because girl you need to get your own life


Short Hair Don’t Care

Naveen has never had a proper haircut in his 3 years of life. I tried it once when he was 18 months old I think but he was terrified so I decided that I would never make him go through this again. Why would I even? Because society thinks all boys need to have short hair? Society can f*** off!

His hair grew and grew. I usually put it in a ponytail or bun for him. People asked me daily why he had long hair or if we were part of some sect. Seriously!? Sometimes they even referred to him as a girl even though they knew he was a boy. Like, are you kidding me? Do you really need to upset my three-year-old? Is your own life that miserable?

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Women who say they “don’t need feminism” are like well-fed people saying they don’t think world hunger is a problem, just because their own pantry is full. The millions of women who dont have a voice need feminism. The millions of young girls who will be abused, harmed, and oppressed simply because of their gender need feminism. The world needs feminism, and its not about you..

So, basically Olake’s job this season is to drive me up a wall! I mean tonight Olivia was on her own damn On the Run Tour with her hat on with Jake playing the Jay to her Bey. Next week she could quite possibly be making Jake’s hotline bling because it’s late night, she needs his love, and she thinks she might have made a mistake. I’m going to be so tired by the time we get to the midseason finale because it’s like, girl, look at your life and look at your choices. Who do you count on to be there when you need him? Who are you asking for cuddles from because you’re scared and he makes you feel safe? Who is constantly putting your damn love on top, Olivia?! Like I know she’s not missing the forest for the trees. I know she’s not, so I’m going to need someone to make her say how she feels about Jake or at some point tell her about herself because she can’t have it both ways.