his neck letting him feel every part of her. It didn’t take long for her hips to start trembling at the feeling of her walls closing in on his cock. Suddenly feeling his hips buck up against hers he purred into her ear.

“That’s it baby, let go for me.” His words sent [Name] over the edge as his name was moaned out of her throat while she grinded against her release. She could feel him groan against her as he slowly thrusted up a few times before following suit. Gripping her tightly he filled her completely taking a moment to relax as she trembled a bit in his hold. Smirking confidently he kissed her shoulder tenderly keeping her still, “How was that darling?”

“…Amazing…” she giggled softly wrapping her arms around his neck and nuzzled his side, “should’ve done that a lot sooner. Maybe I’ll keep that in mind for next time?”

[Name] suddenly heard him chuckle as he picked her up swiftly and pinned her against the wall. Jesse looked directly into her surprised gaze knowing she was in for a treat.

“Why wait? I’m ready for round two darlin.”

lol apparently my boss gave a sermon on Sunday and he talked about me and attributed saving his oldest dogs life to me because I told him to to take her to the vet when she had maggots eating her alive but I’m like… pretty sure that wasn’t me so

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♡ for your any enemy ship of your choosing :3c

thank you sm??? any ship ever??? jesus i have been given Too Much Power. Well i’ve had this little headcanon for a while because im sad and have no desire to do any work in my maths lessonsspare time, you know in The Fallen the attack happens at night so our brave heroine Jackson is to the rescue likely while wearing pj’s. I imagine that her pyjamas are boxer shorts and a loose t-shirt because it’s so Jackson. Wondering where this is going? Well Justin canonically was wearing a dressing gown. My headcanon is that Justin gave her his dressing gown because he’s a Softie.

Thanks for the ask!!!! i have been thinking of ways to shove this lil Jacksin snippet on everyone



percy reassures vex beneath the sun tree

You’ve found yourself at the base of the Sun Tree. As you look up at it, at this point the clouds that kind of gathered yesterday have all subsided and you have the most beautiful clear blue sky ahead of you, the morning sun’s coming down. The tree is beautiful as you watch it slowly blossom now as the months have passed. You start seeing green in the boughs, the occasional pod that might eventually flower as the season allows it. It’s serene. And as occasionally a breeze blows through, you hear the various branches hit, and some of the leaves shake, and… it’s a beautiful sight.









okay i understand, we can acknowledge billy hargrove is abused. but don’t give me that bullshit ‘he didn’t let max be with lucas cause he’s a boy uwu’ or ‘he’s just secretly protective of max uwu and actually has good heart underneath his rough exterior.’ listen up you idiotic fucks, he gave a clearly disgusted look directed at lucas because of his skin color, because he’s black. which has been hinted clearly enough yet you gross fucks are willling to do anything to protect this problematic asshole. also, he literally fought lucas who’s in 8th grade keep in mind. but no, it’s just because ‘he’s a boy.’ it’s obvious he’s not protective of max, he uses abusive tactics on her, threatening her, yelling at her, often disregarding where’s she’s at, making her walk home often alone, and etc. their relationship isn’t redeemable, their relationship is toxic as a sibling relationship. he’s racist, and he doesn’t have to say any slurs to prove he is.


Painful, yes (well, to Starco shippers, at least), but also important. While the parallelism robs the development of their relationship of some subtleness, it’s also going to allow us to see how different people who wanted the same thing (even if at different times, and I can just pray Star deep down still would like it) are going to react and behave. 

Star was (is?) super good at running away from things, so she could just close her eyes and pretend things were not there for a while.

But Marco? His “blindness” mostly came from his tendency to focus too much on one thing at a time: first his crush on Jackie, then the sadness he attributed to his recent breakup. But now that he’s painfully aware about what’s truly eating at him (and possibly, retroactively, at what he felt in other occasions as well, from Scent Of A Hoodie, to possibly, Blood Moon Ball).

So… what is he going to do? Last time he was faced with a life changing realization, in Sophomore Slump, he was quick to turn his life around and go to Mewni, because the dork has a hell of a hard time with change, but once it happens he’s not one to wait around, and usually determined to give his best (from getting his red belt to being a good squire to Star). So what is he going to do now that he realized that he likes Star, and that staying around her might just end up hurting him? I don’t think he’s going to be able to pretend everything is okay until something big happens.

This also gave him, and possibly us viewers, a new perspective on Star’s actions in Lint Catcher (I don’t think it’s going to be addressed, though, since it doesn’t really need to be spelt out): she didn’t want him back at first not because she doesn’t enjoy his presence, and probably not even because she doesn’t like him anymore, but because she was scared about his return in her life undoing all the efforts she put in getting her life back on tracks, there on Mewni, after all the pain she had to suffer ever since she became aware of her impossible crush.

Don’t Freak

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Steve Harrington x Reader

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“You’re really trying to tell me that Low is David Bowie’s best album to date?” Jonathan nodded, opening the brown paper bag that held his lunch.

“That’s exactly what I’m telling you,” Y/N’s eyes widened, then shoved her lunch tray to the side. She leaned on her elbows, her hands in front of her.

“I could name five other Bowie albums, easily, that blow Low out of the water,” Jonathan took a bite of his sandwich, then motioned to Y/N.

“Go on then,”

Station to Station,” Y/N’s right index finger began to point to the fingers on her left hand to count. “Aladdin Sane, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars -obviously-, Diamond Dogs, and my number one favorite Bowie album of all time,” Jonathan mimed exactly what Y/N was saying with her, “Hunky Dory.” Y/N took a deep breath as she finished, then shoved a french fry in her mouth. “It’s like I don’t even know you sometimes,” She shook her head and shrugged her shoulders jokingly, “But, I mean, Low is still a great album,” That made Jonathan chuckle. A body suddenly appeared on the bench next to Y/N, scaring the life out of her. She had one hand on her mouth and the other over her heart to stop herself from screaming. Y/N turned her head and saw Steve Harrington with a dumb grin on his face.

“Tonight?” He looked at Y/N expectantly.

“What?” Her pupils were still wide from the shock, and the word sounded pretty dumb coming from her.

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To Jungkook you’re just a girlfriend. - pt.2

[pt.1] [p.2] [pt.3 End]

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The more I thought about him, the more I couldn’t stop my tears from falling. But at the same time, the more I thought about this whole situation, the more I feel as though I was overreacting. He was right, I’m only his girlfriend - we’re not tied down to one another and he can hang with whoever he wants to hang out with. But her. She’s always liked Jungkook even though we’ve been together for this long, she never gave up on him and he knows what feelings she has for him. Do you blame me for being insecure? For being scared of the fact that I might end up losing the man I see my future with because of her? But it’s all too late now, there’s no use in being scared, or insecure because it all happened. Everything he ever assured you of, that they’ll only ever remain as friends, that he won’t do anything to lead her on, that he won’t hurt you like that, all those things he said, they meant nothing because those are all the things he did. 

I hear a knock on my door and I dreaded who stood behind it, but to my pleasant surprise I guess it wasn’t Jungkook.

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A lot of us, from what I know anyways, have been raised Catholic. However far you got in your religious education, whether you’ve just been baptized or you made it up to Confirmation, the idea of guilt has been branded into us from a very young age. We learned that we are born with original sin, that our bodies belong to God and our future spouse, that we must always be on our best behavior lest we succumb to the fiery pits of hell for all eternity.

My dudes, this is your gentle reminder that Jesus was a man of color who called for equality, peace, the redistribution of wealth, and socialized healthcare.

This is your gentle reminder that Mary was an unwed mother in a time where such an offense could be punished, but she rose above societal expectations and gave birth to a son that would change the world, and that son always checked in with his mother for her opinion, because he valued her intelligence, compassion, and ability to lead.

This is your gentle reminder that the Apostles were all angry teenagers and 20-somethings who hated the way the world worked and who followed the only man who made sense to them, because Jesus was a radical in his time.

The idea of Catholic Guilt is built on whitewashed re-imaginings of Jesus, his family, and his followers. The modern Conservative would rather portray Jesus as a passive, peaceful white man than as the fiery radical that he was, because the idea of following such a man would destabilize the backwards little bubble they’ve created for themselves.

You have nothing to feel guilty about. Autonomy is not a sin. Distancing yourself from the toxic portrayal of faith that has been coming out of Rome is not a sin. Living your best life for yourself is not a sin. Taking care of yourself is not a sin. Being true to yourself is not a sin.