because he did that shit before the film started

You know what makes me really sad?

George Lucas started the whole Star Wars saga In Medias Res (the middle) which led to a lot of people being confused, but he did it anyway and got through shitty trailers to make the biggest film franchise of all time. Then, when he realized technology was where it needed to be in order to make the beginning of the story, he went for it, and essentially got shit on by the world. He cared about the prequels so much that he waited DECADES before attempting it so that they would be good enough.

Respect George Lucas, respect the prequels.

Don’t even get me started on the fact that Hayden was probably playing Anakin exactly the way Anakin was supposed to be… not because he’s a shitty actor.

That is all.

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Hey can you do a jack Howard imagine where Y/N have a sleepover with jack and we have sex and in the morning the others tease us about how loud we were?

Tonight I was going over to Jacks for a big sleepover. I havnt been to a sleepover like this since I was 14, I’m now 20, so it had been a while. 
Jack had invited a few people over, Dean (of course), Hazel, Louise, Tom, Tim and Ben. Should be a night of movies and laughter with great friends. 
As I drove into Jacks drive way, he saw me through the window and made his way to the door. I parked neatly so others could park too if they were driving. He came over and opened my car door and helped me out 
“Thanks” I smiled 
“Welcome to my abode” he grinned 
“Jack…I’ve been here before” I looked at him with a confused look on my face. 
“Yeah but never for a sleepover!” He grabbed my bags from my boot and lead me into the house. 
“I’ll just put your stuff in my room” As he walked up the stairs I called to him “Who says I’m sleeping in your room tonight?” He stopped at the top of the stairs and slowly turned to look at me with big puppy dog eyes 
“Your back will hurt if you sleep on the sofa and my bed is super comfy! AND I have Spider-Man sheet!”
“Well what girl could say no to that!!” I ran up the stairs to see his sheets, true to his word Jack had Spider-Man sheets on his bed 
“That’s just an aphrodisiac in itself!” I smirked and left to head back downstairs. 
Jack had set up the living room well, big bean bags were everywhere! Lots of bowls of popcorn and snacky foods. 
“It’s like our own personal Cinema in here!” beaming with happiness Jack hugged me as though to say thanks for noticing his hard work. 
Half an hour later everyone was here and we put a film on. I’m not sure which film because I was too busy staring at Jack every so often. We sat on the sofa and he put his arm on the back of the sofa. It just felt right to lean on him, so I did, he smiled when I did it so I think it was okay. 
After a while everyone started to get sleepy and I made my way upstairs before everyone else. 
While getting ready I noticed I’d forgotten a top “Shit!” 
“Everything alright?” I heard Jack coming up from the stairs
“Yeah I’ve just forgotten a top to sleep in, can I be cheeky and steal one of yours please and thank you” I looked at him with my best puppy dog eyes, considering he used his against me earlier. 
“Of course you can” He threw me a Spider-Man shirt
“Seriously? As if there isn’t enough Marvel stuff in here!” I giggled 
We got into bed and just lay next to each other. It felt a bit awkward 
“Is everyone alright down stairs?” I asked 
Silence ran through the bedroom. 
I turned over to try and sleep, Jack was soon spooning me and I wasn’t fending him off. I’d liked him for a while and hey he was very good looking if he felt the same I was a lucky girl!
I placed my arms on the side of my body and Jack grabbed my hand. This felt so right. He kissed my neck, that was an unexpected but nice surprise.
I turned to face him and kissed him back. Whatever was going to happen now was going to make me happy and I didn’t really care that everyone was downstairs. 
Hands started moving, bodies pressing against each other. Grabbing each other in the heat of passion. Clothes were soon stripped, looks like I didn’t need his top after all. 
A few times I moan a little too loud and Jack had to put his hand over my mouth to stop me but we just laughed it off. 
Morning came and We both kissed each other good morning 
"Last night was amazing” I beamed at Jack
“Yeah it was for me too, Same again tonight?” he smiled sweetly
“Are we making this an official thing Mr Howard?” I giggled
“Yeah I’d like that, wanna make it a thing?" 
We headed downstairs hand in hand, and the others started chucking when we entered the living room 
"You two have a good night?” Ben asked 
“Yeah sounded like it” Tom agreed
Fuck they heard us!
“oooo sorry about that! She gets carried away” Jack pointed to me and went to make a cup of tea for us both. 
“It wasn’t her we heard!” Dean shouted 
“I KNEW I WASNT THAT LOUD!” I pointed to him jokingly.
The whole morning was full of sex jokes and piss takes but we didn’t mind. 
We were happy and they knew that too.