because he did get there and saved her

Omiryu talk about shooting ‘Unfair World’ and also get an award. Ryuji says that the scene was “Omi running after his beloved because he wanted to save her but I’m holding him back saying ‘don’t go!’” (bonus Ryuji super embarrassed while saying this)

The interviewer also asked something like “whose dreams did you want to fulfill (while making this scene?)” Ryuji responds “it’s a world view (idk what this means in this context, maybe concept?) that the two of us created together, but…” (pause) “I wanted to fulfill my parent’s dreams”. Everyone goes lmfao. @retsuyachan halp I can’t translate

So yeah he and Omi both got an award for best male lead!

And basically they got married.

Bonus: Ellyken reenacting Omiryu hug

Thank you to a comrade (I think I can hear her laughing in the bg soz forgive me) for sending me this clip!

I’ve been thinking, people have been freaking out because Aelin did all these things without telling Rowan or anyone really (except Lys). She set forth plans to get herself be sacrificed to save everyone.

Like… Aelin was raised to work alone. And the few times she decided to work w others, they either died or betrayed her.

Sam was killed because of what he meant to her. Nehemia died because Celaena refused to act. Ansel betrayed her and left her out in the middle of the desert.

She’s still growing as a person and character. Everyone that she had let in before Rowan had met bad ends.

It wasn’t out of selfishness or pride (maybe a little pride) that Aelin didn’t divert her plans. Shes a flawed character that I love so much

Furiosa catching Max by his leg brace as he falls off the truck… man, that gets me every time. Not just the fact that she caught him by his leg brace with her metal arm(which is still cool ass imagery btw), but she did it out of pure desperation. It was like a gut instinct. She just reached out because seeing him die would have been too much. Not after he helped them(and her).

Then of course, there’s the fact that she only was able to save him because of their disabilities. There’s no way she would have had the strength to hold on as long as she did if she didn’t have that metal arm and he probably would have just slipped through if he hadn’t had his leg brace.

That’s called George Miller being a genius. You know in the trailers where they call him a mastermind? Yea, you thought that was hyperbole. Nothing but truth.

A Little More of This

Sometimes you just gotta write smutty bed sharing. You just gotta, because @alienor-woods prompts you too. Thanks bae, this is entirely dedicated to you <3

definitely nsfw. 

They get into a groove of it, push and pull and not that, I did it anyway, and somehow managing to make it all work. Well, “work.” Bellamy’s not sure they’re really getting any closer to saving everyone from the end of the world, but Clarke is so sure there’s a solution, so sure that if they just keep working, they’ll find something.

He loves that about her. Loves her certainty that borders on pigheadedness because underneath it, Clarke Griffin fundamentally refuses to give up on people. And there’s no way in the world Bellamy Blake can give up on Clarke Griffin. Not at this point. So he sticks with her, tries to help, tries to guide her and advise her and just support her when lack of sleep and heart crushing disappointment threaten to overwhelm her. And Clarke lets him, looks to him, leans on him.

Clarke’s habit of taking over his space hasn’t been lost on Bellamy. They’d picked right back where they had been in terms of their trust, their ability to get each other like no one else, their ability to listen to each other. But now, it’s more than quick shoulder squeezes and out of the blue hugs, Clarke a surprise in his arms. Clarke’s proximity isn’t to get his attention or to prove a point, not anymore.

He’s not sure what exactly pulls her into his orbit, right up close so that when he shifts his arms brushes her side, or that when she cranes her neck to look at him, she has to turn just a bit further because she’s so close. She touches him now, as if to reassure herself he’s right there, that she found her way home- home from the woods, home from the City of Light. She touches him like Bellamy is her only barometer of safety, like touching him reminds Clarke this isn’t a dream.

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Okay I know everyone’s prepared for nesta being hard to get and cassain not taking no for an answer. But what if, day one, Cassain is home and it’s late and nesta strolls into his room, a salve in hand. and he’s like wtf, trying to cover his bare chest because he’s a fine ass lady and all. And Nesta says that the healer’s needed to apply a save to his wings but she thought he’d much prefer if she did it.

And so, Cassain being a fine class lady rolls over and very painfully spreads his wings out for her. And she chuckles and remarks slyly to him that they’re too big for the bed. And then she starts to rub on the salve and he is hissing and groaning and desperately trying not to moan. And eventually he replies with, “when i’m healed I’ll show you why.” And Nesta giggles before sitting firmly down n his back, leaning over his wings and kissing him on the cheek before leaving.

And every night she does this, even when his wings are healed. She applies a salve to them, or she brings in a knife to show her how to sharpen them. And each time, before she leaves she gives him a kiss. One on the cheek. One on the forehead. A sly one on the harder membrane of his wings.

And then one night she walks into Cassain’s room and he’s not there. and she huffs waiting in a chair that she quickly made her own. And she keeps falling asleep in it, only to jerk awake because she thought she heard him fly through the window. An eventually she’s had enough of the chair because she really doesn’t want her back to cramp and she sleeps in his bed, hoping he won’t mind. And she almost drowns in his scent because dammit she’d been trying so hard to ignore the way it intoxicated every cell of her body. And when she wakes Cassain is stripping off his armour and topless, and he’s trying not to pounce on Nestas, sleeping on his bed because he can barely control himself since she placed a few kisses on his wings. And slowly there eyes met, and she just huffs and rolls over, showing him the free space because dammit she’s too tired for her game. So he gets in and she rolls over again, straight into his chest and she latches onto him. And she hears his breath hitch. ears her own hitch. And slowly she opens her eyes again and very, very carefully she raises herself up and moves until their lips are inches apart. And tentively she kisses him. And she didn’t expect anything from it, just expected it to be another kiss. But he reacts so quickly it scares her. One minute she’s going to pull away and the next he’s rolled on top of her and his wings have flared out behind him and he’s kissing her like a drowning man breathing his last breath’s and his first breaths.

And basically when Mor goes to wake Cassian up the next morning Nesta almost kills her for disturbing their moment as she rides him for all he’s worth.

So who votes we make this canon?

Can you imagine

After Rowan saves Aelin from Maeve (because he fucking will fight me) and they’re all getting ready for the great battle. Aelin is suiting up for the front lines and Rowan has given up on even trying to get her to stay safe. So instead he’s running around like the concerned smol hawk he is. “Fireheart, secure your armor” “I already did that” “Are you sure? Let me see” “I’m fine, you Fae bastard” “Do you have your sword? Where’s your sword?” “I won’t even need it” “You must have it” [sighs deeply] “Have you been spiraling into your power? Is it too much? Do you need more?” [sighs deeper]

Fuck Y’all

Mary Watson is amazing. She tried to run to keep her family safe, she wasn’t risking Sherlock’s life for him trying to save her. She saved Sherlock’s life, because she knew he wouldn’t move. She looked at him and realised he wasn’t going to get out of the way, even though there was time. So she sacrificed her life instead. Because this would be the second time the love of her life lost his soulmate and this time it would be permanent. She knew it would destroy him. Mary fucking Watson tried her best. She did what she thought was the best option everytime, but she kept fucking up. Mary fucking Watson was selfless and selfish. Mary fucking Watson suspected her husband was cheating on her but didn’t blame him. Mary fucking Watson though her husband was perfect. Mary fucking Watson loved her family more than life itself. Mary fucking Watson was so completely and utterly human. And you can fucking eat a hat.

Every Savior needs a villain

Rumple to Regina, 6x10 Wish You Were Here

Rumple has once again played Regina. He manipulated her to release him and kill Emma’s wish!realm parents. He told her that Emma became the savior because of her; to defeat her (”show her your inner darkness and the savior will be reborn!”.

He was wrong. Well, half-wrong.

As we saw, Emma woke up not when Regina was threatening her family, but when Regina was in danger.


Emma really did become the savior because of Regina, but not to defeat her, but to save her. Regina cast the curse to finally get her Happy Ending, yet she never did. Emma became to savior to get Regina her Happy Ending and thus break the Curse.


Emma came to Storybrooke to save Regina by giving her her Happy Ending: 


Just like Emma said:


Originally posted by debnamcarevs

The day she finally does give Regina her Happy Ending (herself and Henry - a family, true happiness; what she craved all those years) is the day Emma FINALLY stops being the Savior.

“Regina and Emma want the same thing. They want love, and they want family, and they want home.” -Eddy. (x)



And that’s MY headcanon.

I’m tired of people giving Naruto all the credit for Sakura’s development. He helped her a lot, yes that is true. But so did Sasuke. He was the reason she became a ninja. He was the reason she started being nice to Naruto. He was the reason she acknowledged she wasn’t training enough. He was the reason she started fighting back to protect her friends. He was the reason she wanted to become stronger and train under Tsunade. He was the reason she wanted to beat the shit out of Sasori to get information about Sasuke out of him. He was the reason she matured because she wanted to get him back. He was the reason she gave it her all to find and save him when Kaguya threw him into another dimension. He was the reason she wanted to become the powerful Kunoichi she is today. He and their love are the reason she became a wonderful mother and wife.

Acknowledge it already. 

  • <what she says> im fine
  • <what she means> Turnip Head really got screwed over in Howl’s Moving Castle. He was there for Sophie from the very beginning- he found a place for her to stay, he tried to comfort her when she was sad, he helped with the chores, he SPLIT HIS FUCKING POLE IN HALF to save everyone, and what did he get in return??? Nothing. He admitted that he was in love with Sophie, and she promptly turned around and confessed her love for Howl right in front of him. Howl, who whined like a little bitch the whole movie and threw tantrums because he didn’t like his hair color and yelled at Sophie because he had a problem with the way she cleaned. What the fuck.

so what actually happened on the tvd finale:

stefan realized that he could just push katherine into the fire after stabbing her and escape into the side room with damon. so he did. and didn’t die.

after bonnie wakes up from saving the world, again, she realizes that if she has blood and ashes she can bring someone back from the dead. her ancestors are willing to help bc enzo is the one who brought them to help out in the first place.

so bonnie resurrects enzo. tyler happens to be around at the time so he comes back too. enzo happens to become human when he comes back because magic.

stefan and caroline celebrate their honeymoon away somewhere. bonnie and enzo go to france and get married. when they come back, stefan/caroline go out to look for kids for their supernatural school.

bonnie/enzo decide to travel for a while. when they do, they find a witch who helps them wake up elena. elena wakes up, her and damon break up once he tells her he killed tyler, damon disappears off the face of the planet, still a vampire. bonnie also discovers a way to cure caroline’s vampirism so she becomes human too.

elena goes to med school and when she comes back to mystic falls, she reconnects with matt (who is now mayor, probably)

bonnie/enzo return from their travels and teach/adopt supernatural children and stefan/caroline do too and between the four of them, there’s a lot of adopted children.

matt/elena ask jeremy to help out too (which he does) and one day tyler comes back into town with a werewolf pup and tyler/jeremy realize they’re in love and they also get married

so everyone is happy and fulfilled except damon but no one really gives a fuck and he probably dies at some point when another vampire recognizes him and kills him THE END

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Tati, Can you boost the Purefandom poll? Barry+Iris are in a close race with SB 🤢 47-44% The poll closes on 1 April. Thanks!

Do the thing, guys!

Could you pleeeaase gif the moment when he sings “You gave me no other choice but to love yooooou”. My heart always breaks there because he gets SO emotional there, but when he sings “but to love you” his face just lights up in a beautiful smile, like loving her saved him.. Oh my heart can’t take all this beauty and epic ness

I love your description! And I did it.

Okay so here’s one for you guys!

I had the funniest dream I had to share. 

So, Marinette started working for Gabriel Agreste as a pupil (1. Because she’s really good and 2. Because he thinks she will be a suitable partner for Adrien).  They’re older, probably in their early twenties, and I don’t think they know who the other was.  It didn’t feel like they did.

Well an Akuma attacks and not only does Marinette (not Ladybuy but Marinette) save Mr. Agreste and Adrien but she defeats it (she just can’t purify it so the butterfly gets away) all on her own.

Mr. Agreste and Adrien are just kind of starring at her in awe.  She embarrassed and runs away claiming she needs to get them a doctor while both men just kind of stare at her slack jawed.

And the best part of dream, that forced me awake because it made me laugh, was Mr. Agreste turning to Adrien and saying “Make her your wife or she becomes your new mother.”

I woke up laughing.  I had to sit up because I couldn’t breathe after that.


Now THIS is where it gets interesting. 

Because Syaoran threw away his chance to win Sakura’s feather. He did it for a good cause (I mean he saved someone’s life. It’s the best possible cause) but there’s still that guilt there. He would make the same choice again, for sure, but even despite that he feels that sharp pang of failure for not helping Sakura get her feather back. 

Which is an interesting avenue on its own and I would LOVE to explore more situations where Syaoran’s goals are compromised by his own actions, but for now we have THIS. 

And THIS is Fai, seeing that Syaoran made the Good™ choice and feels bad about the consequences. 

And that is Fai’s specialty. 

But his wording fascinates me here, because he assigns the choice to “staying true to yourself” rather than any other factor in the situation - and there were a lot. Instead of, say, “believing in Kurogane and Sakura”, or “choosing someone’s life”, or any of the other possibilities, Fai narrows it right down to the core of Syaoran’s personality and his inherent sense of self. When it comes down to it, Syaoran could not willingly let someone die for his cause and still remain “Syaoran”.

This is not a surprising conclusion for us. This is absolutely in line with everything we know of Syaoran so far. But the interesting part is that this is coming from Fai.  

Because Fai has ALSO made hard choices and had to live with them. 

Fai has put his goals ahead of the lives of others and knows that guilt more than Syaoran himself does - probably more than anyone else here by a log shot.

So, in Syaoran’s place, would he have done the same? Would he have sacrificed his goal to save the life of someone else - someone he technically didn’t even know - or would he have let them die and continued on?

How many times has he made that choice already? 

Did he sacrifice his ability to “stay true to himself” in the process? Has he stained himself with choices he regrets and can never escape, or does a small part of him envy that Syaoran could so easily make the right choice when Fai could not?

And, through it all, he’s trying to make Syaoran feel better. 

Regardless of what he’s done, or what he feels about Syaoran’s decision, Fai closes his eyes and paints a smile and tries to help Syaoran through his own personal crisis. 

Because Syaoran is a good person, and Fai doesn’t want him to live with the same shadows that he himself does. 

OKay so my main problem with Xander (aside from the sexism and sexually objectifying lesbians) is that he never really faces any consequences. 

He’s the character that gets to lecture and condescend to the other characters (mainly Buffy), but he never gets the same. Like, remember how he would constantly talk at Buffy about how Angel was dangerous and not to be trusted mostly because he was jealous. You know how Angel was a dangerous killer etc but what about Anya? Why did he get a pass with Anya? She even tried to save her necklace which would lead to Cordelia’s wish being reinstated which would cause Buffy, Willow and Xander to be dead and the Master to be alive. But that’s okay they’re allowed to date and fool around and he doesn’t have to deal with any of the other characters coming down on him about how dangerous Anya is. 

And then when he leaves Anya at the Altar she returns to being a vengeance demon. She eventually kills a bunch of people and when Buffy decides to stop her Xander was against it. So, it’s not okay for Buffy to have feelings for a “neutered” vampire but it’s okay for Xander to have feelings for an actual murdering demon. And then he finally has Buffy come at him but it’s not enough because he refuses to listen and walks out? Even Anya faces consequences when she 1. Loses her demon powers 2. Loses her best demon friend and 3. Has a target on her back from her former boss. She also undoes all the murders. 

Oh, and what about Cordelia? Cordelia sacrifices a lot to be with Xander (it’s stupid high school stuff but it’s still important to Cordelia) and he just goes and cheats on her for no real reason. Now let’s compare him to Willow for a minute, she apologises to Oz and tries to make it up to him and eventually does. But that’s not for Xander. He just kinda says “Fuck it” and pretty much mocks and insults her anytime he sees her, even though he still has some feelings for her. She also gets a serious injury because of his cheating. 

Here are some other things Xander does that he never has to face consequences for: 

  • Almost rapes Buffy (it’s a hard to explain if you want more details message me, it’s not as blunt as it sounds)
  • Kicking Buffy out of her own fucking house (God this part boils my blood lmao)
  • Casting a love spell (he eventually gets props for not sleeping with girls lmao)
  • Leaving Anya at the Altar
  • Tried to get Faith to kill Angel

I’m sure I could find some other examples but that’s my main issue with Xander

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I hate how Julie always treated bonnie like shit and then in the last episode she FINALLY acknowledge the fact that she and her ancestors are strong black women who do so much shit for the boring ass people who don't even deserve it like ??? Why is she just now finally showing bonnie doing something amazing with no backfire yet it's after she's done SO much shit for others and they don't even deserve to get saved?

You think she acknowledged that she and her ancestors are strong black women? I think she did the same thing she always did, have these black women on the front lines actually doing the fighting and protecting while Matt Donovan gets a bench and is heralded as a town hero simply because he called someone and said “evacuate.” She and her ancestors protected a town that has done nothing but neglect or burn them and they don’t get any credit and it wasn’t even a commentary on what black women go through, Julie just thought it was a nice scene, so nah, the black women against hell fire scene annoyed the fuck out of me, like fuck you, Julie.

And that’s why you find Madi quoting some beautiful literature to Flint! Because her dad had that relationship with Flint and he knew what could happen. And I think maybe the dad had the right vision, actually, because he kept teaching Madi the ways of how to defeat a pirate or Woodes Rogers. He gave her the book that he wrote so that she could know how to fight that enemy. And he must have known, way before that there’ll come a time, and unfortunately she only discovered that when he was on his deathbed, which is sad, but it was what set Madi to get on that ship and go. Also her dad gave her that thing of… go out there and just conquer and save us and do something amazing. And that’s what she did.

Ichigo: asks Orihime if she could spare a little time to talk to him.

Orihime: gives him all the time in the world.

This, I think, pretty much sums up both their personalities as individuals as well as how they function as a couple. More to come after the cut.

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May contain spoilers for Sherlock.

I feel like half the Sherlock fandom went into this season convinced the johnlock was going to become canon and it didn’t. Now everybody is going around screaming about queerbaiting and how the episodes were terrible and not what they wanted.

Well I’m glad it wasn’t what you wanted because I think this has been a fricking amazing season. Every time I thought I knew what was happening there was a little twist (or a big twist) and it went somewhere I didn’t expect.

And to the sherlolly people. Did you actually watch the 3rd episode at all. He tried to save her life. Because she is his FRIEND. He saved John’s life heaps because he is his FRIEND. Doesn’t mean they are going to be together forever. It means he has feeling and isn’t the sociopath he claims to be. He just cares about his FRIENDS. If some crazy person told me I had get my friend to say something to save their life I would do whatever I had too. Like he did.

This is my favourite season and I feel like all the setlock pictures I saw that hinted at things really helped to throw me off what was going to happen. The people involved in making this season did a great job. Stop being babies that it wasn’t what you wanted and enjoy something that you have waited YEARS to see.