because he deserves his own damn tag

I am sick tired to see a lot of hate without justification about Saeran’s behavior on V’s route just because “it’s not okay to approve/like/love abusive/obsessive/unhealthy relationships.”

I want to join to the saeran squad protection before I get to punch someone in the tags, I apologise beforehand if I get a mistake, I am like typing this on my mobile and Tumblr app is a mess orz but goddammit I just want to stop seeing people misinterpreting my favorite character for once and think about it before saying bullshit towards their fans about their choice to like him.

Spoilers about v’s route good ending, read it under your own consent.

You can’t come here and say what the heck people should do if you don’t even know what the fuck are you talking about in the first place!! If you are going to talk about these matters (which are sensitive matter, mind you) at LEAST be aware of terms you use because it’s really annoying to see people misleading others just because they don’t fucking like what they see about the fandom liking Saeran more than v.

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