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I want to start this by stating that I don't personally ship Saileen, but I do understand why others do, so please don't think that since I'm not a fan of Saileen that I am asking this out of hate, because I'm not. I'm just curious on your personal preference when it comes to shipping. Do you ship Saileen more than Sam x Jody, or vice versa?

Hey! Such a tough question! In canon, I ship Saileen. They are too sweet, and she makes Sam happy, which he deserves to be. And we get some real moments with them, that are just too much. In fanon, I ship Sam and Jody. There’s just something special to me about the two of them and the potential for acceptance and healing they could give each other. I love writing them.



Anders + Looking at Hawke

sometimes i get emo about tarjei because what a talented boy but also? you have to be really open minded and sensitive and mature and compassionate to not only take on a role like isak’s but also bring it to life the way he did and it’s truly special to see a teenage boy with pretty much no experience achieve that? and like, we don’t KNOW the guy which is good and please pleaseeee let him stay a private person because that’s obviously what he wants but even with not knowing much about him, i allow myself to assume that he’s a really good person and a talented person because of the work he’s done on skam and i just!! i hope all his wishes come true and honestly it’d be lovely for him to have a long and successful career as an on-screen actor and for him to be known internationally for his talent but tbh if he wants a smaller career and if he wants to experiment some more with theatre or behind the scenes or anything really then that’s amazing too and i’m sure he’ll be fantastic at it and i just hope he gets to keep doing what he loves because i think he truly truly deserves it 

Dear Jensen Ackles,

since it is your 39th birthday today. I not only hope you’ll spend a wonderful day with your loved ones and are able to enjoy a tasty birthday cake, but also wanted to use that opportunity to thank you.

Thank you for giving us Dean Winchester. For making him such a well rounded and real feeling character with edges and flaws.

Thank you for putting so much emotion into your performance and managing to move us with just a lip quiver, a certain look in your eyes or one silent tear.

Thank you for being able to convey so much with so little and sometimes achieve the most impact that way. Not with grand gestures but with small but important moves.

Thank you for being true to yourself, for not letting any kind of fame get to your head but remaining beautifully down to earth.

Thank you for being goofy and not taking yourself too seriously, for knowing how to make fun and laugh about yourself.

Thank you for sharing tiny bits of your daily and family life with us here and there - it’s by no means something anyone should take for granted or see as a given or something to be expected. Thank you for that, it’s a sign of trust you have in the fandom and I hope many people will treat it as such - a gift and as something special.

Thank you for doing conventions. For sharing your views and headcanons on the show and Dean Winchester as a character in panels or meet greets.

Thank you for managing to make everyone feel welcome when taking a picture with you and trying to lessen the tension and nervousness.

Thank you for hugs, for funny stories and for your voice. Thank you for being able to embrace standing on stage and singing for and with us and enjoying it! Just between us: You’re doing one hell of a job! And we appreciate it so so much! Thank you for letting us have a good time together!


Happy birthday, Mr. Jensen Ackles. If I could I’d hand over an Emmy for you as a birthday present, because you would have deserved to get one for your acting a few times by now. So Mr. Ackles, have a wonderful and hopefully sunny day, have a slice of pie for your “alter ego” Dean Winchester too. He has had way too little time to devour some himself lately! Keep up your good work and stay true to yourself!

I and many others sure love you for exactly who your are!

Happy Birthday!!! *throws confetti*

The Little Things

I had to redo this one. I think it sounds better in present tense. It’s my first attempt at fluff instead of smut.

Also, as far as tags go, I’ve just been typing in each letter of the alphabet and clicking on the Supernatural blogs that show up. I’m sure there’s a better way to do it, but I don’t know how yet. And if you don’t want to be tagged, I will cut that shit out. This is all just super new to me. 😊


It’s the little things that do it to him. Those little things that keep her on his brain nearly all the time.

It’s the way she answers the phone as an FBI supervisor, taking over the “new Bobby” role with confidence, barking out commands with sexy, assured authority.

It’s the way she is always so careless about physical affection, as if it comes easy to her, as if she grew up loving and being loved. She throws herself onto Dean’s lap while they’re having a rare, relaxing night in. Or puts her feet in his lap and wiggles her toes suggestively, smiling innocently and waiting for him to take the hint and massage her. She flings her arms around his neck from behind while he does research, just to give him a hug and tell him he’s loved. She says, “I love you, friend” constantly. Everything is so natural with her. He starts to feel like it’s normal, like he deserves the happiness she lavishes him with.

It’s the way she offers to do his laundry or clean up the after-dinner dishes for him and for Sam, no strings attached. Not trying to make them owe her one, just because she wants to show her boys some kindness. Because she knows they’ve seen far too little of it.

It’s the way she pays attention to all his and Sam’s likes and dislikes so she can have surprises waiting for them when they return home from a hunt. His favorite pie, Sam’s favorite salad dressing, their favorite beer. She pays attention.

It’s the way she dances around like a crazy person in the bunker when she thinks no one is watching, singing off-key and having no natural rhythm at all.

It’s the way she laughs with her entire body when he or Sam say something even remotely humorous. Dean has never honestly thought of himself as a funny person, but she makes him feel like he could do stand-up comedy. Her laughter is music and it’s Dean’s favorite song.

It’s the way she falls asleep at the table looking over the lore with Sam, drool pooling out of her mouth, her eyebrows scrunched up in worry, still looking completely adorable.

It’s the way she has to wear three pairs of fuzzy socks around the bunker because her feet get cold too quickly on the marble floors and she hates wearing shoes at home.

It’s the way she launches herself into his arms when they walk in the door. Always him first, Sam second, like he’s special to her. And she always kisses him on the cheeks and tells him how much she’s missed him. He loves the feel of those soft, plump lips on his skin.

It’s the way her voice drops to a sultry whisper when she’s sleepy, before she’s had her coffee in the morning. It’s the way she’s still so goddamn adorable, even when she’s cranky.

It’s the way she sighs softly when she’s stretching, her tank top rising up to just under her breasts, her taut tummy on display, making him wonder if she’s doing it on purpose, if she wants him to look. He wonders if she’d make those happy, sexy noises in bed with him.

It’s the way she sometimes snorts when she laughs and the way she cries when she’s pissed. People take her tears for weakness, but Dean knows her well enough by now to get out of the line of fire when her eyes well up.

It’s the way she comes to sleep with him in his bed sometimes when she gets cold or the nightmares get to be too bad. And the way she rubs her feet together next to his, trying to get warmth back into her icy toes because she refuses to sleep in anything but panties and one of his tee shirts. “I like my legs free,” she always says. He does too.

It’s the way she is sunshine in the lives of two men who’ve seen an overwhelming amount of darkness. It’s the way she’s able to be encouraging and positive even after she watched her family get ripped apart by a vengeful spirit, even after she had to uproot her entire life and come live sequestered in some hundred-year-old bunker with men she barely knew. It’s the way she immediately trusted and felt safe with them, despite all she’s been through, despite the heartache she carries with her always.

It’s the way she seems to know that Dean is falling head over heels in love with her, but she neither stops it nor encourages it. It’s the way she seems to just be waiting for him to get over his bullshit and have his happily ever after with her. On his terms, when he’s ready.

It’s her patience and charm, her encouragement, her smiles…

It’s her. For Dean, it will always be her.

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Curvy - Lip Gallagher x Reader

Requested by Anon
Lip Gallagher x Reader
Warnings: cussing, a tiny bit of sadness if you squint, cute stuff
Description: The reader is a larger girl and without Lip, she’d be really insecure
A/N: I added a little something to make it cuter, also I really like this because big girls* deserve some love too *I’m also a certified big girl cx

Originally posted by shamelessfans

“Hey, beautiful, are you ready to go?” Lip made his way into your room, smiling at you as he leaned against the doorway. He was in his “fuck you you fucking fuck” shirt, that always seemed to put a smile on your face. You noticed him smiling at you, completely realizing that he knew you loved that shirt.

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He Passes Out During A Show - Josh Dun Imagine

Hey guys, firstly I wanted to say sorry for taking so long to post this, I’ve just had some important exams but all is good because my results are really good! hope you all enjoy x

Joshua had been working so hard for this tour. So much that he’d barely eaten a thing, every morning I would wake up in an empty bunk, sometimes it would be 6am and I would hear the faint pounding of drums from inside the stadium. he was constantly tired and went straight to sleep whenever we had any type of alone time. 

It was the night of the first show of the second part to the Emotional Roadshow, Josh had been up since 8 practising the same bit to Ride over and over. I walked behind him, setting the coffee that I had made for him beside his kit and ran my fingers over the warm skin of his shoulders, he flinched slightly at my touch and stopped suddenly looking up at me. Deep set frown lines cut through his pale face, mocha eyes drained of the life that usually danced in them. ‘Baby, you gotta have a break sometime, I promise you, you’ll do great’ I said softly, passing him the hot coffee.

‘I cant Y/N, I have to get this bit right,’ he said mumbled, gulping down the steaming drink. I gasped slightly because I knew how hot I had made it. ‘Just listen to this bit, is it okay’ He began to play the part of Ride where he would play on top of the crowd at they all peered up at him like he was a god. I listened as he played his heart out putting all of his effort into this solo, until he went wrong. ‘Argh fuck! I get the same fucking bit wrong every time I can’t do it’ he sulked burying his head into his sweaty covered hands.

‘Josh, Josh hey,’ I said, he looked at me again, tears threatening to spill from the eyes that I had fallen so in love with ‘You are going to do great, you do it every time, all the fans love you, and if you do mess up, then so what? the only people that will know are Tyler and I, and we love you no matter what, don’t you ever forget that okay?’ I smiled at him.

 ‘Thank you baby, I just wanna do you proud, I love you’ he said pulling me into a tight, if not slightly sweaty hug. I screwed up my nose and giggled at him then left to change for the evening. The drumming continued followed by various profanities, if he missed a beat, I sighed not knowing what to do with my perfectionist boyfriend.


“Tyler!?” I called from the hall, he popped his head out of the dressing room door, hair half combed as he was only part way through getting ready for tonights show. (A/N: Tyler has hair in this imagine for the purpose of this line and another later on, trust me I love Ty’s hair right now it just works that he has the fluffy hair here!)

“yesssssssssssss’ he chuckled, and I rolled my eyes at his behaviour. 

“He’s been drumming for about four hours straight now, I’ve tried so hard to get him to stop and chill but no matter what I do he won’t stop, I’m so worried Ty’ I said scratching lightly at the thin skin of my palms.

“I know, I am too, but I don’t think anyone can change what he’s doing, you know what he’s like, once he’s got his heart set on doing something he’ll do whatever it takes to do it’ he sighed running his hand through his fluffy hair. “It’s time for him to get ready anyway, he’ll come by in a minute’.

As if on cue the drumming stopped abruptly, moments later Josh was trudging down the hallway, footsteps heavy and tiresome. “Time to get ready,” he muttered trying to give a hopeful smile as he passed us and then into his dressing room. I closely followed and watched as he slumped down in his chair, he looked at his sweaty image in the mirror and I could tell he was criticising everything I saw, my heart slightly tore apart at the thought and walked over to him deciding that I would help him to do his hair and eye makeup today because he seemed exhausted. 

I kneeled in front of him and started to comb his hair into a more organised mess of sweaty, sunshine curls on top of his head, he gave he a lop-sided smile and closed his eyes as I began to smear the red paint gently over the smooth skin beneath his eyes. “open” I almost whispered at him. He fluttered his eyes open and inspected himself in the illuminated “does it look okay?’ he just nodded in response and then closed his eyes again.

‘Thank you,” he murmured.

Half an hour later and it was moment until the boys were due on stage, Josh had pumped himself up a little and was ready to go on, the adrenaline must have kicked in. 

As the stage director gave the cue, the music started and the low hum of the beginning of HeavyDirtySoul filled the arena, accompanied by the screams of the crowds. They roared in delight as they watched their idols run on stage, Tyler rapped every word to perfection and Josh kept up with the quick pace of the song. I smiled as I watched him nod his head in time to the song.

It came to ‘Ride’ and a slight wave of sickness washed over me, worrying about how Josh would do, I knew he would be fantastic but he had stressed me out earlier. I watched as the crew lifter the drum kit on top of the crowd, Josh scanned for the best path in order to safely climb onto the plywood platform. Sure enough he clambered on safely at sat on the black leather stool. The music started again and he began his solo putting the rest of his power into the beat of the song, I glanced down at my phone until I heard a thud, followed by a sickening but definite scream ‘Y/N!’, Josh was on the floor his small body engulfed by the mass of fans, desperate to touch my boyfriend. I ran across the stage, over the barrier and into the pit wading through the hoards of people until I found him, eyes rolling back in his head, gasping for breath. 

I kneeled beside him, and held his wrist in my palm checking his erratic pulse. Soon enough the medic rushed towards us and security ushered people out of the way so he had more space to breathe. I tilted his head up so it was resting on my knees and the doctor checked his heart rate and his temperature. They then picked him up and took him off to the side of the stage where he was given water. “I’m sorry guys, Josh can’t play anymore, I’m sorry if this ruined your night please don’t blame him he’s been working so hard for you. We are Twenty One Pilots, and so are you, goodnight everyone’ Tyler addressed the crowd as they began to amble towards the doors.

When the lights turned back on I had a proper look at Josh, and gasped at what I saw, his shirt had been nearly shreded by the fans, his hat was missing and small scratches were littered all up his arms where they had obviously tried to grab onto him but instead hurt him. “Babe! look at you, are you okay? look at your shirt there’s practically nothing there” he looked down at the torn black tank, and frowned, anger clearly bubbling up inside of him. “Stand up a minute I need to take a photo of this so that I can show the fans what they’ve done to you”

He stood up shakily and I quickly snapped a few shots of his shirt and arms. I went onto twitter and composed a new tweet ‘To the people who thought it appropriate to tear Joshua’s shirt and literally cut his arms, please don’t come back to another show, you are not welcome. I know you know who you are, you hurt him while he was vulnerable I hope the moment of touching him was worth it.’ I then attached the photos and posted the tweet, knowing hate would soon follow but I didn’t care because I needed to get my point across.

A couple hours later and Josh and I were curled up in bed, ‘Baby?’ he whispered, voice low and tired ‘I love you so much, thank you for helping me earlier, you’re amazing, I don’t know what I did to deserve someone like you’

I smiled into his chest and whispered back ‘I love you too Joshua,’

There you go, I feel like I’m a little rusty because I haven’t written for so long but I do hope you liked it, I’d love some feedback because you don’t know how much it means to me!

Much love.



Anonymous :Can you do the popping cherry one like you did with Sam but with Dean and cas too? You’re amaze balls btw


  • Being hesitant at first.
  • “Are you sure, you want me to take your virginity?”
  • “Of course, I love you, I want it to be you.”
  • “It’s an important thing.”
  • “Cas, anything with you is important. I love you, so much, please. You mean the world to me.”
  • “Are you sure?”
  • “Yes.”
  • Softly kissing you.
  • Straddling his waist.
  • Gently laying you down on the bed.
  • More making out.
  • Gently taking your clothes off.
  • More kissing.
  • Helping him take his clothes off.
  • Castiel putting a condom on.
  • “Are you sure?”
  • “Yes.”
  • Castiel taking one of your hands, as the other one takes a hold of your hips, while he slowly slides in.
  • Letting out a whimper.
  • Castiel soothing
  • Telling him to go faster.
  • More kissing.
  • Both of you’s reaching your highs.


  • Showering together.
  • Castiel changing the sheets, while you get dressed.
  • Castiel spooning you.
  • Kissing cheek
  • “Thank you.”
  • “I love you, (y/n).”
  • “I love you, too Castiel.”
  • “You should get some sleep.”


  • Making out.
  • Pulling away from him.
  • Asking Dean to take your virginity.
  • Dean pulling away from.
  • “You’re a virgin?”
  • “Yeah, so, I’m asking you to be the one that takes my virginity.”
  • “I’m not taking your virginity (y/n).”
  • “Why not?”
  • “Because you deserve someone better than me to take it from you.”
  • “Dean.”
  • “I can’t, hurt you, like that.”
  • “Dean, the hymen breaks whether you have sex or not, it can even break when you’re riding a bike. Besides taking my virginity doesn’t have to be actual sex you, it can also be oral.”
  • “Huh? What’s a hymen?”
  • “It’s the thing that breaks when you first have sex.”
  • “You sound like Sam right now.”
  • “You deserve a boyfriend, to do that with.”
  • “But, you’re the guy I want, not some douche bag. I don’t care where we do it, as long as it is with you.”
  • “What, in a crappy hotel room, on a shitty bed? Or the back of my car? You don’t deserve that.”
  • “I don’t care where we have it, as long as it’s with you. I love you dean, so much, and I get that you want us to be friends with benefits, and that’s okay. I want it to be you, Dean. Only you.”
  • Dean sighing, and sitting on a bed.
  • “I want to be more than friends.”
  • “Then let’s be.”
  • Pulling you closer to him, until your sitting on his lap.
  • Kissing you passionately.
  • Gently putting you down on the bed.
  • Passionately making out.
  • Removing each other’s clothes.
  • More passionate kissing
  • Dean taking a hold of your hand.
  • “Are you ready?”
  • “Yeah.”
  • Dean thrusting into you.
  • Thrusting into you slowly.


  • showering together
  • Making out.
  • Shower sex.

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RFA's reactions towards pregnant MC who eats a lot AND frequent (like they just had their meal a while ago and she's already fishing for snacks) thank you!<3


  • Genuinely worried
  • Encourages her to eat foods that’re healthier than what she’s been eating.
  • If a baby is making her this hungry, that’s the only thing, right?? It’s not affecting her health, right?????
  • When he finds out that some pregnant women are just,,, always hungry, he chills out but still worries about her health.
  • Makes her healthy food as often as he can because he knows she won’t do it herself.


  • Honestly, same MC.
  • He indulges in snacking with her a lot, and cooks with her all the time.
  • He loves cooking with MC anyways, so he’s not complaining.
  • Bigger portions so that they can just stick it in the fridge for her to heat up when she wants it.


  • She’s carrying an extra 8 pounds worth of baby, so she deserves it. 
  • Prevents her from eating sweet foods too often so that the baby’s health isn’t affected.
  • Low key likes having the excuse to cook for MC or take her out all the time.
  • Time to try new things!!!! Whatever weird thing MC is craving, she’ll usually try it with her.


  • He’s telling the chef to make her three meals a day to keep both her and the baby healthy.
  • Little does he know that she bribed the chef with a few good jokes and the “come on, I’m pregnant” guilt trip to make her some sweets and extra snacks.
  • When she starts gaining more weight than expected, he’s all worried, but she’s just always so hungry holy shit.
  • At around 7 months, he’s not concerned. She’s pregnant, who cares how much she eats?


  • “You nag me all the time about how bad snacking is and now you think you can get away with it because you’re pregnant???”
  • She nods her head as she steals his chips.
  • He always gives her a hard time, but honestly, he’s kinda happy about it?
  • They low key bond over food while she’s pregnant. They end up liking the same flavors, so they just make a TON of one thing and go for it.

anonymous asked:

can you give me a scientific explanation as to why ripped jeans look so awesome on all SHINee members? cuz i've seen ripped jeans in real life and so NOT appealing. But put them on any one of ot5 and i'm literally exploding inside from how good they look.....even the ridiculously excessive rips where their legs are almost completely exposed anyway (which i find so ridiculous irl) what is this phenomenon????

a question i’ve struggled with for years, my friend. why is it that the shines can work such styles? what is it, exactly, that makes them look so damn good? i’ve worked strenuously for months and i’ve yet to find a scientific explanation for this. i have, however, developed a hypothesis:

  • undeniable fact #1: shinee’s got good leggies. the best leggies. best leg.
  • undeniable fact #2: denim is a superior material
  • when u have beautiful legs, the more u can show em off, the better.
  • additionally, jeans hug the curves of good legs in beautiful ways.
  • therefore, with the multitude of rips, holes,and tears that come with ripped jeans, and with the curve hugging denim material, we get the most of those shine leggies as we can get.
  • and therefore, in your words, ripped jeans look so awesome on all SHINee members

to test this hypothesis out, let’s check it with kibummie.

so if we start with a regular pair of pants:

we have an undeniably beautiful boy just glowing but the pants just are Not doing him any favors (and before some1 gives me garbage for this just know i have a specific tag for these pants because i love them so much but that’s not the POINT)

so we give him some jeans:

look at those leggies!!!!!! so much more defined!!! so good….but these still do not give him the love he deserves, and he knows it too…..

so just…cut the knee holes:


but we still know….we can do better.

and there it is…….the end all be all for good leg fashion. the alpha and the omega for all good looks of all time forever. the earth spins on its axis and revolves around the sun all for this look. the sun shines just so that this look may be seen by the world. this is it!!!! ripped jeans!!!!!! the best look!!!!!!!!

✓ hypothesis proven

this can be supported with evidence from all shinee members

anonymous asked:

Hi! I adore the blog BTW =) My best friend is an asexual and loves Dragon Age to pieces but feels kinda invalidated because her fave romances all include sex - could you pretty please do companions react to an Inquisitor/Warden who confesses to their love interest (I'm thinking maybe just Alistair, Leliana, Cullen especially, Josephine and maybe Sera) that they are asexual and feel like they don't deserve to be with their LI because of what they can't give to them.

Tell her that Mod Sarah is asexual, too, and that she is valid. We are all valid. That said, there’s a lot of different asexuals– ones who are sex-repulsed, some who are neutral, and some who like sex, among others. This post was written assuming the protagonist in question is sex-averse.

Alistair: He’s a bit surprised, but accepting of their identity. “Hey. Hey, it’s okay,” he reassures softly, “I still love you. Don’t ever feel like that– if anything, I’m the one who doesn’t deserve such a beautiful, smart, funny, kind woman like you.”

Leliana: “Oh, no! Don’t say that.” she says. “I love you, so, so much. It’s okay, and I don’t mind. I can think of no one more deserving of my love than you.”

Cullen: He does his best to comfort them. “Listen to me,” he says softly, “I love you, so much. It’s okay if you don’t want sex. I just want you to be with me. Please.”

Josephine: “Oh, my love, don’t say that! You are perfect as you are.” She kisses them and smiles softly. “I am a better woman for having known you, and I never want you to leave my side. I will have you if you will have me.”

Sera: “So what if you don’t feel like mashing bits together?” she says bluntly. “So what? You’re nice and smart and not an arsehole and… I love you! Don’t ever say that again. You and me, we’re in this together.”

annadream  asked:

You seriously do these so well, they're so nice and thought-out and links to examples....I request one for Sungyeol. Because he's so wonderful but gets underestimated far too often. Please and thank you!

Okay, so I previously did Woohyun and Sunggyu, and now it’s my handsome and small son Sungyeol! Sungyeol often gets overlooked in INFINITE, and that is just not okay. So here are some reasons to show him more love, because he definitely deserves it!


If there is one thing Sungyeol does amazingly well, it’s act. He has always had aspirations to be an actor, and was originally in the SM Acting Academy before he joined Woollim. He didn’t set out to be in an idol group, but aren’t we glad he ended up in INFINITE? Sungyeol has been in multiple dramas over the years, including Please Remember Princess, Hi-School Love On (alongside fellow member Woohyun) and D-Day

Also here is Yeol acting in a CF for a dog shelter, part of INFINITE’s appearance on Birth of a Family:


It goes without saying that INFINITE wouldn’t be as successful on variety shows if it weren’t for members like Sungyeol. He has perfect comedy timing and has never minded throwing himself fully into skits and giving everything he has for hilarity - image? What image? Let’s never forget Sungyeol’s animal impressions, the infamous owl face, his hilarious dancing or the many, many times he’s gone all out for his solo stages (Troublemaker with Sungjong, PSY’s Daddy, ioi’s Pick Me).

And here is a personal favourite of mine, Sexy Back ft Hoya:


Although Sungyeol did not set out to be a singer, you would have to be totally ignorant not to notice what an improvement he has made vocally in the 7 years since debut. He has never been one to say he can sing, remaining humble about his skills and often even putting himself down. But it shows that he’s trained his voice when you listen to him on album tracks and during live performances. He may not get the most lines, but he often gets some of the most memorable ones in songs (”Do you hear me?” anyone???). Here is a compilation of some of his lines. Then there is the fact that Sungyeol can rap! Okay so he may not be as known for it as INFINITE H, but you can check out his skills in Cover Girl or watch this awesome clip of INFINITE switching parts for Be Mine. Sungyeol got Hoya and absolutely slayed it. 

INFINITE are a group well known for their synchronised dance skills. And Sungyeol being the tallest member definitely has to try that little bit harder to make sure he stays in line with the rest of them. He may not be a main dancer or be asked to do the dance break, but without him we wouldn’t have the perfect seven members that form INFINITE, and we also wouldn’t have the cool bit at the beginning of The Chaser where Yeol parts the others like the Red Sea… 

Also look how sexy he is…


There are so many reasons to love Sungyeol, and here are a few more things I think are very important:

  • His love of animals! Sungyeol adopted a cute little hairless cat he named Jureumie (from the world for wrinkle), and although she has since moved in with one of Woollim’s staff, we got some super cute times with the two of them. He now has a dog called Aga (Baby). Sungyeol was also amazing with the three puppies INFINITE adopted on Birth of a Family
  • He lowkey does a lot of charity work. Sunggyu outed Sungyeol saying he actually does a lot of charity work, but he never likes to talk about it himself. 
  • His visuals are seriously no joke. Having seen INFINITE up close in real life (and accidentally at the airport one time) I can honestly confirm that Lee Sungyeol is one of the most gorgeous people I have ever seen, even with a facemask on and no makeup. 
  • Sungyeol loves INSPIRITS so much that he’s ready to chase us to the ends of the earth if we cheat on them. He also spoke about how it’s important to him to be able to communicate with all fans, and so he tried extra hard at foreign languages during their first world tour OGS. 
  • His friendships with the other members are very sweet, especially with Sunggyu and Myungsoo. Sunggyu often leans on Sungyeol or latches onto him at airports. And even though Sungyeol and Myungsoo admitted to fighting with each other before, they’re known to be very close. 

I legitimately love Sungyeol so much and it makes me upset when I see negative comments about him or hear that he’s not getting as much attention as he deserves. Please love Lee Sungyeol, because if you’re an INSPIRIT then he definitely already loves you!

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anonymous asked:

I saw this headcannon and was really hoping you'd write a fic? simon gets hit with a curse that makes everyone fall in love with him except for jace, simon thinks its because jace’s disregard for him is so strong not even MAGIC can effect it but really its because jace’s regular life involves him keeping his feelings for simon under control so this is just another day for him.

based off of @neonlightwood‘s hc!! thank you anon for taking my waffling desire to write one of those ideas and pretty much motivating me to DO IT

love by any other name || jace/simon, 4k+, love spell au || read on ao3

“I see Jace wasn’t hit.” Magnus says, his tone light even as he waves a hand and freezes Clary in mid-lunge towards Simon. He waves a hand over Alec and Izzy and they become similarly frozen; Simon nearly cries in relief.

“Yeah, no.” Jace says, curiously moving to poke at Alec’s outstretched, still hand, and then pouting as Simon slaps his hand away. “It hit me too, but since I - “ He freezes mid-pout, his eyes going comically wide, and then he turns away, facing Magnus and running a hand through his hair. “I just wasn’t affected.” He finishes, his voice curiously blank.

What? How could Jace not have been affected if he was directly hit by it? It’s a love spell, it should automatically make everyone fall in love with Simon, unless -

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Why some people like Justin

Firstly, before anyone jumps on me, I am not saying what Justin did wasn’t fucked up - extremely fucked up , infact . I am not here to say what he did was forgivable, it’s not.

But since people don’t understand how someone can hate Hannah Baker, let me tell you why I don’t hate Justin, and why some people like him.

AND ITS NOT BECAUSE HE IS CUTE. Stop assuming that, not everyone has just sexualised Justin.

Just like Hannah, he is mentally ill. He may not have severely depression like Hannah but he was mentally damaged too.

Justin is from a broken and damaged household - he didn’t get the love a child deserves from his parents, and he was abused. And just like Hannah, he would have been depressed and would have killed himself too , if he didn’t have Bryce and the his other teammates to cling onto.

Because all the love he got was from the rapist and friends, he valued his friendship with Bryce way more than he should. That’s why , even though he didn’t want Hannah’s picture to be shared, he didn’t fight with Bryce on it.

When Jessica came into his life, he found someone who loved him - even with his broken past- beside Bryce. That’s why when Bryce suggested he entered the Jess’s room, he felt conflicted - he couldn’t choose between two relationships he valued the most. A few minutes later, his moral conduct kicked in and he went to kick Bryce out.

But that’s not what I wanna talk about - it’s not a behaviour anyone can justify- I want to talk about how he improved. He may look cocky from out, but he is fragile and deeply scared - but he still went ahead and decided to change himself.

He broke his connection in the end , with Bryce , even though he knew that would make him homeless.

He decided to do change, for good.
I don’t think he is appreciated enough for that, not even the slightest bit.

And this is why some people like him, because his character improvement is great and he changed, even if it was too late according to some of you.

Pain of the Past

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Request: Hiya! Can you do a Reader x dean where they get into an argument and he throws up his arms/steps forward or something and Reader flinches as if she thought he would hit her and it breaks his heart?

Warnings: Some language, mentions of a past abusive relationship, angst, and some fluff.

Word Count: 914

A/N: Well I gave this my best shot so I hope you like this!!!

Originally posted by frozen-delight

“You don’t need to come on this hunt!”

You glared at Dean. This was the third time he had tried to stop you from going on a hunt and you’d had it. “And what gives you any right to say what I can or can’t do?” You snapped back.

“I’m not saying you can’t go, I’m just saying we don’t need you.” Dean ran his hands through his hair in frustration.

“Oh really? Because the last time you said that you came home with a bullet in your shoulder and Sam had a sprained wrist!” Dean had been trying this new method of saying he didn’t need you in hopes that you would believe him, but it was complete bullshit.

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He Was Found


I recommend reading He Was Lost before reading this.

Ethan Dolan forgot what it’s like to be annoyed at his brother. Not ‘dammit Grayson, why’d you have to go and drink all the milk’ kind of annoyed, but more like ‘dammit Grayson, why’d you have to bring up the love of my life who I stupidly let go of and miss more than anything’ type of annoyed. He is peeling oranges near the counter and Grayson’s mixing some pancake batter, tossing in handfuls of chocolate chips.

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Just a reminder to keep sending love to Bammie on his social media (i.e. Twitter Instagram) cause his is still getting so much useless baseless crusty hate and it seems to be escalating so please continue to show him love and support our precious amazing lovely angel baby bam doesn’t deserve any of it and we have to try our best to flood him with love right now so he doesn’t see all this ugliness coming his way and is reminded that he is loved and perfect in every way 💚

Also even though you may not Stan twice it would be nice if you could please show love and support to Mina because she is being severely severely attacked and hated on and she doesn’t deserve it either!! so if you can please take the time to give words of support to her she doesn’t have personal social media but general words of support for her will do some good in the midst of all the hate and sending love to her on TWICE’s official accounts would be lovely too💗💛

Self-destructive tendencies - Tony Stark x Reader

Summary : Reader is in love with Tony, but Tony is dating Pepper…until she dumps him, and the Iron Man keeps coming to our dear reader for comfort (nothing sexual…yet). Warning for language.

If you have any requests, ask away ;). I’m not doing anything right now, and won’t for a while because of a bad broken wrist, so…I’ve got time to write.


You always had a massive crush on Tony Stark, even though he was quite a bit older than you. And when he started dating his long time “assistant” Pepper Potts, your heart shattered. In a way though, maybe it was for the best, he didn’t have exactly a good reputation with his relationship with women…

They stayed together two years, and one day, she broke up with him. And the reasons why didn’t surprise you one bit. He was a difficult man to live with. But you couldn’t help but think Pepper should have known better. Like, she knew him since a long time, and she knew how he was…So why get with him if she couldn’t handle his way of being ? Especially since Tony actually put in a lot of effort in. He stopped drinking, he tried to remember important dates such as birthday and anniversary, even her name day ! And he often took her out, just the two of them…

But she wanted more, apparently. She wanted him to stop being the Iron Man and take more care of her. She wanted him to change some important parts of his personality…and that just couldn’t work. You didn’t get it. Again, she knew how he was, and she knew some things would stay the same…So why breaking up with him for those reasons ?

In your eyes, she just didn’t love him enough to accept all of him. And it broke your heart a bit, because no matter how much of an asshole Tony was, he deserved better. He deserved someone who understood that, since he got kidnapped in Afghanistan, and since the Alien attack on NYC, he wasn’t the same man anymore.

But what could you do ? He’d never look at you in another way than a little sister, you were too young. And he was still in love with her…

You were brooding in your office one late night when you heard a knock on your door. Only one person could come knock on your door at 4 am…

Tony fucking Stark. And he was drunk. So drunk.

-Heyyyyyyy youuUUUuuuUUuuuu. Came by the neighborhood, thought I’d…Check on you or something.

He tumbled inside your small apartment, and you sighed. Here we go again. Since his bad break-up, the Iron Man had taken a habit of coming to your place very late, very drunk, just to talk. Sometimes he’d just come to crash on your couch. He was coming because you were listening, truly listening, and not just waiting for your turn to speak. And because you were the only one to not tell him to fuck off…You were the most patient person ever, and you genuinely were worried about him. So you’d just listen for hours, trying not to doze off, and then fall asleep in your armchair as he fell asleep in your couch.

-Hey Tony. What’s up ?

-Hum…The ceiling ?

You rolled your eyes. Such shitty jokes he had sometimes.

-Yeah, right. How are you ?

-No no no no, today, I wanna talk about how YOU are ! We always talk about me…I already lost someone because I didn’t listened enough, I definitely don’t wanna loose you…So…Talk.

You looked at him curiously. Was he serious ? Tony Stark wanted to talk about someone else besides himself ? He sat down on your couch, and patted the place next to him. Slowly, and unsure, you went to sit next to him.

He threw an arm around your shoulders.

-Go ahead honey, tell me all of your problems and stuffs.

-Hum…Well…my boss is kind of an asshole, he made me wrote the obituary section this entire week, even though I had great stories about you guys, the Avengers, and stuffs…He just stole my stories and put his name on the article…

Tony nodded, not saying anything, and you kept going.

-I feel like I’m so far from my dream of becoming a renowned journalist. I never have a chance to prove myself you know ?

Once again, he nodded. And you went on and on and on about your life, telling him everything. And he listened, for real. Until you had nothing left to say. It felt so good to finally have an ear too, and not just be the one fixing and listening. You talked for so long that Tony had mostly sobered up. And he was still awake.

-I’m going to buy your boss’ newspaper and make you the new editor in chief. Fuck that guy. And if I can’t buy it, I’ll just make a newspaper for you, it’ll sell for sure, because you’re writing is amazing…and because I’ll own it.

He made a comment about all of your problems, and you just smiled at him. Imperceptibly, you guys were getting closer and closer, and soon, you were laughing, your head on his shoulder, his hand softly caressing your hair.

-And so…That’s all ?

-Yeah, that’s all. I have less problem than you Stark.

-Not very difficult, I’m a problem magnet with some self-destruction tendencies.

You pulled away from him, and he gave you a weird look. Was that disappointment because you left his side ?

-Self-destruction tendencies. Fuck that Tony. Are you really going to fall back in your old vices because you got dump ? For real ? It has been months man, get over it ! Get over her ! You’r the goddamn mighty Iron Man !

He just stared at you, stunned. But he wasn’t surprised because of your little rant…

-Wait, you think I started drinking again because of Pepper ?


He smiled smugly. You wanted to hit him in the face.

-Oh Y/N, that’s not it at all…When is the last time I talked to you about Pepper ?


-See, you can’t remember. It’s because it was months ago. About a week after she broke up with me.

You didn’t answer.

-Pepper and I, I think we secretly knew it would never work. She wanted me to be someone I wasn’t, and I…I was lying to myself when I said she was the one I truly wanted.

-You were ?

You raised an eyebrow. How many times did he babbles endlessly about how in love he was with her ? How many times did he broke your heart by talking about how amazing and smart she was ? Many, many fucking times. What he just said was genuinely surprising you.

-Yeah. I thought it’d just be easier you know. We knew each other since a long time, we were friends, both sexy…

You laughed and hit his arm. Yes, they were sexy, but damn he didn’t had to be so pretentious about it.

-So what ? You don’t sound like you were lying to yourself…

-I was because I knew she would never accept me just as I was. There’s only one person that ever did that, and she’s siting right next to me, thinking she was so clever about hiding her crush for me. Spoiler : she wasn’t. Still isn’t.

You froze, ignoring the beginning of his sentence to focus on the end. What ? He knew ? And he never said anything ? Bastard. This was not a subject to joke about. Couldn’t he have just act as if he didn’t know instead of making a fool out of you like such ? You quickly stood up.

-You knew.

-Haha, of course I knew darling. It was kinda obvious really, and cute, how you always gave me puppy eyes and such. It’s all good really, I…

-What are you doing Tony ?

-Well if you’d let me finish, I was actually telling you I realized…

-That the ridiculous little girl you hung out with sometimes was in love with you ? That you thought it was “cute” and so you kept on giving her false hope ?

-What ? Nooo, not at all, it’s quite the opos…

You didn’t listen to a word he was saying, too mad about the fact that he knew and gave you false hope by always coming to see you. What else could it be other than just playing with you ? He never made a move, not even once, and Tony Stark would totally make a move if he liked her…He wasn’t a shy guy… so he was obviously not interested…

-Just get out Tony.

-Y/N I…

-Get out !!

-No, I want to…

-Alright, then I’ll get out.

Before he could react, you had took a jacket and your car keys and ran out, tears in your eyes, living a speechless Tony behind you. He slumped back down on the couch, and took his head in his hands. He messed up again, and the worst thing was, he didn’t even understood where he went wrong.

You drove for miles before you realized you might have overreact a bit. He had this effect on you. Could push all your buttons down in an instant. Usually, he would apologize. But this time…well…It went a bit too far for your taste. You were always there for him, how could he play with your heart like that. He just knew, and never said anything. He thought it was “cute”, as an adult could find a six years old in love with him/her cute…

The next few weeks, you sleep at your parents’ house and ignore all of Tony’s call.


Down in his shop, Tony was furiously forging a new armors. It was the 152nd of the week. Pepper, who had to ask him important things about Stark Industry came in his work area and stared at him for a moment before clearing her throat. He turned around.

-Oh, it’s you.

-Were you expecting someone else?


-Really ? Not even Y/N.

He raised his head swiftly and glared at her.

-I take it you still didn’t tell her then.

-She didn’t give me any time to tell her. She bolted out as I was starting my declaration, and now, I have no fucking clue where she is.


-She thought I was mocking her Pepper.

The redhead smiled. It didn’t really surprised her.

-Tell me everything that happened.

He told her.

-I understand now why she thought you were mocking her. You didn’t really used the right words Tony, especially since you know she can be very quick tempered sometimes, and act before she thinks about the situation…I don’t think she even realized she got mad until she was miles away, sitting in her car.

Tony looked at her with a sad smile. He still didn’t understand.

-You know, I used to be so jealous of her. Even when we were together, you’d take a lunch date out with her over one with me. I know you never cheated, but…I also always knew you were in love with her, not with me. Thing is, I loved you, and for some reason, you gave me a chance and not her.

-I’m sorry Pepper…I thought you’d make me forget her. Because…because she’s so young and so fucking nice…she deserves better than an old and rude man like me…

-And yet, you went there to tell her you love her.

-Yeah, I was drunk.

-Were you really ? Or did you just realized you were being an idiot by not taking your chance at being truly happy ? I feel like by dumping you, I made you realize it. And  I know you didn’t drink a drop of alcohol. Admit it, you were acting drunk just so that she’d help you.


-You’re kinda cute when you want Tony. And I think you shouldn’t give up just yet.

-She’s quite a stubborn woman and she hasn’t returned any of my calls Pepper, and I don’t know where she is…

-Yes, you already said that…I might help.

-What ?

-Well, you remember you bought the newspaper she was working for ?

-Yeah ?

-All employe have to give emergency contact, in case something happens to them. Hers was you…and her parents. I’m pretty sure she’s at her parents…

-Pepper, you’re the greatest !

-Of course. Go get her tiger !

With a kiss on her cheek, Tony ran out.


You were helping your father with the animals of the family farm when you heard the familiar sound of a certain red Audi R8 e-tron rushing on the dirt road guiding to the farm.

You quickly took shelter in your house, running to your bedroom. From your window, hiding behind your curtains, you looked as Tony came out of his car and walked to your father. At first, your dad seemed to be cold towards him…but then he smiled at him, and nodded towards the house.

You heard Tony coming in and talking to your mother, but couldn’t understand what they were saying. Ear on your door, you rushed away from it when you heard a knock.

-Y/N ? Y/N can I come in please ? It’s me, Tony.

-I know who it is. Have you come to mock me again ?

-Listen Y/N, I didn’t mock you. Maybe you took it the wrong way because…Well, honestly, I don’t know, I don’t understand women most of the time…But what I understand is my feelings toward you. So open the door so that I can say I love you.

You opened your door and stared at him.

-What did you say ?

-Oh, good, you opened. Y/N Y/L/N, I love you. Loved you since the day I met you. Will always love you, as cheesy as it sounds. And before you ask, I never said anything before because…self-destruction tendencies. I made up excuses. You were too young, you deserved better etc etc…While I knew it was all bullshit. I know we’re made for each other. The only reason I never said anything, is that I was afraid to live, really. With Pepper, I knew it wasn’t going to last. With you…I want to built a life with you. Here. I said it. Now, please, talk, because I’m getting very awkward and…

You shut him up by crashing your lips on his. He responds immediately, and you take him in your rooms. You were undressing each others when you heard your dad’s voice.

-I’m nice enough to let you talk to her while she didn’t want to, but not nice enough to let you sleep with her under my roof !

You smiled, and he chuckled. After a few hours, some nice cups of coffee and piece of pie later, you were on your way back home. Or rather, Tony’s home, which, in a few months, would also be yours.

That night, you made love all the way threw the morning.

The next day, pictures of you and Tony holding hands in the street where on every magazines, with the headline : “Who’s the mystery girl with Tony Stark ? Another adventure without tomorrows, or is she there to stick around ? We give this relationship two months max” and other nice titles guessing how long Tony would be with you before being bored and tired and moving on…


Years after, you were still with Tony. Everyone agreed to say it was a miracle. You didn’t think so. You knew him, who he really was, and you fully accepted him. As he did you. So, obviously, you were going to work.

Actually, things worked out so well between the two of you that you ended up getting hitched, which might have been a miracle really. And then, it kept working so well, that you made babies…Two boys and a girl, as brilliant as their father, as cunning and quick tempered as you.

Years after, you were still with Tony, and fuck anyone who thought it would never last, because they obviously knew nothing about true love.

The Summer (27/33)

The Summer (27/33) | Dan Howell has spent the last three summers at Camp Bergamot, but it’s never been quite like this before. This year, he faces a summer full of new friends, a new relationship, and an entirely new view on his own sexuality. Perhaps Camp Bergamot should be renamed camp self discovery for all the changes Dan has gone through, but one thing’s for sure - despite all the hiccups and the drama, he just might have found the love of his life. | Phan | Mature | Smut, Misunderstandings, Insecurity, Panic Attacks, Bullying, Minor Violence, Physical Fight | 300,000+ Words

Disclaimer: In no way do I claim that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

This Part: 14,220 Words

For reference, @botanistlester is Dan, @snowbunnylester is Phil.

(Previous) (AO3) (Masterlist)

Warnings: heavy angst, insecurity, lack of self-care, self punishment (nothing extreme, just like, berating themselves and generally not caring about their own well being)

Chapter Twenty-Seven

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