because he couldn't get a car

Magic Chaperones

Because ghostfiish asked for more cute Steven and Connie interactions. I forgot how much I loved writing these nerds.

“Thanks again for driving us, Mr. Maheswaran!” 

Steven was pretty sure he already said it before, but that didn’t make it any less true! He’d thought for sure their trip to the Convention in Empire City was ruined when his dad had an emergency at the car wash (well…they could have used Lion, but Connie said that they needed adult supervision). He was just making sure to be extra grateful.

“My pleasure Steven,” Mr. Maheswaran glanced at them from the rear-view mirror. “Connie’s been going on about this thing for weeks. I’m glad I had a day off for once. We haven’t have had some good father-daughter time in a while, have we?”

“It’s going to be awesome!” Connie bounced in her seat. “I hope we get to catch the panel for Unfamiliar Familiar. I heard rumors that they might be announcing production of a mini-series.” She grabbed Steven’s arm. “A mini-series!

“Books on TV?” Steven gasped. “That’s like two of my favorite things!”

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Pulling up in front of the boarding school, Teddy scoffed and rolled his eyes. He could’ve sworn he told Addie to be outside in five minutes. But, of course, she wasn’t. He couldn’t press the horn because he didn’t want to disturb anyone. So he put the car in park and just turned the music up a bit more while sending her a text to inform her that he was outside.